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    Speed Run FAQ by Gojira346

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/14/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                           SHADOW of ROME
                          Speed Run FAQ
    1. Getting Started.
    2. Tricks of the trade and references
    3. Faq
    4. Contact
    1. Getting Started
    Shadow of Rome can be a difficult game for some people to get through on their
    first go. Once you have the game down however, it seems that many people get
    stuck on how to get past either events they don't like or the Octavianus
    parts swiftly, so as not to deal with them. The purpose of this guide is to
    provide a swift way to get through Shadow of Rome, especially the Octavianus
    missions and some of the more difficult Agrippa missions.This guide is meant
    to mainly cover the Normal mode missions, but will also have sidescripts for
    higher difficulties, or for when using cheats.
    I also, however, would like feedback, from you the reader on how to improve 
    this run, and you can use the information in the contact section to do so.
    If you find a quicker way to do a part, or a way to just plain skip a part
    that I have included, please contact me. Not only would I like to change
    the guide, but I plan on doing a speedrun to put onto youtube and any 
    improvement is welcome.
    2.Tricks of the Trade and references.
    Often in this guide you will see me refer to certain moves or actions with
    certain names. I will try to list them all here. Also, I will list the salvos
    that we will be using most often to get by or bolt on through. 
    1) Not a move or technique or anything, but turning on the lock on cursor can
    help immensely. This lets you know whom you are throwing that rock at or 
    whom you are about to interupt.
    2) PASS TURN; I call this little trick a pass turn, and I will be telling
    you to pass turn left or pass turn on the right often. This is a trick with
    Octavianus were you can walk right up to one side of a soldier, wait for him
    to turn, and then walk right on by. very useful in some parts.
    3) Double Tap; I will tell you to "Double tap" alot. This is in reference
    to tapping BOTH x and square to perform the following moves: Gladiator's 
    Booty, stealth choking gaurds, choke chain, Human Javelin, Tee Off, 
    recovering from stun status, including Decius' cheap super move, and so
    4)SUB, MAIN AND SUPRA, STING COMBO and "square x,x,x";
    Believe it or not, your best friend in a speed run are these techniques, and
    they are usually used to quickly dispatch your first opponent or multiple 
    enemies when not much in the "dismember" area is available. These moves
    are not blocked or countered often and in non Arena areas tend to kill 
    enemies in 2 passes.
    5) Stab spam; Spam the stab of a spear or a Gladius. Does not have to be
    charged. Spamming stab seems to put Barca in an infinite loop of pain,
    and keeps enemies grounded until they are groggy in statue matches.
    6) Stealth throw; In the begining of the game Agrippa learns to kill unaware
    enemies by throwing stuff. We will use this trick in some places you may not 
    have known you could. 
    7) Cheap shot; Using a ladder to dismember, confuse, or round enemies. Very
    easy to do, actually.
    8)Rock steal; Using a thrown rock to gaurantee the enemy drops the weapon to
    steal it.
    9)Ladder drop; Pressing circle on a ladder drops you down instantly, saving 
    time, and protecting you in most cases.
    10) Load cancel; Canceling the alert phase by running through the door.
    11) Snatch and Big Snatch; Doing a rolling thunder to steal weapons. Bar 
    about one time, this will usually only be done to garner salvos.
    12) TORNADO MAXIMUS; This will sometimes be used to mow down enemies as they
    appear out of a hole, or to quickly nail a statue down.
    13) Camp; You should know this one. Stay in one place.
    14)Salvo reserve; This will be something you do to keep a big weapon, use it
    until it breaks, then use the "Get Attenion" salvo for the main weapon. THis 
    is also the act of saving the big weapon by leaving it on the ground when
    no one else can pick it up or you need food only thrown at high excitement.
    15)Farm; You should know this one too. But, this is when we are on a timer
    and have no choice, so we might as well farm salvos to get the armor faster.
    Why care about the armor? Sometimes it saves time when you don't get knocked
    off your feet when cutting of a Halberd swinger's arm with a halberd or 
    16) Stuck pig; Instant kills while groggy all apply here, this is just my 
    favorite to use because it's so easy to pull off. Just use the gladius, if 
    you have it to stun them by spamming stab or the 3 hit, then stuck pig them.
    Best on large opponents because it gaurentees thier death.
    17) Totaled; You'll probably do this a grand total of once in a chariot race
    but it's sometimes quicker and easier than killing them. 
    18)Take one for the Team, Take some for the team, hostage down; In cluttered
    areas, this may be invaluable. If it is taking to long, try doing a suplex to
    get interrupted.
    19) Reaper and Unholy Reaper; When fully charged you can cut the arms and
    heads off of about 3 to 4 guys sometimes. Amazing on clusters. Can't be 
    blocked apparently...
    20)Arm Breaker; You know why. Break the arms, can't use them. Same for
    21) SUPRA DANCE; You will really sometimes need to go backwards then forwards
    plus x sometimes to pull off a supra. I may not reference it, but always do
    the supra dance if you have trouble pulling this off.
    If there is anything else, I'll cover it in the guide...
    From now on, we skip all cutscenes, and we do not necessarily save or pick
    "Big Roman Balls" for every event.
    Ok, you should turn the tutroials off and the target reticule on before
    starting. Ok, start a game and press start to skip the explanation when he 
    pulls the brown screen up. Run up to the man and get ready.
    Ok, grab the Gladius in front of you or the Mace, but go for the guy with
    the scimitar and use xx, foward x or stab spam to kill him or salvo and hope
    for a scimitar of your own. If they all cluster fully charge a supra attack
    with the scimitar to cut through all of them, and salvo for the maul, and 
    reload (restarting racks time up because it adds it in, you have to reload)
    if you get the grand halberd instead. You want the maul so that you can 
    finish them all swiftly and easily so that you can use the grand halberd 
    in the next room. 
    Throw a one handed weapon over the wall into the next area so that you can
    use it later. Grab the Halberd and run at the archer, swaying to avoid the
    arrows. Cut off his arm with a charged swing (his arrows won't bother you in
    this animation) and then put the Halberd down for whatever you threw over the
    wall. Kill him with it or suplex him for instakill if you can and pick up the
    halberd and go to the gate on the other side of the wall with the parma.
    Either tornado maximus them to death as they come out or use the regular x 
    charge to dismember them. Salvo for a maul if possible, but if not on the 
    first salvo just toss the weapon into the audience so that you can get a 
    fresh one in the next room.
    Use the scimitar in the ground and supra attack the center of the group. 2
    or 3 should die.Do a regular chop to the rest and use the heads up salvo
    to rack up some free points for later or to get your Grand halberd.
    The big guy whom comes out is a joke. Sure, they won't let you break or 
    cut off his arms, but do this and you will kill him fast. Charge x with the
    halberd while locked on. Do it again. Do it again. If it is a full health
    Halberd he should die so easily it's laughable. He'd actually live longer if
    you COULD break his arms or cut them off. If your weapon breaks before he dies
    just suplex him if he is groggy enough, or use whatever else was thrown in 
    there. Gladius stab spam works wonders.
    There are two options here. 1) Run straight to the General after dropping
    your Gladius (seriously) or running forward, punching the box on the left 
    with square, grabbing the shield and running to the general. Tell him it's 
    time to move out and you will get ambushed. Either run up tapping x to steal
    a scimitar (double tap) or use Sub, main and supra to kill a guy or two and
    either way once you can get the scimitar do a fully charged supra and all 
    should be dead.
    Run to Pansa and talk. Leave. Tap x. Run straight ahead. How dull.
    Okay, target the guy walking and sidestep. When he stops moving throw
    the gladius into his back for a stealth throw kill then grab the scimitar
    in the tent. Chop the other guy up and then run up the path and supra through
    the trees making sure to stealth throw kill the first two guards. 
    When you get to the trees, you can stealth throw kill another gaurd barbarian,
    but make sure you actually line him up between two trees, or you will mess up.
    Run up and grab the gladius on the right if you are barehanded and go up the 
    ladder. Run straight into the cave and try to stealth throw kill the guard
    so that you don't have to kill five of them. If you are trying to do a serious
    speed run, you should restart even if you haven't saved and botched this part.
    Run inside after getting the key, a sheild and your gladius. Run forward,
    right, and knock them down with sub, main and supra to get to the door, but
    if you move fast enough you don't have to kill anyone. In fact, you don't
    have to hit anyone else at all till you get to the stone ramp, then you should
    knock that guy down with sub main and supra, kill the guy on the ramp with it,
    and enter the next area. Kill that guy with sub main and supra, and use the
    key to open the cage.
    Barca will come. Stab him till your gladius breaks. Then Either dodge in and
    out and use sub main and supra with an axe to kill him or throw axes to hope
    he drops his weapon for you to use. Also, if you end up behind him when he is
    stumbling and are low on weapons, hit square and double tap to suplex him.
    (later on we will suplex Barca to death, it's funny how much it does!)
    Suplexing may seem slow but on normal, doubling tapping makes it come out
    so fast it works.)
    Run out the window straight ahead, unless you are going for the chameleon
    suit (I'll cover cheat run strategies and hard/extreme strategies at the 
    bottom) and run up the stairs and out. Skip the forum, believe it or not
    and go straight to the gaurd. Tell him that you have important news,and then
    choose the middle option every time. Nows a good time to save, though I won't
    probably on my vid. Go inside and walk right past the first gaurd. Start
    running until you reach the area you are obviously meant to hide behind then
    When the other gaurd walks out past you fromt the right, go in and follow
    close to the gaurd on the right side of him from your perspective. When he 
    turns, walk right past him through the door. Grab the pot, knock out the
    senator, change and use select and wait for the gaurd to turn around. Pass
    him from the same side as he turns and he should say "Hmm" but if you go
    around the corner he'll forget you. Once you reach the end of the hiding 
    area BOOK IT FOR THE EXIT. Then run to the gaurd, and go through.
    Run past the two gaurds. Don't worry, you'll load cancel them. 
    Once inside, grab a pot on the left, go to the right side of the statue,
    whistle, go around the area walking ( if you do it right he won't see you)
    and if you do it right you can bonk him as he still walks. Take the key and
    armor to make life easier.(the guards won't talk to you as often)
    Go through the door and keep running till you reach the corner with the
    double doors. Walk around the corner and pass turn the gaurd from the 
    right so that he doesn't speak to you. Run till you hit the corner, then 
    walk. The messege there is unavoidable. When you round the corner, walk for
    a second, then bolt till you are about 4 Guards away from the gaurd. Walk,
    grab the rope, then quickly strangle him (double tap). 
    Run around the corner and keep running till you are about to hit the next 
    hallway. The gaurd should be leaning on his sheild and not notice. Strangle
    him with double tap and run in, then walk up behind the gaurd on the left.
    Get on the shelf and book it across the action prompts until you reach the
    door. Don't worry, if you move fast enough they will never react in time.
    Either drop sword and Gladiator Booty a spear quickly (double tap) or use
    x,x, forward x to take out the spearman for his spear. Then Human javelin
    the other gaurd for insta kill. (nice note here for cheat run, can't help
    it, throw the spear at Decius for one hit kill lol!) 
    Doing alot of damage to Decius ends this quicker, but is also really hard.
    No advice here accept do your best.
    Run straight forward asap, climb the box and drop of the ledge. Go through 
    the door, grab the rope, and run till you hit the door after the "maze".
    Walk up to the gaurd, choke him out with double tap, then push against his
    bod until it moves by running and grab the key. No need for an outfit, just
    exit through the double doors.
    Go right, climb the stuff, fall off of it, and go through the ivory door on
    the right. Climb the bookcase at the end, go through the "vent" and go up the
    If you want to play a little risky here you can straight up run past the
    guard, through the last door on the right, then climb the ladder, but I 
    always wait a little bit.
    This is an excellent time to save. Stand just in front of the rock after 
    grabbing the torch and try to swing so that you hit 2 ropes at once, then
    move once the archer on the left fires. Repeat for the right. Sometimes they
    unintentionally help you by hitting the ropes. you can make this happen if
    you find the sweet spot to hit both ropes at once.
    Once it crashes run forward and prepare for Agrippa's part.
    Run forward and knock down the first guy. Climb down and circle drop to
    meet the next two. Knock them down and run to the stairs. Wait for Octavianus
    for a second then go down. Repeat knocking the guys down or groggy until you
    get to the break room. x,x, forward x the spearman for the key and leave.
    Don't grab spear. It slows you down.
    Take the path in reverse and you should soon be in the room were you choked
    the guard out. Kill the guy that ambushes you, then throw a weapon into the
    unaware archer for a stealth throw kill. X,x, forward x the spearman and go
    right then left ASAP and wait for Oct, then go on to end this section.
    If you have a gladius or spear ( I know I told you not to grab one, but
    things happen) this will go faster. If not, try to shoulder ram someone
    with a scimitar or knife. Suplex or stuck pig the guys as they are beaten
    up by Claudia and if you can supra with the scimitar for some instant win.
    I've never had much success stealing the maul though...
    Do exactly as Sextus says or you will start the event over. Break the box on
    the left and use the supra attack, regular attack and the combo x,x,x,x to
    make him happy.
    Make sure to go right and charge x to remove the spearman's arm. Then hit the
    maul guy with the supra of the halberd, then if he is still alive hit him with
    square.Then use the maul as best you can to clear the pygmies. Use square for
    best results.
    Sub, main and supra the next guy to get him groggy. It takes 2. Then catapult
    him (double tap). He should die instantly.
    Try to kill the pygmy with sub main and supra and throw stuff into audience 
    or do sting for large weapon. End it quickly with charged moves from the
    Claudia can be beaten by backing up and going forward as she kicks into a
    supra stab spam or just block and counter while circling to the right, not
    locked on till you attack.
    If you made it, SAVE! SAVE! SAVE!
    Run to sextus and choose to go. Press start to skip map screen. Salvo and hope
    for a rose or scimitar. If not try to gladiator booty ANYTHING or lead a 
    cluster to a rock. Do any salvo you can think of till you get a regular
    halberd. Resist your urge to salvo for the big one until you run out of 
    halberds or scimitars to supra or spam x charge with. Then find a cluster
    to tornado maximus or just plain rage of hercules/zeus and disarm to death.
    It will probably break before you are done, but there should be an arm to 
    hit someone with, then throw into the audience to get another. Be sure to
    salvo after large weapons break to cancel the excitement and reset it.
    From now on save after every match or Octavianus part for a while.
    Choose no weapons and snatch or Gladiator's Booty the sword immediatly
    (double tap). Then do that combo again for the salvos, throw it at the cage,
    or suplex him and you should get the magnus. Try to stay close to the pillar
    so as not to waste the archer arrows she's shooting. Grab the magnus and go
    up the ladder. charge x and take off her arm. Use the bow if full to kill
    the other archer. Take your magnus and circle drop off. 
    Cut off the big guys arms with charge x then do the next guy.Kill the little
    guy first and try to use up the magnus or throw it into the audience, and
    do NOT KILL the big guy yet. Finish him off with the small weapon in front of
    the left hole where enemies will come out, or start a tornado there and keep 
    it going. As the next wave comes out, initiate or continue a tornado with 
    the halberd and hopefully most will die. Finish up the rest with charged moves
    and if you have enough for another halberd or magnus, salvo.
    Believe it or not, choose no weapons and salvo at the start. Run forward and
    grab an arm or head. Then hit a tiger, throw it against the cage, grab a head
    and salvo. (if you threw the head, then whoops, but it will still work.) You
    should end up with a maul. Run in circles not locked on and when they miss
    tap x while locked on a little slow, until it connects, then double tap to tee
    off (hopefully, seems random) a little of this should take them out. Double
    tap if they catch you and finish them from side with small weapon if need be.
    Always from the side as they miss though, not straight on.
    Run out the window and got the normal path. Go to the forum and go to the
    podium and press O to give a speech. Choose Dear ROmans, then ring of truth,
    then blame senate then storm senate house, then exit. Go to the senate house.
    Go in the left door immediatley. Run forward until the box and then go in
    so cicero does not see you. Come out the other end and crouch going forward
    behind hedges till the cutscene appears. Bolt to the wall next to the door,
    but if you are too fast you will have to hide from cicero, whom can see you
    through doors. If this happens, flatten against the wall next to the door
    and press select and go in when the grey dot dissapears.
    Run past senators through the door. Go right and through the door on the left.
    run to the small passage, go through and run forward till cutscene. Run
    back out and go back the way you came. Hang out on edge of wall and wait for
    Cicero to dissapear from the map. Pass turn the gaurd from the right and run
    to door. The alert will go off but will be load canceled.
    Choose Gladius and Choose big guy at start. Fall off the ladder with circle 
    drop and then do a supra attack, then throw weapon into crowd, and then
    shoulder ram the big guy for weapon until you get maul or enough savlos for
    halberd. Tornado the statue for a quick break and try to do the same to the
    second statue, Disarming and No Supermaning people along the way. If the 
    Halberd breaks, keep working on the statue whilst punching people off the 
    ladder to your left until you get another or it breaks, or both.
    Go down the ladder with circle drop and don't attack the enemies. Put the 
    statue between you and them until you break it together or use charge x as
    they bash the statue to instakill them. (disabled arms means death in this 
    match due to levers) If you EVER need a big weapon quick or another salvo 
    for some reason in these levels, throw a weapon at your own guy as he holds
    the lever. you'll get the salvo.
    Choose bow and 8 shooter the woman on top to death. If she doesn't die from
    that you can try to do Sky is Falling, but it's hard and you may have to 
    reload the save.
    Do sky is falling on the giant and then salvo for Halberd. Cut off an arm
    on both gladiators and try to tornado the little guy and use up the halberds
    and stones for rock it and cut man salvos. Hopefully, you will get another
    Grand halberd after gate crashing the wall, at which point you should grab
    it and run forward. 
    As soon as they run out DO NOT LOCK ON and try to intiate tornado maximus. 
    They should walk into their deaths. Most of them anyway. Hope that the spear
    guy didn't make it and finish them off with whatever salvo you can muster, 
    Gladiators booty and more rock it suggested. The goal is another halberd/
    grand halberd or full spear. Go up the ladder and grab the bow. From where
    you are snipe the woman once, and only once. She should run to you. If you
    have a spear, human javelin her to death. If you have a halberd, use tornado
    maximus to keep her still and hope she dies or is groggy as/before it breaks.
    If you opt to suplex her or charge x her with halberd, make sure you try not
    to knock her off to where it could take a while to reach her. You should never
    have to fight the spearman whom always throws the spear, but if you do just 
    human javelin him and he will die in one go.
    Many ways to go about this. I would almost suggest farming for salvos here
    since doing them all can net you up to about 68000 on NORMAL for armor.
    However, the quickest thing you can do is hide behind a pillar for GOAL!! or
    throw a rock and take his halberd and charge x him. Goal will net you a Magnus
    while the halberd will make him take damage and break stuff until you get one.
    Either way, once you have a magnus, spam supra from a range after he misses
    you. It cleaves the health away nicely and is spammable after the first hit.
    The mauls regular charge does this as well, just be careful.
    When his health reaches the point where he has a smidgen of the orange and 
    all of his yellow, get behind him as he misses and double tap suplex him
    to death. It seems faster to me, but will also net you another magnus if
    you prefer that method. As soon as he gets up though you can suplex, so why
    not? It takes about 4 to 5 to kill him, which is alot of damage, trust me!
    Grab the banana and wake the guy (might as well, you have to wait anyway)
    and go into the back alley on the right. Drop the banana peel in front of 
    the bees about two men away and the guy should slip. Go in. ( I have managed
    to touch the door without this, but you can't go in...)
    Once inside, go through the door, and crawl around the right side of the
    booth. Then go to the left side of the t shaped fixture and wait, then go 
    around the right side as the waitress walks off and  hide against the top
    right of the T shape until the barkeep looks away. Crouch to the right until
    you get the cutscene. This skips the whole rat/ kitchen thing you normally 
    have to do.
    Choose Mace and Parma and sub main and supra the pigmy. Use the rocks then to
    break down the blade to build excitement, or pass it up altogether. Either way
    grab the mace and dagger and try to supra the maul guy until you can stuck pig
    him. Repeat this but don't salvo for apollo spear yet. Wait until you have
    opened the cage and killed everyone till you salvo. Talk to the guy despite
    they nice little trick you can do by leaving him there. We don't want to go 
    back for him. Human javelin everyone and mash the rest with the mace or stuck
    pig them, (especially the big guy) if you can, then run straight to the 
    exit, ducking the blades if you didn't break one. (don't worry, he'll make it
    ). Now just wait for him to run through. You win!
    Okay. Start either barehanded or with spear. Go for human javelin or for a
    snatch/Gladiator's Booty and then try to suplex one or the other into the 
    spike pit for a Magnus. Then run into the room with 2 spike pits and let 
    the door close behind you. 
    Immediatley run right and chop off all the arms you can with charge x on the 
    second swing (so x, charge x), and do the same to the ones from the left. By
    the time the Magnus breaks you should be able to suplex a few to death in
    spike pits or each other or use them as human sheilds. Try to gather them in
    the middle and use x, charge x standing still with mace to knock them into
    the pits if suplexes are too slow or inconvieniant at the time. Try to 
    collect a morningstar or gladius to get some common salvos to get another
    Magnus to use in the adjacent room.
    In the next room, get the guys on the left first with a charge x so as to
    get the spearman to not have a spear. Then do x, charge x on the giant so
    you don't have to deal with the morningstar. Carve off what you can until it
    breaks, then use the spear for Human Javelins and morningstar for Balls of
    steel kills until they all fall. Roses should help if needed here, as well
    as at the very start of this match for getting a Magnus quickly.
    Start barehanded and salvo. Run forward and grab the barrel in the middle.
    There should be a guy with a morningstar to your left. Hit him with the 
    barrel to catch him aflame and steal the morningstar. Use the supra, (do
    the dance to be sure) to bash heads open, and go after the slower, two 
    handed weapon guys first. Take the big weapons and tear into people until
    they are all gone, then cash in your salvo after reserving for all that time
    to get the power maul and finish the rest off. This should end quickly no 
    matter what you do though if you just through barrels and use big weapons.
    Okay, run down the stairs, and round the corner. Go up the stairs on the 
    left, and on the top floor on Octavianus' right should be a banana peel.
    Grab it and jump out the window. Walk behind the bandit and down the path
    on the right. Then use select to see when the guard is going to turn and walk
    away. When he does walk up, drop the peel, and hide in the pot on the right.
    He should turn, eventually step on it, at which point you should jump out and
    take his clothes and mask. Walk to the final 2 guards and give them the ...
    answer, then run! The cutscene will save you.
    This is timed. So start either barehanded or with dagger and try to
    farm salvos as much as you can to work towards that armor so that we can
    eat/ get knocked down less often. Lead large enemies through traps and always
    supra with the scimitar. You can kill alot just by staying near the start
    after killing the two men hiding in the back. This is a good time to play the
    game flashily and try to build a big score. Shoot for gold, basically. Might
    as well.
    Choose spear and human javelin the maul guy.Finish the others and try to pick
    up the maul or the power maul before the cutscene you need to skip. 
    Use the power maul or maul to tear down pillars with normal x button until 
    broken. If you hit a column with Arcanus on top with the power maul x button
    move she will fall off. When you run out of large weapons, use the catapults
    on the columns until you can salvo for another. Chase down Arcanus in a back
    and forth motion and if she runs out of arrows, look for her bow in the middle
    and try to steal it and mow her down with it. 
    The overhead with the maul or the supra with the maul tear into her. Don't
    go for the suplex here, it's not worth it. Throw rocks or mauls when she 
    decides to flip around way too much. This will take awhile and is a time 
    eater. You can stun her with one handed weapons for the suplex, but once more
    it's not worth it.
    Run to Claudia in the open sand area.a
    Take the normal path and go to the forum. Question the guy on the left and 
    leave. Go to Antonius' estate from there and run to the apple stand. Grab the
    apple and target the guard. Get next to the "innocent" guy and throw the apple
    at the gaurd. Then charge the door. He won't notice you. 
    Run on the left side and go through the door. We are about to skip a sizeable
    climbing portion. Instead of climbing the wall, run straight in, weave around
    the blinder and go through the door and tap O and hit the ladder and climb up.
    Go left, climb, then right, climb and go right and through the door. You made
    This next part is hard. You must pass turn the gaurd from the right or over 
    the top on the side, then run to the next high area, drop off and hit the 
    door in the middle of the hall. YOu should be able to load cancel without
    dying. Crouch with the maid till she rounds the corner, then run into the 
    back and immediatley change clothes. The other guy should run out. When the
    alarm dies run to the exit. Walk to the final gaurd whom should let you by,
    then, in the next area, run to the double doors.
    Kill the others as quick as possible. Go for totaled, but try to grab a
    trident or whip and win by the second lap by genocide. Yes, it is possible
    to win by the second lap. SHoot for 1 and a half deaths a lap and you should 
    do it.
    Same as race one but try to win through Genocide by the 3rd lap.
    Run up, and right, and into the room with the outfit and jugs. Take them, run
    out and run along the openings against the wall, behind the holes till you
    reach the end. Walk until you reach the corner then run through the door 
    straight ahead, running right till you get the bandana and then you can run
    until you get pretty close to the gaurds. Walk through. You may have to
    reload the next bit ALOT.
    Basically, you must follow Macaenus like you always have. The only speed 
    running advice I have here is if you have the cutscene points memorized, use
    them. Run forward to cancel any trouble if you know where to activate 
    Same as one and two but you probably won't kill them all till the second to
    last lap or so.
    The neat thing about this race is that you can kill the boss by the 3rd or 4th
    lap sometimes just by doing the following tactics.
    Stay on the inside track. Try to by in front of him as you turn corners. Press
    square once or twice until your wheels don't spark so that you don't have to
    gauge attack distance when using the axe. Just spam attacks, don't gaurd or
    hesitate. Fender bending him as you are about to reach a slave helps in
    accuracy of picking things up.
    Run to sextus after winning.
    Go to the Forum and speak to the same guy from earlier. Pick "tell Pansa" and
    "ask pupil". Then go to the Senate house. Talk to the guard on the left and 
    choose the Marius option. Go in. Do the hedge part normally (though you can 
    run to the hedge holes to duck in and wait for the alarm to end.) Throw the
    stone as the last guard turns away as usual. No tricks here, unfortunatley.
    However, in the "duck room", we are going to run until we are even with the
    gaurds, though in the center area. THen crawl to the ducks and rustle them 
    all up by walking by. Stay against the northern wall crouched and hit select.
    When all the gaurds are chasing ducks and facing away, book it for the door
    and load cancel for the win.
    Choose the power Gladius and spike shield. In the top right area with the 
    switch is where you need to run to and farm awhile.Just kill anyone over there
    with sub main and supra or knock them into the pit and stomp the switch. When
    you get the magnus run to the center with the fire and most will come to you.
    After chopping them up catch them aflame again as they roll. Since this is
    a battle royale doing it quickly is kinda random, but if you stay in that
    area they tend to fight next to or on the fire trap.
    Start with Power gladius and spike shield. Drop the helmet and pick it back
    up immediatley for Secutor, then pick up a rock and mind the spearman. Your
    goal is to hit the spearman and make him drop the spear so you can human
    javelin him to death as he runs for your dropped weapons. Once done rock
    stealing from him, and he's crushed, drop the spear and throw all the rocks
    into tigers. Remember to wait for them to miss an attack before throwing a 
    rock and that if you throw a rock straight on sometimes it will pass through
    both of their hit boxes for Rock and Roll it. 
    In this battle, you should actually try to get the regular maul and salvo
    reserve until it's broke for the main weapon thrown here.
    Start barehanded and salvo immediatley. Throw the rock that is nearby into
    the others as they climb. THe immediate salvos you get should be enough for
    the power maul. Try your best to avoid the pigmy. Choose the big guy by the 
    way. Go left and let the pigmy smash the first statue, and right as he 
    does charge x and smash him. Run around the left to the back and climb the 
    ladder  and use what's left of the maul on the statue. Break it down for 
    Rock Breaker and salvo for a weapon. Run to the edge and then back. It will
    take awhile for your partner to catch on and go pull the lever for 
    the last statue, so knock red guys off the ladders until he does. You might
    even be able to get another maul to use.
    Okay, we are going to cut out this whole maid costume knocking out bench
    sneaking stuff right now. What we are going to do is follow the two gaurds
    slowly into the room, and as they sit down, run through the door, into the
    room, grab the key and jump out the window. By the time they get up and run,
    the alert will be over and you will be fine. Now run to the door on the 
    left that requires the key. Here's where things get tricky. You must pass
    turn the gaurd while on the wall, but if you touch him he kills you. So how
    do you do it? Wait for him to turn, press triangle on the right bookcase, 
    edge along the wall until he starts to turn. Time it right and he will miss
    you and walk merrily along. Get off the wall, on the next one, go through 
    and then navigate the action prompts in the next area. When you drop off
    follow the normal path and you are done.
    Choose barehanded and farm salvos if you don't have the second armor yet.
    If you do just choose no weapon anyways. Beat the man to death for Assualt and
    battery, unless he's under the press or can be pushed there, in which case hit
    the gong. Use this to get a large weapon and hopefully a salvo reserve. If you
    hang out near the ladder and the press on the left side you can easily use the
    ladder to your advantage as they climb up and down, can chop people as they
    exit the hole, and can use the magnus or maul to launch people into the spike
    pit. Just watch out for females. Their kick seems to cancel most attacks and
    waste your strategies. So heard them to the press and squish them if you need
    a large weapon again.
    THis is a time eater. Start with a mace and spike sheild and sub main and
    supra the spear guy to death. Use human Javelin on everything that comes out 
    of the hut that is on the right as you start until they stop coming or the 
    spear breaks, and hope for the grand halberd. Stay on this side and kill the
    female after killing the large guy with the maul so that you won't be 
    constantly annoyed/on fire. When you run out of big weapons just run in
    circles hitting the fire traps for easy excitement. Getting a morningstar
    and camping the huts while swinging helps too here. When you have killed 
    everyone downstairs, climb the ladders then go right back down. Shoulder
    ram them for their weapons as they climb down or burn them to death. If you
    still have a big weapon though I suggest cutting down the rock with the maul,
    but only after making sure to disarm/arm breaker the big guy.
    Okay, start with the halberd and put it down immediatley. Dodge the elephant 
    and pick it back up. Tornado it whenever it is still and salvo alot whenever
    you pull off a salvo (secutor is possible here). Once you get an Appollo spear
    just supra whichever leg is vulnerable or use it to break one if not already.
    Once you get another halberd or if you manage to break both anklets on one
    side of the beast, use tornado maximus to EAT it's health. At any time you 
    can now stop the elephant by throwing a halberd. If you want a large weapon
    before it dies, kick it and then do the fist of fury salvo before killing it.
    When Askari gets off the dead beast drop any large weapon and run around the 
    weapon in circles. When he either dizzies himself or misses a stab pick it up
    and attack, then put it down. This works for the spear well, but with the 
    halberd, you can actually chain attack him to death. If you can get him about
    the distance away from the walls that the barriers are and hit him, you can
    bounce him off the wall and land him right in front of you again. With an 
    UNCHARGED x swing hit him as he groggily stands and you can loop him until the
    weapon breaks. Don't worry about breaking his helmet though.
    Run to Claudia in Sextus' area.
    This is pathetic really. Run forward. Wait for it to load. Exit. Done.
    Grab an apple, stand next to the guy next to the horse. Throw the apple at the
    horse in first person. Back up or you will get hit too. Run in. No need for a
    Run in and run right and hit the first door on the right. Go on the ledge
    until you get to the end, then grab a pot. Use select to watch the gaurd then
    knock him out from behind. Quickly drag him behind a box, but still in sight.
    This often causes the other gaurd to glitch and run indefinitley into a box
    and ignore you. Run up the stairs and prepare for frustration.
    Okay, this area is a pain. Grab the rat on the right in the kitchen and line
    it up with first person. Drop it with right and let it run into the room with
    the maid. Then grab the honey pot, whistle at the table and hide crouching
    behind the table on the left. As both gaurds walk out knock one out right
    before the door way but not in the doorway, and drag him behind the honey.
    Hopefully, this causes all of them to slip. If not, reload. Once they are
    all out cold because they can't go around honey to get to you, go to the last
    area holding a REGULAR POT. You don't want to fall over and over at the last
    door. Make sure to take an outfit too. Get on the left side of the gaurd, then
    go right and swing. Though he's turning it should knock him out. Run through.
    Grab the rat and rope to your right and then wait at the door watching the map
    for the gaurd to get close. Open the door and strangle him with double tap as
    he passes. Run and line up the rat and release it. Walk with the rat then
    run up and choke the gaurd out. Take the key and exit the way you came, then
    through the double doors. Once there just run forward then left then all the 
    way down and enter the door on the left. Don't worry, the gaurds are slow. Now
    you will go through a door on the right and be in the tiger area. 
    Go left and walk or sidestep the trophs. Grab the torch and go back to the 
    trophs and destroy them. Run to the first torch and strike it, then the 
    second. From there on walk until you reach the tiger and smack him in the face
    once or twice. Go in, smash the troph, get the key, swing at the tiger and
    exit. Lock on and walk backwards to the stairs... it's actually pretty fast
    compared to normal walking. When you hit the stairs RUN!. You'll make it out
    and be unscathed. Go to the other door and examine the document.
    Run downstairs to the open area and talk to the man with the chariot.
    For the first round choose the grand mace and parma. Beat the first guy
    senseless but don't kill him. Run through the spike pit and do the same
    to the next guy. We don't want them dead so that we can kill the big guy 
    and archer without more guys entering. When you climb the tower, stand 
    behind the flag so the archer knocks it down to make a bridge then stand 
    behind the cage until the archer breaks it down. Salvo for the spear and 
    human javelin the archer. Beat the big guy up and when the spear breaks
    try to lead him to the open area so as to steal his halberd in your preferred
    method. Finish him and grab the girl and the key, then get the second girl
    in the tower. Run down the ramp with both of them and lead them to the start.
    Once they make it go back and let the guy chasing you open the cage, talk to
    her and fight the guy to keep him off her. If you knock him down or groggy
    him, run and take her to safety. The key here was not killing people
    CHoose the power gladius and meat. Dodge the elephant and find a rock. Try 
    to hit a tiger straight on for both Rock it and Rock and Roll it. Use
    scimitars on them from the side until you get a magnus and try to finish 
    them off with the two x swings of it. If you have a maul save it.
    Your goal now is to throw rocks into the elephant, and use the x moves of the
    maul to down the elephant. Remember to use DOn't kick the elephants and 
    cruelty to elephants to get a big weapon if you need it. If you succeed, you
    may actually kill the elephant before the next set of tigers comes out. If 
    surrounded by vultures with a mual use x. If with magnus, do the supra. If 
    with scimitar or gladius just do combos. IF with a rock target and throw.
    Finish the last tigers the same way and remember to sidestep.
    Choose dagger or sheild for stuck pig or secutor, but also for a wider arc
    to hit the gong with. run straight under it and then run in a circle, then
    run back through and without looking hit it. Kill the archers with sub, main
    and supra and continue to crush or halberd x charge swing the rest. Carry 
    either a power maul or full strength halberd into the next room.
    Go around the right side of the blades and kill/disarm the female archer, and
    the male. As the others run into the blades, go back and try to lift them with
    square on the maul or the halberd x swing into the blades. When all are gone,
    only bother to breakdown one if you need a maul or halberd. The next room can
    be a time eater or go by swiftly depending on your luck. The archers need to
    be disarmed/arm breakered and anyone else should get the same treatment. Try
    to eliminate/break all big weapons in the arena so you can chase down the
    archers in the grass. Kill the last guy without letting him hit you or
    damaging the halberd. Take it with you into the next area.
    Cut their arms off and switch to the power maul if/when it's thrown in to 
    save it. Kill them all but one and throw the maul into the wall to break it. 
    Grab the halberd and try to tornado the last female so that the next guy is
    lawnmowered to death as he exits.
    Choose fire bow and the large warrior. Hit the first red guy with a rock and
    salvo, then take the bow with you and try to shoot down the statue that is in
    the wall. If you get a maul, use the x move NOT locked on to actually attack
    high enough to hit it. As an alternative, try to save your fire bow for the 
    statue in the middle. Stand on the left side when throwing a rock or firing or
    throwing anything at the center statue so that any interrupters are attacking
    the lever guy instead of you, basically being your meat sheild. If one guy
    gets to be too annoying, try to beat him groggy, and after breaking every
    rock but the last, suplex him into the spikes for a halberd or maul. Run to 
    the last statue and either use a fully charged supra from the maul or tornado
    maximus to tear it down. If you don't have these luxuries, salvo for a weapon
    and stand behind it and hope an enemy comes to your "aid" and tears it down
    with you. Also note that choosing the big guy brings a maul to the first 
    statue because he drops it to pick up the lever.
    Okay, run up the hill and immediatley kick the barrel down and they should
    get hit, even without aiming. Now run down, get a torch and run back and forth
    between the two after scoring the first torch hit. As soon as they recover
    they can be hit again. Just watch out on the third phase. It comes out fast
    with a hard to dodge throw if you are going for speed. Run to the end then 
    through the double doors to finish this area.
    SEIGE! Okay, choose barehand and throw a rock into the spearman. Beat anyone
    senseless but don't kill them with the spear you rock stole and use the
    catapult to gate crash. Once you do, salvo or perform for a maul and kill
    the man inside on the right. Run up the ramp and break all the arms you can,
    but try not to kill anyone. Either use whats left on the power maul on the 
    boss at the top or steal his. Do not suplex him off the top unless he is 
    so near death it's not even a question. Try to fist of fury him but only 
    after his armor is all off. However, if you can manage to repeatidly hit his
    head with the power maul you had, the maul he had, and the one you may get
    for breaking his armor/arms, you may be able to smash his head quicker than
    straight up beating him to death. Anyone whom trys to disturb you should have
    their arms broken or be beaten groggy, but try not to kill them.
    The rudis mission is easier than it looks to speed run. Choose the power 
    scimitar and rush the upper left pillar. Kill that female then disarm or
    arm breaker the guy, and from there on out, hang out and camp behind the
    lower right pillar, trying to reserve your weapons by cutting off the enemies
    arms with the halberd/magnus, finishing them with something else since they
    can't pick up your big weapons, and then using the big weapons again when
    someone new comes out. If you camp this corner and cut off the heads of any
    groggy person with a scimitar or cutting people in half with halberd/magnus.
    The girls will have to be ran down with non charge moves or a throw. The 
    second girl to come out of the hole will have rudis. Grab it and run up. You
    should have about 3 minutes and 30 seconds left on a good run.
    Choose the scimitar and the spike sheild. Run in a circle and whenever Decius
    misses a jab or combo use sub, main and supra on him. He will often block, so
    don't worry if you don't always connect the spin attack. Throw roses and
    weapons as the scimitar gets weak into the cage for a halberd. Now target
    Decius and try to corner him in a corner by swinging. He should back up and
    block. Swing again, uncharged with the halberd and he will do it again. If 
    you corner him he will try to dodge and get hit anyway. Repeat these two 
    stratgies above till the second half, and try to have a halberd at the start
    of the second half. Do the same thing and take advantage by running near walls
    or statues when he chases you. If you fall down, wait until he runs forward
    to get up or quicksand. If he grabs you for the "fury attack", then double tap
    until you recover and then hit him once to stop it if you have a one handed
    weapon. When his health is about 3/4ths of his final bar, try to get behind
    him and suplex him until he has very little health left. Salvo for a fresh 
    halberd (destroy the other one by throwing it if you still have it) and finish
    him with it so you can start with one on Antonius.
    On Antonius, try to have him do his "stinger" stab into a corner, circle him,
    then just swing over and over for some free damage. He may jump off the wall,
    but most of the time he will just lose about a health bar and a half. Salvo
    for the Appollo spear and try to break his sword. If there is another spear
    in the arena throw it against the cage to break it so he won't grab it when
    he loses the sword. When he loses it stab him once, then continue until the 
    combo is complete. Every time he gets up hit x once, and if it hits keep
    going with the combo. If it doesn't, wait a second and sidestep with him to 
    the right and hit him again, salvoing for more spears as he falls. If you 
    basically jab, miss, walk, jab again he will never be able to break the chain
    or get a weapon as long as you have a spear.
    Tear down the door on the right with the sword and then grab a boulder. Rock
    steal the next guy and then tear down the door that is straight ahead as you
    exit. Go through and kill the gaurd as best you can and break down the door
    and grab a helmet if available. Take the meat and the mace or scimitar in the
    boxes for the next room. 
    Zedo and Gedo are a pain. If you brought a mace, pick the one you want to 
    pick on and throw the mace until he drops the spear. Try to corner and stab
    the defenseless weirdo as much as possible, using the same method as we used
    on Antonius. Use the meat if needed and if you brought the scimitar spam the 
    supra for free damage as they block. Also, shoulder ram if they block and you
    are unarmed and see if you can steal the spear again. If you do just repeat 
    this cycle until both fall.
    In the next area Claudia will insist on fighting everyone, so humor her and
    go up the stairs on the left. Grab the bow and use first person to insta kill
    the unaware gaurds in the distance. It might take 2 shots. Grab the spear
    again if available and go forward and left, grabbing the mace if you need it.
    You can try to take the fight to the back so Claudia will go down without
    killing the guy, but more often than not it won't happen. When you get in the
    sewer grab the dagger and the sword in the water and try to get one groggy
    and stuck pig both of them. Break the trees and leave, climb the ladder and
    treat the next two the same way, and then the next two big guys. It's possible
    to run past them if you knock them down, but kill them so you can go back,
    grab the maul in the box and use it on Sextus.
    Just spam x on Sextus as he attacks. Even if he blocks he will usually take
    massive damage. If you are weak, let him kill you for the health boost. When
    the maul breaks, go for a one handed weapon and do the standard x,x,x combo
    when he misses. Only go for the spear if you can time it to hit him with the
    supra or if he is at the point of doing the kick combos.
    When all that ends, Save save save since we can't rely on arena saves any
    more. Go down the stairs and knock the gaurds down with stabs. Break the
    boxes and get a dagger. Use the dagger on the wheel to drop the bridge
    and run forward, and stab the big guy and then go down the hatch. Basically,
    knock down everyone and keep running until you reach the room right before
    Antonius. Kill those guys for the spear and the food. Heal up and get the 
    Run in circles and when Antonius misses supra him with the spear. When it 
    breaks, stand next to the statue and have him break it for another. Repeat
    this until you have to dodge the flames and he turns red. Use regular weapons
    then to break the rock with the power maul and spam the x move as he stands 
    up to overhead smash him to death/near death. If you ever have a large weapon
    as he jumps to do the flames, drop it so that you can run faster. Sub main and
    supra after he misses if you have no other large weapons. Speed run done!
    I will add the Cheat run sections and Hard and Extreme tips soon!

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