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    Accessory/Synthesis FAQ by Hunter_Rose

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/21/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ATELIER IRIS: Eternal Mana
    Accessory and Synthesis FAQ
    Author: Vincent Briscuso (Kimber Boh on the message boards)
    Platform: PlayStation 2
    Category: RPG
    Developer: Gust, Incorporated
    Distributor: NIS America
    My E-mail Address: VBKorik27@aol.com
    Version 1.0
    -Listed all accessories available in the game, including their stats, who can
    equip them, and their special abilities.
    -Tested all special abilities, but could not figure out what DonProtect or
    Braindead do.
    -Added a basic list of the most popular abilities to synthesize onto
    accesories, and their formulas.
    -Polished up the FAQ, making it more readable. Correct spelling and sentence
    structure mistakes.
    -Extended the Credits & Thanks section.
    Please Note: There are almost no Spoilers in this FAQ, and if there are minor
    ones, I've made a note.
    This is my first FAQ, so please e-mail me with any criticisms (or praise) you'd
    like to provide. I decided to write this FAQ because alot of people on the
    message boards have many questions concerning upgrading accessories. I also
    think that most people are unaware just how powerful certain accessories,
    particularly the ones that are Synthesizable with Veola, can be. I apologize if
    the FAQ seems unpolished, or lacking pizzazz, but I wanted to make it concise
    and useful rather than flashy (not to mention it is my first FAQ!).
    I.   General Frequently Asked Questions
    II.  Important FAQs on Accessories
    III. Detailed List of all Accessories
    IV.  Tips and Strategies for Synthesizing Accessories
    V.   Disclaimer and Legal Stuff
    VI.  Credits and Thanks
    <<< I. General FAQ >>>
    Q: Why choose Accessories as a topic to write a FAQ?
    A: Considering each character can only equip 2 accessories each, they are an
    extremely important element in this game. Many people seem to overlook the
    Synthesizable accessories, and just concentrate on the ones found in the game
    or bought from the weapon store. And there are also only 5 Accessories in the
    entire game that can be upgraded through Weapon Synthesis.
    Q: Why didn't you include Weapons in your FAQ?
    A: I doubt I have the time to replay the game, and my current saves do not have
    all the weapons available in the game (mostly due to me selling them if not in
    use). I saved one of each accessory though, so I thought this would still be
    very handy.
    Q: Are you going to write a detailed Weapon Synthesis FAQ?
    A: Not only is this my first FAQ, but writing a Weapon Synthesis FAQ is a major
    undertaking. I doubt I am ready to even touch such a topic. I did include here
    my recommendations for Combos and how to make them.
    Q: You list the ingredients for making accessory "x", but where can I get them?
    A: That is not the purview of this FAQ. There are a couple of excellent guides
    already here on GameFAQs that give detailed listings of where to find nearly
    every ingredient in the game.
    Q: Please tell me how to open Recipe "x" with Veola!
    A: Again, this is not the objective of this FAQ, and frankly, it seems no one
    is 100% sure on how this works. The best I can offer is to continuously synth
    every available item that you can at the point of the game you are up to. If
    the recipe still won't open, leave town and fight one random encounter. Return
    and talk to the shop keeper. If this doesn't work, then advance the story until
    you've completed the next dungeon/town, and then return to the shop keeper.
    Hopefully that will help.
    Q: Hey, you left out Sky Sonata! You suck!
    A: The recommendations I made are just that: MY recommendations. I don't claim
    to be a god of Atelier Iris, just someone who has spent alot of time
    maximizing my experience. I'd like to try and share that experience with you.
    Hopefully, you'll find my suggestions useful. But please feel free to e-mail
    me with tips or improvements to make the most of your accessories.
    <<< II. Important FAQs on Accessories >>>
    Q: What is an Accessory?
    A: Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana provides each playable character with only 3
    slots for equipment. The first is the weapon slot, something I am not covering
    here. The other 2 slots are for "accessories", which are actually equippables
    like armor, hats, gloves, rings, pendants, etc. There are only a total of 45
    different accessories in the game, many of them requiring Shop Synthesis to
    Q: Can I equip any accessory on any character?
    A: For some, yes. However, many are either character or gender restricted. You
    can, however, equip 2 of the same accessory on the same character, if they
    can wear it. For instance, you can equip 2 Magoo Clothes on Klein for double
    the base stats. However, if the accessory has a special ability, it will not
    receive double the effect!
    Q: How many accessories can be upgraded through Weapon Synthesis?
    A: Here's one of the main reasons I am writing this FAQ. There are ONLY a total
    of 5 upgradable Accessories in the entire game! This is not a mistake, and no
    I didn't miss any since I completed Lector's entire item list. Here's the list:
    1) Fairy Bracer (buy it from Pattotte at the Fairy blacksmith shop).
    2) Siglis Breath (in a chest in the Forest of Ocean Mist. You will need Flight
    and some careful adjusting of altitude to reach the area where it is located.
    Then you must solve the relatively easy block puzzle to reach it).
    3) Bio Frame (you must synthesis this with Veola, and it is arguably the 
    ultimate synthesis in the game).
    4) Locket of Love (also synthesizable with Veola, after you've made the Bio
    Frame. ONLY equippable by Lita, even though it is named "of Love").
    5) Locket of Wishes (this recipe is the same as the Locket of Love, but with
    the alteration of one ingredient. ONLY equippable by Klein).
    Q: Why can't I synth multiple copies of the Bio Frame or the Lockets?
    A: It is impossible to do so without using a cheat code (if that is even
    possible. I am not sure, since I don't cheat). The reason for this is that
    each recipe has one ingredient that is unique in the game. There is only one
    Mana Moebius in the game, and only one Spirit Prayer and one Spirit Protect.
    There absolutely does not exist more than one of each of those ingredients
    in the entire game!
    Q: Well, then surely I can buy a second Fairy Bracer from Pattotte! Right?
    A: Wrong. Once you buy the one Fairy Bracer he has in inventory, it disappears
    forever from his shop list. And there is not another anywhere else in the game.
    Q: I want to equip two Upgradable Accessories on the same character to make
    him/her Uber! I can, correct?
    A: Correct, you can, provided you realize that only the Fairy Bracer, Siglis
    Breath and Bio Frame can be equipped to any character. But please be aware that
    by putting two upgradeable accessories on one character limits you severely.
    Say you equip the Siglis Breath and Bio Frame on Arlin. The two Lockets must be
    equipped to Klein and Lita, leaving only the Fairy Bracer for one of the
    remaining 3 characters (Norn, Delsus, and Marietta). Since you can also add
    abilities to certain upgradable weapons, it is better, IMHO, to give 5
    characters of your choice one upgradable accessory each (this still will leave
    one character without one!).
    Q: Oh no! I messed up and placed the wrong ability on my accessory! What do I
    A: Well, abilities can be removed from upgradable accessories (and weapons).
    Just use the "Mana Crystal From Weapon" command from the Weapon Synthesis menu.
    However, once two mana crystals are fused into one, they can not be separated,
    although you can always remove them from the weapon/accessory. But you will
    not be able to remove that Holy Weapon that is now stuck with something you
    didn't want. So be extremely careful when synthing.
    Q: Will an attack-based ability, like Double Attack or Holy Weapon, work if
    fused onto an accessory? Or do I have to put these abilities on weapons?
    A: They sure will, without any problems activating. So if you want 9 Double
    Attacks (3 on his weapon, and 6 on two accessories) on Arlin, they'll all fire
    off just fine!
    Q: Can you provide me with a super detailed, step-by-step explanation of how to
    perform Weapon Synthesis?
    A: Again, this is not the objective of this guide. This is a major undertaking,
    not just to explain how to do it, but when and why. And then there's the
    rather large list of Mana Stones, Mana that crystallize them, and combos. I
    lack the time and background in FAQ writing to attempt this. At the end, in my
    Tips and Suggestions section of the guide, I will list some of the most useful
    abilities, their formulas, and what they do.
    Q: Can I place more than 3 abilities onto one Upgradable Accessory?
    A: Nope. Same is true for weapons. However, if the item has one or two inherent
    properties, you can still add the full 3 additional abilities through Weapon
    <<< III. Detailed List of All Accessories >>>
    I am going to use a simple format to list each accessory, providing as much
    detail as possible. Here's a sample format:
    -Equipped by:
    -Special Ability:
    Stats will give the exact improvements to your characters' stats when you equip
    the accessory. For instance, +15 Atk means that equipping this item will
    improve that character's Attack statistic by 15. For magic Resistances, I've
    used the following format since there are only 4 elemental resistances in the
    game: Fire/Ice/Lightning/Dark. That is the order, from top to bottom, that the
    game uses in your Status menu. So, equipping an item that gives +10 to Fire and
    +25 to Dark would look like this: 10/0/0/25.
    Special Ability will list which ability is inherently part of the accessory.
    This ability is not removable from the 5 upgradable accessories either. The
    first time a special ability comes up, I will provide a brief description of
    what it does (provided I know!).
    The list is also in the order that the accessories appear in Lector's list, to
    make it easier to find. I decided on doing it this way, rather than
    alphabetically. If anyone has a problem with this format, let me know. I'll see
    if enough people complain, I can change it.
    - Synth: Blaire's shop in Arcose. Ingredients I used: Silver Pants + Machine
    Oil + Fluffy Roll.
    - Equipped By: All
    - Stats: +22 Defense, +16 Life, Resistances: 24/8/8/0.
    - Special Ability: FIGHT & EAT [Heals 6 Life each turn]
    - Synth: Blaire's. Ingredients: Unipuni Pudding + Cueparts + Fairy Hat.
    - Equipped By: Lita, Norn, Marietta
    - Stats: +32 Defense, +24 Life, Resistances: 16/16/32/0.
    - Special Ability: GOOD TO GO! [Heals 10 Life each turn]
    - Synth: Veola's Magic Shop in Kavoc. Ingredients: Gold Legion + Craft +
    - Equipped By: All
    - Stats: +16 Defense, Resistances: 160/12/12/0.
    - Special Ability: EXPLOSIVE [Lose 10 Life each turn]
    - Synth: Veola's. Ingredients: Pikohammer + Comet Jewel + Pretty Stained.
    - Equipped by: Lita, Norn, Marietta
    - Stats: +50 Defense, +28 Mana, Resistances: 0/0/0/75.
    - Special Ability: HOLY SANCTUARY [Provides the +50 Defense and +75 Dark Resist
    in stats]
    - Synth: Veola's. Ingredients: Comet Jewel + Silver Legion + Wax.
    - Equipped By: Klein ONLY!
    - Stats: +53 Magic, +53 Mana, Resistances: 0/0/0/53.
    - Special Ability: None
    - Synth: Veola's. You must have already synthesized the Chronolex/Bio Frame
    with Veola, then return to her shop after one random battle to unlock this
    recipe. Ingredients: Ring of Love + Spirit Prayer (only one in the game) +
    - Equipped By: Lita ONLY!
    - Base Stats: +20 Defense, +31 Life, Resistances: 10/10/10/10.
    - Special Ability: LIFE +level 5 [Provides the +31 Life in stats]
    << This accessory is one of the 5 that are upgradable through Weapon Synthesis.
    The inherent Life +level 5 cannot be removed, but 3 additional abilities can be
    synthesized onto this item >>
    - Synth: Veola's. As with Lita's Locket of Love above, you must have already
    synthesized the Chronolex. This is not a unique recipe. Instead, you must
    select to Synthesize the Locket of Love, but change the Ingredients to: Ring of
    Love + Spirit Protect (only one in the entire game) + Pendelook.
    - Equipped By: Klein ONLY!
    - Base Stats: +20 Speed, +31 Mana, Resistances: 15/15/15/15.
    - Special Ability: MANA +level 5 [Provides the +31 Mana in stats]
    << One of the 5 enhancable accessories in the game. See Locket of Love for more
    details >>
    - Synth: Veola. Ingredients: 6-String Acoustic + Virum Horn + Imitation Sitar.
    - Equipped By: All
    - Stats: -20 Speed, +88 Life, Resistances: 0/0/0/88.
    - Special Abilities: DON PROTECT* [I have no idea. There is no discernable
    effect in battle that I noticed. Perhaps it just provides the +88 Life in the
    - Synth: Veola. Ingredients: Silk + String (Please note that most, though not
    all, recipes can have different ingredients that will provide a higher quality.
    I am only listing the ingredients I used).
    - Equipped By: All EXCEPT Lita!
    - Stats: +16 Defense, Resistances: 0/25/0/0.
    - Special Abilities: None
    - Synth: Veola. Ingredients: Magoo Clothes + Hollow Pumpkin + Star Piece.
    - Equipped By: Klein and Delsus ONLY!
    - Stats: +35 Life, +35 Mana, +35 Atk, +8 Magic, +8 Defense. No Resist bonuses.
    - Special Ability: None [Very good in the early/mid game for both Klein and
    - Synth: Veola. Ingredients: Comet Jewel + Silk.
    - Equipped By: Klein and Delsus ONLY!
    - Stats: +18 Defense, +18 Speed, Resistances: 18/0/0/18.
    - Special Ability: None
    - Synth: Veola. Ingredients: Swimsuit + Silk + Lovely Lando.
    - Equipped By: All
    - Stats: +12 Life, +12 Mana, +10 Defense, +15 Speed, Resistances: 0/6/6/30.
    - Special Ability: ATK COMP +2 [No one is currently sure what this does. There
    is some speculation on the message boards, and here's my take: Comp= Competence
    in using attack-based skills. I believe this improves the chances that a
    character's randomly activated skills or abilities will go off during battle.
    For instance, Delsus' Feint or Counter, Arlin's Fast Attack, or even fusion
    attack abilities like Double Attack or Sky Sonata, will activate more often in
    battle if the character has some points in Atk Comp. Don't quote me on this, it
    is just speculation on my part]
    - Synth: Veola. This is one of several recipes that require you to select a
    previous synthesis and change an ingredient the first time you attempt it. For
    this item, you'll need to select Fairy Clothes the first time you want to make
    it. Ingredients: Swimsuit + Fairy Clothes + Sweet Lando.
    - Equipped By: All
    - Stats: Same as Fairy Clothes above.
    - Special Ability: MAGIC COMP +2 [See Fairy Clothes above. I guess that with
    Magic Comp, it improves the likelihood of getting a positive effect with skills
    like Norn's Illusion or Sleep. I am not sure though]
    - Synth: Veola. Ingredients: Gogo Suit + Silver Pants + Dragon Horn.
    - Equipped By: Klein, Delsus, Arlin
    - Stats: +32 Life, +32 Mana, +32 Atk, +16 Magic, +16 Defense, Resistances:
    - Special Ability: MANA UP (XL) [Restores 7 Mana each turn! Basically, you can
    just keep spamming Arlin's Mana Strike or Double, and Delsus' Dark Attack or
    Power Burst, as much as you'd like without worrying about running out of mana.
    An ABSOLUTELY must-have accessory for both Arlin and Delsus unless you are
    wearing 2 upgradeable accessories on one or the other! One of my favorite items
    in the game]
    - Synth: Veola. This recipe comes from altering the Fairy Clothes. Ingredients:
    Sexy Bikini + Silk + Twisted Lando.
    - Equipped By: Lita, Norn, Marietta
    - Stats: +24 Magic, Resistances: 8/18/8/43.
    - Special Ability: SEDUCTIVE [Attempts to Charm all enemies on the screen at
    the beginning of a battle only. It seems the Charm effect here is weaker than
    the Attractive special ability on the Alluring Bikini below. However, this is
    one of the best inherent abilities in the game, especially if you are using an
    all-girl party, since each character will attempt to Charm the entire enemy
    party! Needless to say, I abused this ability throughout the game. A Charmed
    opponent will just sit there until the effect wears off or is dispelled by
    another enemy!]
    - Synth: Veola. Ingredients: Bitter Steak + Flax Cloth.
    - Equipped By: Lita, Norn, Marietta, Delsus(!)
    - Stats: +20 Mana, +11 Defense, Resistances: 0/33/-16/11.
    - Special Ability: SEDUCTIVE [See Sexy Robe above]
    - Synth: Veola. Ingredients: Animal Paw + Silk.
    - Equipped By: Lita, Norn, Marietta, Delsus(!)
    - Stats: +22 Life, +11 Atk, +11 Magic, +11 Defense, Resistances: 16/33/-16/16.
    - Special Ability: SURE HIT* [I am not 100% sure on this one. I used these on
    Delsus for quite a long time, and it seemed to me that it improved the
    likelihood that his skills would hit their target. But it didn't seem to effect
    his standard Crossbow attack]
    - Synth: Veola. Ingredients: Sexy Bikini + Aqua Snowbug + Bunny Ears.
    - Equipped By: Lita, Norn, Marietta, Delsus(!)
    - Stats: +32 Mana, +16 Atk, +16 Defense, +16 Speed, Resistances: 16/33/-16/16.
    - Special Ability: None [This is still one of the better accessories in the
    game due to the really nice stat boosts]
    - Synth: Veola. This is not a unique recipe, it also comes from the Fairy
    Clothes. Ingredients: Sexy Bikini + Sexy Robe + Sweet Lando.
    - Equipped By: Lita and Norn ONLY!
    - Stats: +24 Mana, +24 Magic, +18 Defense, Resistances: 16/-12/8/0.
    - Special Ability: SEDUCTIVE [See Sexy Robe above. This is probably the best
    accessory for Norn until later in the game when you get a Soul Ring]
    - Synth: Veola. Ingredients: Red Pants + Sexy Robe + Pretty Stained.
    - Equipped By: Lita and Marietta ONLY!
    - Stats: +24 Life, +24 Atk, +14 Defense, +12 Speed, Resistances: 24/-20/28/0.
    - Special Ability: ATTRACTIVE [Attempts a Strong Charm effect against the
    entire enemy part at the outset of battle only. The effect here seems to have
    a higher chance of succeeding than the Seductive ability, working very often
    except against magical monsters. You will want two of these, one for Lita and
    one for Marietta. Trust me, I abused this so often, I even Charmed a few
    - Synth: Veola. Ingredients: Alluring Bikini + Comet Jewel + Passion Pants.
    - Equipped By: Marietta ONLY!
    - Stats: +48 Magic, +9 Defense, +24 Speed, Resistances: 12/-38/12/48.
    - Special Ability: BRAINDEAD* [Absolutely no idea what this does. I tried it
    out in more than 10 battles and never saw it do anything]
    - Synth: Veola. This is what Veola creates when you try to synth the Chronolex.
    Creating this will also unlock the two Lockets, which can also be fused through
    Weapon Synthesis. Ingredients: Twilight Board + Annual Gear (Totopop can only
    make one of these, since there is just one Mana Moebius in the entire game) +
    Rocket Flame + Spiteful Stone.
    - Equipped By: All
    - Base Stats: +18 Life, +18 Mana, +18 Speed, Resistances: 18/18/18/18.
    - Special Abilities: LIFE UP (M), MANA UP (M) [Restores 12 Life and 3 Mana
    every turn!]
    << These two abilities will remain on the Bio Frame and you can still
    add 3 additional abilities through Weapon Synthesis! >>
    - Location: Buy it from Pattotte in the fairy blacksmith shop. Once you buy the
    one he has in stock, the item disappears from his inventory forever.
    - Equipped By: All
    - Base Stats: +20 Magic, +20 Mana, Resistances: 12/12/12/0.
    - Special Ability: None 
    << The only fusion accessory in the game that can be bought, although there is
    still only one available. Excellent for Norn, due to the Base +20 Magic. Fuse 3
    additional abilities using Weapon Synthesis! >>
    - Location: In a chest in the Forest of Ocean Mist. You will need to use Flight
    and adjust your altitude until you can land on a relatively small floating
    platform in the lower right corner. There is a fairly easy block puzzle to
    negotiate in order to extract the chest.
    - Equipped By: All
    - Base Stats: Resistances: 0/0/0/120.
    - Special Ability: None
    << One of only 5 upgradeable accessories in the entire game, this is one item
    you do not want to miss. >>
    - Location: Sold by Hagel the Weapon Seller in Kavoc. Found in a couple of
    dungeons as well.
    - Equipped By: All [NOTE: From here on, I will not include an Equipped By in
    the format, since all the remaining accessories can be used by all characters].
    - Stats: +8 Defense, Resistances: 23/6/0/0.
    - Special Ability: None
    - Location: See Red Bracer above.
    - Stats: +6 Speed, Resistances: 6/23/0/0.
    - Special Ability: None
    - Location: The black-market fairy sells this, and one is found in a dungeon
    (forgot which).
    - Stats: +36 Speed.
    - Special Ability: None
    - Location: Wish I could remember!*
    - Stats: +46 Magic, +23 Mana, Resistances: 8/8/8/0.
    - Special Ability: None [This is a must-have for Norn if you want to complete
    Lector's Item List. You will need Norn to have as close to 500 Magic as
    possible if you want even a chance at turning a Baal into Amalgam Candy]
    - Location: Marietta comes equipped with one. There is another you find earlier
    in a dungeon.
    - Stats: +24 Atk, +24 Defense, Resistances: 20/0/0/20.
    - Special Ability: None
    - Location: Marietta also comes equipped with this. I found another, I believe,
    at the Tower of Marcus.
    - Stats: Resistances: 0/0/56/20.
    - Special Ability: SLEEP RES [This provides a fairly high chance of resisting
    sleep spells or effects, but does not completely nullify Sleep]
    - Location: The only one I can remember getting was from completing Finn's
    sidequest about the Festival in Duran. I have 2 in my inventory though, so go
    figure  :)
    - Stats: +12 Mana, Resistances: 24/0/0/56.
    - Special Ability: None
    - Location: Somewhere on the Path to Heaven (not the mountain area, the one
    with all the lifts).
    - Stats: +32 Life, -12 Magic, +12 Defense, -12 Speed, Resistances: 28/28/0/0.
    - Special Ability: LIFE UP (M) [Restores 12 Life each turn]
    - Location: Buy it from Hagel (or the black-market fairy, I forgot which).
    - Stats: +32 Magic, +53 Mana.
    - Special Ability: MAGIC COMP +3 [See the Fairy Hat above]
    - ANKH
    - Location: The black-market fairy may sell this "under the table" to you for
    29,500 Cole. There is another one, because I have two, just not sure where.
    - Stats: Resistances: 0/0/0/33.
    - Special Ability: LIFE UP (XL) [Restores 15 Life every turn. Yeah, I know,
    that's only 3 Life more than Life Up (M). Life sucks, doesn't it?  ;o) ]
    - Location: This requires Flight to reach. It is on a rocky outcropping behind
    the huge tree on the right side of the Lapis Woods. Climb onto the rocks that
    overlook Kavoc, then activate Fly. You should have enough altitude then to
    reach the hidden outcropping.
    - Stats: Resistances: 36/36/36/36.
    - Special Ability: None [Other than for completing Lector's List, this item has
    little use]
    - Location: I found one in the bonus dungeon, but like many other accessories,
    I have more than one  :)
    - Stats: +35 Life, +35 Atk, +35 Defense, Resistances: 16/0/16/0.
    - Special Ability: BATTLE LORD PWR [This adds the +35 Life and +35 Atk in the
    stats. A very handy accessory, but I never used it. Too bad you can't get one
    earlier in the game!]
    - ICE ORB
    - Location: The Elder Virum boss in Alexia Cave drops this, 100% as far as I
    - Stats: +16 Magic, +17 Defense, Resistances: 0/180/0/0.
    - Special Ability: None
    - Location: Cleft of Nelvia on the wooden supports near the bottom right.
    There's another in the secret part of Alexia Cave that requires Flight. And yet
    another in the Forest of Ocean Mists, that for the life of me I cannot gain
    enough altitude to reach! I got the Jade Mana with ease, but not this useless
    item of which I already own 2!
    - Stats: +18 Life, +18 Mana, +23 Defense, +13 Speed, Resistances: 0/0/96/0.
    - Special Ability: None
    - Location: The black-market fairy sells one, but there's another. I searched
    every nook and cranny in this game, so I tend to have multiple of these
    accessories, just drawing a blank on where.
    - Stats: -35 Life, -35 Mana, +35 Atk, +35 Magic, Resistances: 25/25/25/25.
    - Special Ability: ANCIENT CURSE [This results in the -35 to both Life and
    Mana in stats]
    - Location: Do I really need to tell you?   :)
    This is the obligatory accessory they give you in the beginning of most RPGs.
    - Stats: Resistances: 8/8/8/0.
    - Special Ability: MANA UP (S) [Restores 1 Mana each turn. That's no misprint,
    that's ONE measly mana per round, hehe]
    - Location: No idea. I have 2, and I still have no idea  :P
    - Stats: +32 Magic, +8 Defense, Resistances: 0/32/0/69.
    - Special Ability: Zilch
    - Location: Grrr, sorry but I never bothered writing down where I found these
    things. I doubt you can miss this teeny upgrade to the GLORIOUS Feather Charm!
    - Stats: Resistances: 16/16/16/0.
    - Special Ability: MANA UP (S) [Like the Feather Charm, restores 1 mana/turn]
    - Location: Ok, you know the drill- If I knew, I'd tell ya   :P
    - Stats: +33 Defense, Resistances: 23/0/0/0.
    - Special Ability: Yeah, right
    - Location: The top floor of Zeldalia's house in Poto's Forest. Please tell me
    you didn't miss this!
    - Stats: +10 Magic, Resistances: 24/24/0/0.
    - Special Ability: Brace yourself! This one is THE BOMB! The answer: Nada
    - Location: On the right pillar at the Tower of Marcus. Requires flight.
    - Stats: +16 Magic, Resistances: 0/18/18/58.
    - Special Ability: POISON RES, PARALYZE RES [Provides decent resistance to
    Poison and Paralysis, but not immunity]
    - Location: At the very top of the Bunny Pyramid in the Valley of Fear.
    - Stats: +1000 to all stats.
    - Special Ability: Instant Death to the character wearing it at the start of
    every battle [Seriously though, this is just a joke I put in because, like with
    most RPGs, there is always some nimrod who visits the message boards,
    proclaiming how he found some secret location by equipping the rabbit suit, and
    killing 5000 Flame Virums. Sorry, I couldn't resist  ;o) ]
    <<< IV.  Tips and Strategies for Synthesizing Accessories >>>
    I wish I had the patience, time, and knowledge of FAQ writing required to
    impart my somewhat vast knowledge of Weapon Synthesis. But alas, I have none
    of the 3 above requisites  :)
    Instead, what'll I'll provide you with is some tricks and formulas for creating
    some of the most sought after abilities available in Weapon Synthesis. I hope
    this is helpful.
    PART 1) In order to synthesize anything, you're going to need a decent
    collection of Mana Stones. For the most part, just follow the story and you're
    bound to find several of the common ones. Here's a list of where to look:
    - Dark Mana: Looks Brown. Found nearly everywhere. Borders on useless, since
    the only mildly useful ability you can Crystallize from it is Defense +2 using
    Diemia. You can safely sell these for something like 3,800 Cole each.
    >Sold by Pattotte.
    >Dropped by Red Puni and Mandragora (rare drop)
    - Black Mana: One of the important common colors. Most important is to extract
    Atk +1 from these using Grupt. Do NOT sell these if you plan to synth, and
    synth early and often! Sure, you can Crystallize Atk +3 from Silver Mana, but
    that would not be a good idea, unless you hold off on Weapon Synth until the
    bonus dungeon.
    >Sold by Pattotte.
    >Faux Puni drop these rarely.
    - Red Mana: Also extremely importantly for the Speed +1 you can extract with
    Diemia. The good thing is that Yellow serves the same purpose, supplying extra
    Speed +1's. Almost as common as Black.
    >Sold by Pattotte.
    >Salamanders, Vine Traps, and Mountain Pigs drop them rarely.
    - Yellow Mana: Since you'll need alot of Speed +1's for Double Attack and
    Animal Instinct, fortunately you have two steady sources of them. Quite common.
    >Sold by the black-market fairy.
    >Shock Elements and Jin drop these as a rare.
    - Blue Mana: Ah, the KING of mana stones! Seriously, these are worthless. Sell
    them en masse, they are worth a decent chunk each.
    >The black-market fairy sells these, but why bother.
    >You really wanna know what enemies drop these?!
    - Green Mana: Now the mana stones start getting rarer. Green can be kinda tough
    to find, and it is essential for Magic +1's. Not super rare, there are a decent
    number available.
    >Forgot-the-name-black-market-fairy-punk for like 12,800 Cole.
    >Wood Golems drop them extremely rarely.
    - Glowing Mana: Ok, these are precious. Do NOT crystallize these without
    careful planning, or you will regret it. You need these for Mental Curse,
    Atk Comp +1, and possibly (if you have alot) Magic +3. Treasure these.
    >Black-market fairy has them for about the same price as Green, very rarely.
    >Phantoms drop them rarely, while it is a common drop for Baal (I got only one
    from a Baal though). Baals appear only in the bonus dungeon, and in one
    sidequest with Rurona. No guaranteed drop though.
    - Silver Mana: Like Glowing, think before you synth, as they say. Sure, you can
    get these fairly easy off Jin Riders (100% drop rate), but that isn't until the
    bonus dungeon. You'll want these for Disease Curse, Accuracy +1, and maybe for
    Atk +3 if you have them coming out of your ears (unlikely until the bonus
    >The Fairy of black-market back-street deals sells em for 17,000 Cole once
    every other galactic millenia.
    >Jin Riders always drop these, I think 100%.
    - Gold Mana: Despite its rarity, it's fairly useless. You'll need a few for
    Battle Lord PWR and Blessing Power (don't waste Silvers on Blessing Power).
    >Hmmm, there are a few here and there, rare but not obscenely so.
    - Jade Mana: THE MOST PRECIOUS OF THE STONES! Did I emphasize that enough?
    There are only 5-6 in the whole game, unless you get absurdly lucky and a
    Master Kero drops one (don't count on this). You want these for Holy Power and
    Holy Sanctuary.
    >Kill 100 Growloons and you'll get one.
    >There's 1 in a tree above Lector's caravan, that can't be reached even with
    Fly. Instead, you have to find close to like 95% of the items in Lector's List,
    and eventually there will be enough Puni statues that you can climb em and jump
    to reach the Jade.
    >The Forest of Ocean Mist has one that is tricky to reach but doable. Go to the
    hole in a tree trunk that leads out to a high-up platform. Summon Diemia, jump
    on him, then Fly to the tree in the extreme bottom left. You'll have the 
    altitude to snag it and a Gold Mana as well.
    >There's one in Silencia that is near impossible to miss, on one of the 4
    staircases that form an X before the door at the end of the dungeon.
    >Find 2 in the bonus dungeon, that I'm aware of.
    - Crimson Mana: The rarest of the rare. Maybe 4 in the whole game. However,
    unless you love Sky Sonata (I don't-> see why below), they aren't as valuable
    as Jade. A better use for Crimson is making Spirit Stones.
    >In a bird's nest on the Path to Heaven, the area with the lifts right before
    Avenberry. I think it is on the 3rd floor. Reduce the purple blocks by one each
    on the left side, then use the purple blocks on the right under the nest to
    enter Flight. Now fly to the recently reduced in height by one purple blocks on
    the left side, and use them to gain altitude. Then fly back to the nest to snag
    the Crimson.
    >In Avenberry at the apex of Iris' workshop where you fought the Book Eater.
    Fly and use the columns to gain some height. Then go to the right side of the
    altar, and ride the curved backing of the workshop to reach the Crimson at the
    >There are 2 in the bonus dungeon.
    PART 2) Since there are really only a couple of worthwhile abilities used in
    fusion, you really only need to know the most useful combos of which Mana to
    use to extract which ability. Like I've said throughout the FAQ, I can't tell
    you every combo, nor would I want to. There's a FAQ here by Sawada_Shuhei that
    does an excellent job on the details of which Mana to use with each stone
    color. Anyway, here's the breakdown:
    - Use Grupt to crystallize Black Mana into Atk +1's. If you haven't reached the
    point in the story where you get your first Aroma Material needed to transform
    Uru into Grupt, then you'll need to save your game first. Then try Uru, but you
    have about a 50% chance of getting Heavy instead. Reload if this happens.
    - Diemia is who you wanna use to convert Red Mana into Speed +1's. It's
    guaranteed, like with Grupt above.
    - Grupt gives you 100% chance to change Yellow into Speed +1. If you don't have
    Aroma Material yet, and want to convert Yellows, use Uru, but again it is a
    50/50 shot.
    - Diemia again for changing Green Stones into Magic +1. It's a sure thing.
    - Now, for Glowing, there's a couple of combos, depending on what ability you
    are shooting for (See below for formulas). Use Diemia to crystallize Glowing
    into Mental Curse and Grupt for Atk Comp +1. Both of those are 100%. For Avoid
    +1 (needed for Animal Instinct), it's a 50/50 deal using Silwest.
    - Silver also has a couple of combos: Diemia for Disease Curse, Aion for Atk +3
    if you have plenty of Silver, and a 50/50 with Silwest to extract Accuracy +1
    (needed for Animal Instinct as well).
    - Use Diemia on Gold to get Battle Lord PWR at 100%, and Aion for Blessing
    Power (also guaranteed).
    - Diemia will change Jade into Holy Power for sure, and that's about all you'll
    be doing. However, if you absolutely LOVE Sky Sonata, then you'll also need to
    waste Jades to make Holy Sanctuary. In this case, go with Plua for a 50/50
    - Now for Crimson. I use Diemia to make Spirit Stones, but if you want Sky
    Sonata, use Eital. If you have extra Crimson (unlikely), then Fanatos will
    give you Single Power.
    PART 3) Ok, so what the hell does all that jibberish I just enumerated above
    have to do with the price of Fungo at Norman's? Well, I'll tell ya now. Below
    are the most sought after, and in my opinion most useful abilities in the game.
    You'll need to use Weapon Synthesis to make these combos, and then put them on
    your Accessories (or Weapons, which I don't cover here, but it is the same
    principle and the same abilities you'll be using).
    All of these Combos were discovered by others, and you'll see my Thanks at the
    end of the FAQ (for those whom I know came up with them). Again, there are many
    different combinations, but these are the ones you want:
    ==> Adds an extra standard attack for each one customized into your weapon or
    Fortunately, very easy to make, just need a steady supply of Blacks and
    | Atk +5 <+> Speed +7= DOUBLE ATTACK |
    {5 Black Stones + Grupt= Atk +5 when fused; 7 Red Stones + Diemia -or- Yellow
    Stones + Grupt= Speed +7}
    That will cost you 5 Black Stones and a total of 7 red or yellow (or both)
    stones. Is there an easier way? Yes, but it consumes Silver stones. Not useful
    unless you are in the bonus dungeon. Here's how you'd do it:
    {1 Silver + Aion AND 2 Blacks + Grupt= Atk +5; there's no shortcut for Speed +7
    ==> Adds an additional Holy-Elemental Attack for each one fused into your
    weapon or accessory. One's enough per character.
    There's a couple of different ways of making Holy Weapon. You'll really only
    want one of these per character (do NOT put this ability on Klein or Norn, it
    will be wasted), while you're gonna want 3-5 Double Attacks per character
    depending on your playstyle. I prefer 3 Doubles and one Holy Weapon per
    character, with one upgradeable accessory per character. This one is complex,
    so here's the longer but cheaper (in terms of rare mana stone cost) formula:
    Step One:
    | Mental Curse <+> Mental Curse= Mind Curse |
    Step Two:
    | Disease Curse <+> Disease Curse= Death Curse |
    Step Three:
    | Mind Curse <+> Death Curse= Ancient Curse |
    Step Four:
    | Ancient Curse <+> Blessing Power= Single Power |
    Step Five:
    | Atk +6 <+> Holy Power= Demon Slayer |
    Step Six:
    | Magic +8 <+> Mental Curse= Dirty Power |
    Step Seven:
    | Dirty Power <+> Blessing Power= Magic Stone |
    Step Eight:
    | Magic Stone <+> Spirit Stone= Holy Sanctuary |
    Step Nine:
    | Demon Slayer <+> Holy Sanctuary= Evil Slayer |
    Last Step:
    | Evil Slayer <+> Single Power= HOLY WEAPON |
    Here's the breakdown:
    {3 Glowing + Diemia= 3 Mental Curses; 2 Silver + Diemia= 2 Disease Curses;
    2 Gold + Aion= 2 Blessing Powers; 6 Blacks + Grupt -or- 2 Silver + Aion= Atk +6
    1 Jade + Diemia= 1 Holy Power; 8 Greens + Diemia -or- 2 Glowing + Eital AND
    2 Greens + Diemia= Magic +8; 1 Crimson + Diemia= Spirit Stone}
    This formula saves you 1 Jade, 2 Silver, and 2 Glowing if you use Blacks for
    Atk +6 and Greens for Magic +8. It does waste a Crimson mana, but as I said,
    I don't like Sky Sonata (we'll get to that in a bit).
    You can shorten that formula by using Silvers and Glowing to make your Atk +6
    and Magic +8; or eliminate the Magic +8, 2nd Blessing Power, and 3rd Mental
    Curse entirely by burning a second Jade + Plua at 50/50 chance to make Holy
    Sanctuary. But this costs you 2 Jades for each HOLY WEAPON you want; remember,
    Jade mana do NOT grow on trees (well, they do, but there still is a very finite
    number!).   :oP  
    ==> +50 Atk and (possibly) increased Accuracy.
    Well, you may want to just clutter your weapons and accessories with all
    Double Attacks and a Holy Weapon or two, but your damage per hit will be kinda
    meager. So you need to pump up your attackers' Atk stat. Battle Protect is the
    best way, especially if you also use Pierce. Note that making Battle Protect
    will require some saving and reloading.
    Fomula Time:
    Step 1:
    | Avoid +3 <+> Accuracy +3= Master's Karma |
    Step 2:
    | Master's Karma <+> Battle Lord PWR= BATTLE PROTECT |
    Breakdown Time:
    {3 Glowing + Silwest at 50/50 chance= Avoid +3; 3 Silver + Silwest at 50/50=
    Accuracy +3; 1 Gold + Diemia= Battle Lord PWR}
    ==> +30 Atk and Increased chance for Criticals.
    If you love piling on the Doubles and Sonatas, then skip Pierce (but at least
    use one Battle Protect). However, the Atk boost and the improved Criticals make
    Pierce a mainstay for most uber character setups.
    | Atk Comp +3 <+> Atk +3= PIERCE |
    Another easy formula like Double Attack, this is how it plays out:
    {3 Glowing + Grupt= Atk Comp +3; 3 Blacks + Grupt= Atk +3}
    I'd recommend 1 Pierce for Lita, even if you don't use any for Arlin, Delsus,
    or Marietta. The reason is because Lita has naturally high Speed and doesn't
    need Animal Instinct, whereas the other 3 most likely will. So without further
    ado, here is.......
    ==> +30 Speed and Increased chance for Criticals.
    IMHO, this ability is essential to have one installed in Delus or Marietta's
    equipment (if you use either of them). It is also VERY handy for Arlin,
    although his Fast Attack makes up somewhat for a lack of speed. Also, you may
    want one of these abilities for Norn.
    | Atk Comp +3 <+> Speed +5= ANIMAL INSTINCT |
    This will cost you:
    {3 Glowing + Grupt= Atk Comp +3; 5 Reds or Yellows + Diemia or Grupt
    respectively= Speed +5}
    Now, last of the attack-based abilities, is Sky Sonata...
    ==> Adds an additional Fire-Elemental attack for each one fused into your
    However, the first time you run into a Flame Virum and start healing
    it (since it absorbs Fire attacks), you will regret it. If you only have one,
    then you won't heal the Flame Virum by alot. But it is still annoying. Instead,
    just stick another DOUBLE ATTACK in your weapon or accessory! I don't use Sky
    Sonata personally.
    | 1 Crimson Mana + Eital= SKY SONATA |
    I am not aware of any other way to synth Sky Sonata, other than using a
    Crimson. Now, I'll move onto the handy combos for your magic attackers, Norn
    and Klein.
    ==> +50 Magic, but you lose 2 Mana per turn.
    Not a big deal for Norn, since her standard Sorcerer Staff attack restores her
    Mana. And you can easily counteract this loss for Klein by equipping Popo as
    his Mana (restores 3 Mana per turn), providing he has only one Dirty Power
    | Magic +8 <+> Mental Curse= DIRTY POWER |
    Nice and easy, it will cost you:
    {8 Green + Diemia -or- 3 Glowing + Eital AND 2 Green + Diemia= Magic +8;
    1 Glowing + Diemia= Mental Curse}
    You'll want Norn to have as close to a 500 Magic stat as possible (or 500 if
    you can). Dirty Powers make this easier to reach if Norn's level is lower. The
    reason that you want 500 Magic is to Turn 2 Candy a Baal or two to make Amalgam
    Candy. This is the ONLY way in the game to get this item, needed for both
    Lector's List and to make Blaire's Sweet House.
    If you really can't handle the 2 Mana loss/turn, or like to use Klein and/or
    Norn frequently in battle, then there is an alternative to Dirty Power...
    ==> +40 Magic and Increased Criticals for magic attacks.
    10 less Magic than Dirty Power, but no Mana loss, and a higher chance of
    criticals. This is much better if your Norn and Klein are higher level, or you
    just throw a ton of these into their upgradeable weapons and accessories.
    | Dirty Power <+> Blessing Power= MAGIC STONE |
    The breakdown for Dirty Power is above; Blessing Power just costs one Gold Mana
    crystallized using Aion.
    PART 4) My final thoughts to wrap things up are as follows, in guideline form:
    - I prefer using only one customizable accessory per character (with Marietta
    getting left out).
    - For the 2nd accessory slot, I go with War Tuxedos for Arlin and Delsus; Soul
    Ring for Norn; Alluring Bikini for Lita; and the Ring of Love for Klein.
    - This leaves me with 6 available synth slots for the 5 characters I use most.
    Actually, in the bonus dungeon, I really only use Arlin, Lita and Delsus, with
    Norn popping in to candify a Baal now and then.
    - For Lita, Delsus, and Arlin (or Marietta), I like to have 3 DOUBLE ATTACKS.
    Lita gets an extra 1 free in her Astral Gauntlet, which is an awesome
    upgradeable weapon.
    - I use one HOLY WEAPON for each of them as well. It is the same as Double
    Attack really, just Holy-based damage which is nice since nothing I've seen
    resists or absorbs Holy.
    - Each of the above also get one BATTLE PROTECT to beef up their Atk stat. It
    is nearly a must, unless you want to see like 6-7 hits doing only like 50
    damage each. It is much more satisfying to see 6-7 hits smashing in at 300 per!
    - Lita gets PIERCE, because her Atk stat is a bit lower than Delsus, Arlin and
    Marietta's. If you want, throw one on everyone, I do. It is a great ability.
    - Delsus and Marietta (if you use them) really need ANIMAL INSTINCT. Their
    Speed otherwise is a liability. I use one on Arlin as well, since Fast Attack
    doesn't always activate even at MAX level.
    - For Klein and Norn, I just throw a bunch of DIRTY POWERS or MAGIC STONES on
    them to get their Magic stat super-high. Then for the remaining slots, I just
    use Speed +9's or Animal Instinct to improve their speed. Holy Sanctuary is
    handy for them too, but will cost you a Jade or a Crimson no matter how you
    synth it.
    Well, that's basically it. I may revise this if I get alot of suggestions to do
    so. Anything in the FAQ with an * means I'd love your input or knowledge of
    what this ability does. Feel free to e-mail me.
    <<< V.  Disclaimer and Legal Stuff >>>
    This FAQ was written by me, Vincent Briscuso, although I used formulas from the
    message boards. All the work seen here was used by me in the game, so I can
    confirm it. I am not affiliated with NIS America or Gust, Inc. This is not an
    unauthorized FAQ, just free for your perusal.
    I am not good with Legal mumbo-jumbo. All I ask is that if you'd like to use
    this FAQ on an Atelier Iris fansite, please e-mail me first, and please credit
    me as the author on your site.
    <<< VI.  Credits and Thanks >>>
    - First and foremost, my wife Lisa for putting up with my RPG hobby. I love you
    very much!
    - A special thanks to Gust and NIS America for bringing this awesome RPG to the
    - A huge THANK YOU to a host of people on the GameFAQs message boards, I can't
    hope to name everyone, so I apologize if I left you out: EvilLOne for which
    monsters drop which Mana Stones, DrZero7 for his suggestions on what to put on
    each character, and Omislash000 for all his work in compiling a list of combos.
    - Sawada_Shuhei for the excellent Mana Crystallization FAQ.
    - Starvenus for the Shop Synthesis FAQ. No way I would have found all those
    recipes without this guide!
    - And Petenshi, whose Item Collection FAQ was invaluable in helping me complete
    Lector's Item List!
    - And lastly, to CJayC and the staff at GameFAQs for the most useful game
    resource site on the web!

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