Review by longlivelubu

Reviewed: 02/10/05

Shadow of Rome is an Awesome game overall.

Now Capcom has another hit to add to its list. Shadow of Rome is a great hit indeed. This game truly has a lot to offer, whether you like solid action or love a good puzzle and enjoy to be sneaky this game does have one thing or the other for you.

The game takes place in 44B.C. The Roman Republic had grown to become the dominating cultural force in Europe, and its vast territory stretched throughout the Mediterranean region. On March 15th, Julius Caesar was brutally murdered on his way to a senate meeting.

Agrippa is one of the characters you control, He is your brave fighter. That brings me to the fighting. The fighting is pretty brutal. Very bloody and gory. Have you ever wanted to cut someone's head off, and throw it at someone else? Well it's possible in this game, or have you ever wanted to cut someone's arm off and then beat them with it till they are motionless? Well this game has that also. and also you can use swords, scimitars, anything your enemy can have you can, after they are dead feel free to steal their sword and shield. Also you can steal their weapons while they are alive too, so that is pretty cool. You will be able to fight all kinds of enemies too, you have your annoying archers you have your wonderful soldiers and the fighting varies a lot you do fight a lot of soldiers, but you get larger soldiers as expected. Now the combos and speeds of weapons are varied too so if you have a mace you are going to swing it slow, but if you have a Gladius it will be nice and quick so it's really up to you which one you want, also you can throw any weapon at the enemy too so thats another neat thing. Overall I think the fighting is very impressive.

Octavianus is another character you control. You barely fight with Octavianus, you can only attack from behind with him. His missions are more like stealth and puzzles actually that's all they are. Lets say a guard catches you, you can runaway and try to hide, you can not fight back at all so be extra careful with him. He does come with a whole bunch of moves you can use to your advantage he can duck, he can sneak, he can hide items, he can choke out enemies with a rope but obviously has to be from behind. People who play Metal Gear Solid, and Hitman a lot will PWN at Octavianus' parts of the game.

Graphics 9: Overall the game looks really great

Sound: 8: The sound is pretty good but the voice volume is a little too low

Story 7: Pretty basic Julius Caesar was assassinated, they think Agrippa's father did it, and you can smell something fishy about this whole situation ^_^

Gameplay 8: If you like a bloody good time this game should keep you satisfied for a good while. Also this game does appeal to people who like solid action and people who like Stealth missions and Puzzles, if you like both a lot then this game will really get on your good list, but if you are all action or all stealth this is a great game just when you switch to the other character ^_^.

Options 9: The options are typical you get to select normal or hard, you can turn the gore off, and on your pause screen you can view almost anything you'd want to view in a game like this. How many enemies you killed, what weapons you used basically anything even to how many amputations you have done ;)

Overall 9: This game has a lot to offer and it will make you think as hard as you work to hack-n'-Slash your way through gladiators and soldiers, with a good story , great graphics, and wonderful gory combat this game is a great solid action hit. Thank you Capcom ^_^.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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