Review by jesperishere

Reviewed: 06/01/05

This game is simply awesome.

Everything about this game is great. Let me break it down for you.

Graphics - Absolutely beautiful. From the characters to the weapons to the scenery, this game's graphics show the full capabilities of the PS2. I'm not talking about good-looking cut-scenes, I'm talking about the actual gameplay graphics.

Sound - The sound is flawless IMO. People screaming sound like people screaming. Swords clashing sound like swords clashing.

Replayability - This game has a lot of replayability, as there are many things to unlock in the game. Hundreds of salvos (basically, things that give you points because the crowd likes to see it), items to buy, and rewards for getting certain ranks.

Gameplay - Alas, the most important aspect of the game. What can I say? The gameplay is great. The battle system is one of the best out of any game I've ever played, and the stealth missions, while tricky, are not overly hard to the point where you want to smash your console. In this game, you can cut an enemy's head off or smash it. You can cut their arms off (sometimes both of them), or break them. You can cut them clean in half, or knock them high into the air. You can set them on fire, smash them under a giant press, force them into a pit of spikes, and knock them over edges sending them falling to the ground. All of these things not only take care of your opponents, but they get the crowd on your side. If the crowd loves you, you can appeal to them to make them throw you food (to heal yourself) and weapons. If they love you very much, they will throw you a very BIG weapon that usually is otherwise unavailable.

In stealth missions, you can sneak around unseen, or put on a disguise and walk directly in front of your enemies. You can throw rocks and apples to distract people, or, if a woman is giving you troubles, throw a frog or rat in her direction to make her run away screaming.

Overall - There is literally not one thing I don't like about this game. The only thing I think I'll hate about it is when it's over (but don't worry, it isn't terribly short). Plus, the game gets a bonus for having a lot of humor involved. For example, if you choose to enter a battle arena unarmed, you get a salvo bonus: Big Roman Balls.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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