How do I beat (Hydra)?

  1. How do I beat (Hydra)?

    the third & bigger one

    User Info: samighandor84

    samighandor84 - 8 years ago

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  1. First kill the two smaller heads. To do so, keep attacking one until the bar is nearly empty. The head will flop down next to a stack of boxes. Climb up to the top box and you will see a round platform with a blade attached to the bottom. jump onto the platform to make it fall and impale the head, to stop it from getting up. Do the same to the head on the other side.

    Once both are pinned down, climb up the rope to the mast to face off against the big head. This isn't too difficult(unless you are on Spartan or God mode), and its attacks are easily telegraphed. If it nods its head in a direction, then it will bite down on that part of the mast. When it does that, roll in the other direction to dodge it then run up to it and if you have any magic, use Poseidon's Rage. If you don't, hit it with a heavy combo. When the head takes enough damage, it will flop down and a circle will appear on its head. Press circle to start the minigame. Repeatedly hit circle to use the Blades of Chaos to smash the Hydra's head onto the mast. Do this twice more and then deal enough damage to finish it of with a final minigame.

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  1. Just kill the litlle first. you can kill the little if the little Hydra is down(not attack in few moment) . you must drop some kind of Guiltone to his head. the big one just atttack and attack hiim. you will kill him in the 4 minigame

    User Info: xeroxzerox

    xeroxzerox - 8 years ago 0 1

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