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"It is a sin not to play this game"

Killer7 is the story of a demented assassin with multiple personality disorder. If you have problems with the strange or graphic violence then stay away.

The gameplay is simple. You control the killer7[Garcian, Dan, KAEDE, Kevin, Coyote, Con and Mask]. The Smiths. The game is played in 3rd and 1st person view. The gunplay is in 1st person while the puzzle solving and running around is in 3rd. When in 1st person you are in a fixed position and can only aim, shoot and use the personalities gunplay skills. In 3rd person you run on rails but it works well. You have options. You can choose your path to run or go back to a path you did not pick. Most of the personalities have a talent while in 3rd person mode as well.

The enemy gives you what you need to upgrade and survive. BLOOD. Thick blood takes care of your upgrades such as attack power, reload and foot speed, targeting, critical hits and other character specific skills. Thin blood helps you recover. The boss battles are some of the most creative I have seen. It is hard to explain without spoiling the game.

The sound is acceptable. Voice acting is really good. Maybe the script had a hand in that. You could have the perfect fit for a voice actor but if they have something stupid to say I guess it really doesn't matter. Sound effects from the guns to the enemies is average. The music is really good once you get past a guy know as the Gatekeeper. The rest of the music is forgettable.

The cut scenes, style and story are the major high points of this game. Don't get me wrong, the action is good but how the game comes together is perfect. There are very violent cut scenes from using the in game engine to using an anime comic style. The cinematic way the cut scenes are presented is genius. The same can be said for the in game camera. The in game graphics are of a cell shaded/comic style. I will not even begin to try fully explain the story but it involves politics, religion, metal disorder, metaphors and is all done at great locations.

The downfall killer7 is the loading time and slow down. The loading will take some time in spots but the slowdown in framerate rarely happens.

Killer7 should take you 12-15 hours to complete after which you unlock a new mode. You will want to play the game again anyway to try and get a grasp on the story.

Killer7 will be missed by many people which is a shame because it has the greatest story in a video game. People will still be trying to get the story years from now unless Suda51 clears the air and explains what the hell is going on.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/13/05

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