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"Espn NFL 2K5 is awesome!"

I will start off with a few negative features on this game. In this game the crowd has about 10 different people and it repeats these people through out the stadium. Also when you are going against a famous person, when they talk there mouth does not move. In sportscenter they also may start to repeat there words such as starvin' Marvin Harrison. Injuries occur kind of often too.

Now move on to all of the great things about this awesome NFL game.

We'll start off with the crib. The crib is one of the main parts of this game. You can get all sorts of things for it such as an air hockey table (which you can play). Also a home theater (that you can watch). Darts that you can also play and a trivia machine that you can answer. You can buy team furniture and bar lights. You can also collect bobble heads and hang up your favorite posters. You can customize everything including flooring and walls. You can even get your own team motorcycle. You can get a lot more such as a guitar and a trophy collection for the milestones that you accomplish. This is a great feature that never gets boring. I would rate this a 10/10

Then there is the weekly sportscenter (sc). This is one of my favorite features in this game and Chris Berman is the host. They show the injury reports for every week and they show the scores of all of the games that have been completed in that week. He tells you trades and cuts. Then my favorite thing about sportscenter is the flashbacks. They show the best plays of the week and this is in game graphic. I would rate this a 10/10

That leads us to the graphics. These graphics are the best i have ever seen in my life. The graphics seem like you are playing a real NFL game. Sometimes when the quarterback gets angry he will throw his helmet at the bench and it will knock over the Gatorade. Also if you run at the people holding the markers they can fall over. The crowd will have there face painted depending on who they are cheering for. You can also do a touchdown dance and throw the ball into the crowd. I would rate this a 9.8/10

The franchise mode is also awesome. You are the coach of the team you decide. Watch out because if you are a losing coach you will have to clean off your desk and be sent packing. You will be fired. Don't be too scared about this because he will not fire you for a few loses this only happens if you lose like 8 in a row. You can sign free agents and also adjust players contracts. You can get emails from people to inform you on injuries and where you stand in the football league. In addition to this mode you will get phone calls for a challenge against a celebrity. I would rate this a 9.6/10

The VIP mode is great. It tracks everything that you do. This can track weather you pass or run more to where you like to pass or run. This also tracks your record as a coach. This mode goes down to specifics. It can even track the player that you throw to the most and the play that you use to get it to him.

You can replay some of the most historical moments in NFL history such as the Ice Bowl and Super bowl XXXVI. This is a fun mode that gives you a chance to make history. In this mode you can only play like one quarter of the game (Deciding factor). I would rate this a 9.1/10

Creating is a fun feature in this game. You can create your own NFL player. When you create a player you can customize his stats and there own touchdown symbol this also is fun because there are lots of creation options. You can even create a fan. You can make them the ultimate fan. They can where there teams jersey and if the player makes a big play they will point at the number of the jersey of that player they are wearing. In this you can create a team and the coaches name too. I would rate this a 9.2/10

Other features are good too. You can hit your opponent hard if you hold down the square button. You can also drop your shoulder on offence if you hit the triangle button. These are fun features and become useful if you need a big play done.

I recommend this game to anyone because this is the best football game I have played yet.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/10/05

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