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"Bad controls and bland visuals don't help this boring experience"

Killer 7 was one of the 5 exclusive Capcom titles for the Nintendo Gamecube. Obviously I am reviewing this game for the PS2 so you can tell that Capcom lied to its fans once again but what else is new there. I must admit the bad reviews and other things kept me away from Killer 7 and boy do I regret buying this game, even though it was only $7. Further proof of why I like to use online rental services these days to play games.

Killer 7 tells the tale of an assassin who isn't like any other. He has 7 personalities and he is on a big mission. Take out all terrorism and destroy the terrorist group "Smile". There are some interesting ideas present but to be honest I wasn't impressed with this game in any way, shape, or form.

Graphic wise the game uses a cell shading look except it is some of the blandest graphics I have seen this gen. The colors lack any depth to them; everything comes off as flat and lifeless. Character models while unique to look at, really look bad when you see them up close.

The sound in the game was annoying to me as well. Voice acting is overly dramatic and way too high pitched. It was almost like a new dub group formed to do the voice work in this game. It was actually painful. Sound effects are basic. Laughs and gun shots. Music was kind of bland and useless as well.

I know this is a port of sorts of the Gamecube version but wow. It's like they didn't want to use the PS2's controller at all and just kept the setup for the Gamecube version. This is a problem because the controls are overly complicated and make no logical sense. They are also unresponsive at times and were perhaps my biggest frustration with the game.

The best way to describe the game play in Killer 7 is by calling it a mess. It plays like a rail shooter minus the forced path. So the idea is that you can only move in a straight line. Reach a splitting path and you get a paused screen with the options of where to go, be it to the west hall or east hall.

But you will need to go back and forth and all around. New paths open, new items appear to solve puzzles. Enemies pop up and you will need to hit R1 to pull your gun up and then L1 to scan. This will make the enemies visible. Some have weak spots and some can just be shot. You get blood and other stuff from the enemies.

Use these items to level up your guys and unlock your other two personalities. You can split to the different personalities on the fly but you will need to know which to each in each different situation. Some are quicker, some have better aim and the list goes on. I found that aiming in itself was terrible and the crosshairs still bounced around a little too much, making it harder than it should be to hit a small mark.

On the replay value front we get two endings but the only thing you need to do to get them both is to replay the final level which is very easy and doesn't have a true boss anyway. Just pick the different option when asked a question. Besides that you can unlock two different modes. One is harder and the other is just the first level but all of the enemies have masks on.

So, is Killer 7 worth getting? That really depends. It's a unique experience but one that I don't think is worth experiences. With so many games being released all the time, a mediocre title that's style over substance isn't one that should be at the top of anyone's list. It's a game of decent length though but I do not recommend blind buying this title as it's a love it or hate one. I for one hated it.

Story - 7/10
Graphics - 5/10
Sound - 5/10
Control - 4/10
Game Play - 5/10
Replay Value - 2/10

Final Score - 5/10

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 03/01/07

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