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    Makoto Aihara by Selric

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    Just a basic Makoto FAQ for now. This only covers the Judo babe and is rather 
    skeletal. Expect a totally redone version sometime late December which will be 
    more like my Miss Spencer FAQ.
    Section 1, Standing Opponent
    Section 2, Fallen Opponent
    Section 3, Turnbuckle
    Section 4, Other
    Section 5, Special Moves
    Section 6, The boring stuff
    Numbers between ampersands is the estimated seconds it takes for a fresh 
    opponent to submit to that move while words between square brackets are the 
    specific body part damaged by the grapple. Sometimes when special notes are 
    worth mentioning, you will find them between parentheses.
    Section 1, Standing Opponent
    Centre = Forward Punch
    Left = Knife Hand
    Up = Elbow Thrust
    Right = Karate Punch
    Down = Rising Knee
    Run - Centre = Elbow Thrust
    Run - Direction = Morote Gari
    Fist Rush = Right Hook, Left Hook, Right Jab, Quick Right Haymaker
    Foot Rush = Right Shin Kick, Left Hip Kick, Left Waist Kick, Right Knee
    Ground Strikes:
    Centre = Stomp
    Horizontal = Knee Drop
    Vertical = Karate Punch
    Left - Left = Leg snare Jujigatame [Arm] {9.2} (Humiliates opponent)
    Left - Up = Osotogari [Head]
    Left - Right = Ippon Seoinage [Body]
    Left - Down = Harai Goshi [Body]
    Right - Left = Uchimata [Body] (Humiliates Opponent)
    Right - Up = UdeGarami Nage [Body]
    Right - Right = Morote Seoinage [Body]
    Right - Down = Ude Guruma [Head]
    Back Grapples:
    Left = Takedown cross legs submission [Leg] {9} (Humiliates Opponent)
    Up = Tomoenage [Body]
    Right = Russian Leg sweep [Head]
    Down = Body scissors sleeper hold [Head] {9.5 sec}
    Run = Schoolboy Pin (not a schoolgirl pin. Humiliates Opponent)
    Stun Grapples:
    Left = Uchimata [Body] (same as Right-Left) (Humiliates Opponent)
    Up = Tsurukomi Goshi [Body] 
    Right = Kataha Jime throw [Arm]
    Down = Hanging Armbar (Kousatsu Jujigatame?) [Arm] {10}
    Run - Centre = Neckbreaker [Head]
    Run - Direction = Frontside Darkside Backslide Pin
    Catching a Running Opponent:
    Centre = Hip Toss [Body]
    Horizontal = Toehold Takedown [Body] (Humiliates Opponent)
    Vertical = Backdrop [Body]
    Section 2, Fallen Opponent
    Head Grapples:
    Left = Elbow drop Headlock [Head]
    Up = Arm snare head scissors (Triangle Hold?) [Head]
    Right = Crotch Smother, Inverted Full Body Pin (Pin)
    Down = Atsuen Jujigatame [Arm]
    Leg Grapples:
    Left = Elbow drop leg lock [Leg]
    Up = Leg scissor leg lock [Leg]
    Right = Quick knee smash [Leg]
    Down = One leg crab [Leg] {9}
    Section 3, Turnbuckle
    Jumping off Turnbuckle:
    Centre = Leaping Double Hammerfist
    Horizontal = Leaping Elbow Drop
    Vertical = Leaping Knee Drop
    Striking Opponent in Corner:
    Run - Centre = Rising Knee to Face
    Run - Direction = Dropkick
    Grappling Opponent in Corner:
    Left = Hiyaku Jujigatame [Arm]
    Up = Chest Chop [Body] (opponent staggers out of corner)
    Right = Shoulder life fall away Slam [Body]
    Down = Breast Smack [Body] (opponent sits in corner)
    Grappling Opponent Bent over Turnbuckle:
    Left = Turnbuckle Neck breaker [Head]
    Up = Face Smash [Head]
    Right = Uranage [Body]
    Down = Shoulder Shove [Head] (Opponent sits in corner)
    Opponent Sitting in corner:
    Grapple = Kicks and Knee Press [Head] (Humiliates Opponent)
    Run - Strike = Drop Kick
    Section 4, Other
    Ringout Attacks:
    Forwards = Cross Body Splash
    Run - Forwards = Slide Kick
    Opponent against Ropes:
    Grapple = punch and whip [Head] (opponent rebounds off opposite ropes)
    Section 5, Special Moves
    Killer Move: Sode Guruma [Head] {8.8}
    Lethal Move (facing a dazed opponent): Tornado Form [Head]
    Humiliation Move: Knee Flexor [Leg] {8.5}
    Section 6, The boring stuff
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders. As for this FAQ as a personal 
    intellectual property, I give you (the reader) permission to do whatever you 
    want with it. I really don't give a damn.
    If I made any mistakes, general or otherwise please let me know. Same goes for 
    anything I'm forgetting and left out. 
    My E-mail is ...
    Keep in mind I will totally rewrite this FAQ in late december, from scratch.
    Thanks go to CjayC for not allowing more then one faq per Rumble Roses 
    Character, thus causing me do one on Makoto Instead of Rebecca Welsh 
    or Reiko Hinomoto and thanks to Dazz Hardy and Ulala Rules for not taking 
    Makoto yet.

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