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    FAQ/Walkthrough by LegaiaRules

    Version: 1.30 | Updated: 07/20/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    VERSION 1.30
    by Angelo Pineda(rpger77@yahoo.ca)
    20-7-2006 - Additional information added to walkthrough, other changes 
    19-3-2005 - Hard Mode, Splatter Mode guides added, few stuff left to do.
    26-2-2005 - Added contributed material, might add guide for Splatter.
    6-2-2005 -  All parts finished. Will fix/add some stuff later.
    -Battle System
    -Port Facility
    -East St./Sewers
    -West St./Power Plant
    -Nanomachine Lab
    -Research Complex
    -Nanomachine Tower
    -Hard Mode
    6. ENEMIES
    7. SECRETS
    -Splatter Mode
    8. FAQ
    9. CREDITS
    Nanobreaker is the latest project from Konami's infamous IGA. This guide will
    cover material from the game. The game takes place in the near future when 
    nanotechnology evolves at a tremendous pace. Chaos ensues on an island when 
    the computer controlling the nanomachines malfunctions. Now, onto the 
    Jake Warren - the protagonist of Nanobreakers. He's a cyborg militant and 
    goes by the nickname of Genocide Hero. He was to be executed for killing women
    and other civilians indiscriminately. He was spared by General Raymond, who
    only froze his body. He awakens only to face a new mission: help disable the
    main computer. His weapon is the shape-shifting Plasma Blade.
    General Raymond - Jake's superior and the man who spared his life rather than
    execute him. He entrusts Jake with a Plasma Blade to help finish his mission.
    Michelle Baker - the scientist sent to the island. Her mission is to disable 
    the main computer that controls the nanomachines.
    Keith Spencer - a fellow cyborg militant and rival of Jake. He hates Jake for
    unknown reasons and is also sent to the island.
    Norman Baker - an unemployed man living in the island sewers(a bum). He likes
    to repair things.
    This section discusses the mechanics of Nanobreaker. Read this first before 
    playing the game.
    Left analog stick -> Move
    Right analog stick -> Move camera
    R3(push right analog stick down) -> Reset camera angle
    R1 -> Guard/Shift(for attack purposes)
    Square button -> Horizontal attack
    Triangle button -> Vertical attack
    X button -> Jump
    O button -> Capture/Open Door
    L2/R2 -> Scroll through available Booster equipment
    Start -> Menu
    Select -> Map controls
    R1 + O -> Activate Booster
    R1 + X + left analog stick -> Dodge Roll
    X + X -> Double Jump(must unlock)
    R1 + X(while in mid-air) -> Glide(must unlock)
    Square(while in mid-air) -> Air Slash(horizontal)
    Triangle(while in mid-air) -> Air Slash(vertical)
    R1 + Square(while in mid-air) -> Ground Stab
    R1 + Triangle(while in mid-air) -> Ground Slash
    R1 + X(while Jake is in mid-air after being 'blown' away) -> Recovery Roll
    L1/R1 -> Scroll through menus
    O button -> Confirm/Equip/Remove
    X button -> Back
    Square button -> Default/Remove All(on combo screen)
    Start -> Back to game
    The battle system is in real-time for starters. It is reminiscent of the 
    recent Castlevania: Lament of Innocence, but differs from that game's system
    enough that it's not a carbon copy. The basics:
    There are two main attacks: horizontal and vertical. Horizontal attacks are
    able to affect multiple enemies and best for crowd clearing. Vertical attacks
    affect only one enemy regardless of height, and are effective in dispatching
    a lone enemy. These two can be used for Aerial attacks and Ground attacks, in
    which Jake does downward attacks towards the ground. These can be combined 
    with the Shift(R1) button for Thrust and Juggle attacks. Thrust attacks are 
    very effective against armored Orgamechs, while Juggle does what it says: to
    juggle and attack enemies in mid-air. 
    Last but not least is the Capture skill. This allows you to lasso an enemy 
    and drag them towards you for a free shot. If you Capture an enemy then press 
    one of the two attack buttons once close enough, a Capture-counter may 
    result. This is a deathblow attack and slices an enemy in half, horizontally 
    or vertically. Do practice the technique; it comes in handy throughout the 
    whole game. 
    The last technique is Laser Reflect, which reflects green lasers back at an 
    enemy. Not quite as effective as the previous technique, but still useful 
    against projectile firing enemies. These normal attacks are used in the 
    combo system, which transforms the Plasma Blade into one of the following 
    weapons: Axe, Hammer, Scythe, Spear, Great Sword, and Boomerang. Please 
    read the combo section for more details.
    When Jake damages enemies, the Plasma Blade turns more red in color. After
    you have damaged or killed enough enemies, Jake's limiter will be released. 
    During this temporary state, Jake's attacks become very strong, and any 
    special effect that a combo normally cannot do activates, assuming that it is
    able to hit an enemy. Go all-out whenever the limiter is off. The sign for 
    this is when Jake's wings are revealed.
    Defensively, Jake can block with the Shift(R1) button. Jake can also execute 
    a Perfect Guard, which is blocking a green projectile as it connects.(Laser
    Reflect) Jake can also do Dodge Rolls, which involves pressing R1 + X + a 
    direction on the analog stick. Due to the lack of healing options, it is a 
    big help to master how to play defensively. If an enemy sends Jake flying, try
    the Recovery Roll technique. This allows Jake to quickly get back onto the
    ground safely and prevents him from being attacked while on the ground.
    Last but not least is the Booster system. To activate a Booster, have enough
    Booster Points(BP) and press Shift(R1) + O. Read the Boosters section for 
    more details.
    Nanobreaker also includes an rpg-like experience system. Gallons(equivalent of
    EXP) are rewarded for harming, slicing, smashing, and defeating enemies. At 
    every 2,000 gallons, a bonus is rewarded. The bonuses are:
    -Life recovery(30 life)
    -Booster recovery(20 BP)
    -Life MAX Up(+ 5 life)
    -Booster MAX Up(+ 5 BP)
    Life and Booster MAX Up are only given every 10,000 gallons or so. Odd numbers
    give the Life MAX Up bonus, while even numbers give the Booster MAX Up bonus.
    One last important note: There is no way to heal except through the gallon 
    bonuses, finding life-ups in the game, and beating an area. Keep this in mind
    as you play. The Booster recovers as you fight enemies though.
    *Only puzzles and tough spots will be covered in the walkthrough. Items will
    be listed, but how to find them will not be covered.(the map will show them
    anyways) Some items aren't on the map but in boxes so keep an eye out for 
    *For bosses, their data, attacks and how to dodge them, and strategy will be
    covered. No need to panic.*
    Items: Capture Critical, Combo Chip Lv.1 x 2
    Get used to the controls first before moving on. Fight a few Humans to get a
    hang of the battle system. Move towards the big space in the road for..
    Venus(Fly Trap)
    Life bars: One
    Weakness: Great Sword attacks
    Difficulty: Easy
    Lunge -  Dodge roll to evade or run to the sides.
    Downwards Lunge - Dodge roll sideways as it prepares to lunge.
    Recommended Life: 200
    Recommended BP: 100
    Recommended Booster: None
    Venus is a pretty easy boss if you played with the controls prior to the 
    battle. To damage it, just use the Great Sword(game will help if you don't
    know) attacks on the mouth. If Venus's mouth is close, use a Great Sword
    attack to open it. Towards the end, it drops a Combo Chip lv.1. Grab it 
    and it'll automatically be equipped. Use the Axe lv.1 combo(game will 
    help here too) to finish the fight.
    Same as Jake except this will be easier with his higher damage.
    Even easier, but don't take any hits.
    *END BOSS*
    There's a life-up afterwards if you need to recover. The next few areas will
    introduce the Fly and Dog enemies. The Human enemies are also present for 
    more practice. For the Fly, practice Perfect Guard for a Laser Reflect. Once
    you get the Capture Critical booster, try it out if you have enough Booster
    Points. I recommend you try to Capture-counter without the Booster though, as
    it will help tremendously later. The next few areas have a floating wheel
    that guards the next section. To break it, kill all enemies in the area. Once
    you reach the save point, I suggest you save. After more floating wheels, you
    fight the real boss.
    Life bars: One
    Weakness: Vertical attacks
    Difficulty: Medium
    Gatling Gun - Circle strafe to dodge.
    Scythe Charge - Stay out of the way(look at the map), don't dodge roll.
    Capture - Dodge roll sideways if possible/only does it if your Capture fails.
    Capture-counter - CANNOT dodge or block.
    Counter Shot - CANNOT dodge or block/counters when he is blocking.
    Combos(Great Sword/Axe/Spear/Hammer/Scythe)- Dodge roll or strafe.
    Recommended Life: 100
    Recommended BP: 80
    Recommended Booster: Capture Critical Lv.1
    Keith is a decent foe, able to attack from afar or up close. From afar, he
    uses his Gatling Gun or Scythe Charge. Gatling Gun is used more often than
    Scythe Charge. Up close, he tries to use a combo, ending with one of the
    weapons listed above. To defeat him, attack when he is done attacking. Keith
    takes little damage from the default 3-hit combos so try to avoid doing that.
    Attacking with one of the weapon combos will do more damage but he can quickly
    block due to the delay when the blade transforms. If he does do this, get out
    of there unless you want him to use Counter Shot, which will fling you across
    the field for his long-range attacks. Don't try to parry his attacks, he will
    counter them. 
    To make things easier, you can Capture him for a free shot at him. If you are 
    low on life, let him use the Gatling Gun. It's his only weak spot since he's 
    a sitting duck while he shoots. Keith never Captures unless you try it and it 
    fails(not attacking). Rinse and repeat until he's done for. If you are still 
    unfamiliar with the combos, stick with the default 3-hit vertical combo. 
    Keith is weak against these attacks.
    See Jake's strategy. You can use Gatling Gun to interrupt enemy Keith if you
    Again, avoid taking hits and vertical attacks maul Keith fast.
    *END BOSS*
    Items: Auto-Laser Reflect, Combo Chip Lv.2 x 2, Booster MAX Up
    Save point is up ahead so save if you need to. The first part involves getting
    past the broken bridge parts. If you fall, you won't die but will have to 
    start over so take caution. Fly types are here, if you wish to try out the 
    new Booster. Before exiting the area, there are Leech enemies on the small
    bridge. Use vertical attacks to kill them(and ensure you don't fall off). Bee
    types make their appearance after getting past the area. Vertical attacks, as
    well as Capture-counter (vertical), should be used here.
    Huge blocks are in the way of the exit and save point. To move them, use the
    Capture technique. Make sure you Capture the block in front of you(position
    yourself) otherwise Capture fails. Another save point is up ahead. I suggest
    saving. Hopefully you've been practicing Capture-counter or have enough BP
    to use Capture Critical..
    Human Orgamech x n
    Difficulty: Easy
    Recommended Life: 150
    Recommended BP: 80
    Recommended Booster: Capture Critical Lv.1
    Basically kill as much Humans as you can. You also have to protect Michelle
    so watch where you swing. Vertical attacks help here since it avoids the risk
    of accidentally harming her that a horizontal attack would do. Capture-counter
    makes this fight easier, especially when Capture Critical is used.
    Jake's strategy is fine, but you can try using Laser Storm. It gets rid of the
    Humans fast.
    See Jake's strategy.
    *END BOSS*
    You can't go to the top door for now(marked in purple arrows) so head south.
    If you need some life or booster recovery, kill the enemies in the area. Equip
    Auto-Laser Reflect and enter the door.
    Life bars: One
    Weakness: Vertical attacks
    Difficulty: Medium
    Laser(green) - Laser Reflect or dodge roll.
    Laser(red) - Dodge roll depending on where laser starts.
    Tentacle Slam - Jump if on ground and stand still if not.
    Head Bash - Dodge roll sideways.
    Fire Wave - Stay in the center.
    Recommended Life: 100
    Recommended BP: 60
    Recommended Booster: Auto-Laser Reflect 
    It's heart, the target, is protected by the rib cage. To open the rib cage,
    use vertical attacks on the head. It usually takes three to open it up. Once
    open, attack it with any fast hitting combo. Stop once the rib cage is closed
    and dodge roll as Octopus always counters with Head Bash. Also, watch out for
    Tentacle Slam while dodging Head Bash. Another way to open up the rib cage is
    to Laser Reflect the green one it fires. Auto-Laser Reflect is helpful here.
    The red laser is easy to dodge and Fire Wave is too as long as you're in the
    center. The signal for this attack is when it pulls backwards. Do avoid it as
    it takes off a large portion of life.
    See Jake's strategy. You have to be good at timing the block if you wish to
    reflect the green laser as Keith lacks Auto-Laser Reflect.
    Jaguar can die fast from a few hits.. but so does Octopus. Spear attacks end
    this fight fast.
    *END BOSS*
    Items: Status Boost, Combo Chip Lv.3 x 2, Booster MAX Up
    Once the Octopus is defeated, pick up the Combo Chip nearby and save if you 
    must. By now, you should be proficient with Capture-counters and with the 
    combo system. Anyways, the path to the sewers is fairly straightforward. Along
    the way, the Scorpion makes its debut. Scorpions are immune to any normal 
    attack so let's try something new. Put a Lv.2 Chip on the Thrust slot in
    front of the Shift + Square button. This unlocks the Lv.1 Spear combo. The 
    Scorpion's armor can't protect against thrust attacks well so use it to
    your advantage. 
    Once in the sewers, you encounter 4 new enemies: Lv.2 Fly, Fish, Spider, and 
    Cocoon. Lv.2 Fly types are similar to the regular Fly, except they move and 
    fire faster. Cocoons are really big, but fortunately don't attack. However, 
    they have heavy armor so either a Lv.1 or 2 Spear attack is effective. Lv.2 
    recommended since it deals more damage and pushes it back(since all they can 
    do is push you back to the entrance). Fish are annoying little critters. Fish 
    can fly and do a spinning attack and while on ground, are hard to hit. 
    Vertical attacks work well against them. Last but not least is the Spider. 
    They are as hard to hit as Fish and attach to Jake and self-destruct if they 
    are not taken out. Mash the buttons to force them out of Jake. Kill them the 
    same way you do with the Fish. 
    In the sewers, head for the room and don't fall over the ledge/water unless 
    you want to go and start over. Once you're in the room with a big circle on 
    the map, make sure Status Boost is ready for use and head towards it.
    Snail x 2
    Life bars: One x 2
    Weakness: Vertical attacks
    Difficulty: Medium
    Spin - Stay in one of the corners and jump whenever one shell gets close.
    Spike Spread - Stay in-between the spikes.
    Spike Mines - Do not touch the spikes.
    Recommended Life: 125
    Recommended BP: 50
    Recommended Booster: Status Boost Lv.1 
    There isn't one, but two bosses to fight at once. Also, until the shells stop
    spinning, the Snails are immune to any kind of attack. Both shells spin for a 
    while and hurts if you get hit. The shells move faster than you run so it's
    best to jump and stay in a corner until the shells stop moving. When they do,
    run away and wait until Spike Spread is done. Once the shells stop, it will
    open up. Look for the opening and see if the snail is there(brown). If so,
    Capture it and start attacking. The shell will continue to spin regardless of
    the snail isn't dead. Repeat the process until one shell is destroyed. The 
    other will then use Spike Mines while it moves. The spikes can only be hit
    if you jump so avoid that, but also watch out for the shell's movements. 
    See Jake's strategy.
    See Jake's strategy.
    *END BOSS*
    You gain the Double Jump ability after beating the boss.
    A Booster MAX Up is in the room but cannot be obtained. Run up to the walkway
    and use your new Double Jump skill to get onto the shelf and the power-up.
    Items: Plasma Storm, Combo Chip Lv.1/2/(3 x 2)
    After the fight, you meet Norman, an unemployed man living in the sewers.(yes,
    he is a bum) He tells you where to find the Power Plant. Fortunately, the way
    there is in the next room, so no need to worry. 
    This part is a bit annoying mainly due to bad camera angle. Hit the switch
    nearby(Vertical) and start jumping. For the first section, jump until you
    reach the top and jump onto the moving floor. The second part is harder: the
    platforms fall after landing on one and the exit isn't exactly visible. Keep
    jumping until he see a platform on the right(that doesn't look like the other
    Once that's over with, search the place for items. Head to the south for the 
    entrance to the Power Plant. New enemies in the area are Lv.2 Dog, Lv.2 Human,
    and Ogre. Lv.2 Dog is basically a Dog with jumping ability. Lv.2 Human can
    do a nasty uppercut besides what a Human can do. A special note is if you
    Capture-counter these horizontally, they will continue to attack so kill with
    vertical instead. Ogre are big enemies that are immune to Capture so don't
    bother using that. To kill them, slash until they drop then do a Ground Stab.
    One last new enemy is the Flying Eye. These are immune to normal attacks, but
    like Scorpions, they are weak against thrust/Spear attacks. You can try to 
    attack when their eye is open, but it always attacks then closes so Spear
    combos are better in this case. 
    You'll notice that you won't be able to progress further due to no exit 
    in the room with the big crane. How to solve the problem? Lure it towards the 
    area where it says "Emergency Exit" and wait for it to drop. After about two 
    drops, the surface in the area will collapse and reveal the exit. The Ground
    Stab attack can also break the floor, except it takes a bit longer to do.
    After reaching the save point, the next area is filled with heat and lots of
    it. To get through without dying, jump on the falling blocks. The blocks are
    melted away after a while so keep jumping. If you hit the floor, quickly jump 
    to a block to minimize damage. Halfway through is a fence, double jump to get
    over it.
    The crusher hurts a lot but it damages the Lv.2 Humans in the room. To break
    the crusher(and get to the exit), knock down the Humans and hope the crusher
    kills them before they get up. Does this enough times and the crusher will be
    destroyed. Use the initial Great Sword(horizontal) to knock the enemies down.
    Climb up the walkway and walk backwards to find a Combo Chip Lv.3.(hidden)
    Afterwards, be prepared to fight a boss..
    Golem(2 parts)
    Life bars: Half(both parts)
    Weakness: Lower part - vertical Capture-counter, Upper part - Spear attacks
    Difficulty: Medium
    *when together*
    Multi-laser - Dodge roll or double jump.
    Multi-swing - Stay out of range.
    *when apart*
    Laser(green) - Laser Reflect or dodge roll.
    Drill Claw - Stay out of line-of-sight.
    Swing - Dodge roll.
    Recommended Life: 150
    Recommended BP: 50
    Recommended Booster: Status Boost Lv.1
    First, Capture-critical(vertical) the lower part to immediately kill it. This
    leaves only the upper part to deal with. It's fairly easy to beat the upper
    part since it's all by itself. However, do evade its attacks as they can deal
    some decent damage. Use Spear combos to defeat the upper part, but it can 
    also block, making it immune to any attack. Wait until his guard drops then
    attack. You can also Laser Reflect his green lasers if you prefer to beat it
    from afar.
    Gatling Gun works nicely here but be sure to eliminate the lower part first.
    See Jake's strategy. Don't forget about avoiding damage!
    *END BOSS*
    Wow, 3 puzzles, a boss, and now another tough spot. There are 2 crushers on
    the bottom floor and will move if you land down there. A Combo Chip Lv.2 is
    there and you will almost always get squashed if you try to get it. How to
    get the Chip without getting squashed? Kill all the Flying Eyes and go to the
    left side of the Y-shaped platform towards the exit. Go a bit forward and drop
    down(do not move when you jump). If lucky, you'll land on the Chip and can 
    concentrate on running towards the exit. Once you're close to the end, double
    jump to avoid death.
    These puzzles and tough spots never end, do they? In the three rooms, you
    have to activate the consoles at the top of the room. Jump onto moving 
    platforms to reach it, but watch out for the yellow laser that moves the
    blocks. One room has suspended platforms so you won't risk getting injured.
    There are life-ups in the rooms if you need to heal and you should after all
    of those tough spots.
    Save because you know what's next..
    Life bars: One
    Weakness: Spear attacks
    Difficulty: Medium
    Green Pod - varies based on number of Green Pods; jump or dodge roll.
    Red Pod - same as Green Pod, except circle strafe to keep some distance. 
    Recommended Life: 125
    Recommended BP: 50
    Recommended Booster: Status Boost Lv.1
    Basically, this is a game of hide-and-seek. The Turtle hides behind one of the
    energy pillars and you have to Capture to lure him out. If you miss, one of 
    two things can happen. The green pods, its main method of attack, increase in
    size. Or, a pod monster comes out and the green pods turn red. While this 
    happens the pod monster equips and attacks with all the pods currently out.
    Stay away until the pod monster disappears. As for the Turtle, it's shell is
    heavily armored, but like armored enemies, it is weak against Spear. A Lv.2
    Spear combo is extremely effective and will take out half of Turtle's life
    bar if all hits connect. Remember to dodge the moving pods at all times.
    See Jake's strategy.
    See Jake's strategy. Lv.2 Spear will take out almost all of Turtle's life
    in one go.
    *END BOSS*
    Items: Plasma Orbs, Combo Chip Lv.1/(2 x 2)/4/Ultra
    Since the power is restored, let's go back and pay a visit to the bum Norman.
    For your efforts, he rewards you with a Combo Chip Lv.2. Not much of a prize
    really. But, since you're in the area, there is a better reward waiting. Go
    to the room where you fought the Snails and enter the pit. Get ready for your
    first cage match!
    Cage Match #1
    Enemies: Human, Dog, Scorpion
    Difficulty: Easy
    Recommended Life: 200
    Recommended BP: 140
    Recommended Booster: None
    This is a very easy cage match to win. The enemies are only low level ones and
    pose no threat at all. Dispose of them in any way you wish.
    No real need to worry.. their stronger attacks kill them quick.
    *END BOSS*
    You get Combo Chip Lv.Ultra for your efforts. This special chip allows you to 
    activate ANY slot, from Lv.1 to 5. Now you can really have fun causing carnage
    with the highest Lv. weapon combos with this!
    Now, let's head for the Nanomachine Lab. Do you remember the room in the top
    east corner on West St. previously locked? It's now open to search. Go to the
    door on the bottom of the next room. New enemies? Lv.2 Scorpion, Lv.3 Fly,
    Magic Orb, Lv.2 Ogre are the new roommates. Lv.2 Scorpion has more range than
    the average Scorpion so beware. Lv.3 Fly can teleport, fire 3 red lasers in a
    row, fire a green laser, and can zoom in your location with its drill attack.
    Again, These don't last very long so Laser Reflect them on their green shots.
    Magic Orb is the most heavily armored Orgamech in the whole game that's an 
    enemy. These things take very little damage from any attack. They also attract
    Capture and are immune to it. If you are going to Capture an enemy, make sure 
    it's not towards the Magic Orb. Otherwise, it will always Capture it, fail and
    leave you open for free hits while you try to let go. Dodge them; they're not
    worth the effort. Lv.2 Ogres can actually attack. Well, they try to ram into 
    you and that's it. As with the weaker Ogre, knock them down and use Ground 
    Stab or Slash to kill them. 
    Last but not forgotten is the Lv.2 Bee. They can carry one enemy(Fly or 
    Spider), but that's it for new abilities. Again, any vertical combos will best 
    the Bees.
    Nanomachine Lab is a one-way trip; there's not much to do except move 
    forward. There are some trick spots though.
    After a while, you'll notice the next area is covered in acid. Go to the 2
    rooms close by and kill all of the Leeches to get rid of the acid outside.
    Grab the Lv.4 Combo Chip nearby by and enter the next room.
    Defender x 2
    Life bars: Half x 2
    Weakness: Spear attacks
    Difficulty: Easy
    Shield Swing - Dodge roll.
    Shield Bash -  Dodge roll.
    Acid(if shield is destroyed) - Avoid affected area.
    Recommended Life: 200
    Recommended BP: 140
    Recommended Booster: Plasma Orbs Lv.1
    Defenders automatically block anything in front of their shields. Their weak
    spot is behind it, if you can reach them. Lucky for you, Plasma Orbs helps 
    out if you took it in the beginning of the area. After using that, get close 
    and start using Spear combos. If you have the Ultra Combo Chip, activate the
    Lv.4 Scythe combo. Use this correctly will destroy their shields but not them.
    Without their shields, the Defenders are helpless to your assaults. 
    Laser Storm ends this boss fight in a hurry.
    Avoid taking hits and go crazy with Spear attacks.
    *END BOSS*
    The next few rooms are filled with acid that can harm you as long as you stay
    in it. There are moving platforms where you can jump on to move to the next
    room. Travel around and gather the Combo Chips scattered in these rooms and 
    make sure you have enough BP for Capture Critical when you reach the room that
    leads further into the Lab.
    Cage Match #2
    Enemies: Lv.2 Human, Lv.2 Ogre
    Difficulty: Easy
    Recommended Life: 175
    Recommended BP: 150
    Recommended Booster: Capture Critical Lv.2 
    Notice the bottom of the room is in acid. You will drop in it if you leave
    enemies alive since their weight will bring down the cage. Capture Critical
    will help you deal with the Humans, so you can focus on the Ogres once they're
    Laser Storm works wonders again.
    Plasma Orbs is nice, but Capture Critical is better.
    *END BOSS*
    Pick up the life-up nearby and prepare yourself for yet another battle.
    Gold Golem
    Life bars: A bit more than half
    Weakness: Spear attacks
    Difficulty: Medium
    Shotgun Blast - Stay in-between the shots.
    Homing Laser -  Dodge roll or get behind it.
    Ground Shockwave - Jump or stay out of range.
    Double Fist - Dodge roll.
    Counter Fist - Dodge roll sideways quickly.
    Recommended Life: 150
    Recommended BP: 100
    Recommended Booster: Plasma Orbs Lv.1
    The Gold Golem is a tough customer. Its able to attack in quick succession and
    from afar or up close. By now, you should have mastered the battle system so
    it's an even playing field with it. Get close as soon as possible as its 
    Shotgun Blast and Homing Laser are moderately damaging but it's able to fire
    up to 3 in a row, which will deal huge damage to your life. At close range,
    it will try to use Ground Shockwave to knock you down for its Double Fist
    attack. Jump when he lands, and keep some distance for its strong Double Fist.
    Frontal attacks only provoke it to use Counter Fist, which knocks you a good
    10 or so feet and back to long range. Use Plasma Orbs if you have enough BP 
    and get close. It will keep it from attacking, so use the time to unleash a
    Spear combo. Keep doing this until it dies.(it has slightly more life than
    the Defenders) It drops a life-up, and more if you destroy all of its parts.
    See Jake's strategy.
    DO NOT GET HIT AT ALL! Gold Golem's attacks can strike down Jaguar in a few
    *END BOSS*
    If you are badly injured, I suggest repeating the fight or fight some enemies
    and hope to get an life-up or life-up bonus. Guess who's in the last room...
    Keith(Second round)
    Life bars: One
    Weakness: None
    Difficulty: Medium
    Gatling Gun - Circle strafe to dodge.
    Scythe Charge - Stay out of the way(look at the map), don't dodge roll.
    Capture - Dodge roll sideways if possible/only does it if your Capture fails.
    Capture-counter - CANNOT dodge or block.
    Counter Shot - CANNOT dodge or block/counters when he is blocking.
    Combos(Great Sword/Axe/Spear/Hammer/Scythe)- Dodge roll or strafe.
    Laser Storm - Watch the crosshairs on the ground.
    Recommended Life: 125
    Recommended BP: 50
    Recommended Booster: Status Boost Lv.1
    Keith is the same, except with a new attack and better at attacking, blocking,
    uses Capture normally, and takes less damage from attacks. He is no longer 
    weak against vertical attacks so don't rely on it too much. His new attack is
    Laser Storm, which fires multiple lasers that target the area crosshairs are
    on. This is quite painful and will knock you down for most blasts, which can
    spell death. As long as you are away from the crosshairs, you're fine. It's
    not too accurate so take that as a blessing. Other than that, use combos to
    finish him off.
    Same as the first Keith fight.
    Laser Storm will be your death, so avoid the crosshairs.
    *END BOSS* 
    Items: Fauchard Rampage, Combo Chip Lv.1/2/3/4, Booster MAX Up
    Before you exit the boss room, look around for the Fauchard Rampage Booster.
    Let's go back to the Snail room and see if there's anything new to do first. 
    And there is..
    Cage Match #3
    Enemies: Lv.2 Scorpion, Lv.2 Human, Defender
    Difficulty: Medium
    Recommended Life: 200
    Recommended BP: 160
    Recommended Booster: Plasma Orbs Lv.1 
    The Lv.2 Scorpions are annoying but as long as you keep using Spear on them,
    they won't be too annoying. As for the Lv.2 Humans, go crazy and send them
    to their doom. The Defenders are the biggest threat and you fight four of 
    them at once. Hopefully you have enough BP for to activate Plasma Orbs. If
    you have the Ultra Combo Chip, you should activate the Lv.4 Scythe combo. This
    will mow down the Scorpions and Humans easily and destroy the shields of the
    Defenders, rendering them helpless against the might of the Plasma Blade.
    Use Laser Storm again.. and Gatling Gun if you're bored of quick kills.
    Plasma Orbs will help you avoid taking damage. Jake's strategy will work.
    *END BOSS*
    You get a Booster MAX Up for winning this cage match.
    Next, let's take a trek back to the Sewers and see if there's new stuff to be
    had since we're so close to the area. Check until you find a room with a 
    Lv.1, Lv.2, and Lv.3 Combo Chip. The door leading to them is open so grab the
    free goodies. Now, it's time to actually get down to business.
    The entrance to the Runway is located in the East St. area, in the same area
    you went through for the Nanomachine Lab. Not much to do except the appearance
    of Lv.3 Humans. These are one of the hardest enemies to beat. They can combo, 
    take less damage from normal attacks, and send that life bar of yours down to
    0 in a hurry. They have some resistance to Capture-counters, unless Capture
    Critical is used. Again, they can still attack after Capture-counter, except
    they can still do so even with a vertical attack. The Gold Golem makes an 
    appearance here but fortunately there's only one of them. Anyways, get 
    enough BP for a Capture Critical and save before proceeding.
    Human type x n
    Difficulty: Medium
    Recommended Life: 200
    Recommended BP: 160
    Recommended Booster: Capture Critical Lv.2
    Just like in the Port Facility, protect Michelle while killing the Humans. 
    This time though, you have to protect her until she activates all consoles
    in the area. Do try to finish the fight with full life and Booster gauges
    as you'll receive a nasty surprise.
    Capture-counter the humans and conserve your Life and BP. Easy enough.
    *END BOSS*
    *BOSS #2*
    Life bars: Two(that's right, TWO)
    Weakness: None
    Difficulty: Hard
    Laser(blue) - Get on top of the Tank.
    Laser Storm - Watch out for crosshairs on the ground.
    Machine Gun - Double jump.
    Cannon - Dodge roll.
    Wall Ram - Jump right before the tank hits a wall.
    Ram - Double jump out of the way.
    *Stage 2*
    Laser(orange) - Dodge roll or double jump.
    Spinning Disc - Jump off the Tank.
    Recommended Life: 175
    Recommended BP: 100
    Recommended Booster: Status Boost Lv.2
    The Tank is tough, with 2 full life bars and a whole lot of weapons. The way 
    to victory involves destroying all the weapon compartments on-board the Tank.
    There are 4 Cannons, Machine Guns, Laser Storm ports, and 2 other ports. You
    can expect many of those attacks going off at the same time and they all hurt
    so watch how long your attacks are. While on the ground, the Tank will try
    to ram you so be careful and watch the map closely. While on the Tank, it is 
    going to try and ram a wall so you fall off the Tank. Fortunately, you will
    not take damage from this. Attack it in any way you see fit. After all but 
    one cannon is destroyed, the remaining cannon will detach and attack where you
    go. Reserve blowing up the cannons(at least spare 2) and go for the Laser 
    Storm ports and Machine Guns. Then blow up the cannons. It's easier to take
    down the lone cannon without the interference of Laser Storm and Machine Gun
    attacks. Afterwards, get ready for stage 2..
    *STAGE 2*
    You didn't really think it any soldiers were actually driving the Tank, did
    you? The Orgamech controlling it, is revealed. There are life-ups located on
    the map if you didn't take them from the previous battle. By this point, you
    are most likely low on life so go and take them. Anyways, this stage is easier
    than the first. The core is the attack target and any fast-hitting combo works
    here. Once you get on the Tank, it will begin to use it's Spinning Disc and/or
    orange laser. Double jump and run out of harm's way when the core is glowing.
    Rinse and repeat until finished.
    *WARNING: Once you destroy all of the weapons and the part covering the core
    of the Orgamech, stay away from the Tank until it the transformation is done.
    If you are close to the Tank but not on it, there is a chance you will get
    flattened by the Tank and die.*
    Prepare for the fastest beatdown with Laser Storm.. this alone will knock out
    almost all of the Tank's life bars if used correctly.
    You cannot afford to take hits but Jaguar's very strong attacks will help.
    *END BOSS*
    Items: Speed Up, Combo Chip Lv.5 x 2
    You gain the Glide ability after the FMV is finished.
    Before we go any further, let's find the last Booster. By now, you should have
    6 and there are 7 total. So where to find it? Go right through the exit to the
    Snail boss room and enter the pit for another cage fight.(Lucky you have full
    life since you start so close after the boss fight) 
    Cage Match #4
    Enemies: Gold Golem, Lv.2 Scorpion, Lv.2 Ogre
    Difficulty: Medium
    Recommended Life: 250
    Recommended BP: 170
    Recommended Booster: Plasma Orbs Lv.2
    Just like the last cage match, except harder. Gold Golem is problematic and 
    strong but you only fight one of them. Spear combos are once again the way to
    send these machines back into the junkyard. Lv.2 Scorpions are also here, so
    continue doing them Spear attacks. Lastly are Lv.2 Ogres; dispose of them the
    same way you do with the other Ogres. 
    Laser Storm all then hack away at the Gold Golem.
    Plasma Orbs at Lv.2 or 3 are your best friend. 
    *END BOSS*
    You get Speed Up after winning this cage match.
    *WARNING: If you decide to continue onto the Research Complex, you will NOT
    be able to return to the city. If you need to collect anything, now's the 
    time to do so.*
    Remember the area with the platforms and unreachable door? Now, with Glide,
    that door can be reached. Before heading for the Research Complex, check your
    stats. By now, life should at least be around 250 and Booster around 150. As
    for the Booster equipment, Status Boost should be at Lv.2 by now. If not, 
    fight enemies until it is levelled up. If you've been fighting almost every
    enemy you see and using Boosters a lot, Status Boost should be close to Lv.3.
    Try to get it to that level before proceeding further. You can get some help
    on the platforms, which have big Booster-ups and use Status Boost without 
    having to fight. Lv.3 may take a while if you haven't been fighting a lot, but
    you'll soon see why it's vital. 
    Once prepared, use Glide to reach the door at the top of the plaform room. 
    Dodge all enemies and make sure Status Boost is on the Booster slot and you 
    have full life and Booster. Go to the light for one last fight..
    Keith(Final round)
    Life bars: One
    Weakness: None
    Difficulty: Hard
    Gatling Gun - Circle strafe to dodge.
    Scythe Charge - Stay out of the way(look at the map), don't dodge roll.
    Capture - Dodge roll sideways if possible
    Capture-counter - CANNOT dodge or block.
    Counter Shot - CANNOT dodge or block/counters when he is blocking.
    Combos(Great Sword/Axe/Spear/Hammer/Scythe)- Dodge roll or strafe.
    Laser Storm - Watch out for the crosshairs on the ground.
    Beam Slice - Dodge roll or Glide at the right time.(difficult)
    Recommended Life: 250
    Recommended BP: 170
    Recommended Booster: Status Boost Lv.3 
    Keith improves even more: he counters faster, blocks more, and takes even less
    damage from attacks. Laser Storm also has increased accuracy and amount, and
    Keith can execute the highest level of the weapon combos, plus almost always
    Capture-counters whenever he uses Capture and succeeds. His biggest threat is
    his Beam Slice(seen in FMV), mainly since it can potentially kill in one hit
    because of the insane damage it deals. It's difficult to dodge the attack due
    to his ability to change the beam's direction at the last second so timing is
    crucial. The distance dodge roll covers is only a bit more than the beam's 
    width so direction is important too. Glide is risky due to the slight delay 
    before the Glide activates as well. If you have more than 250 life, you will
    survive with only a very small portion of the life bar left. 
    This is where Status Boost comes in. Since the attack has a long start-up 
    time, transform immediately. If you get hit, the damage is reduced, more at 
    Lv.2 and 3. At Lv.3, the life bar will be around 1/4 remaining which is safe 
    to eat some hits and still emerge the winner. The problem is you cannot 
    withstand a second hit from that attack. Take every opportunity to pound 
    Keith into submission: knock him down with a combo and attack him while he's 
    still on the ground. Avoid staying at long-range as much as possible, it 
    only provokes him to use more Beam Slices. If he uses Gatling Gun, take it as 
    a free opportunity to combo him. Keith rarely ever uses it so stay up close 
    to lessen the chances of a Beam Slice coming your way. Easily the hardest 
    boss yet so don't be too surprised to see plenty of Game Overs.
    It is possible to cancel out his Beam Slice, but only a few(the highest Lv.
    of a weapon combo) can do that. Timing is also key here, it can only be done
    after he begins the power-up(wait for half a second).
    *contributed by Jay Square*
    Beam Slice can be interrupted by Plasma Orbs. Activate it and run to Keith's
    position. He should immediately block it and retreat temporarily.
    See Jake's strategy. Again, Gatling Gun can cancel enemy Keith's attacks but
    he does block it more often. 
    Finish Keith off FAST! You cannot take one Beam Slice as Jaguar's Life is 
    too small.
    *END BOSS*
    Save now because the exit won't appear anytime soon. The following path is 
    very straightforward, but has lots of Orgamech types. Most dangerous are the
    Golems, which are now normal enemies. Dodge these at all costs, you'll need
    to save as much life as possible. At the end, you will be stopped be another
    floating wheel barrier. Avoid getting hit and use Capture-counters a lot. Head
    north and be ready to face the..
    Life bars: Two(yes again, TWO)
    Weakness: None
    Difficulty: Hard
    Orb Laser - Jump as it moves close by.
    *stage 2*
    Blue Missile -  Avoid/mash buttons to get free from goo.
    Red Missile - Dodge roll.
    Orb Shockwave - Get off the platform.
    Tentacle Slam - Dodge roll at the right moment.
    Laser Wall - Stand by one of the tentacles.
    Recommended Life: 260
    Recommended BP: 180
    Recommended Booster: Status Boost Lv.3
    The first part is simple enough; just destroy all the orbs. It will fire Blue
    Missiles so do watch where you go. If you get caught by the goo, mash the 
    buttons to get free. The lasers spin faster and stay longer the more you take
    down. Attack once it's stopped.
    *STAGE 2*
    Now the real battle begins. Unlike Tank who enters stage 2 with only half a 
    life bar remaining, Mammoth enters stage 2 still in the second(blue) life bar.
    It will fire Blue and Red Missiles so watch the goo and do not get hit. The 
    Red Missiles hurt as much as Keith or the Tank's Laser Storm. The core orb is
    the target. Attack it as much as possible before it starts to attack again. If
    you see energy swirling around the orb, get down immediately. It will fire a 
    strong shockwave soon. Once the attack is done, it will start using Tentacle 
    Unlike Octopus' Tentacle Slam, these ones are annoyingly accurate and more 
    painful. As with Keith's Beam Slice, dodge roll at the right moment to avoid 
    getting pounded. After a few of those, it will use Laser Wall, another 
    powerful attack. Fortunately, the Tentacles won't move and you can stand by 
    one to completely escape harm. Damage the orb as much as possible than get out 
    of the platform once it attacks. The reason why I said to preserve your life 
    is due to Mammoth's powerful attacks. You can find yourself from 200 life to 
    less than 50 quickly so Status Boost is a big help here.
    Follow Jake's strategy, then when stage 2 comes, you can use Laser Storm to
    finish off Mammoth.
    A few hits and you're dead. When stage 2 comes, use the Lv.2 Spear attack 
    to quickly finish off Mammoth. 
    *END BOSS*
    Items: Combo Chip Lv.2/3/(5 x 2), Booster MAX Up
    Welcome to the final area of the game. Save point is nearby and you'll want
    to save after those difficult spots and bosses. The next few areas are all
    about jumping. You will find some blocks in the area that might be blocking 
    your path. Use Capture to pull them away or slash them. Find the teleporters
    to reach other sections of the current area. While in the room, you must beat
    all of the enemies to open up the teleporter. Lv.4 Scythe is the best solution
    for crowd clearing, though Lv.4 Hammer isn't a bad alternative.
    Next, the way to the exit is to follow the moving lights. The lights move and 
    while on them, you will not fall down. It's a bit tricky, but it's not too 
    difficult to figure how to stay on it. At the end of these rooms are battles
    and once again it's kill-all-enemies before the teleporter opens up.
    Soon, a room with a colored block and colored walls will show up. To get to 
    the next area, you have to light up all of the blocks. In order to complete the
    task, swing the blade until the colors match.(the matching wall block is on the 
    walkway) In the rooms, kill all the enemies and hit the block until the exit
    appears. After lighting all the blocks, hit the colored block until it's back 
    to white and the white block wall is on the walkway. Get the life-up, ready
    Status Boost and prepare for the hardest(and final) segment of the game.
    Main Computer
    Life bars: One
    Weakness: None
    Difficulty: Hard
    Snake Acid - Avoid.
    Ground Laser - Jump or dodge roll.
    Eye Electric Blast - Dodge roll.
    Head Bash - Dodge roll.
    Recommended Life: 275
    Recommended BP: 200
    Recommended Booster: Speed Up Lv.1
    The Main Computer is comprised of 3 parts, the head, snakes, and eyes. It is
    invincible as long as the snakes are still alive and will always Head Bash if
    you try to attack. Kill the snakes with an Aerial Slash, but watch out for the
    acid. The head always fires Ground Lasers so be on the lookout for them too.
    The eyes aren't mandatory to render the head vulnerable but constantly fire
    electric blasts and with power. They can only be killed by Capture-counters
    but are quite resistant to it. As for the head, it is armor is taken to the
    extreme, all attacks deal very low damage. Even a Lv.4 Scythe will not deal
    big damage. Attack it as much as possible then stop if you see a red dot then
    dodge or eat a nasty Head Bash. Kill the snakes as they regenerate and attack
    again. The important thing to remember in this fight is to preserve as much
    life as possible so eliminating all the minor targets is key to victory.
    Neither of his Boosters are effective here so stick with his combo attacks.
    Unlike Jake and Keith, Jaguar can actually deal good damage due to his 
    permanent Speed Up state. Avoid taking ANY hits.. you really can't take too
    much punishment.
    *END BOSS*
    After you destroy the Main Computer, the controller of the Computer(and the
    Orgamechs) is revealed at last..
    *BOSS #2*
    Life bars: One
    Weakness: None
    Difficulty: Easy
    Recommended Life: 250
    Recommended BP: 120
    Recommended Booster: None
    Human Summon - Lv.4 Scythe combo.
    The Mother has no real method of attack except to summon endless amounts of
    Human Orgamechs. They are dangerous if you let them pile up(and they will
    when Mother is close to death) so use Lv.4 Scythe combo to kill them. Again,
    life preservation is important so try not to take too much hits. If you are
    low on BP, let the Mother spawn more Humans then kill them.  
    Mother barely moves.. perfect bait for Laser Storm. If you wish to use his
    Boosters after this fight, be sure to kill the Humans and get a BP boost.
    Laughably easy with Spear attacks. Due to Jaguar's low Life capacity, it
    would be best if you finished the fight at full Life. Beat up some Humans
    for a Life bonus if you're not at full Life. BP is vital for the next
    fight so be sure to have enough to use Status Boost.
    *END BOSS*
    Life bars: One
    Weakness: None
    Difficulty: Medium
    Spinning Kick(x1/2/3/4) - Glide or dodge roll.
    Head Spin - Glide or dodge roll/counter attack.
    Ground Slam - Glide.
    Shadow Charge - Glide.
    Uppercut->Ground Slam - Dodge roll/when clones are around.
    Multiply - Attack all clones/Avoid until it is done.
    Multiply: Energy Shot - Glide/avoid until it is done.
    Recommended Life: 200
    Recommended BP: 150
    Recommended Booster: Status Boost Lv.3
    It's the third and final boss fight, now do you see why I told you to preserve
    your life? Glide is the only thing you need to dodge all of Raymond's attacks.
    Raymond moves pretty fast, but he won't always charge at every second. All of
    his attacks will deal huge damage, and if you entered this fight with only a
    small portion of the bar remaining, you're as good as dead. Raymond isn't 
    without flaws though, he tends to stand still and not act. Use this time to 
    hit him hard and fast. The Speed Up Booster will help here if you have it. 
    Raymond can be Captured but if he charges, you won't be able to do so. Keep up
    the assault, avoid taking damage, and victory is yours.
    *contributed by Thomas Boyer*
    When Raymond multiplies(not the energy shot multiply), use the initial Great
    Sword horizontal combo to destroy the clones easily.
    Laser Storm is ineffective, but Gatling Gun is good for interruptions. Use
    combo attacks with an occasional Capture-counter to speed up the process.
    Status Boost to Lv.3 as soon as possible. Capture-counter and attack as 
    much as possible while Status Boost is in effect. If Raymond is still not
    dead after it wears off, attack with caution.
    Hard Mode is basically almost the same as Normal Mode, except harder. This 
    section will quickly talk about the changes of each area, boss, and enemy. Do
    save since this mode is quite a challenge and death is common.
    Enemy - Humans(and its Lv.2/3 counterparts) can now do an arm stretch attack.
    This is rather easy to deal with since the enemy has to wait for 1-2 seconds
    before the stretch proceeds. Capture-counter is the best way to deal with the
    new attack. Do keep your distance if you don't plan to Capture-counter. Dogs
    also get a bit better in the sense that their charges take longer to finish
    and they can folow up with kicks if their charge connects. Flys don't get
    any upgrades.
    Area - None.
    Boss - Venus doesn't change. Do away with the flytrap in the same manner as
    before. Keith makes changes though. Keith now has a nasty habit of using his
    Capture move, then into a Capture-counter, a lot. Keith also may attack Jake
    if he is still on the ground so Recovery Roll is important if he sends Jake
    flying. Does more damage, but still beatable.
    Enemy - Bees now do the flying circles that Lv.2 Bees do. Leeches don't get
    a boost. 
    Area - None.
    Boss - The Human barrage is still easy, but be careful about Capture-counters.
    If you Capture Michelle and press an attack button when she's close, she will
    instantly die from the attack. Unlike in Normal, combo/Capture-counter skills
    now affect her so keep your distance. Octopus gets plenty of boosts and is 
    considerably much harder than Normal Octopus. Every time you hit Octopus's
    head, it will not faze it. It takes 4 hits, instead of 3, to faze it and open
    up the rib cage. It only does one green laser this time around, uses tentacle
    slam MUCH more often, rib cage closes sooner, the red laser moves in two, not
    one, directions, and its Fire Wave attack is extremely powerful. 
    Lastly, once Octopus's life bar is gone, it does one final Fire Wave. ALWAYS 
    stay in the middle and far from the head when not attacking to survive. Two 
    Fire Waves is enough to kill you so be careful.
    Enemy - Scorpions, Cocoons remain the same. Lv.2 Flys fire more often but are
    still easy to kill. Fish stay in their spinning fin attack longer now though 
    they will fall in one hit as in Normal. Spiders are still weak as always.
    Area - None.
    Boss - Some changes with the Snails. The shells close a lot sooner than usual
    and does a spike machine gun attack when it begins to spin again. Capture the
    Snails inside quickly to hasten the battle. Spike Mines also appear after you 
    Capture one of the two possible Snails inside a shell. Not as dangerous as the
    new Octopus.
    Enemy - Ogres now use Lv.2 Ogre's charge attack; still easy to kill the hefty
    Orgamech. Lv.2 Dogs do their jumping attack more often and dodge your attacks
    as you swing. Get close and slice these mutts to prevent them from dodging 
    the Plasma Blade. Lv.2 Humans are the same as Humans except with arm stretch.
    Flying Eyes now do a laser cross move, which is a combination of its vertical
    and horizontal purple lasers. Jump if you're too close to one. 
    Area - In the generator rooms, do not stay too close to the generator walls.
    They are now electrified and you will take damage if you stay too close.
    Boss - Golem doesn't change. Turtle is pretty much the same, except its 
    defense is better.
    Enemy - Lv.2 Scorpions/Lv.2 Bees/Magic Orbs don't change at all. Lv.2 Ogres
    now do their charge attacks consecutively if you dodge one. Lv.3 Flys tend to
    fire more often even if they aren't on-screen. Take care around them.
    Area - None.
    Boss - Defenders still are as easy as ever. If you destroy their shields, it
    will fire multiple red lasers before the acid spit. The cage match has not
    changed significantly. Neither does Gold Golem. Nor Keith's return.
    Enemy - Lv.3 Humans; see Human and Lv.2 Human upgrades.
    Area - None. 
    Boss - Human barrage #2: watch who you Capture-counter please. Now, onto the
    Tank. The weapons on the Tank attack more often so don't be afraid to block
    or double jump. Stage 2 features no extras.
    Enemy - No new enemies here.
    Area - None.
    Boss - Keith's Beam Slice does even more damage so keep your life bar maxed
    and at 300. If not, good luck since any combo after one Beam Slice will send
    Jake to the junkyard. Mammoth makes only one change: two tentacles when using
    Laser Wall.  
    Enemy - None.
    Area - When you are in the moving light rooms, the floor is completely dark. 
    Still not too hard since you have the map to help you out.
    Boss - Main Computer recovers the snakes more quickly and the eyes fire more.
    Mother will summon an ENDLESS amount of Humans once they start appearing. You
    know what that means? Smashing/slicing time! Do make sure the Mother is within
    the area of effect if you plan on using Hammer or Scythe. Raymond is certainly
    tougher. Raymond resists Capture a lot, blocks a lot, moves and dodges a lot,
    and counters a lot. Good luck with Raymond and hope you have at least 150 life
    left going into the fight.
    Jake gains special items he can use through the game. These are Boosters, an
    item that lets Jake do special things. If you don't know it already, press
    Shift(R1) and O button to activate the currently equipped Booster. Boosters
    can also level up and become more effective based on the number of times it
    was used.
    		To next Lv.
    Lv.1		20
    Lv.2		50
    Lv.3 		MAX
    Let's move onto the Boosters. Each will be rated on a scale from * to ***. *
    means the Booster is useless, and *** means the Booster is very helpful.
    *To access higher levels of a Booster, press the O button more than once and
    have enough BP for the lv increase when you activate the Booster.*
    Increases chance of critical hits during Capture.(Capture-counter)
    Booster usage: 80/level
    Rating: ***
    Though in video games the first power is the weakest in most cases, Capture
    Critical is very effective in the whole game. It is a transformation Booster,
    which bathes Jake with purple aura for the time being. This is the way to 
    avoid taking huge damage while gaining gallons for bonuses. 
    Lv.2 - Longer duration and higher chance of Capture-counter. More damage to 
    other enemies in area of effect.
    Lv.3 - Longer duration and even greater chances of Capture-counter. The chance
    of a Capture-counter is almost 100% guaranteed at this level. Instantly kills
    all other enemies in area of effect, which also increases. Very useful indeed.
    Automatically reflects all green lasers.(Laser Reflect)
    Booster usage: 60/level
    Rating: *
    This Booster is another transformation type, with blue aura bathing Jake's 
    body. This is the most useless Booster for a number of reasons. First, the 
    number of projectile-firing enemies are small. Second, a Perfect Guard doesn't
    eat BP and can Laser Reflect as well. It's okay at some parts of the game 
    where there are projectile-firing enemies, but avoid this.
    Lv.2 - Longer duration. Fires more lasers.
    Lv.3 - Longer duration. Fires even more lasers. Still useless.
    Prevents combos from being interrupted by attacks, while reducing the damage 
    Booster usage: 50/level
    Rating: ***
    Yet, another transformation Booster, this time in a light blue aura. This is 
    the Booster to use against bosses. Due to the fact that there are limited ways
    to heal, reducing damage is important. Damage reduction starts at 10%. The 
    ability to use combos with no interruption is a nice addition, but this is all
    about preserving life.
    Lv.2 - Longer duration and 25% damage reduction.
    Lv.3 - Longer duration and 50% damage reduction.
    Creates an energy explosion that damages and knocks down all nearby.
    Booster usage: 100/level
    Rating: *
    This is an attack Booster rather than a transformation kind. Basically, it's
    not that great. The Booster requirements are high at 100 BP per level, so do
    not use unless you are completely surrounded. The damage is okay, but combos
    are better in every situation. The range is also a bit lacking, meaning the 
    enemies have to be very close for the blast to affect them. Still better than
    Auto-Laser Reflect.
    Lv.2 - Range is doubled, and damage increases greatly. You won't be able to
    use this unless you have 200 BP. Meaning you have to find all Booster MAX Up
    power-ups and have at least 240,000 gallons to meet the minimum requirements.
    Lv.3 - Range and damage increase further. You won't be able to use this unless
    you found all Booster MAX Up power-ups and have at least 640,000 gallons. You
    will most likely never hit this amount unless you really enjoy fighting a lot.
    This attack destroys all normal enemies instantly, except for used-to-be boss
    enemies. It nearly kills those enemies though.
    Creates energy orbs that circle around and attack enemies.
    Booster usage: 50/level
    Rating: **
    Another attack Booster, this one is for defense unlike Plasma Storm. It makes
    2 orbs at first and they don't disappear until it hits an enemy enough times.
    The damage isn't great, but it's a nice defense at close range.
    Lv.2 - Creates 4 orbs.
    Lv.3 - Creates a sphere of 9 energy orbs. Enemies will pretty much never land 
    a blow with this activated until the orbs vanish.
    Transforms the Plasma Blade into a dual-sided Plasma Blade temporarily.
    Booster usage: Variable(minimum of 25)
    Rating: **
    Simply stated, this Booster transforms the Plasma Blade into a weapon similar
    to Chrono Cross Serge's dual-sided sword. You automatically attack as well
    once activated. The pro is that Booster amount is irrelevant and the damage
    is good. The con is that it won't get any stronger due to the fact this is 
    the only Booster lacking levels.
    Boosts attack and movement speed temporarily.
    Booster usage: 80/level
    Rating: **
    The final Booster is the fourth transformation one. Basically, it lets you
    move fast and attack fast. Very helpful when using a Lv.4 Scythe combo which
    takes quite a while to finish. Also good when you need to retreat quickly. The
    drawback is that you get it so late in the game that it's not that effective.
    Lv.2 - Longer duration, increased damage, and slightly increased speed.
    Lv.3 - Longer duration, increased damage, and speed increased further.
    The combo system is the big seller in Nanobreaker. The following details the
    combos and their uses. To activate a certain combo, activate the level slot 
    next to it. Please look at the combo menu in the game for combo buttons.
    Great Sword - These combos are only a bit stronger and better than the normal
    combos. Great if you just want to button mash though.
    Notes: Great Sword is alright, but not that spectacular. It is better than
    the Boomerang though, and can be combined with Capture and other non-combo
    techniques for some doom dealing.
    Axe - These combos are great against lone enemies and those weak against a
    vertical assault. 
    Lv.1 - Slices enemy in half when limiter is released.
    Requirements: Lv.1 Combo Chip
    Lv.2 - Slices enemy in half.
    Requirements: Lv.2/3 Combo Chip
    Lv.3 - Slices multiple enemies in half.
    Requirements: Lv.3/4 Combo Chip
    Notes: Axe is great at the beginning of the game and against flying or small
    enemies. It pales in comparison to the other weapons during the end, where it
    loses its effectiveness due to unability to affect an area of enemies.
    Hammer - Crowd clearing tool. Hammer combos have great range and damage but
    the last hit usually will miss if an enemy is too close.
    Lv.1 - Smashes enemies in area when limiter is released.
    Requirements: Lv.1 Combo Chip
    Lv.2 - Knocks down nearby enemies.
    Requirements: Lv.1/2 Combo Chip
    Lv.3 - Knocks down and smashes nearby enemies in area.
    Requirements: Lv.3/5 Combo Chip
    Lv.4 - Stuns and smashes nearby enemies in area.
    Requirements: Lv.4/5 Combo Chip
    Notes: Any unlucky victim hit by the Hammer's smash is beyond recovery as it
    will literally smash them into pieces. Its much better towards the end, where
    the focus is on mass group devastation instead of individual torture.
    Scythe - Great for crowd clearing and lone enemies. It loses to the Hammer in
    range, but it's guaranteed to hit anyone in range regardless how close they 
    Lv.1 - Slices enemy in half when limiter is released.
    Requirements: Lv.1 Combo Chip
    Lv.2 - Slices multiple enemies in half when limiter is released.
    Requirements: Lv.2 Combo Chip
    Lv.3 - Slice enemy in half.
    Requirements: Lv.1/2/3 Combo Chip
    Lv.4 - Slices multiple enemies in half.
    Requirements: Lv.1/3/5 Combo Chip
    Notes: The Scythe is great for a variety of uses, though its use in the start
    is limited and Axe is better. At the end, Scythe becomes very useful when you
    need to mow down hordes of enemies.
    Spear - Extremely powerful attacks. Due to its thrusting nature, it breaks the
    armor of an Orgamech and heavily damages them. All Orgamechs that are heavily
    armored or immune to normal attacks will fall rather quickly. Also great for
    boss fights.
    Lv.1 - Knocks back enemy.
    Requirements: Lv.2 Combo Chip
    Lv.2 - Knocks back multiple enemies.
    Requirements: Lv.2/3 Combo Chip
    Lv.3 - Heavy damage on enemy.
    Requirements: Lv.2/3/4 Combo Chip
    Lv.4 - Kills enemies.
    Requirements: Lv.2/3/5 Combo Chip
    Notes: Axe, Scythe, and Hammer vertically/horizontally slices in half and can
    smash things into pieces respectively. All of those techniques are 1 hit kill
    attacks limiter on or off. Spear cannot do this, except for Lv.4, but breaks
    through any enemy guard and armor like Swiss cheese.
    Boomerang - The only long-range weapon. Not that great in terms of damage but
    it's the only way to attack from afar.
    Requirements: Lv.5 Combo Chip
    Notes: This is horrible since you can use it only during the end and it cannot
    do any serious harm to enemies. It is only useful for some Fly/Leech/Spider
    6. ENEMIES
    This section will talk about the enemies(Orgamechs) briefly. The walkthrough
    will talk more about them.
    Human - The basic Orgamech enemy. They appear in big numbers but are easily
    defeated. Lv.2 and 3's can survive horizontal Capture-counters so avoid that
    and stick with vertical.
    Dog - Another low class Orgamech in terms of threat. Their attacks are easy to
    see from miles away and are weak against vertical attacks. Lv.2's can jump 
    from point to point pretty quickly though.
    Fly - Projectile-firing enemy. Fires green lasers which can be reflected back
    at them. Lv.3's can teleport, attack with red lasers, and charge towards you.
    Laser Reflect is good enough to give them a one-way ticket to doom.
    Leech - Small fry enemies. They pose no threat and only attack by releasing
    poison mist and jumping. Vertical attacks are good.
    Bee - Huge insect enemies. Vertical attacks are excellent at disposing them
    as are vertical Capture-counters. Lv.2's can carry small enemies but it's no
    big deal.
    Scorpion - First heavy armor foe. Normal attacks are nullified so use thrust
    and Spear attacks. Lv.2's attacks have greater range.
    Cocoon - Heavy armor enemy. They do not attack and are weak against the 
    wrath of your Spear.
    Spider - Small critters that attach onto you and try to self-destruct. Mash
    the buttons to shake them off and use vertical attacks to kill them.
    Fish - Fish that can fly and stay underwater. Their only attack is to spin
    around like a helicopter's blades. Otherwise, any attack works well on them.
    Ogre - Big enemies that are immune to Capture. Slash them until they drop to
    the ground, then do a Ground Stab or Slash to slay them. Lv.2's attack by
    charging at you.
    Flying Eye - Another armored freak. Immune as long as the eye is closed, but
    is not immune when it is open. Spear combo to best these foes.
    Magic Orb - Strongest defense Orgamech. Immune to Capture and is attracted to
    the whip whenever it's on-screen. 
    Golem - A boss enemy at first, but becomes a normal enemy at the end. Able to
    attack at any range with both of its parts. The lower part is weak against a 
    vertical Capture-counter.
    Defender - Another boss enemy turned into normal at the end. Their shields are
    immune to all attacks, but can be destroyed by a Lv.4 Scythe combo.
    Gold Golem - Boss enemy that becomes normal enemy later. Toughest normal enemy
    due to multi-shot projectiles, counter ability, and damage potential.
    7. SECRETS
    This section will talk about the secrets found in the game. Most have to be
    unlocked to access them though.
    HARD MODE - beat the game. As the name implies, this mode is clearly harder
    than the default setting. Since the default setting is hard enough, this mode
    is only for the skilled. Personally, the lack of healing options is hard 
    enough, increased difficulty only makes it much worse. Notes..
    -Increased strength, defense for all enemies.
    -Capture-counter resistance increased for all enemies.
    -New attacks/attack patterns for all enemies.
    -Smarter AI, evident in some boss fights.
    PLAY AS KEITH - beat the game. Yes, Keith becomes playable after beating the
    game. As with other Konami action/adventure games, the secret character is 
    either much easier to beat the game with or harder. In Keith's case, it's 
    easier. Keith starts off with all of his combos unlocked. Scythe and Spear
    combos are unavailable for Keith though. Keith also comes equipped with
    2 Boosters: Laser Storm and Gatling Gun. Both are the exact same attacks he
    uses in the game, but Laser Storm is MUCH better than Gatling Gun. Keith's
    attacks also deal more damage than Jake's. Notes..
    -Both Laser Storm and Gatling Gun are good for crowd clearing and attack
    interruption, respectively.
    -With the exception of Nanomachine Tower, all of the Booster MAX Ups can be
    found by winning cage matches' 1/3/4.
    -Lv.4 Hammer is great for stun purposes, even if the final smash misses the
    PLAY AS JAGUAR -  beat the game with Keith. The red samurai from Neo Contra 
    is a playable character here, which makes sense since he is a cyborg himself
    and wields a katana. Jaguar is the most powerful of the 3 cyborgs due to his
    incredible strength. He also has permanent Speed Up effects as he is able to
    move and attack quickly. Jaguar has flaws, especially this huge one: Jaguar
    starts off with 40 life. Basically, a few hits and you're dead. What's worst
    is that Jaguar does not get any life MAX Ups unless you beat the boss. This
    mode is easier in the sense that Jaguar can beat someone to a bloody pulp 
    rather quickly. However, overall, it's harder than any mode since 1-3 hits
    from enemies and it's off to the junkyard for this cyborg. Jaguar is able
    to use all Boosters, including the very important Status Boost. Notes..
    -Status Boost is a must for all boss fights and until you get Plasma Orbs
    for normal fights.
    -Plasma Orbs should be used as much as possible, as enemies will have a hard
    time landing a blow. Especially at Lv.3.
    -Fight as much if you are low on life; you don't want to enter the next room
    low on life and lots of Orgamechs to fight. Not for life and Booster recovery
    bonuses, but for the important Booster MAX Up.
    SPLATTER MODE - beat the game. If you are the type who prefers to kill all
    enemies, this is the mode to play. The objective of the mode is to rack up
    as much gallons in one stage(basically kill as much enemies as possible). At 
    the end of a stage, a password is revealed for Internet use(world rankings). 
    Try it, it's a lot of fun!
    *contributed by Kensyu, Ashley Winchester*
    If you didn't finish the runway, return to the area in the Sewers with the 3
    Combo Chips. There will be a special chip that unlocks it. This can only be
    done if you did not unlock it or have it on your save file.
    NEW GAME + -  beat the game, make a save file, and load it. In this mode, you
    get to keep all of the Boosters, Combo Chips you obtained and your stats are
    retained as well. Notes..
    EASY GALLONS AND BOOSTER LEVEL UPS - Want to increase your life MAX to survive
    or want a quick way to level up your Boosters? There are spots where you can 
    do so quickly. You need to activate Lv.4 Scythe, which needs a Lv.5 Combo Chip
    or Ultra besides the other Lv. Chips. Practice the combo until you are very
    familiar with it. Now, find a spot during the game where a LOT of Humans pop
    up. Stay there, activate the combo to slice them, then get close and vertical
    slash them. As you do this, you should use any Booster as much as possible. 
    After all of the slaying is done, you should gain roughly 10,000 gallons or
    more. Not to mention 2-10 Booster uses. The earliest you can do this is right
    after completing the Power Plant area, as the Ultra Combo Chip can be obtained
    in this timeframe. A number of spots:
    -Port Facility after beating Power Plant
    -Room in West St. that leads to upper part of East St.
    -West St. main road
    There are 11 stages of fun and splattering blood. Each stage is unlocked if 
    you are in the top 15 of each stage(not too hard). Stages 8, 10, 11 are only
    unlocked by meeting certain conditions then collecting the item in the Sewer
    room with many bonuses.
    *All combos are unlocked for Jake, as well as Double Jump and the Boosters.*
    Difficulty is in terms of finishing the stage by the way. Not how to get the
    high score.
    Milky Way
    Time: 3 minutes
    High Score: 12,000
    Enemies: Human
    Difficulty: Easy
    Objective: Destroy all enemies.
    Easy enough, just kill all the Humans. Have fun!
    Train Yard
    Time: 9 minutes, 30 seconds
    High Score: 50,000
    Enemies: Human/Cocoon/Magic Orb
    Difficulty: Easy
    Objective: Destroy all enemies in last room.
    Again, simple. Work your way through the tunnels and destroy all enemies. Once
    you are in the last room, destroy all enemies and you are done.
    Garbage Dump
    Time: 6 minutes
    High Score: 17,000
    Enemies: Lv.2 Scorpion/Ogre/Fly, Human/Leech
    Difficulty: Easy
    Objective: Destroy all enemies.
    Welcome back to the crane room! You can either slay all the Orgamechs with the
    trusty crane's help or let it kill some of the enemies. Easy.
    Time: 10 minutes
    High Score: 40,000
    Enemies: Ogre/Leech/Dog, Lv.1/2 Human/Fly, Octopus(boss)
    Difficulty: Medium
    Objective: Defeat the Octopus.
    You have ten minutes to wreck havoc AND kill Octopus. Fight for about eight
    minutes then head to the area before the Octopus. Fight for a bit then enter
    the boss room around the 1 minute->1 minute, 30 seconds timeframe. You should
    know how to slay the Octopus by now. If you're running low on time, use the 
    Lv.2 Spear combo once the rib cage is open. It deals plenty of damage.
    East St.
    Time: 8 minutes
    High Score: 20,000
    Enemies: Bee/Leech/Spider/Ogre, Lv.1/2/3 Fly, Lv.1/2 Human, Lv.2 Dog, Gold
    Difficulty: Easy 
    Objective: Defeat the Gold Golem.
    Again, have fun torturing your enemies. The Gold Golem only shows up in the
    final room. Again, Spear combos + stay behind it = victory.
    Time: 2 minutes, 30 seconds
    High Score: 9,500
    Enemies: Human/Fish/Dog/Spider, Venus(boss)
    Difficulty: Easy
    Objective: Defeat Venus.
    Similar to stage four, except all you have to do is reach the end. With all
    of the combos at your disposal, Venus will fall VERY quickly.
    Nanomachine Tower
    Time: 3 minutes
    High Score: 15,000
    Enemies: Leech/Human, Lv.2 Fly
    Difficulty: Hard
    Objective: Destroy all enemies.
    This stage is HARD, seriously. The best advice to finish the stage is the 
    useless Boomerang. That's right, in the normal game, the Boomerang sucked big
    time. Here, it is your saving grace from seeing Game Over. ALWAYS use the
    Boomerang and make sure you're facing all of the enemies. For the Humans,
    just Capture-counter them quickly. Personally, I don't like this stage. It
    took me plenty of attempts and barely finished with 2 seconds left. Good luck
    if you are attempting to best the high score, you'll need it.
    Milky Way II
    Time: 1 hour(60 minutes)
    High Score: 320,000
    Enemies: Human/Ogre/Dog 
    Difficulty: Medium
    Objective: Destroy 777 enemies.
    You get a full hour to slay 777 enemies. Sounds easy right? Wrong. You have to
    slay 777 enemies in the correct way. This means aiming for their weakpoints. 
    Human kills count when you vertically attack them, Dog kills for horizontal,
    and Ogre kills for smash or horizontal. Basically, you need to kill at least
    130 enemies for every 10 minutes. Enemy pattern is as follows: Human, Dog, 
    Ogre. Enemy type changes with every 100 kills. Towards the end, the kills to
    switch enemy type lowers. This is the easiest stage to beat the high score 
    since you have so much time.
    Suika Island
    Time: 1 minute
    High Score: 15,000
    Enemies: Watermelon
    Difficulty: Easy
    Objective: Destroy all enemies.
    Time for some fun in the sun don't you agree? Basically chop all Watermelons
    that drop. This is another easy stage to beat the high score.
    Suika Island II
    Time: 2 minutes
    High Score: 15,000
    Enemies: Watermelon/Watermelon Baby
    Difficulty: Easy
    Objective: Destroy all enemies.
    More fun in the sun! Yet again, another easy stage to get the high score.
    Suika Island III
    Time: 2 minutes
    High Score: 7,500
    Enemies: Watermelon/Watermelon Baby, Papa Watermelon(boss)
    Difficulty: Medium
    Objective: Defeat Papa Watermelon
    Time to chop up more Watermelons(don't they look tasty)! Anyways, once you 
    beat all of the Watermelons, Papa Watermelon shows up. To beat it, just slash
    the Watermelon Babies it spits out back at it. Watch the time.
    8. FAQ
    This section talks about some basic questions regarding the game and the 
    answers to them. 
    Q: Is there a way to heal in the menu?
    A: NO. There is no way to heal in the menu. ZERO. Blame the infamous IGA if
    you're having trouble without healing options.
    Q: What is the maximum stats(gallon/Life/Booster)?
    A: 9,999,999 gallons is the max. Max life is 400, and the max for Booster is 
    300. You can reach max life at 630,000 gallons and max Booster at 640,000 if 
    you collected all Booster MAX Ups.
    Q: How do you activate the higher levels of a Booster? I can only get Lv.1 and
    my Capture Critical is at Lv.2.
    A: Press the O button more than once after activating the Booster.
    Q: Is it possible for enemies to drop life-ups? I could really use it right
    about now.
    A: Yes, but don't expect it to just pop up. It's rare but apparently from my
    own playthroughs the chances are higher if you finish an enemy with a weapon
    combo. Only one enemy has a 100% chance of drop and that's a Gold Golem, which
    you can get up to 2 if you destroy all of its parts.
    9. CREDITS
    Thanks to:
    -GameFAQS obviously
    -Ashley Winchester, dsfsa for providing some info about certain things in the
    -everyone else who contributed info for this guide
    -IGA, for making a flawed but fun game
    This FAQ copyright 2005 to Angelo Pineda. Redistrubition in any form, 
    including reprinting in electronic or print media, without express permission
    of the author is strictly forbidden.

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