Review by mazhzr

Reviewed: 12/28/03

FIFA games are crap! Winning Eleven is the real soccer game

Konami is back again with it's new Winning Eleven edition, Winning Eleven 7 World Soccer and it's so ROCK!!!. This is the best soccer game yet and with a few improvement from it's previous addition this game will definitely win the heart of all the soccer gamers.

Users can play in multiple play mode like friendly mode where users can play as a national teams or clubs against peers or AI. Users also can work together in a single team to play against AI. Winning Eleven 7 also include international tournament mode like World Cup, European Cup, Copa America and other continental cups. Users also can create their own tournament and leagues. The game also has edit mode where users can edit the players and teams as well as create-a-player. The training mode also available where users can practice or better yet play in the practice challenges to learn even better as well as unlocking few stuffs.
Master League is the best feature in the game. Users can choose any top clubs in the world and work up through a rank from lower divisions into the highest division. In the Master League, users can have full control of the management of the team like buying and selling players or even train young players.
The gameplay of the game is so fantastic. The movement of the player is so smooth and it's looks like a real life footballer. A lot of cool skills like sidesteps, shot feint or even Zidane's 360 spins also included in the game.The minus point of this game is that the it is very difficult to score from the free kicks even when using Beckham.

Winning Eleven 7 includes over 40 nationals teams like Brazil, Argentina, England, France, Italy and many others as well as top club teams like Manchester United, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Ajax Amsterdam and many others. The roster of the teams almost complete and it use 100% real names of the players such as Zidane, Beckham, Ronaldo, Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Shevchenko and many others. Famous football ground like Old Trafford, San Siro, Highbury, Bernebau Stadiums also available for users selection. Beside that, the selection and option menus in the game are very neat and nicely presented so users won't have any problem while browsing the game.

The players look very real and in details especially for superstar players like Bechkam, Zidane, Ronaldo, Owen and Pires. The scenery of the football grounds also very detail which make it feels like playing in the real stadium. The jersey also look excellent as the home and away jersey colours of each teams are perfectly displayed. The animation of the intro and the replay mode look awesome too.

SOUND & MUSIC(10/10)
The commentary of this game by the two Japanese dude are excellent as all the player name were announce even though it didn't pronounce properly. The sound effects are excellent as the sound of the ball and the movement of the players sound realistically. The fans sound effects also very excellent as each team has their own chant and cheer song. The songs included in the game are excellent too.

One of the best best part of this game is that it can be played up to 8 players in one time and it is very good for having a good time with friends and family. The control of the game is simple and it just takes around 10 minutes of playing time for users to master the basic control but the skills included in the game are quite difficult to perform. So, users need a lot of practice to expert the skills which can be very useful in the game.

Winning Eleven 7 is the best soccer game and one of the best sport game in the market yet and it is a must buy for any football or sport gamers. Konami should keep up the good work and hoping the next series is even better.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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