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"Dance Dance Revolution: Extreme"

Introduction - Extreme is hyped to be the BEST arcade version ever, which, it pretty much is. Although, if you've played the arcade version and want to buy the (US) version, may I heed you warning: THIS ISN'T THE SAME GAME.

So, I picked up the game, (the U.S. version) and really wanted to review this game. Why? Because either you hate or love this game for some reason.

Presentation - I brought home the game starring at it as I always do waiting to pop it in and see the menu for the very first time. I looked at it and saw familiar characteristics from MAX2. The cover is nothing special but not horrible, and the manual has everything that you need to know, organized and everything else.

A big change in the game is the change from a "stacked song wheel" to a more early mix song selection. The menus are absolutely fine and maybe even improved over MAX2. Options are exactly like MAX2 with examples like: arrow colors, dance characters, sound options. The options are everything that you need.

Gameplay -
EXTREME is awesome because of the game mode, nonstop, training, edit, endless, workout, lesson, oni/challenge and the starring of party mode & mission mode.

Game, edit, workout, training, nonstop, endless, lesson are pretty much the same. But what I really want to talk about is party, mission and oni.

Mission has tons of different objectives to do like completing a song with so many perfects or so many other things. This mode unlocks songs and other things, mission mode is awesome.

Oni makes its return after a long hype, very cool.

Party is either very cool, or stupid. Party makes use of the eye toy and has several different games. You can play without the eye toy and play some okay games too. It's pretty nifty. Eye Toy isn't really all that bad.

Graphics - There is not much to say here, for, it's a freaking dance game. There is movies or animations in most every song and everything looks pretty clear.

Sound - This is going to be the most disputable area of the whole game. Unlike the arcade's 240 songs compared to 70 songs this is still a good mix. It is more of an American mix with songs like: Y.M.C.A, Like A Virgin, LADIES' NIGHT, Kids in America. It does have some JP and Extreme arcade songs. You can dispute that Konami totally messed up with some pretty weird songs. But it does have some good stuff.
I stepped on the arrow for the first time and scrolled around. The first thing I noticed that I was VERY happy with was the sound effects. They were quite good. You're not going to stop playing the game because you can't stand to scroll anymore.

Play Time/Replayability - It's DDR. With work out mode you can come and play everyday to get into shape, it takes months to start getting into heavy mode and you can score perfects or try to get A's on all the songs. This game will last you a long time.

Final Recommendation - If you're really unsure of it, rent it. The only thing that is lacking is songs, although it is just a matter of opinion to most people. This isn't as good as the arcade version but, seriously, this one is a no brainier.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/28/04

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