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    Communication Log by lifelessdummy

    Version: 1.31 | Updated: 07/28/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    *Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex *
    *     The Complete Communication Log     *
    *                v1.31                   *
    *Written by Ichiniisan, AKA LifeLessDummy* 
    *Spoiler Notice* Spoiler Notice* Spoiler Notice* Spoiler Notice*
            Yes, this list contains spoiler. What would you think this to contain?
    This Log contains everything (that I can find) spoken between the characters
    in this game. So if you want to know what’s spoken, this is it. If you need
    one that explains where to find each one, just email me (currently don’t know
    if I want to make it or included it in here to tell where you can find each
    *Table of Contents*
    1.   Introduction
    2.   Disclaimer
    3.   Total Count
    4.   Quick Find List
    5.   The List
                a. [LVL01] Nihama Pier N3
                b. [LVL02] N3 Parking Garage
                c. [LVL03] Multi-level Warehouse
                d. [LVL04] Residential Block
                e. [LVL05] Dam Site
                f. [LVL06] Office Block
                g. [LVL07] Training Grounds
                h. [LVL08] AT Training Grounds
                i. [LVL09] Chopper Storage Block
                j. [LVL10] Shaft
                k. [LVL11] Underground Factory
                l. [LVL12] Experimental Farm
    6.   About Me
    7.   Version History
    Hi everyone! This is Dummy here. This is the complete listing of communication
    I obtained from the Communication Log option in the game. This is the third of
    hopefully five FAQ (including maps) I’m doing for Ghost in the Shell. As I said
    in the spoiler, if needed, I will include a ‘how to locate’ part; either in a 
    separated one or in this FAQ (I’m thinking this FAQ the more I keep typing).
    Alright, something new... Well, you’ll see what I mean when you read the 
    following facts/info about my FAQ (this one).
    Pages: 46
    Words: 13,757
    Characters w/out spaces: 74,470
    Characters w/ spaces: 92,347
    Lines: 2,594
    Paragraphs: 1,363
            This list was painfully written by the Dummy and it may not be
    published publicly, privately, in print, electronically, or by any other means
    known by man without prior written consent by the author (and I’m a pretty nice
    fellow), and you can't distribute this without my name on this FAQ. If I give
    consent to put a copy of this FAQ on your own websites, it may NOT be altered,
    changed, or tampered with unless I agree, because sometimes the grammar isn’t
    correct, but that’s just the way how it was written in the game and DO NOT link
    directly to GameFAQs. They’re really nice folks, and any less of a headache to
    them would be appreciated. Also, if I made some kind of error (remember, I’m a
    human being AND a dummy) contact me so that I can correct it.
            Also, I have a problem recognizing voices in the video sequences. I can
    definitely tell Motoko’s, Batou’s, Aramaki’s, and Tachikoma’s (its MOMO from
    XS!!) voices, and I think Togusa’s. However, I have a difficulty recognizing
    Ishikawa’s, Paz’s, or Borma’s voices. If you think that I mistaken one voice
    for another, please email me for correction. 
            Wow, this quick list is long. Guess the longer list is... well, longer.
    Just a quick explanation of how to use the find list (even though you usually
    can tell just by looking):
    [LVL56]Jump Out
    Levels can be found by clt+f and typing in LVL and the number level 
    Specific words on listing can be found by typing from which category and its
     [LVL01]Nihama Pier N3 
       [A01]Nihama Pier, Altitude 20
       [A02]Nihama Pier N3 Mission Brief
       [A03]Section 9 Goes Into Action
       [A04]Mission Orders
       [A05]Authorization Code Info
       [A06]Security System Information
       [A07]Harbor Control Center Info
       [A08]Terminal Info
       [A09]Confirm Prosthetic Body
       [A10]Confirmation of Unit I.D.’s
       [A11]Info on Transfer Crane
       [A12]Activating Crane
       [A13]Elevator Activation Authorized
       [A14]Elevator Authorization Req’d
       [A15]Info on Storage Area #2
       [A16]Info on Enemy’s Mind-set
       [A17]Smuggling Organization Info
       [A18]Apprehension of the Suspects
       [A19]Cargo Ship Info
       [A20]Verified Location of Suspect
       [A21]Backup Turned Down
       [A22]Sniper Warning
       [A23]Elevator Operation Info
       [A24]Pier #2’s Elevator Info
       [A25]Harbor System Rewrite Complete
       [A26]Sniper Info
       [A27]Hacking Key Info
       [A28]Orders to Obtain Information
       [A29]Apprehend Suspect
     [LVL02]N3 Parking Garage
       [B01]N3 Parking structure Briefing
       [B02]Infiltrate N3 Parking Garage
       [B03]Security System Information
       [B04]Don’t Pick Me Up by Falling
       [B05]Togusa Case Information
       [B06]Opening the Gate
       [B07]Obtained a Parking Pass
       [B08]Parking Pass Required
       [B09]Limitations on Grenade Usage
       [B10]Server Information
       [B11]Enemy Chain of Command Info
       [B12]Hacking Key Info Playing It Safe
       [B13]Playing It Safe
       [B14]Surveillance Camera Info
       [B15]Orders to Remove Obstacles
       [B16]License Plate Confirmation
       [B17]Secure Evidence
     [LVL03]Multi-level Warehouse
       [C01]Search Multi-level Warehouse
       [C02]Infiltrate Warehouse
       [C03]Orders to Verify Belongings
       [C04]Information on Warehouse
       [C05]Information on Door Lock
       [C06]Authorizing Fuwa’s Cyberprints
       [C07]Confirming Fuwa’s Cyberpint
       [C08]Nihama University Report
       [C09]Nihama University Report #2
       [C10]Nihama University Report #3
       [C11]Records Were Forcibly Deleted
       [C12]Fuwa’s Prosthetic Body
       [C13]Information on Memory Box
       [C14]Enemies Outside Warehouse
       [C15]Backup ETA
       [C16]Orders to Infiltrate T.A.R.
       [C17]Info on Unlocking Code
       [C18]Withdraw from Warehouse
     [LVL04]Residential Block
       [D01]T.A.R. Infiltration Briefing
       [D02]Infiltrate T.A.R.
       [D03]Radio Signal Jamming in T.A.R.
       [D04]Enemies Confirmed
       [D05]T.A.R. Charter
       [D06]Investigate T.A.R.’s Director
       [D07]Monorail Accident Information
       [D08]Lifelines in the T.A.R.
       [D09]Encrypted Mail
       [D10]Kei Yazawa Investigation
       [D11]Info on T.A.R. Immigrants
       [D12]Arrive at Destination
     [LVL05]Dam Site
       [E01]Dam Site Infiltration Briefing
       [E02]Infiltrate Dame Site
       [E03]Orders to Destroy Gun Turret
       [E04]You’re in Trouble if You Fall
       [E05]Jamming Signal Shut Down
       [E06]Inspection Gallery Information
       [E07]Dam Endurance
       [E08]Cargo Records Found
       [E09]Oversized Weapon
       [E10]Elevator Operational
       [E11]Observation Inside Dam Proper
       [E12]Searching for Route
       [E13]Control Room Info
       [E14]Don’t Pick Me UP by Falling
       [E15]Repair Supplies Depot
       [E16]Enemy Resistance Prediction
       [E17]Freighter Cargo Info
       [E18]Signal Jamming Shut Down #2
       [E19]Confirm Jamming Was Eliminated
     [LVL06]Office Block
       [F01]Office Block Mission Briefing
       [F02]Infiltrate Office Block
       [F03]Office Block Status
       [F04]Request to Forward Virus
       [F05]Elevator to Surface info
       [F06]You Have a Pursuer, Major
       [F07]Conspiracy Suspicions
       [F08]Status of Dismantling
       [F09]T.A.R. Director’s Office Info
       [F12]Block Renovation Information
       [F13]MM-rice Patent Application
       [F14]MM-rice Information
       [F15]Eichi Gotoh Witness Info
       [F16]Receiving Assistance Request
     [LVL07]Training Grounds
       [G01]Capture Eichi Gotoh Briefing
       [G02]Take Eichi Gotoh into Custody
       [G03]Training Ground Objectives
       [G04]Confirm Cinderella-type Virus
       [G05]Gotoh’s Recollection
       [G06]Gotoh’s Recollection #2
       [G07]Antagonistic Relationships
       [G08]Encrypted Channel
       [G09]Witnesses saw Jumbo Helicopter
       [G10]Agriculture Ministry MM-rice
       [G11]Ag Ministry Blackmailed
       [G12]Considering takeover of T.A.R.
       [G14]Reporting Eichi Gotoh’s Death
     [LVL08]AT Training Grounds
       [H01]Secure Facility Entrance Brief
       [H02]Securing Entrance to Facility
       [H03]Info on MM-rice
       [H04]Inquiry into Cyberbrainwaves
       [H05]Securing Training Grounds
       [H06]Help Arrives
     [LVL09]Chopper Storage Block
       [I01]Oniyanma Assault Operation
       [I02]Oniyanma Attack
       [I03]Secure Evacuation Route
       [I04]Hacking Key Acquired
       [I05]Anti-Aircraft Cannon Destroyed
       [I06]Delivery Recipients of MM-rice
       [I07]Military Trend Information
       [I08]Virus Code Confirmation
       [I09]AG Ministry Blackmailed Again
       [I10]Oniyanma Shot Down
       [J01]Facility Infiltration Mission
       [J02]Infiltrate Facility
       [J03]Means of Sending Information
       [J04]Concealed Hacking Key Detected
       [J05]Bulkhead Terminal Info
       [J06]Ventilation Shaft Info
       [J07]Military Info Analysis
       [J08]Status Confirmation
       [J09]Cybercomm Cuts Out
       [J10]Arrival at Bottom Level
     [LVL11]Underground Factory
       [K01]Underground Factory Operation
       [K02]Infiltrate Underground Factory
       [K03]Security System Information
       [K04]Illegal Labor Suspicions
       [K05]Destroy Activation Program
       [K06]Weapon Shipment Records
       [K07]Etorufu Recycling Factory
       [K08]Declaration of Independence
       [K09]Prototype Tank Development
       [K10]Tactical A.I. Programmer Info
       [K11]Tactical A.I. Source Code Info
       [K12]Overwriting Unwanted Mind-Sets
       [K13]Note from Kei Yazawa
       [K14]Letter from Toshimi Tagami
       [K15]Confirmation of Factory
     [LVL12]Experimental Farm
       [L01]Final Assault on T.A.R.
       [L02]Toshimi Tagami’s Memories
       [L03]Toshimi Tagami’s Memories #2
       [L04]Motoko’s Beliefs
       [L05]Toshimi Tagami’s Memories #3
       [L06]Toshimi Tagami’s Memories #4
       [L07]Motoko’s Beliefs #2
       [L08]Autonomous Region Collapses
       [L09]Escape from Autonomous Region
    [Yes, I even listed the credits in here. They deserve it. Without all their 
    hard work, I wouldn’t be doing this for a game I like very much.]
    *The List*
    [LVL01]Nihama Pier N3
    ***[A01]Nihama Pier, Altitude 20***
    <<Japanese characters>> It is a time when, even if all nets were to guide the
    consciousnesses that had been converted to photons and electrons towards 
    coalescing standalone individuals have not yet been converted into data to the
    extent that they can form unique components of a larger complex.
    <<A.D. 2030>> 120 seconds to Nihama Pier *helicopters fly across screen*
    Motoko: Fly over at an altitude of 20. We’ll drop in from above the pier
    entrance and commence the op. 
    Pilot: Roger.
    Motoko: Batou, the exit’s all yours.
    Batou: Right. You just leave all those fleeing rabbits to me.
    Motoko: I’m counting on you. Hey, Chief, ready whenever you are. What’s so
    important about this op that I lose my day off?
    ***[A02]Nihama Pier N3 Mission Brief***
    Chief: The military has requested us to arrest a witness who’s at a black
    market weapons sale taking place at Nihama on Pier N3. Apparently, the weapons
    were schedule to be scrapped by the military, but were misappropriated. 
    Motoko: Shouldn’t we put a leash on him and see where he runs?
    Chief: The important thing is that he’s the subject of an investigation. Major,
    you extract his memories and find out who’s backing his shopping spree. 
    Regarding the current pier situation, it’s believed that a substantially large
    armed group has infiltrated the site. 
    Motoko: You want me and Batou to do this alone?
    Chief: I’ll have Ishikawa back you up. Pass information to him for analysis as
    you get it. 
    Ishikawa: I doubt that you’ll have any trouble with it, Major, but the 
    operation systems at the pier are pretty old. I’ll send you data through
    Chief: Togusa, keep an eye on Military Intel.
    Togusa: Roger.
    Chief: Saito, back up the Major from the water.
    Saito: Roger.
    Chief: Paz and Borma, check out any groups you suspect are related.
    Paz and Borma: Roger.
    Chief: Now get out there and start earning your pay, people!
    ***[A03]Section 9 Goes Into Action***
    Motoko: *takes off visor helmet* Roger that.
    Batou: The military’s moved up in the world. They’ve got us cleaning up after
    their messes.
    Motoko: *hands helmet thing to Batou* Let’s have them owe us one. *falls out of
    the helicopter and lands* 
    ***[A04]Mission Orders***
    Aramaki: Aramaki here. I’ve spoken with the related bureaus. Complete your
    mission before the ship leaves. 
    Motoko: Roger.
    ***[A05]Authorization Code Info***
    Ishikawa: You need an authorization code to open the gate. There’s probably
    terminal in this area. Take a look around.
    ***[A06]Security System Information***
    Operator: Gate now opening.
    Togusa: This is Togusa. I pulled this info from the local cops. The pier’s
    security was hit by a sneak attack 48 minutes ago and the security system was
    overwritten. Enemy forces seem to have the pier under their control. 
    Motoko: Understood. 
    ***[A07]Harbor Control Center Info***
    Aramaki: Looks like a Jameson-type man has left for the Harbor Control Center’s
    tower. It’s possible that they’ll escape aboard a freighter. There isn’t much
    time before it sets sail. Hurry! Ishikawa You’ll have to go in through the
    multi-level warehouses. Look around for an entrance. 
    ***[A08]Terminal Info***
    Operator: No response. 
    Motoko: I guess this terminal’s dead.
    Ishikawa: The terminal at the entrance is set up the same way. It’s probably
    faster to find a new infiltration route. 
    ***[A09]Confirm Prosthetic Body***
    Operator: Prosthetic construction confirmed.
    Aramaki:  I suppose it’s safe to assume that they’re being backed by a 
    large-scale organization... that uses illegally modified high-output bodies as
    their muscle.
    Motoko: You’re right. 
    ***[A10]Confirmation of Unit I.D.’s*** 
    Operator: Unit I.D. records confirmed.
    Ishikawa: I worked it so the I.D. data in the enemies’ cyberbrains can be 
    displayed as positional data. I’ve seen that pattern somewhere before...
    Tachikoma: Can we do a structural analysis on it?
    ***[A11]Info on Transfer Crane***
    Aramaki: With the crane and your cyber capabilities, Major, I think you can 
    forge ahead.
    Ishikawa: You should be able to obtain the hacking code for the transfer crane
    from the terminal inside that area. Try to find it.
    ***[A12]Activating Crane***
    Ishikawa: That will let you work the crane. It’s a pattern code that runs alone
    path A-3.
    Motoko: Okay.
    Operator: Executing crane bootup.
    ***[A13]Elevator Activation Authorized***
    Operator: Activation authorized.
    ***[A14]Elevator Authorization Req’d***
    Motoko: I need activation authorization?
    Ishikawa: You can obtain an activation authorization for the elevator from the
    terminal inside that area. You’ll be able to use that to go up. If you get that
    working, you can make your way ahead. 
    ***[A15]Info on Storage Area #2***
    Aramaki: Major, can you see the crane? To cross into storage area #2, your only
    choice is to use that crane.
    Togusa: Seems like the enemy makes regular patrols in this vicinity.
    ***[A16]Info on Enemy’s Mind-set***
    Togusa: I got this off the military net. But the enemy’s mind-set seems to be
    one that branched off from wartime design principles.
    ***[A17]Smuggling Organization Info***
    Paz: This is Paz. I checked out the 13 primary smuggling organizations, but
    none of ‘em use toys that they got from the military. I also checked the
    Northern Territories’ activity, but the chances of them being part of this are
    ***[A18]Apprehension of the Suspects***
    Aramaki: Major, you see that ship below you? It’s imperative that you take care
    of the suspects before they board it. Extraterritorial rights apply aboard the
    ship. Even we can’t touch them. I’m involving various agencies, but there’s not
    Motoko: Understood. 
    ***[A19]Cargo Ship Info***
    Paz: Paz here. There’s a freighter moored at the pier. She belongs to a
    distribution company out of Etorufu. According to the papers they submitted,
    she’s hauling scrap metal to a recycling plant in her home city... and her 
    ports of call are Nihama, Kamaishi, and Etorufu. 
    ***[A20]Verified Location of Suspect***
    Saito: Saito here. Jameson-type suspect confirmed. He’s on the harbor control
    center roof on the opposite shore.
    Aramaki: Major, we’re running out of time. Hurry up!
    ***[A21]Backup Turned Down***
    Batou: If you’re scared, I’ll head over and save ya!
    Motoko: Nobody asked for your help.
    Tachikoma: Major! I’d love to climb up some place that’s high, too! I wanna
    experience a scary situation!
    ***[A22]Sniper Warning***
    Ishikawa: You can use the crane now. But try now to be a sitting duck when you
    cross over.
    ***[A23]Elevator Operation Info***
    Ishikawa: You’ll be able to use Pier #2’s elevator now. 
    ***[A24]Pier #2’s Elevator Info***
    Ishikawa: Looks like you need operation authorization to work the elevator.
    Batou: Don’t jump d0wn just ‘cuz it’s a hassle. From this height, even you’d 
    be in trouble, Major. 
    ***[A25]Harbor System Rewrite Complete***
    Borma: This is Borma. Rewrite of harbor control system complete! That oughta 
    buy you a little time. 
    ***[A26]Sniper Info***
    Saito: There’s somebody besides me that’s linked to the satellite. It’s 
    probably snipers. It’s an anti-cyborg, precision snip rifle. I saw one once at
    a German arms show. It’s an old model, but nasty. It can penetrate even a
    titanium braincase. 
    Togusa: Records show the military took them on a trial basis. That’s probably
    where they got it.
    Aramaki: There’s too great a risk of coming under attack by a sniper who’s
    perched up high. You’ll have to think up another plan. 
    ***[A27]Hacking Key Info***
    Ishikawa: If you had the sniper hacking key, you might able to use them to your
    Aramaki: A commander-class enemy should definitely have a hacking key. It’s 
    probably best to begin with them first. 
    ***[A28]Orders to Obtain Information***
    Aramaki: There are enemies on the roof. We need some intel. Obtain information
    on what they were trying to do here. 
    ***[A29]Apprehend Suspect***
    Motoko: *hacking into the Jameson-type model* The memories are being erased?!
    There’s someone else besides me who’s accessing this guy’s cyberbrain?! 
    <<CAUTION>> Attack barrier?! Who’s the Peeping Tom out there? 
    [LVL02]N3 Parking Garage
    ***[B01]N3 Parking structure Briefing***
    Aramaki: The male suspect in the Jameson-type body that the Major apprehended
    was put to cyberbrain death by an unknown assailant. After reconstructing his
    fragmented memories... we’ve determined that the man was Takeru Fuwa.
    Ishikawa: Wait, you mean the victim of the university murder case five years 
    Aramaki: Correct.
    Batou: What the heck is a guy who’s supposed to have been dead for five years
    doing in Nihama now?
    Aramaki: Paz uncovered records indicating that Fuwa had hired a courier to 
    deliver cargo of some sort. Verifying as we speak. <Pause> According to current
    reports from our intelligence, his present location is between the 21st and 
    24th floors of the pier parking garage. Batou, infiltrate the garage with two
    Tachikomas, intercept this courier and take him into custody.
    Batou: Roger. Okay, kids. I’ll come at him from below. You two in from above.
    Tachikoma1: Roger that!
    Tachikoma2: Just leave it to us!
    Ishikawa: The security system inside the parking structure’s been overwritten
    by someone. 
    Togusa: I need to track down the prep, so we can’t rewrite the system yet.
    Exercise extreme caution.
    Batou: Yeah, yeah...
    ***[B02]Infiltrate N3 Parking Garage***
    Aramaki: Batou, what’s your present location?
    Batou: Enroute to level 21 in the parking garage elevator.
    Aramaki: I believe that multiple hostiles have infiltrated the parking garage.
    Don’t let your guard down. 
    <elevator goes to floor 21> 
    <guard robot shoot elevator> 
    <no one inside> 
    <Batou shoots the guard robot>
    Batou: Let’s rock and roll
    ***[B03]Security System Information***
    Ishikawa: There’s a possibility that the guard robots’ security program was
    Togusa: The security system and the pier use the same program. Anyway, it looks
    like this one’s been overwritten, too. Now what? Boss man?
    Tachikoma: I’m engaging the enemy!
    Aramaki: You have no choice, then. See what you can do on your own.
    Batou: Roger.
    ***[B04]Don’t Pick Me Up by Falling***
    Togusa: Hey boss man, if you’re gonna come pick me up, make sure you don’t do
    it by falling down here.
    Batou: I don’t wanna hear anything form you, kid. 
    ***[B05]Togusa Case Information***
    Togusa: The Fuwa case five years ago... I was lad detective on it back when I
    was a cop. Only a prosthetic body with a blown apart braincase was left.
    Batou: Hmm, so the death had been faked. 
    ***[B06]Opening the Gate***
    Aramaki: That elevator is out of commission now! Use your own two feet!
    Ishikawa: If you get a parking pass for level 22, the gate should open. Look
    around for a terminal.
    Batou: Ain’t exactly what I call convenient...
    Ishikawa: That’s what they get for playing with dangerous toys. They’re
    tightening security to buy some peace of mind. What matters is that nothing’s
    ***[B07]Obtained a Parking Pass***
    Ishikawa: That should enable you to head on up. 
    ***[B08]Parking Pass Required***
    Ishikawa: Get a parking pass form this level’s terminal. That’ll open the gate.
    ***[B09]Limitations on Grenade Usage***
    Tachikoma: Mr. Batou! Mr. Batou! There’s a lot of obstacles, so can I just blow
    a hole in the wall?
    Batou: Forget it. Don’t use grenades except in an emergency.
    Tachikoma: Huuhhhh? 
    ***[B10]Server Information***
    Ishikawa: I knew it. There are signs that the security control program was
    overwritten. This thing was hacked pretty deep... From what I can tell, it
    would be faster to control it form the server.
    Batou: The server? Where’s that?
    Ishikawa: Level 24.
    ***[B11]Enemy Chain of Command Info***
    Aramaki: An ambush, hm?
    Motoko: It seems to be the very same group from the pier. They’re being
    controlled by orders sent form higher up. Take out the commander, and they’ll
    be mere puppets. 
    ***[B12]Hacking Key Info Playing It Safe***
    Motoko: It’s the same thought pattern as the group on the pier
    Batou: It’s A.I.?
    Motoko: I could sense a Ghost.
    Batou: A puppet with a Ghost, huh? I feel sorry for it.
    Togusa: Can’t I use the hacking key that the Major used?
    Ishikawa: It appears to be set up so that the commander in each area controls
    just the A.I. in his own unit. Hacking keys are individually assigned.
    Aramaki: It should be easy going if you can use the enemy to our advantage.
    You’ll have to play it by ear. 
    ***[B13]Playing It Safe***
    Aramaki: If you urn into an enemy there, there’s nowhere to run. Proceed with
    extreme caution.
    ***[B14]Surveillance Camera Info***
    Ishikawa: It’s fairly likely that there are surveillance camera in level 23.
    See if you can enter through that terminal. 
    ***[B15]Orders to Remove Obstacles***
    Aramaki: It looks like you’ll have to go back down from this level.
    Motoko: Tachikoma, status?
    Tachikoma: Major, there’s too much in the way, so I can’t go any farther!
    Motoko: Then come up with something!
    Tachikoma: Yes, ma’am!
    ***[B16]License Plate Confirmation***
    Ishikawa: I have confirmation on the number. That’s the one, all right.
    Paz: I guess he’s an underworld delivery man. Give him enough money, and the
    guy’ll deliver anything for anyone, from a single postcard to a kidnapped
    Batou: He was paid a pretty hefty sum two days ago.
    Aramaki: Try to follow the money trail.
    Borma: Already on it. Fuwa hired him. The money was deposited from a terminal
    in the Tohoku region.
    Batou: So they were trying to use a delivery service to ship misappropriated
    Aramaki: Open the cargo, and we’ll have our answer. Batou, take a look and see
    what’s inside.
    Batou: Roger that!
    ***[B17]Secure Evidence***
    Batou: Okay, what’ll it be? The tiger or the lady? 
    <opens case> 
    <whaat?> Rice? 
    <explosion> Still got company!
    Tachikoma1: Mr. Batou!
    Tachikoma2: Where are the terrorists? Are they hiding?
    Batou: They’re all gone.
    Tachikoma1: See? I told you we should’ve hurried up and gotten here sooner!
    Tachikoma2: What? It wasn’t my fault!
    Tachikoma1: It’s because you were being stingy with the grenades!
    Tachikoma2: Yeah, but if we ran out of ‘em, we’d be in really big trouble
    Batou: Whatever. Just make sure you come quicker from now on.
    Tachikomas: Yes, sir!
    [LVL03]Multi-level Warehouse
    ***[C01]Search Multi-level Warehouse***
    Aramaki: About the rice you secured inside the garage... we’ve ascertained
    that it’s micromachine rice that is primarily exported abroad. Why was Fuwa
    carrying this grain and not weapons? We’ll have to investigate and find out
    what the implications are. Togusa, you head to Nihama U. and re-investigate
    that five-year-old Fuwa incident.
    Togusa: Right, Chief. Gotta do my homework over, huh?
    Motoko: Fuwa and arms smuggling. And now micromachine rice. So far, we’ve found
    the individual points, but there’s still no hint of a line that connects them.
    Ishikawa: Based on a tail of money from the Tohoku region along with the
    records of Fuwa turning up in Nihama... I checked the IR records, limiting the
    search to that region. Fuwa is shown standing in the Nihama station of the
    Tohoku linear rail. At this point, he’s not a Jameson-type. And for the past 
    seven years, Fuwa’s been renting a storage unit. I’d say the odds are good that
    his prosthetic body is stowed away in there. 
    Aramaki: Major, head over to the warehouse and check whatever it is that Fuwa
    left there. Understood?
    Motoko: Roger.
    ***[C02]Infiltrate Warehouse***
    Motoko: With this much humidity, optical camouflage is pointless. This is the
    Major. Now carrying out mission.
    Batou: I’ll come give you a lift when I’m done with my little errand. 
    Motoko: You will, huh? I’ll be waiting with low expectations.
    ***[C03]Orders to Verify Belongings***
    Aramaki: Verify Takeru Fuwa’s belongings inside the warehouse.
    Motoko: Roger.
    ***[C04]Information on Warehouse***
    Paz: That warehouse is rented out by pier control center for personal use. A
    slight case of getting money on the side. It’s reputation is really famous 
    among people in the know.
    Borma: Even if we shut it down, we can’t backtrack the goods. The local cops
    haven’t wasted time, either. 
    ***[C05]Information on Door Lock***
    Ishikawa: The ware house door lock mechanism is controlled from that terminal
    there. If we give it the personal authorization Fuwa recorded when he signed
    the contract, we can pinpoint the container with the cargo.
    ***[C06]Authorizing Fuwa’s Cyberprints***
    Ishikawa: Authorization confirmed. It’s a definite match with Fuwa’s 
    ***[C07]Confirming Fuwa’s Cyberpint***
    Ishikawa: About that authorization just now... it matched Fuwa’s cyberprint.
    ***[C08]Nihama University Report***
    Togusa: Togusa here. I’m starting my Nihama University investigation.
    Batou: A university in the spooky dead of night was the setting for a murder?
    Ooh, it’s kinda like the old ‘haunted school’ bit ain’t it?
    Togusa: Come one, would you lay off that stuff?
    ***[C09]Nihama University Report #2***
    Togusa: About Fuwa’s enrollment records... They’ve been semantically filtered.
    Aramaki: It’s possible that they were intentionally deleted...
    Ishikawa: Bounce the records over here to me. I’ll analyze them.
    Tachikoma: S-S-Structural analysis!
    Motoko: Tachikoma! Don’t you guys have more important things to do?
    Tachikoma: No fair, Mr. Ishikawa! You have all the fun!
    ***[C10]Nihama University Report #3***
    Togusa: When I used the authorization code that the Major obtained, some secret
    files popped out. They were probably hidden away in there by Fuwa five years
    ***[C11]Records Were Forcibly Deleted***
    Ishikawa: About those records Togusa forwarded... There’s a possibility that
    they were forcibly deleted from the outside, 54 Points of similarity to the
    virus confirmed at the pier. More than likely, it’s the same type. 
    Togusa: I tried each and every terminal... but besides this, no other records
    of Fuwa turned up.
    Motoko: Records don’t only exist in terminals. I’m starting to wonder why I
    scouted you from police HQ.
    Togusa: Understood. 
    ***[C12]Fuwa’s Prosthetic Body***
    Ishikawa: The virtual cyberprints left in the prosthetic bodies were identical
    to the Jameson-type, it had to be Fuwa himself.
    Motoko: I’ll check out the memory box.
    ***[C13]Information on Memory Box***
    Motoko: Looks like it’s encrypted...
    Ishikawa: I’ll decrypt it over here. Borma, give me a hand.
    Borma: Roger
    ***[C14]Enemies Outside Warehouse***
    Paz: Paz here. I have confirmation of multiple vehicles heading towards the
    warehouse. Prosthetic bodies of the same type as the one from the pier were
    Saito: Saito here with confirmation, too. Must be enemy reinforcements. I’ll
    try to slow ‘em as much as I can, but I can’t cover ‘em inside the warehouse.
    Motoko: Okay. We’ll come up with something. 
    ***[C15]Backup ETA***
    Batou: Major, I’m on my way to back you up. I’m sending you my ETA. Hang in
    there until I get to you.
    Motoko: ETA confirmed. Don’t be late.
    Batou: Hey, this is one man who’s never late for his dates. 
    ***[C16]Orders to Infiltrate T.A.R.***
    Aramaki: Once you escape the warehouse, head for the Tohoku region.
    Motoko: Boy, we don’t even get a quick break for a breather... What a 
    merciless line of work this is.
    Aramaki: Cases aren’t going to get solved with mercy, Major.
    ***[C17]Info on Unlocking Code***
    Operator: It’s sealed. A key code is required to access it.
    ***[C18]Withdraw from Warehouse***
    *door opens* *alarm sounds off, and 4 enemy soldiers come running in*
    Motoko: *points gun* Guess I don’t have a choice.
    *Two rocket shots flies from the door to the enemies, taking time out*
    Batou: What do you think? Right on time.
    Motoko: What kept you?
    Batou: How ‘bout a little gratitude, lady?!
    Motoko: You say something?
    Batou: Nah, nothing.
    [LVL04]Residential Block
    ***[D01]T.A.R. Infiltration Briefing***
    Aramaki: The Tohoku Autonomous Region was an installation where scientist where
    to be evacuated in waretime. It’s currently under direct military authority.
    Batou: They’re keeping scientist?
    Aramaki: Yazawa is one of the scientists who fled to the region in response to
    a summons issued by the military. He’s still there, despite the dismantling of
    the installation.
    Motoko: Do you think Fuwa and Gotoh are connected to this, too?
    Aramaki: It’s a possibility.
    Motoko: What is he doing in a facility like that? There’s something fishy about
    Ishikawa: Here’s a satellite image of the region. At first glance, it looks
    like an ordinary dam. It’s probably being camouflaged with a visual barrier.
    I did some checking via the net. They’ve got an independent net set up, and
    access from the outside is prohibited.
    Aramaki: Major, you and Batou infiltrate the Autonomous Region and make 
    contact with Yazawa.
    Togusa: And me?
    Aramaki: I’m told that Toshimi Tagami, the regional director, is in Hanamaki.
    Your assignment for the time being is to find out what Tagami has been doing
    Batou: That’s your role in life, little man.
    Togusa: I’m not saving your butt even if it gets hit by a stray bullet.
    Ishikawa: The monorail that connects to the autonomous region is only used to
    transport authorized personnel. Toshimi Tagami is scheduled to return to the
    region tomorrow. So use it. 
    Batou: Can’t we go in with the tilt-rotor?
    Ishikawa: It’s half-dismantled, but it was a military fortress. If it’s still
    functional, chances are it’s more than capable of shooting down aircraft.
    Batou: A little outing on the monorail, huh?
    Motoko: I’m gonna have some fun to make up for lost vacation time. 
    ***[D02]Infiltrate T.A.R.***
    Motoko: *Monorail zooms by* Batou, how’s it look outside?
    Batou: (Inside a Tachikoma) I got a great view. Everything’s upside down,
    though. (pause) No movement from the regional director?
    Motoko: (visual camouflage is on) For the movement, there’s no sign that we’ve
    been spotted.
    Batou: She doesn’t look much like she does in the official records. Think this
    is psychological warfare, too?
    Motoko: Publicly, she’s the director of the autonomous region. But in reality,
    she’s nothing more than Kei Yazawa’s puppet. 
    Batou: The dam’s coming into view. We ought to be feeling the jamming barrier
    any minute. The dam’s interior is inside the interference zone. Our 
    cybercomms’ll go out soon, too. 
    Motoko: You’re right. *train starts to shake and accelerate* Batou! What
    Tachikoma: Mr. Batou, The monorail is accelerating abnormally!
    Batou: This isn’t good, Major! We’re gonna plow right into the station! If we
    don’t get out, this’ll turn into a steel coffin!
    Motoko: I know that! *checks nearby terminal* The motor control program is
    being rewritten from the outside!
    Batou: You mean they know what we’re gonna do?!
    Motoko: We don’t have time to alter the program! You escape in the Tachikoma! 
    Batou: What are YOU gonna do? *train falls from the tracks, colliding with the
    ground* *a Tachikoma skids and hangs (vertically) off of the dam’s wall* 
    Major! Crap! I guess we’re inside the jamming barrier zone.
    Motoko: *jumps down* So there’s something that they’re willing to go to this
    much trouble to hide, hm?
    ***[D03]Radio Signal Jamming in T.A.R.***
    Aramaki: Major, do you read me?
    Motoko: Chief?
    Operator: Unable to confirm that the Major is receiving.
    Ishikawa: A signal jamming barrier is making cybercomm traffic inside the
    autonomous zone one-way. She can probably receive a signal, but it might be
    difficult or impossible to send one.
    Aramaki: Send out as much encrypted information as you can. I’m sure the Major
    will notice it.
    Ishikawa: Understood.
    Motoko: That’s my Chief for ya...
    ***[D04]Enemies Confirmed***
    Motoko: I guess they won’t let me stroll on by.
    ***[D05]T.A.R. Charter***
    Motoko: Autonomous Region Charter. 
    ‘With pride and duty in our hearts as 
              citizens of the Tohoku Autonomous Region...’ 
    ‘utilizing the knowledge fostered by our 
              ancestors as the essence of hard-won technology...’ 
    ‘the goal of our mission is to strive for peace in this world.’
    ‘Item. We shall cultivate strong bodies, hearts, and profound knowledge.’
    ‘Item. We shall build cities where the ideal of 
              hearty touching heart may be found.’
    ‘Item. We shall utilize remarkable knowledge and 
              technology to restore world peace.’
    ***[D06]Investigate T.A.R.’s Director***
    Aramaki: Since there are no activity records for Yazawa outside the Autonomous
    Region, it’s believe by many that all effective diplomacy with the TAR is
    conducted by Toshimi Tagami, the original director.
    Ishikawa: You think the director’s a part of Yazawa’s group, too?
    Aramaki: Togusa! When you arrive at Hanamaki, I want you to find out what both
    Tagami and the Tohoku Autonomous Region look like.
    Togusa: Understood. Any word from the Major?
    Aramaki: Not yet. 
    ***[D07]Monorail Accident Information***
    Togusa: Togusa here. I’ve picked up some information about the monorail
    accident in Hanamaki. Users are restricted, and since the accident happened
    in the autonomous region... the local police don’t want to get involved.
    Motoko: Then I guess I won’t be getting backup any time soon. 
    ***[D08]Lifelines in the T.A.R.***
    Aramaki: What do they have that runs off the lifelines inside the region?
    Ishikawa: According to the data, there’s a working power plaint that utilizes
    underground water pipes, so as far as enemy is concerned, they’re doing okay.
    As for transportation, a monorail links them to the outside world. And inside
    the region, a mini-monorail is... linked to the Residential Block, Education
    Block, and Office Block. And as for the vertical transportation agency, they 
    built the incline, if their maintenance was any good, the thing just might be 
    operational... After all, it was originally a military fortress built to 
    operate independently of the outside. If it’s booted from an administrator 
    terminal, it should work the way it was intended to. 
    Aramaki: So, this means that they must have a standalone lifeline... In that 
    case, there’s not much of a chance that it can be severed from the outside.
    ***[D09]Encrypted Mail***
    Motoko: Encrypted mail from Section 9?
    Aramaki: Aramaki here. Yazawa’s in our surveillance net, and we know his
    location inside the autonomous region. He’s in a room in building E3 in a 
    residential block.
    Motoko: Understood. 
    ***[D10]Kei Yazawa Investigation***
    Motoko: A MM produce direct-sale machine? It was made by Kei Yazawa... Their
    offices are in Office Block Tower C, huh?
    Togusa: I tried to track his activities in Hanamaki. It looks like he ran 
    net-based sales... of MM-laced produce as a source of funding for a cult group.
    The names of his business partners include the regional director.
    Ishikawa: I heard rumors about how he had been... conducting research within
    the region on micromachines. His intention was to stimulate the maturation
    process. Aramaki: This Yazawa person was originally an agricultural scientist,
    wasn’t he?
    Togusa: Yes. Geology, agriculture, natural sciences, music... A recognized
    genius in a broad range of fields. Records indicate that he had charisma for
    that very reason. In fact, it would seem that they have a high opinion of
    Yazawa in Hanamaki.
    Aramaki: It’s beginning to sound like there’s some kind of connection to the 
    MM rice that Fuwa had with him.
    Togusa: That bugged me, too, so I did some digging. I couldn’t find one record
    dealing with MM-rice. Nothing exists.
    Motoko: No Records? That is troubling... 
    ***[D11]Info on T.A.R. Immigrants***
    Ishikawa: I tried tracking immigrants into the Tohoku Region, and the forced
    relocations form the prosthetic refugee zone these past few months really 
    stand out. 
    ***[D12]Arrive at Destination***
    Motoko: *runs down the hall, stops by room E-3... (you see it) empty room*
    (sorry can’t read Japanese... can someone tell me what does it say?) The lower
    fields? You erase them, and nobody can find them, huh? Apparently, I need to
    find out a bit more about this man, Yazawa. I think I’ll take a look around the
    opposite bank. *falls down to a nearby building and runs off* 
    A person who appears to be Toshimi Tagami: Section 9... 
    [LVL05]Dam Site
    ***[E01]Dam Site Infiltration Briefing***
    Aramaki: Batou, status report. What’s your current situation?
    Batou: The monorail was hit by a virus and went out of control. It’s heavily
    damaged, and I’m clinging to the wall with a banged-up Tachikoma. I can’t even
    hear the Major. 
    Aramaki: You know here. She’s probably inside carrying out her own independent
    Togusa: Boss man, want me to come give you a hand?
    Batou: Who, you? Ain’t there anybody else?
    Aramaki: Paz, Borma, and Saito are currently running round-the-clock stakeouts
    on people with military affiliations. Consider yourself on your own. 
    Batou: That must mean you’ve got loads of faith in us...
    Ishikawa: The jamming barrier from the radio tower is causing her cybercomm
    blackout. Since there’s no net linked to the outside the system is probably
    regulated from the control room inside the structure of the dam. That’s gotta
    be the place where they manage all the information that comes into the
    Autonomous Region, too.
    Aramaki: Go to the control room and obtain information on any items that came
    into the region. 
    Batou: Like cargo that has ‘From the Military’ written on it?
    Aramaki: At the same time, try talking down the jamming barrier and restore
    cyber communication ASAP.
    Batou: Roger. Geez... that’s an awful tall order for a guy to do all by his
    ***[E02]Infiltrate Dame Site***
    Batou: *sees two gun turret* These guys got some nasty toys...
    Tachikoma: Mr. Batou, Mr. Batou! Let me sneak in. 
    Batou: You’re busted up from the shock when we escaped. Be quite and stay out
    of sight. 
    Tachikoma: But if you get into trouble, I’ll come a-running, okay?
    Batou: I’ll be waiting with low expectations. 
    ***[E03]Orders to Destroy Gun Turret***
    Aramaki: There’s a tower that extends beyond the jamming barrier... and there
    will likely be more enemy forces than you’ve encountered so far inside the 
    dam’s bank. First things first. Deal with that gun turret in front of you.
    Batou: Roger. I can’t believe they’ve even got a monster like this thing.
    That’s the Ultimate Tohoku Fortress for ya. Guess I’d better get psyched up!
    Tachikoma: Your number one specialty is playing rough, eh, Mr. Batou?
    Batou: Hey, I may not look it, but I’m a delicate guy. Well, I can’t say that I
    don’t enjoy it...
    ***[E04]You’re in Trouble if You Fall***
    Aramaki: If you fall, you’ll be in real trouble.
    Batou: I gotcha.
    ***[E05]Jamming Signal Shut Down***
    Ishikawa: Shutdown confirmed. Readouts indicate jamming barrier coverage
    decreased to 87%.
    Operator: Encrypted files confirmed.
    Batou: That’s some serious encryption.
    Ishikawa: Forward ‘em to me. I’ll try to decrypt ‘em. 
    ***[E06]Inspection Gallery Information***
    Aramaki: There are few places to run in the investigation corridor. Keep in the
    enemy’s blind spots.
    ***[E07]Dam Endurance***
    Batou: It’s damaged worse than I thought...
    Ishikawa: The dam was built before the war, you know. Still, it was build with
    the latest methods back then. I don’t think it’ll be easy to destroy.
    ***[E08]Cargo Records Found***
    Ishikawa: Files confirmed. Starting six months ago, the amount of freight
    coming into the region jumped sharply.
    Aramaki: According to the records provided by intelligence, that corresponds to
    the period when the misappropriations began. Find out what was inside that
    cargo on the double. 
    ***[E09]Oversized Weapon***
    Batou: They got some bad-ass toys lying around... I could take out anything
    with one of those, easy, even a big bastard.
    Tachikoma: Mr. Batou! Mr. Batou! I think you should leave that alone, sir. I
    really do.
    Batou: It’s okay if I use it, though, right?
    ***[E10]Elevator Operational***
    Ishikawa: Hopefully, this’ll get the elevator to function.
    Batou: That’s one big mother of a flood gate...
    Ishikawa: Looks like it’s designed so that thing opens and shoots out water
    when the dam is in operation. 
    ***[E11]Observation Inside Dam Proper***
    Batou: What’s this piano wire?
    Ishikawa: Must be the prime line. That’s the device that checks the start of
    the dam.
    Batou: They sure are using outdated gizmos...
    ***[E12]Searching for Route***
    Aramaki: The area up ahead is sealed off.
    Batou: Is there another way around to the opposite bank?
    Aramaki: That’s the only one.
    Batou: All right, then... Guess I’ll look for a route.
    ***[E13]Control Room Info***
    Ishikawa: That’s the radial gate for the low level outlet works facility. The
    terminal’s working. You can operate the radial gate from the control room. 
    ***[E14]Don’t Pick Me UP by Falling***
    Aramaki: Don’t fall from the water intake pipes. You food! Go any farther, and
    you’ll fall!
    ***[E15]Repair Supplies Depot***
    Ishikawa: There’s a depot for monorail repair and maintenance supplies. There
    might be parts you can use to fix the Tachikoma.
    Batou: So, the Tachikoma outside is gonna be up and running again, huh?
    Tachikoma: That’s my Batou! I knew the confidence I placed in you wouldn’t be
    in vain!
    Batou: I don’t like the idea of you placing anything in me. Just fix yourself
    up and haul your butt over here!
    Tachikoma: Yes, sir!
    ***[E16]Enemy Resistance Prediction***
    Aramaki: If the jamming barrier goes down, the truth of what’s going on inside
    will be exposed to surveillance satellites. I expect the enemy intends to
    defend the radio tower to the death. 
    Batou: Then the resistance is gonna get fiercer...
    Tachikoma: Mr. Batou! I’ll come running as soon as I’m done with repairs, so
    you try to hang in there by yourself, okay?
    Batou: What’re you talking about? I’ll have this wrapped up before you get
    ***[E17]Freighter Cargo Info***
    Togusa: The freighter’s cargo is being transported to a recycling plant in
    Etorufu. The contents are dismantled parts and scarp metal, and there were even
    some scrapped military weapons mixed in. The plant can break items down into
    their raw form, and waste material is shipped there throughout the country.
    According to plant records, it looks like they get regular shipments of scarp
    material from the autonomous region, too.
    Aramaki: Check into the cargo that’s shipped form the autonomous region to
    Etorufu via Hanamaki. Search through the shipping records of the region’s
    freight monorail. 
    ***[E18]Signal Jamming Shut Down #2***
    Ishikawa: Well, that’s a surprise... I verified some weapon intel files that
    were left in the terminal. These guys even have a military anti-tank
    Batou: Anti-tank?
    Ishikawa: Yeah... A Jigabachi.
    ***[E19]Confirm Jamming Was Eliminated***
    Batou: *Jigabachi flies down into the dam, reviewing a no-so water area*
    Training grounds at the base of the dam, huh? I’d say that they pretty much
    just unmasked themselves. *On cybercomms* Major, do you read me? The jamming
    barrier’s down and the cybercomms are back online, so why does she...? Is she
    lost and crying somewhere?
    Motoko: I can hear you.
    Batou: What the hell...? Where are you?
    Motoko: I’m right underneath your feet. 
    Batou: Yazawa?
    Motoko: His house was empty. I’m on my way to the Office Block to try my luck
    there. Is that OK with you? 
    [LVL06]Office Block
    ***[F01]Office Block Mission Briefing***
    Aramaki: Have you made contact with Yazawa?
    Motoko: He’s out in the lower fields, apparently. 
    Aramaki: Lower fields?
    Motoko: That’s what was written on the door of his empty room.
    Aramaki: Where are you?
    Motoko: There’s an office that was occupied by the regional director in the
    Office Block. I’m on my way there. 
    Aramaki: I see. That works out well, then. Obtain the rice related data from
    the terminal at the Autonomous Regional Citizens’ Center located in the Office
    Block. Regarding that micromachine rice that Batou found the other day... The
    configuration of it was a dead-on match for the rice that our friend Fuwa tried
    to deliver. This leads up to the assumption that he brought that micromachine
    rice out of the Tohoku Autonomous Region. Therefore the storage for this grain
    has to be somewhere in that region. Find out where it’s being stored. And I
    want the complete background on the weapons that flowed into the area, too.
    Motoko: Roger.
    Batou: I’m gonna go on ahead to the base of the dam. I saw something there that
    looked like a training ground. 
    Motoko: If you could also clean out the place, it’d be a big help. I see the
    entrance to the Office Block. Talk to you later... gotta go.
    ***[F02]Infiltrate Office Block***
    Motoko: Now commencing in filtration into Office Block. 
    Batou: Roger that. It feels as if somebody’s anticipating our moves, and I
    don’t like it. 
    Motoko: I think you’re right. But we may be able to outwit the enemy because of
    Batou: What’s wrong?
    Motoko: Nothing to worry about. I’m going in. 
    ***[F03]Office Block Status***
    Aramaki: There’s been a lot of dismantling in the Office Block, even for the
    autonomous zone. There are also points where it’s easy for the enemy to attack.
    Proceed with due caution.
    Motoko: Roger that.
    ***[F04]Request to Forward Virus***
    Ishikawa: Major, bounce me that virus that was planted in the monorail. I’ll
    check it out. 
    Motoko: Will do. By the way, I did some checking on my own, and I found that
    it’s not very friendly at all.
    Ishikawa: I’ll dig into it a little deeper.
    ***[F05]Elevator to Surface info***
    Aramaki: You should be able to go down to the surface in this elevator.
    Motoko: It’s not working.
    Ishikawa: There might be a terminal nearby.
    ***[F06]You Have a Pursuer, Major***
    Ishikawa: The elevator should work now. Hm?
    Motoko: What’s wrong?
    Ishikawa: Somebody’s following the tracks left by your hack, Major.
    Motoko: Tracking?
    Ishikawa: Major, do you remember Nemuro?
    Motoko: As in the Nemuro Landing Operation?
    Ishikawa: It’s not hard to I.D. someone from the way they breach defenses.
    There is only one person capable of tracking you, Major. Just to be sure, I’ll
    trace his whereabouts after the war. 
    Motoko: Good idea.
    ***[F07]Conspiracy Suspicions***
    Aramaki: About those allegedly scrapped military weapons... When I presented
    evidence to the military that they still existed in the autonomous region, I
    was told that they began considering a troop deployment.
    Motoko: They’re always looking our for themselves. By the way, about that
    MM-rice that Fuwa had stockpiled... That’s the one piece in this convoluted
    puzzle that I just can’t get to fit. It doesn’t add up.
    Aramaki: Based on my inquiries at Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, they’ve
    reluctant to give a straight answer. 
    Motoko: Seems there’s more to this...
    Aramaki: There are always two sides to things. You get to the truth after first
    learning the situation of each side. Don’t you agree?
    ***[F08]Status of Dismantling***
    Motoko: The dismantling is further along than I thought.
    Aramaki: Try to find out whatever you can.
    Motoko: Roger.
    ***[F09]T.A.R. Director’s Office Info***
    Ishikawa: Must be the director’s office motto.
    Motoko: It’s from the autonomous zone charter that I saw in the Residential
    Aramaki: That’s all? Aren’t there any other records in it?
    Motoko: I discovered that the MM-rice I collected in the parking garage is the
    same that’s listed in the office inventory. It appears Fuwa brought that rice
    from here.
    Aramaki: Despite that, there shouldn’t be any records of it being widely
    Motoko: I think it’s because they deliver it directly to the agencies of
    countries that have the patent. Try the other terminals, too. 
    ***[F10]Traces of Database Hack***
    <Dummy: Thanks goes to Lord_Daemon for finding F10 & F11. I can’t believe I
    didn’t even notice F10... ALWAYS thought of it as one of those lighting
    thingies on the ground.>
    Ishikawa: There's trace evidence that this terminal was used to hack a
    last-generation military database.
    Motoko: This must be the military I.D. that was used. Ishikawa, run match.
    Ishikawa: Roger
    ***[F11]Military I.D. Match Results***
    Ishikawa: Major, about that military I.D. from earlier...It's got a connection
    to the Nemuro Landing Operation.
    Motoko: As I suspected.
    Ishikawa: This I.D. matches that of the unit commander of the 7th Special
    Forces Tactical Unit from the Nemuro landing Operation.
    Motoko: 7th Special Forces...As I recall, they were a special forces unit whose
    trademarks were psychological and cyber warfare. The name of the unit commander
    isn't known...but I think they called him the 'Choreographer' or something of
    the sort. I'd heard, however, that he died during the landing operation.
    Ishikawa: In the enemy behavior patterns that we've detected so far...there are
    121 out of 134 points of similarity with the Choreographer's personal
    overwrite program. It's almost certainly something that he wrote himself. Maybe
    he survived, laid low in the Tohoku autonomous Region, and got mixed up in this
    Motoko: You think that the choreographer is backing Yazawa?
    Ishikawa: Probably.
    Motoko: Continue your investigation along that angle.
    Ishikawa: Roger.
    Batou: What's the deal? An encrypted channel? Is there something you don't want
    to tell me?
    Motoko: Exactly right.
    Tachikoma: I see you're a secretive woman!
    ***[F12]Block Renovation Information***
    Aramaki: This block was renovated by the workers who settled down here. That’s
    why we don’t have any accurate map data on it. Use your own two eyes to verify
    things as you proceed.
    ***[F13]MM-rice Patent Application***
    Ishikawa: There’s an MM-rice patent application file in there? You know, they
    say that MM-rice was developed four years back by the Agriculture Ministry’s
    research agency...
    Aramaki: Ishikawa, check along those lines, too.
    Ishikawa: Roger. 
    ***[F14]MM-rice Information***
    Ishikawa: Major, that grain is MM-rice that was developed by applying Fuwa and
    Gotoh’s research to a rice strain called ‘Rikuu-132.’ Yazawa created it back
    when the autonomous region was a military facility.
    Ishikawa: You’re saying that Agriculture Ministry’s research agency was really
    the Autonomous Region?
    Aramaki: Conjecture doesn’t amount to proof. Ishikawa, comb through every
    single record of the Agriculture Ministry that relates to MM-rice. 
    ***[F15]Eichi Gotoh Witness Info***
    Togusa: I learned something tracking the regional director these past few
    years. Someone resembling Eichi Gotoh has been spotted multiple times in
    Hanamaki. Do you suppose that both Gotoh AND Fuwa are alive, like we thought?
    Motoko: So that’s it. Fuwa and Gotoh, both presumed dead, were actually alive
    and continuing their research. With Fuwa dead and Yazawa’s whereabouts unknown,
    tracking down Gotoh also presents itself as an option... 
    ***[F16]Receiving Assistance Request***
    Motoko: The channel is being forcibly tuned.
    ???(if this is the first time you played through the game, at this point you 
    don’t know is speaking, not because I don’t know who is speaking): Can you hear 
    me, my good police officer? Only I am able to transmit via this emergency 
    channel, so I’m going to take the liberty to speak to you. 
    Motoko: He had a net set up on the terminals?
    Eichi: I am Eichi Gotoh. Kei’s honorable ideals are being tarnished because of
    a traitor. That is something I will not stand for. 
    Motoko: Over there!
    Eichi: I have a favor to ask of you people. You’ve detected my location, I take
    it? Come here, hurry! If you don’t, I’ll be erased by - (terminal shuts down)
    Motoko: I’d better hurry up.
    [LVL07]Training Grounds
    ***[G01]Capture Eichi Gotoh Briefing***
    Motoko: I was contacted by Gotoh. The signal was coming from the training
    grounds’ control room. 
    Batou: I picked it up here, too. Looks like I’m the closest. 
    Aramaki: During his career, Gotoh developed independent theories... not only
    on joint engineering, but micromachine technology, as well. His ideal never
    became mainstream... but it can’t be denied that he’s a man who had a profound
    impact on the scientific research of the day. 
    Ishikawa: The enemy prosthetic Bodies we retrieved from the pier were retrofits
    based off of commercial products. Even our redcoats back at the lab couldn’t
    make heads or tails of technology backed by Gotoh’s theories. 
    Aramaki: Batou. It’s imperative you track down Gotoh and make contact with him
    at once. In addition, we need to get the entire lowdown on the enemy. Collect
    all the record that are stored at the training grounds. 
    Batou: Roger.
    ***[G02]Take Eichi Gotoh into Custody***
    Batou: You want me to play hide-and-seek in a place like this with some 
    old man?
    Motoko: You’re the closest, aren’t you?
    Batou: All right, all right. *crack sound* (hm?)*more crack sound* Dummies, 
    huh? *stops* *shoots the ‘innocent guy’* Well now. Guess it’s time to do some
    ***[G03]Training Ground Objectives***
    Aramaki: Based on the findings, it’s fairly obvious that intensive training was
    conducted here.
    Ishikawa: Hey, Batou, want me to record the results of your training? What do
    you think?
    Batou: knock yourself out.
    ***[G04]Confirm Cinderella-type Virus***
    Ishikawa: Virus confirmed. It’s a Cinderella-type. It was used by the military
    during the war.
    Batou: Get it over with! Put on the slipper!
    Ishikawa: Okay, all done. I’m coming across evidence that their cyberbrains
    were overwritten. The pattern’s similar to virtual memories with strong
    directivity. Guess I’ll try to do an analysis...
    ***[G05]Gotoh’s Recollection***
    Gotoh: When Fuwa and I realized we had been betrayed, we attempted to stop that
    rat... It was for that rease that Fuwa went to Nihama by himself. If we don’t
    hand over that rice, terrible things will happen. 
    ***[G06]Gotoh’s Recollection #2***
    Gotoh: Upon learning of Fuwa’s death, I concluded that the perfect time would
    be when that fink was returning to the autonomous region. I planted a virus...
    But when that failed, it was over. I had no other cards to play, no aces up my
    sleeve. I must tell them... Kei is...
    ***[G07]Antagonistic Relationships***
    Gotoh: It’s not safe here, either. Please, hurry... I beg you.
    Batou: Infighting?
    Motoko: If Fuwa and Gotoh relally were the ones who were trying to protect
    Yazawa’s ideals... then that shortens the list of people opposing them.
    Batou: Toshimi Tagami, the regional director?
    Motoko: Something happened between Gotoh, Fuwa, and the director. And Kei
    Yazawa’s right in the middle of it all.
    Batou: That just means we should ask this ‘Gotoh’ geezer.
    ***[G08]Encrypted Channel***
    Motoko: Batou, do you read me?
    Batou: Geez, what’s with the encrypted channel?
    Motoko: Have you seen Yazawa’s ideals?
    Batou: Yeah, if that’s what was sent to Section 9, I have.
    Motoko: I’m learning that Yazawa’s underlying rationale might be surprisingly
    close to our own.
    Batou: Huh? That doesn’t sound like you Major.
    Motoko: I sensed something.
    Batou: That was just a memory. You sure you didn’t chat a nasty virus or get
    hit by something? Well, I guess that’s not possible. 
    Motoko: I’m gonna go snoop around the Office Block a little mroe. Meanwhile,
    I’ll leave Gotoh’s detention to you.
    Batou: All right. 
    ***[G09]Witnesses saw Jumbo Helicopter***
    Togusa: I heard something in Hanamaki. Some residents saw a jumbo helicopter
    flying off toward the dam.
    Batou: There was a Jigabachi here.
    Togusa: I showed them a picture of one, but they claim that wasn’t what they
    ***[G10]Agriculture Ministry MM-rice***
    Ishikawa: I pulled some MM-rice info out of the Agriculture Ministry. It was
    developed in the autonomous zone, suing Rikuu-131 as a base. Its official
    designation is Rikuu-132. It was developed at an Agriculture Ministry research
    agency, but what they probably meant was the Tohoku Autonomous Region. Its
    produce is developed and grown by a research agency that’s run under the
    national budget... so that in itself doesn’t really pose a problem.
    Aramaki: Which means that the trouble is actually with those people who
    participated in the research...
    ***[G11]Ag Ministry Blackmailed***
    Borma: I found something on the Agriculture Ministry service.
    Aramaki: What is it?
    Borma: I’m forwarding you 27 e-mails. They sound like blackmail letters.
    Motoko: Blackmail?
    Borma: All of ‘em say thing like, ‘Stop the lies. Tell the truth,’ and
    ‘Disclose the truth or you’ll pay a price.’ When I ran a trace route on the
    e-mail, I followed it to its origin and wound up in Hanamaki.
    Aramaki: Good. Stay on the Agriculture Ministry, Borma. Togusa, go through the
    files relating to the MM-rice in Hanamaki again. Don’t overlook anything.
    Something’s gotta turn up.
    Togusa: Roger. 
    ***[G12]Considering takeover of T.A.R.***
    Aramaki: To neutralize the autonomous region... the military has started to
    consider sending in two cargo helicopters full of Ranger squads as an advance
    Batou: Those nectar sucking bees are sure taking their own sweet time.
    ***[G13]Analysis of Mind-Set Results***
    <Dummy: Once again, the amazing Lord_Daemon help me find this one.>
    Ishikawa: Going by my analysis of the enemy's mind-set, they'll be basing this
    off what was used in Nemuro. No doubt about it, the Choreographer is in the
    autonomous region!
    ***[G14]Reporting Eichi Gotoh’s Death***
    *door opens* 
    Batou: Gotoh? A high-velocity armor-piercing round from behind. He wasn’t shot
    very long ago. *sees terminal camera* This is it! Who the hell is that? No way! 
    Motoko: Batou, did you manage to take Gotoh into custody?
    Batou: Yeah... I found him, but he was a stiff. And not a very talkative one at
    Motoko: Understood. We’ll meet up below. 
    Batou: Roger.
    [LVL08]AT Training Grounds
    ***[H01]Secure Facility Entrance Brief***
    Aramaki: About the blackmail letter sent to the Agriculture Ministry... one
    just like it was confirmed at the Home Affairs Ministry. However, police
    intervention in the Autonomous Region was declined in this case. They claimed
    the cops couldn’t get involved because it was strictly a military matter. 
    Batou: They’re fighting over turf again? They’re always trying to save face
    over the stupidest things. 
    Aramaki: It most likely means that there are some facts they want to keep a
    lid on. Locate the entrance to the underground facility and identify whatever
    it is that’s down there. 
    Batou: What do you mean, ‘Whatever it is?’
    Aramaki: Whatever!
    ***[H02]Securing Entrance to Facility*** (my 2nd most favorite scene to watch)
    Tachikoma: Mr. Batoooouuuu! 
    Batou: Hey, could you try to make less noise around here? We are on a mission.
    Tachikoma: In this case, I’m attempting to lessen the tension during combat as
    much as possible! I was just thinking of the mental state people are in when
    they’re alone and lonely. Hearing their names called out by someone they know
    will calm their nerves and life their spirits. 
    Batou: That’s not how I feel right now.
    Tachikoma: (huh?)*those robots show up*
    Batou: See?! They must’ve mistaken the ruckus for a festival and come to join
    the fun. Let’s go, Tachikoma!
    Tachikoma: This must be one of those ‘blood-fests’!
    Batou: No, it ain’t.
    ***[H03]Info on MM-rice*** 
    Togusa: I centered my search around the eateries in Hanamiki... and the
    MM-rice from the autonomous region... is turning up in Tokyo markets as
    premium-grade rice. The state holds the patent, and the producing area is
    restricted to the TAR. I can’t verify production anywhere outside that... 
    Aramaki: Can you pinpoint where it’s being shipped to?
    Togusa: I’m working on it.
    Motoko: Does this mean that the development method for such rice has been
    exported aboard as a product?
    Batou: With a demand for an obscenely high patent fee. 
    ***[H04]Inquiry into Cyberbrainwaves***
    Tachikoma: My. Batou, your cyberbrainwaves are becoming unstable. I’ve heard it
    said that when humans talk with someone about what’s bothering them, they
    regain their stability! Would you like to talk about it with me?
    Batou: Nobody asked you for any help.
    Tachikoma: But I haven’t even helped you yet!
    ***[H05]Securing Training Grounds***
    Aramaki: The military has decided to deploy troops. Hanamaki’s garrison will
    take them in, and the Rangers will deploy from there. The military has issued
    a request to Section 9. They’re asking us to s4cure the training grounds in
    order to ensure their safety when they land.
    Batou: While they sit back and watch the fun?
    Aramaki: Given the circumstances, I want the military to owe us a favor.
    Batou: Not much a choice.
    Tachikoma: Mr. Batou, let’s make some noise!
    ***[H06]Help Arrives***
    Batou: The military. They’re in a rush to put out the fire now that they know
    sparks could fall on their own damn heads. They should’ve come sooner if they
    were going to. *lights turn on behind them* *blast door opens reviewing another
    helicopter* An Oniyanma! Don’t tell me they’ve got one of those, too?! Crap!
    If it’s not one thing, it’s another! *The Oniyanma shoots two rockets at the
    right helicopter and the ground anti-air guns blow it up* Looks like the lid to
    Pandora’s Box just opened. 
    [LVL09]Chopper Storage Block
    ***[I01]Oniyanma Assault Operation***
    Aramaki: That enemy chopper is an assault helicopter that the military uses as
    a personnel transport. As long as this and the A-A cannon are watching the
    airspace the military can’t send in reinforcements. Major, Batou, neutralize
    them immediately. 
    Motoko: What’s the choice of weapons the can have in its cargo bay?
    Ishikawa: If the have Armed Suits, it can carry up to four. 
    Togusa: The one that we used before during the sniping system testing didn’t
    have that capability, though. 
    Motoko: External neutralization?
    Ishikawa: I don’t’ think it can be done except by a direct link from within. 
    Motoko: I’ll have to get on board, then. 
    ***[I02]Oniyanma Attack***
    *Copter flies overhead* 
    Motoko: Well, that’s a royal pain, didn’t they? 
    Batou: As long as that’s buzzing around up there, we can’t sneak into the
    underground factory.
    Motoko: I’ll act as a decoy. 
    Batou: You will?
    Motoko: There’s a handly toy by the entrance. 
    Batou: An anti-aircraft cannon!
    Motoko: I’ll draw the helicopter away. While I keep him busy, you try to get
    the hacking code for that cannon. 
    Batou: Understood. I’ll contact you as soon as I have the code. Major... I can
    trust you on this, right?
    Motoko: Trust me?
    Batou: Never mind. It’s nothing. Let’s do it. 
    Motoko: Okay.
    ***[I03]Secure Evacuation Route***
    Tachikoma: Major! I’m gonna help out, too!
    Batou: You dummy! Those guys eat mini-tanks like you for breakfast! The only
    thing you can do here is make a good target. 
    Motoko: Tachikoma, secure an evac route. Getting us home in one piece will
    depend on you.
    Tachikoma: Gosh! I feel like I’ve been entrusted with something important!
    Batou: Aren’t you trusted all of a sudden?
    Motoko: Don’t you think we can let a Tachikoma watch our backs by now?
    Batou: I guess.
    ***[I04]Hacking Key Acquired***
    Batou: Hey! Sorry I kept you waiting, Major!
    Motoko: Confirmed. Send me the control codes ASAP!
    ***[I05]Anti-Aircraft Cannon Destroyed***
    Batou: The anti-air cannon’s destroyed. If we fight ‘em with the weapons on
    hand, it’ll take all day.
    Motoko: I’ll drive in and try to wipe out their ranks from the inside.
    Batou: Don’t do anything stupid!
    ***[I06]Delivery Recipients of MM-rice***
    Togusa: I found the primary recipients for the MM-rice. An upscale restaurant
    in Nihama called ‘Kuretake,’ and a cafeteria in the Assembly building. It’s
    been delivered there for the past three years.
    Batou: If it’s good enough to satisfy a politician’s stomach, it must be super
    delicious rice. 
    ***[I07]Military Trend Information***
    Saito: Chief, there’s military movement.
    Borma: My surveillance target from Intelligence is on the move. I’ll tail him.
    Paz: The anonymous bank account suspected to belong to the surveillance target
    just ballooned.
    ***[I08]Virus Code Confirmation***
    Ishikawa: Chief. I’ve detected virus code for a cellular suicide program in the
    MM-rice that Fuwa was carrying on him. That’s tainted rice. There’s a virus
    planted in it. 
    Aramaki: Any vaccine?
    Ishikawa: Including verification, I’ll need 30 hours. Even if I had the virus’
    source code, it would still take about 16 hours.
    Aramaki: Which means that he’s got potential hostages.
    ***[I09]AG Ministry Blackmailed Again***
    Aramaki: A new blackmail letter has been confirmed at the Agriculture Ministry.
    In it, they’re demanding that the country recognize the Tohoku Autonomous
    Region as an independent state... and that the rights to MM-rice revert back to
    the autonomous region. The deadline is 24 hours from now. If their demands
    aren’t met by then... they’ll remotely activate the cellular suicide program in
    the people who have eaten the infected rice.
    Ishikawa: Major, in the next 20 hours, gather as many files as you can
    regarding the construction of the tainted rice. We’ll do what we can with
    what’s left.
    Motoko: Understood.
    Ishikawa: My data has no detail about the underground facility. That chopper
    ought to have information on that underground facility.
    Aramaki: Major, the key to this whole thing is in the facility beneath the
    Tohoku Autonomous Region.
    Motoko: Roger. 
    ***[I10]Oniyanma Shot Down***
    Batou: Major!
    Motoko: Not yet. I’m not done extracting the information. 
    Batou: Hurry up!
    Motoko: Level 5 barrier breached! Downloading! *helicopter wings hit the wall
    (doesn’t bend??) *stops, falls, blows up* 
    Batou: Motoko!
    Motoko: Don’t call me by my first name, okay?
    Batou: Geez, you had me worried! Will ya just be more careful with your life!
    Motoko: Sure, I’ll keep that in mind. Cuz the worst is yet to Come. 
    ***[J01]Facility Infiltration Mission***
    Aramaki: We’ve used the records the Major retrieved from the helicopter to
    devise an infiltration route into the underground facility. There are two
    underground installations: One is set up to research M-M rice, and the other
    deals specifically with weapons. This treat posed by the tainted rice has
    turned this case into a potential hostage situation. The authorities have
    called an unofficial meeting. But many are saying that the virus is just a
    bluff on the part of the autonomous region. This faction is demanding that they
    launch an assault. Now that the anti-aircraft installations are neutralized,
    the calls inside the military for an air strike are growing louder. 
    Motoko: They want to erase everything, don’t they? 
    Batou: I bet that’s what they were after all along.
    Aramaki: Our mission is to smoke out an invisible enemy... who’s lurking behind
    same time we’re tring to prevent the terrorist act. Perhaps there’re two people
    who know the whole story behind this. It’s either Kei Yazawa or Regional
    Director Toshimi Tagami. Take both of them into custody, and track down any
    records that can possibly be used as evidence. 
    Motoko: Roger. I’ll take Yazawa and Tagami. Batou, you handle the Factory. 
    Batou: Sure. 
    ***[J02]Infiltrate Facility***
    Batou: What’ll come out, the tiger or the lady? Shall we open it and be
    Motoko: Why not? From here on out, we’re going to split up and act as two
    teams. Time is short. 
    Batou: Listen, I... forget it, it was nothing.
    Motoko: It’s do-or-die time. Let’s go!
    ***[J03]Means of Sending Information***
    Aramaki: The deeper you go in the mine shaft, the less reliable our cybercomms
    will be.
    Motoko: We’ll relay you information via the Tachikoma. Tachikoma!
    Tachikoma: Yes, ma’am! Just leave it to me!
    ***[J04]Concealed Hacking Key Detected***
    Motoko: The elevator has stopped...
    Ishikawa: Maybe they cracked our concealed hacking key.
    Motoko: We’ll find another route.
    Ishikawa: Sorry. 
    ***[J05]Bulkhead Terminal Info***
    Ishikawa: If you open the bulkhead, you should be able to head down. There’s a
    terminal nearby. Look for it, okay?
    ***[J06]Ventilation Shaft Info***
    Motoko: This way looks good.
    Ishikawa: Major, there’s a fan in the opening to the ventilation shaft. Be
    careful when you move.
    Motoko: Roger.
    ***[J07]Military Info Analysis***
    Ishikawa: This data’s from when the region wa being constructed, but when they
    voted to dismantle it after the war... the military assigned Toshimi Tagami to
    be in charge of the entire tear-down operation.
    Motoko: What’s her background?
    Ishikawa: Looks like it’s been deleted. I went over every record in the
    military, but there’s no reference anywhere to a woman named Toshimi Tagami.
    The files we’ve been able to find on her are probably all forgeries. 
    ***[J08]Status Confirmation***
    Aramaki: Looks like they’re not done building yet.
    Motoko: That’s why we don’t have enough info on this.
    ***[J09]Cybercomm Cuts Out***
    Aramaki: So, you’ve finally reached bottom? This is it, it’s do or die time.
    Be on your guard <interference buzz> 
    Motoko: Chief?
    ***[J10]Arrival at Bottom Level***
    Motoko: This is the Major. Now commencing infiltration into interior. Batou,
    you ready? No cybercomm reception down here apparently. 
    *Another Motoko-lookalike turns around*
    [LVL11]Underground Factory
    ***[K01]Underground Factory Operation***
    Aramaki: The cybercomm signal from the Major was cut off. She must have reached
    the bottom of the shaft. We surmise that the Tohoku Autonomous Region has
    military power on par with a small country... so we cannot overlook this state
    of affairs. And the military may initiate an air strike. Gather as much
    information as you can, and make it back alive.
    Batou: Roger.
    ***[K02]Infiltrate Underground Factory***
    *Falls down from the ceiling* That’s gotta be the underground factory. That’s
    one serious mousetrap. I don’t have time to circle around. So I’d better get
    moving then. 
    ***[K03]Security System Information***
    Ishikawa: Apparently, they’ve got response-type sensors set up that are linked
    with the security system. Move carefully.
    Batou: I gotcha.
    ***[K04]Illegal Labor Suspicions***
    Batou: I’m amazed that a honkin’ big facility like this got built without being
    Aramaki: They must have a system that can provide a huge labor force by using
    illegal workers. 
    Batou: They get hooked with the promise of good wages, but then they’re
    brainwashed and out of the grindstone for nothing, huh?
    ***[K05]Destroy Activation Program***
    Aramaki: The entire cache of the Tohoku Autonomous Region’s weapons might be
    stored here. Destroy the activation program and put them out of commission.
    Batou: Roger.
    ***[K06]Weapon Shipment Records***
    Ishikawa: Looks like weapons shipment records.
    Batou: They weren’t taking weapons that had been misappropriated. The stuff
    was coming from right here!
    Ishikawa: They must’ve been making new weapons from the scrap materials from
    the dismantling of the autonomous region... and those weapons that were due to
    be scrapped. The weapons recycling plant wasn’t in Etorofu, but in the Tohoku
    Autonomous Region.
    Aramaki: Togusa. Ferret out the truth behind the Etorofu recycling plant.
    Togusa: Roger. 
    ***[K07]Etorufu Recycling Factory***
    Togusa: Regarding the Etorofu recycling plant. It’s like you thought, Chief.
    They had secret ties to a smuggling outfit. Their prime dealing partners are
    countries in central Asia and Africa. They overlap the MM-rice export
    destinations. But shipments suddenly stopped. Nothing’s moved these past three
    Ishikawa: That overlaps the period of the Agriculture Ministry’s blackmail
    Batou: Which means that, since then, they’ve been gearing up for a big party.
    ***[K08]Declaration of Independence***
    Batou: This stockpile of weapons was what they needed to declare their
    independence, then. Even so, the difference between their firepower and the
    military’s is night and day. What’s goin’ on in Yazawa’s head?
    ***[K09]Prototype Tank Development***
    Ishikawa: I found a file on a prototype tank. It says it was a ‘technical
    donation’ to Kenbishi Heavy Industries. The name of the regional director is
    listed with those of Fuwa and Gotoh.
    Batou: Tagami again? Man, that lady’s name keeps popping up in places you’d
    never expect.
    Ishikawa: I’ll try diving Kenbishi, too. 
    ***[K10]Tactical A.I. Programmer Info***
    Ishikawa: Here’s a stunner... Tagami is writing the source code for a tactical
    A.T. all by herself. She’s on par with the Major. I’ll try tacking her, but...
    ***[K11]Tactical A.I. Source Code Info***
    Ishikawa: I’ve got it. This source code closely resembles the one used by
    Tactical Unit of the 7th Special Forces.
    Batou: The Nemuro Landing Operation? Meaning this Tagami woman is...
    Ishikawa: Yup. Exactly. 
    ***[K12]Overwriting Unwanted Mind-Sets***
    Ishikawa: Ms. Tagami is creating her own custom terrorist by overwriting the
    mind-sets... of the ones who didn’t idolize Yazawa. And I bet you that some of
    those became... raw material for puppets with Ghosts by ghost dubbing them. 
    ***[K13]Note from Kei Yazawa***
    Batou: A note from Yazawa? Now that’s a novelty. A terrorist with pure 
    ideals... I once heard that people become terrorist ‘cuz they run outta hope.
    Was that Yazawa’s case; he had no hope left?
    ***[K14]Letter from Toshimi Tagami***
    Batou: Tagami is Yazawa’s older sister?
    Ishikawa: I finished going through the military records from the time of the
    Nemuro Landing Op. It had Tagami’s family register. As an infant when her
    parents divorced, their name changed from Yazawa to Tagami.
    Batou: Now I get it... But it’s awfully hard to believe that’s their
    Ishikawa: There’s one more thing in the military. Toshimi Tagami was assigned
    to the 7th Special Forces Tactical Unit during the Nemuro Landing. She was the
    company’s commander.
    Batou: Tagami was commander of the 7th Tactical Unit?! Do you mean to 
    tell me...!
    Ishikawa: Yes. She’s the Choreographer. 
    ***[K15]Confirmation of Factory***
    Batou: What the hell? Prosthetic bodies? This area looks like their dressing
    room. That must be the prosthetic body we saw on the monorail. And this one is
    the regional director’s original prosthetic body. Which means... that must be
    her secret treasure chest. Hey, its...!!! *door opens* It’s you, Major. Look at
    this. This is Kei Yazawa, the boss of this region who we chased here. He’s been
    dead a while.
    Motoko(?): I’m too late! *shoots at Batou*
    Batou: Don’t tell me she...! Son of a bitch!
    [LVL12]Experimental Farm
    ***[L01]Final Assault on T.A.R.***
    Motoko: *Walks through the doors and enters a rice field**door closes* Visual
    camouflage? No, it’s not camouflage. This is where the tainted rice was
    created. *hears a big giant step* *notices a tombstone at the distance with a
    hat on it, right before an invisible tank shoots at her* 
    ***[L02]Toshimi Tagami’s Memories***
    Toshimi: Once again, so that people may experience the simple and pure joy of
    true happiness... in order for all poverty and suffering to be forever
    eradicated from the face of the Earth... I intend to bodily set out on a road
    that leads to nowhere. But even if this road should end at nothing... I am
    certain that those who live lives of righteousness and strength will see before
    them the path they must take. By lives of righteousness and strength...
    Motoko: I mean being aware of clear intent and grand passions within you, and
    living lives accordingly.
    Toshimi: Have I reached my destination?
    ***[L03]Toshimi Tagami’s Memories #2***
    Toshimi: Our ideals have become detached from this place and been miserably
    corrupted by the foul influences of the state. It all began with the erasing
    of our very existence from this world. The state obliterated our presence from
    everyone’s memories. It even robbed us of our dreams and ideals! Like phantoms
    cursed to haunt the grounds where they once walked in life, now only allowed to
    exist in the shadows of history. Aren’t you exactly the same?
    ***[L04]Motoko’s Beliefs***
    Motoko: We’re trying to take our ideals and transform them into a reality on
    our own terms. There’s one thing that we hope for above and beyond all else. A
    world in which people like us aren’t necessary any longer.
    ***[L05]Toshimi Tagami’s Memories #3***
    Toshimi: If hunger and poverty vanish from this planet, crime and terrorism
    ought to be wiped out along with them. Kei dreamed of that. And he disappeared
    with that dream unfulfilled. Now... the only vestige that remains of his dream
    is... Rikuu-132.
    ***[L06]Toshimi Tagami’s Memories #4***
    Toshimi: But the state took advantage of his last hope. For the sake of profit,
    Kei’s ideals were crushed underfoot. Rikuu-1`32, meant to save us from hunger
    and need... became a luxury item to fill the gullets of the wealthy who were
    starved for new extravagances! They unjustly charge usage fees to those who
    ought to be provided for and have legal rights to access it. Not only that, but
    insult is added to injury as the corrupt chain of systems suck up profits under
    the pretext of renewal. Are you people honestly capable of stopping that? You,
    who have been reduced to puppets of the state, cannot possibly betray that 
    state. Can you?!
    ***[L07]Motoko’s Beliefs #2***
    All of us fight in the name of what we believe to be just and ethical. If you
    ask me, nothing else is worth following. 
    ***[L08]Autonomous Region Collapses***
    *Cool chick fight staring two Motokos!*
    Toshimi: If only you people hadn’t shown up! If you hadn’t gotten involved,
    everything would have gone according to plan and worked out perfectly! 
    *More cool chick fight between the Motokos*
    Batou: What the hell is going on?! Major?! Sure, now I get it! But which one?
    Both of their I.D. signals show each to be the real Major. Not much choice,
    then. MOTOKO! *one of the Motoko turns around* So you’re the fake! *shoots the
    one that turned around*
    Motoko: You’re late!
    Batou: Damn, nothing changes with you. *explosion, and water falls into the
    experimental farm*
    Toshimi: Kei... *watch as everything gets wiped away by the water*
    ***[L09]Escape from Autonomous Region***
    *Both are running for higher ground*
    Batou: That bitch triggered this place’s self-destruct program.
    Motoko: We have everything we need. We’ve just got to get out of here, and
    it’s ‘mission complete.’ 
    Batou: ‘If’ we get out.
    Motoko: This really isn’t my day, is it?
    Batou: This way’s no good either. Man, and we were so close... *explosion* 
    Tachikoma: Mr. Batou!
    Batou: What kept you?
    Tachikoma: Let’s save the sentimental reunion for later, okay?
    Motoko: Yeah, comic antics can come much later. 
    Tachikoma: (huh?)
    Motoko: We’re outta here. 
    *tilt-rotor flies away*
    Batou: Ohh geez... The whole thing is underwater.
    Motoko: Looks that way.
    Aramaki: Simultaneous multiple leaks of the Rikuu mircomachine configuration
    have been confirmed. Thanks to that, the rights to the MM-rice that the
    Japanese government had a monopoly on are now effectively license-free. As for
    the tainted rice, Ishikawa is working on a vaccine program for it. 
    Batou: Wasn’t it a utopian dream of theirs to use the mircomachine rice to
    finance their independence? 
    Motoko: Eliminate hunger and poverty from this planet, and create a world in
    which all people are content. Those words came straight out of Toshimi’s
    memory. The copyright has turned into copyleft. In a sense, you could say Kei
    Yazawa’s dream has been made into a reality. 
    Batou: You think that woman had this planned, too?
    Motoko: More than likely. 
    Batou: It’s not easy to understand the love a sister has for her little
    Motoko: By the way, Batou, I’m curious. How were you able to tell that wasn’t
    me back there?
    Batou: Oh, that? Geez, how many years have we been teamed up now? 
    Motoko: Unbelievable...
    Batou: And you’d never turn around just ‘cuz I called your name.
    Motoko: I heard that.
    Batou: (oop)
    *watch as the hat drifes off, and into the sunset, along with the acres of
    rice field*
    =Note from Dummy=
    Yo. My eyes are as great as they use to be, so those tiny credit words are
    smash *together, I can hardly tell the difference between a ‘N’ and a ‘H’, and
    also a ‘a’ from *a ‘e’. So if you know something on this list that I don’t,
    email me for correction, and *I will promptly correct the mistakes I know I
    have made. 
    Based on the Manga by
    Shiraw Masamune
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    Ishikawa                        Micheal McCarty
    Saito                           Dave Wittenberg
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    Ghost in the Shell and Stand Alone Complex are trademarks of Kodansha Ltd. 
    *About Me*
    I know, most of the stuff so far is copy paste, copy paste. This isn’t. Well,
    I’ll introduce myself to those who care to even read this, let alone read all
    the way down here on page 33. Well, I am Ichiniisan, also known as
    LifeLessDummy. You can contact me by email, lifelessdummy@yahoo.com, aim,
    lifelessdummy or sephirokun or kightdragnslayer, and/or irc, 
    #animeoverload@irc.irchighway.net This Communication Log is not 100% accurate
    because during those video scene, sometimes I don’t know whose speaking. 
    *Version History*
    1.0    1/08/04    This guide was writen
    1.1    1/10/04    This guide was posted as a FAQ and join the ranks of FAQ for
    1.2    1/24/04    Changed with 3 new additional Communication Log – F10, F11,
    and G13 – All thanks to Lord_Daemon of Message Board forum for GITS:SAC. 
    I’d put more, but Lord_Daemon hasn’t given me any more info about
    Himself (assuming Daemon is a male because of “Lord” instead of “Mistress” or
    something along those lines).
    1.25   1/25/04    Corrected my little mistake that I made on D03. Naomi Ichiru
    of naomi_ichiru@yahoo.com (don’t know I.D. name on the board...)
    gave me the heads up on it. P.S. No I don’t mind at all.
    1.3    1/29/04    Added a new menu to my FAQ: Total Count
    1.31   7/27/05    After discovering the text error, I corrected it. Also, some

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