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    Unlock FAQ by lifelessdummy

    Version: 0.7 | Updated: 01/05/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    *Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex *
    *          The Unlock Guide              *
    *                v0.7                    *
    *Written by Ichiniisan, AKA LifeLessDummy*
    *Table of Contents*
    1.   Introduction
    2.   Disclaimer
    3.   "Beat the Game" Unlocks
    4.   "Miscellaneous" Unlocks
    5.   Unlocking Difficulties
    6.   About Me
    7.   Version History
    Hello all. Well, I finally blew my lid. After someone had inquere about the
    specific objectives to unlock something, and many months of me already
    submitting a complaint, yet getting absolutely no response, I figured from now
    on, I can just redirect them to the UNLOCK FAQ. Haha, but the problem was that
    there wasn't one. So, next to my unfinished walkthrough, I'm making a quick
    Unlock FAQ. Hopefully, I will answer many questions on the GameFAQ board, or
    any other board that has this.
            This list was painfully written by the Dummy and it may not be
    published publicly, privately, in print, electronically, or by any other means
    known by man without prior written consent by the author (and I’m a pretty
    nice fellow), and you can't distribute this without my name on this FAQ. If I
    give consent to put a copy of this FAQ on your own websites, it may NOT be
    altered, changed, or tampered with unless I agree, because sometimes the
    grammar isn’t correct, but that’s just the way how it was written in the game
    and DO NOT link directly to GameFAQs or any other sites that host this FAQ.
    They’re really nice folks, and any less of a headache to them would be
    appreciated. Currently, GameFAQ.com and possibly neoseeker.com has permission
    to host this, and any other FAQ of mine so far. Also, if I made some kind of
    error (remember, I’m a human being AND a dummy) contact me so I can correct
    *"Beat the Game" Unlocks*
            This is the "Beat the Game" Unlock section. As the title suggest,
    this is about unlocking secret items that involve beating the game, or as I
    would suggest to you, BEAT THE FINALLY BOSS. It makes it easier: all you have
    to do, is finish the finally mission on whatever setting and "Beat the Game."
    Of course, you have to beat the game once throughout so that you can just go
    straight to the last mission, but then once you got that out of the way, you
    can follow the rest of this guide.
    How to unlock everything in 10 easy steps:
    01)  When you are playing a new game, at the main menu, select NEW GAME.
    02)  Select the difficulty to (my defualt) EASY.
    03)  Play threw the entire game. Defeat the final boss on the 12th mission.
    04)  By this time, you unlocked the first set of unlockables. Now on the main
         menu, select "CONTINUE"
    05)  Go to mission 12, Experimental Farm, and select the difficulty to NORMAL.
    06)  Play it, and defeat that robot.
    07)  By this time, you unlocked the second set of unlockables. Now on the main
         menu, select "CONTINUE"
    08)  Go to mission 12, Experimental Farm, and select the difficulty to HARD.
    09)  Play it, and defeat that robot.
    10)  You have now unlocked all the unlockables relating to the "Beat the Game."
    The 3 sets of Unlockables:
    When you complete the game on Easy Mode, you unlock:
        Unlimited Ammo for the Seburo, submachine gun, assault rifle, shotgun,
        hand grenades, spark grenades, and knives for Single-Player Campaign
        Three additional costumes for Motoko Kusanagi, three additional costumes
        for Batou, and yellow menus for Single-Player Campaign
        Playable Motoko Kusanagi and Batou, and unlocking Dome
        Level in Multiplayer Game
    When you complete the game on Normal Mode, you unlock:
        Armed Suit and Think Tank playble in Multiplayer Game
    When you complete the game on Hard Mode, you unlock:
        Three additional paint jobs for Tachikoma for Single-Player Campaign
        Tachikoma playable in Multiplayer Game
    *"Miscellaneous" Unlocks*
            These are the unlock that doesn't involve just beating the final
    mission and boss. There isn't any easy way to obtaining them; you just
    gotta do them.
    For a fan guide, use President Skroob's guide for finding those pesky fans:
    Just remember some points:
     (a) there are 10 fans in each 12 missions
     (b) you should always have a sniper rifle
     (c) set the setting to easy
    When you collect/destroy all 120 fans, you unlock:
        Napalm Launcher for Motoko Kusanagi, Laser Gun for Batou, and unlimited
        ammo for laser gun and napalm launcher for Single-Player Campaign
        Laser gun and Napalm launcher unlock for use in Multiplayer Game
    As for completing the game without continuing, just maintain high health
    throughout the missions, you could take it slow because time isn't a factor,
    and set it to easy.
    At the main menu, select "CONTINUE" and you will see (hopefully) 12 missions
    avalible to you. At one of the corners is an icon believed to be the section 9
    symbol. If you don't see this icon, that means you didn't finish that mission
    without a continue. Play it on any difficulty you want, but I would play it
    on easy. Repeat this process until all 12 missions have been completed without
    a continue. There is no specific order needed to be done, so you can finish it
    by doing this (ex: mission - 12, 5, 9, 1, 3, 2, 8, 11, 10, 4, 6, 7)
    When you complete the game without continuing:
        Unlimited ammo for grenade launcher, rocket launcher, missile launcher,
        sniper rifle, and missile pod in Single-Player Campaign
    *Unlocking Difficulties*
    (Copy and Paste from my Point Guide)
    The list of Difficulity, how much point you need to unlock it, and how
    much the points mulitplies:
    Difficulty      Points Required        Point Multiplier
    Easy            Already Avalible        0.5x
    Normal          Already Avalible        1.0x
    Hard            Already Avalible        1.5x
    Very Hard        15,000                 2.0x
    Aggressive       22,000                 3.0x
    Dangerous        34,000                 4.5x
    Execution        50,000                 6.0x
    Hopeless         75,000                 8.0x
    Nightmare        90,000                10.0x
    Champion        120,000                15.0x
    The best way to obtain these difficulty is to play Mission 8 in the highest
    difficulty you have. Defeat the 3 think-tank and a few armed suits quickly,
    and its money in the bag.
    Time:    11:48               8196
    Enemies: Think-tank x3       3000
             Armed Suit x4       2800
    Total:                      13996
    Difficulty:                x_____
       Equals you getting the new diffulty.
    *About Me*
    I am Ichiniisan, also known as LifeLessDummy. You can contact me
    by email, lifelessdummy@yahoo.com, aim, lifelessdummy or sephirokun or
    kightdragnslayer, and/or irc, #animeoverload@irc.irchighway.net
    This walkthrough is not 100% accurate because I am a human dummy, and usually
    I am in need of those "... For Dummies" book titles for everything.
    *Version History*
    0.5    1/02/06    This guide was design as an outline. I decided to
                      create the outline at least before starting to do all the
                      dirty work, which would help me later on anywaz. In this
                      case, I just copy one of the files I had done, and rename
                      many areas. During this time, I was trying to figure out
                      what was wrong with my connection because I couldn't log
                      onto the internet...
    0.6    1/03/06    Finish the guide. Checked threw it, but I figure I know
                      there's going to be other mistakes, so I'll post first,
                      then have the guys on the forum correct it.
    0.7    1/05/06    After having it rejected, I've decided to use this more as a
                      flyer to send notice that the cheat is incorrect. Also, I've
                      included a more "how to" in each one, so that it seems more
                      'in-depth' than it is.

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