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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DarkVegetto

    Version: 1.7 | Updated: 08/08/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    S I L E N T  H I L L  4  :  T H E  R O O M
    Spoiler-Free Walkthrough
    By DarkVegetto
    I.    Copyright
    II.   Introduction
    III.  Guide History
    IV.   Walkthrough
    V.    Miscellaneous
    VI.   Secrets
    VII.  Planned Additions
    VIII. Thanks
    I. Copyright
    I retain ownership of this guide, and the text that makes it up. However, I do
    not own the solutions, as they belong to the game itself. This means that you
    can use my explanations of solutions as long as you don't copy the text from
    the guide itself. Also, I wouldn't mind a little credit now and then.
    As of right now, and probably forever, the only web sites authorized to host
    this walkthrough are www.gamefaqs.com and my temporary LiveJournal. The reason
    for this is that I like to help the site that's helped me so much. I've played
    one or two games a month for a very long time. Whenever I need help, I turn to
    GameFAQs. Their guides and message boards are the best. So, I decided I'm
    going to keep this guide exclusive to them.
    II. Introduction
    First and foremost, this is a (mostly) spoiler-free guide. I will only use
    spoilers if absolutely necessary, and will warn before any major plot points.
    Secondly, I recommend you only use this guide if really, truly stuck. One of
    the greatest things about the Silent Hill series is the challenging puzzles.
    Of course, I can't control what you do, so enjoy.
    Additionally, this guide is for the Japanese PS2 version of the game. I
    assume all the variations yet to be released are primarily the same. If
    they are not, I will update the guide when they come out.
    Finally, I do accept suggestions of things I have missed. E-mail any things
    you think belong in the guide to DarkVegetto(at)yahoo.com
    I will let you know if anything you suggested is going to make it in.
    III. Guide History
    06/20/04 - Guide started
    06/21/04 - Major work done. About 2/3 done with the walkthrough now.
    06/22/04 - Walkthrough complete.
    07/11/04 - Hiatus over. Added many small (but important) changes/sections.
    08/08/04 - Clarified secrets, rankings, and other small changes.
    IV. Walkthrough
    A. Beginning
    You begin in your bedroom. Take this time to look around. Check out the
    objects and scenery. When you're satisfied, move on to the next room. From
    here, check out this room and all the things in it. Be sure to check the wall
    above the small desk. Keep looking around until a cutscene begins.
    You are now back in your bedroom. While trying to leave, a cutscene begins.
    Afterwards, you can investigate again. You'll notice that you can now look out
    your window. Do so to see a short cutscene, then exit with the cancel button.
    Leave the bedroom when you're ready.
    Now, you can explore your apartment. First, go to take the note from next to
    the bookshelf. On the way, Henry may notice the trunk. If not, check that
    next. Also, notice the red notebook under the lamp by the window. This is your
    save point. Come back here whenever you need to save.
    Check out the bathroom and washing machine room. Then, move to the kitchen to
    open the refrigerator. There is a wine bottle and chocolate milk. You will
    need the chocolate milk later, but the wine bottle is a weapon which I don't
    recommend. For now, you should probably leave them both in the chest.
    Move on by checking the door. After the cutscene, pick up the note from under
    the door. You should hear something crumbling nearby. This is your cue to move
    on. Head to the bathroom.
    After the cutscene, take the pipe from the hole. It's a melee weapon, the one
    you'll be stuck with for a little while. After that, enter the hole. Once
    inside, crawl to the end of the hole.
    B. The Subway
    After the cutscene, move forward towards the end of the hall. The doors at the
    end of the hall to your right are locked, so just go talk to the woman. After
    that, continue down the same hall. Continue until you pass the bathrooms. A
    cutscene will start. Afterwards, equip the pipe and kill the dogs. I recommend
    charging hits, then stepping back while they charge at you, then hitting them
    with the charged hit. Remember to step on them. If you don't step on them
    while they're knocked down, they will get back up. the same is true of all
    enemies in this game.
    Check both bathrooms. Notice the hole in the women's bathroom, then leave.
    Keep going in the same direction as before. In the next room, kill the dog.
    Then, after briefly checking the surroundings, move on, remembering the
    turnstiles for later. Kill the two dogs in this hall. The gate to the right is
    locked, so move to the end. Check both sides of the split at the end of the
    hall. Both are blocked, but the one to the right has pistol ammo.
    Having nothing else to do, return to the women's bathroom and go through the
    hole there. You will wake up in your room, and any life you lost will slowly
    recover. Go into the next room. The table that had the face over it in the
    opening scene is now out of place. Check it to straighten it out. Take the
    pistol, read the note on the wall, then look at the hole itself. After the
    cutscene, press the cancel button to go back to the apartment. You will hear
    the phone ringing. Go to your bedroom to answer it.
    After the phone call, return to the main room. You'll hear a strange sound.
    Check the peephole of your door to see a short cutscene. Notice the 15 bloody
    handprints on the wall. Afterwards, head back to the bathroom and back through
    the hole.
    You will notice that the hole no longer leads to where it used to. Instead, it
    leads to where you came back to your room through the hole in the women's
    bathroom. This is because the hole in your room will lead to whichever portal
    you last used to return to your room. Anyway, moving on, take the token from
    the "statue" in the open stall. This is for the Lynch Street line, so your
    next goal is naturally the turnstile that leads to Lynch Street. Use the token
    on the turnstile to pass through. You still have more to use later. Go down
    the stairs to see a cutscene.
    The enemies in this portion can not be killed, so it's best not to try. You
    can knock them down, but they will get up again very quickly. As fast as you
    can, move down the stairs to the right. If the ghosts get too close to you, it
    will hurt you, so don't spend any more time here than necessary. Besides,
    there's nothing up here of interest anyway.
    Notice Cynthia on the train. You have to open the doors to get her out. Notice
    the vending machine with something similar to "18" written on it. The doors
    here are locked, so don't bother. Move quickly, as the ghosts are still after
    you. Enter the top car of the train. There will be a red button to your right.
    Push it. Leave that car, and go back down to get Cynthia.
    Your next objective is to get to the other side. To do this, you must cross
    between the train cars, working your way up or down in between each car. Enter
    the car that Cynthia was trapped in. Immediately cross right. Move up and go
    left into the same car. Check the toy box. Open the door towards the front of
    the train. Exit the first door to your right. Go upwards, then enter the train
    to the right. Take the door down. Exit to your left, continue down, then go
    right into the same car. Take the door down into the next car. Go down further
    and finally exit to your right.
    You're now on the opposite platform. The door closest to you is locked. Don't
    bother with it. Take the stairs up. Grab the pistol bullets and go back down.
    Continue alongside the train to the door at the top. Take the hole if you need
    to heal or save, but otherwise, go down the ladder. Don't go down the fork in
    the hall. Go straight and up that ladder. Take the pistol bullets and check
    the door to unlock it. Go back down the ladder. This time, take the fork in
    the path.
    Follow this hall until the door at the end. Kill the 5, count 'em, 5 dogs, or
    just run from them. Take the 9-Iron from the train, and check the engineer's
    station at the top to notice the lever is missing. Take the health drink from
    the bottom of the escalator, but don't go up yet. There is a hole back to the
    apartment at the end of this hall. I suggest you take it if you are missing
    any life, as the next part can be very life-consuming.
    As you should always do, check your apartment for any changes. Check out the
    window, check your peephole, check Eileen's room. Any of these might have
    interesting scenes going on. See if you have any new notes to read. In
    general, check for anything new. Once healed and ready, go back through the
    hole and up the escalator.
    This part has a few strategies. You can try to run by hugging the outer rail,
    trying to avoid the enemies. This works a lot of the time, but if your timing
    isn't good enough, you may get killed. You can also approach slowly, wait for
    them to attack, then run by. This method will always work if you're good
    enough at it, but it's also the most difficult. Finally, you can shoot each
    one as it approaches. It will take two handgun bullets to bring each one down.
    However, this is risky because auto-aim sometimes aims for one that's already
    dead instead of the one about to kill you. Use any combination of these
    methods you want, and hopefully you'll make it through okay. Use the health
    drink if you must, but I don't recommend it.
    Once done with the escalator, take the fork to the left for some pistol ammo.
    Then go up the stairs, check out the scene, and take the plate off the door.
    Enter the door for a cutscene. Remember the number you see.
    You wake up in your room yet again. After the cutscene, check the window for
    yet another cutscene. Go to the main room. Check the standard apartment
    stuff. When you go to the peephole, you may notice there are now 16 bloody
    handprints. When you're done exploring, grab the chocolate milk from the box,
    put the plate you got off the door in the box, go back to the bathroom and go
    through the hole.
    C. Forest
    When you wake up in the forest, the first thing you should notice is the well
    to your right. You can't see in it, so just go down the path. There is a lot
    of writing around this area, but you can't read it, so don't concern yourself
    with it. Go through the gate. The next area is empty. Remember there's a hole
    there and go through the door at the end. In this area, you will meet the
    wasp enemies. Although they are annoying, there is not an infinite amount of
    them, so you can kill them to give yourself an easier time. Again, don't
    forget to step on them to finish them off. Take the pistol bullets and move
    on to the next room. More wasps, kill them or just run. Your choice. Go on to
    the next room. Check the extremely ugly car for two notes, then go to the
    next room.
    Talk to the guy here, then continue in the same direction to the next room.
    Three dogs here. Kill them or just run to the next room. Same in this room.
    Three dogs. Again, kill or run. Check the notice on the door, then go in it.
    Check out the surroundings here. Interesting. You can't go in the house, as it
    is locked right now. So, you have to choose one of the three doors going out.
    The next three paths can be done in any order, but you have to do them all to
    get everything. I recommend going clockwise, although it doesn't matter. So,
    since we started from the north-east path, the south-east path is next.
    The south-east path starts with 4 dogs and a wasp. Very annoying. Move on. The
    next room is empty. Keep going. The next room is empty except for some trees.
    The roots resemble hands. Keep this room in mind and move to the next room.
    Here we have a 6-Iron and a hole to the apartment, but that's about it. So,
    make your way back to the house to take the south-west path.
    The south-west path starts with an empty room. Keep going. Here, a new ghost
    will appear. Run from him, notice the hole, and get out of there. In the next
    room, you'll immediately see a kid. Approach him to see a cutscene. Now,
    explore the room, especially the dug-up grave. Notice the number on it. You'll
    notice a door straight ahead from your entrance. It's locked. After exploring,
    head back to the house to take the final, north-west path.
    The north-west path begins with 3 dogs and a couple wasps. Again, very
    annoying. Next room. A few wasps. Not too big of a deal. Keep going. You can
    find a medical kit on the floor here, as well as a hole on the wall. But,
    other than looking at Toluca Lake, that's all this place is good for. Head
    back to the house.
    You'll notice the guy from the rock is here now. Talk to him. He tells you
    he's got something important, but he's really thirsty. That's why we brought
    along the chocolate milk. Give it to him. He gives you a spade. It has writing
    on it, so read it. It talks about a hand holding onto the ground, opposite of
    where the lake and house meet. Well, we just saw the lake. It was north-west.
    That means the place you're looking for should be south-east. And, indeed it
    is. Remember that the third room of the south-east path had tree roots that
    looked like hands. So, head on over there.
    Go behind the trees so that the camera changes to show the "hands". Use the
    spade right on the hands. You'll get a key. However, this key says that
    whoever holds it wanders for eternity. What does this mean to you? Well, try
    to go back to the house. Didn't work out so well, did it? So, next you must
    figure out how to get the key to the house. Stumped? I guess that's why you're
    here. Take it back to where you found it, then keep going in that direction,
    so you reach the room with the hole. Go up the stairs and in the hole,
    watching out for the ghost.
    Head to the main room and put the key in the box, along with whatever else you
    don't need at the time. Then, check your apartment if you want, and head back
    through the hole. Since you don't have the key, you won't loop on the way back
    to the house. Once at the house, use the hole there to go back to your room.
    Retrieve the key from the box and head back through the hole. Use the key to
    open the house and stroll on in.
    Finally, in the house itself. Look around, but don't go to the left side just
    yet. Check around the right side. Check the note at the bottom of the
    bookshelf. Check the broken lock upstairs. When you're ready, move to the left
    side of the house. Check the diary on the floor with the candle holders. After
    reading that, you'll notice the door there has opened. Take the plate on it
    and go in. You'll see a cutscene. Again, notice the number.
    You'll wake up in your apartment to a radio broadcast. Your doorbell will be
    ringing. Go to the peephole for a cutscene. You may notice there are 17 bloody
    handprints now. After the cutscene, do all your normal apartment stuff. Check
    whatever you want. After you're done checking, put away the plate and whatever
    else you want to in the box. Now is probably a good time to save if you
    haven't in a while. Once you're all ready, go trough the hole in the bathroom.
    D. Prison
    We begin on the first floor of the circular prison. The first thing to do is
    check these rooms. I will number them like a clock, with numbers increasing
    as we progress clockwise. So, facing east, the first room is number 1. Broken.
    Room 2: Pistol ammo and a note on the wall. Room 3: Broken, but there's a note
    on the floor in front of it. Room 4: Locked. But, this is obviously your goal.
    Room 5: Just some slugs. Room 6: Broken. Room 7: Note on the bed. Room 8: Ew,
    mushrooms. Kill them or just leave again. So, move on to the only door leading
    outside. There's a hole and two doors. From facing the hole, the door to your
    left is locked. Go right.
    You're now headed downward. Ugh. Wall monsters. But, they're easier to avoid
    because you have a wider hall this time. Directly below the first ladder is a
    double door. It's locked from the inside, so keep moving. About another half
    circle down you'll see a saint medallion. Hang onto it, these are valuable.
    Finally, go through the door at the end of the hall.
    Once inside, circle down until you see a door. Go through. Inside is the
    broken generator and an unusual door. You can't go through it, so head back
    out. There are now wasps. I suggest you kill them. The only other things here
    are the hole and the sign near the base of the stairs you came down. Check the
    sign to take a key. This is for the locked room we saw when we first left the
    circular portion of the prison. Go there.
    You're now outside. You can either take a ladder or the spiral ramp. I suggest
    you take the ramps, although it really doesn't matter. When you come to the
    door, go in. Another circular set of rooms. This time, we start at the bottom,
    so the first room to check is number 5 (to the left).  Broken. Room 6 is
    blocked by mushrooms. Kill them to go in. Also, it's a good idea to knock down
    and step on any slugs in the area, as they can hurt you by dropping onto you
    from the ceiling. Unfortunately, we find room 6 to be broken. Room 7: Broken.
    Room 8: Diary on the table. Room 1: Bottles full of black powder? Well, you
    can't do anything with them, so move on. Room 2: Broken. Room 3: Broken. Room
    4: Note on the wall. Head back outside.
    Continue upwards until the next door. Go in here. Yet another circular set of
    rooms. You start at the bottom, so same pattern as last time. Room 5: Books.
    None checkable, though. Room 6: Hole in the floor. Odd. Don't jump in, though.
    It may just lead back to the second floor. Keep going. Before you get to room
    7, you may notice the new enemy. For reference, I'll call it a "twin". Kill or
    dodge it, then go to room 7. Another hole, but this one has a bloody bed. Room
    8: Note and clothes. Move on. Room 1: Wall monsters and pistol ammo. Hmmmm.
    Killing the one above the ammo isn't too hard, so go for it. Room 2: Another
    hole? Room 3: Mushrooms. Kill them and grab the notes. Room 4: Clothes on the
    floor. Go back outside.
    Keep going up until the next door. Go through to see a door with a symbol on
    it. It's locked. Go to the opposite side, then turn the handle there. The
    power is now on in the third floor. This means there are two new notes to read
    in rooms 4 and 5 there. Now, with that all taken care of, it's time to jump
    down one of the holes. Check the map on the third floor. Compare it to the map
    of the second and first floor. All of the holes on the third floor lead to
    broken doors on the second floor, so that doesn't help. However, on the first
    floor, only room 6 is locked, so that's the answer. Enter room 6 on the third
    floor, then jump down all the way to the basement.
    You're now in the shower room. Immediately kill the twins and unlock the door
    there. Go through it, turn right, and unlock the door there. The door straight
    ahead is locked. Go up the ladder. First check the memo. Now you need to align
    the bloody beds. Check each of the rooms. Find the one with the bloody bed.
    Remember its location relative to the ladder. Go up the ladder to the second
    floor. Check the memo here. Check the rooms again for the bloody bed. Use the
    crank to align the bloody bed on this floor with the ground floor. Go to the
    third floor, get the memo there, remember the number. Do the same thing with
    the crank to align this bed to the other two. You'll notice a cutscene after
    you turn the crank once. However, this does NOT mean you're properly aligned.
    You still have to turn more before you're ready to leave.
    Return to the basement for yet another cutscene. Take the spirals or the
    ladders to return to the third floor from the outside. Remembering the clock
    number system we've been using, go to room 1. Jump all the way down to the
    basement. You're now in the kitchen. Kill the mushrooms, then enter the
    double-door to go to the south. Unlock the door there, then return to the
    kitchen. If the mushrooms have returned, kill them. Go through the door to the
    west. Remove the plate and enter the door, using the combination from the memo
    on the third floor. If it says that it's too dark to read, the lights aren't
    on in the basement. This means one of two things. First, you didn't open the
    water gates from the top floor, or, much more commonly, you haven't aligned
    the second and third floor bloody beds with the first floor bloody bed. If
    this is the case, go back and do it. Watch the cutscene. You should notice the
    pattern of the numbers you've seen so far.
    You're back in the apartment. Check the bathroom first. After that, do all the
    normal apartment stuff. Check for notes, manage your inventory, save. Whatever
    you need to do. I suggest you drop off the plate you've gotten. If you want,
    check the peephole to see a new handprint on the wall. When you're all ready,
    go through the hole in the bathroom yet again.
    E. Store Complex
    You begin in a hall. Run all the way through until you're at the car. The door
    is broken. Continue down the stairs. You'll see a new, monkey-like enemy type.
    I suggest you kill them, as they're quite annoying. The door there is broken
    as well. Continue down the stairs. Headed for the door, you'll see a cutscene.
    Afterwards, kill the monkeys and go through the door. Inside, you'll see a
    ghost, impaled with a sword. First, take the key from his hand. Then, take the
    sword out of his pathetic corpse. Use the new key on the door to leave. The
    other doors in that room are broken. Don't bother.
    Continue down the next room, taking the stairs and watching out for the ghost.
    Go to the next room, and take the handgun bullets from there. Continue to the
    next room, where you'll find a 5-Iron and a baseball bat. I suggest you take
    the bat, as it's better than the pipe, but the golf club is up to you. I
    probably wouldn't bother if you still have a working golf club. Notice the
    hole here, then take the exit straight ahead of where you came in, as the
    exit is locked.
    Continue down these stairs until the next room. This is the pet store, and
    there are three dogs. Kill them, as it's hard to avoid them here. Take the key
    from the shelf on the left of the "Food and Accessory" aisle. There are a few
    wasps on the wall near the empty cage, so kill them. Leave through the door
    here, go down the stairs, avoiding the ghost. The next room is empty, but
    check it out anyway.
    Return all the way to the sports store where you found the baseball bat. The
    key from the pet store is for that door. Use the key, and go on in. In here,
    there are five monkeys, two of which drop down from above when you reach the
    bottom of the stairs. Try not to let them corner you. The door is broken. Keep
    going down the hall. The door here is broken. Go into the elevator. After a
    cutscene, you will be on the bottom floor. Ignore this. Go up to the top
    floor. Exit the door opposite the one you came in. Go all the way down this
    hall, avoiding the ghosts, to get a spade weapon and another Sword of
    Return to the bottom floor, get the pistol bullets from the opposite hall,
    then enter the elevator again to go down a ladder on the opposite side. The
    ladder across from your entrance leads to a platform that doesn't go anywhere,
    so return to the basement. There is a health drink near the broken pillar in
    the middle of the room. Continue down the hall here, killing the mushrooms,
    until you reach the ladder at the opposite side. Go up it.
    The door to your right is broken, and the one ahead of you is locked. Move on
    down the U-shaped hall. There are three dogs and two monkeys, so be very
    careful. All the doors here are locked, so keep going all the way through. The
    next hall has an unbelievable five monkeys, one of which has a golf club. You
    can take it if you want, but you may not want to waste inventory space. Head
    through the door when you're ready.
    Go down the stairs and to the door at the corner. The next sets of stairs have
    leeches, so kill them and proceed through the door. There are leeches here,
    too, so if you're low on health, watch out. Take the axe on the table, and
    read the memo on the bar. To find out this answer, you must go back to your
    apartment. There is conveniently a hole right here. Once back inside, check
    your peephole for an odd message. Look out your window at the sign, remember
    the last four numbers, and go back through the bathroom hole to the bar. Use
    the numbers from the sign to open the door and go through.
    After a brief cutscene, begin the long journey up the stairs. Ghosts will
    chase you, so keep your speed or they may hurt you. When you finally reach the
    top, take the plate from the door, and enter the door. Watch a cutscene and
    notice the number, as though you couldn't have guessed it by this point.
    You're back in your apartment. Go into the main room to hear a radio
    transmission. Then, check out the window for an interesting observation. Check
    for any new notes, check the peephole, use the box, the usual stuff. You
    should probably save here. When you're ready, go through the hole in the
    F. The Apartments
    You start this world in a hallway. Room 301 is open, so go inside. There are a
    diary and a red paper among the large quantity of pornography. Next, go inside
    the photo room. Check the red pictures to get two keys. Then check the journal
    there. Notice the hole in towards the back of the main room. Leave back into
    the hall. Put the red piece of paper under your door (Room 302). Rooms 303 and
    304 are locked, so leave this hall. On the stairs is a man. You can talk to
    him if you want, but don't take the doll he offers you. Continue downstairs to
    the bottom floor. Use the mailbox key to open the mailbox at the bottom of the
    stairs. Then go to the west hallway.
    From here, you can open room 105 with the Superintendent’s Key. Once inside,
    pick up the apartment keys, as well as the two red pieces of paper. Read the
    memo that was next to the red papers. Then go read the diary in the bedroom at
    the end of the hall. Now, with the apartment keys, it's time to explore
    people's rooms. You may be chased by ghosts during this part, so either avoid
    them, or use the Sword of Obedience on them when you've knocked them down to
    pin them. Equipping a Saint Medallion will also make fighting them easier, but
    it's entirely voluntary.
    Start with Room 106. Go all the way down the hall to the left. You'll see a
    medical kit, and a phone. Dial the number on the phone. After that, leave. In
    Room 107, you will find nothing. Move on to the east wing of the bottom floor.
    There are two dogs in this hall. Relatively easy to kill with the axe. So,
    continue exploring rooms. In Room 104, there are some wasps. Kill them for
    convenience's sake. There's nothing else here, so leave. In Room 103, there
    are nothing but broken doors. Continue on. In Room 102, there are leeches in
    the kitchen. Open the refrigerator and examine the bloody mess to get the
    other half of the torn red paper from the super's room. Leave this room after
    exploring. If you want, you can return to the front of Room 302 to drop off
    the remaining red papers. Anyway, in Room 101, there are many tempting guns,
    but you can't actually take any of them. Tragic. There are, however, pistol
    bullets you can pick up. There is also a note in the bookcase at the back of
    the hall. That being the last room, move on to the second floor.
    Start on the west wing of the second floor. There are three dogs here. Kill
    them now or wait until they see you. Your choice. In Room 205, there is a
    cassette on the table with the weights on it. The rest of the room is empty.
    Move on. Room 206 has two dogs, but nothing else. Room 207 has a revolver on
    the chair, and a bloody wastebasket to look at. There is also a putter in the
    room at the end of the hall, but that's it. Move on to the east wing.
    Start with Room 204. Completely empty. In Room 203, there is a bloody shirt in
    the room at the end of the hall. Check it for another red paper. In Room 202,
    you finally get to answer the phone that's been ringing. You can also check
    the paintings for insight into your neighbors. There is nothing in Room 201
    except a few wasps. Move up to the third floor, remembering NOT to pick up the
    doll on the stairs. It will only cause you hassle later, and you can't use it
    for anything. Just leave it.
    There is only one room to check on the third floor. Room 304 has some pistol
    bullets in the bedroom, but that's it. Room 303's key is missing from the
    ring, and your room is still stuck. Put any remaining red papers under your
    door and proceed through the hole in the hall back to your room. In your room,
    feel free to put away the apartment keys, as they're all unlocked. Then, read
    all the red pieces of paper from under your door. You will realize that the
    key to Room 303 is now magically next to your bed, between the bed and the
    window. Now, hurry back through the hole, and back up to Room 303. Use the key
    and head on in. You'll see a cutscene with yet another number.
    You wake up in your apartment. Check the new note under your door and pick up
    the talisman from next to it. Do all your standard apartment stuff yet again.
    Check Eileen's room for an odd surprise. Then, look out your window for a
    cutscene. Save, and when your ready, head to the bathroom.
    Surprise. No more hole. So, keep exploring. You should notice there is a mark
    on the laundry room wall. Examine it to see it looks like a demon. Use the
    talisman you just got on this spot in the wall. There are now four
    indentations on that wall, and you just happen to have four plates in your
    box. Coincidence? No. Get the plates from the box, and use them one the
    indentations in the wall. The top indentation is the orange plate. The bottom
    indentation is the purple plate. The left indentation is the pink plate. The
    right indentation is the yellow plate. Once all these are placed, you have
    yourself a brand new hole to use. It works the same way as the old one, so
    head on through.
    G. The Hospital
    You will wake up in a hospital room during a cutscene. You begin in the first
    floor main hall. There are a lot of wasps here. Kill them. Then, go back into
    the room you woke up in (the emergency room). Nothing to pick up, but a new
    enemy type. I'll call them nurses, although that's not ever established. Go
    back to the main hall. The room all the way north is broken, but on the way
    there, you will see a cutscene and get a purse. Hang onto it for now. The room
    across from the emergency room is the office. There is a paper-cutting knife
    (melee weapon) on the desk. Take the other door to enter the reception room.
    Check the lit-up board for a cutscene. Then read the memo on the desk opposite
    the screen. Leave through the other door.
    The double-door opposite where you came out is broken. The room south of the
    broken door leads to a second emergency room. There is a health drink on the
    small shelf. That's it for here. The room opposite that exit (the washroom)
    has a hole, but nothing else. The room south of the washroom, the doctor's
    lounge, has a medical kit on the table, and that's all. Across from that room
    is the supply room. There are two nurses here, as well as an ampoule. Take it.
    Back in the hall, go south to the elevator. It doesn't work, so take the door
    next to it. These are stairs. Go up to the next floor.
    On the second floor, call the elevator with the button next to it. You will
    notice wheelchairs are running around. They can hurt you, so try to avoid them
    As for the next part, the rooms here are RANDOM. Makes writing this portion
    rather difficult. So, instead of explaining all the possible combinations, I
    will simply say what it was for me. Using a kind of unusual numbering system,
    on the map, it will look like this:
    L11   R11
    L10   R10
    L09   R09
    L08   R08
    L07   R07
    L06   R06
    L05   R05
    L04   R04
    L03   R03
    L02   R02
    L01   R01
       [X] <---Elevator
    Start on the left side, then cross over each time. L01 has two nurses, but
    nothing else. R01 has the 4-Iron. Take it if you want. L02 has scenery, but
    that's it. R02 has nothing in it, but check it out anyway. L03 has wasps, but
    they can't hurt you. But, that's it. R03 has a key for you to take. You then
    use that key to get out.
    L04 has a Saint Medallion on the table. R04 has a holy candle behind the vase.
    L05 has a health drink on the bed. R05 has a health drink on the floor. L06
    has some mushrooms. R06 has some great scenery. L07 has some revolver bullets.
    Definitely want to take those. R07 has a sticky floor and some pistol bullets.
    L08 has some interesting scenery. R08 is locked, but you got the key in R03.
    You'll get a new companion who will tag along with you. Take good care of her.
    You'll regret it if you let her get hurt to much. Moving on. You'll notice the
    wheelchairs in the hall have been replaced by two nurses. L09 has some pistol
    bullets on the floor. R09 is one of the funniest parts of the game. Don't miss
    it. L10 has nothing but scenery. R10 has a nurse, but nothing else. L11 has
    another lit-up board for you to check. R11... Wow. Just wow. Do not pass this
    room up under any circumstances.
    I want to reiterate that the rooms above were RANDOM, so your results may
    vary. It's best to just check them all.
    Moving on. Go back to the first floor. You've got to take your guest back to
    the real world. However, the main hall has two nurses now, so you must kill
    them. Go to the washroom and take the hole back to your apartment. Heading
    into the main area, you will notice four things. First, your guest didn't
    follow you. Second, your fan has fallen. Third, there are three notes by your
    bookcase. Fourth, there is a note under your door. It contains a key. After
    noting all of the above, as well as doing all the normal apartment stuff,
    head back through the hole.
    After the cutscene, you must head to where the elevator should be. Calling it
    to the second floor left an exposed shaft here. The gate at the end needs the
    key you just got in the apartment. Use it, and go through. This staircase has
    three nurses. Not much of a challenge since they all come in a row. Read the
    note next to the door and go through it.
    This path has some very interesting scenery. However, there are no items or
    enemies. So, just take in the beautiful sights and leave through the door at
    the bottom. There is also a split in the stairs which leads to a hole back to
    your apartment. Never mind that, just leave through the door at the bottom.
    H. The Subway Revisited
    You're now back in the subway. Continue down this hall until you see two
    doors. There is a Holy Candle near the left door. The left door is broken, but
    the right door is locked from this side, so unlock it and go through. This
    hall will look familiar once you reach the main path. However, it now has
    three brand new monkeys. Wonderful. Remembering you will need subway tokens to
    advance, take the hole in the women's bathroom to go get them from the box.
    You may notice your windows are banging. You may also notice your life no
    longer recovers in your room. Read the note under the door to understand the
    situation. Also, check the other envelope to get a toy key. You will take
    damage from the invading spirits if you get too close to the affected areas.
    You can avoid this by equipping a Saint Medallion, but it will break
    eventually. You can also use Holy Candles at the affected areas. If placed
    properly, it will stop you from being hurt in that area. However, you will
    never recover life in your apartment again. Anyway, with the toy key and
    subway tokens in hand, return to the subway.
    Go to the line entrances to see a cutscene. You now have two options. You can
    go forward, avoiding the ghost, through the Lynch St. line. Or, and I would
    recommend this, you can continue down this hall past the line entrances, to
    the area with the dead end staircases. You will now find in this hall new
    enemies and a silver bullet. Silver bullets are very powerful. They can take
    down any ghost with one hit. If you don't want this ghost (one of the most
    annoying, I might add) following you all around the rest of the game, you
    should use the silver bullet in conjunction with a Sword of Obedience to bring
    it down and force it to stay down for good.
    Whether or not you take down the ghost, you must head down the Lynch St. line.
    Take the stairs down. On this level there are now two dogs and a new health
    drink at the end of the hall. Also not to be missed is the riding crop, found 
    on top of the chair in the center. Then, continue down the stairs. Cross
    through the train until you see the toy box. Use the toy key to open the box
    and take the filthy coin. You need to go back to your apartment to wash it off.
    I suggest you go to the room at the north end of the station, where the ladder
    leads down. Take the Holy Candle, then take the ladder down. Your guest can't
    follow you down the ladder. It's okay. She's safe here. In fact, it's probably
    best you leave her here until it's time to leave.
    Back in the apartment, wash off the filthy coin by using it in the kitchen
    sink. Go back to the subways. If you exit to the trains on this side, there is
    a medical kit up the stairs. However, this area is now guarded by two dogs.
    You decide if you want to go for it. Anyway, Use the coin you washed in the
    vending machine to get the murder scene key. This is for the door you found
    the plate on when you first came through the subway, at the top of the
    escalator. So, go to the room your guest is in, and take the ladder down
    again. Take the fork in the path to the door at the end of the hall.
    From this room, take the escalator up. There are fewer wall monsters than last
    time, but you still need to watch out. At the top of the escalator, take the
    left fork to see a dog and a health drink, then go up the stairs. You then
    take the train pass from the floor here. This will aid you in getting your
    guest to the destination, as well as providing a nice shortcut. Then, use the
    murder scene key to open the door here. Inside, take the train handle.
    You can then leave that room, and, instead of taking the stairs back down, you
    can use the train pass on the turnstile there. Take the Lynch Street line as
    usual to go pick up your guest. Take her back to where you got the train pass,
    and then all the way down the escalator. This part is a little tough. You may
    want to shoot them so they can't hurt her, or you can try to just run by.
    Finally, at the bottom of the escalator, you need to board the subway train
    and go all the way to the front car. Use the handle where needed, the train
    will move, revealing your exit. Go through it. You will see a cutscene. Avoid
    this new enemy and go through the door at the end. You will be at a familiar
    spiral staircase. The scenery's a little different, but the premise is the
    same. Use the hole at the end of the staircase to go back to your apartment
    and save if you want. When you're ready, go through the door at the bottom.
    I. The Forest Revisited
    You start in the cemetery. If you approach the exposed coffin, a lot of wasps
    will come out. You then need to grab the unlit torch from the lit torch in the
    corner. You will need this to see dark places. I suggest you go back to your
    apartment top soak it in oil in your laundry room. This will help the fire
    stay on longer, making your job easier. Anyway, moving on.
    Back in the forest, there may be someone chasing you. If this is the case, you
    can either knock him out or run from him. Knocking him out is hard, but it
    will keep you safe for a while. This is especially important in rooms where
    there are other enemies. If you do want to knock him out, it's best to use the
    dodge motion while he's aiming the gun at you, then let him continue to chase
    you. The dodge will prevent him from actually shooting you, and you can charge
    a hit to knock him out. Also, when you change rooms, he may be back. Don't
    worry, it's only for a few rooms.
    Another interesting note. All the writing in red that you couldn't read for
    whatever reason is apparently perfectly legible to your lady-friend. If you
    want some insight into this area, bring her along to help you read them.
    However, you will probably sacrifice a good amount of damage to her (and maybe
    you) to do so.
    You must light the torch by equipping it, then checking the already lit torch
    in the corner of the cemetery. Then, head for the house. On the way, you will
    see a well. If you investigate it with a lit torch in hand, you will get a
    doll's head. Also, underneath a lamp is a nutrition drink. There are also two
    dogs in this room. In the next room, there is another dog.
    The main point of this section is found at the house. There is a doll there
    that requires parts. There is a note on the ground and a candle on the wood.
    The doll's head, like all the doll parts, can be used on the doll. Each path
    here has a doll part in a well, except the north-east section, which has two.
    Before we head to the first area, take the chain from the monkey bars with the
    blue barrels underneath them. It's an improved weapon for your companion.
    Since we've already gotten the head from the south-west section, let's move to
    the north-west section.
    The first room of the north-west section has two twins and a well. There is
    also a health drink by the door. In the next room, there is a health drink
    near the door, and the pickaxe on the ground. In the next room, you'll see a
    cutscene, and take the crested medallion of the grave. There are also revolver
    bullets to the right of the door. There is a lit torch here, so light your own
    torch and return back to the well.
    On the way back through the cave, ghosts will probably be after you. Watch out
    for them and return to the house area to use the doll's right leg from the
    well here. Then it's time to move on to the north-east area, which, as you'll
    remember, has two wells.
    The first room has one twin, but nothing else. The second room has no enemies,
    but it does have a well. There's a lit torch in the next room, but there's
    also a new ghost to contend with. It's best either to impale him with a sword
    of obedience, or light your torch and run back to the previous room. Take the
    doll's left arm and keep going. In the fourth room, there are a couple wasps,
    and you will be chased by ghosts this whole time. In the fifth room, there is
    a health drink on the ledge near the bottom. There is nothing new in the sixth
    room. The seventh has a lit torch, but you may not want to light it yet. The
    eight and final room has a monkey, a well, a holy candle, and a nutrition
    drink. Once that's all clear, go back a room, light your torch, and grab the
    doll's right arm from the well.
    On the return trip, the seventh room has four monkeys to contend with. The
    sixth room still has ghosts, but no new stuff. Same goes for the fifth, and
    the fourth room. The third room has a new Saint Medallion if you want it. The
    second room is the same as before, as is the first. Go place your two new doll
    items, and move on to the south-east wing.
    The first room has a couple wasps and a health drink in the back-left corner.
    The second room has a wasp and a familiar stalker, complete with a new toy.
    In the third room, there is a silver bullet by the hand roots. But, don't
    waste it here. Save it for a really hard ghost. I have my suggestion later.
    Anyway, the fourth room has a health drink as well as both the well and a lit
    torch. How convenient. Anyway, take the doll's left leg from the well, and
    head back to the house. You may be pursued on the way back, but there's
    nothing else new, so you can probably just run back.
    Put the final part on the doll and watch the cutscene. Go down the stairs here
    to read the book on the alter. Then, use the crested medallion (from the lake
    area) on the door here and go through. The familiar spiral staircase returns,
    with new scenery. You can take the hole back to the apartment if you so
    desire, and then proceed through the door at the bottom.
    J. The Prison Revisited
    You start at the top of an elevator. Go down in the cylinder in the center,
    then exit through the door. You should recognize this area, but the man
    chasing you is now more annoying than ever. Run down to the third floor. There
    are three twins in this hall. Still using the same clock numbering system,
    start with room 1.
    Room 1 has a bloody bed and hole. Room 2 has a holy candle. Room 3 has wall
    monsters, but nothing new. Room 4 has a hole, but no bloody bed. Room 5 has
    mushrooms and a nutrition drink on the bed. Room 6 has pistol bullets on the
    table. Room 7 has nothing but books. Room 8 has nothing.
    At this point, you may want to jump into the basement from room 1. This will
    prevent your companion from following you, leaving her safely in an empty cell
    while you explore. You can then use the ladders instead of the spiral in order
    to avoid a certain dual-pistol wielder.
    Anyway, while in the basement, you may as well get your next objective. It's
    in the room with the final cutscene from last time. So, starting from the
    kitchen, go west, killing the mushrooms, to grab the prisoner's shirt. Moving
    on, in the cafeteria, there is a saint medallion on one of the benches, and a
    health drink on the table. Go into the hall, but don't skip the shower room
    across the hall, as it has pistol bullets, guarded only by mushrooms. Also,
    take the observation room ladder up to the third floor to grab Eileen's
    leather sap, an excellent weapon.
    In order to move on, you will need to soak the shirt you got in blood, so the
    writing in wax will appear. To do this, you must go back to the bathtub in
    your apartment. The quickest way is through the hole at the top of the
    basement stairs, which now has a nutrition drink next to it. After soaking the
    shirt in blood and reading it, head back to the prison.
    From the note, you should know to go to the second floor. In this hall, there
    are four twins and a lot of leeches. Once you're done with them, enter the
    rooms. Room 1 is locked. Room 2 is locked. Room 3 is locked. Room 4 has a twin
    and an old diary, as well as some new pistol bullets. Room 5 is your
    destination. It has a Sword of Obedience under the bed. Room 6 is locked. Room
    7 is locked. Room 8 has a holy candle and a baby in it. Back to the first
    The first floor hall has two twins and a lot of wasps. After killing them,
    begin checking rooms. Room 1 is locked. Room 2 is empty. Room 3 is locked.
    Room 4 has some pistol bullets. Room 5 has a nutrition drink. Room 6 is
    locked. Room 7 has a holy candle. Room 8 has mushrooms, but nothing else.
    Heading down to the basement will activate a cutscene. This ghost is your next
    target, as he has the key. To retrieve it, you must knock him down and impale
    him with a sword. I suggest you use your silver bullet for this, as he won't
    go down easily without it. Once you do, impale him and take his key. Then,
    it's time to reclaim your companion from room 1 on the third floor. Equip her
    with her new weapon and begin the trip back to the basement. Sadly, no more
    ladders can be used, so you may want to knock out your stalker. There are also
    some wasps, but no big deal.
    Once safely back in the basement, take the medical kit from under the lamp
    near the hole. Then, take the sword out of the ghost and head through the
    locked door. There are six, yes, indeed, six twins in this hall. Kill them and
    go through the door at the end.
    Wow, the familiarity is overwhelming. Go back to your apartment and handle the
    normal stuff. I really shouldn't need to mention what to do here by this
    point. Probably a good idea to save. When you feel ready, go back through the
    hole and through the door.
    K. The Store Complex Revisited.
    After the cutscene, pick up the diary for your objectives. Seems silly, but
    you have to do it. Noticing the new ghost, enter the elevator. Take it to the
    top floor. Exiting into the long hall, you will notice three monkeys, in
    exchange for a box of revolver bullets. Exiting the other way, you will be at
    the top of the building complex.
    In the next area, there will be two dogs, as well as a health drink by the
    broken door. Continue up the flights of stairs into the sports store. There is
    a 3-Wood on the floor in here, as well as a bin of volleyballs that seems to
    be missing one. Remember that for later. There are also birthday candles on
    the counter. Definitely take those.
    Exit the door next to the hole. Take the holy candle near the broken shelves,
    then leave the room via the other door. Here, go through the empty hall to the
    only other door. From here, just continue going upwards until you reach the
    door at the top. Go through. In here is the birthday cake. Place the candles
    on the cake and take the stuffed cat. Exit the door at the end of the hall.
    Kill the two dogs, go up the stairs, and kill the other two dogs. Take the
    health drink from the corridor between the stairs and the fans. Go up another
    flight of stairs. The door's broken, but there's a holy candle on the floor,
    and revolver bullets on the hood of the car, next to the fence. The next hall
    has two dogs, a driver (golf club), and a hole at the end.
    Head all the way back down to the sports store. From there, take the north
    door. There are stairs to go down here, which leads to the pet store. Watch
    yourself, as there are three ghosts here. Very bad. Anyway, put the stuffed
    cat into the cage and go through the other door. There are pistol bullets and
    a health drink in the far corner if you want to risk it. Anyway, continue out
    the door and down the stairs, into the door here.
    You're now in the upside-down office. There are four wasps and some pistol
    bullets. When you're done here, head all the way back to the elevators at the
    beginning of the area. Take the elevator to the bottom floor. Out the door
    there is yet another holy candle. Go back in the elevator and take the ladder
    down. The ladder opposite you goes into the other elevator, so don't bother.
    Just kill the mushrooms and go to the end of the hall. There is a cue ball at
    the base of the ladder. Take it and go up.
    You're now in the U-shaped hall. The doors are still broken. Kill the wasps
    and go down the hall to see a cutscene. Afterwards, there's a medical kit
    against the fence. Continue down the hall. In the next area, there is a
    volleyball among the boxes. Pick it up, as well as a Saint Medallion in the
    corner. In the next room, go down the stairs, and, avoiding the wheelchairs,
    go through the door at the end. Go down this next set of stairs. The two doors
    next to each other are broken. Head through the remaining door.
    You're now in the bar. Take the memo off the bar and place the cue ball on the
    pool table. You could open the door now, but you need your friend to be with
    you anyway, so you have to finish your job of placing objects. So, take the
    volleyball back to the sports store, grabbing your companion on the way. When
    you put the volleyball in the bin, you'll immediately notice a bell chiming.
    This is the clock in the upside-down office. Head back down through the pet
    store, down the flights of stairs, all the way to the office.
    The screen is no longer flipped, and neither are your controls, so head
    through the clock-door-thing. Just keep going down this part, as none of the
    doors work except the very bottom one. Through there, there are four monkeys
    and one dog. Very tough. If you kill them all, you gain four golf clubs. There
    is also a health drink where the fence meets the wall. Continue through the
    door and down the next flights of stairs. Go through the door here. It leads
    you back to the U-shaped hall. Continue all the way through to the bar. On the 
    way, there is a new monkey and a wasp on the flight of stairs directly before
    the bar. Also, there is now a monkey in the bar.
    To get the new combo for the door, you must get the bar's new phone number.
    However, the sign you can see from your apartment has not changed yet. So, the
    logical solution is to call the old phone number from your apartment. The
    voice on the phone will tell you the number has been changed, and give you the
    new number. Remember the last four digits and head back to the bar. Put in the
    code and head through.
    Contrary to the last time, you must go down these stairs instead of up. There
    are wasps. You can kill them if you want. When you finally reach the bottom,
    take the portable medical kit and go through the door. After the cutscene, you
    must go to the door on the other side. The note on the door implies that there
    is only one real wall monster, and you must kill it to proceed. This is purely
    random, according to all the information I have. Just hit each one until you
    notice that one of them, when it, injures all the others. You must then kill
    this one. When you kill the true monster, the door unlocks. Go through it to
    once again be going down the familiar spiral stairs. Go through the hole if
    you want, and proceed down. Notice the "vibro-baby" towards the bottom? 
    Hilarious. Anyway, pick up the diary and go through the door at the bottom.
    L. The Apartments Revisited
    You'll immediately notice you're in an unusual version of your apartment, and
    you're not it first person view. Check the table for two books to read. There
    are things on the wall in between your bedroom and bathroom. Remember the
    broken spot on the wall. Go into your room to check the four red notes there.
    When you're done reading, exit back into the main room. Walk under the
    dripping area to see a cutscene. This will tell you your new objective.
    Take the Pickaxe of Hope from the wall as you were shown, then go through the
    hole in the bathroom. Back in your semi-normal room, use the Pickaxe of Hope
    on the same spot in your room as you found it in the weird room. Go through
    the hole. Interesting development. Check the body and take the keys. Go back
    through the hole to your apartment. It's finally time to leave. Use the keys
    you just got on your front door.
    After the cutscene, you will be rejoined by your friend. Immediately start 
    checking rooms. In Room 301, there is a Saint Medallion in one of the back 
    rooms, as well as three twins. Go down the stairs to find a health drink in
    the same spot. This leads you to the second floor, specifically Room 201. In
    the second floor hall, you will again be chased by your stalker. Head to Room 
    202. There is the final Sword of Obedience in the room at the end of the hall.
    Cross through the break into Room 203. There is bug spray on the floor among 
    all the crap. It freezes ghosts shortly, but you may not find it useful. In 
    Room 204, there is a health drink on the kitchen counter. Head out into the 
    In the second floor hall, you will find five nurses. Kill as many as you
    safely can, then move into the west wing. Room 205 has a health drink in the 
    bedroom at the end of the hall. Room 206 has a candle in between the bunk beds
    in the kids' room. Go through the hole in the wall to Room 207, where you will
    find pistol bullets in the room at the end of the hall. Leave through the 207 
    door. Kill the twin and go down the stairs.
    You're now in the first floor east wing. There's a health drink in the room in
    the back of the hall of Room 107. Room 106 is a healing gold mine. There is a 
    medical kit in the bedroom and an ampoule on the bathroom sink, both at the
    end of the hall. Room 105 is the super's room. It's chained shut with six
    chains. This means there are six objectives. Go into the main hall of the
    first floor. Check the sketchbook on the floor, then move to the east wing.
    In the east wing, there is a hanging corpse to check. You will hear a piece of
    dialogue. Go to Room 104, where you will find two wall monsters, a medical
    kit, and another corpse to check in the room at the end of the hall. Moving
    further down the east wing, we find two twins, as well as some pistol bullets
    behind some boxes halfway down the hall. In Room 103, there are two twins, a
    health drink at the end of the hall, and a third corpse hanging in the main
    room. In Room 102, there is a nutrition drink on the kitchen counter, and the
    fourth corpse hanging in the middle of the room. In Room 101, there are pistol
    bullets in the room at the end of the hall, and the fifth corpse in the cage
    at the middle of the hall. The sixth and final corpse is at the end of the
    east wing hall.
    Time to visit the super's room. In the main hall, you'll see a cutscene. Head
    to Room 105. There you will find a health drink in his bedroom, as well as a
    red box that is your objective on his bookshelf. After the cutscene, leave the
    room to see another cutscene. Then, look at the drawing on the floor. Head all
    the way back to the third floor. When you exit Room 206, there will four twins
    blocking your path. Use the stairs to go to the third floor instead of Room
    201. This lets you access rooms 303 and 304. Don't forget the pistol bullets
    across from the door to the third floor hall.
    Room 304 has a wall monster, a twin, and a health drink in the bedroom in the
    middle of the hall. Room 303 has a nurse and some revolver bullets. After
    clearing this part of the floor out, you're completely done with the
    apartments, so head back to your room via the Room 201 stairs. The hall
    leading from Room 301 to your room now has three twins, so watch out.
    Once you're in your apartment, you need to eliminate any spirits still here
    with any remaining candles, if you can. Once your apartment is spirit-free,
    save. When you're ready, go to the break in your wall, and check the black
    puddle under the cross.
    I strongly suggest you do the next part on your own. I will help you if you
    truly need it, but I know the experience will be better if you do it without
    help. Of course, if you've failed a number of times, read on. The next section
    will contain some spoilers, unfortunately.
    M. The Final Battle
    *Again, this section contains some spoilers. There was no realistic way around
    them, unfortunately. They, however, are not major plot spoilers.*
    Yes, it's true. Once you bring the contents of the red box back to your room,
    the game is almost over. By entering the puddle under the corpse, you are
    triggering the final boss fight. You should bring two or three healing items,
    a gun (preferably the revolver), and two or three spare cases of ammo for it.
    Of course, you will also need a melee weapon (in case you run out of ammo) and
    the contents of the red box from the super's room.
    Make sure you save before you attempt this. You may die or take too long and
    not like the results. Enter the puddle under the cross after saving. You will
    be in an all-red room. You can check out the surroundings if you want, but
    there's nothing to see. Jump down the hole in the middle of the room.
    First of all, neither enemy can be hurt here, nor can you stop your companion
    from walking. You have to beat it to stop her. The first thing to do is use
    the contents of the super's box on the giant monster. This weakens it for the
    spears. You then must grab each spear from the statues around the room and use
    them on the giant monster. If you have the inventory space, you can hold more
    than one at a time. This makes it go by much faster, helping you save your
    companion. Each time you use a spear, the shadow man will become temporarily
    hurt. Use this time wisely and grab more spears.
    Once all the spears are in it, the shadow man turns normal again. It's now
    time to kill him. Equip your gun and unload as much ammo into him as fast as
    you can. Your companion is still in danger. When he finally goes down, it's
    all over.
    Your ending here is dependant on your performance. Here is the breakdown:
    Woman lives, room clean of spirits: Escape (Good+)
    Woman lives, room full of spirits : Mother (Good)
    Woman dies, room clean of spirits : [Companion's Name]'s Death (Bad+)
    Woman dies, room full of spirits  : 21 Sacraments (Bad)
    I have personally tested all of these, and as far as I can tell, those are the
    only ending conditions. Also, a note. The more you let your companion get hurt
    during the normal game, the faster she will walk during the boss fight. If you
    let her get hurt too much, it becomes impossible to save her.
    V. Miscellaneous
    A. Spirit Cleaning Guide
    This has been a source of confusion for many people. I have to admit, I still
    don't fully understand what qualifies as cleaned or not cleaned. So, here's a
    few tips.
    First, always watch the candle burn out completely. The infection may be gone
    long before the candle burns out, however, if you leave the room, and, more
    importantly, the apartment before the candle burns out, the infection may come
    back in that very same spot rather quickly. It is always, always safest to
    watch the candle burn out with your own eyes.
    Secondly, many people, including myself have seen endings that require the
    apartment to be spirit-free when we knew of a few minor infections left over.
    It seems that there is some sort of invisible meter of how infected your
    apartment is that you can't cross a certain line of. Again, it's always safest
    to check that your apartment is 100% clean, but, even if it's not, try for the
    best ending.
    Remember, none of the above is definite, and there's no guarantee of results.
    B. Ranking System
    If you're reading this part, it's probably because you beat the game, and
    don't fully understand the post-credits ranking system. Well, allow me to
    enlighten you a little. The ranking system works by breaking your game up into
    categories, assigning each one a maximum value, then checking how close you
    came to that value. Here are the categories and their values, based on a 100%
    Difficulty:     Hard
    Time:           Under 2:00:00
    Saves:          0
    Continues:      0
    Enemies Killed: At least 120
    Memos:          52/52
    These are the "green" requirements for each category, so called because if you
    meet any of these, the score for that category will be shown tinted green. If
    you get even slightly below the requirement for each category, you'll lose
    The total score is based on the number of stars shown below your ending. Each
    big star is 10%, and each small star is 1%. Hence, 7 big stars and 2 small
    stars is 72%. Obviously, the highest possible score is 10 big stars, 100%. If
    you do manage to get 100%, your star count will be tinted green as well. It
    should be noted that there are actually 102 points possible, so not getting
    quite green on one or two categories could still result in a 100% rank.
    VI. Secrets
    A. Alternate Eileen Costume
    This is a really odd requirement, but I will try to explain. First you must
    beat the game with a specific ending (believed to be [Companion's Name]'s
    Death or Escape). Then, start a new game from your clear file. When you get
    to the apartments revisited, go to Eileen's room (Room 303). You will see an
    item called Nurse's Outfit. Once you have that, continue playing the game as
    When it comes time to beat the game, take the outfit item with you to the last
    boss. Again you must get a certain ending (I believe one where your companion
    lives is what you need). If you got that right, your next new game from that
    clear file should have an option of Eileen's costume, right after difficulty
    B. Alternate Cynthia Costume
    If you've gotten the Eileen costume listed above, and have all four endings on
    one clear file, there will be a second alternate costume listed at the costume
    selection menu. This one affects both Eileen and Cynthia.
    C. Chainsaw
    After beating the game once with any ending, a chainsaw will appear in one of
    the first rooms of the forest. It's a surprisingly ineffective melee weapon.
    D. Companion's Submachine Gun
    If you have a 90% or better completion rating, your ending text from the save
    file will be in a different color. This means you can get a submachine gun for
    your companion in Room 102 of the apartments the first time through. It's
    quite powerful, but it's really not worth it, as it injures her spontaneously.
    E. One Weapon Mode
    If you get a 100% ranking, your save file will change colors yet again. This
    allows you, when choosing a difficulty mode, to press right, which changes the
    selector to red. Selecting a difficulty in red puts you in One Weapon mode. In
    this mode, you will find that at the beginning of the subway the first time
    through, every weapon (except the handgun) will be laid out on the ground.
    When you take one, the rest will disappear. This means you must beat the game
    using only the weapon you chose and the handgun, which you will find in the
    normal spot.
    F. Apartment Replenish Mode
    If you beat One Weapon mode with 100%, you can select difficulty to the left
    as well, in green. This has the same weapon lineup as One Weapon mode, but you
    can take as many as you want. Also, there are now ten health drinks in your
    refridgerator and six cases of handgun ammo in the laundry room every single
    time you come back to your room.
    VII. Planned Additions
    1. New sections. Maybe a plot guide, a review, etc.
    2. Reader submissions. I'm sure I've missed something. Let me know.
    3. Proper formatting. I don't care for the guide's looks right now.
    VIII. Thanks
    CJayC - Running the best gaming site on the net.
    Konami - Releasing great games.
    Team Silent - Developing some amazing games.
    My friend Evan - For playing through with me. Especially while I was writing
     the guide. Really speeds up the process.
    The GameFAQs SH4 forum users- Their input motivated me to begin and keep
     writing this guide, as well as working out ending conditions.
    maskrider - Helping me with the costume conditions.
    mrcaliche - His full-length Silent Hill fanfictions are fantastic. Check them
     out at www.shfanfics.tk
    Expect more thanks to appear when I receive more reader submissions.

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