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    FAQ/Walkthrough by lastfirstborn

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    February 12 2005  Version: FINAL  (may still add small things)
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    Copyright 2005  Joe Barbee
    Hello!  This is my first FAQ ever, for the wonderful game Shadow of Rome on the 
    Playstation 2 entertainment system.  If you have any ideas, contributions, 
    suggestions, rants, ascii art, or anything otherwise constructive to my FAQ,
    please let me know.  All types of input are welcome and credit will be given 
    Also, if you're into this game the way I am, don't forget to check out the 
    of Rome message boards on GameFaqs.com!  You might learn some interesting 
    from the board's veterans! 
    I'm interested in just getting to the raw meat (no pun intended) of the 
    so this may not be an overly complicated FAQ, at least not at first.  Just as 
    gladiators before you, you will be given meager, plain trimmings to enjoy and 
    work with.  
    I'm lastfirstborn.  I've been around GameFAQs for years and years and years 
    all types of names.  You can contact me at lastfirstborn at gmail dot com.  
    And now, let us enter a story of betrayal, mystery, survival, and stealth, deep 
    within Rome's walls...
    This guide WILL contain spoilers!  So please try and enjoy the game yourself 
    work at solutions before coming here.  If you do, please do not read ahead, as 
    this game has some wonderful plot twists as you get further in.  You just have
    to see them in game to believe them, my words cannot do them justice, so don't
    accidentally read a spoiler!
    This game uses up 166 KB of space on your memory card.  You can have up to 
    ten files before having to erase data.
    Table of Contents
    I. Controls
    II. Story
    III. Cast
    IV. Title Screen Info
    V. Game Screen Info
    VI. Basic Actions
    VII. Salvo/Rank
    VIII. Chariots
    IX. Map
    X. Secrets
    XI. Walthrough
    XII. In Depth Secrets
    I.  Controls:
    Left Analog Stick:  Select options/items, move character
    Directional Pad:  up = drop helmet  right = drop main weapon (X button)
                      left = drop sub weapon (square button)
    Triangle Button:  Cancel, Agrippa = Throw weapon, Octavianus = 
    Flatten out against surface
    Circle Button:  Confirm, Search/Pickup items
    Square Button:  Attack with sub weapon
    X Button:  Confirm, Attack with main weapon, Agrippa = 
    Power Attack (when held down)
    L1 Button:  Agrippa = Block, Octavianus = Walk (when held down)
    L2 Button:  Crouch
    R1 Button:  Lock-on target  (must be held down, tilt analog stick 
    at different directions to focus on other opponents)
    R2 Button:  Enter 1st Person View
    Right Analog Stick:  Adjust the camera angle
    R3 Button:  Center camera
    Start Button:  Open pause menu
    Select Button:  View map screen
    Also note, that quitting to the main screen from in game prompts
    the message "do you truly wish to quit?"  Your options are "No. A
    true warrior never quits."  Or, "Yes, I've reached my limit.".  
    Little touches like that are what make this game great!
    Octavianus' quit message says "No.  I will do anything for a friend."
    or "yes.  May the Gods forgive me."
    II.  The Story:
    I STRONGLY recommend you look up the true, actual history of these characters,
    as they are all real.  And highly entertaining.  The story itself is a pure 
    of fiction, however.  Take it with a grain of salt and enjoy an 
    "alternate Rome".
    This is a small little intro I wrote myself, using some pieces from various 
    but mostly alone, to give you just enough info to whet your appetite for 
    There is murder in the senate.  The year is 44 B.C., and just as Rome started 
    fall into shadow, one man rose up and helped them all struggle back into 
    prosperity.  He was Julius Caesar.  Of course, the people, having a new hero, 
    did not entirely agree with the current Senate.  They feared movement, change.
    Change into a new empire.  Imperial rule would destory their democratic 
    freedoms...and misdeeds.  Alas, before any hopes of a bright future could 
    truly even begin to blossom, the great Caesar was struck down.  It was 
    March the 15th, the ides of March he was so warned about by a local 
    soothsayer.  He never travelled with guards, the Senate would later, 
    somberly argue.  This was inevitable.  A man, very nearly almost still 
    a boy, but a skilled fighter and tactician, named Agrippa, was on the 
    border to the North.  The Germanian horde pressed at the borders, just as 
    all the borders of Rome seemed to swell with brigands, bandits, mercenaries, 
    killers, rapists, and barbarians of all kinds.  They were the biggest threat to
    date, however, and the young man had been sent there to quell their furies.  
    His name was Agrippa.  The youngest centurion appointed his rank.  Whilst in 
    the middle of liberating Roman soliders captured by the fiends, dire news came 
    to his attention.  Caesar had fallen.  As the blood drained from his face upon 
    hearing the basic damnation of his people, the news worsened still.  When he
    returned home to a sorrowful Rome, he was met with scowls and uttered curses.  
    He learned his father, Vipsanius, was accused of the crime by Cicero, head of 
    the Roman Senate.  Had he truly witnessed this foul act?  Could it be possible 
    his father of all people could slay his own close friend and most highly 
    respected leader?  And now, it is up to Agrippa and his closest friend, 
    Octavianus to put their heads -- and weapons, together.  This is a deep 
    conspiracy, it must be, conveluted and dark.  Steele thyself for combat.  
    There's a long road of battle ahead.  
    There is much more to this than you know...
    III.  Our Cast:
    Agrippa - Due to his outstanding military prowess, Agrippa was appointed 
    General at a young age by Caesar himself.  Octavianus is his good friend.
    Octavianus - Having lost his father at a young age, he was adopted and 
    lovingly raised by Caesar.  He is a close friend to Agrippa and his family.
    Caesar - The most famous military and political leader in Roman history, 
    Caesar possess a wisdom in judgment and a warmth in character that has 
    earned him the respect and admiration of an adoring public.
    Cicero - He is the head of the Roman Senate, and is a very gifted 
    speaker as such.  He accuses Agrippa's father of the heinous crime of 
    Claudia - A popular and sexy female gladiator, Claudia is the younger 
    sister of Sextus.  After witnessing Agrippa's consummate skill, 
    she sets him on a path that determines not only his fate, but 
    that of the many.
    Sextus - A crafty businessman and borderline pirate ruffian, who 
    oversees a stable of gladiators outside Rome.  He has an easygoing 
    attitude that's earned him respect from the men in his charge.
    Antonius - successor to Caesar, he promises to rule Rome following 
    the unexpected demise of his great leader.
    Maecenas - Antonius' secrety, and the highest one within the senate 
    at that.  He prposes the idea of a gladitorial tournament.  The 
    victor shall win glory and honor by slaying poor Caesar's murderer... 
    Vipsanius - A close, trusted associate of Caesar, Vipsanius is the 
    father of Agrippa.  Falsely accused of Caesar's brutal murder, he 
    is incarcerated at Syracuse.  
    Barca - General of a large barbarian force.  Of Germanian decent.
    Pansa - Former chief intelligence officer.  Ex war hero, many scars.
    He's adept at teaching the arts of spying and trickery, in his old
    age.  Strange connection to Octavianus' family.
    Decius - Republic General.  Decius has led many great victories 
    for Rome, both honorable, and brutal.  He loves blood shed and the 
    smell of blood.  The screams of pain are music to his ears.  Also,
    leads the Valcross stable of assassins in the arena.
    Marcus Brutus - Brutus is a Justice for the republic.  Cicero's
    Cassius - Another Justice of the senate.  A bit of a hedonist
    as well.
    Iris and Charmian - Mysterious twins, one light, one dark.
    What is their aim in this tale?
    IV.  Title Screen:  Fairly simple really.
    New game = Starts your journey anew.
    Continue = Resume game from your most recent save point.
    Load Game = Load up any file, in case continue wasn't the one 
    you're after.
    Battle Select = This one's important.  It allows you to go 
    back and replay any battle you've previous conquered.  Get 
    those medals!
    Secrets of Rome = I'll cover this in another section near 
    the end.
    Options = Adjust your options menu you normally see in 
    game from the title menu.
    End Game:
    If Agrippa is slain in combat, or fails to meet certain 
    requirements dependant upon the bout in question, he 
    fails, game over.
    If Octavianus is attacked even once by a foe, with sword, 
    shield, arrow, or any other means, he is slain instantly.  
    Avoid contact with red dots on your map!  Also, some missions 
    end automatically if he is spotted at all.  Be extra wily 
    during this, and aware of your map.
    You may continue from where most maps begin, or just before 
    a match should you die in combat as Agrippa.
    You also have the option to quit, but c'mon, what kind of 
    Gladiator are you?  I know you have more power than that!
    If you do quit, be sure you've saved beforehand, as you'll 
    lose any progess between a save point and quitting.
    V.  Game Screen Info:  Here I'll break down what all those pretty 
    gauges do.  Be sure to commit them to memory as you play, keeping 
    an eye on most parts of your vital info is key to victory later in 
    the game!  It comes easy, don't worry.
    Vitality Guage = At the top of the screen, you'll know it.  When 
    you take a hit, it flashes red, you bleed, and it hurts alot.  
    When it drops to within less than a quarter of itself, it begins 
    to flash rapidly, letting you know your heart is about to burst!  
    Not really, but one more hit and it's game over, so find some food 
    or hack off that last limb of your final foe quick!
    Weapon Window = Basically, you'll get a nifty little picture of 
    the weapon(s) Agrippa currently has on his person.  X button on 
    the right, Square button on the left.  You may hold one of each 
    type, and I highly recommend having full hands nearly 100% of the 
    time.  Using them for combos is great for keeping yourself alive, 
    and gaining loads of Salvo poins and bonuses!
    Please keep in mind, a two handed weapon will take up the entire 
    window, as well it should.  These massive gifts from the Gods 
    above do tons of damage, and have both a square and X button attack.  
    Let the blood spill!  Sub weapons cannot be held while holding a 
    two handed weapon.
    Weapon Durability Gauge = Much like vitality, but it drops alot more 
    quickly (I hope...).  Basically, especially in cheap arenas, you're 
    going to go through ALOT of shields, swords, axes, mauls, spears, 
    and all the other types of weaponry.  The more you block, the faster 
    they "die".  The more you attack, the faster this "die" as well.  
    When their guage reaches zero, the weapon breaks entire from your 
    person, and dissapears from the field.  WATCH THIS GAUGE.  You don't 
    want to be surrounded by six really big guys with mauls and suddenly 
    your Gladius shatters to nothing.  Same with shield usage, though 
    not as bad.  Why you ask?  Because you can also block attacks with 
    your weapon!  Just remember, this basically halves it's durability.  
    Same as using the shield to bash too much when you should just use 
    it for blocking to survive.  Also, keep in mind ammo using weapons, 
    the various types of arrows, the sling, etc., will depletely a 
    durability meter as well.  When it's out, you're out of ammo.  For 
    some reason, the bow tends to break completely.  I like to think 
    he's very, very angry at the lack of arrows, so he tears the bow 
    Helmet Durability Gauge = Displays the durability of the helmet 
    Agrippa is wearing.  They decrease any head damage he may take by 
    an almost uncanny margin, but they break to pieces VERY quickly.
    Don't plan on finding the good stuff until much later in the game, 
    most are very weak and easy to break at first.  But hey, good for 
    you really, because the enemy also is equipped with what you have 
    access to.  (usually)
    Alert Guage = This one is for Octavianus.  If you get spotted, 
    it appears to the lower right of the screen.  He will also have 
    a "Tail Gauge" and no, that is not for when he's visiting the 
    bathouses and brothels of Rome.  Basically, the alert will drop 
    REALLY quickly if you hide in another area, or enter a pot and 
    duck down, unseen of course.  Also, completley exiting an area 
    in it's entirety will erase the alert, you can reenter right 
    away, and they seem to have forgotten you.  Silly Romans.  As 
    for the Tail Gauge, there are some missions where you must 
    follow someone to a given location, or to learn something in 
    time.  If he loses his target, this gauge appears and begins 
    to rapidly deplete until it runs out, at which point you fail.  
    If you catch back up, no worries, the gauge goes away.
    VI.  Basics of Gladitorial Combat:  At this point, most basic actions 
    be apparent to you (if you've been a gamer the past few years 
    at least).  However, there are some variations to old favorites, 
    and a few new twists on the old school of action gaming.  I'll
    cover whatever I feel is neccesary here.  
    Locking On needs to become second nature.  Hold down R1 with 
    either character, and they will lock onto the nearest human being.  
    You don't ALWAYS have to do this with Octavianus, but with Agrippa, 
    it's borderline neccisity.  So make a habit of pressing and holding 
    R1 constantly, and only release it when you want to run away very fast.
    You can tilt your movement stick toward another enemy WHILE holding R1 
    if you aren't happy with who Agrippa first targets.  Often, he does 
    an ok job, but we all know, some targets need to be taken out 
    before others.  Big weapon guys, annoying flea guys, archers, etc.
    Throwing weapons also can really make or break a close fight.  
    Be sure you're locked onto an opponent first though.  Then, 
    press trianle to let fly with basically every weapon, even 
    the huge ones.  Keep in mind he is strong, but doesn't always 
    throw some things as far as others.  If you throw something 
    like a mace, maul, or almost any huge blunt type weapon, not 
    only does it harm your target, gain you Salvo points, and 
    spill blood for the crowd all fancy-like, it also will 
    completely disarm your opponent for a moment.  Use this 
    time to rush in and procure their weapon!  This is key 
    if you can't get a spearman off your back, plus hey, 
    you with a great weapon, them with none or small 
    class ones = success, more often than not.
    Dropping weapons can also really help you sometimes, 
    but it takes a good bit of planning and a little luck, 
    I don't recommend it until you know what you're doing 
    and what you're up against levelwise.  Basically, this 
    is almost a useless function, at first.  You can throw 
    a weapon.  You can replace one with the simple press 
    of triangle.  But sometimes...you might want to wear 
    down every weapon you get a hold of, and then steal 
    the enemies nice, large weapon, leaving him with 
    easily breakable stuff for good combos and high 
    salvo bonuses.  
    Not to mention, you can end his life.  Also a plus.
    First Person View mode is important.  You hold R2 to use it.  
    Not only for it's obvious reasons, but also, with a bow or any 
    other ranged projectile (for either character), you can enter 
    first person for very precise shots.  Whether to injure, or distract, 
    this can be valuable, and I suggest you start learning to use it 
    whenever you find throwable objects or ranged weapons.  
    Don't forget that Octavianus (that little exibishionist!), can peep 
    through keyholes and be privy to all sorts of information he wouldn't 
    normally get.  It's also helpful if you feel mislead by the map (rare).  
    You can check to see if the baddies are as close as you think they are, 
    etc.  You just kneel with L2, crawl up to a nearby door (almost any), 
    and press circle when prompted.
    When Agrippa lacks weaponry, he is still a very dangerous man.  
    Don't panic if you should find yourself unarmed.  X is a heavy attack, 
    you can do two in a row for nice damage and to offbalance your foes.  
    Square is a three hit combo if pressed the appropriate times, and is 
    also good to get in a small jab to catch opponents off guard so you 
    can come in with a powerful X attack or even a bladed one.  Three weak 
    punches followed by a charged up blade attack is sure to please the 
    crowd, and Agrippa.  Also, if you lock onto your foe, and press forward 
    on the stick towards them as you press X, you will do a shoulder ram 
    attack.  Also very useful, play around with it and incorporate it into 
    attacks if times get desperate.
    Also, if your enemy looks at you, and happens to compare you to an 
    armed man, he will not consider you a threat.  How insulting!  Use 
    it to your advantage while you can.  Rush up to an enemy and press 
    X to start up a weapon struggle (can also be done when someone is 
    looking at you head on, but is a little harder than at an angle when 
    they are distracted).  Just mash mash mash X and/or Square, and soon 
    you'll overpower his puny grip and wrench the weapon from him.  Whilst 
    he's staring at you, stunned, do him a favor and cave in his skull.
    Also, rarely, and a little tougher, you can initiate a steal move.  
    It looks awesome, gains great crowd favor, and is all around good to do.  
    When a foe is JUST about to strike you (we're talking miliseconds from 
    impalement, learn all the weapon animations!), press X and laugh out 
    loud as Agrippa not only wrests the weapon from enemy hands, 
    but flips the idiot and sends him flying, stunned.  
    Make him hurt with your newly gained weapon.  Please.
    Getting Attention is very important as well.  When you hear the 
    bloodthirsty crowd cheering "kill, kill, kill, kill!" that's your 
    cue.  You can start the slaughter.  Basically, toy with them a bit 
    first.  That will start a chant in the crowd.  Don't get hit much, 
    and don't waste time.  Go from toying, to amputating limbs, cutting 
    bodies in half, impaling, caving in skulls, and many other wonderful 
    things.  This will work the crowd up into a frenzy!  You will notice 
    a meter in the lower right corner.  As it becomes more colorful and 
    grows to full, the crowd is becoming excited.  By the time you start 
    killing, as aforementioned, if you have a free moment away from bad 
    guys, press Square and X at the same time.  Agrippa will cheer on top 
    of his victims, and the crowd will become even more estatic.  They 
    love you when you show them it's all for them!  They'll toss you food, 
    if your health is pretty low, a shield if you get hurt alot, or more 
    likely no matter what the situation, a very large weapon.  Still many 
    other things can be thrown, but you get the idea.  Should you get a 
    rose, be sure to build up a huge combo, go get the rose, and throw it 
    at your victim while the combo numbers are still on screen.  
    Triple bonus!  So don't think they're useless, should you stumble 
    across one from the crowd...
    Speak to the weapons guy in your camp.  Do it often.  Like everytime 
    you find a new weapon in the arena, speak to him.  He's behind a counter. 
     He'll tell you about all types of weaponry, VERY useful fella.  He'll 
    tell you what types of weapons do what type of damage to foes, plus, 
    he'll tell you what can be charged!  Some weapons hold X, you get a big 
    attack!  Some, hold Square, same deal!  And still even some, hold down 
    X AS you hold up toward your oppoenent for yet another type of charged 
    up attack!!  Charging takes time, however, just like how it sounds.  
    Agrippa will rear back, and his arm will shake a little.  Keep holding 
    a second longer, and pray the enemy doesn't hit you or move out of the 
    way of your death dealing.  Also, some of the larger weapons have ALL 
    three types of charged up attacks.  Oh, how I love them so.
    You can also attack from the ground.  Simply hit square/X alot and 
    you'll toss sand into your opponents eyes.  This buys you enough 
    time to do some damage, or run.  Whichever you need.  Also, toggle 
    the control stick all around like a crazy person on the ground, and 
    you will roll out of harm's way.  Same thing in battle, should you 
    be that lucky.  
    Agrippa can also stab a downed foe, sometimes killing him, 
    sometimes don't massive damage.  Just press X over a downed oppoenent, 
    and voila!  Careful though, they roll and throw sand just like you do.  
    Also, if unarmed, you can stomp a foe's head in repeatedly, so long as 
    they do not roll out of the way.  Big points in that, early on at least.
    The Weapons Rack
    I'll give small descriptions of the weapons found in game, 
    and my personal ranking of such weapons and items.
    Main Weapons:
    Gladius - Short range, but very easy to use, and strong for it's
    size.  The standard combo maker, and stabber.  3/5 Stars.
    Scimitar - Very light and fast.  Can remove limbs and heads.
    Has a four hit combo, and a fairly nice Supra attack.  Sadly, 
    it breaks very easily, and offers no defense should you need to
    block with it.  Highly useful near the end of the game.  
    Otherwise, use them quick to disarm two handed giants.  4/5 Stars.
    Mace - A blunt weapon, very slow, but powerful for it's class.
    Be sure you don't miss using it, you'll be wide open to attack.
    Best to "turtle" your foes.  Block, then when they're off balance, 
    let fly to their soft skulls.  Very good throughout the game.
    3/5 Stars.
    Morning Star - A heavy, spiked ball on the end of a fairly long
    chain.  This weapon can be very useful in tight corridors.  It 
    attacks in all directions.  However, when you block with it, 
    you'll still feel the hurt.  Also slow.  It's forward strike is
    good if the circular swing isn't working for you though.  
    Flaming ones are also available.  2/5 Stars.
    Sub Weapons:
    Dagger - Small, fast, weak.  Highly useful if nothing else is 
    available (as they does happen), and exellent for combos.  
    Coupling this weapon with a quick sword like the Scimitar will
    more than make your day.  Also has an instant kill attack from
    behind a foe.  Very useful on big guys.  Leaves you wide open
    though.  4/5 Stars.
    Torch - Hmm.  Dependant upon context, this can be useless, or
    very nice to have on your side.  If a foe is doused in oil, or
    you are, fire will do the trick to the body in question.  
    Otherwise, it only stuns foes for a short time, and is nearly
    useless.  Rarely used (oil fights only really).  1/5 Stars.
    Bow - A very effective long distance weapon, with fair 
    ammounts of ammo far into the game.  Reloading leaves
    you open, but in a long range battle, nothing could
    be more useful.  Flaming arrows are available.  
    4/5 Stars.
    Sling - Very slow to use, but works in close range, 
    as well as long.  Strong, but you are defenseless
    before a throw, and it takes a moment or two to
    swing it around to gain the force to let fly.
    Some also throw oil rocks.  1/5 Stars.
    Shields - Must have for some tight spots.  
    Not only good for blocking, but also offensively
    strong as well.  Comes in the spiked variety.
    Can be used for two handed combos much like 
    the dagger.  Spiked shields are very hard
    to break, also a plus, when on your side.
    5/5 Stars.
    Two Handed Weapons:
    Maul - A very long handled weapon with a 
    heavy, spiked ball on the end.  Very strong, 
    but incredibly slow.  Leaves you very open to
    assualt should you miss.  Nice attacks all
    around though.  Also shatters armor and
    shileds like they were merely paper!  4/5 Stars.
    Spear - Long handed, point weaponry.  The reach
    makes it worth while to go out of your way to
    grab, and it's also brutally quick.  Makes a
    great throwing weapon as well when nearly 
    broken.  4/5 Stars.
    Halberd - An axe with a very long handle.  
    Not only does it possess nice reach, but
    has great power as well.  It is very heavy, 
    so watch your attacks, do try not to miss 
    and leave yourself wide open.  It does
    not harm equipment as well as the Maul.
    3/5 Stars.
    Rocks - Slow, hard to keep from breaking
    with use.  You becoming a slow moving target
    when equipped with one.  Still, then can do
    fair damage and save you some time, should
    you need to knock an enemy flat and flee.
    VERY useful if a catapult is around, 
    otherwise, don't bother unless a last
    resort.  2/5 Stars.
    Barrels - Some empty and useless, others 
    filled with oil.  The latter are useful, to
    an extent.  But only on certain levels.  1/5 Stars.
    Great Sword - Also known as Magnus.  Wonderful, great
    weapon.  Well balanced, with good speed and exellent
    power levels, this is what you'd want, onced you
    learn to be a great sword master.  All it's attacks
    are chargable, and it's devastating to armor and limbs
    alike.  5/5 Stars.
    Helmets - Get them.  Always get the best available to you,
    durability wise.  Nuff said.  5/5 Stars.
    Food - Eating food keeps you alive.  Makes sense eh?  
    Meat (high), Cheese (medium), and Bread (low) restores health.
    Also, Salvo bonuses come in if you eat enough of something in
    one match!  So be a pig, even if you don't need it.  Your
    enemy will suffer for it.  They also grab food.  Rapidly
    press Square down to eat faster than usual.  Make this a
    habit for sure.  5/5 Stars.
    Roses - Sometimes enthralled audience members will throw
    fresh cut roses your way.  They aren't useful as weapons, 
    but perhaps they have another use?
    Roses can be thrown into an enemies face for a few points.
    Also, they multiply your Salvo bonus by three times (!!!), 
    if you're quick enough to equip and use one.  I once got 
    well over 100k Salvos this way, with no problem at all!
    You can also throw them to the crowd, if you can reach them.
    3/5 Stars.
    Special Devices:
    Catapult - Very useful.  Capable of hurling large rocks at
    very high speeds.  Not only do some actions with a catapult
    give you unique Salvos (if you're a collector), boy are they 
    ever strong!  Any chance you have a clear option to use one, 
    do it.  Kill people, break doors, hit elephants, and even a
    certain boss from her high perch, to do massive damage!
    4/5 Stars.
    Presses - Oh yes, the good stuff.  Get a foe under these
    spikey presses, and hit a nearby gong, and watch the fun!
    Once used, it takes a while to reset, but they are 
    invaluable to certain levels later in the game.  4/5 Stars.
    Fire Trap - Sadly, you don't see these much.  But they are
    useful.  Switches in the ground control nearby fire grids.
    Set up five or six bad guys on the platform, and flame
    on!  4/5 Stars.
    Rotating Blades - Don't see these much either.  Very slow, 
    but very deadly, to both you and your foes.  If used
    properly (like the smart killer I KNOW you are), these
    can really even out the odds on a tough fight.  Just
    remember to stay ducked the entire time near them!
    Usually seen in pairs, or threes.  3/5 Stars.
    Speak to EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE, as BOTH characters!!!
    Tips for the shrewd Combatant:  Remember, you are no longer a 
    solider.  There is no honor here among you and other men.  Do
    what you must to gain the crowd's favor, and they will treat
    you like a king.  Do not, and Death will find you quickly.
    Blocking is good.  If you find yourself having a hard time surviving, 
    try using that shield more than your thick skull, and you may yield 
    better results.  Even if your back is to an opponent, Agrippa will turn 
    to block him.  You can also block with weapons, but I don't recommend 
    that unless you're in dire need of defense.  Simply because it wears 
    away your weapons durability all the more quickly.
    If unarmed, and an enemy is in stunned position, you may place yourself 
    behind them and grab.  From here, rapidly tap X/Square, and you'll 
    perform a suplex that is often fatal.  Especially if you lauch an 
    enemy off a high platform, or into a pit of spikes.
    The Supra Attack can be done with almost any X button weapon.  So use
    it often!  Don't be predictable, but spice it in with quick jabs or 
    punches from your other hand, then press up when locked onto a foe and 
    hold X for the Supra!  It's basically a jab, or outward lashing attack, 
    depending on your X button weaponry.  If unblocked, it does more than fair 
    damage with most weapons, and can send an opponent flying backwars, blocked 
    or no.
    If you'd rather do some meat sculpting, there's one sure fire way to do it.
    Rather than stab a downed foe as highlighted above, you can get over them and 
    press Square if able.  Agrippa will set the enemy on his/her feet, where they 
    stand staring, hurt, as if zombified for a brief few seconds, depending on d
    done to them in the first place.  Charge up a maul for blunt head bashing, or a 
    scimitar type blade for decaptations and amputations!  I once whirled around a 
    who became nothing but a pile of arms, a head, and a quivering torso.  Now, you 
    can too!
    Last but not least (well it might be to some...), the Kick!  You can basically 
    do this with any weapon except heavy.  That I know of.  If you need space, just 
    hold back and press X OR Square, and boom.  Agrippa boots the foe(s) real nice 
    like.  Exellent for crowd control.  Send em flyin, or get in that stun hit to 
    lop off an arm right after!  Works wonders on the little guys too, if you're as 
    annoyed by their hopping grunts as I am.
    As for Octavianus and his basic actions, really, all you need to know is 
    Circle Button does EVERYTHING.  When in doubt, stand over an item, near a 
    door, around a ladder, etc, and watch for the circle button prompt.  He 
    picks up ALL sorts of items with a myriad of uses to be covered more in depth 
    later in this guide, he steals clothing, he drags bodies, he steals money, 
    he wakes some people up (rarely), he climbs various objects and ladders, and 
    does so much more with Circle!  Oh, he's a peeping tom too.  Score!!!  
    Triangle is also prett valuable to him, as a spy.  You may be familliar 
    with flattening against walls from other stealth oriented titles.  You get 
    near a flat area (wall, bookcase, etc.) and just press Triangle.  He flatens 
    against it.  Walk left or right, or crouch to be even sneakier!  Sidle up to 
    a corner whilst pressed against the surface of something and he will peek 
    around the corner, safely invisble to enemy eyes (on that side) but able to 
    see and even zoom in with the directional buttons!  Super vision!  
    There may also come a time when you're feeling safe, because you're 
    wearing an enemy outfit and you fit into an area.  Yet, you know you 
    must take out a guard of some kind, perhaps to move on, perhaps for 
    that hidden coinage, perhaps to gain his clothing and pick his pockets, 
    or hey, perhaps you just like knocking people out.  Who am I to judge you?  
    For whatever the reason, don't be seen holding rope, or vases.  Or stones.  
    Or apples.  I think rats and frogs are ok, but I'm not sure 100%.  Don't 
    ask me why, but with all this conspiracy, I can understand the Roman's 
    behing so careful.  Bottom line.  If you're in enemy garb, and you run, 
    crouch, peep, or wield a "weapon" in front of a guard, it's over for you, 
    ok?  But, you can counter this.  Simply hold R1 to lock onto the enemy, 
    whilst also holding L1!  Preeeeetty sneaky eh?  You'll hide the 
    item behind your back, and look oh so guilty, but they won't 
    say a word to you!  When they turn their back, WALK slowly up 
    behind them, and let em have it!  He's no Agrippa, but when it comes 
    down to it, Octavianus is down with the violence.
    Also, he can whistle.  Like, really well.  He's a champion in Rome.  
    Well, not really.  BUT.  If you can't find a rock, rat, apple, etc. 
    to toss at a foe to distract them or get them to move where you want 
    them to, no worries.  The whistle is always avaiable to you!  Just press 
    down Square and Circle at the same time.  Be sure you do it when you want, 
    and not by accident though.  If you're within earshot (some of these 
    guys are very deaf), you'll get his attention.  Now go hide or go wherever
     your plan entails, because he's going to come basically within two feet of 
    the spot he heard you from.
    VII.  As explained before, KNOW YOUR SALVO!  Go for combos, go for brutal 
    kilings, be mean and kill the poor guy that peed himself in the corner.  
    Hey, even toss weapons INTO the crowd.  You'll gain points and bonuses 
    for doing all sorts of things.  There are many, many Salvos.  6 pages of 
    them in game, in fact.  I'll cover them in better detail as this FAQ grows.  
    So, what the heck is a Salvo?  Well, the game defines it as:  A Salvo is 
    an action or combination of actions that pleases the crowd.  When a salvo 
    is performed, it's name appears on screen.  (and often, it's quite 
    hilarious what some of them are named)
    If you do the same Salvo over and over...you get fewer and fewer points 
    for it.  So spice things up, be original, and mostly, have fun.  Just go 
    nuts on them!  Chain them together too, once you've learned how the flow 
    of battle works.  Massive points are given to people that don't hide, 
    hardly are slowed down by getting hit, never run away, etc.  Basically, 
    make sure the blood doesn't stop flowing!  The faster you kill, the 
    better your combo bonus multiplier will be.  When I first started this 
    game, I had less than 10k points.  I'd go back to the same places and 
    EASILY more over 100k points, once I learend my combo links, timings, 
    and Salvo multipliers.
    Page one of Salvos---------------->
    row 1
    Roman Spotlight x2 bonus
    Guard&counter 50
    Sting Combo 50
    Sub,Main & Supra 100
    3 hit fury50
    4 hit fury 100
    10 hit fury 500
    Gladiator's Rage 1000
    row 2
    Liftoff 100
    Rock it 100
    Rock and Roll it 150
    Overkill 50
    Rundown Beatdown 100
    No Mercy 500
    Threat From Above 50
    row 3
    Divine Threat From Above 100
    Stuck Pig 500
    Stand & Deliver 50
    The Fires of Rome 600
    The Guillotine 300
    Disarmed 200
    Red Volcano 400
    Juicy Tomato 300
    row 4
    Whiplash 300
    Arm Breaker 200
    Tumble & Fumble 50
    Gladiator's Booty 100
    Stpe Attack 100
    Head's up Bonus x4
    Urine trouble 50
    Flesh Attack 50
    Page 2 of Salvos------------------>>
    row 1
    Fire-Fighter 50
    Meat Sculptor 600
    Meat Collector 1000
    Double Fracture 600
    Assault & Battery 1000
    Sadist's Utopia 50
    row 2
    Human Dartboard 500
    Spread The Warmth 300
    Human Catapult 500
    Rest in Peace 200
    Undessed to Kill 100
    Shield Scraper 100
    Weapon Breaker 100
    Roman Blitzkrieg 500
    row 3
    8-shooter 500
    Snatch 250
    Big Snatch 250
    Human Tank 50
    Quicksand 50
    Rage of Hercules 200
    row 4
    Rage of Zeus 400
    Take one for the team 150
    Hostage Down 300
    Domino Effect 200
    Deluxe Domino Effect 300
    Page 3 of Salvos------------->>>
    row 1
    Crash Landing 50
    Bounce of Fate 150
    Thorns of the Rose 100 (3x bonus if used whilst comboing)
    Choke Chain 1000
    Tee Off 500
    row 2
    Tornado Maximus 500
    Rolling Thunder 100
    Wrath of the Gods 50
    Enemy of the People 100
    Fresh Ham 100
    My Fellow Romans 300
    row 3
    Meat Eater 1000
    Master Thief 1000
    Public Indecency 1000
    Serial Killer 1000
    Sharpshooter 500
    row 4
    The Butcher of Rome 1000
    Bone Duster 1000
    Bonum Salvo 1000
    Magnum Salvo 1500
    Supera Salvo 2000
    Page 4 of Salvos------------->>>>
    row 1
    Hoplomachii 500
    Secutor 500
    Provocator 500
    Dimacheri 500
    row 2
    Saggittarius 500
    Asilus 500
    Fatal Blow 150
    Hole In One 200
    The Reaper 200
    The Masher 200
    row 3
    Smash Hit 200
    Shiskebob 200
    Deluxe Hole In One 200
    Unholy Reaper 200
    Grand Masher 200
    Cut Man Grand 200
    Mega Smash Hit 200
    row 4
    Apollo's Guidance 200
    Stoned To Death 200
    Head Trauma 250
    Torn Limb From Limb 250
    Bullseye 200
    Big Roman Balls 250
    Page 5 of Salvos------------->>>>>
    row 1
    No Super Man 250
    Breakdown 300
    The Sky Is Falling 300
    Gate Crasher 300
    Blast Off 250
    Bed Of Nails 500
    row 2
    Into The Flame 200
    Arsonist Extrodinare 300
    Im-pressed 500
    Second Im-pression 500
    Flesh Pudding 100
    Rock Breaker 200
    row 3
    Better Late Than Never 100
    Feel The Burn 50
    Savior of the People 200
    Fetch This 100
    Cruelty to Animals 50
    Aeriel Cruelty to Animals 150
    Goal!! 1000
    row 4
    Rock On 100
    Sniper Shot 300
    Rock Smasher 500
    Page 6 of Salvos--------------->>>>>>
    row 1
    Birdseye 100 
    Tag-team Ultimas 250
    Splitting Headache 500
    Achillies Heel 700
    Four on the floor 2000
    Don't kick the Elephants 50
    row 2
    Small Splitting Headache 500
    Nail Breaker 250
    Broke a Nail 1000
    The Vega Connection 500
    GS Counter 1000 
    row 3
    Whirlwind Breaker 500
    Kick Ass 1000
    Fender Bender 100 
    Drive-Thru 200
    Street Sweeper 100
    Moving Violation 100
    row 4
    Dead on Arrival 300
    Collateral Damage 200
    Speed Zone 800
    Leader of the Pack 1000
    Room to Breathe 400
    Pole Position 200
    Genocide 2000
    Rank points are shown to you during your mission briefing beforehand.  
    You can also view them after a battle by holding square when prompted.  
    Bronze is farily easy to get on Normal, even on Hard.  Silver, of 
    course, a step up, usually 20k point difference, and Gold, of course, 
    is hair pullingly frustrating (in a good way) to get, normally a good 
    40-65k above Bronze.  Earning lots of Cups of various types, on various 
    difficulties, unlocks awesome secrets.
    You'll also get a nifty ranking screen, showing you which Salvos you 
    used.  You can also find a Salvo list in your options menu in game.  
    Can you find them all?  Some nearly feel like one time only, needle in 
    a haystack, others are the bread and butter of this game's combat flow.
    VIII.  I'll cover Chariot Racting segments a bit later on, but here 
    are the controls for now:
    Left analog = Steer
    Triangle button = Guard
    Circle button = Attack
    Square button = Brake
    X button = Accelerate
    L1/R1 button = Slide attack left and right
    Right analog = Adjust camera angle
    You will see Battle Mode indicators, crossed swords, letting you know 
    when attack options are avaiable to you.
    Aim very carefully when a slave wants to hand you a weapon, and do 
    try not to squish the poor guys/gals ok?
    Also, watch your wheels and those of your foe's.  If they're wobbling
    like there's no tomorrow, they're about to break off.  Good if it's
    their's, bad if yours.  Race over if a single wheel breaks off.  More
    in depth stratagies in the walkthrough.
    IX.  The Map is a very important function, especially for Octavianus.  
    Agrippa also makes prime use of it when he has complicated objectives.  
    Hold down square after having entered the map screen (pressing select), 
    and a legend will appear telling you what's what.
    You'll have dots for:
    Enemy  (red)
    Player  (yellow)
    Ally  (blue)
    NPC (non player character)  (green)
    Item/Weapon (bright green)  
    Rarget  (white)
    Save Point  (square within a square)
    Goal  (red circle in pen)
    The faster you get used to the map, the better.
    Be sure to check out the pause menu as well!  Memo tells you your goals, 
    Stats are well, stats, Profile gives you more information on characters 
    you've met thus far in your story (check it often), Salvo list tells you 
    what you've found, what's new, how many are left undiscovered, options 
    and quit game of course, have already been covered.
    X.  Some of the secrets of Rome are:
    Art Gallery (48 pictures in all)
    Cheats (covered later)
    Survival Mode
    The Big Escape
    The Ugly Duck Fling
    The Labyrinth
    Chariots of Ire  (not a typo! ire IS a word!)
    Salvo Master List
    Expect a detailed strategy for each of the special levels at the end of
    this guide soon!
    XI.  Walkthrough:  Here we go, what you came here for!
    This guide WILL contain spoilers!  So please try and enjoy the game yourself 
    and work at solutions before coming here.  If you do, please do not read 
    ahead, as this game has some wonderful plot twists as you get further in.  
    You just have to see them in game to believe them, my words cannot do 
    them justice, so don't accidentally read a spoiler!
    Also, don't forget that hitting control F and searching for the name
    of a mission or boss might yield some nice results on this page.
    Political and physical battles are being fought daily.  Caesar has come, 
    with promises for peace in Rome, the Pax Romana.  But, it was not to
    last.  Rome was sucked into a vortext of violence and destruction, for
    mighty Caesar was struck down by an unseen assailant.  
    Prolouge Battle
    Fast forward to the future a bit.  An arena, filled with combatants, 
    all fighting to death for the pleasure of the audience.  A man in
    a coat looks to our hero, who sits, with fist clenched.  This
    man will tell Agrippa what mission lies before him.
    Basically, this first arena is your practice round.  So don't worry
    too much.  It is sectioned off into three rooms.  Talk to a few
    men around the room after your briefing and control tutorial.  They
    treat you like a runt, and sort of laugh at your nervousness.  Down
    the stairs to the left is a pile of bloody bodies.  Our goal is to
    end up not down there.  Speak to the imposing looking man with the
    maul weapon to begin.  
    It's a Battle Royale in this first section, none of these men are
    your friends.  Remember that.  Rush forward when prompted and grab
    the weapon nearest you, and begin to hack away at your foes.  
    Whoever comes at you, let the others tire one another out.  Now is
    a good time to learn combo styles.  Punch with your left hand, use
    your weapon with your right.  Mix it up and don't forget to block
    when neccesary.  It only gets tougher from here, so learn while you
    still can...
    Kill fast, try to take every man for yourself if you feel confident. 
    Don't forget to stab downed foes, and if your points are racking up
    nicely you should also cheer to the crowd.  This will double your points
    and more than likely gain you a large weapon, with which to gain even 
    more points.  Double those, repeat until all are dead, and you'll be
    well on your way to learning the point process.  Now, onto room two...
    This little area is a good place to learn to use that shield you see
    on the ground near you.  Use it to avoid the arrows, although, 
    you should also eventually learn how to just dodge them, it will
    really come in handy later in the game.  Kill this fool any way you deem
    fit, and get ready for two of his cheery buddies from behind.  If you
    have a giant weapon from the crowd, be sure not to let the bad guys get
    it away from you.  To the next room we go!  Doing well so far I trust?
    You've got a guard here that tells you the men in front of you are too
    afraid to fight.  I'll say, some even soil themselves, heh.  Rush in with
    your favorite killing device, and slaughter them all.  It may not be
    fair, or kind, but it's a neccesary evil if Agrippa wants to move on!
    Plus, hey, most of them are criminals anyway.  Try to bash their heads
    in with a blunt weapon, three at a time if able.  Then go for a scimitar 
    and begin beheading and amputating.  Be sure to throw flesh bits and 
    weapons you don't need into the crowd also, to keep up a constant chain.
    Get a large weapon from the crowd for even MORE killing variety, thusly
    more points.  This should become a main practice for you later in the 
    game, should you wish to survive.  (High points means happy crowd, which
    in turn means better weaponry for you.)  Next, a big guy enters the
    arena, your first one!  And he looks ready to do some killing, so you'd
    best be sharp.  Use any weaponry you have.  If small, charge up.  If
    large, just beat him to death.  And above all else, avoid that big smash
    of his.  If you can throw a mace type weapon at an unprotected head, 
    the foe will drop his weapon for a second.  You'd do well to remember
    that as well.  Wait for him to swing first, then zoom in for the
    hits.  Repeat over and over until done.  That's the end of that segment!
    Agrippa doesn't want to kill the poor giant sap, so the executioner comes
    in and does it for him.  Ouch!  Agrippa vows to never end his days in
    a place like this, or like that.  And that's our tutorial!  Save your
    game and move on.
    Chapter 1:  The Wickedness of Men
    A few days earlier, Agrippa is close to the Germanian borderlands.  They
    seem to be pushing towards Rome, thinking it's in a time of weakness and
    strife.  Time for the Roman guard to teach them a lesson.  You're the
    head centurion here!  Agrippa is searching for a lost group of Romans
    that seem to have been taken prisoner nearby by the barbarians.  And, 
    one of them seems to have been a messenger, by what he sees in their old 
    camp.  It could be something important, so time to seperate and look for
    them in the woods.
    Germainian Forests
    Now's a chance to learn your map, although there isn't much on it.  Talk
    to your men, search the tents for items, and move up to your goal.  You
    may also break open any boxes you encounter, they often hold great items.
    You'll also need to note, you can remove headgear, and any items, by 
    using the directional pad.  Simply pick it back up if you don't wish 
    to leave it behind.  Now then, we move up the hill.
    Tell your second in command at the goal point on the map, it's time
    to mobilize.  Here come some very brave, or very stupid barbarians!
    If you grabbed the shield from the box down below, you should just
    combo with it.  left, right, right, left, etc.  You may also grab
    fallen baddies weapons, shields, and helmets, should they fall 
    unbroken.  Don't back down from them, just attack attack attack!
    Your buddy will help you a bit, let him stab them while they're
    on the ground.  Also, if a foe swings at you, right at the last
    moment press X (whilst locked onto him) and you'll roll behind
    him.  Very useful the entire game.  
    Now that that's over, you discover a map of the enemy fort on 
    the guys you just slaughtered.  
    Meanwhile, Octavianus saves a young puppy from being crushed by
    a mob.  He is on his way to the Forum, where Caesar's body is
    being publically cremated.  A mystery woman, who obviously 
    dislikes the Senate, is in the crowd as well.  Vipsanius, 
    Agrippa's father, is put forth as the villan behind the murder, 
    by the senate.  How can this be?  Antonius is introduced as
    the new ruler of Rome.  The people seem very happy to have
    such an honorable ruler in power so soon.  All save the 
    mystery woman, and Octavianus.  We discover much
    detailing Caesar's brutal slaying in the Forum.
    Talk to everyone in the crowd before you speak with the mystery shadow
    man directly behind you at the start.  You'll learn a few things, and
    words in green are hints towards your next destination.
    When you're done, speak with the shadowy figure at the exit.  Time
    to head for the Senate House!
    Senate House
    The doors appear to be either locked or under heavy guard.  Speak to
    everone in this area to learn a few more things.  Cicero has a few
    words for our young hero, and tells him to leave.  He also let's us
    know he saw Vipsanius with blood on his hands the day of the murder.
    We discover Octavianus is Caesar's nephew as well, though not by blood.
    The mystery man is back, and willing to speak on the subject's plauging
    Octavianus' mind.  His name is Pansa, and he is a very strong, noble, 
    intelligent man.  An old warrior, covered in scars, and very adpet at
    sneaking and spying.  The plot thickens.
    Germanian Border 2nd time
    Agrippa and his men have found a group of nomads sleeping.  We learn here
    that Agrippa can sneak, by crouch walking.  Also, focus in on a man, and
    throw your weapon, for an instant kill.  You can then rush to the tent 
    near you, and grab another weapon, before anyone is even upon you.  Then,
    charge it and remove the head from the remaining nomad.  Not bad eh?
    Time to work your way down the trail in the forest full of wolves, to 
    your goal, as marked on your map.  We learn, here (well you don't, heh),
    that if an enemy is unaware of your presence, you can instantly kill him
    by throwing your weapon at him.  You can autolock, or first person view
    to throw.  I also recommend having your Gladius back for this, as it's
    much stronger than their stuff, and has a terrific throwing range.  
    Keep moving on, and chop the tree in your path.  Sneak up on the next
    idiot, and make him a victim.  I recommend, again, throwing.  Just to
    get used to it.  Another, tree to chop, and then, a harder shot.  Try
    throwing your weapon through the trees and into the man's back.  Auto
    aim can do this, but first person might be better.  Keep on running 
    and you get a cinema.  There's an archer near you.  Most of the Roman
    guard has fallen victim to his sniping.  Now, you have to take him on.
    You can go into first person to get him, and don't worry if you miss, 
    simply keep well covered, and make your way to a ladder leading up to 
    him, and beat him from there.  You'll have to get fairly close to the
    wagon in front of you to be in range.  Then you can use the up and
    down directional pad keys to zoom in and out.  There are some rocks
    up on the ledge after using the ladder, bean him with those, if you
    need to.  If you are shot while holding one, or climbing, you will 
    lose your rock, or fall, so be careful of his shots.  He's good.
    Snipers work in pairs, even in that time period, it seems.  Drop
    back down to the ground, and be wary of what's behind the tall box.
    A nomad will jump out, but if you stay back and wait, you can bean
    him with a rock, or just shoulder ram him.  Get his bow, let your 
    men fight, and you shoot from a safe distance.  Rapid fire is key.
    Be wary of hitting your pals, however.  Inside the box is a 
    piece of meat, in case you're wounded.  Bad guys can use food as
    well, so be wary of that.  Eat faster by tapping the button down.  
    It's a life saver.  You can find a Gladius near the dead Romans, 
    too.  Head back up the ladder, and follow the narrow path to a 
    torchlit cave opening.  Time to head in.
    You're at the rear of their fort!  Sneak up slowly, and shoot the 
    guard from a distance with your newly aquired arrows.  He's got
    a key for the rear of the fort you need, and a shield also.  I
    highly recommend you take the shield, your bow will run out of 
    ammo very quickly this early in the game anyway.  Head into the Fort.
    Germanic Fort (interior)
    Ok, you're in.  So far so good.  The goal on your map represents where
    the prisoners should be held.  You've got two foes moving around in 
    front of you.  Croutch walk up to them, and slay as silently as possible.
    Thrown weapons work if they aren't aware of you, but if they are, a few
    good hits and a ground strike will put them down.  There is meat in a 
    box nearby, too.  Procure weapons from fallen foes, whatever works for
    you.  There is a speedy scimitar on one, and a powerful axe on another.
    Round the corner, and things start to get ugly for you!  Around 
    40 or more nomadic soliders want a piece of you!  But then, out of thin
    air, reinforcements arrive.  Lucky!  You can help out your buddies for 
    some fun, or just run to your goal.  Learn the ways of battling in a
    group!  If you'd like to get brutal, I suggest knocking a man down, 
    then lifting him with the square button.  He'll stand, dazed.  Charge up
    your weapon, and let him have it!  Learn this practice for the arena 
    battles ahead!  It's great to watch all your buddies murder the last
    remaining bad guy, so rush in and help them all, so that they overwhelm
    the nomads!  Best to grab a new shield and the best weapon you can find, 
    then head into the next area.  Dodge around the archers, or, if you got
    a bow instead of a shield, take them out.  Either way, fight some more, 
    and make your way to the next area.  
    A genius decides to rush Agrippa, the man slaying nomads by the hundreds.
    Combo him with shield and axe or whatever weapon you enjoy, and run up the
    platform nearby you.  You'll probably need to break the next guys sheild.
    Be very aggressive, using both your shield and weapon, and when it's gone,
    take him out how you normally would.  You may also have learned by now, 
    downed foes throw dirt in your eyes.  You can also do this when you are 
    on your back.  Next area!  Take out the prison guard, and take note of
    the supply box near you.  If you kill him by throwing your weapon, he'll
    drop his key, brand new shield, and brand new axe, just for you!  Use
    the key.  The messenger inside will tell you about Caesar's tragic 
    death.  This news shakes Agrippa to the core.  The worst news is yet
    to come.  The barbarian leader kills a few of your friends, and
    shows himself to you.  This massive man is ready to kill you, and 
    now he knows Rome is without a leader.  Time to take him out!
    Boss Battle!  Barca, the Germainian Tribe Leader!!!
    He has a huge hammer/axe.  He has head protection.  He's about four times
    your size.  He'll kill your buddies pretty fast.  Dodge his strikes like
    you did the last big guy you killed.  Then, when he's off balance, sneak
    in and axe him twice, he'll step back.  Repeat this as long as you can.
    Also, your shield will help you stay alive, although it breaks very
    quickly.  The boxes nearby hold a meat for your health, and a Gladius
    blade for when your weapons run out.  Just dart in and out, and keep
    him off balance, and this day will be yours, centurion!
    Be wary, he also has a vertical attack, that will shatter your helmet
    in one blow.  Do your best to keep him in the middle of the area, so 
    that you have room to dodge his mighty swings.  Throw your weapon
    at him if you need some breathing room, but rush back in to retrieve
    it quickly!  
    Eventually, his hammer/axe will break!  Use this time to rush in and
    lay on the combo damage.  He will make use of any weapons your dead
    friends dropped.  But, it's still a more fair battle than it was.
    He will now also shoulder ram you, and has incredible power with
    the mace type weapon.  Beware his multi hit swings of it, and 
    keep up with the same battle tactic as before.  Stay on him!
    Finish him off, and he'll be taken prisoner by you and your men.  
    He begs for a noble, warrior's death, but today is not the case.
    He will be made a slave of Rome now.  You've taught the 
    barbarians quite a lesson this time!!!  Good job!
    Time to head home, and mourn the loss of Caesar.
    Rome, Octavianus
    Save your game, and now you're Octavianus again.  He is speaking with
    Pansa.  Pansa warns him, entry into the Senate House will be risky, 
    and frightening.  For one so young, and inexperienced, he must be
    taught the ways of Pansa.  He explains he was once Caesar's most
    trusted agent.  He will teach you the ways of stealth, trickery, 
    and spying.  You see, your family rescued him on a battlefield, 
    long ago.  He feels it's time to return the favor.
    Directly on the floor in front of you is a Silver Fortunte Coin.
    These are good, and you should try to get as many as you can, if
    you're interested in purchasing things for Octavianus' home.  
    Doing so can grant you many secrets and special options later,
    so I highly recommend it!  
    Now, time to learn the map of Pansa's area.  There are various 
    folks about, and a few coins to find.  Use your map to find the
    bright green dots, those are items of some sort, often coins.
    You can also find a hidden passage into a wall, by crouching 
    walking through.  Every time a scene shifts, or anything 
    changes, always check EVERY nook and cranny of EVERY area
    around you, and you are guranteed many coins.  
    Speak with Pansa to learn a few things, and then explore.
    When you're finished, leave this area.  Also note, in 
    Octavianus' little place (through Pansa's window, OR a
    small crack in the boxes on the street level), you can
    go to the closet and change your hair to something
    shorter.  As you buy items at City Gates, with the
    Fortune Coins you aquire, more and more options will
    appear.  You can cosmetically alter Octavianus in many
    ways.  Some very cool, some very funny.  Keep that in
    mind, whilst coin collecting, as you'll have to take
    many a risk later in the game to access some coins.
    Time to head to the Senate House, and do some sneaking!
    Senate House
    Go the the Forum first.  You won't be there long, don't worry.  Some of
    the guards returning from combat in far off lands are agitated at a 
    Senate member, because apparently they've been shorted some funds.  As
    in, all of them.  A strike is brewing.  Speak to everyone there, and
    search for coins too, by using your map to easily locate them.  Then, 
    go to the Senate House.
    The Senate, the Roman Republic's primary governing body, is composed 
    of 900 individual representatives.  Control of everything from 
    military affairs to economic policy was handled by this democractic
    system.  It was devised in such a manner as to avoid entrusting too
    much power to any one individual.  Still, Senators enjoy respect and
    prestige that commoners could only dream of...
    Speak with everyone here, including the guards.  Of course, no one
    wants you in there.  Haughty jerks, aren't they?  No worries. Just
    head up and to the right, across from the front gate.  The guard
    eyes you strangely.  The tight security on even the storehouse 
    must mean there is a senator inside!  Gotta get in there...
    The guard wants you to state your business.  Tell him you come
    bearing important news.  Tell him of the trouble at the Forum.
    Tell him about the strike.  Tell him it's about the wages.
    Tell him he should probably go there...  Then convince him
    by saying they are just about to distribute the money.
    That always does the trick!  He takes off and leaves the door
    wide open for you!  He even tips you for letting him know!
    Head inside after you save the game.
    Senate Supply House (interior)
    The Senator you're after is marked on your map, and he won't move from
    that spot.  Look at your map and plan a route that suits you best.  
    Make this a common practice as Octavianus.  Take note of the large
    jars around you.  Should you need to get away from someone, run there
    hop in, and DUCK down.  Stay that way until the heat is off you.
    Now, head around the corner.  Be sure to walk and croutch-walk any
    time you find yourself sneaking into a place like this.  Running
    will call attention to you, and you can't have that.  Head around
    the corner to find a yawning guard.  Lazy guys are the best when
    you're trying to infiltrate!  Woo hoo!  The game will prompt you
    to hold L1 and walk.  Hide behind the crate first, and as soon as
    his back is to you, walk calmly to the door he was guarding, and 
    enter it.
    Croutch-walk up to the corner on the right, and hide behind the 
    boxes you find there.  If you want the coins in here, steele 
    yourself and run fast to them.  Grab them all as the guards
    give chase, turn around, and hide in the pot at the start, or
    just leave the area entirely and re-enter.  Otherwise, just
    slowly make you way up and to the right, and down the hallway,
    ever closer to the Senator on your map.  A guard patrols that
    hallway, so be wary.  You'll learn about wall sneaking, even
    though you won't really need it here just yet.  Just make a fast
    right when the guard ahead of you is yawning and facing away.  Use
    your map to be sure he's not coming at you!  You'll find another
    large pot back here.  Use it if you find yourself in a mess of 
    trouble and angry Roman soldiers.  Otherwise, wait for the guard
    in the hall with you to turn back and go the way you just came from, 
    and walk quietly to the door ahead of you.  In the next room, step
    extra light, a Senator is within, staring at something in front
    of him.  Sneak every so quietly over to the vase adjacent to your
    entry position, walk up behind him slowly, line up your shot to be
    safe, and let him have it with the vase.  Search him with circle, 
    and claim his toga for yours!  
    While in disguise, be normal.  Do as the person you are pretending
    to be would do.  Do not wall sneak.  Do not croutch.  Do not pick up
    items (for some reason).  These things will give you away as a
    spy, and your clothing will do no good then.  Also, very important.
    If someone wishes to speak with you, do NOT run.  Walk very calmly
    up to them, and pray you have a silken tongue this time.  Avoid
    running as well.  Only walk.  
    You now have two options.  You can go straight to the Senate House,
    or you can try to earn some extra cash.  To do that, you must be
    very wily indeed.  In your toga, grab an item.  A tutorial menu
    will spring up, telling you how to set items down with the d-pad, 
    and how to keep items hidden behind your back, by holding both
    L1 and R1.  You have to find the items to knock out every guard,
    unseen.  That will require alot of running and hiding eventually,
    but if you do it, the final guard you check the body of will
    yield a GOLDEN fortune coin, worth quite a bit more than a silver.
    This applies to every area of the game.
    If you do not wish to do that, then you can just walk calmly out,
    cross the street, and head to the Senate House entry.
    Senate House (interior)
    Walk up to the gate guard, and speak.  Then enter.  
    Walk ever so carefully, in between the two guards, and do not run, 
    no matter how much you want to.  Enter the front door, to find yourself 
    in a room with a jug, a guard, and a large statue in the middle.  That 
    guard will not let you pass.  So, the best solution is to eliminate him!
    Naturally.  To do this, pick a spot near the statue, and whistle.  He'll
    come to investigate, because he's easily amused and curious I suppose,
    and that's your chance.  With jug in hand, walk the OPPOSITE direction
    from where he's coming, and make your way around him.  Once behind him,
    hit him.  Or find a safe spot and wait for his back to turn, and walk
    very quickly up and hit him, though this is harder, as you do not walk
    as fast as he does.  You also cannot run faster than these guys either,
    sadly.  You'll learn that later on.  Seeing as how he's the only
    solider in here, you get a golden fortune coin!  Right on!  Keep
    it up, and you'll have tons of coins in no time.  Take his key and
    his armor as well.  Head into the next room.  Don't forget to look for
    items!  Then head to the next room on your map marked as a goal.
    Creep up to the first door on your right, drop to your knee, and make
    for the door.  You will have a peep option.  You can learn some very
    interesting info this way.  When you're done, continue forward.  Be
    careful, and walk.  Cicero and a man you don't know seem to be 
    talking about feeling guilty for something.  I wonder what?  As you
    walk along, be mindful of the guards that may speak to you.  
    If one tells you to get out immediately, tell him you'll do so
    right away.  Then walk away from him.  You'll be fine.  Do not be
    rude or funny with these guys, however.  They don't like that kind
    of thing.  The room ahead on the left is the evidence room, and the
    inspector is busy inside with something.  Just make a right down the 
    hallway and keep going toward your goal.  Another guard will tell 
    you he thinks you're new.  Be polite with the first option, and
    continue on.  Take note of the two jugs nearby you two on this
    hallway.  Hmm, the doors to the main area of debate have been
    sealed, as you are late for the meeting.  Go back, and find the
    rope on the table.  Be sure to keep it hidden behind your back
    by pressing the appropriate buttons, so that the guard doesn't 
    assualt you.  As soon as you're able, sneak up on him and strangle 
    him.  Hide his body near the sealed door if you wish, good habit
    to have.  
    Now, with your newly attained rope, head back to the evidence
    room.  You'll notice the guard is still there and all, but his
    back is to the left.  Hide your weapon to be safe, and edge up to
    him.  Strangle him quickly, and head into the room.  There is a 
    large jar in here for hiding, a guard, and some more weapons if
    you need them.  Do your best to sneak up on him, and get behind
    him.  When he yawns, strangle him.  If he isn't yawning, he
    sometimes calls out for help.  If that happens, finish him off 
    very fast, and look at the desk to your left.  It's against a
    wall that is also against a bookcase.  Climb the desk, then 
    turn right and quickly climb the book case.  Duck down fast,
    and any help that comes in to wake your friend, shouldn't
    see you, your meter will drop, and all is well again in Rome.
    Now, look ahead and find the white outcropping on the pillars
    in front of you.  Climb up to one, walk across is quietly,
    then drop down to the other bookcase in the room.  From 
    there, press onto the wall and croutch-walk carefully to the
    next opening in the wall nearby.  Drop down verrrry carefully
    to the next space, and strangle the guard in the room.  I 
    hope you have enough rope with you!  Then, read the letter
    on the desk directly in front of you.  And don't forget to
    pick up all your coins!!!  This letter is mighty incriminating.
    Sarcastic, of course.  Vipsannius wrote to his dear Caesar,
    tell him he's heard rumor of an assassination attempt.
    So it seems fairly certain he did NOT murder Caesar.  Now,
    turn around and climb over all the stuff behind you.  Enter
    the door.
    You're in the main area of Debate.  Cicero proclaims Vippsanius
    has been sent to the prison in Syracuse.  Many demand he die 
    immediately.  But one man, Maecenas, secretary to Antonius, 
    proposes gladitorial games to mourn the death of the leader,
    and celebrate his life.  The Senate is abuzz with the 
    possibilities, as Octavianus listens on, hidden.  He says
    that qualifying rounds will be held in the surrounding
    provinces, with the champion chosen in Rome herself.  The
    victor, will be allowed to slay Vippsanius.  Antonius thinks
    it will distract the people from their troubles, and
    approves.  Cicero asks what to do with Vippsania, wife to
    Vippsannius.  It is determined by the Senate that she is to
    be publicly executed in the square.  Octavianus can't let
    Aggripa's mother be killed!  He rushes away, unseen, unheard.
    Walking in the square, wondering what to do, Octavianus runs into a
    returned Agrippa!  They speak on the horrors of the murder, and
    it is revealed that his Father is accused, and his Mother soon to die.
    Aggrippa howls with rage and runs to the square, where his mother is.
    In the Square, a large man sits, lion head on his shoulder, 
    with soldiers surrounding Vippsania.
    The mystery woman from the forum is also there.
    Just as they rear to kill his Mother, Agrippa enters, sword in hand.
    He ruhes the guard, and the lion man is amused.  As they struggle,
    the mystery woman watches, turns, and goes.
    Agrippa is now faced by two spear wielding soldiers of Rome.
    The Forum Battles
    Beware their long reach.  Once one is dead, this becomes much easier,
    naturally.  Waiting for them to strike won't work, as before, because
    the spears do not leave you off balance when you miss.  Just pick one
    man to attack, and rush him from the side, if possible.  You can
    try a risky move.  Throw your blade, when he is stunned, rush in and
    steal his spear.  This may not work, however, and leaves you unarmed.
    I suggest just rushing one from the side and killing him with multiple
    slashes and ground stabs.  Get his spear, and finish the other more
    Agrippa turns to save his grateful mother, but as he unties her, and
    the crowd gets rstless, more guards appear.  A sword pierces his
    mother's back, the lion man has slain her.  Agrippa's mother is dead.
    The man is laughing.  
    Time to battle this villan.  Use your spear to do what damage you can,
    and avoid his super fast punches if possible.  Eventually, you'll lose,
    as you must.  Just hang tough for as long as you can.
    The Lion Man will best Aggrippa.  It all seems to be over for our hero.
    The man taunts him, laughs, and leaves him to the guards.  As he is
    taken away, with Octavianus watching in horror, horses sound.
    The mystery woman appears, in her carriage, and hits the guards.
    She loads up Agrippa and Octavianus, and off they speed, away from
    the city.  Save your game.
    The three make their way through the country side, and the woman reveals
    her face and name.  Agrippa is in turmoil over his Mother's death, and
    emotions run high.  The woman, Claudia, tells us the Lion Man is called
    Decius.  Notorious for his cruelty and malice.  Agrippa vows vengence.
    Octavianus thanks Claudia, makes introductions, and starts planning.
    It is determined Syracuse Prison is very nearby, where Vippsanius is 
    held currently.  Agrippa is ready to storm it one man army style, but
    Octavianus reasons, it's too risky to assualt.  He promises he will
    sneak within, and signal them to enter later.  He forms a bond of trust
    with Agrippa, and runs to the prison to secure a route for Agrippa
    to enter later.  Claudia seems impressed by the two of them.
    Syracuse Prison  (Octavianus)  (exterior)
    Well, here's your first real, and dangerous test of stealth.  The guards 
    here are malicious, and simple minded.  You will not be arrested and tried
    if you are caught here.  You will die on the spot.
    Check your map.  The door at the far North is your goal.  The key to that
    tower door is just to the lower left, the green dot.  A single man is
    staring at that spot.  So how to get it?  Let's give it a try, and
    good luck to you!
    The first thing to do is head out to the left from the hall you start in.
    Watch the guard on your map, when it is safe, walk or croutch-walk to 
    the crates near his patrol route.  Croutch down until he has passed, 
    and when it is safe with his back turned, make for the door on your
    left.  Slow, quiet.  He will turn if you run.  Getting coins here
    is dangerous.  Only go for what seems safe if you're confident.
    It's frustrating having to restart from scratch if you make it all the
    way with all the coins, and die right at the end.  Use caution
    wisely, and you'll be fine.  Now, you'll be in a long hall.  Head all
    the way North, to your goal door.  It is locked, of course.  Now
    turn right again, you'll see a small door in the center of fences.
    Head for it.  See the green dots in the upper right corner of your 
    map?  We're going for that.  Head towards the center of the map from
    there, then go to the room with the green dots.  Croutching is vital.
    Get any coins you feel safe about, and then get some rope.  Avoid the
    jars, they are too loud.  Take the rope back to where we came from,
    your goal marked door.  You'll have the guard house near you, with
    the one man staring at that green dot.  The area also has two
    other men near him, that's why we choose the rope and not the
    jars.  Although, if you want a gold fortune coin, you must make
    use of every item here perfectly, not get hit, and learn to run
    and hide well.  It's the only way to take them all out, but it's 
    very hard to do this.  I recommend you just sneak up behind the
    one guard facing your key, strangle him, get your key, and run to
    your goal door.  Enter it for the next part of Prison.
    Syracuse Prison  (Octavianus)  (interior)
    Ok, you're in.  So far so good, right?  Run to your left when you're 
    able to.  Avoid the middle of the room, and hug the wall to avoid
    the gaze of the enemy.  Go into the first room you see.  Put on the
    guard uniform you find.  Now go back to where you started, and instead
    of going left, go right.  Go all the way to the pile of junk and boxes.
    Find the silver fortune coin, then look for a nearby box to climb up.
    Do so, and make your way to the top of the room's far wall.
    Croutch-walk through the hole up top, and drop into the next area.
    Preeeetty smooth eh?  The door on your immediate right is where you
    want to go, but, it's locked.  No problem.  Just stay to the right 
    wall, and go in the next door on the right.  Make your way around to
    your goal on the map.  Go to where the map says a coin is.  You
    should hear wind in this room.  Climb up the stone outcropping near
    the wall, get your coin, and crawl through to the next room.
    Unlock the door you originally wanted to enter, then head up
    the stairs!  
    Head left from here, and be wary of the guard nearby.  Walk slow.
    Go into the furthest cell you can actually enter.  It has broken
    bars on one side.  Follow the only path you can from here, and
    try not to get punched too much by the jerks inside.  Man, they
    really belong here.  Ignore the pleas for freedom, and climb the
    ladder you come across.  Save your game and get ready for a unique
    boss fight.  Yeah, I said boss fight.
    Boss Battle!  Arrow guards on the bridge!!!
    Although really, they aren't much.  Just use the draw bridge for your
    cover, grab the nearest torch, and swat at the four ropes, two on 
    each side.  Then the rough prison guards get what's comin to em!
    Simple, just avoid getting hit...instant death and all.  You can 
    actually make them shoot the ropes for you, too.  Just time your running
    about for when they're reloading, get in a few swings, and let them 
    shoot where you just where, the ropes!  You'll be done in no time.
    Set down your torch, run across the bridge you made, and climb up the 
    broken one they were on.  In here, you let Agrippa climb up the rope
    of bed sheets, and it's his turn inside the prison!
    Syracuse Prison  (Agrippa)  (interior)
    Agrippa speaks with his Father, who is shocked and happy to see them
    both.  He explains what REALLY happend, after mourning his wife.
    He found Caesar just moments too late, and touched his body.  The
    blood was on his hands when Cicero found him.  So maybe Cicero
    really was telling the truth, and is just confused about what
    happend.  Horror struck, Vippsanius could not defend himself, 
    and looked guilty.  Poor guy.  Octavianus ponders Caesar's last
    words, "et tu, Brute?".  The guards realize someone is running
    about, and it's time for Agrippa to fight his way out, with
    Octavianus in tow!
    Head back out the way Octavianus came in.  Not too hard, right?
    Except now, they know you're in there!  Octa isn't too hard to
    defend, just mind your own health.  He even fights with a small
    knife some, but don't rely on that much at all.  Be wary of a
    man hiding in the tight corridor you run down at first.  Take him
    out and head into the next area.  This area is a bit more tricky,
    but not much.  Two guards, one for you, one for Octa.  Kill the
    one with no shield quickly, get his sword, and finish the shield
    guy off.  Grab it, and press on, quickly.  The whole prison is aware
    of you now!  
    This prison area is a bit worse.  Just fight, keep your buddy safe, 
    and be quick about it.  Do ground stabs and charged blows to the 
    unshielded guys.  Use your sword and shield combo, and grab a helmet
    or two should you find one intact.  Look right, kill one guy.  Head
    left, creep up silently, throw your sword for an insta-kill!  Keep
    going in that direction.  Fight your way around the circle until a 
    bowman.  Kill him asap to get his bow with as many arrows as possible.
    Head into the next area, and finish the shield guy in the break room
    off before he reaches Octa.  Then, use your arrows and sword when you
    are able to finish off the spearman.  Get the Roma Helmet, the key, 
    and if you want it, the spear.  Otheriwse, just keep your sword and
    bow.  You'll need the bow later on.  Also note the meat, boxes, and
    large boxes (for large weapons, of course!) scattered about.  They're
    yours for the taking!  Then head to the next area, and your goal!
    If you recall, Octavianus got here by dropping from the ceiling.
    That means, you have to go through that central, watery, gated area.
    Kill the guard at the door as quickly as you can, he can hurt Octa
    pretty bad if you let him.  Keep your arrows for the round, watery
    room.  Get the key from the man you just killed, and enter.
    Rush down to the central platform to cut off the man from reaching
    Octa, and finish him fast.  Here comes a shield guy!  Throw your sword,
    grab a new one, and finish him as well, then turn your attention to 
    the bowman harassing you and Octa.  Use every arrow you have in auto
    aim if you're able, and hopefully he'll die.  Other guards are rushing 
    to meet you two.  Head down into the ankle deep water and to the left,
    to some stairs.  Meet the spearman head on, and finish him.  Grab it
    if you'd like, and head up the stairs, and around to your goal.  You
    are so close!
    Once outside, you'll be greeted by a cheery fellow with a sword.  
    Don't let him get Octa, finish him however you wish, and make your
    way around to where Octavianus started this whole thing.  Fight 
    like I know you can, and have heart, it's nearly finished!  You
    should only have one or two guards between you and the exit, 
    unless you just wish to hunt them all like I did.
    Agrippa and Octavianus sit outside with Claudia, pondering the
    meaning behind "et tu brute?"... And you too, Brutis?  We know
    there was more than one murderer now, and that Brutis is one
    of them.  Time to investigate!  Octa volunteers to prove 
    Agrippa's father's innosence.  Agrippa ponders breaking back
    into the prison, but Claudia reminds him they'll be on full 
    alert now.  She then proposes he become a gladiator, much
    to Octavianus' dismay.  Lower than the lowest slave, lonely,
    deadly.  But Claudia is correct, following that path will 
    lead to Agrippa's Father!  He considers, and realizes she is
    correct.  He himself, will be named Vippsanius' executioner.
    Of course, he would not.  But he could save him!
    Octa wants him to back out.  But Claudia insists her brother
    can get him into the games.  Claudia's brother runs a
    gladiator stable in Rome!  Also, she knows that Decius will
    be there, and that convinces Agrippa to go in, to avenge
    his Mother's brutal slaying at Decius' hands.  Agrippa
    tells Octa he shall become a gladiator, and he will never
    lose.  Then, barbarians attack them on the road!  Bandits
    run rampant in that area!  Octavianus runs off, at Agrippa's
    request, and Claudia and Agrippa must deal with five bandits
    The Bandit Battle Outside Syracuse
    Five against two, those odds are just fine, trust me.  Although, these
    guys are much stronger and able to take more punishement than anything
    you've yet to face.  Let her handle her side, probably three at once,
    while you take on two.  You'll probably lose your helmet here, but no
    worries.  I had a spear leftover from the prison, but if you do not, 
    don't fret on that either.  Just use your charge and two hand combo
    techniques like you've learned thus far, and don't let up.  Flow from
    one bad guy to the next, and ground stab every chance you get.  Also,
    you can wrest a weapon from the hands of your foes, or look around for
    nearby boxes that hold weapons and health meats.  Stay sharp, and you'll
    stay alive just fine.  You can also stand over a downed foe and pick him
    back up with your other hand, rather than stab.  Then, charge your weapon
    and finish him even faster than stabs would have!  Also, watch Claudia
    for a bit.  She's got some skill on her, whoever she is!!!
    Be wary of the dagger/mace combo guy.  Everyone else should be easy
    pickings for you!
    One final note.  You may also realize that if you stand behind an enemy
    that is limping badly and wounded, and tap sqaure, you grab him from
    behind.  Tap your buttons rapidly, and you'll suplex him.  He'll break
    his neck from the force of the landing.  Not bad, eh?
    Claudia makes sure Agrippa knows what he's about to get into, and he
    reassures her this is his only option.  Save his Father, avenge his
    Mother.  They leave to go see Claudia's brother.  Agrippa vows to fight
    to the death.
    Chapter 2:  Baptism By Fire
    Agrippa has arrived at the training stables of Claudia's brother, where
    men do battle with wooden swords and train daily.  It is here you meet
    the gypsy looking Sextus.  He enjoyed the story about Agrippa killing
    guards at the Forum.  He makes sure Agrippa understands that this is
    a thankless and pitiful job, to cater to the crowd.  Agrippa convinces
    him of his will and power, and he is accepted into the stable.
    Here, Sextus takes you to his training arena, where the underground
    battles take place.  He pits you against the rapists and criminals
    he has imprisoned there.  He wants you to kill them all, and with
    First, you learn how to attack arms and heads.  If you take out the
    arms, especially the right arm, the enemy cannot wield weapons.
    Break them, take them off, it's up to you.  But keep it in mind.
    Follow the onscreen tutorials to learn how to use weapons that break,
    and weapons that amputate.  Then, be sure to amputate, and break a
    head open.  You may amputate an arm.  To do this, beat your foe as
    you normally would, then pick them up off the ground instead of
    ground stabbing.  Charge up your weapon.  Hit them.  If it's a 
    scimitar, it will remove an arm, sometimes two.  Then, raise them
    again, to take the head.  If you're using a blunt weapon, such as
    the mace, get them groggy again, charge it, and splatter their head.
    You must do these things in order for Sextus to let you pass his
    "gladiator school".  I recommend going for the mace guy first.  Hit
    him with a combo, and when he goes groggy, remove his head.  Then,
    get his mace, and splatter the other man's head.  There is plenty of
    meat for health down here, as well.  Next round!
    Learn your two handed weapons here, with the great tutorial.  
    Usually, square attacks are for multiple foes in a corner, and
    are quicker than X attacks.  X attacks, in turn, are slow, but
    much more powerful, and use up less durability to damage.  Charging
    is essential, to cut off limbs, heads, and even to sever men 
    completely in half!  Take out the guys however you see fit, 
    but be sure you sever at least one in half.  Removing arms can also
    be good for Sextus to see.  Then, come the flea men.  These little
    men are very annoying, and hard to hit with slow weapons.  Just be
    calm, corner them one at a time, and splatter them with whichever
    large weapon you like best.  Sextus also will toss you more weapons,
    should you require one.  
    He's impressed by your skills as a solider, but now he wants to see
    how you handle his next training course.  Specialized training is
    in order for you, my friend.  He wants to teach you how to suplex
    your foes across the air like a catapult!  Do what the tutorial
    tells you.  
    Now you move on to the final round of training, to prove your
    worth as a true gladiator!  Sextus will behave as the crowd would
    in an actual killing event.  He wants you to work him into a 
    frenzy from all the action, and then you must appeal to him when
    your Salvo guage is full.  Use everything he, and I, have taught
    you up to this point, and when the meter is full, call for his
    attention with square and X at the same time!  Keep at it, get
    big points like I know you can, and kill all your enemies!
    Sextus is impressed by your skills.  And now, he pits you against his 
    very best.  Claudia.  Time for a wooden sword bout!  These swords
    handle much like the Gladius blades do.  You should know them by now.
    Roll out of the way of her attacks, wait for her to leave you a good
    opening after he series of kicks, and hit her with a five hit comobo
    if she let's you.  Punch, sword, sword, sword, punch.  She will most
    likely block it midway though.  Just keep at her like that, and look
    for good openings.  Bait her into attacking if you must.  Don't forget
    to block her regularly, and beware her kicks that can make you drop
    your weapon.  Charge attack her as well, if you find a good opening.
    After an awesome fight scene, Agrippa barely bests Claudia, and 
    Sextus approves, and hires him into the slave stable.  Agrippa shows
    good sportsmanship by helping Claudia up.  Sextus gives you meager
    rags to wear, and tells you to look around your new home.  He dubs you
    a gladiator.  Below the lowest slave, never to leave the stable as a
    free man again.  Then you're at the doors to the underground arena
    where you were just fighting.  I highly recommend saving, going over
    to the desk guy, and enlisting to fight a few bouts under Novice.
    As you win, new bouts open up.  Learn the ways of the game here, but
    know that if you lose, you die.  So save each and every time you 
    emerge victorious, ok?  I have detailed strategies for all the earlier
    underground arena battles at the end of this guide, I suggest you read
    up on what they have to say.  Where advice is needed, I have tried to
    offer my best.  Fight all the way up as far as you're able.  When you
    manage 300,000 Salvos, you'll get a special armor.  Then another near 
    the ending, at 800,000 Salvos.  Speak to the man down there to learn
    what the underground is all about, then head down the hall and speak 
    to the next man.  Then, go upstairs.
    Speak with Claudia, and then your new "brother", Dama.  Interesting
    fellow he is.  Speak to all the men in their cells, and continue out
    into the training yard.  Speak to the fashion designers there, and
    watch the training for a second.  Then go to the gate that leads
    towards an area you've yet to see.  Also, don't forget to speak
    to all the men in the mess hall, for kicks.  The food seems...
    interesting.  Rotted bread in stale water, food of champions right?
    Also talk to the cooks, you'll find them opposite Sextus' door.
    Upstairs is a bedroom, as well, overlooking a garden near the 
    training area.  Eventually, you'll stumbled across Sextus.  After
    you feel you've learned your new home well enough, speak with him.
    He informs you the first of the preliminaries are about to be
    underway, and every major stable in Rome has declared they will
    win and take all the cash.  Sextus wants in, so he's taken the 
    liberty of signing you up for your first bout.  When you're ready
    to go there, tell him it's time to go.
    South Italy, a small gathering, a small colleseum.
    The Republic of Rome boasts a vast array of entertainment, running the
    gamut from bath houses to theater.  Perhaps the most beloved of these
    escapist activities is the spectacle of gladitorial combat.  It is a
    well established Roman institution.  Regarless of age or gender, the
    average citizen revels in the blood and gore of battles, executions, 
    and macabre displays involving animals and humans alike.
    City Arena Round I
    It's a battle royale, Sextus will inform you.  You no longer fight for
    country or ideals.  Now it's all for the crowds.  You must appeal to
    their bloodlust, and call for attention when the Salvos run high.  Then,
    they will award you with health foods and powerful weapons, with which
    to gain even more salvos and more weapons!  
    Gold - 65,000
    Silver - 40,000
    Bronze - 25,000
    Required Salvo Points at the finish:  15,000
    Speak to everyone, and head into the arena when you're ready.
    This one is interesting.  Grab ANY weapon you can find, although
    they may not come easily at first with so many men.  None are your
    allies, once again, remember this.  You will be the last man standing,
    or you will die.  Try and keep away from weapon bearers at first.
    Kill all the unarmed as fast as you're able, and should a weapon guy
    come at you, try and steal his.  Once you have a weapon, get to the
    gore for the crowds, so you can get a bigger one.  Make sure you are
    the one that grabs it, however.  Be as gory and fast as possible, and
    the 15,000 points should come easy.  Don't forget to string as many
    Salvos together as possible, with the white in the upper right screen
    still showing, then cheer for the crowd to double it.  Keep at it, 
    you'll get it just fine.  Just don't give an inch.  You can bust at
    statues for weapons, or just watch for the crowd to toss stuff as well.
    Keep those eyes open!  
    City Arena Round II
    This is an elimination battle.  The fans call them massacres, and for
    good reason!  
    Gold - 65,000
    Silver - 40,000
    Bronze - 25,000
    You must kill everyone, and they will all be against you and only you.
    Be sure to talk to everyone for tips, and then begin the battle!
    This time around, you may choose your weapon.  This will be the norm
    from here on out.  A real man needs no weapons will net you 500 
    Salvo points, for Big Roman Balls.  But, naturally, having to 
    procure a weapon in battle is tough, so be sure you know what you're
    getting into beforehand.  Gladius or Mace is fine really, it's your
    own personal preference.  Mace's can potentially kill slightly
    faster, as you can lift a dazed foe up and splatter their heads,
    but if you know how to do the Hole In One kill with the Gladius'
    forward thrust whilst the enemy is dazed, it's just as good.
    Kill the first guy however you wish, but stick to the right of the
    arena, for arrows will rain down upon you like hail stones if you
    are open.  The archers are on the wooden platforms like the one you
    seen in front of you.  After he's dead, scale the tower to take out
    the archer.  She dies fairly easily.  Get her bow and continue to kill
    as you see fit.  I highly recommend you scale the middle tower.  
    Turns out, it's like a bridge.  Use your newly aquired arrows to
    kill or at least weaken the archer across from you.  Kick the big 
    guy off the ladder to slow him down, and break the boxes for items.
    Try and fight up there if the archer isn't a problem, the narrow
    area can help you.  Of course, it can also hurt you, depending
    on how well your weapons are holding up.  Try to get a big one
    from the crowd once up there, and you're all set.  If not, stay
    low and use the open area to dodge around the big guy, as you
    fought the first boss, remember?  After the first wave is dealt
    with, a new wave will enter.  Any big weapons they see, they will
    go for.  So be ready with one of your own.  Also, try to get the big
    guy's helmet if you're able, it helps a bit.  Remove every limb you
    can, to prevent them from being very strong.  Also knock them off the
    ladder in the center, to keep your bonus up nice.  the crowd should
    love you by then.  Just hunt them down and finish them all off with
    any weapons you find or are tossed.  And do it as brutal as possible,
    for maximum points.
    City Arena Round III
    Starved tigers are after you this time around.  Be ready.
    Gold - 9000
    Silver - 5000
    Bronze - 3000
    Once you learn your variety of animal Salvo attacks, you'll easly net 
    the gold, if you practice your speed and learn their timing and
    power.  Learn which sound, movement, etc. means what attack, and
    counter strike it.  After some practice, you'll be the best of the 
    I would choose the Scimitar, for speed, it's four hit combo is nice.
    Don't bother trying to punch them, however, just use the four sword
    hit.  The crowd will constantly supply you with random swords for 
    this bout.  So don't worry about breaks.  Throw swords, use combos, 
    stay agile, and always be aware of where BOTH tigers are at all
    times in this small arena cage.  Never get sandwhiched.  But try
    to kill one at a time.  If you get pinned at the foot, or worse
    at the throat, just tap your attack buttons over and over to break
    free faster.  Those jaws HURT.  Keep at it, just as before in this
    game, when one of the two dies, it becomes much easier.  Double
    your Salvo when you feel ready with the cheers, and hope for a 
    spear, or some health even.  Stay sharp, stay alive.
    Rome, Pansa's Home
    Octavianus and Pansa ponder Caesar's famous last words.  Pansa thinks
    that Cicero might know something, because he has a protege named
    Marcus Brutus.  Pansa suggests you check the Senate House for Cicero.
    First things first, make a habit of always talking to people in the
    area and searching out those elusive fortune coins!  Also, don't
    forget the read the bulletin board under Pansa's place.  It has all
    sorts of useful information each time you come back here.  When you're 
    ready, let's leave this area.  Don't forget to check that hidden crawl
    space area in the wall!
    Head to the Forum to see what the bulletin board rucus was all about.
    Check your map out and be sure to get your coins.  Then, speak to every
    person here to learn more about how the Senate is robbing the common man.
    Caesar promised 300 sertces to EACH citizen of Rome, should he ever pass.
    His vast fortune would truly help the working man and woman.  But, the
    Senate claims it must repossess these wages, to account for tax and such.
    The commoners feel the Senate is just going to rob them, as they have the
    poor soliders the previous days ago.  If you speak with the man by the 
    entrance, he tells you you look like a charasmatic, good speech maker.
    Time to go to work!  Look for a raised platform to the left of the crowd.
    Find steps on it and walk to it's front center.  Press circle to start up
    your speech to Rome!
    Lend me your ears!  Then say, your words ring true!!  Then, the senate is
    to blame for this!  Therefore, Why do you not storm the Senate House?!  
    The angry mob leaves the Forum, and heads for the Senate House!  Any 
    pesky guards that would have been in your way, will be very busy satiating
    a mob now!  But first, leave the Forum, and go to the City Gates...
    Vendors to your left, and to your right!  A bar with talking patrons to
    pay heed to, as well as some loose coins to be found!  Use your map, 
    and be sure you speak with everyone here, and get all the coins as well.
    Then, look for a hay bale in a cart.  Just behind it, is a small fountin.
    In between those two items, you'll see a crack in between the buildings...
    Flatten against a wall with Triangle and go back there for more shops
    (illegal ones), and some coins.  Now you've seen the cost of everything
    in the game.  That's how many Fortune Coins you'll need.  If you beat
    EVERY enemy on maps, and add Gold Fortune Coins to the Silver laying
    about, you could buy every item in the game in one playthrough.  That is
    very hard to do though, and I could hardly get half the stuff my first
    time through.  But, not to worry!  Everything you purchase, carries over
    to a new game!  Essentially, you could just get the same few coins you've
    already found.  Although, I don't recommend that, go for any you feel 
    comfortable getting!  Now then, leave, to the North on your map, and you'll
    find a whole other area with more folks to chat with, the little dog you 
    saved at the start of the game in the cinema, and some coins.  There are
    also frogs and rats here.  If you throw them at females, they shriek and
    run away flailing like mad.  Why do this?  Well, later in the game, you'll
    have good reason.  Now then, after buying some items, to get some secrets
    unlocked in your closet in your house at Pansa's House, it's time to leave
    here and go to the Senate House.
    Talk to folks, but take note of the back door to your immediate left.
    That's your way in, while the guard is distracted by the mob.
    Senate House - Following Cicero
    You must follow him and see where he ends up, listening to who he talks 
    to and what about along the way, but be sure you don't get so close that
    he sees you!  Also, don't let guards see you either, or it will call 
    Cicero's attention, and that's game over!
    Start out by running as fast as you can right from the start.  Hug the far
    left greenery.  The guard should yawn on your left and not notice you.
    If he does, change your plan to duck walk past the hedges, but keep up with
    your target!  Stay low, he will turn around every now and again, and if he
    hears you, he will turn around double the amount of times her normally does.
    Follow him and croutch behind the box, and let him get a bit ahead of you.
    Learn your map to see where guards are and what they're doing.
    Sneak into the second opening in the hedges, right next to the box you ducked
    behind.  Follow it northward on your map, until you can croutch walk up to 
    where Cicero is talking to someone.  Eavesdrop on them by low walking close
    until a cinema kicks in.  Someone named the Teacher is looking for Ceciro,
    the man informs him.  He tells him he is waiting in the second room inside.
    Cicero tells him make sure he is not seen, and the man promises he'll take
    this secret (we don't know it yet) to his grave.  Follow Cicero inside.
    Brown nosers kiss up to him, as he swats them away verbally, uncaring.
    Worrying about what this Teacher wants, why he wants to know about
    progress in something.  Grab some coins and take the first right, enter
    the door there.
    Turn the corner, a guard gets strict orders from Cicero not to let ANYone
    in until he comes out.  Hmm...  No disguise here then.  Walk very calmly 
    towards the guard, and take the first door on the left.  Once in this
    room, you'll notice on your map it connects to the room your target is in.
    Go there.  A man informs Cicero Vippsannius' execution is delayed, due to
    the gladitorial games.  Cicero curses Machenas for always being in his
    way, and tells the man he wants a comprehensive list of all those
    protesting the execution.  The reason is unclear, but most likely not
    good for the people that will appear on that list...  He tells the man
    he's going to his student, Marcus Brutis.
    Head back out the way you came, and go back to the door you came from.
    Instead of making a right that got you here, go left, to a room with
    a single green dot (item) in it.  Avoid the guard patrolling that hall.
    Investigate the closet to your right as you enter, there is a toga of
    the Senate inside, just for you!  Put it on, and head out into the hall.
    Leave the way you came in.  Watch Cicero on your map (white dot), and
    get any coins you want on the way.  Follow him.  A gaurd will ask you
    who you are.  Answer, you've forgotten me already?  Then go through 
    the door ahead of you.  Do not enter the guard room unless you're 
    trying for that gold fortune coin.  In the hall of Pompey, take a few
    steps out into the open, and a cutscene occurs with Brutis and Cicero.
    Marcus and Cicero both seem to have good reason to want Caesar gone.
    Good for them, vicious for others.  They are both obviously conspiring
    together.  Cicero berates Brutis for going to taverns every night, 
    it's too open and might expose them to risk.  Octa knows the tavern
    Brutis frequents, and that will be his next destination.
    City Arena Round IV
    This will be Agrippa's first team battle!  Basically, you have three
    statues, and so does your enemy.  You'll have a blue feather in your hat,
    and the enemy will have red.  The goal, is to pick one of your teammates,
    talk to him with circle, and guide him towards the enemy statues on your
    map.  There will be a switch near the enemy statue.  He will pull it for 
    you, while you destroy the statue.  See, the switch he pulls on, lowers 
    the cage surrounding the statue.  Get it?  Now, realize your oppoenents'
    goal is the same as yours!  So you're bound to cross paths at some point,
    be sure you let them have it.  Don't worry about killing though, because
    the bad guys just respawn.  Just hurt them enough to slow their walking
    speed drastically, or break an arm, and you'll be set.  Your other team
    mate will stay behind at your main "base" and guard your final switch.
    With that in mind, let's head in!
    Gold - 25,000
    Silver - 15,000
    Bronze - 10,000
    Also, time is a factor.  But, it shouldn't be a major worry for you,
    if you don't get drawn into needless long battles.  Just concentrate 
    on getting your partner to the statues, and destroying them.  Hide
    behind them to make your foes strike at their own statues to get at 
    you as well!  I recommend the Mace, as it does great damage to the
    statues.  Pick your average size cohort, and leave the big man on
    your team to defend home.  Climb the ladder leading towards the
    enemy, and then drop down the next one.  Beware the big guy with
    the halbred.  Throw your mace at him to make him drop it for you,
    or just dodge him.  When the statue is available, concentrate on it
    more than your enemy.  Then, head for the next ladder.  While here,
    you can also slow down your foes by trying to remove their arms, but
    be very careful you don't destroy your own statue!  Head for the next
    ladder.  You'll meet much opposition on your way to the far end of 
    this stoney bridge.  Do everything in your power to kill or cripple
    them, and get your partner to the far end.  He'll climb down, you 
    stay up and wait for the gate on the statue to lower.  When he does,
    destroy it.  Cheering to the crowd for a good weapon is key here.
    Hopefully you've got at least a minute left on your timer.  Now
    that you're so close to the end, kill every foe near you, if you
    can make it quick with large weapons.  Guide your partner over to
    the eneymy respawning gate, he'll climb on top of it and lower the
    gate on the final red statue.  Let your foes strike at it in 
    attempts to get at you, and they'll double your efforts!  After 
    it's destroyed, you win!  If you seem to be having trouble with 
    this, remember to kill/cripple enough to get the crowd in your
    favor.  Big weapons make the statues break easier, plus you can
    amputate foe's arms, to prevent them from using any weaponry.
    Practice makes perfect, and speed is key just as much as crowd
    City Arena Round V
    Sextus informs you that today's battle is a siege!  Don't forget to
    speak to everyone for tips.  Basically, there is a mock castle in the
    arena.  Agrippa must kill the enemies within.  They are on a team, 
    against you, so beware that they will not harm one another.  Once you
    enter the "castle", you must seek out and kill the leader of the place.
    No problem for one such as yourself, correct?  Here we go...
    Gold - 65,000
    Silver - 35,000
    Bronze - 20,000
    There will be bowmen that want to kill you right at the start, but I
    still recommend choosing the Gladius.  You can choose bow if you wish,
    but I'll show you a nice way to kill off the archers nearby.  On we go!
    Head for the pool of water to your left, dodging the arrows if need be.
    Search the pool for a hidden rock.  Grab it, and rush back to the catapult
    you started beside.  Load the rock into the catapult, and take aim at the
    archer on the tower directly in front of you.  It may take two rocks to
    kill him.  Another rock can be found in the pool to your right.  However,
    make sure you do not lure an enemy to you until you have your sword and 
    are ready for combat.  Try to destroy the archer on the left first.  Then,
    take on the little guy on the right.  Leave the big guy at the closed gate
    for now.  Fight the big guy using the same tactics you used on the first 
    boss of the game.  Just bait him to swing and miss, rush in, strike.  Keep
    at this until his weapon breaks from your blocking, or until you need a 
    second weapon from the guy you killed beforehand.  When he is dispatched,
    (use the rocks to fight as well, if need be, but be sure ONE is still there),
    grab one rock, take it to the catapult, and shoot the large gate the big
    buy was guarding.  Be sure to get the crowd to give you a large weapon if
    you're able.  In this next small area, use a large weapon to disarm and
    destroy the large wielders.  Use yours until it's gone, then use theirs,
    to finish them off.  The next group of three will enter.  Use the same 
    tactics of disarming and crowd favor until you have enough weapons to
    disarm the rest of your foes.  Get the key and whatever weapon you enjoy
    most, and head into the next area.  Grab the meat hidden behind you on your
    left, then head for the ladder.  Grab the bow and shoot the spearman, to 
    get him to come to you.  Save the woman for last, she's the master of this
    keep.  Knock the spearman from the ladder to damage him extra, and finish
    him however you see fit.  Use his spear on the mistress of the keep.
    Remember your fight with Claudia?  She fights almost exactly the same.  
    Just bait her and use crowd favored large weaponry, and then resort
    to the Gladiuses near her to finish the deed.  She takes quite a bit
    of punishment before dying, so be prepared with the meat you found
    earlier, should you still have it.  Hang in there, be wily, and lead
    her to another spot if you don't like where you're fighting.  If
    you can suplex her from very high up down to the ground below, it 
    will damage her considerably, and gain you massive crowd favor!  So try
    for that as well.  
    City Arena Final Round
    You've done well to make it this far, friend.  Hang tough.  You will
    face but a single opponent, Sextus informs you, as he tosses his
    apple nonchalantly.  However, he's made it as far as you have, so be
    wary.  He must be quite good, just as you are.
    Gold - 10,000
    Silver - 6000
    Bronze - 4000
    Speak with everyone, and you learn a few things about the monster
    of a man you're about to face.  Apparently, where he's from, he
    once skinned men alive, and ate their hearts whole.  Lovely.
    I chose the Mace and Parma, but bring health food if you'd rather,
    the crowd will supply you with a few items here and there.  And
    now, Boss time!
    Boss Battle!  Barca, part two!!!
    That's right, the man you wouldn't finish off, the germainian horde
    leader, is here for you.  Be prepared, he's much tougher than last
    time you faced off with him, although he has the same weapon
    you're used to.  
    When the battle starts, put alot of distance between yourself and
    the nomad.  He'll begin kicking the rocks in the arena at you like
    soccer balls.  If you can make him hit a collum, you'll gain a
    crowd favorite bonus Salvo, and hopefully they'll toss you a
    good weapon.  Then, just bait him into hitting you with that large
    axe/hammer of his, as you did before, and hit him with whatever 
    (hopefully heavy) weapon you have at the time.  Keep at this
    for as long as you can, until his weapon breaks.  He has 3 health
    bars, so you'll be in for a long battle here.
    Now, things get rough.  Around halfway through his health, his
    weapon will shatter, leaving him unarmed, right?  Wrong.  He
    runs about the arena, destroying the collums within.  He then
    begins to wield them like giant, marble baseball bats at you.
    One again, bait him into swinging for you, just beware his
    thrust attack, overhead smash.  Otherwise, let him swing
    horizontally, miss, and be thrown off balance.  Use this time
    to hit him once or twice, dart back out, repeat over and over.
    The collums break quickly, but there are many of them for
    him to use and destroy.  Just keep at him.  You'll notice
    some small, stone squares on the ground around the arena
    now.  Eagle/men statues rise from them, holding various
    weaponry for you to use.  Aside from the crowd giving
    you good weapons for high Salvo, try and make Barcus slam 
    a statue or two as he swings at you.  Not only does this
    destroy his weapons faster, it frees up good ones for you.
    Stay wily and this battle will be yours.  Dart in and out, 
    whilst trying to force him to shatter statues for you.  Be
    sure to avoid his shoulder rams, should he run out of weapons.
    One large weapon from the crowd later, and this battle should
    be yours.  Good job, he's a toughie!
    After the fierce battle between two gifted soldiers of
    opposing sides, Barca falls, wounded.  Defenseless, beaten
    and ashamed, Barca once again begs you to kill him.  The
    crowd wants his blood, and he cannot stand be be a shamed
    warrior, twice beaten by the same valiant man.  Agrippa
    grudgingly closes his eyes, and thrust his mighty Gladius
    into the man's face, releasing him from a life of slavery
    and war.  He then turns, eyes shining fierce at the crowd.
    "Are you not entertained?!  Is this what you come for?!"
    He sneers, as they cheer him on, leaving the arena.  Time
    for Sextus and his stable to head home, until the next
    preliminary battles are set up.
    Octavianus follows Cicero in hopes of finding some clue as to the
    whereabouts of Marcus Brutus.  As he watches his mark from afar, 
    Cicero stops to greet a passerby.  However, much to his suprise,
    the shadowy figure turns out to be none other than Marcus Brutis 
    himself.  In order to ascertain the details of Marcus' involvement
    in the assassination of Caesar, Octavianus decides to follow him
    to the tavern Marcus is said to frequent nightly.
    The Tavern
    After saving, look ahead, a man has fallen.  He slipped on a 
    bananna peel.  Wake him if you wish to chat, and be sure to speak 
    with everyone in the area.  Grab all the coins as well.  Then, 
    carry the bananna peel to the side entrance of the tavern, where
    a man complains bees stop him from delivering his honey.  You'll 
    notice he screams, runs, and turns back around to do it all over
    again.  Set the peel in his tracks using the directional pad.
    When he falls, his honey pot breaks.  The bees will hover over
    the spot on the ground briefly, and that is your chance to slip
    into the back door of the tavern.
    Take note that once inside, things get very serious.  If you are
    spotted even once, by anyone within, the game ends.  With that in
    mind, head through the door nearest you.  Once in the main
    drinking area, you'll notice Marcus speaking with a man on the
    other end of the tavern.  Your goal is to eavesdrop.  But, a 
    direct route to them, makes it impossible to hear what the guest
    of Brutis is saying.  So, you must take the entire long way 
    around the tavern.  Crawl past the first table, around behind
    the booth so that the men cannot see you.  Listen to them, they
    inform one another that the man with Marcus Brutis is Cassius.
    Make for the center of the resturant, and when the maid leaves,
    make a sharp, sharp left, to end up going on a hallway leading
    to behind the bar.  You'll find yourself in the stock room, 
    and on your way, stop to overhear many conversations about the
    Senate, and Marcus.  Also, you will learn that the nearby
    neighborhood streets are rife with bandits.  Keep that in mind
    for later.  When in the storeroom of the tavern, grab the rat,
    and learn the path the maid walks on.  Toss the rat from the
    safety of the storeroom, taking care the bar tender doen't see
    you do it.  Duck and wait to hear her scream.  She will cause 
    a small scene, and run off, distracting a few patrons.  Use
    this opprotunity to crawl under the bar, as the rat
    scurries along it's countertop.  Crawl to the immediate left,
    and be sure you stay low at all times.  You'll hear another
    conversation about a man being the illigetiment son of 
    Caesar.  Apparently, he got around.  Is that Brutis they
    speak of?  At any rate, make your way to their table now,
    and your goal.
    Cassius seems scared of Brutis, and Bru man is very angry
    about something.  He storms out back of the tavern, with
    Cassius in tow, followed unseen by Octa.  They argue within
    earshot about how the Senate believes Vippsanius may well
    be innocent.  Brutis wants to know what they can do, 
    angrily, and Cassius tells him he must take responsibility.
    They rush off down another alley.
    Agrippa has emerged from his fated battle with Barca as the victor,
    but he draws no comfort from this fact.  Pained by the bloodthirsty
    crowds and their savage pleas for Agrippa to kill the laguished 
    Barca, Agrippa is angered adn confused by the heartless destiny
    he has been dealt, and moves to the next stage of slaughter with a
    heavy heart.
    Sextus' Stable
    Speak with Dama, and everyone else you can, before heading to 
    Sextus.  Also, now's a great time to fight in the arena, should
    you wish it.  More details of the underground arena lie below this
    walktrhough, near the end of the guide.
    Sextus and a few of the other men explain the next preliminary round
    is up.  You'll be heading up to the cold North.  When you are ready,
    tell Sextus it's time to go, and you're off!
    Northern Rome
    Thanks to the exploits of many military campaigns in the Northern
    Regions, Rome had manage to procure an array of territories and
    colonies.  With little serious resistance, Rome continued it's 
    Northward expansion.  The establishment of an arena in the Northern
    territories gave the denizens of these colonies something to keep 
    their minds off their own misery, and they soon found themselves
    swept up in the spectacle of gladiatorial combat.  Despite the harsh
    Winter, eager spectators have come in droves to catch a glimpse of
    mortal combat.
    Northern Arena Round I
    Sextus has every intention of seeing his steadily growing stable
    to victory in these preliminaries as well.  He hopes Agrippa is
    on the same page with him in that respect, as he explains what
    this mission brings.
    Today, it'll be a unique rescue mission.  I hope you're just
    as good at defending as you are at killing.  The hostage is held
    in a cage in the Southwest section of the arena, on a raised up
    platform.  You can opt to break him free, injuring him in the 
    process with your weapons, or play it safer for him, not you,
    and murder his captor holding the key.  I strongly suggest you
    get it in you mind now that you are going to murder each and
    every man in the arena.  By doing so, you clear a fine path to
    your hostage.  Speak to everyone in the freezing waiting 
    chambers to learn a few tips about this area, and then head in.
    Gold - 35,000
    Silver - 25,000
    Bronze - 15,000
    I highly recommend the Mace and Parma to go in, get your man,
    and get him back to the entry point.  However, you can opt to
    grab anything here really, it all works wonders.  In this first
    field of blades, lure the flea man out to you, he can fight in 
    there, you cannot do as well.  Lure him back to the start point,
    and kill him.  Grab his dagger if you wish, and move on to
    the next area, ducking the blades.  Remember, you can duck them,
    most bad guys will not.  Head inside the doorway.  You can find
    hidden meats if you check your map.  Save them for what comes.
    Ignore the man's cries for help for now, and eliminate every foe.
    For the two here, try using your Mace, throw it at the heavy
    weapoons guy.  He should drop it just for you.  Or, try to 
    manuever unseen behind one of them, and insta-kill with
    your knife.  Good bonus weapons in that, and Salvo will
    flow freely from here on.  Get the man out of the cage by
    breaking it or using the key, and be wary of the stone tossers
    (one holds your key), be sure not to damage the man too much
    whilst in combat.  Speak with him very briefly, and he begs you
    to get him out of here.  Head to the ladder you used to get
    here, and more bad guys flood into the arena!  The gate
    slams shut, and here they come from behind.  Use a large 
    weapon or two if you got em, and keep the bad guys off
    your hostage, at all costs!  If you have carried the
    hidden meat beyond the closing gate, you'll have some health,
    but don't let the foes get at it!  Kill off anyone that would
    dare climb the ladder with ease, and maybe even climb back
    up there yourself if you don't feel safe.  Kill the first
    three men, and a giant and one normal warrior will enter.
    Focus on dizzying the giant, and splattering his head after.
    Then, pick off the remaining fool that keeps the gate locked,
    and you're off!  Run carefully through the bladed area, and
    just get the man to safety!  Run to the extreme left, and use
    the sling stones if you need to dizzy a flea man or two.  
    Hug the wall to keep the hostage safe, and run him to the
    door.  If you must fight, try to get a spear for it, and keep
    the hostage moving no matter what!  You'll be done once he's
    safely at the entry/exit.
    Northern Arena Round II
    Now it has begun to snow!  Sextus explains this next battle is an
    elimination match.  You vs. everyone, you must kill them all.  There
    are two rooms, you may choose which in any order.  You'll be locked
    within, until all your foes are dead.  Use everything I have covered
    up to this point in order to emerge the victor!  It should be
    little trouble for a gladiator such as yourself.  There will be
    spiked pits all over the arena this time.  Do try and Suplex a few
    unfortunate foes onto the spikes, the crowd will love you and give
    you much food and weaponry!
    Gold - 70,000
    Silver - 40,000
    Bronze - 25,000
    Northern Arena Round III
    Today will be a most interesting Battle Royale!  Finish them all off,
    in a unique way.  You will find barrels and torches in this large, 
    open space.  Some barrels contain oil, Sextus informs you,
    and some do not.  Let your enemies hit one another with oil, or you
    can hunt them down with it too, to speed things up, then take a torch
    to them to set them ablaze!  Also use every other technique you have
    learned thus far to get the crowd on your side and yours alone.
    Then use the big weapons they give you for massive points.  You
    must earn at least 5000.  Good luck, and be careful if a torch
    gets near you!  Stay away!!
    Gold - 20,000
    Silver - 12,000
    Bronze - 7000
    Required Salvo to pass:  5000
    Time for a good old fashion Roman Barbeque!  Speak to everyone
    in the area and then begin!  I chose Gladius blade and dagger,
    but the torch is also popular.  Although you will find
    many on the field once the dying starts.  Avoid oil on the
    ground, as it burns for quite some time, and try to hit the
    torch bearers with barrels often.  Get a big weapon to finish 
    up, and 5k Salvo should be within reach easily!  If you have any
    trouble, try burning multiple people at once, although it's
    a bit trickier.
    Bandit Streets of Rome
    Octavianus has followed Marcus Brutus to the latter's nightly 
    drinking hole, and has manage to gain entry.  Once inside, he 
    listens intently to Marcus as he speaks to Cassius.  Their
    conversation reeks of conspiracy and Octavianus learns details
    of the plot to kill Caesar.  Heartened by this new information, he
    resolves to continue following them both, and heads toward the
    quiet streets of the Roman night...
    Head right from your start and two men in the nearby alley will tell
    you they saw Marcus and Cassius go that way, but be wary, there
    are scoudrels afoot.  Head down the stairs.  Look at your map once
    Now, there are many ways to handle this section.  Look for the 
    hidden coins, but know that many of the dots are just items
    like apples, stones, and jars etc.  I will give you the most
    straightforward route to completing this trying section.  It's
    much easier than it first looks.  Go to the first right you see,
    with a guard right near the corner.  Croutch walk behind him,
    and head for the center of the map.  Stay BEHIND both bandits at
    all times!  Before going down another alley on your left, look
    for some stairs to your left, and walk silently up them, to find
    a jar down the hallway on your left.  From here, make a left and
    use that alleway, and make for the only sentry actually moving.
    Stay well hidden from his line of sight, and when you can, silently
    rush to the crate near his patrol route.  Hide within it, jar in hand
    until he reaches you, and turns to patrol with his back to you.  
    Very quickly, jump out and walk (silence is key) up to him.  Hit him
    and just as quickly grab his mask and clothing.  The guard up north of
    you two will come to see what the noise was, but if you have the bandit
    clothes on quickly enough, he'll be too distracted watching you walk to
    notice the nude body near you.  Walk to the guard stationed at the end of
    the alley, he'll recognize "you".  Say nothing "....." and he'll say, "ah 
    yes, quiet as always eh?".  Continue forward, walking, until he shouts
    for you to stop.  Stop, and he'll warn you to be careful out there.
    Whew.  Get the other coin near here, and leave this area.  You'll hear
    Cassius scream.
    Octa rounds the corner to find a stabbed in the heart Cassius.  Guess
    Brutus was pretty angry.  Or was he?  Guards come, Maecanus in tow,
    to discover the body as you hide behind a tree.  He orders the guards
    to take Cassius' corpse and keep it well hidden.  No one may learn
    of this.  The guards agree and take the body away.  Ole Mae seems
    to notice Oca is behind the tree, as well...yet he says nothing.
    Curious.  Octavianus still says he doesn't quite get what's 
    happening here, so there is more than meets the eye...
    Northern Arena Round IV
    Today is yet another statue busting, timed team battle!  Get ready.
    Gold - 35,000
    Silver - 20,000
    Bronze - 10,000
    Note on your map there are four now to destroy.  Speak to your
    stable compadres, and head into battle when you're ready.
    I recommend the Gladius with Parma, but any combo will do.
    I took the little guy with me to assist, and left the big
    man behind to guard our base, but it doesn't affect things
    by too much in the end.  You should hurry anyway, so that the
    enemy doesn't even hardly reach your base before you're done.
    Head up the ladder at the end of the alley you're in, with your
    partner in tow.  Take the first right to avoid any enemy contact.
    It's all about speed here in this round.  Use a five hit or higher
    combo and the statue will be gone before you know it.  Then cheer to
    the crowd to double your bonus.  Make that a habit after each break.
    Now, rather than head up to the middle where the other team is, 
    head around to their next statue.  Go left, past your own, then
    right to theirs.  Break the second one, and be ready for a little
    flea man in red to try and slow you down.  Kill/cripple him, and
    then head up the ramps to the central platform.  Hopefully, you've
    avoided the other team entirely.  If your time is looking really
    safe, go ahead and cripple them.  Breaking arms so switches cannot
    be pulled really works well, and hurting legs also is good to slow
    them down drastically.  After you've destroyed the upper area's 
    statue, head to the enemies base, opposite the starting point.
    It's down a ladder, mind you.  The enemies constantly respawn
    from this area, so if you kill one, be ready for a fresh one to
    appear.  Try to get large weapons around here to end this very 
    quickly.  Hopefully, you're finished, while the enemy has two more
    of your statues to go.  Practice makes perfect in this level, 
    memorization of the enemy route taken, and where the statues are,
    along with speed, are definately key here.  There are also
    hidden Gladiuses to be found near your base the
    the enemies.  Don't forget the bottom of the arena is spike
    lined as well!  Hang in there!
    Northern Arena Round V
    Sextus explains that the next battle is what is called the Artus
    Dominus.  It will test technique and finesse.  This is a very
    fun battle, once you know how to do it.  Basically, you are blue,
    a woman is red.  You must beat her by killing more foes than she
    can, within the time limit.  But wait, there's more!  You also MUST
    gain 20,000 Salvo points from the crowd!  Don't worry, soon you'll
    net over 100k here if you are a shrewd killer.
    Gold - 70,000
    Silver - 45,000
    Bronze - 30,000
    From the start, run past red and go after the next enemy.  Don't
    waste time trying to both kill a foe, as she will often steal the
    kill from you.  However, if you can sneak up behind her and knock her
    over, then steal her kills, do it.  Murder everyone using every 
    brutal tactic you have picked up thus far, to gain the crowd.  Don't
    forget to trap red AND your foes under the spikey areas.  Hit the gong,
    and watch the crowd go wild as your foes are crushed.  Red cannot die,
    but she is slowed down greatly by this.  If you can crush more than one
    foe in a roe, you'll gain double Salvo, plus your double by cheering.
    Use every trick you know, and you'll have no problem with the points,
    or the killing ratio.  Just learn the map, and make use of your weapon
    skills (amputate, bludgeon, etc.).  Stay calm.
    Northern Arena Final Round
    This final round is a battle royale, but, there is a suprise in 
    store for the victor.  So, stay sharp, and don't take too much
    damage during your first battle here.  Be sure to speak to everyone
    to learn of Decius' assassin unit.  Hmm...
    Gold - 40,000
    Silver - 25,000
    Bronze - 15,000
    I chose the spear.  When you get out there, do NOT use the food
    you find in the crates, and do not use the stones or catapults.
    Just fight how you normally would, and do your very best not
    to get hit at all if you can help it.  These guys should
    be no problem.  If they are, read some of my earlier
    strategies.  Anywho, I hope you have the armor gained at
    300,000 Salvos by now.  The helmet is very helpful, if you 
    do not let the halberd guy break it off you first.  After
    you clear everyone out, guess who's watching you?
    Decius, your Mother's killer, sits in a box up high.  He 
    watches Agrippa, amused, and a vulture enters the ring.  A large
    woman, with bird skull armor and feathers enters.  Decius toasts
    his assassin, and orders your death.  But, Claudia enters!  Looks
    like you'll have some help!
    Boss Battle!  Arcanas!!!  Decius' top assassin...
    Ok.  She's one tough gladiator, and the worst you've seen thus far.
    Get used to it, bosses only get harder from here!  Her helmet IS
    breakable, using a mace, parma smash, or large maul weapons.  After
    revealing her ugly face beneath, it gets easier.  Of course, getting
    her to stand still is no easy task.  She is very acrobatic, and uses
    very long range fire bow.  You'll also notice columns have appeared.
    She'll jump on top of these from time to time to snipe at you.  Do
    the same to her if you can.  Throw something like the Gladius at her,
    and you'll get a huge crowd bonus for sniping her.  Also, now is the
    time to go use those catapults.  When you are SURE she's done
    leaping from column to column, let a rock fly from the catapult!
    You'll get a nice bonus for that, as well as a huge one for
    breaking the columns with a rock or large weapon.  I recommend
    breaking them all throughout this long battle.  Be sure to double
    any bonuses you get by cheering.  Go for large weapons, and avoid
    her pet vultures.  They throw rocks at you as well as oil filled
    barrels, so that her fire arrows can do real damage.  Stay away
    and you'll be fine.  Don't worry about Claudia, she can hold her
    own.  You get big bonuses for killing up to three vultures at once,
    and a bigger one for tag team damaging with Claudia.  Let her 
    strike, then you do.  Then cheer to double it.  Finally, you can
    also grab Arcanas' bow if she drop sit, although it's hard to see.
    Eventually, she runs out of arrows, and comes at you with her quick
    kicks and damaging dagger strikes.  Keep on her with a spear or maul,
    and the battle will end very quickly.  Just outlast her ammo!  You
    can find some cheese and bread in the boxes around the arena, and
    you'll constantly get meat and weapons thrown to you if you play
    the crowd right.  Also, she'll beg for mercy at one point.
    Hit her for more Salvo bonuses.
    She's a toughie, but practice and you'll be just fine!
    Claudia congratulates you on a job well done, but Agrippa shoves
    her down hard.  Why, you may wonder?  Camera pans back up to
    him, he's holding the final dagger thrown by the assassin,
    palm bleeding badly.  Claudia thanks Agrippa warmly, and he
    tells her they are even.  They walk off, as Decius storms
    about his private box, breaking wine glasses.  Now he
    recognizes you for sure, and wants to make you pay dearly.
    Sextus tosses Agrippa an apple, and thanks him for saving his sister.
    Agrippa shrugs, saying he owed her a favor, that is all.  Sextus
    wishes she'd quit fighting.  Agrippa wants to know why Sextus won't
    stop him, but Sextus explains they only have known each other 10 years.
    Agrippa knows now they aren't brother and sister.  Sextus gives
    Agrippa  a good luck necklace, and tells him to send it Claudia's
    way.  He then goes to attend a meeting.  Well, time to go
    find Claudia.  
    But first, I highly recommend you finish up the underground arena
    if you haven't already.  It'll net you the Talon Aegis armor in the
    next section of story mode, most likely.  You need 800,000 Salvos.
    Speak to everyone on your way to Claudia.  You'll learn a bit more
    about the Valcross assassins from Dema, in your cell.  Head up
    top.  Claudia is in the practice yard.  Agrippa gives her the 
    necklace, and Claudia accepts it, wondering about Sextus.  You
    explain Sextus is worried and wonders why she is even a gladiator
    at all.  Claudia just says, she must become stronger.  She lost
    her little brother to a roman solider, and couldn't do anything
    at the time.  So now, she wants to be able to protect all she
    cares about.  Agrippa apoligizes about her little bro, and she
    tells him they have more in common than he might think.  She
    Meanwhile, Sextus makes a deal with some strange, Eastern twin
    girls, about a murder.  He thinks it sounds easy.  The girls say
    the Great One, their Mistress, will reward him greatly, if
    the hit is carried out perfectly.  Sextus says he accepts.
    Chapter 3:  Wrath of the Gods
    Pansa speaks with Octa about meeting Maecanes.  He tells you you
    can find him in the square.  Time to go ask him what is going
    on with all these murders!  Don't forget to speak with everyone,
    search out hidden coinage, and check the bulletin board outside
    Pansa's.  Buy things, if you'd like.  Then, head for the 
    Forum.  On your immediate left, you'll find Marius!  Agrippa's
    old buddy, that helped him fight off the Germanians, if you
    recall.  Speak to everyone for bits of info, and harass the
    speech giver.  Then, it's time to head to the Estate.
    Antonius' Estate
    Antonius' residence was originally owned by Caesar's sworn enemy,
    Pompeius.  When news of Pompeius' passing at the battle of Farsis
    reached Antonius' ears, he selfishly assumed control of the property
    and took over the estate.  Four years later, upon his triumphant 
    return to Rome, Caesar was outraged at the unjust plundering of the
    property and immediately demanded that it be returned to the 
    descendants of Pompeius as it rightly should.  Yes, even in 
    complicated situations involving war and spoils, Caesar stood his
    ground and fought for justice.
    Ok.  This is the new ruler's home.  Security is tight of course.
    Here comes your little doggy friend!  Anywho, speak to the apple
    man.  Then, take one.  Get the hidden coin, and then notice your
    situation.  The guard has his back to you.  A man is voraciously
    devouring an apple.  Hmm...  Toss your apple at the guard's head,
    and he'll attack the poor bystandard.  Sneak into the estate.
    Antonius' Estate (interior)
    Make your way to the left asap and to your goal on the map.  Make 
    your way into the guard break room.  Gulp.  Climb up the white
    wall directly to your right, turn left, and climb up onto the 
    wooden rafter.  Stay low, make your way under one hole and up into
    the next.  Turn right, and hoist up into the attic.  Triangle press
    onto the wall, and make your way along the outer rim of the attic,
    and find a small hole to drop down into.  Stay very quiet, and drop 
    off the wall you find, and go into the door opposite your entry.
    Go outside and find a ladder on your left, use it and follow
    the only path possible to your goal, getting the coin as you
    see fit.  Enter the next area.
    Ok, in the Anteroom, save your game, and grab a dart if you'd like.
    They are strictly for making sounds and nothing else.  You cannot
    kill anyone, no matter how many darts you use.  However you do it,
    whether by running right away or distracting with dart on far wall
    and THEN running fast, get by the two guards and take the first door
    on your right to enter a new area.  
    Very quickly, crouch walk on the maid's heels, and go to a walk when
    it looks safe.  Hide in any pots you need to on the way.  You'll be
    following her until you get behind the pool area, then head straigt 
    into an open area in front of you.  When it's safe to enter the room,
    hit the man on the back of the head with the nearby pot, and take his
    toga.  Then get your coins and leave this area back to where you came
    Ok, good so far, yes?  Now, take the only door near you you've yet to
    go through, and the guard will wave you right through because of your
    Take note of where Decius' room is, and head for your goal on the map.
    Climb the stairs to find Mae man.  
    Sextus is having a meeting with Maecanes.  Antonius wants something
    done, but what?  Agrippa comes inside.  You learn of a mighty
    chairot race.  Mae wishes you luck, you've become quite popular.
    Speak to whoever you wish to learn more of the plot, and then talk
    to Sextus to start up the races!
    Circus Maximus
    This high impact, high velocity sport is enjoyed by many, feared
    by all participants.  Risking life and limb for glory, many men
    die in the Races, all for the crowds.  First one across, wins.  
    Those that do surive, definately enjoy a life of luxury for a 
    Race I
    A veteran stallion has been arranged to pull you to glory, but
    don't get cocky.  That just means the odds are evened, as you've
    never raced in your life.
    You'll control your horse with the reins.  Beat repeatedly but
    beware the stamina guage.  Never let it empty, or you've pretty
    much lost.  See my section near the start of this entire guide
    for better details on racing.
    Gold - 11,000
    Silver - 8,000
    Bronze - 5,000
    Listen to Sextus' hints, and learn your controls from him.  Then
    speak to your team mates and foes to learn a bit about racing,
    and don't forget to speak to the weapons man behind the counter
    to learn about the new destructive implements you'll have access
    to.  When you're ready to ride, speak to the reaper man!
    Don't worry much about slide attacks in this round, or braking.
    Just catch up to the men by repeatedly beating your reins, and
    enter battle mode when you're able.  Watch your meters, and
    be wary of how your wheels do.  If they wobble too much, don't
    hit them against walls or chariots any more, or you'll lose 
    instantly.  Just keep up with the pace setters for the first laps,
    and kill or severly wound the men/wheels that you're able, whilst
    letting the others harm one another as well.  If you can double
    team a green wheeled pro with someone else, do so!  Be wary of
    the green wheeled pros.  Keep a sharp eye out for flea men near
    the finish lines of each lap, and get on the correct side of
    the weapons they hold to grab something new.  I highly recommend
    the tridents.  The whips are VERY strong, but leave you wide open
    and are too slow for the first two rounds.  If you must use your
    default weapon, be sure to get in combos.  Gain every salvo
    possible by getting ahead from last place, staying way in front,
    murdering the men, and comboing over and over.  Practice makes
    perfect, and once you learn the ins and outs of racing, you'll
    have no problems with what's to come.  Don't be discouraged if
    you lose at first, we all do.  
    Race II
    Gold - 13,000
    Silver - 10,000
    Bronze - 7,000
    Here we go again!  On two sides of the track, it narrows, so be
    ready for that.  Speak to everyone, and head in!
    Ok.  One more added foe, more laps this time to kill them all in.
    Keep on the lookout for those narrow track sections, and do your best
    to ram your foes into them using the slide techniques.  Also, go for
    the best weapons you can find, so that your wheels stay in tact from
    distance fighting.  The whip here is good, if you know how to use it
    correctly.  With a little luck and a lot of practice, this race
    will also be yours!  To get the gold, simply murder everyone, and do
    your best to gain pole position rankins and room to breathe salvos at
    least twice each.  Hang in there!
    In order to decude the degree of Maecenas' involvement in the murder
    of Cassius, Octa has followed him to Antonius' estate.  Once inside,
    Mae is found...
    Antonius' Estate (interior II)
    If you watch your map very closely, you'll note a maid goes in and
    out of your goal room.  She is bringing wine to someone.  So,
    to get in, you must look like a maid, and have wine on you!
    No problem.  Take the back way, around the guard, and into the large
    room.  Find a weapon and take him out, making extra sure to hide 
    his body behind the red tarps.  Get his clothing.  When the maid
    returns, get behind her and take her out as well.  Then, be sure
    she is well hidden.  Now, head all the way south on your map to
    the small room with green dots.  Be sure you are in guard armor,
    and with Roma helmet.  Take out the guard very, very silently
    in that room, with the nearby wine flask.  Then, look around
    for the maid's Bandanna.  Now, you must run past the guards VERY
    quickly.  They will not chase, as they are stationed to watch
    the room.  Haul back to the room with the maid and guard in it,
    and find the maid dress on a sofa nearby.  Put it on, and along
    with the bandanna, you make for a pretty lady!  Sort of.  Head
    back to Antonius' room, and be sure you have a wine flask in
    hand.  They will let you in.
    Once inside, you'll overhear Decius speaking with Antonius.
    Aonto embarasses Deci by speaking of his assasin dying so
    easily.  They remember Agrippa, and his mother and father,
    and Decius says he is disgusted by him.  Anto says he's
    desperate, because he lost his elite to a lowly gladiator.
    Decius begs to let another Valcross assassin compete in
    the chariot race.  Anto agrees, and Decius leaves.  Octa
    knows now Agrippa is a target.  He hides and continues to
    watch out for Maecenas.  He sees him in a hallway, and 
    continues his pursuit.
    Antonius' Estate (tailing Maecenas)
    The tail gauge is explained here.  Don't lose sight of your man until
    it's gone, or you lose.  Also, don't let your mark see you either.
    This part is tricky, but with practice you'll get it.
    Much like tailing before, your target will turn around randomly, AND
    if he thinks her hears you.  Just follow as best you can, never letting
    the guage get too too low.  Watch your map.  A man will appear soon, 
    crossing paths with your target.  Hide and let him go into the room he
    desires, and get Mae back into your sights.  Make a "camp" of sorts
    at the corner of the long hallway.  Mae will take his sweet time down
    it, and you'll need to hide yet again as a new man enters the hallway.
    Do so, wait for him to go back where he came from, and get Mae back in
    view once more.  Stay well behind him still, as he'll turn every now
    and again.  Take the second door on the right to avoid a man (first guy)
    coming out yet again.  Wait for him to pass you by, and then get Mae in
    your sights once more to keep your guage full.  Pulling your hair out
    yet?  Hang in there.  Keep going down the hall and follow Mae.
    Round the corner, and a maid will tell Mae where Niger's room is.
    Duck back into the room you hid in.  That will let you avoid the
    incoming maid, but don't go too far into the room or the man you
    missed earlier will find you.  Continue following your mark.  Note
    the pot you can hide in if need be, although hopefully you won't
    be chased by guards, as Mae often discovers you in the uproar.
    Wait for him to get far ahead, being sure to step out just enough to
    refill your tail gauge.  At the left corridor, you'll find the man that
    hid someone's body for Mae.  Probably Cassius.  Hang back and let the
    body dumping guy walk right by you, unnoticed if you're quiet.  Follow
    Mae again.  Dart to the opposite end of the hallway, glancing to keep 
    your guage up, and wait for the senate member to pass you by.  Hurry 
    after your target, as your guage will nearly be depleted by this time.
    In the next room, a man gripes to Mae about funding for the games,
    and Mae tells him it's not his problem.  How rude.  Now, you
    must HURRY.  Walk quietly to the small room on your immediate right
    to find a toga.  Don't let the man in the room hear you put it on, and
    head down the hall after your target.  Now, others may see you, but
    remember, Mae will still recognize you if he sees you.  Be wary of him 
    still.  A guard will ask you why you are in this private area of
    the Manor.  Tell him either the first or third thing, seemingly easier
    to tell him you're lost, as for some reason Mae will not turn around
    and spot you.  Follow him to the next room.  
    In here, you try to fool him out of hiding by using a woman's voice.
    Wow, good spy work!  He really sounded like the maid.  Of course,
    Mae is one step ahead of you, and has found you out.  Octa may be
    in trouble.  But no, all he does is tell you to leave right away.
    Octa begs to know why he hid Cassius.  Mae simply says he 
    does not know who killed him, but that the body had to be hidden
    to preserve Rome's collective sanity, after the turmoil caused
    already.  He wants to protect his games.  He tells you to stop
    prying or you will regret it, and then leaves you alone in the Estate.
    Race III
    Back to Agrippa at the Cirucs Maximus!  Sextus tells you that you've
    made such a name for yourself that this arena is your own personal
    stage now.  People rush in as if on fire to see the mighty, 
    murderous Agrippa!  Not much further now to take it all... Speak to
    your fellow racers to learn what little you can about racing.
    The track will be a bit more crowded this time, and there are now
    THREE sections of narrow area to contend with.  Use the previous
    tactics you've learned in this guide from the earlier races, and
    definately double team if you get the chance.
    Gold - 15,000
    Silver - 12,000
    Bronze - 9,000
    Ok.  Five men, five laps.  Do what you must, kill them all, but
    be wary of your wheels, as time is against you here.  If even one
    breaks, you lose.  Get long range weapons after the first lap and
    do NOT let up.  Wall ram, and kill from afar.  Keep the salvo
    bonuses coming to take home glory!  Kill the men in front of others
    to force the corpse chariots to get into their path, that will buy
    more than enough time to snag a whip.  Do your very best not to get
    ran into walls or sandwhiched, they will use the same tactics you 
    enjoy.  Become leader of the pack and hit a nice speed zone at the 
    tinish for more salvos.
    Final Race
    Uh oh.  Sextus informs you your final foe in this arena is another
    Valcross assassin.  He's top notch at racing, and has the best
    TWO steeds Rome can offer, as wells as a mighty whip of thorns,
    and the crowd on his side.  He's a pretty boy, in sheer white, 
    with golden hair, and a rose between his teeth.  He'll pull 
    WAY ahead, but taunt you for the crowd, so that's your chance
    to strike him.  Do not plan on winning this race unless you're
    lucky, by speed.  Your best bet is to murder him before the
    final lap ends.
    Gold - 15,000
    Silver - 11,000
    Bronze - 7,000
    Speak to everyone, and enter the race.  Gulp.
    Boss Battle!  Narcalese!!!
    You enter the arena with much fanfare, but your foe has twice
    as much.  The pretty boy enters and sneers at you, as you take
    notice of Decius viewing you from his private box.  He gives
    you the thumb of death, and your foe smirks at the race begins.
    I highly recommend you stay away and race your best until you get
    a better weapon.  Whip is best but take anything at first.  Get in 
    close and start hacking away at the huge health bar.  Block his
    powerful strikes, they are very slow.  As he gains major ground
    on you, he will toss flaming cocktails that shatter and burn up
    the track.  Definately avoid them at any cost, as they not only hurt
    you, but they slow your horse badly as well.  Keep up until you
    get a weapon!  Move in as he taunts and falls back to attack.
    Watch your wheels, his are double deadly with spikes.  Yours will
    fall off long before his can.  Keep those eyes open and your 
    reflexes sharp to beat him to death, finally.  If you don't
    want to kill him, do your best to ram him into a wall during the
    final lap.  Preferably one very near the ending.  Then, speed
    way up and pray he fell enough behind that you can take the win.
    There are good Salvos in either tactic, but I find killing him
    to be easiest, where as outracing him is more luck in the final
    lap than anything else.  
    After, Narcalese is taken to Decius' box and the man greets him
    with a warm smile.  Narcalese eases up, just as Decius stabs
    him in the stomach for failing the hornor of the Valcross unit.
    He breaks his wine goblet and curses Agrippa yet again.
    Back at your home, you'll notice most everyone sleeps.  Speak to
    everyone you can.  Finish up your underground arena if you'd like
    more Salvos for special armors, and then head to Sextus' room.
    Claudia is enraged at Sextus over the deal he made with the
    Mistress and Antonius.  He says it's best for them, but she
    thinks it's terrible.  He kicks her out of his room, she runs
    into you, enraged.  She then runs off crying at the sight of 
    your face.  Uh oh.
    Sextus asks you to leave him alone for now.  Out in his private
    gardens, you find Claudia, worridly pacing about.  She explains
    Sextus is not her blood brother.  She was very young, sold as
    a slave in Rome.  Sextus bought her, as he saw his dead younger
    sister in her eyes.  He raised her.  She respects him and honors
    him.  But, lately she questions his motives.  He is no himself.
    Save your game.  
    Octa explains Marcus has dissapeared.  He searches the Senate House to
    find the mentor of Brutus.  Cicero.  Before you head there, be sure
    to speak with Pansa and everyone else.  Read the bulletin board to
    learn of Brutis' accomplices in the slaying of mighty Caesar.  Find
    the coins around all the maps, and purchase any items at the Gates
    for special costumes.  Head to the Forum first.
    On your immediate left, speak with Marrius again.  He speaks of how
    even fair Cicero has been taken to the Senate House as a prisoner
    for conspiring against Caesar.  As others are killed before your
    very eyes, speak with Marrius on the matter of a spy entering.
    Tell him you'll speak to Pansa.  Then, tell him you'll speak to
    his pupil (you).  He is convinced this "pupil" can do it.  However,
    if he finds out it's you, he won't talk with you.  After convincing
    him the pupil can handle the mission, he'll give you a gold fortune 
    coin and tell you to speak to the guard there about him.  Go to the
    Senate House.
    Speak with everyone, then seek out the rear door guard and tell him
    you've been sent by Marius.  He'll allow you entry.
    Senate House (Part II, saving Cicero)
    This section is definately one of the MOST frustrating, so don't
    feel bad and never give up if you have a hard time.  Learn the
    guard's paths more than anything, and the good hiding spots.
    Good luck!
    Ok.  Look at your map.  There are coins and rocks about.  Your goal is
    guarded heavily.  Not to worry, it's quite simple when you know what to
    do.  Make your way to the central hedges, and duck under them to make
    your way northward unseen.  It is very important not to be under alert.
    Go Northward on your map, and hide behind the boxes and trees.  When
    the moving guard is VERY far away, throw a rock near the stationed guard.
    Be sure it's far enough away from him that he'll walk away, leaving the 
    door wide open for you.  You must have NO alert guage for this to
    work.  Use your key and head inside.
    This next area his many paths and ways to finish, but I'll give you
    the quickest and easiest.  Be wary of the geese in the center of the
    map, they alert guards to you.  Head straight up north, and go for
    the small stone area of walls, sort of like a little maze.  Good
    hiding spot.  When the coast is clear, head East then North, and
    be sure to grab a stone or apple anywhere along the way.  Hide
    from the guards using the columns and walls and all the tactics you
    have learned thus far into the game, and when the timing is perfect
    (guards all away from stationed goal guard), use the stone to make
    a sound, forcing him to leave his post briefly.  Just like last time.
    Head inside.  Coins abound in this area, but you must use every stone
    there to fool the guards.  Or just run and grab them all and hide.
    Either way, save your game.
    Agrippa has now defeated members of the Valcross Stable twice: once
    in the frigid Northern Arena, and once again within the dusty and 
    blood spattered walls of Circus Maximus.  Several days after the race,
    Agrippa receives word that Sextus wishes to speak with him concerning
    the next round of the tournament.
    Sextus' Stable
    Speak to Dema and everyone else around the Stable to learn a bit
    about where Sextus is sending you.  All the men seem to be training
    a great deal more, inspired by your recent vicotires over the 
    Valcross stable.
    Also, do the Underground Arena
    battles if you want some Salvo points for special armors.  They will
    be invaluable in the coming rounds.  Be sure to see my advanced
    underground strategies below if you need any pointers on the
    tougher foes at this stage in the game.
    Sextus explains these are the finals in the preliminary matches!
    There is a well established trade route in the otherwise desolate
    African lands, and this is where the last of the qualifying rounds
    will take place.
    A City in Africa
    In colonial Africa, the naval port of Carthage shone like a jewel in
    the continent's polished crown, and was an indispensable asset to 
    trade and commerce.  During the Punic wars, Roman forces pummelled
    Carthage for over a century until it was reduced to rubble; a mere
    husk that bears little resemblance to it's glorious past.  
    Thoroughly mined of salt by the Roman conquerors, Carthage is now a
    barren wasteland, inhospitable to even the sturdiest of man and
    Desert Arena Round I
    Today's match is a Battle Royale, my favorite!  Ok, there are three
    sand pit traps, large circles spread about the arena.  On those
    slippery slopes of sand, men easily slide toward their doom.  You
    will find switches near the traps.  When a man, or many men, are 
    at the center of the sand circles, triggering a trap will spout
    large geysers of flame up onto your foes, effectively cooking them
    in the desert heat.  They all must die.  You will need a certain
    amount of points to pass this trial by fire.  Sextus is looking
    forward to a spectacle!
    Gold - 50,000
    Silver - 30,000
    Bronze - 20,000
    Required Salvo Points:  15,000
    Speak with everyone for tips (as if you need them by now!), and
    begin.  I chose to use a Power Scimitar.  It is best for hacking
    two handed weapon users into nothing!  Note the weapons are all
    upgraded in power and speed.  But your foes also have them.  Meat
    is also highly recommended, but keep it for yourself!  When the 
    battle begins, I highly recommend finding the group of enemies
    going at it within a firepit.  Find the switch that corresponds
    to your pit of choice, and light them up!  It will severely 
    wound but not kill your foes.  Double your bonus with a cheer
    as usual, and set into destroying the nearest couple of foes,
    whilst the others continue to wear one another down.  If you
    merely wish to survive, let them.  If you want the Gold in
    THIS round, however, you need to hack them all, as differently
    as possible, for the best Salvo possible.  To do this, get
    all their attention by running by and even striking at them.
    From here on, treat this fight as you normally would any
    other Royale.  Simply murder as quickly as possible, and
    don't let up, even for a moment.  Use the pits to your
    advantage, while doing so, but above all else thin the
    numbers as quickly as you are able.  The fewer foes, the easier
    it is to survive this battle.  Use as many insta kill from 
    dazed moves as you can muster, and trip those harder to kill
    foes into the firepits!  Procure any armor you may wish from
    burnt foes, but get out of those pits quickly!  You should
    be done with this one in no time.
    Desert Arena Round II
    At this point, you may well have the Talon Aegis armor.  If you do,
    this will become much easier than without.
    This time, friend, more wild beasts are sent after you.  Tigers,
    and men as well.  There will be sections of wood shielding located
    about the arena also.  Sextus suggests you use them wisely, and
    I second the notion.
    Gold - 20,000
    Silver - 10,000
    Bronze - 5,000
    Speak to your friends to have your confidence shattered, and then
    start the match!  All the weapons are exellent choices, but for
    points and maximum efficiency, stick to the Power Gladius with
    Spike Shield, or the Spear if you feel lucky and know how to use
    it well against quick moving targets.  Head to the tiger of your
    choice with the intent to kill it before the others get a chance
    at your hide.  You will become quickly surrounded, so make it fast.
    Hide from the group, and draw them away from the man for now.  Use
    the wooden barriest to section off your weak prey from the fresh
    Tigers, and finish it as quickly as you can.  Continue to 
    seperate each tiger from his group until they are all down, and do
    your best to keep away from the man.  Bear in mind both your
    wild flailings, tiger lunges, and the man's spear can destroy
    the wooden barriers very easily, so stay on the move.  Should
    you find room to breathe, use rocks to harm both man and beast.
    Wrest the spear away from the man if you can, and appeal to the
    crowds bloodlust for better weapons and healing foods.  You will
    only have five minutes to complete this difficult task, but keep
    your wits about you and remember not to get surrounded as before
    and you'll have them all killed down to the last minute.  Make
    use of every barrier, rock, and weapon given to you here.
    Desert Arena Round III
    Sextus informs that in life, you have two things you have no say
    in.  Your opponents, and the weather.  Puddles mar the ground from
    a recent shower, but it doesn't do any good to lessen the firece
    heat and humidity.  Today, will be another team battle!  Be ready,
    this is the hardest one yet.  All three of your statue targets
    are to your left on the map.  One South Westerly, and the other
    two to your North West.  Speak with everyone to learn a few tips,
    one important one on the fuction (sort of) of roses, and then
    choose your weapon.  I recommend a Grand Mace for statue bashing
    puposes, but anything is useful here, even the dagger if used
    correctly to insta kill a weakend foe.
    Gold - 30,000
    Silver - 15,000
    Bronze - 10,000
    Bring whoever you like with you for the win.  Big guy will watch
    your back and also easily defend the base for a short time, where
    as shorty will be of use to you either way through his agility.  
    Head to the first statue, very visible and right next to your 
    "base".  Intercept and wound your foes, don't waste too much time
    or weapon power.  Mostly just swat away the man after your group.
    Make your way around the raised platform area and climb either
    ladder.  If you played your cards right, your foes are still 
    stuck on your first statue.  Your partner will pull a switch up
    top, you wreck the statue there.  Now your partner will run down
    to a platform with a switch you have yet to pull, nearest the
    first switch pulled at your camps.  If he won't go there alone,
    you may have to run down there with him to goad him into using
    it.  Destroy the final statue for the win, and wound/cripple as
    many of the opposition as need be in the alotted time!  Cheer
    for nicer weaponry to end this even quicker.
    Octavianus has managed to make his way past the unwavering eyes
    of the guards and has succeeded in entering the Senate House.
    Can he continue on to the depths of the Senate Offices to rescue
    Cicero, who is held within?
    Senate Offices (interior)
    Save your game, and be at the ready for a semi challenging section.
    Follow the guards, walking quickly but silently behind the loner,
    up towards a window to your right.  Two guards break off, lost
    in conversing over the "pathetic" general Agrippa's battles, and
    the single will lead you to aforementioned window.  Once inside,
    Grab the Pen off the table, and jump right back out that window you
    used to enter.  Throw the pen away from the guard, to force him
    to leave the path you wish.  That path would be to your left, so
    toss the pen far to your right, but not so far he cannot hear.
    When he leaves you, head out into the garden area, sticking to the
    left.  Stay low if you must, but be as quick as possible, there is
    a patrolling guard nearby.  Immediately in front of you is a window
    with something sparkling on a desk.  Get it, it turns out to be a
    key to the Inner Offices, and something you must have.  Now that
    you have it, go to the next room on the path.  You'll find  a 
    fortune coin.  Continue to the next door, and use your key on it.
    Crouch walk slowly and quietly to the bookcase immediately in
    front of you.  Flatten up to it and edge towards the guard.  This
    is the part people tend to find troublesome.  You will need to
    WALK, not croutch, behind him.  Learn his direct route and walk
    on his heels.  As his body turns, be SURE you are going the 
    opposite direction of his turn, and break into a run should
    he turn toward you.  Immediately make for the wall opposite
    of him.  You will most certainly be seen, but before he can
    draw his blade and kill you off, Octa should be able to flatten
    to the wall and slide between it and the bookcase.  Be quick.
    It may take multiple tries, but it is very possible to pull
    this off, so hang in there!  Climb up the nearby boxes.  Then,
    make for the tiny wall hanging ledge nearest the connected
    case.  Flatten onto it with Triangle, and go around the
    entire room, being absolutely certain to CROUTCH at all
    times.  You'll end up on the other side of the room, and
    able to reach your next section.  Get your coins...
    MAJOR SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And drop...
    into the back room to find Cicero, stabbed and bleeding.
    He falls and asks Octa if he's still searching for answers.
    Octa raises him into his arms and tells him he'll get help.
    Cicero waves it away, and explains niether Vipsannius nor 
    Marcus killed Caesar.  It was "THEM".  He explains there is
    ANOTHER Brutis.  He sends you searching at the Shrine for
    further information, and dies in your arms.  Someone wanted
    him quieted.  Octa foolishly touches the murderweapon, and
    is seen by a maid.  She raises the alarm, to Octa's dismay.
    END MAJOR SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Desert Arena Round IV
    Another Artus Dominus.  Sextus tells you it's very important, of 
    course, to kill more foes than your enemy, but doubly important if
    not more so to appease the crowds thirst for blood.  Be ready.
    Gold - 80,000
    Silver - 50,000
    Bronze - 35,000
    Required Salvo Points:  20,000
    See my other Artus Dominus round for more strategies.  Speak with
    everyone for some assistance, and pick your weapon.  Any is good, 
    depending on what you've mastered thus far.  You'll also have
    a couple of presses to make use of in this large arena.
    Your enemy is very big, with a huge weapon that will claim many
    lives.  Try to trap him WITH your foes under a press if you can.
    It'll slow him greatly.  Go wherever he does not, at first.  
    He will head up the slope, so you stay on the ground and kill 
    down there as quickly as you are able.  Use the presses too.
    Get the big weapons asap for the high Salvo bonuses that
    severing bring, and use the pressed as well!  Your foe is
    a wrecking machine, be sure that you are a slaughter house.
    Your enemy will often stay right on your tail in terms of
    kills, but do not give up hope, this will be a close match.
    You should have the required Salvo you need by 10 kills
    with ease, make murder your first and only major
    concern.  Cheer for nice weaponry, but be wary of your
    foe getting it first.  You may lose if he does.  Keep at it
    with insta kills and presses and you should come out on
    Desert Arena Round V
    It grows hotter by the minute!  Today's battle is yet another
    elimination battle.  You vs. all of them.  There are four
    fire pits placed strategically around the arena this time, note
    them on your map.  Make use of them well to survive this powerful
    onslaught of enemies.  You've earned quite a reputation, many
    want your head!
    Gold - 75,000
    Silver - 45,000
    Bronze - 25,000
    Speak with everyone, then choose your best slaying tool.  I like
    to go with Grand Mace and spike shield, for defensive purposes,
    but if you're comfortable with the larger killing implements, 
    use the spear or maul by all means!
    Get past your first foe to make good use of the fire trap straight
    ahead of you.  Burn him or destroy him, and get ready for the big
    man in the evil black armor to come at you with his maul.  By this
    time, you hopefully have some nice weapons to maim and break your
    foes with.  Do so, and go for the big Salvo bonuses by burning
    multiple foes at once!  Circle round the bottom and try to take
    as little damage as possible, for as you kill and burn, a new
    wave of larger foes will emerge, armored and well armed.  Use 
    the same tactics, and don't be afraid to climb up top and use
    that to your advantage as well, knocking foes from it's heights
    and ladders.  Also use the foe's power to your advantage by 
    forcing them to break the weapon bearing statues up to for 
    your use.  Grab the weapon fast and send more foes flying!
    Do not forget to break and amputate arms to destroy your
    foe's chances at using your large weaponry!  Use every
    trick you have learned thus far, and the fire traps and 
    heights when needed, to your advantage for the win!  It may
    take a couple of tries, but you'll soon carve and bludgeon 
    your way through these waves with ease!
    Do not forget that this is a level where the Magnum Salvo can
    be easily obtained with proper planning, and doubled for well 
    about 50k Salvo BY ITSELF!!!
    Desert Arena Final Round
    Sextus informs you if you survive this round, you'll be in the
    major events!  The last Valcross is waiting for you, and he has
    some sort of animal with him.  Not many know of what it is, or 
    from where it came.  Be extra careful...
    Gold - 40,000
    Silver - 25,000
    Bronze - 15,000
    Speak to everyone to gain info on this assassin, and head inside.
    I enjoyed the Halberd for this task, but meat is also nothing
    to sneeze at, when entering a powerful boss battle.
    And so, Agrippa enters, to a smiling Decius in his private box, with
    woman in tow.  He treats her roughly, and motions for the doors to
    open.  They are huge, and from it, a giagantic, painted elephant
    enters.  A strange little shaman covered in furs and a tribal mask
    dances atop it, laughing madly.  Agrippa realizes this is the final 
    Valcross, and knows he cannot die now, so close to his Father!
    Boss Battle!  Elephant!!!
    Ok.  Tough guy, but don't worry, he IS killable.  Avoid his charge
    at the start, and from here on don't distance too much from him.
    He'll do it, and it takes away half your health!  Staying to the
    SIDES of the elephant is key.  In front, he'll wrap you in his
    mighty truck and squeeze life from you, or gore you with his powerful
    tusks.  From the rear, he'll tail swipe you and back kick mightly.
    The annoying little Valcross man up top will constantly pelt you
    with flaming vials of liquid no matter where you stand, hopefully
    you have some good armor.  If not, just keep on the move, swatting at
    a particular leg ring on the elephant or two, your aim is to 
    shatter his armor, so that his tough hide is exposed to your mighty
    swings and thrusts.  Continuously cheer when you break a ringlet,
    the crowd will give you many large weapons.  Don't forget to kick
    the elephant also, a number of strange things here will gain you
    Salvo and crowd favor!  Keep at it, and use charged attacks on the
    exposed leg(s).  Avoid the elephant's frontal stomps and rear
    kicks and do your best to use a spinning halberd for a ten hit
    fury salvo.  This will get the crowd so worked up that you will
    never run low on large weapons, nor want for food again.  Keep
    at him and do try to take as little damage as possible...this is
    only part one of this tough fight.  If you manage to take out
    all four of your enemies leggings, you'll gain the four on the
    floor bonus salvo as well!
    Boss Battle Part TWO!  Askari!!!
    Now it's personal.  You killed the crazy man's elephant.  He leaps
    down to finish you himself, and he's no joke, despite his insane
    dancing and thrashing about, singing in African chant.  He uses
    a very srong long sword, painted like his huge tribal mask helmet.
    He has a nice technique, as well.  Sometimes he'll spin after a 
    three hit combo.  Block or run away until his spinning makes him
    dizzy, and then release a combo or one charged hit of your own
    with whatever large weapon you may have.  He also tends to run
    blurringly quick and do a thrust, it's unblockable.  Just run and
    keep your ears open for the sounds he makes indicating this.  It 
    may take a bit of practice.  Keep on him, you're bound to run
    low on big weapons and resort to the Gladiuses the crowd sends
    your way.  He's quicker than any flea man you'll ever face, so
    just keep on him as best you can and try not to miss.  Hit him
    when he's vulnerable and keep blocking when need be.  Use the
    Gladiuses you're given, and do not give up.  Good job on beating
    this one!
    Decius is absolutely disgusted by your win, and Agrippa shouts
    to him, "YOU are next, I hope you are ready for ME!".  Decius
    visibly shies away, and you are taken home for a great feast in
    your honor!
    Another Brutis!  Octavianus head for the Temple to meet with Marcus
    Grab your coins on the map while you're able, and head down the
    only path you can.
    Octa finds Marcus among the long dead corpses of many slain men.
    He is upset, crying, and uttering to himself how this wasn't the
    plan.  He forces crows off the bodies, and tells of the 
    and how the other Brutus has destroyed each and every man of his
    creation, with no respect or fear.  Octa explains who he is, and
    tells Marcus Cicero sent him.  He tells of his slaying, and 
    Marcus Brutus mutters how the other Brutus has murdered 
    everyone he put up to killing Caesar.  It was NOT one
    man that killed Caesar, but many.  This "other" Brutus now
    wants all his men shut up.  Every many killed this far was
    part of it.  The evil man is covering his tracks.  Marcus
    tells Octa to go away, he needs no help of a nephew of Caesar.
    Go into the temple to get a couple of coins, and head outside,
    and pretend to leave.
    Maecenas appears, Roman guards in tow.  He ignores Octavianus,
    and orders the guards very nonchalantly to clean up the bodies,
    unseen to preserve his festival games.  Octa explains everything
    he has uncovered, but Mae asks for proof, not just words and
    "theories".  Octa can offer none, wordlessly, and so Mae tells
    him he does not care of the truth.  He just wants his games to
    move smoothly.  If proof is brought to him, somehow, he will
    release Vipsannius.  Mae gives Octa's back a wry smile as
    the boy sets off to find such physical evidence.
    Having braved the harsh climate and brutal combat in Africa, Agrippa
    now stands ready to face the final phase of the tournament.
    Those at Sextus' training facility threw a raucous party in his honor,
    but Sextus himself was conspicuosly and suspiciously missing.
    Speak to Dema and everyone at your party, and cheer with your
    fellow man!  When you are done, be sure you've finished the
    Underground Arena if you need Salvo points of the powerful
    armor that is sure to come in handy in this final match up.
    Then, seek out Claudia.  Go to Sextus' area and Claudia
    will congratulate you.  He tells her the throughs of his
    Father have gotten him this far, but it's not over yet.  He asks
    her what's wrong when she stares off, and she tells him it's 
    Sextus.  He's not who he says, he's a Pirate that wishes to
    destroy Rome.  The son of Pompeyous, the general Caesar killed
    before his slaying.  She goes further to inform you he is
    going to kill Octavianus with hired hitters!  Agrippa wants
    to know who could do this, shocked, and enraged.  She says
    she does not know, and needs his help to stop her brother.
    She wishes to stop him for she knows he will die trying
    to take on Rome.  Agrippa promises he will do what he can,
    for everyone.  
    Chapter 4:  Restoration to Glory
    Octavianus tells Pansa everything, and rushes their planning, 
    for he knows soon the games will end, and Vippsanius will die.
    Pansa says Caesar kept records of every man in his employ.  And of
    every goings on, even shady ones.  Octa needs to know where to find
    such papers, and he tells you to try Antonius' estate once more, 
    deep within the vault.  Before you go, be sure to visit EVERY map
    for coin and gossip among the citizens, including the north part
    of the City Gate that many players overlook.  Then, head to
    the Estate, once more.  Here, you may well find the name of the
    other Brutus.
    Antonius' Estate (Part II)
    Grab an apple from the vendor, speak to everyone, get any hidden
    coins on this map, and then speak to the carriage man.  He informs
    you his horse spooks easily.  Why he wishes to tell anyone this, 
    we may never know, but take advange of his open words, and heave
    your apple at the scaredy steed.  The horse will cause enough
    commotion that the guards will not notice you slipping into the front
    gate.  Head inside.
    Make your way to the right, and stay far away from the guards 
    patrolling.  It is possible to attempt stealing a guard's uniform,
    but hard to pull off.  If you go to your goal door, you'll find it's
    locked tight.  Head to the door within sight, on the left.  Once 
    inside of it, a guard flirts with a maid.  She is afraid the tigers
    in Decius' basement will get free.  The guard assures her Pontius is
    bringing him the key that keeps them safely locked up for show.  He
    goes on to reassure her he will protect her if they get loose.  Yeah,
    right.  Ok, there is a coin in this room.  If you are dressed as a 
    guard, you may get it.  If not, just head on out of this room, unseen
    by the pair if you can help it.  Go to the door you entered from,
    and flatten into the wall.  CROUTCH and make your wall all the way
    around the top of the room.  If you must run down there for the coin,
    be sure you avoid the guard and get away in one piece.  Once past the
    crack and into the next room, drop down from the nearby ledge and take
    note of the items around you.  You're going to pull the same trick you
    pulled on the bandits before.  Wait for the patrolling guard to get 
    very near you, and hit him with a flower vase.  Quickly change your 
    clothing to his armor, and walk nonchalantly around the corner to
    the stationed guard at the steps.  The step guard should be coming
    to investigate the noise of your assualt.  WALK up the stairs right
    by him.
    Now you're in the Galley, and things get iffy here.  There are many
    routes to victory, but I will list the plainest one I can come
    to.  You'll note in the kitch near you, there are MANY items.  Honey,
    flour, rats, apples, rope.  All with different functions, all highly
    useful to get past the stationed door guard.  There are many guards
    and a maid between you and victory, however.  The flour will prove
    highly useful, as it will allow you to take a more offensive approach
    Octa isn't used to.  One well timed toss of it can force even four men
    to cough and shield their eyes.  Here we go.  First, get the rat, 
    unseen by the hall guards.  This can be tricky, use the apple to 
    divert their attentions if need be, by throwing it near them so they
    walk to investigate the sound, turning both backs to you.  Use the
    rat in the room the maid occupies with the stove, she'll run out to 
    where the two guards patrol.  Now, be SURE you have both the flour,
    and the honey in X and Square hands.  If a guard sees you, all the
    better.  Stand in the narrow DOORWAY and use flour to stop a guard,
    use honey on him and it will break, creating a sticky puddle they 
    will all slip on.  Use flour to keep them at bay should any somehow
    get past your honey puddle, and grab another honey.  Your aim is to
    make sure every guard slips and falls over the honey, maid too, if
    you wish it so.  Drag guard bodies out of the way if the others can't
    get to you and use another honey puddle on them.  When they're down, 
    let your meter drop and grab a Roma helmet off one of the men.  Now,
    head for the stationed guard.  With Vase in tow, hidden behind your
    back, walk to his left.  When he fully turns around to look at you,
    walk to his right, where his back is.  He should be stucking in the
    questioning animation still, back to you VERY briefly.  Hit him over
    the head with wine flask or jar, get your gold fortune coin for 
    taking out everyone, and head inside.  A man let's the maid know
    Decius is out, and tells her he lost the key in the tiger pit/
    treasure area.  Hmmm.  She also tells him Decius will have him
    killed if he finds out.  The man does not know what to do.  
    Welcome to the Garden Part II, another very difficult part
    of the stealth in this game.  First, make very careful
    note of your surroundings on your map.  Next, go to
    Decius' bedroom (I told you earlier to know where it is),
    at the upper left of the map.  Walk right past the two
    guards, ignoring their warnings that Decius will have your
    head for trespassing, and take all the man's coins.  Heh
    heh heh.  Now then, head for the garden, and find a frog to 
    pick up, but don't let the patrol see it.  Once you get it,
    toss it into the room as close to the maid as possible.
    Now, you may have to rebound it off a wall to reach her more
    easily.  It's ok, he's a tough frog.  She'll shriek and run
    to the stationary guards near Decius' bedroom.  Now, walk slowly
    up to the man in charge (marked on your map as special) and hit
    him with the oil the maid had near her feet.  When he's out, run
    around the puddle until all the assualting guards slip and
    pass out on the puddle.  Those dummies.  Search your main
    target for his key, and get outta here (goal circled on the
    Now you're back at the main area of the Estate, but fully costumed.
    Get all the coins you may have passed up thus far, and then FINALLY
    go for your main goal door, down to the basement.
    Welcome to Antonius' basement of secrets and horror!  Peep through
    the vault doors to see what may be inside, and then go to the green
    door.  Ulp.  The gates are all broken open, and the walls stained
    with crimson.  I do not think that's chocolate syrup, considering
    what type of game you're playing.  Listen, Octa, I know you love
    Agrippa and his family, but c'mon man, no one will be angry at you if
    you turn back and cry like a little girl.  3 Great White Tigers vs.
    Octavianus?  No turning back eh?  Ok, here we go.
    Boss Battle!  Octavianus vs. 3 White Bengal Tigers!!!
    Ok, this is all about your strategy.  You know the key is in the room
    somehwere, but where?  Let's go find it.  Do NOT, I repeat do NOT
    go straight ahead to the two white tigers.  Instead, turn around
    and go back the way you came.  Flatten to the wall past the three 
    stands of....tiger chow, or leftovers, and go down the steps quickly.
    Get the torch, you'll need it to live.  Ok, these wooden tiger food
    stands.  You can break them with your weak torch to open new paths,
    and to find coins hidden.  I don't recommend this until you learn the
    room quite well.  Tigers can easily scratch through them, or worse,
    LEAP through onto you with no problems.  They also run about five times
    faster than Octavianus can.  Charge the one tiger at the back of the
    room, and open the cage on your left IMMEDIATELY.  Go in, break the
    stand of bones to get the key, and pray the tiger is on the other
    side of the bars.  Now for the fun part.  You just have to get away.
    You can do two things.  You can periodically turn and swat any of the
    3 tigers chasing you with flames to keep them at bay for roughly 3 
    seconds, or you can do the aforementioned WHILST destroying all the
    brown stands for coins and still get away with your skin.  Whichever
    you do, swat at them regularly but watch your torches "health" and
    GET OUT OF THAT ROOM!!!  Go back the way you came in, or cut even 
    faster past the 2 tigers in the middle of the room and up the stairs
    you started out facing.  
    Use the Vault Key on the Vault and go inside to find the scroll
    you'd think the conspirators would have destroyed.  Did Antonious
    now find it?  He had to have, because it is in HIS vault.
    It must be his sick trophy of sorts.
    I won't write word for word what the long parchment says, but
    Marcus Antonius is not suited for politics.  Tries too hard and
    fails.  Is brutal and unhonorable.
    Vibius PANSA Caetronianus (your mentor) is well suited to be
    chief of consul, but no one would accept such an order.  Too
    Marcus Brutus would have been wonderful to rule, except that
    constant doting by Cicero has given him a huge ego.  Caesar
    wanted to seperate them for a bit.  Obviously the men did
    not like it.  How childish.
    Cassius Longiness quite enjoys betrayal, and is not suited to 
    ANY form of responsibility.
    Marcus Tullius CICERO is a true patriot through and through,
    sadly old age has clouded his judgement, and Caesar wished
    to keep him out of politics until new laws were passed, 
    possibly prohibiting his power a bit.  Half and half on this
    guy then.
    DECIUS BRUTUS is a marvelous soldier, but Caesar often called
    into question the man's morality.  He wished to send him
    away to lead Northern Colonies, but not much else, and would
    have had him spied on often.  The man is a butcher, not an
    honorable soldier, or a patriot as he claims so often.  He
    is the SECOND BRUTUS pulling all these strings.  
    Octa hears men wondering where Decius is.  That's your man.
    It becomes known he's heading for the Temple.  Octavianus
    rushes off to meet him.  Save the game.  
    Back at Sextus' stable, Agrippa speaks with Claudia about how he
    is missing.  Claudia knows Sextus found Octa, and could not
    stop him from going to murder him for his contractors.  She worries
    no one can get through to Sextus anymore.  Iris and Charmane appear,
    strange foriegn twins.  Claudia puzzles out their "mistress," the
    "great One", wants Octa gone.  They dissapear in a gust of magic
    wind, telling Agrippa no one can stop their plans now.  Their
    flirtatious laugher is heard on the wind.  Claudia runs off to
    find Sextus, sword in hand.  Agrippa is free to move about now.
    Speak to everyone as per usual, saving Dema is Sextus' office for
    last.  Know that this is the last chance you have to enter the
    Underground Arena to get up points toward better armors.  I highly
    suggest you do, they will be invaluable to winning the final
    rounds of combat to come.
    When you're ready, speak with Dema.  The others are excited and
    ready for the main event at the capital in Rome!  Sextus has
    left a letter for you.  When you're ready to start up the final
    rounds of the grand events, speak with the carriage guard in the
    training yard to depart.
    Agrippa is in the same cart as his father.  He assualts Agrippa veribly,
    telling him he is a fool for being a gladiator.  Agrippa holds his hand,
    and they smile at one another.  All must be well.
    The grand arena of Rome is shown in full glory.  So many have packed it's
    walls.  Antonius is in his private box with Decius.  He gives a mighty
    speech about the great Caesar, and orders the winning gladiators to
    slay Vippsanius.  The crowd goes wild, and so do the gladiators, made kings
    even if for a single moment in time.  Dema, in a special helmet, is your
    leader now.
    Great Arena Round I
    The place is packed, and it's time for the historical first match!
    This one is definately one of the toughest fights in the entire game,
    friend.  It may take many attempts.  I hope you're ready for combat.
    Dema explains that today's event is a Rescue.  Three poor women
    are caged.  Certain killers near each cage hold the key, or you can
    break the cages with anything you wish, but the women take damage.  The
    mission is a hard one, as once a woman is released, the gladiators stop
    at nothing to slay her, not you.  They also come in endless waves that
    never once falter.  Be strong, be smart.
    Gold - 50,000
    Silver - 30,000
    Bronze - 20,000
    I strongly recommend saving ONE woman at a time.  Open the cage, lead her
    to where you started, and she's safe.  They run twice as slow as you or the
    other combatants, so be ready for that.  Your enemies will swarm onto her
    well before they attack you if a woman is out of her cage.  Obtain keys
    from the nearest men to the cages, or bash it open, at cost to her health.
    The women also tend to freeze and wet themselves if they are hit, or if you
    run too far away.  Simply speak with them using circle to get them going
    again.  Dema is worried about how well you handle women, some day he may
    teach you how to make them happy.  *wink wink*
    Speak to your fellows before going in.  When you're ready, choose the
    weapon that best suits what you've learned thus far.  See my
    above strategies way back in the guide for battle pointers.  Hang in
    there, this battle is a hard one.  I went with Grand Mace and Parma,
    but any weapon is good for this level if you use it correctly.
    Kill the green armored foe on the right however you see fit.  Combos and
    insta kills are best, preserve your health as much as you are able.  This
    is a long match.  Pull the spike shield foe on your right out of arrow range,
    in between the spike pit if you can.  Battle him as you wish, use the spikes
    for bonus points and a nice weapon from the crowd.  Speak to the first 
    genrously bosomed lass on the right, break her free and try not to hurt her
    too much.  Get her to where you started, with minimal conflict.  
    Ok, back at the start.  Go left this time, and take out the man with the
    mace and torch, then run up the wood ramp to the archer.  Note new enemies
    will now enter the arena.  You can do this more easily by disarming or 
    breaking the limbs of the foes, without murdering, to keep the stale old
    foes in the arena with no refreshed new ones, but you'll get less points 
    and no keys this way.  Once up the ramp, finish the archer, be sure to use 
    the spike shield you should have to block arrows.  Once you have her key,
    head to the woman on the left of your map, near the ramp you used.  By now,
    many men will be in your way.  Murder them all using the tactics you've 
    picked up before, and make sure the woman is clear.  Then, set her free and
    get her to your exit!  As men rush to meet you, cripple them and kill
    faster than you ever have before.  Cheer for good weapons and meats to
    live much longer.  Defend her to her last steps and remember to speak
    with her using circle when she stops running and cries.  Be wary, sometimes
    a scimitar wielding bowman appears at your exit.  Kill him asap with anything
    you find.  Now for number 3.
    By now, you more than likely have quite the collection of bad men after you.
    Unless you've simply crippled the men in the arena within an inch of their 
    lives.  Either way, you must kill here.  Run up the wooden ramp and go to
    the third woman's cage.  Use the key from the big man you kill or break it,
    and knock men from the ladder.  Get her to the narrow wood area with you,
    and note that one man can hold off 1 million using the narrow area to his
    advantage.  Just do NOT get surrouned or you are both dead.  Once the way
    is fully cleared, fight your way to the exit as you did for the second woman.
    Many will oppose you, randomly it seems, but do not lose hope.  Use every
    baiting, blocking, insta killing, food grabbing, giant weaponry gaining trick
    I've taught you throughout this guide to eventually suceed.  The woman
    will often run the wrong way when scared or attacked, so do not drop
    your guard until she is safe and the day is yours!
    Note that the men WILL eventually stop coming, but it takes some time to kill
    them all off.
    Great Arena Round II
    Beasts from Dema's homeland are here....uh oh.  Speak to EVERYONE to
    gain a little insight, and alot of fear.  Then, note the funny men
    in the corner.  Here we go...
    Gold - 30,000
    Silver - 20,000
    Bronze - 10,000
    After you've spoken to everyone, choose your weapon.  Scimitar and
    cheese is nice, but all the choices are doable if you know how
    to use them.  Time to show these fools who's on top of the food chain!
    Dodge the elephants initial, half life bar draining charge.  Note the
    many statues that hold large weapons for you, and the catapult at the
    rear of the arena.  Your first goal will be to kill the tigers, as they
    will rip you to shreds if you waste time on the elephant.  Whilst 
    being sure you aren't surrouned by the tigers, listen for the elephant's
    massive charge.  Kill the tigers asap, using any weapons you can muster.
    With them gone, try and force the elephant to charge right over the
    statues to get the weapons for you.  Now, Vultures enter the
    arena, in large flocks!  Avoid/kill them at will, but mainly use
    all the large weapons you have on the elephants SIDES only!
    Use the catapult when you are free to for better Salvos, and don't
    forget to kick the elephant!  There are also two meats to be found
    on either side of the catapult, use them well!  Halfway through the
    elephant's health, two more tigers enter, with vultures still making
    problems!  Avoid the bird brains or toss rocks from afar, and kill the
    two tigers same as before, avoiding the elephant charges and being
    cornered.  Speed is key!  Keep those eyes open.  The statues pop
    back up into place when all three are shattered.  Do not allow the
    tigers to pin you.  Kill vultures and tigers alike, and it'll be just
    you and the staggering, near dead elephant.  Keep on him with ANY weapons,
    and use that meat!  
    Great Arena Round III
    Dema compliments your "hunting" skills and explains today's event
    is yet another elimination.  Remember the spikey pit elimination 
    way back with two rooms?  This time, there are four, the order
    you take them is up to you.  You must clear all four AND the
    foes between rooms as well.  Keep your head about you and learn which
    rooms suit you best, in which order, and you'll do just fine.
    Gold - 70,000
    Silver - 40,000
    Bronze - 25,000
    After you speak to everyone for good advice on this mystery match up,
    choose your square hand weapon.  I like the dagger, but the shield
    will do.  Entering with nothing nets a nice bonus as well.
    This first area is tricky and tough.  Run past the two men, dodging.
    Head under the press.  The crowd may toss you a weapon.  The foe
    will probably reach it before you can though.  Get the other two
    enemies on you.  Try to lure all four under the press, taking as
    little damage as possible.  Crush whoever you can, cheer for points,
    and get any weapons available.  Now, you have a better chance.  Kill
    however you normally would, but make it quick because you need
    all your armor and health to last.  Then, get ready for an archer
    to come from your entry point, and one ahead, with a big man.  Use
    the press on the big man whilst dodging arrows.  Then finish the
    archers however you see fit.  There is meat in the corner of the
    next area beyond the press.  Use it.  Time to head through to the next
    of the four areas.  
    Lots of spinning blades.  Use them while dodging arrows and kill your 
    foes.  Keep in mind you CAN destroy the spinning traps.  Finish the
    archer and get ready for two more plus some mid sized men to storm
    in.  Be quick and deadly, breaking and amputating foes left and right,
    using the blades to your advange while you duck them.  Get ready for 
    one final big man with a halberd, and then go to the small door in back
    to move forward.  So close!
    Ok, for this tiny room, you'll want a quick weapon and even faster
    feet.  The area is covered in brush and bushes like a forest, and
    filled with archer women.  Hunt them and finish them, and be wary of
    any flaming arrows coming your way.  As you slay them as extravagantly
    as possible, be ready for more archers and heavy weapons men to arrive.
    Search the bushes for more weapons, cheer for big ones, and look for meat
    by using your map if you have time.  It's hidden in bushes and foes will
    use it all if they can.  Once you annihilate your final big foe, find
    the bridge out and go to the fourth and final area.
    A large weapon is key in this, the tiniest of all four areas.  It's
    a straight up slaughter to the finish.  Kill everyone and do not get
    surrouned by any means, or it's all over.  Get weapons from the 
    crowd by cheering, and kill kill kill!  A small, burning circle appears
    in the center of the ring, deadly to you and your foes.  Keep off it, 
    foes onto it or suplex them.  They die fast that way.  Hopefull you'll win
    long before the burning circle covers the entire floor.  Throw weapons
    if you have to!
    Great Arena Round IV
    No one expected you to make it this far!  Quite a name for yourself
    now, eh?  Today's is another team battle.  With hard to find
    statues and levers this time around, four in all.
    Gold - 30,000
    Silver - 15,000
    Bronze - 10,000
    Speak with everyone and reply to Dema both ways if you wish, and then
    pick a good weapon for statues.  Like the Grand Mace!  Let's do it.
    Bring whoever you wish, I got the big man on my side because he
    drops his large weapon when he pulls siwtches and you can
    take it for yourself.  Destory EVERY rock near your camp, trust me.
    Then, head under the arch to the first lever, killing anyone you
    see, crippling the other team as well.  Toss rocks and your
    weapons at the raised up statue to eventually (so slowly) break it.
    Head around to the second statue asap and use the rocks and any 
    weapons the crowd gives you.  Cripple your foes to make them slow or 
    armed if able to make this battle much easier.  Once you've done this,
    head to the next switch.  Hope your aim is exceptional!  About five
    rocks and three swords thrown later, the statue should break.  If
    you crippled your foes and took all the rocks for you or broke them, 
    your team should be WAY ahead.  Go to the last statue with time
    to spare, and get a weapon from the crowd to finish it once and for
    all!  Easier said than done, I know, but practice and you'll be 
    a pro at this one in no time.  Use the spike pit and double it
    with a good cheer if you want the Gold.
    Octavianus has learned through Caesar's letter found beneath 
    Antonius' residence that the other Brutus is none other than
    Decius.  In pursuit of the dastardly Decius, Octavianus once
    again makes his way to the temple for the final confrontation.  Or
    is it?...
    Temple  Part II
    As you walk the path, Sextus appears with two very large, very angry
    halberd wielding pirates.  He tells you he has been waiting to end
    your life for a very long time, in the name of Pompeyous.  Uh oh.
    Boss Battle!  Pirate Assassins!!!
    Not too terrible, despite their imposing looks.  Ok, first rush up
    and kick the barrel at the nearest man.  Then, run up the slope to
    the wood shed and kick the second barrel at another man.  Rush back
    down to the fire and grab a torch out of it.  It spawns unlimited 
    torches.  Next, bait a man into swinging his halberd, and when he
    misses, rush in and burn him.  Do it to both men several
    times and they will throw their weapons at you.  Watch out!  Soon,
    they will jump off the cliff into the ocean to quench the flames!
    Sextus comes at you with his two very cool gypsy blades.
    Octa pulls a Matrix and dodges them well.  Claudia rushes in to stop
    her "brother".  Oca is confused.  Claudia tells Sextus this
    carnage isn't worth it, and will solve nothing.  Sextus says he
    would do anything for her, but not stop trying to kill Octavianus.
    She blocks Sextus' blades and sends you rushing to the temple.
    Once there, get your coins.  Head inside, to hear a scream of pain.
    Decius has stabbed Marcus Brutus in the stomach, grinning.  Looks
    like all the conspirators are dead.  It will be a slow death.  As
    he leaves the gates, Octa hides behind the door.  He rushes to a 
    very bloody Marcus.  He laughs, knowing Octa reached the truth.
    He explains how Decius Brutus created the conspiracy to gain power
    for himself, using the dissadints in the Senate, knowing they
    also did not like Caesar for various selfish reasons.  He then
    refuses Octa's help and dies...his last words about how he was
    Caesar's bastard son, and how he never got so much as a kind
    word from his father.  He hated him for being so hard on him.  He
    cries, laughs lightly, remembers his father, and dies.  
    With the evadence in tow, Octavianus is met by Maecenas and his
    private Roman Guard.  He presents the proof to ole Mae, and is
    arrested.  What?!  Oh no!!!  He doesn't wish  you to continue
    in your meddling.  He doesn't want the games ruined.  The evil
    Maecenas knows all.  Octavianus is taken away by the guards,
    while the evil music plays on.
    Save the game!
    Great Arena Round V
    Dema explains what an exciting day this will be!  It's another huge
    Siege!  Break into the "castle" and kill the master within!
    Gold - 70,000
    Silver - 40,000
    Bronze - 25,000
    There is a narrow route and a wide route within it's walls.  Which to
    choose?  Speak to everyone and be sure to learn the map well.  Then,
    choose which weapon you enjoy killing with best.  I like the Spear,
    but up to now, you should know your own style, you've made it
    this far!  Good luck!!
    Use the broken stone walls outside to your advantage, and murder
    the first man you see.  Get the stones while avoiding arrows and
    load up the catapult.  Crash the gate and try to kill at least one
    archer if you're able.  Corner and kill the next three men you
    meet at the gate, using large weapons as you see fit from the crowds.
    Use those broken stone battlements to block the lone archer.  When
    they are no longer of this world, move within the walls.
    As you try to enter, three more men will assualt you.  You know
    what to do by now!  If not, read back in my guide for better 
    fighting tips, and keep practicing!  Hopefully, you're close
    to getting a Bonum Salvo by now, a Magnum later.  Once inside,
    with a large weapon preferably, get ready to kill the lone
    archer if he hasn't dropped down already.  Note the key the first 
    archer on the left dropped upon his death.  Get it.  
    As you head up the small ramp, beware the two shooters in front
    of you and one far back behind.  Kill them asap and get their
    arrows to do some long distance death dealing of your own!
    Be sure all three are dead or out of ammo before you continue on.
    If they run out, they'll drop to grab any nearby weapons, even rocks, 
    so be ever ready to fight from afar and up close with the archer types.
    Use your key behind the main baddie of the place to lower a small
    plank connecting to the teeny platform in case you need to run back.
    Use arrows, and rocks from afar to soften the man up, and then get
    his weapon and break both his arms, then split his skull.  This
    giant, black clad Master of the Keep will die easily enough when
    softened up from afar first.  Avoid his long reach, and crack
    that armor!
    Grand Arena Round VI
    Dema is convinced you are the greatest warrior that has ever lived,
    but has to go over the rules anyway.  They are new.  This is called
    a sword struggle.  This is one of the hardest and most frustrating
    matches ever concieved by man or game designer alike.  Basically,
    a WOMAN has a wooend sword, named Rudis.  You must get it from
    her cold dead hand, and present it to the crowd after having
    climbed a huge structure in the middle of the arena.  You will
    be timed, too.  If time is up and you haven't presented it, you 
    will lose and be killed.  Rough eh?  Get ready for alot of restarts.
    Gold - 95,000
    Silver - 65,000
    Bronze 50,000
    Ok first things first.  Kill EVERY female you see.  The THIRD
    female you kill will drop Rudis.  But, to do this, you must
    kill, kill, KILL!  Basically, killing one man will make
    the game spawn a new arena fighter.  Killing enough will 
    eventually spawn the woman you want.  It takes alot though,
    so don't die, fight well, and read all my aforementioned
    battle tactics throughout this guide and it's many missions 
    if you wish to succeed.  
    Speak with everyone and choose your favoriate weapon.  If
    you win, you get a chance to battle the scum, Decius Brutus!
    I like the Power Scimitar, but anything is good for your
    style.  I preferr to remove limbs to gain big weapons fast.
    10 minutes!  Head straight left towards the female sharpshooter,
    and get a big weapon if you can.  Kill all who oppose you and 
    beware the arrows that rain like hail.  When she is dead for
    certain, go anywhere you wish and KILL as much as you can to
    spawn two women.  Watch your map to learn where new foes are 
    coming from.  Keep at it until the two appear.  Be sharp,
    and be powerful.  Agression is key, but dodge the arrows!
    Use every power trick you know, and when the women
    spawn, slay them BOTH fast, and find Rudis on the second
    woman.  The enemy here will go straight after your sword,
    and do their best to keep it from you.  It will not break,
    and cannot be lost unless thrown outside, which 
    would be a very bad thing.  Run run run, as a wooden 
    sword isn't all that powerful and is easily lost to
    their theiving hands, and scale the middle structure.  Avoid,
    or kill in advance, the large man in menacing black chain
    mail.  Scale the structure and present the weapon with cicle
    when prompted for the win!  Some have done this with up to
    four mins remaining, some with 4 SECONDS.  Keep at it,
    and watch for the women, force a spawn by killing quick!
    Great Arena Final Round
    Dema is estatic that his "brother" (you) made it this far!  This is
    it!!  The long journey is finally at it's end.  Finally, at long
    last.  Can you taste the vengence upon your lips?  Your Mother's
    killer, soon to be your Father's.  Decius Brutus.
    Gold - 30,000
    Silver - 15,000
    Bronze - 10,000
    Speak to everyone for final tips, and choose your weapons wisely, 
    my friend.  You know the Gladius is middle of power and speed,
    the Scimitar is all speed with low power, and the Mace is pure
    power with low speed.  Or, you could go in with nothing, and
    cheer to double it.  That road is quite hard, but know the
    crowd WILL toss you a steady supply of swords soon enough.
    I went with Gladius, to start, and spike shield.  Good luck!
    Let's give the crowd something to remember, Gladiator!!!
    Boss Battle!  Decius Brutus!!!
    The gigantic arena is packed to bursting with screaming fans and
    confetti flows on the wind, with rose buds.  Agrippa enters, Gladius
    in hand, staring down the sneering Decius.  The man laughs, Finally,
    he can make Agrippa pay for what he did to Valcross.  Agrippa 
    taunts and goads on Decius until he ends the taunts reminding
    him of his dead Mother.  They both frown, ready to kill, as a 
    huge steel cage surrounds the two.
    Ok.  He's a tough one!  FOUR HEALTH BARS!  Don't worry,
    you only need to take two.  That alone is nearly impossible.
    He'll start off by laughing at you, rush in for a few combos.  Just
    keep using shield with sword combos and block/dodge all of his 
    ultra hard hitting steel punches.  He'll charge at you for a huge
    uppercut, don't let it happen.  Claws will come out and shred your
    belly like so much fine silk.  Also, don't let him grab you in both
    hands, as he often enjoyed doing to you when you two first faught.
    He will knee you and combo  you if he can grab your body.
    Keep on his hands, and one will break for a great Salvo.  Let
    the crowd toss you a giant halberd, and tear into him.  He will
    start grabbing swords and one handed weapons of the like when one
    hand is iron gloveless.  Keep bashing at him with charged attacks
    and combos!  
    After 2 bars, you get a cinema.  He stops you from killing him by
    telling your father is about to die, and gets in a dirty hit to grab
    your Gladius.  Before he kills Agrippa, the Royal Guard enters,
    with Maecenas declaring the Father of Rome has returned!
    Caesar enters the ring, much to Decius' dismay!  The cage 
    around you two drops as Caesar walks forward boldly.  The
    crowd goes wild.  Antonius is in denail as well.  Caesar
    waves, and Decius admits he murdered Caesar.  They tell
    him it was not Caesar, and that it was an impostor.
    the crowd, again, goes wild.  Decius' entire deciet and
    plot are exposed.  Vipsannius is freed, he and Agrippa hug. 
    Yay!  Antonius demands Mae explain himself, he KNOWS
    he killed Caesar.  Caesar tells Antonius to leave the
    rulers box.  He is not named his succesor.  Mae explains
    more to the crowd about how Antonius staged it all,
    even over Decius Brutus.  Everyone is in awe as the plot
    unfolds, Antonius has a tempter tantrum, and flashes
    Iris and Charmange give a strange letter from their
    Mistress.  It details how Ceasar does not plan to
    make Antonius his successor.  He cannot believe it,
    he was the right hand!  The strange but pretty twins
    tell him to look into his will, at the Temple for
    proof.  He runs off, reading every word we found
    in his vault in disbelief.  He knows who the
    real Caesar is to be, and it isn't him.  The twins
    appear in his box to goad him into verbally assaulting
    Mae.  AGrippa asks who is the real Caesar then?
    Mae explains it is the man before them, the man prvoing,
    and deserving of title of Caesar.  Everyone watches,
    as the "Ceasar" pulls off his mask and cape.  Beneath
    is a well dressed Octavianus!  The twings realize
    Sextus has failed the Mistress, and leave silently,
    muttering of messes in planning.  Mae aays this was his
    plan all along.  Antonius orders Decius to slay
    Octa and crew!  The cage raises...as Agrippa rushes on
    the mighty Decius.  A cool fight ensues in the cutscene,
    as the twisted madman raves about how his talent and
    genius were not appreciated.  And then...
    Boss Battle!  Decius Part II!!!
    Ok, two more health bars!  Lucky for you, you are restored and
    a shield is tossed into the cage.  Now, his claws are out.
    Are you ready?!  He has the same attacks, but they all hurt you
    ten times more because of the giant nails in each hand.  Hit
    him hard even when he blocks, to destroy the nails.  You can 
    use them as weapons as well!  Statues will also raise up in the
    cage and offer weapons.  Keep moving fast, and avoid getting
    too close for too long.  Quick combos and destroying his nails
    are key here.  Cheer for food when you need it, too.  You 
    won't find much.  Force him to break statues for you when
    you can, it saves much time and health.  Throw weapons and
    use my above strategies for Part I of Decius as much as
    you are able.  Break those nails and then move in to suplex
    The cage lowers as Decius dies.  His Lion head tumbles.  He bleeds
    everywhere and breathes his last, claiming to be a genious.
    The serious music starts as Antonius enters, giant Gold
    Magnus in hand.  The cage raises.  You must always stay one step
    ahead, or time catches up to you, he laughs, mirthlessly.
    Boss Battle!  Antonius!!!
    Ok, talk about strong.  Stay away from him unless you're comboing
    him many times.  Keep on the move more than with Decius.  Dart in
    and out, forcing him to swing and miss, as you delivery combo after
    combo.  Use large weapons asap.  When he leaps at you, Magnus
    high, dodge roll or run for a good bonus Salvo, multiply it with
    a spotlight cheer for food/giant weapons.  Keep at him the same
    as with Decius, and his sword will break.  Then he is forced to use
    small, one handed weapons, or large ones if you let him.  So don't.
    He is an exellent master of all weapons and fist fighting.  Block
    and dodge accordingly.  Everything you've learned thus far is rolled
    into one here.  BLOCKING is key.  You can't charge up too much, as
    he dodges.  Do try and get behind him and kick his rear to get a 
    Salvo!  He has many swipes, lunges, and other attacks you've come to
    know throughout from other weapons.  Soon, he will fall!
    Antonius is taken away by the guards.  Agrippa wants him to face
    the people, not have a quick death.  Mae has known ALL along
    that Octa is to be Caesar.  He apoligizes, but knows it had to
    have been done this way for any chance of sucess.  Agrippa
    hugs his Father, and suddenly Rome bursts into flames!  Pirates of
    SEXTUS are attacking!  The men rush in to liberate Antonius!!
    They rush forward to face Agrippa and the Roman soliders!
    Death is everywhere, and in the confusion, Antonius is
    carried away!  Vipsannius notices an archer pirate aiming for
    Agrippa, and takes the arrow to save his son.  It is not
    fatal, but the general is out of the game.  He sends Agrippa
    to find Sextus and Antonius.  Octa and Mae stay behind as
    well.  SAVE THE GAME!
    Rome In Flames
    Welcome to the city streets of Rome in flames!  You're back in
    your Centurion armor, which, surpisingly, is weaker than
    the Aegis.  So be more careful about hits you take!
    Check your map and your path should be apparent.  You must wind
    through city streets, buildings, and other small passages.  When
    in doubt, try breaking something, or finding a door into a building!
    Beware of the five or so Pirate Archers in hiding all over the
    roofs and interiors.  Also, break boxes and barrels for weapons
    and food!
    You can use rocks to break doors and kill bad guys, and don't
    forget to pick up enemy archers arrows!  
    As you run up the burning streets, you'll find Claudia 
    killing off some pirate scum!  Quite well, I might add.  She's
    tough!  She tells him Sextus is ahead, and she couldn't stop
    him.  As they go, Iris and Charmiane appear once more, elusive
    as ever, up in a tower.  They are holding hands.  They say
    Antonius still has things to do for them, and though it's quite a 
    task, they must let him escape.  Trow large, oddly masked African
    Fellows enter, giant spears of red and blue in hand.  One man
    wears a blue cloth, one a red.  Who are these masters of the spear?!
    Boss Battle!  Zedo & Gedo!!!
    Wow, this is a tough one, even with Claudia here to help!  You
    must hurry, Sextus is getting away with Antonius!
    The men will focus the camera on them and yell their names.
    Anytime this happens this will charge and it is unavoidable if you
    are in their path of death.  Go to the other side of the bushes to
    remedy this.  Pick either one and try to get him seperate in a 
    corner.  Dodge and block as you would fighting any spearman,
    and combo when you can.  Should you lose a weapon or several,
    Claudia makes herself useful by leaving the screen for a moment and
    returning with a random weapon for you to use.
    The men will also climb up the buildings (wow they jump high!) and
    toss down a vial of poison at you two.  This hurts AND will stun
    you and your partner.  It also can reverse the controls, but
    this is rare.  Use your arrows, IF you can hit them.  These guys
    are the hardest you've ever faced.  The spears are used
    like normal, but are double in length and power.  They can
    strike through the bushes and also tend to do an arm linked
    spin attack.  That's a great time to shoot them.  Keep at
    it.  When their spears are stolen or broken, they run away
    to get more.  Doh.  Try to concentrate on just one, and when
    he leaves to get a better weapon, play good defense and don't
    let him by you by repeatedly hitting him with anything, even
    shoulders if they are all you have.  He will keep trying to run
    and never attack, while Claudia keeps the second one busy.  Do
    this as often as you can to quickly finish one, then just be
    careful with the second.  It is much easier with just one.
    Claudia also cannot die, so let her fight!  She sometimes
    brings food to you, but only if you perform well, as if in the
    arena.  Also be aware that if one gets by to his spear, he'll
    toss his buddy one as well!  Just block and be fleet of foot,
    getting in strikes when you can, using their spears if you're
    able to make it go easier!
    The twins watched your fight, laugh at you, and dissapear
    into the flames as you chase after Sextus!
    Port Ostia
    Claudia shows you the ship Sextus is using for Antonius.
    Head towards it, but be ready for two slumped black shapes in hiding.
    Throw your sword with auto aim for a good instakill, and get
    the mace nearby!  Murder the other with a head bash, and
    get ready for another mid pirate to attack from behind!  Claudia
    helps you here a little, mostly by distracting the guards.
    Get new shields, helmets, and weapons, and follow the only
    path you can.  Don't forget to break boxes for food, then drop into
    the dank green sewers beneath the port.
    Uh oh.  Two big pirates with maces.  Let Claudia take on one,
    you use your big man fighting tactics to kill the other.  Do it
    quick.  The longer you take, the worse you risk great harm, you
    need lots of health, trust me.  When the deed is done, double team
    the other big man.  Insta kill however you see fit, don't forget you
    can suplex!  There are many hidden weapons in the waters depths
    as well!  Ew, such green water.  Get a good weapon and secondary,
    and chop all the wood until you're out!
    Follow your only path forward, get the food from the boxes, and
    head up.  On the next screen, two more big men await.  You should
    know what to do by now, just preserve your health by killing 
    quick!  The knife from the sewers helps ALOT, and there are
    weapons a bit ahead in boxes, do not forget to use them!
    Head down the docks breaking and amputating parts, get ready
    for a few big guys, one at a time.  Avoid taking any hits.
    Head up to find the docks destroyed and the boat gone.
    Sextus laughs as he approaches you by hook.  He swings in and
    tells you Antonius escaped to the seas.  He cannot believe 
    Agrippa is friends with Octavianus.  Sextus knows he must
    take Rome for his lost Father.  He will NEVER stop.  He
    punches a begging Claudia and puts her out of the fight.  Agrippa
    tells Sextus they have been fated to end here, with each other.
    Sextus draws both his powerful blades, and wnats to get on with things.
    Boss Battle!  Sextus!!!
    Oh my.  This is far and away harder than Z & G.  The music is cool
    though!  The pirate king comes at you in a variety of ways.  Learn
    each of his stabs, swipes, kicks, and thrusts.  He makes it
    look like a dance, like water.  Simply block him and get in hits
    when you can, much like Antonius.  There are boxes all around the
    dock.  Break them for food, shields, and weaponry!  They constantly
    replensh, and you will need the supply!  Be sure to have your
    shield as much as you can, it helps greatly and saves weapon
    durability.  He likes to throw dust at you, and often thrusts once,
    and swings two to four times after, both blades flying.  He
    blocks you very easily, as well.  He also has a simple leaping
    thrust that ends in three to five hits.  Try to run rather than
    block long chains, but don't be afraid to get in there and fight
    and block either!  Combo often, but give him breathing room.
    He counters almost flawlessly, and those are hard to block and
    survive.  He doesn't slip up often, but when he does, all his
    weight on one blade, to one knee will leave him open for a
    good comboing.  These openings should NOT be taken for 
    granted, they are your way to victory.  Only throw at him
    whilst he is comboing, or he'll block/dodge every time.
    Move in, sting, and back out or roll quickly.  Stay moving,
    and stay offensive to stay alive.  
    When you take away a mere one life bar, he screams confidently,
    no more playing around!  When he does this, he'll come at you
    with much larger combos, incorporating kicks into his mix
    of several swipes.  I recommend running before the last
    hit connects, it's a shield buster!  Just stay on him as
    before and be ready for his body to move like the water.  
    He is good.  When he starts moving DOUBLE speed, get your
    spear.  I know it's slow, but there is a tactic.  Get
    him to dodge into a corner by coralling him with quick
    jabs, block his combos, and throw in a kick of your own to
    unbalance him.  Then give him a charged thrust or four hitter!
    Don't forget to get food and another spike shield, do 
    everything you've been doing up to this point, but twice
    as fast!  With practice and proper food usage, you'll
    win this.  Good luck to you.
    (Anyone notice how much he looks like that cool Abadon
    from that Four Horseman game due out soon?)
    Claudia awakens (after giving us a genrous view of her legs), and
    sees Sextus take his final blow.  He falls, bleeding, and Agrippa
    pleads with him to surrender.  Antonius isn't done yet!  His ship
    fires canon balls all about the Port!  A huge tower is hit, 
    Sextus shoves Claduia into Agrippa's arms, and sits, smiling at
    his friends, as it crushes him.
    He has a small flashback to when he met Claudia, and named her.
    He tells hshe reminds him of his sister, who died.
    He smiles at Claudia as the tower kilsl him.
    Agrippa holds Claudia as she thrashes and cries over her lost
    brother, Sextus.  I hear that, he was very cool.
    Octavianus comes up with Agrippa, who vows vengence towards
    Antonius.  Out to sea, hundreds of Roman ships do flaming arrow 
    battle with the Pirate vessels.  Large spikey planks are used to
    forcibly board other vessels.  Agrippa tells Octavianus, in
    his Caesar garb, that he is going to Antonius' ship.  Octa
    orders the fleet to support Agrippa's efforts!
    Naval Battle
    Ok, rush ahead from where you start and kill the two men.  Break
    all the boxes for various weapons and food.  Get a dagger and
    Guardian Gladius and move on.  When you come to the mast and red
    bridge upright, chop the rope to drop it and board the next ship!
    A big pirate rushes to greet you, kill him using your blade and
    dagger to finish the deed.  There is a small thatched hatch nearby.
    Use it to head down.  
    You can sneak walk and toss a weapon to insta kill this man, or just
    go into the room nearby with a green door for more weapons and cheese.
    Kill him however you wish, and press on.  Further below decks, 
    a fire starts from a fallen lantern, use it and whatever else you wish
    and murder the two men.  Get a Guardian Shield and a Helmet, and go
    down the hall.  Finish the stationed guard and go into his room.  
    Break the boxes for cheese and meat.  Then, climb up the ladder, 
    marked as your goal.
    Turn around immediately once up top and get the three boxes behind you.
    Grab the Fire Bow and whatever suits your fancy and chop at the mast
    with blue bridge held upright.  Cross it, and beware the
    archer you can now take out with your arrows!  Kill another mid Pirate,
    and keep to the left to avoid a cannon ball!  Yikes!!  A big guy
    with a mace will confront you, finish him well and quick!  Chop the 
    rope at the next mast behind him, and cross.
    Enter the door nearest you and kill the man on the steps.  Head
    forward, to fight another man as a second fire breaks out!  Do
    your best to send him head first into it, and he'll die quick.
    Get his helmet and weapon if they're in good condition, and head
    forward on your map.  Another fire breaks out in this narrow hall.
    Use it to your advantage, this swordsman with shield is a bit
    tougher than most.  Behind him lies a man with an Apollo's Spear!
    Fight as you would any heavy weaponsman (don't tell me you've 
    forgotten already?!), and take it if it's in good condition.  Go
    through the door he was guarding.  Break boxes in here
    for tons of good eats, and then head to your goal!
    As the arrows fall and men die everywhere, Agrippa finds
    mighty Antonious, with an even bigger Sword than before!
    It is the ultimate Magnus.  Antonious says this is just the
    beginning, and that he shall shape Rome as all of his!  He
    asks if you understand, Agrippa says no, it ends NOW.  The 
    two square off under the pale moonlight, as the music of
    the Gods sounds in the background.
    Boss Battle Deluxe!!!  Antonious Reborn!!!!!!!!!
    This is it.  Are you ready for the final boss man?  Trust me,
    this is THE strongest, and most frustrating boss.  He has
    a lifebar X FIVE.  Yeah.  And his blade is UNBREAKABLE.  Ok,
    this first round, simply fight him as you did in the arena.  He
    has the same basic moves to dodge, block, and counter with
    combos of your own making.  Use every weapon you find in the
    statues and boxes surrounding you two, and be quick!  Mainly,
    it's all a matter of "turtling" your attack and defense, as
    discussed earlier in this guide, and taking as few hits
    as possible as to make your food in the boxes last for his huge
    health.  It's all about repetition and blocking well, or running.
    It just takes time.  Be strong, hang in there!  You're SO close!
    Soon, he calls you an innosolent fool and bids you farewell.
    In my experience, it's NEVER good when the bad guy does the cocky
    thing.  Ok, he'll leap up high and pelt you with flaming jars like
    all the Valcross used.  KEEP MOVING.  DO NOT TAKE EVEN ONE HIT.
    You were regret it greatly if you get hit by his fire.  It
    hurts so so much and grounds you so he is guaranteed another hit.
    Finally, as you dart from corner to corner, avoiding flames, he'll
    scream take this!  Then he'll lunge at you with a huge overhand
    swing attack.  Roll by hitting attack at the last minute when locked
    on, or run VERY far and very fast.  Blocking doesn't do much good.
    Now he blocks more and does rotating counter attacks.  The cure to
    this?  Let him come after you first.  He'll shout he's ready
    for you.  Either throw your weapon or duck/run to avoid his
    savage and brutal slash attack.  It's very damaging and
    hard to block and live.  Force him to attack and miss, and
    counter it with a good combo from spear or gladius.  Keep your
    supply of weapons coming by breaking statues and boxes often.
    He'll jump up and do his fire thing aforementioned above.  Run
    around widly!  Keep up the fight, at each health bar dropped
    he uses his cheap flame vials!  Run in a wide circle and 
    narrow it as you adjust to where flame patches spring up.  Keep
    at it, you're so close!!!
    Now for true pain.  This is almost pure luck along with
    mastery of fighting Antonious, but he'll beging to blow
    deep red and tell you he's ready for you.  This is
    BAD!  Do not attack until you are ready.  Dodge and block
    and be twice as defensive when he's this powerful.  The red
    is very dangerous.  He's five times as fast and
    twice as powerful at least.  Wait for him to make a major
    slip, he will, and become unbalanced.  Rush in and strike hard!
    The red will fade, and he should be within two health bars of
    dying now.  Good job to make it even this far!  Keep going!!!
    Fight as you always have, with renewed patience and vigor in
    one.  He will randomly go red with an afterimage effect, and
    wicked power behind that giant blade.  Just keep at him as
    you have, and he WILL fall.  This takes alot of practice,
    just keep at it and you will find he gets easier each time.
    Stay until after the credits for more!!!
    The Ending
    Antonious falls into the flames, bleeding everywhere.  He says
    fire is his friend, and he will burn ALL and create a new
    slate on which to etch a new history.  Just then, Octa's main
    ship pulls up and he boards.  The two men face Antonious,
    who vows his spirit shall live on in Rome forever, saying they
    have no power to change anything!  He says they deserve to live, 
    and suffer, through these
    terrible times!  He laughs like a madman as he falls to his death in 
    the ocean.  Agrippa and Octavianus look on
    solemly, the giant blade stuck in the ship's deck.  The men return
    to a grand celebration and welcoming from Vippsanius, Claudia, and
    Maecenas.  Octavianus grips Agrippa's shoulder, and nods to his finest
    General.  Agrippa smiles, and the mighty fleet of Rome docks for
    Claudia is on a cliffside, leaving Sextus' two blades crossed over an 
    otherwise unmarked grave of red flowers, and smiles, saying
    they will always be together in her heart.  Agrippa asks Claudia if 
    she's going,
    and she says yes, but there is much to do, she will
    watch from afar, looking forward to see the Rome the two men create.
    Agrippa calls to her, asking her to promise she'll return to Rome.  
    She smiles at his
    earnest face, and leaves without a word.  They know what is in 
    their own hearts.
    Octavianus is dressed as a Caesar should be, and vows to fulfill 
    Julis' vow
    of finding the Pax Romana, and Agrippa vows to help him, 
    in whatever way he can.
    The tiny puppy that always followed Octa is there as well, licking 
    their hands.
    The camera pans up into the clouds, showing the mighty city of 
    Rome from above, majestic and strong.  The credits roll.
    Charmaine: "Iris, are you ready?"
    Iris: "Yes."
    Both: "We must tell the Great One that this has been the
    end of the beginning."
    Is the Mistress Cleopatra?  It would make sense, as she and 
    Antonious were lovers, and wanted to take Rome.  Also, she
    recruited African hunters with strechted limbs, like Zedo
    and Gedo.  Hmm...
    And who is this Great One?  Is that another name for Cleo, or
    something/one else?
    Of course, my words cannot do this gem of a game justice.
    Play it, and see all these marvels for yourself!  Please!!
    You've done well to come this far!  Now try hard and extreme!!
    And don't forget all those unlockables!
    Save your game at the end of the hidden ending, all your
    unlocked stuff with coins and battles DO carry over to the
    next file!
    The Underground Arena  (In Depth)
    As the name entails, this is a shady place where the action is fast,
    and the money flows freely.  No worries though, it's good practice.
    Plus, it nets you bonus salvo points.  If you begin the game and
    fight all the way through each and every match, you will have the
    bonus armors from the start!  Not bad eh?  I high recommend learning
    how to hack your way through this setup.  I'll provide you with 
    what knowledge I have for now, and if any strategies are needed, 
    I will list them below the match description.  Here we go!
    Novice - Fairly easy.  Don't worry much about these unless you
    just started out.  Good practice.
    Novice Battle 1:
    Mid Warriors x 3
    Small Warriors x 2
    Novice Battle 2:
    Large Warriors x 3
    Mid Warriors x 3
    This one can be a little tricky if you aren't used to wearing 
    down the big guys.  Try for crippling moves asap, and just 
    understand that they will outlast the middle guys.  Don't
    give an inch of ground in this one, and you'll be ok.
    Novice Battle 3:
    Mid Warriors x 6
    Novice Battle 4:
    Large Warriors x 3
    Mid Warriors x 3
    Small Warrior x 1
    The trick here is not to let the small fighter wear at
    your vitality early on with his dagger.  Smush him for
    crowd approval, and go for a big weapon.  From there, 
    smooth sailing.  Just keep getting good salvo bonuses, 
    to keep your big weaponry coming.
    Average - Heats up a little here, but nothing huge.
    Average Battle 1:
    Large Warriors x 2
    Mid Warriors x 4
    Average Battle 2:
    Large Warriors x 3
    Mid Warriors x 4
    Small Warriors x 1
    Boy can this one be a pain.  Just use everything you've
    picked up thus far, and work the crowd for food and
    big weapons as much as possible.
    Average Battle 3:
    Small Warriors x 7(!!!!!)
    Heh.  I loved this one.  Wanna know a neat trick?
    You'll start equipped with a large weapon.  Use it.
    At first, it seems like it'll never happen, right?
    Get one guy in a corner and tap square repeatedly.
    You'll start up a hurricane move eventually.  Just
    continue using it, even when you hit air.  You'll
    stick in the corner and slice up every flea man
    that comes near you this way!  Eventually, 
    they'll die off, and a gate will open.  Mine was
    the one to the left five out of five times.  So 
    to the left of where you start, they should flood
    from that door.  If you start your heli-chop move
    right at that door, they'll pour out into the 
    blender that is you, and you win within two minutes
    or less!  Good job!  I hate those flea men.
    Average Battle 4:
    Large Warriors x 2
    Mid Warriors x 3
    Female Warriors x 2
    Good points here, because of the variety
    of weapons available.  The crowd tends to toss
    bow and arrows more than anything else, so plan
    on that in advance.  Offense, offense, offense.
    Name of the game in this battle.  Rush the first
    guy, ignoring his two long range friends.  Try to
    get the stones to hit your foe instead of yourself, 
    and do avoid the stones more than anything else.
    I hope you're good at dodging arrows.
    The stones stun you in one to two hits, and you're open
    for a long while that way.  So basically, 
    you need a sixth sense to dodge, learn the sounds
    the long ranged weapons make.  Get your foe on the 
    ground and floor smash over and over until he dies.
    Grab a bow from the crowd and pelt the stoner.
    Then finish off the bow lady (she should be unarmed).
    Rinse and repeat, but a little faster and even more
    aggressive this time around.  Congrats once this is
    Advanced - Oh my.  Now we're getting a show.  Brace yourself.
    Advanced Battle 1:
    Large Warriors x 3
    Mid Warriors x 4
    Small Warriors x 1
    Female Warriors x1
    This isn't as terrible as it sounds at first.  You'll start
    off with a great weapon, very useful for hacking off limbs.
    Be sure you take the big guy's arm right away.  Then, grab his 
    large weapon before the others can.  Use it until it breaks, 
    and you should be nearly done.  Cheer with the crowd for more
    weapons and food, and just keep your distance from the enemy when
    it's all big guys.  Be very, very careful about having TOO many
    large weapons in the arena at once.  You'll find yours breaks very
    fast (they block you more), and you'll end up facing down four
    enemies with large weapons, empty handed!  Don't panic if this
    does happen.  You can rush in with X and grab a foe's weapon.
    Or you can use basic swords to whittle their power and defense.
    Keep a cool head, and this battle will be over with you standing 
    ankle deep in enemy flesh in no time!
    Advanced Battle 2:
    Large Warriors x 3
    Mid Warriors x 4
    Go for the shieldless mid war first.  Use dagger and mace
    combos to end him quickly.  Then, destroy the next mid war
    using the same strategy, but beware his blocking and the large
    war nearby.  Use the mace on both of them whilst stunned for a
    quick and gory finish.  Also, the knife has a nice quick kill
    if you can get behind a foe.  At this point, cheer for a
    better weapon, and use it wiesely to break arms, or sever
    them.  Then go for heads and torsos.  Be sure to dominate
    with large weapons, and keep them from your big foes in the
    next, final wave.  
    Advanced Battle 3:
    Female Warriors x 7
    Good luck here, they are fast, and just as good unarmed as armed.
    Stay quick and aware of the archer here.  Wrest or find a
    dropped raiper looking weapon the women use.  Use it in three
    hits to knock off an arm, and continue to take other arms and
    heads.  Use shield sword bash combo to really get in the damage.
    Take out the archer or use her to hit her friends.  On the next
    wave, pray you have a large weapon.  Try for some meat too, if
    need be.  Again, beware their sword tosses, and watch the arrows
    of all the women.  Dance about them, cutting off every arm, to
    be sure the arrows are out of the running.  Then, use the large
    weapon or their own blades/arrows to finish the job.  Once you
    have gotten the Butcher of Rome Salvo, be sure to double it with
    a spotlight!  Continue avoiding the kicks and finish this.
    Advanced Battle 4:
    Large Warriors x 2
    Mid Warriors x 3
    Small Warriors x 1
    Female Warriors x 1
    Not the greatest combo to face, but it is very doable.  This 
    fire battle takes alot of strategy to start.  It can be very 
    trying until you understand it's mechanics.  Try to force
    the oil sling foe to hit the big guy in the back, and you can
    instantly light him up.  If that isn't doable, beat on and burn
    the sling man until you can grab it from his corpse.  Then
    start lighting foes up after you oil them.  Also, the crowd
    will give you torches and slings to use after a time.  Don't 
    forget that laying torches in puddles of oil starts a blaze.
    Do well, and cheer, to find barrles of oil to use.  Also, 
    spotlight again for a good large weapon, and end this insanity!
    Expert - The end all be all of Battles!  Steele Thyself!
    Expert Battle 1:
    Large Warriors x 2
    Mid Warrios x 8
    Fight as you wish, tear into them.  Leave the big guy for last,
    and concentrate on the three mids.  Simply use shieldbash/mace
    combos until you can break helmets and splat heads.  Go for
    a large weapon to help finish the first wave, including the big
    man.  Use the war chain from big man on the next wave until it
    breaks.  Then get anything the crowd spares you, and go at
    them the way I've taught you before.  Do everything you
    can to cripple and main to make them softer.  Combo them
    to death.  Get large weapons when you're able.
    Expert Battle 2:
    Large Warriors x 1
    Mid Warriors x 3
    Small Warriors x 1
    Fist Fight city!  Ok, cheer when you arrive to double your
    big ball bonus.  Throw the rose to the crowd, and beat down
    any man that suits your fancy.  Don't get cornered and cheer
    for food after the first wave.  Use combos, shoulder rams, 
    charged rams, and suplexes on dizzies foes for a finisher.
    You may also stomp foes repeatedly for salvo and if suplexes
    leave you too open.  Soon the crowd will toss you a large
    weapon if your points are high enough.  A good suplex with
    spotlight should do the trick.  Be SURE you keep the weapon,
    as a foe with one is fatal here.  Try to kill the big guy
    with your weapon, as he is very hard to waste hands on.  If
    you break it before, suplex him to death when his friends
    are dead.  Or get a new large weapon if able
    Expert Battle 3:
    Large Warriors x 6
    Oh my.  Fight the least armed man to best.  Shield combo and
    Gladius the gladius man.  Then go for the war chain man.  Do
    your best to get a large weapon to break or amputate foes.
    The next wave is more trying, as you have less health.  Use 
    the maces the crowd gives you into the battle and for the sake
    of Agrippa do NOT get cornered.  Use war chains and heavy
    weapons to break and amputate all your foes as much as you
    can on this new wave, and then resort to using the maces
    scattered about.  This battle is VERY hard, and may take
    many tries to accomplish.  Keep at it, it's two parts luck,
    two parts weapon usage in the proper order.  This battle
    can be completed with well over 60,000 Salvo points in 
    hand, once you get your flow correct and start amputating.
    Expret Battle 4:
    Large Warriors x 3
    Mid Warriors x 5
    Small Warriors x 1
    Female Warriors x 3
    That's right, you get a whole lotta everything for this,
    the final arena battle!  Get ready for the worst!
    Go after the nonshielded woman or man first.  Avoid the
    others completely.  Kill them with your weapon, then
    be sure to work up the crowd using the woman's weapon
    to amputate many arms.  Don't let her break it on your
    shield!  Also, don't be afraid to take weakened foe's
    weapons.  The next wave is two times as bad, but all you
    can really do is what you have been during the first 
    wave of battle.  Don't get cornered, steal weapons or
    get crowd favor for them, and continue to hack away.
    Use every skill you've ever learned here, to break, 
    amputate, weaken, stomp, and generally decimate the
    enemies.  As each falls, it becomes much simplier.
    The next wave brings your mid and small baddies in.
    Keep up the good work, you're nearly home free.  Do
    not drop your guard for anything, and keep trying
    for the big weapons to weaken every foe near
    you.  That way, you won't get surrounded as often.
    Then a large war and a female will come in.  So
    close now.  Use the same strategies aforementioned,
    and remember what brough you this far!  
    CONGRATULATIONS!  After having completed all of these
    very challenging matches, nothing ahead of you shall
    daunt you!  You should also have so many Salvos,
    that gaining hidden armor in story mode will be a 
    breeze!  Good job!!!
    In Depth Cheats, Modes, and Secrets
    The Oracle - Vitalty gauges of locked on enemies are shown.
    The Unseen - Enemies become invisible.  (!!!!!)
    Unbreakable - Weapons are unbreakable.
    Juggernaught - Guarding is disabled.  Ack!
    Instant Kill - Enemies AND you die in one hit.
    Demigod - Invincible Agrippa.  You won't recoil in pain, and any
    weapons that hit you break almost upon contact.  Man of steel.
    Octavianus Special Items:
    If you use those hard earned Fortune Coins at the City Gates shops, 
    you will find that every so often, you get a special item shipped to
    your house for being such a good customer!  Here is the list of what's
    in Octavianus' closet after having obtained every single item.
    Pansa's Robe - It's Pansa's brownish robe.  Now you look like the master!
    Chameleon Suit - Very cool.  You look like a giant Chameleon from head to 
    toe.  Invisible entire when pressed against any surface with Triangle.
    Crew Cut - Short hair, like most Roman Soldiers.
    Mr. Onion Head - A giant Onion for a hat...  (...)
    Splitting Headache - This one is great.  Germainian axe in the forehead, 
    arrows all over the back, sticking out painfully.  
    The hair is like a crew cut, only reddish.  
    Not only that, but you will own all types of food, paintings, furniture, 
    wall scrolls, a TIGER, you'll have a maid, a duck, all the tools in the 
    game you use to fight, a bed, a screen, wine, dart boards, full dinette 
    set, wash basins, plants, and multiple statuettes.  And let's not forget
    those fancy chandaliers.  It's alot of stuff, and alot of cash.
    I haven't had time just yet to check and see if they have special powers,
    but I will in the near future.
    How to Unlock Specials!
    Fortus Rex Armor - Gain 300,00 Salvo points during the game.
    Talon Aegis Armor - Gain 800,000 Salvo points during the game.  
    Art Gallery - Gain Bronze Cup on all events.
    Gorilla Costume Agrippa - Beat the game.
    Labyrinth Arena - Gain Silver Cup on all events.
    The Great Escape - Gain Gold Cup on all events.  (pro skills!)
    Survival Challenge Mode - Gain Silver Cup on all events.
    Ugly Duck Fling - Gain Bronze Cup on all events.
    Chameleon Suit - Buy ALL items as Octavianus.  (Can play through more,
    for more coins!)
    Crew Cut - In closet of Octa's home from the start.
    Mr. Onion Head - Buy 5 items.
    Pansa's Robe - Buy 10 items.
    Splitting Headache - Buy 20 items.
    More secrets to come!
    I'd like to thank GameFAQs.com and CJayC for inspiring me
    to do this, my first FAQ.
    I must also thank Capcom and the BRILLIANT
    game, Shadow of Rome.  Without it, I wouldn't have
    wanted to make a FAQ.  This game is a gem, and a sleeper
    hit for sure!
    I'd also like to thank my parents, just because
    without them I'm not motivated to do much  of anything.  :P
    And of course, thanks to my few buddies that still
    play video games that rooted for me, and, last
    but not least, that one special lady.
    And of course, you, for caring enough to pick up this
    GREAT game, and use my guide in your hour of need!
    I hope I helped... at least some!
    Copright Joe Barbee 2005
    Take care, 

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