Review by Apocalypse15

Reviewed: 03/09/06

Very Brutal, Very Fun Game.

Shadow of Rome is truly a great game. From the time I picked up the controller and played the intro I was hooked. This Game takes place during the ancient Roman Empire, just after the assassination. The game sports a dual main character plot, which unlike other games actually works. During Combat you play as Agrippa. In the beginning of the game, Agrippa is a very powerful Roman General. However, one day, after a typical German raid, Agrippa hears news that his father was being accused of killing Caesar. Agrippa is forced to become a gladiator in order to save his father.
The other main character is Octavianus. While Agrippa is strong enough to be stabbed and live and about as stealthy as a pink rhinoceros, Octavianus dies in one hit, and is a silent ninja. In some ways, the Octavianus sections of the game can be better than the violent battles that I bought the game for. Strategy needs to be used, even though the guards are not very smart.

Game Play
10/10- The game play is absolutely great in Shadow of Rome. It provides both strategy and violence at the same time. Also there is the Salvo system. The Salvo System is one of the best parts about the game. Basically, you get point for doing a specific action in Battle. There are salvos for cutting off enemies arms, bashing in enemies skulls, lighting enemies on fire, and over 100 others. A very fun thing to do is to try to collect all Salvos, although it does take a while. Also there is a wide variety of weapons such as halberds, morning stars, maces, daggers, torches and many others.

10/10-The controls are quite easy to master, and are perfect for this game. While at first they seem repetitive and uneventful, there is much more to the control system than meets the eye.

9/10- The storyline is very captivating throughout most of the game, though at some points it becomes predictable. It also seems to me that one of the mysteries at the end is not solved. I hope they are thinking of a sequel, otherwise they were just careless.

Sound/Voice Acting
7/10- The sound Effects are average to good, with a lot of grunting and screaming. THe music is nothing to jump up and down about, though it is not annoying. The voice acting in this game, however is disgusting. Octavianus' isn't too bad, but Agrippa's is terrible. It makes him sound even dumber than he looks. But they don't pay Gladiators to be pretty and smart do they? Actually they don't pay them at all.

9/10- This game is addictive and can keep you busy unlocking various things for a very long time. This game loses points though as it could have very easily had a spectacular multiplayer. Still, collecting Salvos and getting those elusive trophies still allows you plenty of fun.

Final Rating: 45/50 or 9/10

Very Good Game play, excellent controls and good replay ability. The Voice Acting is terrible and an opportunity for a 10/10 game with multiplayer was missed. I greatly enjoyed playing through the storyline, and I know I will be playing this game for a while trying to get all of the Salvos and Unlockables. I strongly Recommend this game although do not buy it if you do not like blood. (OH YES THERE WILL BE BLOOD!) So, play Shadow of Rome, you will be glad you did.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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