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Reviewed: 07/06/06

Hello Smith (`_`)/

Wow, I am just ecstatic right now. I have just completed perhaps one of the strangest games in my life. Strange in a good way. The game I’m referring to is none other than Killer7. I am practically at a loss for words of just how amazing this game is. Before I purchased this game I remember skimming through the previews for it in video game magazines like Game Informer and PSM. It tended to get average scores and pretty harsh criticism. Because of this I steered clear of it for a long time. Then I realized to myself one day while looking for a new purchase that my own views had beliefs and ideas had wondered. I just couldn't let the opinions of these corporate companies to influence my gaming experience. So for a measly 14 dollars I bought this game. Not even 10 minutes into the game I was hooked. Everything it did was just so completely new and different to me. I give Capcom and all the people who worked on this game major thanks for giving me such a great experience.


The game play is presented in a very unique style. Utilizing the Killer7 syndicate requires smart playing. Each member has their own abilities, and weapons. They all are needed to make the game progress and solve puzzles as well as fighting. Invisibility, Blood Spray (used to break down barriers), Ultra Sound, Wrestling skills, etc are just some of the many abilities needed in the game. Aside from that we have character specific weapons, each unique in comparison. Grenade launchers, knives, dual automatics, sniper guns, revolvers, etc. Certain characters based solely on their weapons can mean victory or failure in this game when it comes to combating against enemies. Fortunately the game has an easy learning curve and can be mastered fairly easily. Moving through the game is also unique through my experience. Holding down the x button moves your character on a specific path, and when they come to a part in their path where they can either enter a door or go to a different area, they are presented with an on-screen transparent type map. Pointing the analog stick in the direction you want to go will continue you them on their way. I admit it doesn't sound as appealing in writing as it is in the game itself. But I happen to like the diversity of this game and the way things are done. The enemies in this game known as the Heaven Smile are evil sharp teeth having creatures that laugh maniacally and blow up if they get close enough to you. Hunting them down and destroying them gives off blood. Blood is presented in two ways here. The first being thick blood which is used to upgrade each character’s attributes, and the second being thin blood which is used as a way to restore lost health. Solving puzzles are fairly simplistic. No more difficult then any Resident Evil game. It’s just a simple task of getting what you need before you can progress type of puzzle provider. These are basics of the game.



My favorite part of the game is obviously the story. Highly corrupt, confusing, dark, political, and dementedly foreboding. You are the Killer7, an elite group of assassins that are part of one man’s mind, Harman Smith. Dan Smith, Kevin Smith, KAEDE Smith, Con Smith, Mask De Smith, Coyote Smith, Garcian Smith. They are working for the government to exterminate the Heaven Smile and it’s leader. Things are definitely not what they seem though. There are tons of twists you don’t see coming and some shocking turn of events at the end of the game. What you may have believed in the beginning may not be the truth. The truth is the ultimate goal. What is the truth? Just what the hell is going on? As you seek this out along with your main mission you come across some great cut scenes, strange characters that are nothing short of memorable, and tread across the very lines of reality and insanity.


Graphics and Sound

I love the cel-shading in this game. It couldn't have been more perfect. The game just wouldn't have been as creepy and dark as it was without it. The characters themselves are all cool looking as well as the enemies. The game is over flowing with gore and the way the story is told seems like something you would see in an anime or comic. I love it. Now, the sound is definitely one of the best parts. The demonic laughs of the Heaven Smile are orgasmic in perfection. Voice acting is done very well, and the dead come with a unique way of telling the story. I don’t want to spoil the game so I’ll leave out the details to that. Overall this portion is flawless.



The game is decently long about 15 hours to complete on a first play through. Luckily it comes with tons of unlockables like harder difficulties, and bonus characters. I pretty much recommend replaying the game anyways to get the full understanding of the story. It’s definitely not a game for the stupid. It’s presented to those who are intelligent and deep thinkers. Metal Gear Solid fans are perfect for the story of this game.


Final Verdict

Go out and pick up this game. Don’t rent it, just buy it. It’s cheap enough to purchase now anyway. Don’t let this title pass you by.


Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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