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"Good Ride Cowboy/Vampire/Dude, Good Ride!"

Riding through the desert, revolver dangling in it's holster. Trying to catch up to a train to get some money, but what happens is not what you expect. Vampires, and you just got cursed. How will you survive? By doing something else that's not expected. Joining the Darkwatch, a group of outlaws trying to kill vampires. You have to lift the curse so go saddle your horse and grab the nearest gun.

That pretty much sums up the beginning of Darkwatch! I haven't played much first person shooters in a while, except for Timesplitters: Future Perfect back in the summer, and this really got me happy about FPS again. At first it starts off a little slow and confusing. But, once you get into it, it becomes a great game. Especially towards the end. The game can be either extremely difficult or extremely easy depending on whether you're playing co-op mode or not. Like Halo, if you die in co-op mode, you still have a chance to not have to start the level over. In one player, if you die, you have to restart the entire level. Which can really tick you off. The controls are pretty simple, but some of them are pretty useless, and you have to wonder why they're even there in the first place. Like the red-eye ability where it's kind of like heat vision. That only comes in handy once or twice throughout the entire game.

After the whole being turned into a vampire thing, you have to fight your way to Lazarus, the evil vampire leader. You also fall in love with Tala, one of the women working for Darkwatch. You need to get to Lazarus, lift the curse, and free the West of vampires!

The games graphics are alright, nothing way too special. They could've toned the graphics up a little more and that would've gotten the game probably a perfect ten. An example of really bad graphics (especially for the ps2) was at the end when the blood was draining. The blood looked like the prune juice from Conker's Bad Fur Day. The sound is great, especially when you're in a big battle.

The game is either short or long, depending on whether you're playing it on co-op or one player. If you're on co-op it'd take about three to four hours of play time. If you're on one player, and are having a difficult time beating levels, add on another hour or two, and that's about the play time you'll get on single player. I would go through this game maybe one more time, but only on co-op. I'd play it with a different person then I played with the first time, just to show them how cool this game is.

I would rent it, like always. Games are to be rented, that's my opinion, anyway. Except games like Halo or sports games. I'm getting off subject here. Anyway, I give this game a 9 and not a 10 just because the graphics could've done better. If there's a sequel, and the graphics are better, I'm sure it'll get a perfect 10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/08/06

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