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    Plot Analysis by The Hellbound Heart

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                            Silent Hill 4: The Room (PS2)
                                   Plot Analaysis
                    By Duncan Bunce aka The Hellbound Heart (2004)
    This guide has been dedicated by me, to Team Silent and every Silent Hill
    fan who keeps this great series alive (especially those who have taken the
    time to email me).
    If you would like to visit me at my site and leave
    feedback, you'd be more than welcome. Simply register:
     Version 3.00
    My apologies for lateness of update,
    studies are killing my spare time.
    However, I have managed to add some
    stuff here and there and complete a 
    section, I have a free week coming
    up next week, so I hope to finish
    most of this guide except for email
    updates then.
    Thanks for all your emails!
     Version 2.00
    In the process of taking a look at the translation of
    the Japanese plot guide called 'Lost Memories' and info.
    translated from the www.sh4.com JP site.
    Adding relevant details here.
    I'm getting very near to happy with an accurate and fullish
    guide. Expect More This week. Thanks for all emails, credit will
    go accordingly of course when added.
    I will finish a few sections, add more and explain those sheep!
    And check for spelling mistakes and explanation errors, I'm sure
    I missed a few in my haste to update!
     Version 1.00
    Great official SH4 walkthrough guide by Piggbank, highly
    recommended, and has a page about the plot at the back
    which is very informative. Just begun to integrate that
    The Ritual information has finally been finished and
    some corrections made, and some more info. about
    Walter/Kid and Eileen has been added, as well as what
    all those places Henry visits mean symbolically.
     Version 0.5
    The Henry and Eileen character analysis are finished,
    and Walter's has been started and is near completion
    but for more reflection on his past abuse which is yet
    to be done.More characters to be added and a few more
    Silent Hill 4 Analysis Guide
    Written by The Hellbound Heart
    Copyright 2004 Duncan Bunce.
    If you want to vote on this faq, please bear in mind it's
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    1) Introduction
    2) Silent Hill 4: The Room - Character Analysis
              A) Henry Townsend
              B) Eileen Galvin
              C) Walter Sullivan (& The'Little Walter', aka the kid)
              D) Cynthia Velasquez
              E) Joseph Screiber
    3) The Rituals
              A) The Ritual of the Holy Assumption
              B) Descent of the Holy Mother - 21 Sacraments Ritual
              C) Information regarding the other victims of Walter
              D) Why do we find Walter's body in SH4 when he died in
                 his cell?
              E) Why is it that Walter kills the monsters in the
                 dimensions?[Coming Soon]
              F) Walter's weapons for the murders
    4) An in-depth analysis of 'The Room'
    5) A look at the monsters of Silent Hill 4
              A) Doubleheads
              B) Sniffer Dogs
              C) Victims 
              D) Greedy Worm
    6) Looking back on the series: 'Nature v.s. Industry'
    7) The Timeline of the Silent Hill series [Coming Soon]
    8) Influences on Silent Hill 4: The Room
    9) Contact Me
    10) Legal Information
    11) Bibliography
     1) Introduction
    Welcome to my Silent Hill 4 Plot Analysis Guide on gamefaqs.
    Welcome to all those who emailed me about being fans of my guide,
    who have read my last guide on all three titles of the series, and
    for those who kept asking me if I was going to be doing an analysis
    for the fourth installment. Truth be told, I hadn't intended it, as
    I also knew that unlike Silent Hill 3, the game would be out in the
    UK last and that everything that needed to be said about the game may
    have been said by then. Surprisingly it seems it hasn't. I no longer
    have the time to check the Silent Hill gamefaqs boards and contribute
    as regularly as I used to, so this guide, the initial version 1, will
    contain purely my own thoughts and just like before, I would love to
    read your own theories sent to me by email and have you contribute to
    this guide, with credit of course. Only this way can these guides become
    anywhere near as definitive or 'a fans guide'to the series.
    I receieved many emails for my last plot guide to the three games, and
    they were all vauable, however I did go through a difficult period at one
    stage and couldn't update as much as I would have liked, and in the end
    with computer problems on top of it I lost my last update for that guide.
    As you can imagine, it made me kind of depressed. In truth, emails I
    receieve now, while I read all of them, do somewhat repeat or add
    conjecture that isn't as important as the material already there. I also
    came to the decision that it is time to move on and start a fresh with this
    new game and guide, to essentially reinforce and prove/disprove/debate
    theories that we had all thought about in the last games.
    ON A SIDE NOTE: if anyone who reads this guide happens to have remembered
    sending me an email concerning Silent Hill 1 and the religious ark, please
    contact me immediately. That was one email I lost and wished to discuss in
    more detail.
    So, Silent Hill 4: The Room is finally out and has garnered it seems, not
    a hugely favourable feedback from reviews. It is certainly the most radical
    and innovative of the series to date, and with any new ideas, there is bound
    to be clashes. I wasn't completely impressed by the game director who was
    interviewed and said he knew the game wasn't great to play at times and that
    it was hard for new ideas to be implemented in a quickly becoming stringent
    genre to fans, but after play I do feel he was being too hard on himself.
    And of course, if Resident Evil 4 can do it, then anyone can. Unfortuantely
    for Siletn Hill 4, there isn't a great deal of plot ambiguous enough to
    analyse as Silent Hill 1&2 had, or Silent Hill 3 with character depth by
    examing the surroundings, yet there is much to discuss about concerning
    Henry and Joseph, and Walter's sad past.
    For my Plot Analysis of the Silent Hill Universe and games 1,2 &3, please use
    this link:
    Suffice to say, it's an awesome game in my opinion, flawed genius.
    It certainly seems to have been influenced this time around by such games as
    Shenmue, Project Zero (Fatal Frame), Super Mario 64/Sunshine and
    Castlevania: Lament of Innocence, all excellent games and pleasing evidence
    that Team Silent are always looking to evolve the series.
    This is the last PS2 Silent Hill game, until Silent Hill 5, most likely on
    Until then, I hope you enjoy this guide,
     2) Silent Hill 4: The Room - Character Analysis
     A) Henry Townsend
    Henry Townsend (in his twenties) , main protagonist of the game and our
    assumed character, is somewhat of a quiet soul, shy and introverted in
    personality. As with any such person, they are usually very introspective
    and creative, and we can see some evidence of that by the pictures that
    adorn his apartment of room 302. He is obviously a keen and adept
    photographer, many pictures that hang on the walls such as in his room
    and the living room are by his own hand. He obviously has an eye for
    natural beauty that goes beyond the superficial, he remarks 'This is a photo
    of the church I ran across while I was visiting Silent Hill,for some reason
    I was really attracted by the way it looked, so i took the picture.'
    Henry is certainly no stranger to Silent Hill, the tourist town and central
    focus of title and previous games. From the pictures we can discern that he
    has visited Old Silent Hill by way of a vacation, with pictures of what
    appears to be Balkan Church and the old lighthouse, both landmarks of Silent
    Hill 1. One photo,a boy on a bike found below the lighthouse picture says
    downtown Silent Hill, this I suspect is the same area as it seems that he
    had not travelled inwards to the part of Silent Hill which we have seen in
    Silent Hill 2.This may be a crucial fact for another theory (see ending
    theories).All the photos represent past reminders to the last Silent Hill
    games (also, Henry comments at one stage on the light house picture that
    'There was even rumour that a UFO came flying right by the lighthouse.' -
    a subtle hint to the 'UFO endings' in the last three games as well.
    We can also see that he has a penchant for cars, shown by the car magazine
    that is on his coffee table, entitled 'Bikkuri Cars' I believe. He is a
    collector of books, yet for the two years he has been there he hasn't read
    any of them or even touched them. The television is certainly central to his
    room, the central focus with the sofa facing towards it, notably a large
    television. There's also his VCR. Accompany that with the radio on the shelf
    to the side, and we can visualise a man whose only real contact with the
    outside world are the devices he has round him, which ground him to reality
    and essentially, place him metaphorically, in a time stream. Henry otherwise
    has gone unnoticed, he passes Eileen Galvin his next door neighbour
    occassionly and they give each other nodding glances of acknowledgement and
    courtesy, yet no further relationship develops. Nor with any other of his
    neighbours. The 'Rear Window' Hicthcock style windows are perhaps his only
    comfort, where he can watch the lives of other people. It may be, and this
    is purely conjecture, that he hasn't had a gilfriend or a successful
    relationship before. There are no pictures or mention of a partner,
    female or otherwise and his shyness, particularly visible with the
    pleasantries of passing Eileen and when the horror begins, with the
    irrepressible temptress of Cynthia can support this.
    There is a distinct theme of 'the past' and the preservation of it in Silent
    Hill 4: The Room (see themes). Henry, despite two years in the apartment room
    of 302 and ominously having been 'drawn to it' like it was calling out to him,
    has done little with the place. This would suggest that Henry hasn't really
    felt like the place is his (which of course is partly true, it belongs to 'evil'
    forces and Walter, as well as the essence of Joseph the previous tennant).
    Henry certainly hasn't settled well at all. Accompany that with the comment
    he makes about the place making him feel 'drawn to it' and you could suggest
    that he has merely been a pawn of darker forces, moving him into place for a
    higher purpose.Strange, how the only two rooms in the apartment of 302, the
    bathroom and the wash/linen room are the only two rooms that have not been
    altered since he moved in two years earlier, and have remained untainted.
    Strange once again, how these are the only two places in the entire game
    where the portals to other dimensions and the influence of the cult attach
    themselves and seem effective. Preservation is certainly the key word.
    Henry remarks that his world has 'gone insane' when he realised he was unable
    to escape his apartment, which is a strange comment to make. It may be
    nothing, simply an exclamation that everything has gone 'crazy', but it's an
    odd remark to make. Instead of asking who might do it, he questions his own
    take on reality. Perhaps five days of entrapment in that manner has made him
    question his mentality, but to me it reinforces the notion that he believes
    the world in which he 'wakes to' to be nothing more than a dream state.
    Unfortunately, Henry is a very one dimensional character of neutrality when
    compared to past characters such as James Sunderland or Heather Mason.
    Whereas with James it was his grief that drove him and allowed us to explore
    his persona, and with Heather it was her hatred and feelings for revenge
    (and her outspoken teenage obstinate behaviour), with Henry there is very
    little revealed to us.
     B) Eileen Galvin
    Henry's young neighbour who lives in room 303. She is in her early twenties.
    She does not know Henry Townsend very well, who moved into her apartment
    block two years ago, very well. She had already been there for some years
    when he moved in.
    She appears to be the complete opposite to Henry in that she is outgoing and
    doesn't appear to be shy. This is evident by her first line as Henry looks
    through the peephole of the door, her 'preoccupation' with a party to go to.
    It also appears that her luck has been down lately, most likely involving men
    and past relationships. Although she isn't as sexually extrovert as the
    curvacious Cynthia, certainly shown by her casual manner of dress sense.
    This isn't to say that she is dowdy or blind to the notions of the outside
    world, as her purple dress 'for best' shows. She certainly seems very aware
    of her surroundings and the outside world, particularly being the first to
    notice that Henry has not appeared out of his apartment for some time and
    that something is amiss, calling for the Super Intendant Frank Sunderland to
    She likes soft toys, rabbits presumably (notice the pink rabbit mascot from
    Silent Hill 3 called 'Robbie', and from the Usagai video ON DVD). This would
    suggest that like Henry, she has been to Silent Hill as well, although more
    specifically to the Lakeside Amusement Park from Silent Hill 3. She's also
    very conscientous of the state of the apartment.
    She is very much the damsel in distress in the game, the weaker party who
    needs constant protection and reassurance. We discover as the game progresses
    that she is slowly being taken over by the evil forces so that Walter may
    use her as a sacrifice to complete another part of the '21 Sacraments' ritual.
    This is shown in the second half of the game when we notice her speech pattern
    reverts to an almost infant like manner, for example 'I'm scawed!'. This
    reinforces Henry's desire to become the dominant male, to protect her and in
    some way it makes him the leading force so that he may fight and learn the
    information that is required for him to 'escape', a role she immediately
    gives to him and he takes in the hospital, but really it hurries along his
    fate of becoming the 'receiver of wisdom'.
    She is a deeply caring person who has no trouble with empathising with
    Walter's tragic past of abuse, and is the only one (and neighbour) who tries
    to talk him out of it, to show that she understand his pain. This is something
    that wouldn't even cross Henry's mind or any of the other neighbours, as shown
    in memo's that say that when Walter was little and returned to room 302 by way
    of maternal comfort, they disregarded his existence and treated him badly.
    This was effectively what partly shaped the serial killer that came to be known
    as Walter Sullivan. Perhaps for this reason she remained alive, although it may
    also be because she was required to make the 21 sacrament, that Henry could
    become the 'receiver of wisdom'.
    She also knew Walter as a child, and gave him one of her dolls at some point
    before he disappeared again. Presumably she has lived in South Ashfield
    Heights all her life and as a child there, met the Walter when he was a kid
    who visited the apartments from the orphanage, and of course, gave him that
    doll which Walter talks to you about on the steps and offers it to you.
     C) Walter Sullivan (& The 'Little Walter' aka the kid
    His name was first mentioned in a file found at Blue Creek Apartments by James
    Sunderland, Walter Sullivan has led a tragic existence.
    The 'Kid' who we see throughout Silent Hill 4 and rapping on room 302's door
    for his mother, is in fact a subconscious manifestation of Walter's
    innocence and past self/memories. As the spirit of Joseph Schreiber tells us
    in room 302 (the past), 'His boyhood desire to return to the bosom of his
    birth has divided him. Now his child self has manifested itself in this
    world.' Walter's strong feelings about room 302 who he sees as his mother, was
    such that when he left his real body in the mortal plain and his spririt self
    was created, his essence if we can call it that, divided itself and
    immediately began wandering around. Call it the physical manifestation of
    his desire to wake his mother and room 302, and perhaps, the innocence of the
    man (that he once had) being separated from his murderous new form which is no
    longer human. On a side note, it's curious that Walter still mentally decides
    to retain the 'form' of his human body, which is ironic given that he is no
    longer human and 'chained' (symbolically much like Henry is in his room) by
    the constraints of his mortal body and the Lord's realm.
    The environments that Henry treads (room 302, South Ashfield Subway, Forest
    with the 'Smile' Orphanage, the Water Prison, the Building World, Ashfield
    St.Jerome's Hospital,and the Apartments) all represent key memories from
    Walter's subconscious. As a baby, he was sent to St. Jerome's Hospital, and
    later onto the Orphanage, from there he would sometimes be forced to spend
    time in isolation in the Water Prison if his readings of the Holy Bible
    (the Silent Hill cult ran the orphanage and secretly abused them) were not
    good enough. When he heard from Dahlia (figurehead of the cult and antagonist
    of Silent Hill 1) that he had a real mother, and discovered the room 302, he
    travelled there secretly as a small child by the subway, going through the
    South Ashfield Subway. The Buildings and city of Ashfield were scary to him,
    hence why that level we see is particularly dark and frightening as to a
    child it would be, the expanse, lights, strange people etc. Finally, the
    apartments, were he would wander and try and get into room 302 before the
    neighbour Richard Braintree, threw him out/reported him because he annoyed
    NB: All of the realities as mentioned, are born from Walter's childhood
    memories of the places as a frightened child, and are very much askewed.
    For example, the Water Prison and the kitchen/basement would not have been
    witnessed by any of the captive cult children, and were only rumoured of by
    them (read their fears written on the scribbles of their cell walls by them). 
    As such, renditions of these environments in-game, may not be true to 
    that of the locations in reality. Certainly, the basement and kitchen are two
    of the most nightmarish places in the Water Prison.
    Another example in the Water Prison is the door in the generator room that is
    exceptionally large in scale to Henry, almost unrealistically so. Yet, to a 
    young and frightened Walter, the most likely 'normal size of the door' would 
    have felt very big and daunting.
    Another example is the outside to room 302 in the apartment nightmare world,
    compared to all the others it is in immaculate condition and in great detail,
    almost lovingly preserved in memory, Walter's memory. It would have been an
    extremely intimate and important place to him, not nightmarish in the sense
    that he felt maternal comfort there, close to his 'mother'. This is why the 
    scene is closest to a 'normal' reality of room 302. This may support the 
    notion that the nightmarish parts of the dimensions, the parts not in detail,
    the apartments being the prime example, are simply 'memory degradation' or a
    'mental block' by Walter as to these scary events/environments.
    Another example of Walter's skewed meory is the 'skinned' Mike incident.  
    We find clues over the course of the Apartment World part that Mike was not
    actually skinned.  He was beaten up by Braintree and was stripped of his 
    clothes.  You actually hear his still-alive voice whimpering in the tape 
    recording. The body they refer to in the recording is actually the dead cat 
    (which you find wrapped in those clothes in the refridgerator) and when 
    someone says "I'll keep that one for myself" they are referring to the shirt
    that has the torn paper in it (notice that it is in a room it logically 
    wouldn't be?).  At the end of the recording Braintree is yelling at young 
    Walter, who has just walked in on something he shouldn't have ('Snooping 
    around again?').  He probably thought they were actually skinning Mike 
    (blood from the cat mistaken for Mike's?).
    [thanks to dj sparrow for these outstanding comments!].
    In the file it said he was arrested by local Police in Silent Hill on the 18th
    of the month (but which?) for the brutal murder of Billy Locane and his sister
    Miriam, and commited suicide in his jail cell early on the morning of the 22nd.
    He used a soup spoon to stab himself in the neck, severing the carotid artery
    and was later found dead by a guard.
    Walter's hometown was Pleasant River and an old schoolmate told a journalist
    that he 'didn't look like the type of guy who would kill kids.'This makes
    the last part of that file seem a little strange in light of his obviously
    volutary motive of re-enacting the '21 Sacraments' ritual. In it it says that
    he was blurting out all kinds of strange stuff when he was being arrested,
    shouting 'He's trying to kill me. He's trying to punish me. The monster...
    the red devil. Forgive me. I did it, but it wasn't me!'. This would seem to be
    referring to the demon Pyramid Head excecutioner/guardian figure that stalks
    James in Silent Hill 2, as the most distinctive observation about it is that
    it glows red (James says to Eddie, are you friends with that red thing?).
    We know from Silent Hill 2 that the town essentially seemed to be a construct
    of purgatory, another tier of hell. The dark spirital forces in the town
    appeared to be feeding off of the guilty individuals and sinners who were
    called to the town (they either travelled there in reality, or perhaps died
    and found themselves there with no recollection by way of punishment). This
    could be because the town is just plain 'evil' and wants humanity to suffer
    by way of a natural function, or more probably (as the town does give the
    impression of a separate conscious entity that can manipulate by will) that by
    feeding off of its victims it hopes to gain strength and maybe become corporeal.
    So why does Walter say this? In Silent Hill 4 the Locane children were victims
    seven and eight. It was Walter's intention to succeed in his plan to reawaken
    his 'mother'by completing the ritual. First, there was the ritual of the
    'Holy Assumption'which he conducted in the secret back room of 302, and once
    he was assured of transcending his mortal body (and the first sign in the
    unholy Bible) he killed himself.
    So again, if Pyramid Head as we fondly call him, only seems to stalk the
    damned and sinful, perhaps the goings on of Silent Hill 2 were not connected
    to the beliefs of the Silent Hill Cult and were a nasty, unforeseeable
    outworking of their meddling.
    Surely, as Walter was taught and brought up by the cult he would recognise
    such a 'angel' as Pyramid Head? It might be that he became a stalked victim
    because of his murderous actions (separate from the spiritual aspect of the
    town, but another example of humanity's sinful behaviour. It grows on me that
    the 'God' of Silent Hill 1 & 3 is not the driving force behind the powerful
    spiritual assault witnessed in Silent Hill 2. 'God' is of course, the Devil
    as a file in Silent Hill 4 tells us, that Walter who has been brainwashed by
    the cult as a child at the orphanage is essentially a violent psychopath who
    believes the rituals will achieve his aim of being reunited with his mother.
    NB:[I received an email that challenged the above concept of mine, that
    the town in Silent Hill 2 was a separate power entity to that of Silent
    Hill 1 & 3. This was, that just as the sequel revealed to us that the
    psychological problems and guilt of the characters could manifest itself
    into reality, SO WAS the case in Silent Hill 1 & 3, most notable in 3
    when we use Vincent as the example. His speech to Heather near the end of
    the game, 'they look like monsters to you?' gives us a view of what Vincent
    is witnessing in the same nightmarish reality that Heather finds herself in.
    The powers of Samael would certainly not be so discriminatory to dismiss
    Vincent, priest of the Cult of Silent Hill regardless! In his eyes, he
    has his own vision, perhaps with the 'monsters' being his own cult members.
    To Claudia, she looked and saw a paradise. There is a distinct pattern
    shown to us in each game, and once again with the trickery of a young
    Walter to resurrect 'the Devil' when he thought it would be his mother 
    reawoken. The 'evil' present lies and deceives, offering an illusion of 
    the truth which uses its victims as pawns to better its own needs. 
    For Walter, resurrection was the goal for the evil, as was with Claudia,
    and presumably along this line of reasoning, the 'Rebirth' ending of 
    Silent Hill 2 would seem the most logical conclusion (and was always 
    my agreed end). In it, James had been 'tricked' and 'deceieved' into trying 
    to resurrect his dead wife Mary,although logically he has not realised the 
    fact that by using evil and unnatural means which he has just spent the whole 
    game fighting against, is not the right choice. Nothing good can come from 
    something bad. What makes James think that he can use it wisely and succeed 
    where no doubt many others have failed before him? In 'Rebirth', the evil
    of Silent Hill has won (Yet why the God was not then manifested again
    and succeeds, is not clear. Arguably if this happened, the world in the game
    and series would end, evil having won. Yet perhaps it failed because in each
    case, a 'pawn' who has detailed knowledge of the Cult's teachings has
    been needed to carry it all out successfully. This of course being Claudia,
    Dahlia, and nearly Walter). It is clear that the evil in Silent Hill has 
    motive, and lies to its victims to make them relive them sins over and over
    (James,Laura?, Maria),or by placing temptation in their way (i.e. Eddie, 
    Claudia, Walter). Presumably with James, the manifestation of his
    dead wife Mary as the Heaven's Night club dancer 'Maria' and her overt
    sexuality, was his temptation, a psychological 'hang up' as he could not
    have a sexual relationship with her near the end of her illness, and once
    again, would lead to the same result as all the others before him, evil
    manipulating them to its own desire].
    (Thanks to ebwizdx for pointing out this excellent theory to me). 
    However, perhaps a better theory and one that seems to fit the 'official'
    plot of Silent Hill 4 that the team are hinting at, is that Walter was in
    fact possessed by the entity of Valtiel from Silent Hill 3. This was done
    by the cult during Walter's stay at the Wish House orphanage where he was
    taught scripture. The Cult sect leader of Valtiel was Jimmy Stone, who was
    also nicknamed the 'Red Devil'. Now, let's examine that SH2 file once more;
    'He's trying to kill me. He's trying to punish me. The monster...
    the red devil. Forgive me. I did it, but it wasn't me!'.
    - This would suggest that Walter, who has been possessed by Valtiel since
    just before the enactment of the rituals, has his mind in complete possession
    and turmoil. Although he certainly killed himself in the prison to become the
    eleventh victim, perhaps for one short moment at the First sign neared its end,
    the REAL victim psyche of Walter escaped and this would explain the comments.
    He would have no real control over his actions if it were Valtiel's doing.
    The 'monster' refers to Valtiel, and the 'Red Devil' refers to Jimmy Stone
    who Walter was controlled by. In reflection, it does seem a convenient plot
    rewrite since Silent Hill 2 in some respects, but it seems to be the correct
     D) Joseph Schreiber
    Previous tenant of room 302 before Henry, an investigative journalist and
    eventually victim no.15 and of 'despair' for the ritual of the 21 Sacraments.
    It is no coincidence that his surname his 'Schreiber' which in German means
    At the beginning of the game, when Henry awakens in his room which is soaked
    in evil, it is in fact through the eyes of Joseph Screiber that we are
    witnessing. This is evident by much of what is said when you choose to examine
    the objects in the various rooms,he remarks 'Where did this big TV come from...?
    I thought I had a record player here...', 'That's weird...My red typewriter is
    gone...', and most notably there is a picture of Henry Townsend on the wall in
    the living room just in this dream state of room 302, which is commented upon
    that he does not know who the person is. Of course, in one of Joseph's red diary
    pages 'AUGUST 2' entry, all comments made in the dream by Henry were actually
    observational remarks made and written by Joseph in his diary, and you are
    merely re-enacting them. In a sense, whereas Eileen has been possessed by
    Walter during the game, Henry is 'possessed' by the spirit of he previous
    tenant and his experiences. The scream heard at the start of play in your room
    may very well be that of Joseph, being killed at the hand of Walter.
    Speculating further, how the dream ends (victim attacks through wall and you
    seemingly collapse) may be how Joseph was finally killed and not by Walter,
    but by presumably, death by fright (he would already have been in a very
    weakened state after being trapped in his apartment for so long).
    Both Henry and Joseph's lives are one of symmetry throughout Silent Hill 4.
    Only the fact that Henry is able to leave his apartment ends the parallel, but
    both men were imprisoned in room 302 and subject to hauntings, all because they
    were 'sacraments' of Walter's ritual in progress. Also noteworthy is that in a
    red diary entry (concerning the lost Galvin key) he remarks that he suffers from
    a lot of headaches, recurring every day. Throughout Silent Hill 4 there are
    moments we see this happen to Henry as well, especially if you obtain the ending
    '21 Sacraments'. This is in fact the characters slowly becoming possessed so that
    they may go under Walter's spell and sacrifice themselves to the ritual. This is
    shown with Eileen who by the end is possessed. It appears Joseph underwent the
    same fate.
     3) The Rituals
     A) The Ritual of the Holy Assumption
    The Ritual of the Holy Assumption is the 'first sign', with the second and
    third signs of the ritual being completed come the 21 Sacraments and the
    Descent of the Holy Mother. Walter conducted the ritual of the Holy Assumption
    ten years ago in the secret back room that was sealed up of room 302.
    He conducted the ritual with some white oil as well, maybe the type used by
    Ernest in the 'Born with a wish scenario' and James in the 'Rebirth' ending).
    The oil is certainly used for a ritual involving rebirth, and with Walter
    committing suicide and becoming the eleventh victim, assumption, he could
    continue his work for completing the '21 Sacraments'.Henry discovers the
    room,still housing the materials for the unholy alliance. We can clearly
    see the Cult's unholy Bible, the white oil, a black cup and in the fridge in
    containers, the blood of his first ten victims, which was all that was
    required for enacting the first sign. As you may remember from the files and
    the discussion between the homicide detectives, Walter cut the hearts out of
    his first ten victims for this ritual but after that,did not require the
    hearts of the remaining nine. For this reason, the remergence of the killings
    since death no.10 which appeared to copy the modus operandi but not to the
    exact detail (hearts were not taken), coupled with the fact they believed him
    dead, led to the confusion and talk of a copycat killer.
    The Second Sign after that required four more victims, the sign being the
    ritual of the Holy Assumption being completed. His four victims were the
    personifications of Void, Gloom, Darkness and Despair. Despair of course, was
    the body of Joseph Schreiber who fell into despair when he could not escape
    room 302 (see his diary entries).
     B) Descent of the Holy Mother- The 21 Sacraments
    Once these last four were complete, Walter finally escaped the bonds of his
    mortal flesh (his earthbound body lay festering in the secret room) while his
    now immortal and seemingly invulnerable spirit transcended the normal realm.
    He had created a world of his own in which to stalk, and finally obtain the
    last victims needed for the ritual of the 21 Sacraments and Descent of the
    Holy Mother. The victims you witness during the game, (i.e. Cynthia) had no
    chance against him. Henry's only saving grace was that he was the last victim
    and could use the time he had to find a way to stop him, whereas Eileen was
    attacked but only to be possessed, so that she may be sacrificed as the 20th
    Sacrament (Mother Reborn)later on, just before Henry. The Third Sign as told
    in the book in the game,are those last four remaining victims who we witness
    being stalked and brutally slain.
    Walter's twisted psyche has deluded him into believing that room 302, the
    room where he was born, is in fact his mother. He wants to free room 302 much
    like he has been freed from the 'chains' of the Lord's mortal realm, to free
    'her' from humanity's corruption which has effectively in his own eyes,
    plagued himself. However, the delusion is that he is not freeing his mother
    (who in fact disappeared with the father of Walter and left him there as a
    baby), but that he is in fact calling the Cult of Silent Hill's Goddess/God
    (who Harry fought in Silent Hill 1 and who is on Jasper Gein's T-Shirt).
    He is calling the Devil unto the world.
    After completing half of the '21 Sacraments' ritual, ending on eleven dead if
    you count himself, he did the ritual and returned as an invulnerable spirit
    able to carry out the remaining ten murders. As we know, the last six are
    neighbours of South Ashfield Heights Apartment. Each death representing a sin
    or heresy, a belief contrary to religious (particularly Christian) doctrine.
    No. 16...Temptation - Cynthia Valasquez
    No. 17...Source - Jasper Gein
    No. 18...Watchfulness - Andrew DeSalvo
    No. 19...Chaos - Richard Braintree
    No. 20...Mother - Eileen Galvin
    No. 21...Wisdom - Henry Townsend
    Cynthia of course was sexually overt and her female form, so she was of course
    a temptation to men, some might say a 'whore'. She also represents to Walter,
    all the mean girls who were nasty to little Walter on the way to town.
    Jasper is the source as he is obsessed with the 'mother stone', a foundational
    root of the Silent Hill Cult, as well as being near the orphanage where Walter
    was housed as a child. He is knowledgable of the Cult and it's inner goings on,
    and perhaps was even one of the children there although it appears that he is
    just a rather warped fan.
    Andrew, 'Watchfulness' was the warden of the Orphanage and Water Prison, and
    oversaw the abuse that the captive children would suffer, diary entries
    littered in the cells show that he used to 'watch' the children from above
    in his viewing tower (we witness the spectre with the shadow above the
    cells moving across the floor, hearing the footsteps, as he used to do.
    Remember, the environments are the personal otherworldly recreations of the
    ones in reality (the Lord's realm) from Walter's psyche, and so things can
    occur that stem from memory rather than the here and now.
    Richard is a neighbour of South Ashfield Heights Apartments, and chased the
    young Walter away when he tried to return to see his mother, room 302, after
    escaping the orphanage. He is a volatile man, the 'noisy man' of the memos
    who shouts a lot and gets irate, and to a young Walter he was chaos, and an
    obvious option for a murder as well as revenge.
    Eileen, was believed to be the reincarnation of his birth mother, as well as
    her blood. She also acts 'motherly' towards him at the end, by trying to
    talk to him and stop the ritual by empathising with him. She is the 'Mother
    Reborn', primarily because she lives in room 303 next door. She also knew
    Walter as a child, and gave him one of her dolls at some point before he
    disappeared again.
    Henry is the receiver of wisdom, with Joseph acting as the giver of this
    wisdom.Unlike Joseph's fate, Henry actively attempts to escape (which Joseph
    failed) and from all the memos and listening to Eileen deciphering the stones
    in the forest, and listening to Joseph explain the ritual to him and what
    action to take, he is the most informed character of them all as well as
    outlasting all the others and having faced the monsters. It is questionable
    however, whether this was a role he chose out of choice or one shaped for him.
    Joseph the investigative journalist and previous tennant of room 302, knew
    about Walter and tried to escape when he became trapped in similar
    circumstances. Yet he could not flee and later died at Walter's hand.
    His fate was one of despair, being trapped in the room with the knowledge
    of what was going on, seeing Eileen and discovering her role in it all but
    not actually being able to do anything, to make himself known. Hearing the
    murders were continuing one by one and feeling helpless (we don't know for
    how long he was trapped, arguably longer than Henry) he fell into hopeless
    despair. It is my theory that Joseph (don't you think when you finally meet
    him that he seems spookily like a higher power and menacing?) isn't a 'good
    spirit'. Far from it. Although he seems to be helping Henry and Eileen,
    informing him of Walter's plan, Eileen becoming possessed and that Walter
    must be killed (all true of course), and he's in a room that seems free from
    evil, pure white with loads of candles (and an argument for a realm of Metatron
    intervention), this to me is all a facade. He is nothing but a tool of Walter's
    who informs Henry and thus makes him the 21 Sacrament, the 'receiver of wisdom'.
    The information has of course to be absolutely true (a risk yes) but how else
    can he become wise if he relies on false words?
     C) Information regarding the other victims of Walter
    Victim 1: Jimmy Stone
    A Priest of Valtiel, a middle aged white male. Nicknamed the 'Red Devil'.
    He was murdered by Walter, shot in the back of the head by a gun on the
    first floor of Wish House Orphanage, and his heart removed (part of
    gaining ten hearts). He created the sect of Valtiel and became the head
    Priest, to mediate between the Holy Mother sect and Saint Ladies sect of
    the Silent Hill cult. The Valtiel sect is closer to God, their ethics are
    to worship Valtiel which also means acting as executioners. Wish House
    orphanage was run by the Holy Mother sect, his right hand man George
    Rosten was also found dead there. Jimmy was nicknamed the 'Red Devil'
    because of his triangle-shaped hood.
    Victim 2: Bobby Randolph
    A black 18yrs old High School student, he was fascinated with the the
    strange and unusual, particularly the dark tales of the town of Silent
    Hill and the cult there. He shared this interest with his friends Sein
    and Jasper. He was strangled to death, his heart removed, and found at
    the University campus of Pleasant River. He was a horror fanatic, and
    on the day he was murdered he told his two friends that he was going to
    look for the devil. Sein Martin, his friend, was killed in the same
    manner and at the same location.
    Victim 3: Sein Martin
    A white 18yrs old High School student and friend of Bobby and Jasper.
    They all shared the same hobby, the paranormal. Died in the same manner
    and location as his friend Bobby. At some point the friends had overheard
    about someone on the campus being compared to the 'Holy Mother' and a
    devil from a Silent Hill church, and this started their curiosity and
    ultimately their deaths.
    Victim 4: Steve Garland
    Manager of pet shop 'Garland', which we see in the building world of
    Silent Hill 4 and later, view the exact scene as it was after the murder
    except for his body (signs of a struggle, blood everywhere in the floor).
    He is easily angry with people but kind to animals which he has transformed
    into his own business in Ashfield. He is a white man. He was murdered with
    a sub-machine gun, although his chest was left untouched, ready for the
    removal of his undamaged heart. Twenty six years ago a boy came into his
    shop (Walter) and dropped an animal cage from the shelf and injured an
    important pet, a kitten.
    Victim 5: Rick Albert
    Manager of sport's store 'Albert's Sports'in Ashfield which we also venture
    in, when in the Building world. A middle aged white man who is gentle, kind
    but strong. He was battered to death by one of his golf clubs, ironically
    his favourite hobby. His heart was once again taken. He was looking in his
    warehouse after losing a volleyball when a part-time staff employee rushed
    in to tell him that the manager of the pet store next door had been murdered,
    his heart removed and a crest carved into his back (presumably this was Walter
    while he was still a High School student, and presumably a crest was carved
    into the backs of all the first ten victims, though we only hear about this one).
    Victim 6: George Rostin
    Middle aged white male, Priest of the Valtiel (Holy Mother) sect of the
    Silent Hill cult. Worked as a right-hand man for Jimmy Stone. He was killed
    with an iron pipe, heart removed and discovered in the underground alter of
    Wish House. He taught and trained a young Walter and succeeded in placing
    inside the boy's unconsciousness, the spirit of Valtiel so that the 21
    Sacraments may take place. Yet he lost control of his pupil, the ritual being
    performed in a different manner than he intended, and he was to become a
    victim of the very own ritual he preached.
    Victim 7: Billy Locaine
    Adolescent white male, an elementary school boy.Had a close relationship with
    his younger sister Miriam. He was killed with an axe in front of the Locaine
    household in Silent Hill. As he was out playing with his sister, painters
    painting the roof of his parent's house, a storm came upon the town and Billy's
    father went to retrieve his son but found his dead body in amongst some bushes.
    Victim 8: Miriam Locaine
    Adolescent white female, an elementary school girl. As her father had discovered
    her brother's body, her mother came rushing out of the house only to find to her
    horror, her brutally dismembered corpse in the middle of the road by the house.
    Some of her body was missing. [Note: Miriam's body was in a worse state than her
    brother, which would suggest that Walter perhaps acted out of inherant jealousy
    and hatred, attacking the female might symbolize the fact that he was deeply
    disturbed by the fact that he never had a sister himself for comfort, or that
    he despises the female form. This could be because of its reproductive qualities
    that go all the way back to his birth and maternal abandonment]. Heart removed.
    Victim 9: William Gregory
    Owner of Watch and Clock store in Ashfield. An elderly white male. Was
    killed by being stabbed with his screwdriver that he used for work.
    Heart removed. Sixteen years ago a middle aged man dressed in black
    left him a strange watch to repair, but he didn't know why it felt odd.
    He was plagued with a dream [effectively the Building world puzzles of
    Silent Hill 4 - the upside down room, the volleyball, birthday cake etc].
    Victim 10: Eric Walsh
    Bartender of Bar Ashfield. A young white male. Shot in the face with a gun,
    found in his living room. Heart removed. Upon hearing from a customer that
    the pet shop owner had been brutally killed and the criminal still at large,
    he was happy to close early and return home on his Birthday. At home his
    cake awaited him, but his family were nowhere to be seen, only a waiting
    Walter.[this is the victim we see in the Building world, impaled by the
    sword of obedience amongst the party banners and the lonely disused cake].
    [No more hearts required]
    Victim 11: Walter Sullivan
    Committed suicide in his jail cell in Silent Hill, by stabbing a spoon
    into his neck. Was the victim of assumption. Using the ten hearts he had
    harvested from his victims and with the scripture, white chrism and
    obsidian goblet he could perform the 'Assumption Ceremony' and escape
    the prison of his mortal body, achieving the first sign and able to
    carry on his work even further.[NB: it says body was never found though
    victim confirmed. The body was certainly discovered in the cell and buried,
    so this may be reflecting on the fact that the body was taken after burial
    by an unknown party - aka reborn Walter].
    Victim 12: Peter Walls
    High school student and juvenile white male, a junkie and a coward without
    marijuana. He was beaten to death, the theme of his murder being VOID.
    Found in the Hotel room of South Ashfield. He was getting high in the
    alley across from South Ashfield street, rumour being that he bought
    the marijuana from Toby Archbolt, the Priest. There was an old ladder
    belonging to the hotel next to the allet, he climbed it and was never
    seen again, reportedly he shouted just before disappearing from sight,
    that he had seen God.
    Victim 13: Sharon Blake
    A middle aged white female, a housewife, her family are members of the Silent
    Hill Cult. She was discovered dead in the woods in Silent Hill, having drowned.
    The theme of her murder was DARKNESS. [NB: I had thought in the game that
    the woods were NEAR the town of Silent Hill]. Sharon knew the Church of Silent
    Hill to be a fraud and her family most likely abducted captives. She was
    refused entry into the Church whenever she tried to see them, and after reading
    Joseph Screiber's article about child abuse at Wish House, went to the woods,
    seeing the grave of her son and realising the death of her family...
    Victim 14: Toby Archbolt
    Middle aged black male, Priest of the Holy Mother sect of the Cult. A gambler
    and sexual deviant. He was killed after being pushed from a 100m High Cliff
    in some woods in Mexico. The theme of his murder was GLOOM. The Valtiel
    sect's influence began to dwindle after the death of it's two Priest's being
    killed. Seeing opportunity, Toby began illegal dealings (see Wall's death for
    example) to further strengthen his Holy Mother sect. He reopened Wish House
    orphanage and was elected to city council for his contributions to the city
    of Ashfield and its people.
    Victim 15: Joseph Schreiber
    Journalist, middle aged white male. Theme of death DESPAIR. Also known as 'J',
    he was interviewing and researching a cult infamous for the negative rumours
    that surrounded it and had heard the screams from a mother whose son was
    kidnapped by the cult. He introduced a five page scoop article about them in
    the gossip magazine 'Concord' to get people's attention.
    [See character analysis of Joseph Schreiber for more details]
    Victim 16: Cynthia Velasquez
    White female who was murdered in South Ashfield subway, stabbed multiple
    times. Her theme of death was TEMPTATION. She usually has nice dreams, and
    until she met Henry believed herself to be in her own private dreamscape,
    'a horrible one at that.'
    [See ritual section for more details]
    Victim 17: Jasper Gein
    Burned to death in an alter room of Wish House, ground floor. The theme of
    his murder was SOURCE. We can hear on the special news report on Henry's
    radio that; 'In a forest near Silent Hill, the burned corpse of a 30yr old
    male was discovered earlier today. The police have ruled it a homicide and
    are investigating...'
    Victim 18: Andrew DeSalvo
    Middle aged white male, guard who watched over the abused children at Wish House
    Orphanage (and presumably the Water Prison). Theme of his murder was WATCHFULNESS.
    He was drowned by Walter.
    Victim 19: Richard Braintree
    Neighbour of Henry's in Ashfield Height's Apartments. Was electrocuted in an
    electric chair in room 207.
    Victim 20: Eileen Galvin
    Beaten near to death by Walter, with only 'Little Walter' and Henry's
    interferrence possibly stopping her from becoming a victim so soon.
    Found in her apartment room of 303, the theme to be of her murder was
    Victim 21: Henry Townsend
    Theme of his murder was WISDOM, which he was the RECEIVER of.
    NB: The Silent Hill 2 Double Pyramid Head Theory!
    As many of you know, near the end of Silent Hill 2, James encounters
    and has to battle two Pyramid Heads. Bearing in mind what is discussed
    concerning Victim 1 - Jimmy Stone, who was nicknamed the 'Red Devil' 
    and wore a triangular hood (see discussion below in section D first
    as well for the link to Silent Hill 2 with the Walter file),and the 
    death of his right-hand man George Rostin (victim 6), this new theory
    holds great weight. This is, that the two Pyramid Head's James
    fought were in fact manifestations of Walter's two victims, and
    high ranking/important people of the Cult of Silent Hill.
    (Thanks to claudio88au for this brilliant theory).
     D) Why do we find Walter's body in SH4 when he died in his cell?
    In the Silent Hill 2 memo file, it says that the Walter committed suicide
    in his prison cell by stabbing himself in the neck with a spoon and was
    later discovered by a guard, by which time it was too late. In Silent Hill
    4 we overhear the fact that the police did recover the body and that he is
    definitely dead. Yet once again, the body went missing from the grave which
    was marked on the coffin '11121'.
    This then asks the question, why is his 'real' body discovered in the secret
    backroom alter of room 302?
    Let's look at the possible explanation...
    We know for sure, that Walter ended the ritual of The Holy Assumption by
    becoming his own victim, the eleventh, using the 'rebirth' materials
    (e.g. white oil etc) that Henry later finds undisturbed in that room along
    with his body, left discarded from where he finally killed himself and left
    his body to fester. Although we know for sure that this was not the end of
    Walter's life, it was merely the beginning of a new chapter and life, a new
    form that was no longer human but a mental representation of himself in the
    worlds he had created. Which means, who is the body the police were left?
    There are a few possibilities:
    1) It is not Walter, but a mentally unstable man who was wrongfully arrested
    for Walter's crimes. This would collaborate the part in the memo that says the
    suspect told the Police 'I did it,but it wasn't me!'.
    In my opinion, this theory cannot be supported.
    2) After Walter died and was reborn into his new form, he allowed himself to
    get arrested and then acted out the 'facade' of committing suicide in the cell
    so that the world would think him dead, the murders stopped. This would stop
    the police or anyone investigating further so that he could carry on the
    murders and other part of the ritual without being disturbed.
    In my opinion, this theory is again very weak. He continues the murders and
    second half of the ritual a whole seven years after his supposed 'death'
    begs the question why? Although arguably making the police completely
    disregard your involvement and look to a copy cat just doesn't sit well.
    Also, if he didn't want anyone to dig further into his business, it makes
    the involvement of Henry seem very sloppy, a potential person who has enough
    knowledge to beat him. Yes, this may have been accounted for because of
    what Henry needs to become (and to become wise from the truth is a risk, but
    he is the last sacrament!), but still, this theory is far from satisfactory.
    3) Walter conducted the ritual and of sealing it by becoming the eleventh
    victim, and then was caught by police or allowed himself to be, and was
    arrested and imprisoned. In prison, he freed himself from his mortal flesh
    by committing suicide, his mortal body being discovered by the guard.
    The new form of Walter was now freed, and his 'real' body buried.
    Sometime during the seven years after his death, and presumably before Joseph
    moved into room 302, the reborn Walter retrieved his 'real' human body (buried
    in a cemetary just outside of his hometown of Silent Hill) and housed it in
    the secret alter room, sealing up the room (perhaps with occult magic).
    In my opinion this would seem to be the most logical theory, although it does
    ask you to accept one fact that the game does not show and hence prove, that
    the reborn invulnerable Walter can cross between the dimensions of the world's
    he has created and that of the real one. Can his new form, powerful in his
    created worlds, sustain itself in the Lord's realm and reality and cross over
    into a physical form? If so, this theory is most likely the true one.That he
    can create worlds and have them flux into reality, (best example being the
    hauntings of room 302 by evil), then he can draw in people from reality such
    as Henry, Eileen, Richard etc, and thus can walk in both realms, a world that
    'exists in a space separate from the world of our Lord. More accurately, it is
    within, yet without the Lord's world. Unlike the world of our Lord, it is a
    world in extreme flux'.
    NB: 'The Twin Walter Sullivan Theory'
    This is a theory that I have heard from a few people, but in a few different
    forms. In a sense, this theory does make you consider the Walter piece of the
    puzzle in much the same way as the film 'The Cell' (see the influences on
    Silent Hill 4 section of this guide).
    This being, that there are two adult Walters, one existing in the real world,
    and the other existing within the nightmarish dimensions.
    1. That the real Walter of reality was not a serial killer, but a normal,
    average law abiding citizen. It was he, who was captured by the police and
    later committed suicide in jail with the spoon. The comments made by this
    Walter during that time, that it 'wasn't him' support this theory. This
    also collaborates the fact that the Super of the apartments, Sunderland,
    saw Walter soon after around the place, and heard movement in room 302.
    This presumably was the 'real' Walter of Silent Hill 4's game, reclaiming
    the body of the other Walter and marking him as victim 11. These two 
    Walter's were of course identical. The Walter of Silent Hill 4 was only
    told that his name was 'Walter Sullivan' by the cult of Silent Hill,
    so that the normal one could be wrongfully convicted for the killings
    and leave the real killer's trail free from investigation.
    NB: In my opinion, this theory stretches the plot too far, but is
    nevertheless an interesting take on the events of the prison cell
    and the comments made. In my theory, those comments were made
    by the real Walter who as we know from the official plot, was
    possessed by the entity of Valtiel. This just highlights the fact
    that Walter was being controlled. I suspect that his real inner 
    self did not want to commit suicide or go to the extent of the
    rituals that he was doing, that it was his 'child like' self
    emerging out into the open before he died. And when he did die,
    his inner child self (symbolically his innocence) was
    separated forever from his inner desire to be with his mother
    at all costs projected by the demon Valitel. The child Walter
    may sysmbolise his maternal need for his mother, but not
    the murderous tainted knowedlege of the older one, who lack
    of compassion for life and psychopathic behaviour is reinforced
    by Valtiel from within, who simply is using him as a vessel to
    ressurect the God it serves, aka the Devil, Samael.
     F) Walter's weapons for the murders
    One thing in the game that certainly is not by chance, are the items/weapons
    that Henry comes across in the game, in the other realities that Walter has 
    created, and in fact uses.
    To highlight just a few of these: there is a sub-machine gun in the game,
    attainable once you have finished the game under certain conditions.
    Victim 4 - Steve Garland, was murdered by Walter with a sub-machine gun.
    With the Locane murders an axe was used, and of course, Henry finds a
    rusty axe to use in the game.
     4) An In-Depth Analysis of 'The Room'
    The room in Silent Hill 4 is essentially the main character of the game,
    and it plays an important part besides the obvious task of being the only
    place in the game that allows you to save your game, and for a brief spell,
    a welcome haven from the horrors of the other nightmarish dimensions.
    The room represents the main focus of Walter's desire since childhood.
    To him, room 302 is his mother as he never knew his real parents, his
    real birth mother, both having fled soon after his birth and abandoning
    him there. It seems that Walter has throughout the course of his life,
    reflection on this traumatic event, and the brainwashing of the cult/his
    possession, has created a strong bond with that room, which he sees, and
    if we look at a young Walter symbolically banging on the outside of the 
    door 'to be let in', that a process of monotropy has occurred. This is
    a similar method to imprinting. He has created a strong bond, which was 
    broken, on two occasions (as an infant, and later as a young boy), and in
    his eyes his 'mother' the room, not responding to him, it is quite obvious
    that he would suffer serious consequences.
    Hence we have a situation of 'maternal deprivation', a theory explained
    by the psychologist Bowlby, where a child separated from its 'mother'
    within it's first 5yrs will seriously affect the child's social
    development, and will also produce juvenile delinquincy. One could
    say, the beginnings of a violent nature once the Cult had habitually
    'conditioned' Walter to their teachings and radicalism. Forming from this
    maternal deprivation may also be a condition known as 'affectionless
    pschopathy', an extreme consequence of course, but one Walter seems to
    have suffered from being away from his 'mother' during those formative a
    and impressionable early years. Bowlby found that such juveniles lacked
    conscience, they had trouble or could not develop a social conscience
    and would become psychopaths as a result of this, acting out of self-
    interest without the thought of others. This is clearly the description
    of Walter.
    Looking back at the room, and in a slightly different perspective
    (leaning more to the metaphorical) that the room is really just another
    prison which Walter is wanting to enter, having only just left his 'own
    prison' (the Water Prison). It certainly is a prison for Joseph and for
    Henry, and it seems ironic that we experience the adventure through
    a main character whose sole aim is to escape. Symbolically both
    Walter and Henry/Joseph are prisoners, the former being on the outside
    wanting in, the latter on the inside wanting out.
    In Henry/Joseph's situation, they are ironically trapped in their own
    hell. A place which was once the centre of their lives, the intimate and
    personalised place of solitude and peace, has now become their own hell,
    their own prison. The element of free will, of choice has been taken away
    from them, and the familiar has become completely the opposite. Perhaps
    this reflects on some deep observation as well, that Henry's own life,
    the way he chose to live that life in relative independence and isolation,
    has come back to haunt him. We can make the assumption, judging by his
    personality, behaviour, his relationship with Eileen before the nightmares,
    and those photos that adorn his living room dresser, that he has led a
    sheltered life. There may be many reasons for this, simply out of his own 
    choice,because he is socially inept, that his parents perhaps smothered him 
    with their love during his developing years, there could be many reasons
    yet it is a distinct observation nowadays that children live a more
    sheletered and protected life than say fifty years ago. Once again, this
    may be due to many factors such as the birth of electronics, the public
    knowledge and greater exposure of child killers and the threat of violent
    assualt, yet does the room in Silent Hill 4 not at its core represent
    the 'new' form of maternal attachment that occurs nowadays. Children 
    want to be indoors, people feel safer to be indoors, there is something
    reassuring about this alternative.  
    Walter was deprived of this maternal affection by any form of parents,
    he was maternally neglected and then abused at the orphanage. For him
    not to have received the love from his maternal figure, to question
    his very existence, what came before, logically makes him search for
    this affection from an external source, in any way he can. The room
    is the closest thing to his past, the beginning of his existence, and
    where consequentially he feels bonded to like a symbiotic relationship.
    Henry on the other hand, if we can conject that he came from a loving
    and stable family and parents, that he perhaps was loved just too
    much that it became smothering to his social development, yet he would
    not need to seek out such external sources, indeed, he may even avoid 
    them. Perhaps it is a tale of two men, ironically parallel in their
    plight, but both to some extent suffering due to their upbringing.
    Is Silent Hill 4 and it's room merely an allegory to this common fact?
    That would be for you to decide.
     5) A look at the monsters of Silent Hill 4
     A) Doubleheads
    Certainly my favourite monster in the game and perhaps the whole series for
    design. Shame that the 'screaching cry from the rolling demo video' is not
    implemented which blunts their impact slightly.
    They actually represent the two victims of Walter's, the Locane siblings
    Billy and Miriam.
    This once again reinforces the maternal theme in Silent Hill 4, which
    reflects Walter's own psyche and his life. The Locane twins were adolescents,
    but in his world they are reflected as blind infants. They are anything but
    vulnerable though. You may have also noticed, that when they spot Henry,
    they sometimes point and whisper the word RECEIVER, which is of course what
    Henry's sacrament is. They are effectively physical manifestations of
    Walter's subconscious guilt, victims seven and eight, victim's of the First
    NB: It is strange that the doubleheads are the ONLY victims of Walters' in 
    the game who aren't represented as 'Victim' spirits. This may be because
    as they were the youngest of his killings and still children, that they could
    not go to hell as they were still children and innocent. Instead, Walter's mind
    crudely dresses them up in cloaks to unite them and make them look more LIKE
    monsters and aberrations in his own mind. It seems as if these were the only
    ones of his victims that he could not 'spiritually claim' and instead, we are
    viewing simply an imaginative facade of humanity corrupted by his hand and
    the ritual. 
    [thanks to dj sparrow for this foundational theory].
     B) Sniffer Dogs
    Very fast aren't they? In my mind, these are borne from Walter's memory
    the day he went into Garland's pet store as a little boy, and was amongst
    all the caged pets which were most likely barking and scary for a little
    boy. It may be as well,that Garland had his own pet dog which
    Walter may have confronted as the man threw him out.
     C) Victims
    Walter's victims haunt the realms he has created, forever damned to roam
    in torment in the manifested memories of Walter's twisted psyche.
    Only the Locane siblings are free from this fate.
     D) Greedy Worm
    We see this unkillable and so it seems, unretaliatory or aggressive worm in
    the very first level at the subway where its pulsating body is entwined
    through the wall and through the various level. We see it again at the
    Water Prison by the water wheel, as it dives in and out. The greedy worm
    seems to represent the umbilical cord, and once again, Walter's feelings
    of maternal hatred towards his birth in a scary and lonely world. To his
    subconscious at least, he sees babies as parasites with the umbilical cord
    as a constantly hungry source of food, in itself a parasite to the mother.
    This would explain why at the end of the game and boss Walter, the use of
    the umbilical cord has a detrimental effect to the monster's body, making
    Walter and his very world recoil in weakness. It has once again 'put him
    in linked touch' with the reality that he despises. The birth of children
    is in effect a vibrant symbol of the Lord's realm, and of good.
     6) Looking Back on the Series: Nature v.s. Industry
    Article by Aryan Ice Queen
    Silent Hill – Nature vs Industrialism
    If you look carefully enough, you can see one of the true essences of Silent
    Hill’s horror factor stems from the spirituality of mankind, and the potential
    for this spirit’s corruption. Though this corruption of the spirit is
    recognisable internally through parental irresponsibility, marital disloyalty,
    and maternal infestation, the main protagonists are also thrown into an
    environment of external disequilibria.
    In Silent Hill we encounter a town surrounded not only by a physical mist
    concealing the predatory nightmares lurking around street corners, but also a
    veil of secrecy trying to bury the town’s nightmarish past.
    The most interesting confliction however comes from the geography of the town.
    Places of function cease in their productivity, and mankind’s sudden
    dependency on technology is replaced by a feral battle between instinct and
    animal ferocity.
    All around James, Heather, and Harry, we witness machines acting
    inappropriately, streets leading to dead ends, telephones dying, televisions
    displaying static, and the securities of man turning renegade. In a heartbeat
    a friendly American town is transformed into a wasteland.
    Hospitals no longer heal. Schools no longer teach. Shopping Malls no longer
    sell. The commercialism of man is sucked dry and James is thrown quickly back
    to the stone age when his pictorial lifestyle is torn asunder.
    The main ideology for this dysfunction stems from the primary law of nature –
    birth / life / destruction / rebirth. The society of Silent Hill has
    collapsed, and the rotting decay now evident is simply the beginning of a
    new birth – one of a daemonic entity and his cohorts.
    A rather simple example of nature combating Silent Hill is visible within the
    opening scenes of Silent Hill 2. We stand on a panoramic viewpoint, blocked
    by fog, but we are aware of the naturist atmosphere by the treetops, winding
    country lane, and general air of uninhabited space. Aside from the few cars
    the forest seems startlingly empty.
    As James progresses through the forest we begin to notice certain signs of
    society – fenced areas dictating where we go – and if you’ve completed the
    game once you already you find the felled tree and chainsaw. Remarkable how
    instantaneously the surroundings are blemished by the familiarity of man.
    The town of Silent Hill itself is also surrounded by rumours of the land’s
    retaliatory strikes too, like the Lake claiming the townsfolk, the fire
    destroying Old Silent Hill, the White Claudia a natural narcotic enslaving
    the desires of certain characters within the plot.
    We can see quite a few hints of Tolkien-esque suggestion that mankind is
    evil, and in reality the town of Silent Hill is only a deadly environment
    because we make it so. The town thus parodies the facts that not only are
    the buildings man-made, but so are the threats haunting them. It’s known
    that the monsters themselves only take the forms the human mind subliminally
    loans to them: the visage varying from a paedophilic father in Angela’s case,
    to the cruelty of physically judgmental people in Eddie’s.
    James comments on a certain ending to SH2 that ‘The Old Gods have not left
    this place’ referring quite clearly to the spiritualism of the land.
    This territorial awareness of Silent Hill gives off the essence of a
    native Indian feel of a burial ground. Both the Native Indian culture
    and Alessa, the primary source of the town have something in common, too;
    they were horribly wronged.
    Though it would be bold to suggest every character getting ‘what they
    deserve’ and the town being innocent, it would be fairer to theorise that
    the town and its victims are equal accomplices, and that humanity has a lot
    to consider before it sees itself as the unjustified target of Silent Hill
    (and the person’s own guilt).
    But this is more than eco-terrorism arising via Satanism. Looking now
    conclusively we see the ballet played out in nature’s cycle as the game
    begins, and ends. Mankind exists, and is killed off by the dominant
    predatory suddenly emerging in the form of Silent Hill. This monstrosity
    battles on against humanity, and toward the end of the game we see a winner.
    Is James reborn, walking through the forest with Laura, purified? Does he
    select the water, a symbol of life itself to be his final resting place?
    Or does he resort to his old methods of selecting Maria, where there last
    scene together is by the car, as they return to civilisation as doomed
    individuals, one to death and the other to despair.
    Though the clues may seem trite, and miniscule, the symbolism is apparent.
    NB: In Silent Hill 4, note that the otherworld dimension, notably Henry's
    room at the start of his 'dream', has the room's surfaces invaded by
    'blood and rust'.
    8) Influences on Silent Hill 4: The Room 
    For the scenario, we got the inspiration from a book called
    'Coin Locker Babies' [Ryu Murakami's twisted adventure of two
    teenagers in Tokyo].
    During the subway level, you may notice the 'King Street
    Line' and 'Cronenberg Street'. This is in reference to
    two great horror people. Stephen King the novelist, and 
    David Cronenberg who has directed such films like 'The Fly',
    'Videodrome' and the novelisation of King's book 'The Dead
    Zone.' (the latter is one o fmy favourite films/books ever).
    Silent Hill 2 - frequently visiting the room's
    toilet will lead to Henry thinking "There's something in
    the toilet...Should I grab it?" Yet no matter hos hard you try,
    he won't grab it and instead will say he's not brave enough.
    This is a reference to the classic scene in Silent Hill 2
    with James Sunderland and a Blue Creek Apt. toilet.
    The radio advertisement about Silent Hill being that
    'special place to spend quality with your loved one' is 
    another James Sunderland/Mary reference.
    The Wheel Chair demons are synonymous with the Alessa link
    back in Silent Hill 1, where she spent most of her time in
    a wheelchair after the horrid accident of being burned alive.
    The artifacts found in the back room of 302 are the items
    required for the 'Rebirth' ending of Silent Hill 2, and the
    'Born from a Wish' chapter for Maria.
    Robbie the soft toy rabbit on Eileen's bed, is from the
    Lakeside Amusement Park of Silent Hill 3.
    The photo's in Henry's bedroom are of places Harry visited
    in his adventure in Silent Hill 1, the main core of the Cult's
    There also seems to be a clear influence by the Hollywood
    film called 'The Cell' starring Jennifer Lopez and Vince
    Vaugn. In the plot, Lopez enters the mind of a serial killer 
    using a new scientific technique, where she must make sense
    of his killings and the underlying cause, while preventing
    the opssible death of another outside in reality. She also
    meets the serial killer's manifestation of his younger, 
    innocent self, who she tries to befriend and coax his 'evil'
    self from stopping her.
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     11) Bibliography
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