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    Word List by lifelessdummy

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    *Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex *
    *        The Complete Word List          *
    *                v1.0                    *
    *Written by Ichiniisan, AKA LifeLessDummy* 
    *Spoiler Notice* Spoiler Notice* Spoiler Notice* Spoiler Notice*
            Yes, this list contains spoiler. Tons of it. Especially those 
    noted as "Postscript." You have been warned (I can't believe I had to 
    say that T-T).
    *Table of Contents*
    1.   Introduction
    2.   Disclaimer
    3.   Quick Find List
    4.   The List
                a. [LVL01]Nihama Pier N3
                b. [LVL02]N3 Parking Garage
                c. [LVL03]Multi-level Warehouse
                d. [LVL04]Residential Block
                e. [LVL05]Dam Site
                f. [LVL06]Office Block
                g. [LVL07]Training Grounds
                h. [LVL08]AT Training Grounds
                i. [LVL09]Chopper Storage Block
                j. [LVL10]Shaft
                k. [LVL11]Underground Factory
                l. [LVL12]Experimental Farm
    5.   About Me
    6.   Version History
            Howdy everyone! Dummy here. This is the complete listing of 
    information I obtained from the Word List option in the game. I don't 
    know if you have to go around in search for them; their more of a key 
    word and information about past, present, and people/organization. This 
    is one of hopefully five FAQ (including maps) I'm doing for Ghost in 
    the Shell.
            This list was painfully written by the Dummy and it may not be 
    published publicly, privately, in print, electronically, or by any 
    other means known by man without prior written consent by the author 
    (and I'm a pretty nice fellow), and you can't distribute this without 
    my name on this FAQ. If I give consent to put a copy of this FAQ on 
    your own websites, it may NOT be altered, changed, or tampered with 
    unless I agree, because sometimes the grammar isn't correct, but that's 
    just the way how it was written in the game and DO NOT link directly to 
    GameFAQs. They're really nice folks, and any less of a headache to them 
    would be appreciated. Also, if I made some kind of error (remember, I'm 
    a human being, and a dummy) contact me so that I can correct it.
            Wow, this quick list is long. Guess the longer list is... well, 
    longer. Just a quick explanation of how to use the find list (even 
    though you can tell just by looking):
    [LVL56]Jump Out
    Levels can be found by clt+f and typing in LVL and the number level 
    Specific words on listing can be found by typing from which category 
    and its listing 
     [LVL01]Nihama Pier N3 
       [A01]Motoko Kusanagi 
       [A03]Daisuke Aramaki
       [A12]Prosthetic Body
       [A13]MM (micromachines)
       [A15]Remote Control
       [A18]Attack Barrier
       [A20]Type 2902 Thermoptic Camouflage
       [A23]Ghost Hack
       [A24]Ghost Barrier
       [A26]Go Wired
       [A28]Ghost in the Shell
       [A29]Public Security Section 9
       [A30]Seburo Corporation
       [A32]Nihama City
       [A33]Nihama Prefecture
    [LVL02]N3 Parking Garage
       [B01]Takeru Fuwa
       [B02]Guard Robot
       [B03]Surveillance Camera
       [B04]Rabbit-logo Courier
       [B05]Fuwa's Genetics Research
       [B06]Nihama University
    [LVL03] Multi-level Warehouse
       [C01] MM-rice
       [C02] Delayed-action Virus
       [C03] Modular Virus
       [C04] Memory Box
       [C05] Kei Yazawa
       [C06] Obituary
    [LVL04]Residential Block
       [D01]Toshimi Tagami
       [D02]Tohoku Autonomous Region
       [D04]Rikuu Dam Statistics
       [D06]Dam Site
       [D07]First Filling
       [D09]TAR Citizen's Charter
       [D10]Rikuu Letter
       [D11]New Hanamaki City
    [LVL05]Dam Site
       [E01]Top of Dam (also 'Dam Walkway')
       [E02]Inspection Gallery
       [E03]Plumb Line
       [E04]Normal Plumb Line
       [E05]Inverted Plumb Line
       [E06]Gun-type Anti-aircraft Cannon
    [LVL06]Office Block
       [F01]Eichi Gotoh
       [F02]Fixed Machine Guns
       [F03]Annual Agriculture White Paper
       [F04]Nemuro Landing Operation
       [F05]Inaugural Address
    [LVL07] Training Grounds
       [G01] Armed Suit
       [G02] Master/Slave
       [G03] Gotoh's Letter
       [G04] Final Defense Proposal
       [G05] MM-rice Terrorism Blackmail Letter
    [LVL08] AT Training Grounds
       [H01] Think-tank
    [LVL09] Chopper Storage Block
       [I01] Oniyanma
       [I02] Missile-type Anti-aircraft Cannon
       [I03] Surveillance
       [I04] Tainted Rice
       [I05] Cellular Suicide Program
       [I06] Kuretake Introduction Article
       [I07] MM-Rice Terrorist Act
    [LVL10] Shaft
       [J01] Deep Underground Sector
    [LVL11] Underground Factory
       [K01] Postscript: Toshimi Tagami
       [K02] Choreographer
       [K03] Forced Recognition Program
       [K04] EW-204 Prototype Tank Specs
     [LVL12] Experimental Farm
       [L01] Kenbishi Industries Type-18 Tank
       [L02] Visual Camouflage
       [L03] Visual Device
       [L04] Ghost-dubbing Equipment
       [L05] Android
       [L06] Cyborg
       [L07] Robot
       [L08] Neurochip
       [L09] Interceptors
       [L10] Prostheticized Refugees
       [L11] Phantom Limb
       [L12] Dummy Barrier
       [L13] Postscript: Infiltration Report
       [L14] Non-nuclear World War IV
       [L15] Sensory Perception Wiretap Act
       [L16] Laughing Man Logo
       [L17] Laughing Man Incident
       [L18] Public Security Bureau
       [L19] Public Security Section 6
       [L20] Redcoats
       [L21] Ministry of Home Affairs
       [L22] Ministry of Foreign Affairs
       [L23] CIA
       [L24] American Empire
       [L25] Genesis Andross Corp.
       [L26] Serano Genomics
       [L27] Meditech Corp.
       [L28] Plant Dome
       [L29] Harima City for Academic Research
    *The List*
    [LVL01]Nihama Pier N3
    -=[A01]Motoko Kusanagi=-
    Assigned Public Security Section 9. A.K.A., "The Major."
    A cyborg whose body is almost entirely prosthetic, only Kusanagi's 
    brain and part of her spinal cord remain. Her prosthetic body is 
    classified as a military secret, and is based off of a mass-production 
    model with many 'options' added. Her abilities make her Section 9's 
    number one; the de facto unit commander.
    Assigned to Public Security Section 9.
    A large man who specializes in cyber warfare. In terms of abilities, he 
    is second only to Kusanagi, and often teams up with Togusa. One of his 
    quirks is that he dotes on the Tachikoma he pilots. 
    -=[A03]Daisuke Aramaki=-
    Chief, Public Security Section 9.
    A sharp customer who manages Section 9 with clear thinking and piercing 
    insight. His subordinates' faith in him is immense. 
    Assigned Public Security Section 9.
    This former detective was scouted by Kusangi from the Special Service 
    Squad of Police Headquarters' Investigations Section 1. He is often 
    teamed up with Batou:. He is a novel entity in Section 9, in that he is 
    the only one who is all-natural except for a cyberbrain, and has a wife 
    and children. His wedding anniversary is July 16th. 
    Assigned Public Security Section 9.
    A veteran who specializes in information collection and espionage 
    warfare. Of all the squad members, his association with Kusanagi is the 
    Assigned Public Security Section 9.
    A man who specializes in sniping. His left eye is called a 'Hawkeye,' 
    and is a prosthetic capable of linking with satellites.
    Assigned Public Security Section 9.
    A large man who specializes in cyber-warfare. He is frequently assigned 
    rear support missions, and is often teamed up with Paz.
    Assigned Public Security Section 9.
    A chain smoker of few words, he specializes in secret investigations. 
    He is frequently teamed up with Borma.
    Think-tanks assigned to Public Security Section. Their standard 
    equipment includes a chain gun in their right arm, and a grenade 
    launcher in their mouth. Thanks to their advance A.I., they are even 
    capable of operating independently without an operator.
    Bureau Chief, Military Intelligence Bureau
    Long ago, studied espionage with Aramaki under Colonel Tonoda. He and 
    Aramaki trust one another.
    Special prosthetic eye that Saito is equipped with. It has various 
    capabilities, including superhuman visual acuity, zoom functionality, 
    night-vision, infrared, and meteorological data, applying color 
    transforms, and overlaying them on top of a 3D display.
    -=[A12]Prosthetic Body=-
    Offshoot of prosthetic limbs, such at prosthetic arms and legs. 
    Originally, this technology was developed for medical use to supplement 
    physical functionality lost due to accidents, but because it could 
    provide power that exceeded the limitations of the human body. Motoko 
    and the others are cyborgs (full body prosthetics) whose entire bodies 
    have been replaced with artificial organs, except for their brains and 
    spinal cords. To give the cyberized brain fine control over the 
    prosthetic body it has been connected to, MM (micromachine) technology 
    is used extensively. 
    -=[A13]MM (micromachines)=-
    Miniature machines 1/1,000,000 of a millimeter in size. A general term 
    for miniature machines that includes nanomachines.
    The general term that is now widely accepted for devices that are 
    capable of accessing the net, such as desktop computers and cellular 
    phones. Each user is positioned on a endpoint (terminal) of a line that 
    spreads from the net and can interpose themselves in the net from these 
    -=[A15]Remote Control=-
    To operate types of machinery from a distance using either mechanical 
    or electronic means.
    A brain into which terminals have been physically implanted, and whose 
    connections to the net is supported by micromachines. These made 
    possible the direct, constant connection between the human brain and 
    the net without the need for external devices. 
    A case containing a living brain that makes connections to cyberbrain 
    possible. The braincase interior is filled with cerebral fluid that is 
    packed with micromachines.
    To make up for damage to parts of the brain, some are even equipped 
    with artificial brains. 
    -=[A18]Attack Barrier=-
    A barrier used to prevent external attacks or infiltrations that are 
    capable of attacking the enemy that is hacking in.
    If you become locked, you will be unable to escape, and if you cannot 
    neutralize it, your Ghost will be fried. 
    These destroy Ghost-less A.I.'s
    An aircraft that utilizes tilting wings. An aircraft more widely used 
    than either helicopters or airplanes. 
    -=[A20]Type 2902 Thermoptic Camouflage=-
    Thermoptic clothing manufactured by Kyo-re. Also known as '2902 
    thermoptic camouflage.' Thermo-Optical Camouflage is also called 'T-O 
    Camouflage' for short. It is used by Public Security Sections 9 and 6, 
    Rangers Section 4, and organizations that report directly to the Prime 
    A box-shaped cyborg.
    Refers to everything from the soul anchored within the human body to a 
    simply-structured aggregation of energy with minimal personality.
    Androids do not have Ghosts; instead, they are equipped with an A.I. 
    -=[A23]Ghost Hack=-
    To breach the Ghost Barrier and hack a Ghost.
    -=[A24]Ghost Barrier=-
    Something that prevents a Ghost from being attacked or infiltrated by 
    someone else. Everyone who has a Ghost has a barrier. 
    Generic term for computer criminals who infiltrate other people's 
    cyberbrains, leak information, spread viruses or control people 
    The penalty for Ghost infiltration is severe. 
    -=[A26]Go Wired=-
    To directly link with a cyberbrain or terminal without going through 
    the net using a QRS plug (a type of jack standard).
    To be wiretapped.
    Unlike the old days where sounds were overheard from a telephone line, 
    here, flowing data is decrypted and read. Encryption has been 
    introduced into even current wireless net connections, but it is easy 
    to decipher a code that uses shared key encryption, and if you can go 
    to a location where you can receive radio signals, it is fairly simple 
    to intercept message content, even more so than with a wired link.
    In this era, even net environments that utilize satellites are 
    widespread, and encryption ought to be suitably reinforced, but in the 
    end, they and the people who are trying to crack it are caught in a 
    vicious circle. 
    -=[A28]Ghost in the Shell=-
    Alternate name for Public Security Section 9. 'Shell Squad' for short.
    -=[A29]Public Security Section 9=-
    Official designation of Ghost in the Shell. Publicly an international 
    rescue team, they are actually a special ops unit that answers only to 
    the Prime Minister which specializes in domestic activity, and are 
    tasked with secretly resolving incidents countering terrorist acts 
    against cybernets or anything related to public security. 
    -=[A30]Seburo Corporation=-
    Firearms manufacturing company founded in October, 2024. They 
    manufacture the standard weaponry used by Section 9. Management and 
    development is conducted jointly. 
    The developer and manufacturer of the thermoptic camouflage 'cloak of 
    invisibility' used by Section 9. This corporation where its development 
    and manufacture is carried out is affiliated with Poseidon. "Poseidon' 
    is another name for Greater Japan Technology and Research. It is a 
    corporate association composed of a cluster of gigantic marine city 
    -=[A32]Nihama City=-
    Prefectural capital of Nihama Prefecture. Home base of Public Security 
    Section 9.
    -=[A33]Nihama Prefecture=-
    Formerly a tentative candidate for national capital city. The current 
    capital city has been transferred to Kyushu. 
    [LVL02]N3 Parking Garage
    -=[B01]Takeru Fuwa=-
    Assistant professor at Nihama University. A scholar known worldwide for 
    his research specializing in Joint Engineering that was derived from 
    Applied Entomology.
    During WWIII, he pursued Armed Suit development as a specialist in 
    Joint Engineering. At the time, he visited the Tohoku Autonomous Region 
    as an evacuee. After the war, he returned to Nihama University and 
    continued his research, but he was stabbed to death by someone on the 
    campus five years ago. The perpetrator remains at large to this day. 
    -=[B02]Guard Robot=-
    Illegally-modified variants of Kenbishi Heavy Industries' 2027 model 
    year autonomous guard robot.
    The torso contains a high-voltage stun gun, and where there had been a 
    high-pressure rubber stun gun, a 7.72mm machine is now installed in the 
    aft section. They are equipped with fore and aft titanium bulletproof 
    -=[B03]Surveillance Camera=-
    Sagawa Electronics' general-purpose visual surveillance recording 
    device. 2026 model year. 
    Boasting the industry's top market share, this surveillance camera 
    model is equipped with high-performance electronic enhancers. 
    -=[B04]Rabbit-logo Courier=-
    One of many black market couriers that exist in Nihama City.
    He has an official name, but he is called the 'Rabbit-logo Courier' 
    because of his mascot character.
    Couriers only take cash for a job, turning down E-money, cards, stocks, 
    or anything else. Half the fee is paid up front, and the remainder is 
    C.O.D. to be paid once the cargo delivery keycode receipt has been 
    verified. Depending on the money, they will deliver anything to 
    anywhere for you. 
    -=[B05]Fuwa's Genetics Research=-
    "The Development of Joint Engineering in Applied Entomology' - Takeru 
    In this research, I make theoretical preparations for various 
    arrangements in order to make practical use of applied Entomology, 
    which was derived from the development of technology to exterminate 
    harm insects that spanned the end of the 19th Century to the beginning 
    of the 20th Century. Applied Entomology had its beginnings in the field 
    that was established and formed by the development of technology to 
    eradicate the Rocky Mountain Locus, which were swarming the 1870s 
    America (now Imperial America). However, it was made more complicat4ed 
    by the appearance of MM technology, which didn't wait for this century 
    to appear, and the current main focus is on the research and 
    development of new technology that makes use of the bodies of insects. 
    On the other hand, Joint Engineering is a key ingredients of the 
    master/slave mechanism which are indispensable in Armed Suit (powered 
    exoskeleton) development. These mechanisms, the aim of which at first 
    was to mimic human movement, are fast reaching their limits in 
    controlling the sort of multiped powered exoskeletons that are 
    currently in use. And thus, my goal is the development of a next-gen 
    master/slave mechanism that is more natural and does not put an 
    unnecessary load on the human control system by taking the organic 
    functions of insects, multiped organisms occurring in the natural 
    world, and replicating them with micromachines on a genetic level. 
    Applied Entomology and Joint Engineering. The fusion of research taken 
    from both fields by means of micromachines is research that hints at 
    new capabilities in the control systems of complex, multiped machines 
    which are likely to appear in the near future. I foresee many 
    difficulties in pursuing this merged research that is as yet untapped, 
    but I believe that it will surely yield results which will be valuable 
    for the future of humanity. 
    Takeru Fuwa, Nihama University (Applied Entomology)
    -=[B06]Nihama University=-
    Among the country's national universities, this is the top academic 
    center. There are even many foreign students here due to its extensive 
    funding and research facilities. 
    [LVL03]Multi-level Warehouse
    Micromachine technology, which was misappropriated for use as a link to 
    agricultural product improvement, not just in the fields of cyberbrain 
    and prosthetic body manufacturing, was cheap and safe, made real the 
    development of high-yield crops, and played a major role in the 
    worldwide food supply problem. Although the use of micromachines in 
    food products was first met with physiological revulsion, MM-rice, rice 
    to which this technology was applied, was applied, was widely used in 
    farmland-scarce Japan, and its development and refinement due to the 
    increased food supply demands during the war made it a positive 
    recipient of government support.
    Among these, Rikuu-132 drew attention as a high-yield, all-purpose rice 
    that could withstand lack of sunlight and water and was also resistant 
    to cold-weather damage. 
    -=[C02]Delayed-action Virus=-
    A virus that does not immediately take effect. They manifest when 
    triggered by some factor that acts as an order while it is lying 
    -=[C03]Modular Virus=-
    They are disguised in e-mails or picture file header data, and when 
    certain conditions are met, they compile into a single program.
    In the 'Laughing Man' attack on the Superintendent-General, one of 
    these was slipped into the security detail and stored inside their 
    -=[C04]Memory Box=-
    An external device used to store vast amounts of memory data.
    -=[C05]Kei Yazawa=-
    Born in the Tohoku Region to parents who ran all sorts of financial 
    businesses. He and his older sister, Toshimi, were separated when they 
    were infants While at agricultural college, his thesis relating to rice 
    cultivation garnered attention, and he joined a research agency of the 
    Agriculture Ministry. During the war, he used the evacuation as an 
    excuse to move to the Tohoku Autonomous Region, where he, Eichi Gotoh, 
    and Takeru Fuwa immersed themselves in research for 'miracle rice.'
    He was a simple man of few words who loved solitude, but there are many 
    who sympathize with the ideals they glimpse in those few words. Later 
    called the 'Charisma of the Tohoku Automous Region,' he was adored by 
    many people. Accompanying the formation of an organization of people 
    who spontaneously gathered to idolize that charisma were rumors that 
    stirred up the tabloids that said they were a cult group0 that espoused 
    environmental protection. However, as people's interest waned, their 
    existence was forgotten. 
    A.D. 2030.
    Died from a malignant tumor. This was a disease that could be avoided 
    with a prosthetic body, but he left this left after leaving a message 
    to his sister, Toshimi, to the effect of. 'People should live in 
    harmony with the earth, and return to the earth when it's time."
    July 12, 20xx.
    Nihama University Assistant Professor Takeru Fuwa, worldwide authority 
    on applied entomology and top man in Armed Suit research, has been 
    stabbed to death by someone on the university campus.
    The culprit is unknown, but many conspiracy theories are going around. 
    Because of his connection to the American-Russian Alliance and the 
    Tohoku Autonomous Region, known as a sort of New Religion commune, the 
    opinion that he was 'executed' seem to be prevalent. The reason for 
    this is that Professor Eichi Gotoh, another Armed Suit researcher, died 
    just before the murder in a plane crash of unknown cause while flying 
    to Europe to take part in an academic conference in Milan, Italy, and 
    soon after the deaths of Professors Gotoh and Fuwa. 'Man-Machine,' the 
    trade journal of the America-Russian Alliance, commented on these 
    incidents, saying that it was good news for Armed Suit developers. It 
    ran an editorial saying, 'Those in charge of executions in the Alliance 
    showed to the world that they were gauging the timing that was suitable 
    for the execution of spies.'
    In the background is the conjecture that Fuwa might have been a spy. 
    What lends credence to this is that he did, in fact, live in the 
    Alliance in his student days. He experienced its severity with his own 
    body. He was a man who understood the Alliance. Some conjecture 
    concludes that it may be for that reason that he was targeted by the 
    Prof. Fuwa had a high regard for the military applicability of applied 
    entomology, and, saying, 'I undertook Armed Suit development because 
    insects are so valuable for the basic research of joint engineering.' 
    He contacted the American Empire and Alliance, heedless of the danger, 
    and even after the war was declared over, he apparently turned down 
    offers of 'protection' from regional police bureaus and Self Defense 
    Army related people, saying, 'The war's over,' and lived an unguarded 
    Some of the media portrayed Prof. Fuwa as having 'died in the line of 
    duty,' with headlines such as 'Hot-blooded Man with a Strong Sense of 
    Justice,' 'Trust and Sense of Duty Consistent,' and 'Regret of th Armed 
    Suit Researcher.' What's more, some in the American Empire P.E.N. Club 
    proclaimed, '(If violence is to accompany Armed Suit Development), it 
    is a grave threat to the Freedom of Research and Development mention in 
    the International Charter, and is a frightening infringement upon 
    fundamental human rights.'
    [LVL04]Residential Block
    -=[D01]Toshimi Tagami=-
    After joining the military, she became a full cyborg due to an accident 
    during training. The prosthetic body was a market model, and no 
    particular improvements where made to the capabilities of its hardware, 
    and other than an expansion of external memory in its cyberbrain for 
    data processing purposes, it has no distinguishing characteristics. 
    Attached to Inspector General, Tohoku Front, Ground Self Defense Army.
    2011: Joined the JGSDA as an officer cadet. Many examples of 
    meritorious service follow.
    2024: Appointed as Regional Director of Tohoku Autonomous Region, takes 
    office. In her inauguration, issues the Autonomous Region Charter.
    2027: With the role of the Tohoku Autonomous Region over, she receives 
    the military's decision and declares that the region is to be 
    dismantled. The researchers who have been employed within the 
    Autonomous Region are advised to leave.
    2028: Having received the dismantling proclamation, she is appointed as 
    Dismantling Site Supervisor. 
    -=[D02]Tohoku Autonomous Region=-
    Optically camouflaged in aerial and satellite imagery, all that shows 
    is a giant dam that boasts a large water capacity. In reality, it is a 
    special JGSDA facility that was constructed to safeguard intellectual 
    assets. With the war now over, work has begun to return it to its 
    original dam form. 
    1996: Construction begins on the Rikuu dam as the Tohoku Final Defense 
    Perimeter, which is to form the outer wall of a JGSDA facility.
    2000: Primary construction complete as Tohoku Final Defense Perimeter.
    employs noted scholars and engineers of all fields from Japan's 
    corporations and learning institutions. Research begins on military 
    engineering and increasing the food supply.
    2026: With the end of the war, the decision to close it down. Other 
    than certain people, withdrawal begins.
    2028: Dismantling operation begins. Prostheticized refugees are brought 
    in as a work force. 
    Although it lies in the mountainous region of New Hanamaki City, it is 
    off-limits to unauthorized personnel under the pretext of water supply 
    The only transportation method that enters the Tohoku Autonomous 
    Region. It is a single-line suspended monorail. Only those with Tohoku 
    Autonomous Region citizen codes can ride it.
    It is equipped with a computer system that centrally controls movement, 
    power, and passenger information, and its automatically operated from 
    instructions sent from the central control tower. It is only when the 
    monorail enters the Autonomous Region that the jamming signal over the 
    entryway is momentarily taken down. 
    -=[D04]Rikuu Dam Statistics=-
    Type: concrete gravity dam
    Embankment height: 156 meters
    Embankment width: approx. 400 meters
    Embankment volume: approx. 2 million cubic meters
    Total storage capacity: 193 million cubic meters
    Effective storage capacity: 183 million cubic meters
    Official designation: Rikuu Dam #1
    With an investment of 400 billion yen in operating funds, it was built 
    as a multi-purpose dam, with such goals as flood control, conservation, 
    irrigation, and hydroelectric power.
    1987: Construction begins on dam structure.
    1995: Construction is completed.
    1996: Converted to 'Tohoku Final Defensive Perimeter Outer Wall' 
    without the dam structure undergoing a test filling.
    -=[D06]Dam Site=-
    Dam location.
    -=First Filling=-
    To have a dam store water on a test basis.
    The word incline means 'start' or 'slope,' as well as an inclined 
    railway. An elevator that goes up and down a railway that runs along a 
    slope that exceeds 35 degrees. It was used to ferry material and 
    workers when the dam, which was to be the outer wall of the Tohoku 
    Autonomous Region, was under construction. It is not presently used. 
    -=[D08]TAR Citizen's Charter=-
    'Autonomous Region Charter.'
    With pride and duty in our hearts as citizens of the Tohoku Auonomous 
    Region, utilizing the knowledge cultivated by our forebears and the 
    essence of hard-won technology our goal is to work for peace on this 
    Item: We shall cultivate strong bodies, hearts, and profound knowledge.
    Item: We shall build cities where the consideration of heart touching 
    heart may be found.
    Item: We shall utilize astonishing knowledge and technology to restore 
    world peace. 
    -=[D09]Rikuu Letter=-
    'Rikuu Letter'
    Why much my actions take place now? MY constant, pur creation is here.
    My comrades and I, working together in righteous effort, have created 
    rice which will save the impoverished, rice which will sustain lives in 
    all troubled lands. It should have spread far and wide, countless as 
    the stars in the galaxy, until the very world 'poverty' was no more. 
    However, this rice of salvation was taken from us without ever being 
    sown in trouble lands. 
    Once again, so that people may have true happiness, so that all poverty 
    and suffering may be eliminated from the face of the earth, I intend to 
    boldly set out on a road that leads to nowhere. But even if this road 
    should lead to nowhere, I am sure that those who live lives of 
    righteousness and strength will see before them the path they must 
    take. By lives of righteousness and strength, I mean being aware of the 
    clear intent and grand passions within you, and living your lives 
    Even if I Should fall to this sickness that quietly assails me, my 
    comrades, whose true natures are of clear intent and grand passions, 
    will most likely set out on that road to nowhere. I wish to search for 
    this world's true happiness. Kei Yazawa is in this place. This is his 
    sole intent.
    Kei Yazawa
    -=[D10]New Hanamaki City=-
    A regional city that lies on the Tohoku Linear Rail line heading to 
    Bertarve. A region with prosperous agriculture and industry. The 
    station for the monorail, the sole transpiration facility that goes to 
    the Tohoku Autonomous Region is located in the innermost ward of its 
    industrial zone. 
    [LVL05]Dam Site
    -=[E01]Top of Dam (also 'Dam Walkway')=-
    Name given to the uppermost part of the dam structure.
    -=Inspection Gallery=-
    Refers to corridors within the dam structure used to check for damaged 
    areas. They run throughout the dam like a labyrinth. They are normally 
    off-limits to unauthorized personnel. However, they are sometimes used 
    for field trip studies in cases when the dam is designated as a 'dam 
    open to the region.'
    -=[E02]Plumb Line=-
    Measuring device used to verify the safety of a dam that checks for 
    displacement between the dam structure and the dam's foundation. This 
    is typically measured in two places using the Normal Plumb Line and the 
    inverted Plumb line. 
    -=[E03]Normal Plumb Line=-
    The upper end is fastened through a collet arrangement, and a weight is 
    suspended from the lower end of the line, measuring the amount of 
    relative displacement between the top and bottom of the dam 
    (longitudinal, transverse displacement). Measurements are taken in the 
    Mid-level Measurement Room.
    -=[E04]Inverted Plumb Line=-
    It is fixed via an anchor base to a presumably stationary point where 
    there is no rock foundation displacement, and attaching the upper end 
    of the line to a float submerged in a tank, it measures the amount of 
    displacement in the rock foundation (longitudinal, transverse 
    displacement). It is positioned directly below the Normal Plumb Line, 
    and measurements are taken in the Lower Measurement Room.
    -=[E05]Gun-type Anti-aircraft Cannon=-
    35mm autonomous anti-aircraft machine cannon. Unmanned anti-aircraft 
    machineguns that are standard issue by the JGSDA. It is also possible 
    to control these autonomous units by direct link.
    Abbreviation: AHV-01 Anti-tank Attack Helicopter 'Jigabachi' (wasp)
    An anti-tank helicopter stationed with JGSDA helicopter units. Equipped 
    with a variable 20mm machine cannon. Because of the breadth of 
    variation of weaponry that can be mounted on its wings, it is highly 
    valued as a machine with potential that can adapt to battle conditions 
    of all sorts.
    [LVL06]Office Block
    -=[F01]Eichi Gotoh=-
    Although a researcher of little repute, his paper of 'Resar5ch on 
    Autonomous Micromachines' was a clincher for him, and his research on 
    radioactively cleanup, the 'Asian Miracle,' put his name on the map, 
    making him a household name worldwide.
    After the Asian Miracle, those concepts that were debated in eccentric, 
    bold moves, became the subject of scorn in academic circles as 
    impossible and 'lacking common sense,' but Gotoh, who had stayed true 
    to his research ideology, didn't let such talk from the outside change 
    hi attitude. He moved to the Tohoku Autonomous Region, which had hired 
    him, and continued his research independently.
    With the end of the war approaching, he was hired as a visiting 
    professor at a university in England, and his life was cut short in an 
    accident on the flight to England. Years after his death, his state of 
    theories was reappraised, and he is now called a 'genius before his 
    time,' and prized as 'the authority on MM engineering' and 'a scientist 
    of proud isolation.'
    -=[F02]Fixed Machine Guns=-
    Type-21, 5.56mm controlled machine cannons made in the Tohoku 
    Autonomous Region.
    Maximum ammunition: 800 rounds.
    -=[F03]Annual Agriculture White Paper=-
    The rise in recent years of consumer unease regarding MM agricultural 
    products due to the general distribution of improper produce, is 
    troubling. Awareness of consumer food safety is growing on a worldwide 
    scale, and even abroad, movements to reorganize food safety 
    administrations are increasing their activity.
    Due to climbing patent costs, the number of products that can only be 
    dealt in by economic superpowers is climbing. Expensive patents are an 
    evil practice, and hunger countermeasures utilizing MM produce is a 
    rocky road. Movements calling for copylefting or patent reductions from 
    a moral standpoint are becoming more active in many countries aboard.  
    With calls for copylefting on the one hand, activity to preserve 
    micromachine technology and copyrights as intellectual property rights 
    continues unabated. 
    -=[F04]Nemuro Landing Operation=-
    Nemuro is a city on the Nemuro Peninsula in eastern Hokkaido. Kusanagi 
    and the other participated in this operation in their military days.
    It is said to have been a large-scale engagement in which not only 
    physical weapons were used, but intense cyber warfare, as well. 
    -=[F05]Inaugural Address=-
    'Autonomous Regional Director Inaugural Address'
    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created 
    equal, that they are endowed with certain unalienable rights, that 
    among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That to 
    secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving 
    their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any 
    form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right 
    of the people to alter or to abolish it. It is their rights of citizens 
    to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their 
    future security. 
    The foundation of the new government is to be laid on such principles 
    and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most 
    likely to effect their safety and happiness. 
    Nor have we been wanting in attention to our Japanese brethren. We have 
    warned them from time to time of attempts by their legislature to 
    extend an unwarrantable jurisdiction over us. We have appealed to their 
    native justice and magnanimity, and we have conjured them by the ties 
    of our common kindred to disavow these usurpations, which, would 
    inevitably interrupt our connections and correspondence. Yet again, 
    however, the citizens of Japan have failed to listen to calls based on 
    justice and ties of common kindred.
    We, therefore, the representatives of the Tohoku Autonomous Region, in 
    General Congress, assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the 
    world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the name, and by the 
    authority of the good people of the Tohoku Autonomous Region, solemnly 
    publish and declare, that as a free and independent autonomous region, 
    this Tohoku Autonomous Region of right ought to be a free, independent 
    economic zone. As the Tohoku Autonomous Region, we declare our 
    independence and are henceforth absolved form all allegiance to the 
    Japanese government. And for the support of this declaration, with a 
    firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually 
    pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.
    Toshimi Tagami
    Tohoku Autonomous Regional Director 
    [LVL07]Training Grounds
    -=[G01]Armed Suit=-
    Also called an 'Arm Suit.'
    A variety of bulletproof, fireproof suits that cover the entire body 
    whose outer shell is made of composite materials, has battery driven 
    limbs, and is equipped with master/slave functionality.
    Generic name for anything equipped with a system capable of tracing its 
    operator's movements. For safety's sake, external stimuli exceeding a 
    set threshold are not transmitted to the operator. 
    -=[G03]Gotoh's Letter=-
    It has been quite some time since you secluded yourself in the lower 
    fields and stopped speaking with me face to face. It is all well and 
    good for you to become intimate with power to achieve your ideals, but 
    now, as a comrade who has pursued those same ideals, I want you to 
    listen to what I have to say.
    You have begun a plane to force the independence of the Tohoku 
    Autonomous Region, or some such nonsense. Do you intend to simply watch 
    as they take the ideal that you and the rest of us created and use it 
    as a tool to kill people? Don't you think you should try to stop this 
    madness of theirs? Of course, if you had been inclined to do so, you 
    would have paid attention to the repeated warnings that Fuwa and I gave 
    I'm thought admonishing you for sticking to your beliefs. But Fuwa went 
    out there, risking his life, to try to stop the terrorist act. I will 
    go down my own path. Even if we should arrive at the same destination, 
    I will never forgive you. 
    Eichi Gotoh
    -=[G04]Final Defense Proposal=-
    'Tohoku Final Defensive Perimeter Proposal'
    Confronted by the coming final battle on the mainland, and heeding the 
    increased calls for a military stronghold that would act as a pivot 
    point in the tactically unfolding north, we hereby redesignate the test 
    facility that is under construction as part of the scientific and 
    technical preservation policy from the 'Tohoku Scientific and Technical 
    City' to the 'Tohoku Final Defensive Perimeter.' The facility's supreme 
    commander will be placed under the jurisdiction of the Premier and the 
    Dense Ministry. (sic)
    It sounds respectable when you call it scientific and technical 
    preservation at the behest of the state, but in face, investigation 
    reports put the number of people there, including the scientists and 
    technicians forcibly evacuated there to work on developing new weapons 
    during the war, as well as their families, in excess of 9000.
    Its perimeter is surrounded by mountain forests, it is walled in by the 
    dam embankment, and the transport to the nearest town. Hanamaku 
    Industrial City, is a single monorail line run by the JGSDA. This is 
    not an evacuation, this ought to be called house arrest by the state. 
    After the war, the liberated scientists have all kept silent and 
    avoided all discussion pertaining to the Tohoku Final Defensive 
    Perimeter. Perhaps this is because it reminds them even now, six years 
    after the war, of the bitter lives they led, bound by the chains of 
    fears of the military. 
    -=[G05]MM-rice Terrorism Blackmail Letter=-
    Attention, Agriculture Ministry, 'Rikuu-132,' a strain developed in the 
    Tohoku Autonomous Region, is a miracle rice and has the potential to 
    have a great impact on the problem of food shortage. However, the 
    Japanese government saw the death of Yazawa as a golden opportunity, 
    and filed a patent application with the Agriculture Ministry. This act 
    can in no way be tolerated. The patent development rights should be 
    restored to the Tohoku Autonomous Region.
    We herby inform you that in the event that our demands are not met, we 
    have the resolve to stand against the Agriculture Ministry and those 
    government officials who are involved, and have the means prepared to 
    do so. 
    [LVL08]AT Training Grounds
    A multiped tank with artificial intelligence. The Tachikoma stationed 
    at Section 9 are also a variety of these.
    They have six legs and move line insects. Like with old tanks, a human 
    'operator' often rides in them, but they are also capable of engaging 
    in missions independently. 
    [LVL09]Upper Storage Block
    Multi-purpose High-maneuver ability Transport Helicopter 'Oniyanma' has 
    many variations that can be loaded out in accordance with objectives 
    such as recon, assault, rescue, or cyber warfare. Various jamming 
    functions are incorporated into the forward information compartment to 
    counter cyber warfare.
    The aft transport pod section can be sued for troop transport, or 
    course, be fitted out as objectives require using internal carriers 
    with a sniper system or Armed Suit cargo. 
    -=[I02]Missile-type Anti-aircraft Cannon=-
    Type-24 short-range anti-aircraft guided-missile launcher. Unmanned 
    anti-aircraft missile cannon that is equipped as standard in the JGSDA. 
    Capable of being loaded with four missiles. Also capable of autonomous 
    control via direct data link. 
    Short for 'activity surveillance.'
    -=[I04]Tainted Rice=-
    Common term for MM-rice that is harmful to humans in some way due to 
    micromachine abnormalities. Fundamentally different from unwashed rice 
    that is eaten without first being washed, this is harmful even if it is 
    washed before eating. 
    -=[I07]Cellular Suicide Program=-
    A murder program that triggers the apoptosis function in every cell of 
    the body, and by inducing this, leads to a person's death.
    To make MM-rice suitable for every environment, biological phenomena 
    were overwritten at a genetic level, and as an application of this, it 
    is possible to intentionally trigger apoptosis (planned cellular death 
    as part of the immune system), something that has always been present 
    in all cells. If rice that the cellular suicide program has been 
    spliced into is taken in and absorbed into the human body, when the 
    program is activated, apoptosis occurs, and the person dies. 
    -=[I08]Kuretake Introduction Article=-
    Japanese Restaurant 'Kuretake.' Neatly Loitering on a Corner of a High-
    rise Cluster.
    This is an old four-star restaurant that I think everyone should visit 
    once in their lifetime. Rather than being limited to the ingredients of 
    Japan with is four, chasing seasons, the food at Kuretake spares no 
    expense, lavishly incorporating ingredients from around the world,. 
    However, one does not get a sense of overwhelming gaudiness or 
    excessive extravagance, the dishes have the tranquility of a harmonious 
    natural utopia, and their flavor is as refined as a flower that blooms 
    in secret. 
    -=[I09]MM-Rice Terrorist Act=-
    'Declaration of MM-rice Terrorist Act' (Tohoku Autonomous Region 
    Declaration of Independence)
    We, the citizens of the Tohoku Autonomous Region, feel bottomless rage 
    at having the development patent rights for the MM-rice that we 
    ourselves developed confiscated from us by the government.
    It does not bear repeating that 'Rikuu-132' is premium MM-rice, fine 
    enough to be sold to upscale restaurants throughout Japan. 'Rikuu -
    132,' delivered from the Tohoku Autonomous Region, was also used at the 
    MM-rice Promotion Society dinner which was held at the Kuretake 
    restaurant recently.
    Perhaps you should have given more thought to how you are still using 
    the rice whose development patents you stole from us. We took the 
    liberty of doing a small amount of tinkering to the MM-rice we sent to 
    the dinner. In this way, the micromachines in the rice that was taken 
    into the body will be broken down and be taken into the bloodstream. 
    And we are able to remotely alter these micromachine3 structures in the 
    bloodstream as we see fit. It is possible to block the blood vessels by 
    causing a chain reaction with the micromachines already present in the 
    body. Once this alteration in the structure of the micromachines is 
    carried out, even the heartiest human will be dead in minutes.
    Our demands are simple in the extreme. Make the Tohoku Autonomous 
    Region independent from Japan. This is all, if our independence is not 
    recognized within 72 hours, we will trigger the virus program planted 
    in the MM-rice. These micromachine cancellation key exists only here in 
    the Tohoku Autonomous Region. It is possible to create an antidote, but 
    it would take at least 100 hours. The deadline is in 72 hours. Will you 
    recognize the independence of the Tohoku Autonomous Region, or will you 
    choose your own deaths? The choice is yours. 
    -=[J01]Deep Underground Sector=-
    'Deep underground' refers to giant artificial spaces excavated at the 
    depth of greater than 40 meters.
    Because the Tohoku Automous Region was constructed by re-tasking the 
    dam just prior to its test filling, it covers a limited area on the 
    surface and there are obstacles to construction, so it was decided to 
    put living spaces on the surface, and to construct facilities for 
    weapons research, food supply solutions, and other primary research 
    agencies deep underground, protected by visual camouflage and defenses.
    Only portions are operational at present, but the shield shaft dug at 
    the foot of the dam where the deep underground sector was constructed 
    is being used as a helicopter installation. 
    [LVL11]Underground Factory
    -=[K01]Postscript: Toshimi Tagami=-
    Born in the Tohoku Region to parents who ran all sorts of financial 
    businesses. Census records at the time list her real name as Toshimi 
    Yazawa. Soon after the birth of her brother, Kei Yazawa, their parents 
    divorced. After the divorce, she used Tagami, her mother's maiden name. 
    Recognized as a genius in the field of program construction, she 
    received a scholarship and entered the military academy. After making 
    it thought the special curriculum, and joined the force as an officer 
    Assigned to 7th Special Forces Tactical Unit, she engaged in missions 
    where she would wage psychological attacks by switching prosthetic 
    bodies and infiltrating the enemy. Because of this unique tactic and 
    her many meritorious deeds, she came to be called the Choreographer. 
    This is only recorded in few top-secret military flies, but the upon 
    learning of the actions the Choreographer took during the Nemuro 
    Landing Operation as leader of the 7th Special Forces Tactical Unit, to 
    a handful of people the Choreographer became a symbol of menace to both 
    friend and foe. 
    After the war ended, she was appointed by the military as director of 
    the Tohoku Autonomous Region, where she was reunited with Kei Yazawa, 
    her long-lost brother. 
    Toshimi Tagami's codename in her military days.
    During the war, she changed into a wide variety of prosthetic bodies, 
    conducting espionage operation inside enemy organization. Her specialty 
    was using her unparalleled psychological profiling skills to anticipate 
    the enemy's tactics and movements, using the tactic to neutralize them 
    with a minimum use of armed forces. She came to be called the 
    Choreographer when, during the ware, a high official in the JDSDF 
    commented that she 'Made the enemy dance in the palm of her hand.'
    -=[K03]Forced Recognition Program=-
    A psychoacoustic manipulation program that intervenes in a cyberbrain, 
    making it conclude that something is correct.
    -=[K04]EW-204 Prototype Tank Specs=-
    'Prototype EW-204 Tank Exercises Report'
    Our company's EW-204 multiped tank, which we put thought test maneuvers 
    the other day, is a heavily-armored, long-range support tank that 
    presupposes traditional open-field combat. We received a response from 
    the JGSDA that it is unsuited for the sort of front-line usage in urban 
    areas that have begun to skyrocket recently. Having received this, I 
    propose a fourth round of tests exercises for our new EW-206 multiped 
    tank, which assumes front-line activity.
    Chief Developer, Takeshi Kago
    [LVL12]Experimental Farm
    -=[L01]Kenbishi Industries Type-18 Tank=-
    A multiped tank constructed by Kenbishi Heavy Industries during WWIII 
    at the request of the JGSDA. It is still used in official service to 
    this very day.
    Each of its four legs is equipped with an independently driven 
    caterpillar tread, so it is capable of ambulatory locomotion in 
    addition to caterpillar locomotion, making it an all-purpose tank that 
    is suitable for all terrain. Its primary armaments include a single, 
    105mm howitzer and two 20mm machine guns, one mounted in each 
    In present-day 2030, plans had been made to transition to the candidate 
    for the next main-force tank, the Kenbishi HAW-206, with its beefed-up 
    cyberbrain defenses, but due to the Techno-line runaway incident, the 
    introduction of the HAW-206 is now up in the air. Because of this, the 
    Type-18 is still in use at this time. 
    -=[L02]Visual Camouflage=-
    A camouflage program that overwrites a cyberbrain's visual data with 
    false imagery. It is possible that it is a copycat of the Laughing Man 
    -=[L03]Visual Device=-
    Parts used for sight in prosthetic bodies that are used to gather light 
    signals instead of the sight cells in the retinas of flesh and blood 
    In present technological terms, they can be thought of a similar to the 
    CCDs in digital cameras and camcorders. Because there are over 100 
    million human sight cells, technology far superior to CCDs, with their 
    mere millions of photo elements, is used. Incidentally, at a lab in 
    America scientists have actually succeeded in giving sight to a blind 
    man by implanting electrodes into his brain and taking signals input 
    from CCDs and ultrasonic sensors, processing them in a computer, and 
    sending them into his brain.
    The culprit in the Laughing Man incident hacked the visual devices of 
    cyberized people to hide his face. 
    -=[L04]Ghost-dubbing Equipment=-
    An elaborate device which is capable of producing copies of a source 
    Ghost in mass quantities, but has been banned because the source dies.
    Ghost dubbing is punishable by life imprisonment or the death penalty.
    Refers to a nearly human robot that is composed of a prosthetic body 
    and a virtual personality. They have red blood that contains iron.
    Refers to a retrofitted human, one whose internal organs have been 
    partially or mostly replaced with artificial organs. 
    Refers to a system which carries out specific task in response to 
    specific input commands.
    A variety of chip which is used in A.I.'s. Utilizing proteins, these 
    made possible vast memory storage and logic operation capability. 
    Visual device micromachines developed by Serano Genomics.
    Developed to assist patients who are suffering form memory 
    deficiencies. This would allow the patient's visual information to be 
    recorded, and it was hoped that merely by saving it to a terminal, it 
    would have the effect of bolstering their memory with a minimum of 
    visual data. They connect to the optic nerve, and have a system whereby 
    by saving it to a terminal, it would have the effect of bolstering 
    their memory with a minimum of visual data. They connect to the optic 
    never, and have a system whereby the visual information that the 
    subject is seen is converted to an electronic signal and sent to a 
    recording device via their cyberbrain. They are effective for three 
    Currently, the Ministry of Health has approved their use for medial 
    purposes, and use without the person's consent has been made illegal. 
    -=[L10]Prostheticized Refugees=-
    People who were unavoidably prostheticized to compensate for injuries 
    or damaged physical abilities incurred during the protracted war 
    through the assistance of the U.N. or other NGOs (non-governmental 
    They are cared for in designated refugee districts thanks to the policy 
    of taking in refugees, but they are becoming a source of social 
    -=[L11]Phantom Limb=-
    Refers to the sensation that limbs lost, due to accident or disease, 
    are still present.
    -=[L12]Dummy Barrier=-
    A forced-disconnect device that is used by placing it between a QRS 
    plug and a terminal.
    At the point it detects a physical attack via an offensive virus while 
    the user is wired, it physically ejects the wire that connects the user 
    and the subject. It is a self-defense measure used to prevent damage 
    from the extending to the user's cyberbrain. Its effectiveness varies 
    widely, depending on how many defense virus patterns it can construct 
    before an attack. 
    -=[L13]Postscript: Infiltration Report=-
    We have determined that Kei Yazawa, who had been one of our suspects, 
    had died many years before this operation, and that the introduction of 
    a virus into the MM-rice was entirely orchestrated by Toshimi Tagami, 
    who was the Autonomous Regional Director, and formerly known as the 
    'Choreographer.' Toshimi Tagami entered into a prosthetic body of the 
    same make as that of Motoko Kusanagi with the intent to cause personal 
    disturbances with Section 9, but due to Batou's discovering the 
    preserved corpse of Kei Yazawa and realizing the facts of the mater, 
    her plan was foiled, and the attempt at confusion also ended in 
    failure. With the dispersal of the MM-rice source code that occurred 
    automatically upon the death of Toshimi Tagami, a vaccine was developed 
    in short order, and the case was wrapped up without a single person 
    falling victim to the tainted rice. 
    Assuming for the moment that Toshimi Tagami had succeeded in her 
    personal disturbance of Section 9, she would have retreated to Nihama 
    as a member of Section 9 after destroying all evidence by leaving 
    Motoko Kusanagi behind and sinking the Autonomous Region. Having become 
    Motoko Kusanagi, we may assume that she would have conducted 
    intelligence operations within the government and military to avenge 
    her younger brother, Kei Yazawa. 
    -=[L14]Non-nuclear World War IV=-
    Refers to World War IV, which lasted from 1999 to 2015. With nuclear 
    weapons being relatively rare at this time, a quagmire of a war suing 
    conventional weapons broke out. 
    -=[L15]Sensory Perception Wiretap Act=-
    Legislation that made it possible, as an extension of the 
    Communications Wiretap Act, for law enforcement officials to use 
    specified devices to tap the five senses, especially sight and hearing. 
    During the monitoring, a witness from a third-party agency is 
    -=[L16]Laughing Man Logo=-
    The symbol-like logo used by the criminal of 'All Points Bulletin #81' 
    to hide his face. The media gave him the nickname 'The Laughing Man' 
    because the man in the logo looked like he was smiling. This Laughing 
    Man logo even became part of trendy fashion among some youths and 
    subculture critics.
    -=[L17]Laughing Man Incident=-
    Officially designated as 'All Points Bulletin #81.'
    A large-scale copycat incident that has even been called a theatrical 
    crime, which began with the kidnapping of Serano Genomics CEO Ernest 
    Serano, six years ago. It was followed by the serial blackmail of six 
    major corporations and the attempted assassination of the 
    Superintendent-General by a person calling himself the Laughing Man, 
    but Serano Genomics employee Nanao-A, who was under investigation as 
    the perpetrator, was killed by someone, and the case was filed with the 
    prosecutors with the suspect dead. Each of these incidents remain 
    unsolved, the truth behind them remaining unclear.  
    -=[L18]Public Security Bureau=-
    General term for Public Security. There are Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, and 9.
    -=[L19]Public Security Section 6=-
    AKA 'Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of Treaty Inquiries.' 
    Their jurisdiction is outside the country's borders. 
    Public Security Section 9's technicians.
    They are called Redcoats because they wear red lab coats.
    -=[L21]Ministry of Home Affairs=-
    The ministry that oversees domestic matters.
    -=[L22]Ministry of Foreign Affairs=-
    The country's administrative body that handles foreign affairs work, 
    such as foreign policy, international trade, economic assistance, and 
    Public Security Section 5 works directly under this agency.
    The Central Intelligence Agency is responsible for conducting foreign 
    intelligence operations.
    -=[L24]American Empire=-
    Composed of conservatives and the defense industry, the American Emipre 
    is a right-wing state centered in the southern part of the United 
    States that has an antagonistic relationship with the America-Russia 
    -=[L25]Genesis Andross Corp.=-
    The only company that makes the GA07-GL, commonly called the 'Jeri,' an 
    android popular among hardcore users.
    -=[L26]Serano Genomics=-
    A micromachine development company whose CEO, Ernest Serano, was 
    kidnapped in the Laughing Man incident six years ago. 
    -=[L27]Meditech Corp.=-
    An organ production company that splices their clients' DNA into pigs 
    and breeds them for spare organs.
    If the client winds up not needing these organs for the transplant, the 
    organs are sold to an organ bank.
    -=[L28]Plant Dome=-
    A closed ecosystem was artificially produced in the deep underground 
    sector of the Tohoku Autonomous Region to conduct cultivation 
    experiments on MM-rice. The experiments were expected to produce high 
    yields, even in a variety of weather and natural environments, but the 
    project ended with the death of head researcher Kei Yazawa. 
    -=[L29]Harima City for Academic Research=-
    Begun as a research facility complex financed by the state and major 
    domestic corporations, Harima evolved into a city with the growth of 
    the research and educational facilities.
    By 2028, the neurochips developed in 1998 at the Harima City for 
    Academic Research had come to be used in many A.I.s and robots. 
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