Where can I find Muse Key?

  1. i can find the Muse Key

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  1. Muse Key 1: When you reach Poseiden's Challenge (the area) you will soon encounter a large room that spins to open 1 of ?5? gates, 4 have red orb chests behind them, 1 is the exit. Staying in any of the chest rooms too long will result in death. Anyways the point is once you've past this you know you're almost at the first one. There will now be a climbing section, once you reach the top, head right and open the chest. Muse key 1.

    Muse Key 2: Continue through the area (using a guide if you get stuck) and eventually you will reach an underwater area that leads to a the opening of a giant Poseidon Statue's mouth. In here many saws (or some other sharp pointy object) will begin to close in on you. Water charge your way through this area. Pull the switch you will reach and then backtrack through the saw water stretch. Now you will come to a place you took a turn to the right on earlier. Take a left this time. This leads to a small above water area where there will be a few soldiers and the muse key. Honestly these aren't too hard too miss. You just have to be careful not to miss the door they open since both getting the keys, and opening the door are optional. Side note: To 'please' the water spirits hold circle when near them.

    Lastly, the door. When you eventually backtrack to the "Rings of Pandora" (happens later in the story) The monstrous circular room where you spun the whole walls around to access different rooms, one of which lead to a large crysttal which shone light. Keep spinning them till you can access a room with too pieces missing from the door. Use the muse keys and you will get a full boost (like 6 GorgonEyes/Pheonix Feathers) to both magic and health as well as a massive amount of experience.

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  1. There are actually four Muse key chests, but only two muse keys. Opening a muse key chest with two muse keys just gives red orbs. Aside from the two above, there is one in the Challenge of Hades, and one in the Challenge of Atlas.

    Keltin's "Chest guide" has info on exactly where to find them.

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