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    10.2-Star Ranking Guide by Atomos199

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               P E R F E C T   10.2 - S T A R   G U I D E             \  /    \  /
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        Author        : Atomos199
        Version       : 1.0                             This guide may be hosted
        Latest Update : October 3, 2012                 only on www.GameFAQs.com
        Contact Info  : Atomos199.FAQs[at]gmail.com
          I N T R O D U C T I O N
       This is a little guide for the completionists out there who wish to make
       a perfect save file for Silent Hill 4: The Room. The reason you need a
       10.2-star ranking as opposed to a regular 10-star one is that the game's
       save file DOES indeed differentiate between the two, and the 10.2-star is
       clearly the better, more complete achievement.
       First of all, getting 10.2 stars is possible because the game actually
       gives you 0.2 freebies. That is why it's possible to get a 10-star ranking
       with many different combinations of play time, saves, continues and memos.
       All the following criteria have to be met for a 10.2-star ranking, though:
         DIFFICULTY       : Hard
         PLAY TIME        : 2 hours or less
         SAVES            : 0
         CONTINUES        : 0
         ENEMIES DEFEATED : 120 or more
         MEMOS FOUND      : 52/52
         ENDING           : any
       However, the ranking screen never displays more than 10 big stars. One way
       to tell that a playthrough was actually 10.2 stars is by looking at the
       individual ranking categories - if they are all green, then it's really 10.2
       stars, and if one or more are white, then it's either a 10-star or 10.1-star
       ranking achieved thanks to the freebies making up for the non-green area(s).
       The other, more permanent, way to tell is by looking at the clear save file.
       Endings achieved with a 10-star rank are colored YELLOW, whereas those
       completed with 10.2 stars are VERY LIGHT BLUE. However, the game also grays
       out all the other endings, and if you save a current game on the clear file,
       all of the endings will revert to gray. Therefore, for a perfect clear file
       you'll probably want all endings unlocked and the best one ("Escape")
       highlighted as 10.2-stars.
       As for the other statistics visible on the save file or upon selecting it:
                     |  If you want a 10.2-star ranking then this has to be HARD,
         DIFFICULTY  |  but of course you'd want the highest setting for your
                     |  perfect save anyway.
                     |  Likewise, this will be 1 if you get a 10.2-star ranking -
         SAVES       |  although 10.2 stars requires 0 saves, the end-game clear
                     |  save counts as a save in this counter!
                     |  Obviously, you'll want all of them unlocked. That means
         ENDINGS     |  playing through the game at least 4 times. The best one
                     |  should probably be highlighted as the 10.2-star one.
                     |  There are 2 game modes to be unlocked: One-Weapon and 
                     |  All-Weapons. The first is unlocked by achieving a 10-star
                     |  (or higher) ranking with any ending, and the latter is
                     |  gotten by playing the unlocked One-Weapon mode and getting
                     |  another 10-star (or higher) rank on that. Furthermore, the
                     |  color of the save file text indicates the mode of the last
                     |  playthrough:
         GAME MODES  |
                     |     WHITE : New Game          PURPLE: One-Weapon
                     |     YELLOW: A Brand-new Fear  GREEN : All-Weapons
                     |  Since there really is almost no difference gameplay-wise,
                     |  I suggest getting the final 10.2-star ranking on one of
                     |  the unlocked modes: One-Weapon as the "hardest" or All-
                     |  Weapons as the "final" one.
                     |  Although the game only allows you to select Eileen's
                     |  costume, this also affects Cynthia. Eileen's Nurse outfit
                     |  is unlocked by getting an ending where she survives
                     |  ("Escape" or "Mother"), and then picking up the Nurse
         COSTUMES    |  Uniform in the next game and getting another such ending
                     |  where she lives. Cynthia's costume is unlocked after
                     |  obtaining all 4 endings. However, you won't see it until
                     |  you can select Eileen's costume since that option controls
                     |  both outfits.
       Given this information, the most efficient way of completing all these
       things is as follows:
        1st: "21 Sacraments" OR "Eileen's Death", 9+ stars to unlock SUBMACHINE GUN
        2nd: ending not gotten above, 9+ stars if not gotten in 1st game
        3rd: "Mother", 10+ stars to unlock One-Weapon mode
        4th: "Escape", 10.2 stars and NURSE UNIFORM to unlock everything else
       You don't actually need to unlock the SUBMACHINE GUN seperately, but it does
       make getting the first 10-star ranking a tiny bit easier. However, it won't
       be available when playing One-Weapon mode.
       Also, all of these unlockables remain unlocked regardless of the outcome of
       future playthroughs, but as explained above, the save file's APPEARANCE and
       STATS DO CHANGE, so don't save over it once you have it.
          P O I N T E R S
       * This walkthrough is based on One-Weapon mode for those who want to get
         the 10.2-star ranking on the "hardest" difficulty. If you're playing the
         regular game, then simply substitute "RUSTY AXE" with "STEEL PIPE" until
         you find the RUSTY AXE, everything else is essentially the same. And if
         you're playing on All-Weapons mode then you don't need anything more than
         the RUSTY AXE anyway, so in practice it's identical to One-Weapon.
       * It is also based on getting the best ending, "Escape". However, you can
         easily get any ending you like. If you want "Mother", simply ignore all
         the instructions relating to the hautings. If you want "Eileen's Death"
         then don't finish the final battle until Eileen has died. And if you
         want "21 Sacraments", ignore the hauntings and don't save Eileen.
       * Skip each and every cutscene, even if not explicitly instructed to do so.
       * Run past all monsters unless instructed to do otherwise. The requirement
         of 120 is actually very low, you can easily reach 180 or even higher.
       * You can evade Sniffers but running in a zig-zag fashion.
       * The only documents that matter are the ones that are added to Henry's
         scratch book, and all of them are explicitly pointed out in the guide.
       * Take Eileen with you whenever you can - she quickly loses health if left
         alone even in areas without monsters and with a portal, such as the Wish
         House central area. She'll be in great shape at the end even if she gets
         attacked a few times, but she was always in bad shape when I left her
         behind for longer periods of time (even with the HOLY CANDLE trick). The
         walkthrough will clearly tell you when to leave her when it's necessary.
       * If you have the SUBMACHINE GUN, then don't hesitate to use it if you need
         to kill some monsters - it doesn't actually worsen her condition for the
         final battle despite increasing her visible injuries. However, keep it
         equipped when just rushing through an area (i.e. almost always).
       * I have personally never seen the HOLY CANDLE trick work to such a degree
         that I could defeat Walter in time, even on Easy mode, and even when I
         used 2 HOLY CANDLEs on 2 different occasions on the same playthrough. They
         certainly give the same visual effect as no damage, but I've always gotten
         much better results by simply taking Eileen everywhere with me and not
         letting her get hit too much.
       * The hauntings requirement is poorly understood, but it's easily satisfied
         by simply exorcising any hauntings whenever you return to the apartment.
         In a speed run as this you'll actually only exorcise about 5 or 6 total.
       * After the halfway point once your health is no longer replenished in the
         apartment, there is no reason to ever run around at less than max health.
         Consume NUTRITION DRINKs as soon as your health drops below 75%. Save
         PORTABLE MEDICAL KITs for when you run out of NUTRITION DRINKs.
       * My average play times were between 1:30 and 1:40, and I use the glitch
         in the Downtown Ashfield section. With 20 minutes to spare, doing it
         legitimately adds no real challenge but plenty of extra frustation. Of
         course, feel free to do it without the glitch if you prefer.
       * GOOD LUCK, and remember: practice makes perfect!
          G A M E   S T A R T                                             W01
       1 Skip the opening cutscene.
       2 Head to the living room, examine the face on the wall, then go back and
         skip another cutscene.
       3 Back in your room, try to leave and then skip the cutscene.
       4 Return to the main room and check out the locked door for some more
         cutscenes to skip.
       5 Pick up the FIRST LETTER [01].
       6 Open the refrigerator and take out the CHOCOLATE MILK, then make your way
         to the windows in the room.
       7 Henry will examine the storage box, but don't deposit the CHOCOLATE MILK.
       8 Check the windows and back out of the views with the Circle button.
       9 Turn around and examine the bottom of the bookcase for the BOOK SCRAP [02].
      10 Enter the bathroom, skip the cutscene, and enter the freshly-opened hole.
      11 Keep going straight until you reach the end of the tunnel, where another
         cutscene waits to be skipped.
          S U B W A Y   S T A T I O N                                     W02
       1 Meet Cynthia, skip the cutscene, and continue down the passage.
       2 Skip the cutscene at the restrooms, then run straight into the women's
         restroom, ignoring the Sniffers that have appeared.
       3 Return through the hole and head to the living room.
     ---  4 Examine the bureau with the lamp, straighten it, skip the cutscene and
            pick up the PISTOL.
     ---  5 Peep through the hole in the wall, skip the cutscene, then head back
            to the bedroom.
     ---  6 Pick up the phone, listen to Cynthia's cries for help (unskippable),
            then return to the subway station.
       7 Take the LYNCH STREET LINE COIN from the mannequin and continue into the
         subway station to use it on the turnstiles for the Lynch Street Line.
       8 Go down the stairs, skip the cutscene, and continue downward.
       9 Cynthia will be calling for help from inside one of the train cars, so
         run to the other end of the platform and enter the operator's room - press
         the red button.
      10 You'll catch up with Cynthia just outside the train, but head back to
         where she was and enter the now-opened train door at the other end of the
      11 Cynthia doesn't get stuck behind like Eileen, so you don't need to wait
         for her to catch up.
      12 The trains seem like a maze but the path is practically linear, except for
         the last open train door - take the one on the right to exit the train.
      13 Again, run to the opposite end of the platform and enter to door to
         trigger another cutscene. Skip it, then go down the ladder.
      14 Climb the ladder at the other end of the passage, pick up the PISTOL
         BULLETS, and unlock the door.
      15 Return down the ladder and head down the middle path to reach the door
         to the King Street Line platform.
      16 Ignore all the monsters down here and go straight to the escalators. Grab
         the NUTRITION DRINK before heading up.
      17 Use the RUSTY AXE's charged up and normal attacks to knock out the Wall
         Men and make it to the top. Or just try to run through and hope for the
         best. Don't hesitate to use the NUTRITION DRINK if you need it - you'll
         find plenty more.
      18 Go up the stairs to return to the turnstiles area. Take the TEMPTATION
         PLACARD from the door, then enter and skip the cutscene to complete this
          R O O M   3 0 2
       1 Go straight to the bathroom and enter the hole. The CHOCOLATE MILK should
         be in your inventory.
       2 Wait for your health to fill up a bit if it's very low.
          W I S H   H O U S E                                             W03
       1 Keep following the path until you reach the running car. Grab the PISTOL
         BULLETS from inside the building on the way.
       2 Examine the driver's seat twice to find JASPER'S MEMO PAD [03].
       3 Continue along the path ignoring all people and monsters until you reach
         Wish House in the central area. Do pick up the NUTRITION DRINK near the
         candle rack, though.
       4 Exit through the south-west door and again head straight along the path
         until you find Young Walter - approach him and skip the cutscene.
       5 Head all the way back to Wish House, give Jasper the CHOCOLATE MILK, skip
         the cutscene and pick up the BLOOD-INSCRIBED SPADE to the left of the door.
       6 Now exit through the south-east door and continue along the path until
         you reach the tree with the odd roots - use the BLOOD-INSCRIBED SPADE to
         find the RUSTED BLOODY KEY.
       7 Enter the hole in the next area to return to the apartment.
     ---  8 Pick up RED DIARY - APRIL 8 [04] from under the door.
     ---  9 Deposit everything except the RUSTY AXE in the storage box, then go
            back through the hole.
      10 Run all the way back to Wish House and enter the hole to go back to the
         apartment again.
     --- 11 Take the RUSTED BLOODY KEY back out of the storage box and return to
            Wish House.
      12 Use the key to enter the building and grab the HOLY SCRIPTURE SCRAP [05]
         lying on the red carpet in the back left.
      13 Take the SOURCE PLACARD from the nearby door, then enter and skip the
         cutscene to complete this section.
          R O O M   3 0 2
       1 Enter the hole to reach the...
          W A T E R   P R I S O N                                         W04
       1 Go straight ahead and pick up the EXPLORATION MEMO [06] on the floor, then
         exit through the double doors.
       2 Read the GUARD'S DIARY [07] hanging to the right of the hole, then go
         through the door to the left of the double doors.
       3 Use the ladders to reach the bottom of the stairwell and go through the
       4 Continue downwards and take the WATER PRISON EXIT KEY from the sign at the
         bottom of the path.
       5 Re-examine the sign to add the WATERWHEEL ROOM PLATE MESSAGE [08] to your
         memo collection.
       6 Return to the room with the hole and use your new key to enter the locked
         door ahead of you when you enter.
       7 Climb all the ladders all the way to the top and go through the double
         doors to reach the rooftop area - turn the valve behind the tank and skip
         the cutscene.
       8 Go back, descend the ladder once, and go through the double doors to get
         to the 3rd floor prison cells.
       9 Turn Henry to his right and enter the second door you find. Kill all the
         Toadstools here and get the PRISON DIARY [09].
      10 Exit and (going back the way you came) enter the third door on Henry's
      11 Jump down the holes until you land in the basement. Skip all the cutscenes.
      12 Unlock the door to your left and quickly exit the room, then climb the
         ladder at the end of the hallway.
      13 Find the 1F SURVEILLANCE ROOM REPORT [10] on the desk, then continue your
      14 Grab the 2F SURVEILLANCE ROOM REPORT [11], then check out the valve - turn
         it right 4 times, always skipping the cutscenes.
      15 Take the SECRET NUMBER MEMO [12], then go to the valve and turn this one
         right 2 times.
      16 Climb back down the ladder to the basement, skip the cutscene, and kill
         all the Toadstools that spawn around the ladder.
      17 Make your way back to the 3rd floor prison cells. Turn Henry to his right
         and enter the 4th door on his left.
      18 Jump down all the holes again to end up in the kitchen. Kill all the Toad-
         stools, then examine the door behind you for the WATCHFULNESS PLACARD.
      19 Enter the secret code (0302), enter, and skip the cutscene to complete
         this section.
          R O O M   3 0 2
       1 Check under the door for RED DIARY - APRIL 4 [13] and RED DIARY - JULY 23
       2 Enter the bathroom to turn off the shower, then return to the front door
         and look through the hole - you'll find the SUPERINTENDENT'S MEMO [15]
         under the door afterwards.
       3 Open your storage box and deposit everything except the RUSTY AXE, then
         enter the hole.
          D O W N T O W N   A S H F I E L D                               W05
       1 Skip the cutscene, then continue along the corridor and down all the
         stairs until you meet Richard Braintree - skip the cutscene and head
         straight for the door.
       2 Take the GHOST KEY and the SWORD OF OBEDIENCE from the pinned-down ghost,
         then go through the door.
       3 Head down the stairs and through all the doors to reach the sports shop -
         pick up the PISTOL BULLETS on the way.
       4 Go through the door directly ahead of you and down the stairs to reach the
         pet shop.
       5 Grab the ALBERT'S SPORTS KEY from the end of the middle aisle and return
         to the sports shop to open the locked door on the right.
       6 Run down the stairwell ignoring all the monsters on the way and go into
         the only available elevator at the end of the path.
       7 Skip the cutscene and go down the ladder.
       8 Pick up the NUTRITION DRINK and kill all the Toadstools, then climb the
         ladder at the end of the corridor.
       9 Head along the alleyway evading all the monsters, and enter the door at
         the end guarded by all the Gum Heads.
      10 Continue down the stairs and through the doors until you reach the bar,
         where you'll find the BARTENDER'S MEMO [16].
      11 Examine the other door in the room and enter the code (3750) to unlock it.
      12 Make your way up the seemingly endless stairs until you finally reach a
         door. Grab the CHAOS PLACARD, enter, and skip the cutscene to - you
         guessed it - complete this section.
          R O O M   3 0 2
       1 Empty your inventory into the item box, except for the RUSTY AXE, then
         head back into the hole.
          S O U T H   A S H F I E L D   H E I G H T S                     W06
       1 Skip the cutscene, turn around, and enter Room 301.
       2 Pick up MIKE'S DIARY [17], RED PAPER (1/2), the SUPERINTENDENT'S KEY and
         read JOSEPH'S ARTICLE [18], then head back out. Don't bother with the
         other key.
       3 Slip the RED PAPER (1/2) under the door to Room 302, then make your way
         down to the ground floor. Don't take the SHABBY DOLL, the hauntings it
         causes aren't needed to satisfy the hauntings requirement.
       4 Enter the west double doors and then Room 105 using the SUPERINTENDENT'S
       5 Check the shelf for TORN RED PAPER (1/3) and TORN RED PAPER (2/3), then
         grab the APARTMENT KEYS hanging on the board to the right.
       6 Go to the bedroom to find the SUPERINTENDENT'S DIARY (UMBILICAL CORD) [19].
       7 Return to the main hall and go through the other double doors, then enter
         Room 102.
       8 Pick up the SUBMACHINE GUN if you've unlocked it, but don't equip it unless
         you actually need to kill some monsters, since it keeps Eileen behind.
       9 Squash all the Tremers, and open the fridge to find TORN RED PAPER (3/3).
      10 Go up to the 2nd floor and enter Room 203 to find RED PAPER (2/2) in a
         shirt in the bedroom.
      11 Return to the 3rd floor, slip all the papers under Room 302's door, and
         go through the hole in Room 301.
          H A L F W A Y   P O I N T   ( R O O M   3 0 2 )                 W07
       1 Check under the front door to find:
           RED DIARY - MAY 2       [20]
           RED DIARY - MAY 14      [21]
           RED DIARY - MAY 20      [22]
           RED DIARY SCRAP         [23]
           RED DIARY SCRAP (CONT.) [24]
           MIKE'S LOVE LETTER      [25]
       2 After picking up all the memos, go back to the bedroom and look behind the
         bed to find the DOLL KEY.
       3 Go back through the hole and use the DOLL KEY to enter Room 303 (Eileen's
         room) - skip the cutscene and you'll be back in your room.
       4 Check the front door again to find RED DIARY - JULY 13 [26] as well as the
       5 Open your storage box and take out all 4 PLACARDS. Put away the APARTMENT
       6 Go into the storage room and use the SUCCUBUS TALISMAN on the wall, then
         place the PLACARDS into the recessions as follows:
           LEFT   - TEMPTATION   - (red)
           TOP    - WATCHFULNESS - (orange)
           RIGHT  - SOURCE       - (yellow)
           BOTTOM - CHAOS        - (purple)
       7 This is your last chance to have your health refilled for free so make
         sure it's full before you enter the new and exciting hole!
          S T.  J E R O M E'S   H O S P I T A L                           W08
       1 Kill all the Hummers in the main hall, then enter the door across from
         where you started to find the NURSE'S MEMO [27].
       2 Return to the main hall and head towards the elevator to trigger a cutscene
         and skip it.
       3 Don't bother picking up the purse - instead, enter the rooms on both sides
         of the hallway and grab the PORTABLE MEDICAL KIT and the AMPOULE.
       4 Go through the door next to the elevator and head up to the 2nd floor.
       5 Call the elevator, then begin to systematically check every single room
         until you find the one with the HOSPITAL KEY on a statue - take it, and
         use it to get out of the cage that traps Henry.
       6 Other useful items you can pick up include (item - room description):
           HOLY CANDLE     - bouquet of withered flowers
           NUTRITION DRINK - broken bed
           NUTRITION DRINK - sterile room (not the incubators)
           SAINT MEDALLION - window with afternoon light
           PISTOL BULLETS  - sticky floor
           PISTOL BULLETS  - bed with skin
       7 Don't bother with the REVOLVER BULLETS or the 4-IRON. You don't need all
         of these items, but if Eileen's room happens to be the last one you find
         (has happened to me twice) then you may as well pick them up.
       8 There are also 2 rooms with lots of Toadstools - you can kill them if you
         happen upon them, but it's not necessary since you'll be way over the
         requirements anyway.
       9 Once you have the HOSPITAL KEY you can open the only locked door to find
         Eileen and skip a cutscene.
      10 Equip the SUBMACHINE GUN if you have it, kill the 2 Patients blocking your
         exit and head back down to the 1st floor.
      11 After exiting the stairwell, kill the next 2 Patients, and enter the
         second door on the right to find this area's hole and go inside.
     --- 12 Check under the front door to find RED DIARY - JULY 20 [28] and the
            SMALL KEY.
     --- 13 Turn around and check next to the bookshelf to find RED DIARY - JUNE
            11 [29], RED DIARY - ??/?? [30], and RED DIARY - JUNE 14 [31].
     --- 14 Go back to the storage room and enter the hole.
      15 Skip the cutscene, then head back out into the main hall and through the
         now-empty elevator shaft to unlock an entryway with the SMALL KEY.
      16 Use charged attacks with the Rusty Axe to kill the 3 Patients, then head
         down the stairs and through the door to reach the first of five spiral
         staircase areas. Don't hesitate to use a NUTRITION DRINK or even a
         PORTABLE MEDICAL KIT here if necessary!
      17 Run all the way down and enter the door to find yourself back in the...
          S U B W A Y   S T A T I O N   ( Revisited )                     W09
       1 Go along the corridor, pick up the HOLY CANDLE, and go through the only
         working door.
       2 Kill the Gum Head blocking your way, then continue onwards to the rest-
         -rooms. Grab the NUTRITION DRINK in the men's room, then go into the
         women's room, kill all the Tremors on the floor, and enter the hole.
     ---  3 Check the apartment for hauntings - exorcise them with the HOLY CANDLE.
     ---  4 Dump everything except the RUSTY AXE and take out the LYNCH STREET LINE
     ---  5 Look under the front door to find RED DIARY - JULY 25 [32], the KID'S
            LETTER [33] and the TOY KEY.
     ---  6 Take some NUTRITION DRINKS from the storage box if you need them and
            go back through the hole.
       7 Head for the turnstiles, skip the cutscene, and run into the next area.
       8 Grab the SILVER BULLET on the back left stairs, equip your PISTOL, load
         the bullet, and return to the turnstiles to knock down Cynthia's ghost
         and pin her down with the SWORD OF OBEDIENCE.
       9 Use the LYNCH STREET LINE COIN at the turnstiles and head down to the
         platform. You can pick up another NUTRITION DRINK on the way, but there
         are 2 Sniffers guarding it, and if you get their attention they will be
         in the way when you backtrack through here with Eileen later.
      10 Go inside the train and use the TOY KEY on the box to get the FILTHY COIN.
      11 Run to the opposte end of the platform and enter the red room - pick up
         the HOLY CANDLE, leave Eileen here and climb down the ladder.
      12 Climb up the other ladder and return to Henry's apartment.
     --- 13 Exorcise the next haunting with the HOLY CANDLE you just picked up.
     --- 14 Check the front door to find RED DIARY - JULY 17 [34], then go to the
            sink and wash the FILTHY COIN to get the 1$ COIN.
     --- 15 You can dump everything except the 1$ COIN and RUSTY AXE, and you may
            want to bring along some healing items. Either way, go back through
            the hole.
      16 Return to Eileen and go to the opposite end of the platform to use the 1$
         COIN at the vending machine for the MURDER SCENE KEY.
      17 Return to the red room and go down the ladder, this time taking the middle
         walkway to reach the King Street Line platform (grab the NUTRITION DRINK
         on the way).
      18 Head straight for the escalators. You'll have to make it to the top again,
         so make use of the RUSTY AXE's charged attack to knock out the Wall Men
         and gain temporary immunity to their attacks.
      19 There's a NUTRITION DRINK and a pack of PISTOL BULLETS at the end of the
         hallway (guarded by a Sniffer) if you're interested, but again, it will
         be in you way when you come back through here with Eileen shortly.
      20 Back at the turnstiles, pick up CYNTHIA'S COMMUTER TICKET and use the
         MURDER SCENE KEY to enter the ticket booth - take the TRAIN HANDLE.
      21 Use CYNTHIA'S COMMUTER TICKET to get to the Lynch Street Line platform
         and re-unite with Eileen in the red room at the end.
      22 Return to the turnstiles and go down to the escalators - make your way
         down with Eileen using the same strategy as the previous time.
      23 On the platform, head straight into the train and use the TRAIN HANDLE
         in the operator's cabin - Eileen will be waiting right outside after the
         train has moved so don't worry about losing her if there are ghosts around.
      24 Head back, go through the opened door, pick up the SWORD OF OBEDIENCE, and
         enter the next door.
      25 Skip the cutscene and run straight through the door in front of you.
      26 Head down the spiral stairs. Make certain you have at least 2 free slots
         and have full or nearly full health - if not, use the portal midway down
         the stairs to return to the apartment and get prepared.
      27 Enter the door at the bottom of the stairs to find yourself at...
          W I S H   H O U S E   ( Revisited )                             W10
       1 Go straight ahead, pick up the TORCH on the left, equip it, light it, and
         exit through the doors on the right.
       2 Run up to the well in front of you to find the DOLL'S HEAD, pick up the
         NUTRITION DRINK next to the lamppost to the right, and run toward Wish
         House. Try to run in a zig-zag fashion to avoid getting bit.
       3 At Wish House, examine the white paper lying in the rubble to find JASPER'S
         BURNED MEMO [35], as well as the wheelchair on the raised section to get
         the WHEELCHAIR DOLL TEXT [36].
       4 Use the DOLL'S HEAD, pick up the HOLY CANDLE nearby and use the hole in
         this area to return to the apartment.
     ---  5 Check under the front door to find RED DIARY - JULY 18 [37].
     ---  6 Dump everything in the storage box, except for the TORCH and possibly
            the RUSTY AXE.
     ---  7 Enter the storage room and soak the TORCH in the oil tank before
            returning through the hole.
       8 Make sure you take Eileen with you everywhere you go - if you leave her
         alone she will somehow sustain much more damage than if she gets hit a few
         times tagging along!
       9 Head through the south-east exit and pick up the NUTRITION DRINK in the
         next area.
      10 Continue onward to find a SILVER BULLET next to the tree with the strange
      11 In the final area with the hole, light up your TORCH and pick up the DOLL'S
         LEFT LEG, as well as a NUTRITION DRINK at the top of the stairs.
      12 Return to Wish House, get rid of the DOLL'S LEFT LEG, and head through the
         north-east exit. Make sure you have at least 2, preferably 5 free slots.
      13 Go along the path and get the DOLL'S LEFT ARM in the second area, as well
         as the HOLY CANDLE right next to the entrance there.
      14 Skip the cutscene in the next area, and pick up the SAINT MEDALLION from
         the rocks on the left side if you want it.
      15 Continue onwards through the building section to find a NUTRITION DRINK.
      16 Upon exiting, relight your TORCH and continue onward to the final area to
         pick up the DOLL'S RIGHT ARM, another NUTRITION DRINK next to the entrance
         and a HOLY CANDLE at the very end of the path.
      17 Return to Wish House and use all the doll parts you have, then go into the
         hole to go back to the apartment.
     --- 18 There should be another haunting present, so exorcise it with a HOLY
     --- 19 Put everything except the RUSTY AXE and TORCH into your storage box,
            then return to Wish House.
      20 Finally head through the north-west exit. Grab the NUTRITION DRINK to the
         right of the cave entrance and go inside to find another NUTRITION DRINK
         near the far left corner, next to the exit. You can also grab the PICKAXE
         OF DESPAIR, but I don't recommend it.
      21 At the lake, approach Young Walter to trigger and skip a cutscene, then
         take the CREST MEDALLION and PORTABLE MEDICAL KIT, and light your TORCH.
      22 Pick up the DOLL'S RIGHT LEG on your way back to Wish House.
      23 Attach the final doll part onto the wheelchair mannequin, skip the cutscene
         and go down the stairs revealed.
      24 Examine the altar to add the DESCENT OF THE HOLY MOTHER - THE 21 SACRAMENTS
         [38] file to your memo collection.
      25 Insert the CREST MEDALLION into the door and go through to return to the
         spirtal stairs area. Go all the way down and through the door.
          W A T E R   P R I S O N   ( Revisited )                         W11
       1 Skip the cutscene, then exit the room with Eileen.
       2 Walter will be pointing his gun at you when you come out, so run right
         past him and though the double doors.
       3 Unequip Eileen's weapon, climb down the ladder once and don't move until
         Eileen has come around to join you.
       4 Enter the 3rd floor prison cells, turn Henry to his right, and enter the
         4th door on his left, just after the broken pipe.
       5 Leave Eileen here and jump down the holes until you end up in the basement.
       6 Kill all the Whitestools here and go through the door behind you.
       7 Pick up the PRISONER'S SHIRT, kill the Whitestools, and go back.
       8 Make your way through the next room killing the Whitestools and picking up
         the NUTRITION DRINK and SAINT MEDALLION. Unlock the door.
       9 Kill all the Whitestools here as well and exit to the spiral staircase.
      10 Use the ladder to go up, unlock the door to the room with the hole, grab
         the NUTRITION DRINK inside and enter the hole to return to the apartment.
     --- 11 Go to the bathroom and wash the PRISONER'S SHIRT in the bathtub to get
     --- 12 Exorcise the latest haunting(s).
     --- 13 Pick up RED DIARY - JULY 28 [40] from under the front door.
     --- 14 Open the storage box and deposit everything except the RUSTY AXE and
            take out the SILVER BULLET, SWORD OF OBEDIENCE, PISTOL, and 24 to 32
            PISTOL BULLETS - then go back to the Water Prison.
      15 Return to Eileen and take her back out to the outer stairway. Go all the
         way down the ladders and wait for Eileen to rejoin you at the bottom. If
         Walter gets in the way (or gets there before she does), then you'll have
         knock him down to leave you alone.
      16 With Eileen, continue down the spiral stairwell towards the waterwheel
         room, but don't use the ladders. Go along the path killing the Whitestools
         until you come across DeSalvo's ghost.
      17 Equip your PISTOL, load the SILVER BULLET, knock him out, and pin him down
         with a SWORD OF OBEDIENCE. Don't forget to take his WATER PRISON GENERATOR
         ROOM KEY before continuing downward, and defeat the rest of the Whitestools
         on the way.
      18 At the bottom, pick up the PORTABLE MEDICAL KIT near the hole, and enter
         the generator room without Eileen (unless she has the SUBMACHINE GUN).
      19 Walk slowly towards the Twin Victims, a few steps at a time, until you see
         the closest 2 move. Immediately run to the side of the generator (narrow
         area), turn around, and start shooting. If done correctly, your shots will
         hit 2 and only 2 at a time - shoot 7-8 times and both will be on the floor
         ready for stomping. Rinse and repeat for the next 2 and the last 2. Use
         the PORTABLE MEDICAL KIT if needed, but it really shouldn't be necessary.
      20 Once all 6 are defeated, reunite with Eileen and continue through the door
         at the end of the room to find yourself in the spiral staircase area again.
          D O W N T O W N   A S H F I E L D   ( Revisited )               W12
       1 Skip the cutscene, grab the NUTRITION DRINK to the left, read the memo on
         the ground to add REMINISCES [41] to your memo collection, and enter the
       2 Go to the bottom floor and exit. Take the HOLY CANDLE, move Eileen into
         the bottom left corner, and bump into her while running to the elevator
         so that she stays in that area. If she ends up back with you in the
         elevator then try again until Henry is alone.
       3 Climb down the ladder on the other side of the elevator, kill the White-
         stools in the corridor, and climb up the ladder at the end.
       4 Head down the alleyway until you trigger a cutscene. Skip it, pick up the
         PORTABLE MEDICAL KIT by the fence, and continue down the alley until you
         reach the next area.
       5 Stand still and Eileen will join you shortly - GLITCH ACCOMPLISHED!
       6 Enter the door and keep going down the stairs until you reach the bar;
         pick up the HOLY CANDLE on the way.
       7 You may want to consider returning to the apartment to stock up on as many
         healing items as possible - The One Truth can be incredibly easy, but if
         you get unlucky you can die even with full health and 3 PORTABLE MEDICAL
         KITs (happened to me, twice). You could also find a haunting.
       8 Take the LATER BARTENDER'S MEMO [42] and examine the door with the code
         lock - enter 4890 to unlock it, then enter.
       9 This time you'll have to run *down* the stairs. Kill all the Hummers on
         the way because otherwise they can rack up quite a bit of damage.
      10 Grab the PORTABLE MEDICAL KIT by the door at the bottom, then enter.
        .--/ BOSS: The One Truth /---------------------------------------------.
        |  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                              |
        | Simply attack each one with the RUSTY AXE's charged attack to find   |
        | out which one is real, and then wail on that one with the RUSTY AXE. |
        | Use a charged attack when it becomes available. Also, mash the       |
        | attack button like crazy, because it IS possible (even likely) for   |
        | them to hit you, and with a very strong hit at that!                 |
        |                                                                      |
      11 Continue through the door and down the final section of the spiral stairs
         to find the SUPERINTENDENT'S DIARY (MAN WITH THE COAT) [43] at the very
         bottom. Enter the door after you've read it.
          J O S E P H'S   A P A R T M E N T                               W13
       1 Read the two documents on the table: OLD PICTURE BOOK [44] and CRIMSON
         TOME [45].
       2 Go into the bedroom to find 4 more memos:
           RED DIARY - AUGUST 2 [46]
           RED DIARY - AUGUST 3 [47]
           RED DIARY - AUGUST 4 [48]
           RED DIARY - AUGUST 5 [49]
       3 Return to the living room for a cutscene - skip it.
       4 Take the PICKAXE OF HOPE, then use the hole in the bathroom to get back
         to Room 302 in the present.
          R O O M   3 0 2
       1 Use the PICKAXE OF HOPE in the same place you found it in Joseph's apart-
         ment. Enter the hole.
       2 Skip the cutscene, then keep examining Walter's body to find the KEYS OF
       3 Head over to your storage box and deposit everything except the RUSTY AXE
         and the KEYS OF LIBERATION, and withdraw all your NUTRITION DRINKs.
       4 Exorcise any hauntings which may have appeared.
       5 Pick up the RED DIARY - AUGUST 7 [50] and RED DIARY - JULY 29 [51] from
         under the front door, then use the KEYS OF LIBERATION to finally leave
         Henry's apartment.
          S O U T H   A S H F I E L D   H E I G H T S   ( Revisited )     W14
       1 Skip the cutscene and enter Room 301. Defeat all 3 monsters, pick up the
         NUTRITION DRINK and exit to the 2nd floor hallway.
       2 Enter Room 202 and go through the hole in the wall. Exit the apartment to
         get to the other end of the 2nd floor hallway.
       3 Go through the double doors to find 5 Patients standing in your way. Don't
         risk fighting here - just run straight to the door on the opposite side of
         the landing, wait a moment, and go in just before one of the monsters hits
         you. Eileen should make it through with you. If not, keep going in and out
         for short periods of time until she makes it through.
       4 Enter Room 206 and head straight for the room at the back of the apartment.
         Make sure Eileen is with you when you enter the hole. Attack Walter if
       5 Braintree might be in the next apartment, so exit as quickly as possible.
       6 Kill the Bottoms here with a charged attack, then continue down the stairs.
       7 Enter Room 106 and pick up the HOLY CANDLE, PORTABLE MEDICAL KIT and the
         AMPOULE, then exit.
       8 Go along the hallway and through the double doors to reach the main hall.
         Read the sketchbook in the middle, then exit through the other set of
         double doors to the other side of the 1st floor.
       9 Enter Room 104 and examine the straight-jacket body in the circular cage,
         then exit.
      10 Examine the body in the corner of the hallway, then continue onwards to
         Room 103.
      11 Ignore the monsters in this apartment and examine the body hanging in the
         living room, then quickly return to the hallway.
      12 Enter Room 102, grab the NUTRITION DRINK if you need/want it, and check
         the straight-jacket in the living room.
      13 Return to the hallway and finally enter the last room, Room 101, where
         you'll find another body hanging in a cage.
      14 Leave the apartment and examine the last straight jacket body at the end
         of the hallway, then return to the main hall.
      15 Skip the cutscene and head through the other double doors - enter the
         Superintendent's Room (105) now that it's unlocked.
         | NOTE: If you're planning to use a HOLY CANDLE on Eileen, do so now. |
      16 Check the red box on the bookshelf to obtain the UMBILICAL CORD and skip
         the cutscene.
      17 Exit the apartment, skip the cutscene, and retrace your steps back to the
         2nd floor landing in the main hall.
      18 If you need to unlock the costumes, then you can run up to the other end of
         the 3rd floor at this point and pick up the NURSE'S UNIFORM from Room 301.
      19 If not, continue retracing your steps and return to Room 302.
      20 Enter the storage room to find JOSEPH'S LETTER [52] on a box, then go back.
      21 Open your storage box and organize your inventory so that you have only
         the NURSE'S UNIFORM if you picked it up.
      22 Use the rest of your healing items to heal Henry up to full health.
      23 Exorcise any last hauntings which may have appeared.
      24 Go through the hole in the wall and examine the hole in the floor until
         Henry goes through it.
      25 Skip the cutscenes and jump into the (final!) hole.
          F I N A L   B O S S                                             W15
        You probably know the drill: run up to the monster in the middle and use
        the UMBILICAL CORD. Skip the cutscene, then grab the 4 spears to the
        monster's left, use them on the monster, and then do the same with the 4
        spears to its right.
        Once that's done, you can start charging up the RUSTY AXE - let go once
        Walter has stood up and you'll connect after he becomes vulnerable.
        Start charging up again the moment you hit him, and move one small step
        away to trigger his swing attack. You'll be out of reach or already
        attacking with your next charged up attack before he can connect. You
        should also be able to use a charged up attack before he manages to shoot
        at you.
        Remember that Henry becomes invulnerable the moment you begin a charged
        attack, so don't worry about being hit once you let go of the attack
        button. And always move away from him ever so slightly after an attack to
        prevent Walter's spin attack, which is not only very powerful, but also
        throws you on the ground and interrupts your attack pattern.
        You shouldn't be getting hit much (or at all for that matter), but in case
        something happens, heal up once you hit about 60% to be safe from his spin
        It takes a total of 28 charged hits with the RUSTY AXE to end the battle.
                    _/\_                                         _/\_
                    \  /    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!    \  /
                     VV                                           VV
          Q U E S T I O N S   &   A N S W E R S
       Q01: Why did you write this guide?
            The first time I used the 10-Star Ranking Guide by Merciless, I missed
            2 files. The second time I somehow missed 4. He also didn't mention
            anything about the 10.2-star rank, which I found out about by looking
            at old forum posts on the message board. Likewise, there was no real
            coverage of the hauntings requirement for those interested in the best
            ending, and the instructions pertaining to keeping Eileen away from
            danger turned out to be counterproductive.
            By the time I put everything together I had wasted tons of time and
            several playthroughs - and still needed to constantly cross-reference
            everything. So I decided to write everything up to make it easier and
            also in case I had to retry my 10.2-star run, which of course I did
            end up having to. Then I figured I'd just touch it up a bit and hooray,
            here it is!
       Q02: But it's 2012!
            My backlog is just that huge.
       Q03: So I got one of the endings where Eileen survives, but the NURSE
            UNIFORM isn't in Room 303 - what gives?
            Unlike other unlockables, the NURSE UNIFORM appears only on the
            playthrough immediately after the one with the ending in which Eileen
            survives. That means you need to get two such endings in a row if you
            want to unlock the costume.
       Q04: I have a correction/contribution...
            Sure, just send me an e-mail!
          C O P Y R I G H T
        This document is Copyright © 2012 Peter Matl and is the intellectual
        property of the aforementioned author. It may be not be reproduced under
        any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed
        on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written
        permission. Use of this guide on any other website or as a part of any
        public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
        All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
        respective trademark and copyright holders.
                 The Silent Hill 4: The Room "Perfect 10.2-Star Guide"
                              Copyright 2012 © Peter Matl

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