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    Rowdy Reiko by Carnival Nights

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 12/07/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Rumble Roses
    Rowdy Reiko Move List
    Author: Phillip Meris (Ulala Rocks)
    Copyright 2004 Phillip Meris. All rights reserved.
    If you have any questions, comments, tips, corrections, etc. then my contacts
    are at the bottom of the FAQ.
    Version History
    Version 1.0 - (December 3, 2004) All done. Enjoy.
    Version 1.5 - (December 7, 2004) I completely missed one set of grapples. 
                                     It might sound bad, but it isn't. It 
                                     basically was nothing more than recycled
                                     grapples added to the dizzy set. There's also
                                     some minor grammar changes.
    Table of Contents
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    Reiko1 Introduction
    Reiko2 About Rowdy Reiko
    Reiko3 Controls
    Reiko4 Move List
    Reiko5 Closing
           Special Thanks
           Legal Stuff
           Contact Info.
    Reiko1 Introduction
    Hi and welcome to my Rowdy Reiko Move List FAQ. This FAQ is obviously a
    compilation of all known moves that Rowdy Reiko can perform. This is my third
    Rumble Roses FAQ I'm doing and I hope you enjoy it. There will be future
    updates, but for now just enjoy what's here.
    Reiko2 About Rowdy Reiko
    =====Read this first=====
    Before we get started, it's important that you know that this FAQ might contain
    spoilers relevant to the storyline. You have been warned.
    =====Read this first=====
    Name: Rowdy Reiko
    Age: 19
    Nationality: Japan
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: Unknown
    Measurements: Unknown
    Character Voice: Bianca Allen
    Rowdy Reiko is Reiko Hinomoto's alter-ego. After Reiko is declared the winner
    of the Rumble Roses Tournament she finds herself wandering around without
    purpose in her life until one day she meets a biker gang. She joins the biker
    gang and is now the leader.
    *Read this!*
    In order to play as Rowdy Reiko in exhibition mode you must turn Reiko Hinomoto
    into a heel
    To play as her in Story Mode you must complete the story mode with Reiko
    *Read this!*
    Reiko3 Controls
    Learning the Basics:
    Directional buttons or left thumbstick: Move Character
    Tap directional button twice in same direction: Step (More like dashing)
    Square: Strike
    Triangle: Grab
    X: Dash toward opponent (More like running)
    Circle: action button (leave ring, climb ropes, grab weapons, etc.)
    Direction + x: Run in direction
    R1: Guard
    R1 + square: Counter strike move
    R1 + triangle: Counter grapple move
    L1: Killer/Lethal move
    L2: Humiliation move
    Right analog stick: taunt
    Reiko4 Move List
    ===Stand up strikes when facing opponent===
    Left + square: Jab
    Up + square: Lunge Jab
    Down + square: Step-in Jab
    Right + Square: Hook
    ===Running attacks===
    While dashing towards opponent:
    Square: Body elbow
    Direction + square: Jump kick 
    ===Running Grapples===
    Triangle: Flip
    Direction + triangle: Running Reversal
    ===Running Grapples From Behind===
    Triangle: Running Bulldog
    ===Running Grapples While Opponent is Dizzy===
    Triangle: Spinerella Slam
    Direction + triangle: Spinerella Single Arm Toss
    ===Opponent Running Grapples===
    Triangle: Arm toss
    Left/right + triangle: Backbody slam
    Up/down + triangle: 360 Arm toss
    ===Ground Strikes===
    Square: Stomp
    Left/right + square: Jumping knee drop
    Up/down + square: dropkick
    ===Top Ropes===
    Square: Elbow smash
    Left/right + square: Corkscrew slam
    Up/down + square: 180 halfsault
    Left hook, Right hook, Haymaker, Right jab, lunge jab:
    Press square five (5) times.
    Left straight, Right low kick, Left low kick, Right high kick misse dropkick:
    Press square five (5) times while holding either the left or right direction
    buttons down.
    ===Grapple Strikes===
    Square: Body jab
    Square: Body jab
    Square: Right straight
    ===When Opponent is outside the ring and Rowdy Reiko is inside the ring===
    Direction + square: Top rope bodydrop
    While running + direction + square: Flying summersault
    ===Standing hammer throws front of opponent (left + triangle)===
    Left + triangle: Legs spread piledriver
    Right + triangle: DDT
    Up + triangle: Body toss
    Down + triangle: Body toss to leg lock to armbar
    ===Standing hammer throws front of opponent (right + triangle)===
    Left + triangle: Many slaps
    Right + triangle: Half-nelson face plant
    Up + triangle: Jumping knee
    Down + triangle: Single leg takedown to leg lock to body tangle
    ===Standing hammer throws front of opponent  (up + triangle)===
    Left + triangle: Back strikes to arm snap
    Right + triangle: Knee to the midsection
    Up + triangle: Neck choke
    Down + triangle: Camel Clutch
    ===Standing hammer throws front of opponent (down + triangle)===
    Left + triangle: Knee slam
    Right + triangle: Foot on chest pin
    Up + triangle: Leg lock with head clutch
    Down + triangle: Figure Four Leg Lock variation
    ===Standing hammer throws front of opponent (dizzy opponent)===
    Left + triangle: Legs spread piledriver
    Right+ triangle: DDT
    Up+ triangle: Body toss
    Down + triangle: Body toss to leg lock to armbar
    ===Standing hammer behind opponent===
    Left + triangle: Full nelson suplex to pin
    Right + triangle: Panty flash to back bodydrop
    Up + triangle: Roll up pin
    Down + triangle: Body lock
    ===Turnbuckle Grapples (Opponent facing turbuckle)===
    Left + triangle: Back bodydrop
    Right + triangle: Top rope German suplex
    Up + triangle: Face grind across ropes
    Down + triangle: Hanging midsection kicks
    ===Turnbuckle Grapples (Opponent facing you)===
    Left + triangle: Superplex
    Right + triangle: Frontflip slam
    Up + triangle: Guillotine choke
    Down + triangle: Choke on the ropes
    ===Turnbuckle Strikes while running===
    Square: Missle Dropkick
    Direction + square: Running knee
    ===Turnbuckle Grapples Opponent on ground)===
    Direction + triangle: Kicks to the face then Knee
    ===Grapple with opponent leaning on the ropes===
    Any direction + Triangle: Slap to choke with foot
    Killer Move: Sunset Driver - Press L1 when opponent is standing
    Lethal Move: Fallen Angel - Press L1 on top ropes when opponent is down
    Humiliation Move: Grim Reaper - Press L2 when opponent is standing
    Reiko5 Closing
    Special Thanks:
    Sophia Vo: For being the greatest girlfriend in the world and for always going
               out of your way for me. Thanks for the inspiration baby.
    Neil: For proofreading my FAQ and for being an all around cool dude.
    CjayC and Gamefaqs: For posting all of my work.
    The readers: For taking the time to look at my FAQ. Without you I wouldn't even
                 be doing this. Thanks for the motivation.
    Legal Stuff:
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    Authorized Sites: www.gamefaqs.com
    If you see any other site hosting this FAQ/Walkthrough then contact me as soon
    as possible. This FAQ/Walkthrough is only available through GameFAQs and If I'm
    not mistaken, also Gamespot what with this merger and all.
    Contact Info:
                 Email Address: Phillip_Meris(AT)yahoo(DOT)com
                 AIM: Carnival_Nights@mac.com 
                 GameFAQs Username: Lostboi xD and Ulala Rules
                 Contributor Name: Ulala Rocks
    Here's a link to my contributor page incase you want to see my previous works:
    I ask for one favor if you contact me: Please do not be rude and use proper
    grammar. Thanks for checking out my FAQ.
                        Copyright 2004 Phillip Meris

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