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    Detroit Lions FAQ by SilverChaosVII

    Updated: 02/02/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Game: Madden NFL 2005
    System: Playstation 2
    FAQ Author: SilverChaosVII
    DD     DDD  EEE          TTTT     RR    RR    OOO  OOO  IIII     TTTT
    DD     DDD  EEE          TTTT     RR    RR    OOO  OOO  IIII     TTTT
                LLL       III  OOOOOOOO  NNNN     NNN  SSSSSSSS
                LLL       III  OOOOOOOO  NNN NN   NNN  SSSSSSSS
                LLL       III  OOO  OOO  NNN NN   NNN  SSS
                LLL       III  OOO  OOO  NNN  NN  NNN  SSSSSSSS
                LLL       III  OOO  OOO  NNN   NN NNN  SSSSSSSS
                LLL       III  OOO  OOO  NNN   NN NNN       SSS
    Table Of Contents
    1. 2005 Team Roster
    2. 2005 Team Schedule
    3. Offensive Strengths
    4. Offensive Weaknesses
    5. Defensive Strengths
    6. Defensive Weaknesses
    7. Good Set Audible Packages - Offense
    8. Good Set Audible Packages - Defense
    9. Key Offensive Plays
    10. Key Defensive Plays
    11. Help Playing With The Lions
    12. Help Playing Against The Lions
    13. SilverChaosVII's Franchise Tips
    14. Legal Crap
    1. 2005 (Default) Team Roster
    Quarterback - Joey Harrington (Default Overall - 83)
    Quarterback - Mike McMahon (Default Overall - 79)
    Quarterback - Rick Mirer (Default Overall - 74)
    Halfback - Kevin Jones (Default Overall - 78)
    Halfback - Olandis Gary (Default Overall - 74)
    Halfback - Shawn Bryson (Default Overall - 74)
    Halfback - Artose Pinner (Default Overall - 73)
    Fullback - Cory Schlesinger (Default Overall - 89)
    Wide Receiver - Charles Rogers (Default Overall - 84)
    Wide Receiver - Roy Williams (Default Overall - 83)
    Wide Receiver - Tai Streets (Default Overall - 83)
    Wide Receiver - Az-Zahir Hakim (Default Overall - 77)
    Wide Receiver - Scotty Anderson (Default Overall - 65)
    Wide Receiver - Reggie Swinton (Default Overall - 61)
    Wide Receiver - Eddie Drummond (Default Overall - 59)
    Tight End - Stephan Alexander (Default Overall - 73)
    Tight End - Casey Fitzsimmons (Default Overall - 69)
    Tight End - John Owens (Default Overall - 67)
    Left Tackle - Jeff Backus (Default Overall - 86)
    Left Tackle - Ben Johnson (Default Overall - 57)
    Left Guard - Damien Woody (Default Overall - 91)
    Left Guard - Kelly Butler (Default Overall - 68)
    Center - Daminic Raiola (Default Overall - 87)
    Center - Tyrone Hopson (Default Overall - 72)
    Right Guard - David Loverne (Default Overall - 79)
    Right Guard - Matt Joyce (Default Overall - 79)
    Right Tackle - Stockar McDougle (Default Overall - 87)
    Right Tackle - Victor Rogers (Default Overall - 59)
    Left End - Robert Porcher (Default Overall - 86)
    Left End - Jared DeVries (Default Overall - 65)
    Right End - James Hall (Default Overall - 83)
    Right End - Kalimba Edwards (Default Overall - 81)
    Defensive Tackle - Shaun Rogers (Default Overall - 90)
    Defensive Tackle - Dan Wilkinson (Default Overall - 87)
    Defensive Tackle - Kelvin Pritchett (Default Overall - 77)
    Defensive Tackle - Cory Redding (Default Overall - 72)
    Left Outside Linebacker - Boss Bailey (Default Overall - 83)
    Left Outside Linebacker - Donte Curry (Default Overall - 71)
    Middle Linebacker - Earl Holmes (Default Overall - 86)
    Middle Linebacker - Wali Rainer (Default Overall - 78)
    Right Outside Linebacker - Teddy Lehman (Default Overall - 75)
    Right Outside Linebacker - James Davis (Default Overall - 71)
    Cornerback - Dre Bly (Default Overall - 91)
    Cornerback - Fernando Bryant (Default Overall - 87)
    Cornerback - Chris Cash (Default Overall - 72)
    Cornerback - Andre Goodman (Default Overall - 71)
    Cornerback - Keith Smith (Default Overall - 70)
    Cornerback - Roderick Babers (Default Overall - 63)
    Free Saftey - Brock Marion (Default Overall - 88)
    Free Saftey - Terrence Holt (Default Overall - 72)
    Strong Saftey - Brian Walker (Default Overall - 79)
    Strong Saftey - Bracy Walker (Default Overall - 71)
    Kicker - Jason Hanson (Default Overall - 90)
    Punter - Nick Harris (Default Overall - 72)
    2. 2005 Team Schedule
    August 14 - vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
    August 21 - @ Cleveland Browns
    August 28 - @ Baltimore Ravens
    September 2 - vs. Buffalo Bills
    Regular Season
    September 12 - @ Chicago Bears
    September 19 - vs. Houston Texans
    September 26 - vs. Philadelphia Eagles
    October 10 - @ Atlanta Falcons
    October 17 - vs. Green Bay Packers
    October 24 - @ New York Giants
    October 31 - @ Dallas Cowboys
    November 7 - vs. Washington Redskins
    November 14 - @ Jacksonville Jaguars
    November 21 - @ Minnesota Vikings
    November 25 - vs. Indianapolis Colts
    December 5 - vs. Arizona Cardinals
    December 12 - @ Green Bay Packers
    December 19 - vs. Minnesota Vikings
    December 26 - vs. Chicago Bears
    January 2 - @ Tennessee Titans
    3. Offensive Strengths
    The Lions had possibly the most successful 2004 draft (at least on paper) by
    snagging wide receiver Roy Williams, a proven route-runner with blistering speed
    and a knack for exploiting holes in defensive coverages. He will join wide
    receiver Charles Rogers, another first-round pick with big-play capability.
    Quarterback Joey Harrington stands to benefit from one of the speediest wide
    receiver sets in the league.
    4. Offensive Weaknesses
    The Lions ranked dead-last in the running game last year, so the team hopes that
    second-round draft pick Kevin Jones can help turn things around. He is a fast
    runner who excels at pass-blocking. The Lions also still lack a quality right
    guard (although the arrival of Damien Woody may help), and suffer from a general
    lack of depth across the offensive line. Any injuries to the front five could
    hamper the running game. The team also lacks a tight end with all around skills.
    5. Defensive Strengths
    The Lions seem to be building a strong nucleus in the secondary, thanks to some
    key free-agent moves. Cornerback Fernando Bryant and safety Brock Marion will
    help solidify a defense that was shaky against the pass all last season. They
    will join Dre Bly, a cornerback with Pro Bowl talent. The added manpower will
    help the corners play tighter on receivers at the line of scrimmage.
    6. Defensive Weaknesses
    The front seven sorely needs some big-name talent to generate a stronger pass
    rush, especially when it comes to defensive end. The loss of linebacker Barrett
    Green to free agency is salt on an open wound, although the Lions hope to recoup
    their loss with second-round draft pick Teddy Lehman. He is a speedy linebacker
    with strong physical attribures who'll undoubtedly see playing time this season.
    The lack of overall depth across the defensive line is another big concern.
    7. Good Set Audible Packages - Offense
    Note: These are all suggestions, they are not certain to be the best. Also note 
    that there are more than enough so you should just pick the ones that you like.
    Shotgun Normal Offset Weak - WR Option
    Shotgun Normal Offset Weak - Double Outs
    Shotgun Normal Offset Weak - WR Post Corner
    Shotgun Normal Offset Weak - Post Flags
    Splitbacks Normal - FL Go
    Splitbacks Normal - Curl Flats
    Splitbacks Normal - TE Option
    Splitbacks Normal - FL Zig Out
    Weak I Normal - FB Dive
    Weak I Normal - HB Gut
    Weak I Normal - Power Toss
    Weak I Normal - HB Wham
    Singleback Normal - HB Slam
    Singleback Normal - HB Sprint
    Singleback Normal - HB Toss Strong
    Singleback Normal - HB Smash
    8. Good Set Audible Packages - Defense
    Note: These are all suggestions, they are not certain to be the best. Also note 
    that there are more than enough so you should just pick the ones that you like.
    4-3 Normal - LOLB Blitz
    4-3 Normal - OLB Fire 3
    4-3 Normal - CB Blitz
    4-3 Normal - Storm Blitz
    Nickel Normal - ROLB Blitz
    Nickel Normal - Silver Shoot Pin
    Nickel Normal - Under Smoke
    Nickel Normal - Engage 8
    Quarter Normal - Cover 3
    Quarter Normal - Cover 2
    Quarter Normal - 4 Across
    Quarter Normal - Double Z
    3-4 Normal - 2 Man Under
    3-4 Normal - Cover 3
    3-4 Normal - Trio Sky Zone
    3-4 Normal - Cover 1
    9. Key Offensive Plays
    Shotgun Normal Offset Weak - Rogers Option
    Try to hit Rogers in the seam; if he is double-covered, throw it to Streets. You
    are going to need some time to comeplete this play, so rolling out to the left
    or right may be the best way to find the open receiver. If all else fails look
    for Kevin Jones after the fake block.
    Split Backs Twin Wide Receiver - Flats
    Look for the open receiver and deliver the ball out there quickly. This is a
    timing play. Moving the ball from the quarterback to the designated receiver
    quickly is what makes this play work. Be looking over the middle for Tai Streets
    in case other options fail, he is open a good amount of the time. If you are
    able to get this play down right, you should be able to get a first down.
    Singleback Empty 4 Wide Receivers - Outside Corners
    Good for spreading out the defense and showcasing the dynamic duo - Harrington
    and Streets. But get the ball away in a hurry, as there's no one back to protect
    you. If you execute, you can put up some pretty big yardage. It's not a money
    play because it takes so much time to develope, but it is a good play to keep
    your opponent on his toes.
    10. Key Defensive Plays
    4-3 Normal - Cover 1 Robber
    The play allows you to surround the opponent with some pretty talented defenders
    You'll have the run and the pass covered at the same time. If it's a timing play
    the middle of the field is taken away. If it's a deep pass, your defenders
    should make it to the QB before he can hit anyone. Even if they don't, he'll be
    hearing footsteps and might blow it.
    Quarter Normal - Cover 3
    This is a major staple of the Lions defense. Give opponents a good dose of this
    coverage, and you should be able to hold your own or at least keep the offensive
    team guessing. Cover 3 is good for stopping the pass and the run, but it's
    mainly meant to stop the short or midrange passing plays
    Nickle Normal - Cover 1
    In passing situations this will take away the middle. It's also good for
    stopping the run, mainly because of the big guys on the Lions D-line. There is
    no sweeter feeling than knocking down a pass or sacking the quarterback in a 
    third down situation to make the offensive team kick the ball away.
    11. Help Playing With The Lions
    The main thing that you want to focus on is the passing attack with Roy Williams
    and Charles Rogers at the ends, Az-Zahir Hakim as the slot receiver and sending
    Kevin Jones out of the backfield to make some big plays. Hakim can use his speed
    to blow away the corners and can be used on end arounds and reverses. In a
    four receiver set, throw in the direction of Tai Streets, who has a positive
    history playing under coach Steve Mariucci.
    12. Help Playing Against The Lions
    Play a lot of Nickel and Dime packages stop the passing game and force the Lions
    to try to beat you on the ground with their young, inexperienced backfield.
    Avoid corner blitzes at all costs unlest you have some really fast linebackers
    to cover the receivers. Run hard agains the defensive line and focus on opening
    holes for running backs off the ends.
    13. SilverChaosVII's Franchise Tips
    * Put LE Robert Porcher on trade block for a draft pick or a free saftey
    * Sign a back up RE from free agency
    * Edit Kalimba Edwards changing him to LE rather than RE
    * Change TE Casey Fitzsimmons to the starter, he progresses fast
    * Adjust the QB to your tendencies
    * If you are a scrambler start McMahon
    * If you are a pocket passer start Harrington
    * Both turn out to be great quarterbacks in the long run
    14. Legal Crap
    Yeah, this FAQ is designated for IGN and GameFAQ purposes only. The creation of
    this FAQ is by SilverChaosVII and should not be used unless I approve it. If you
    need to email me my email is SilverChaosVII@yahoo.com, but please don't be
    sending me crap mail or anything. Also this FAQ would not be possible without
    the help of Prima Official Game Guide to Madden 2005. Some of this information
    is taken straight from it as some isn't. Thank you and there will be more teams
    to come soon.
    			Copyright 2005 Mike Mill

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