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    Challenge of Gods FAQ by Tzuriel

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    God of War
    Challenge of Gods Guide
    written by: Jerry M
    version: 1.01
    This Faq is no longer supported by the author.
    Table of Contents
    1.Version History
    2.Legal Info
    	Challenge: 1.
    	Challenge: 2.
    	Challenge: 3.
    	Challenge: 4.
    	Challenge: 5.
    	challenge: 6.
    	Challenge: 7.
    	Challenge: 8.
    	Challenge: 9.
    	Challenge: 10.
    6.Contact Info
    1.Version History
    v1.21 - (January 6, 2006) - Added some additional strategies primarily for
    			      challenge 10
    v1.11 - (April  4, 2005) - Added user strategies I've received that I've 
     		 	   found useful
    v1.01 - (March 27, 2005) - Fixed a few minor spelling mistakes
    			 - Seperated each challenge more
    v1.00 - (March 27, 2005) - Completed the Challenges and wrote this guide
    2.Legal Info
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    This file may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advance written permission, except 
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display 
    is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    "The Gods of Olympus have abandoned me"
    Finally after 3 years in development  SCE Studios Santa Monica has released
    this gem of a title called God of War. God of War is a action/adventure 
    game based off Greek Mythology.
    This guide was written for the purpose of providing strategies on the 
    Challenges of the Gods mode unlocked after completing the game so 
    people would stop making topics about in on the forums =p
    Why beat the challenges of the gods?
    Well not only are they challenging(duh) and add replay value, but they
    also unlock 4 additional costumes that not only affect Kratos' actual
    appearance but actually change his attributes as well.
    On Ground Controls
    Left Analog Stick				Walk/run/Climb
    Right Analog Stick				Evade
    X						Jump
    X then X					Double Jump
    Square						Normal Attack
    Triangle					Heavy Attack
    O						Grab Enemies
    L1						Block (and parry if enemy is
    				 		blocked at the right time)
    Direction buttons				Select Magic
    L2						Use item/Magic
    R2						Action/interact with world
    L3 + R3						Rage of the Gods
    						(when Rage meter is full)
    Triangle(hold					(Launch and follow enemy into air)
    X(when launching enemy into air)		Super Jump
    O(when enemy is in air)				Chain Grab
    Start						Access Menu Controls
    L1 + R1						Switch to Artemis Blade
    In Air Basics
    Square						Horizontal Attack
    Triangle					Vertical Attack
    O(when Kratos and enemy are in air)		Air Grab
    L1						Block
    Direction Buttons				Select MAgic
    L2						Use Item/Magic
    R1						Hercules Stomp
    5. Challenges
    Tip: Make sure you have Rage of Gods(L1+R1) for the Final Challenge, not a 
    necessity but makes it easier. You can use it on other challenges, if you 
    use it on challenge 8 or earlier, it will recharge by 10.
    Tip 2: You cannot save during these so if you quit, you have to start over.
    Challenge: 1.
    Description: Knock 8 enemies off the platform before time runs out. Killing
    an enemy will fail the challenge.
    Difficulty 1/5
    Strategy: There will be 8 undead Legionnaires with magic shields at the 
    beginning of this. I have found either trying to grab them(O) works well.
    Since they have the shields on, you won't actually grab them but you will
    push them back a bit.
    Or you can also try switching to Artemis Blade(L1+R1), and using Wrath of
    Artemis(hold L1+X) Be careful which direction you evade and try to not 
    get too close to the edges.
    Challenge: 2.
    Description: Kill all Archers and Undead Soldiers before time runs out.
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Strategy: There are 4 Large platforms in a square formation with 2 
    smaller ones in between each one. Each of the big platforms has 4 undead
    soldiers(1 with a shield) and 3 on the one you start on.  The smaller 
    platforms in between each have 1 archer on them.
    On the big platforms,I had a bit of difficulty with this one at first. 
    I reccommend you use Plume of Prometheus(Square, Square, Triangle) on 
    the shield users to get rid of their shields, while using heavy attacks
    (Triangle) for the regular ones. A good combo for the undead soldiers is
    Spirit of Hercules (Triangle, Triangle, Triangle).
    Jump between the platforms and along the small platforms either use 
    Hermes Rush(press R1 while moving) or grab(O) them and rip them apart
    (Triangle). Hermes Rush is quicker but more risky but grabbing them is 
    When you get to the third platform or fourth platform, first get rid of 
    his shield, then select Army of Hades(Up) and use(L2) it. Use light 
    attacks after you use the magic so you get rid of them quicker. It
    Should take out a few archers around.
    Ignore the flying Harpies. Dodge attacks when you can.
    Steve submitted: "for challenge 2, the Lance of the Furies (L1 + O) with 
    the blades of chaos technique worked pretty well for the undead soldiers.
    When you're jumping from the archer platform to the soldier platforms, 
    they usually rush you and you can both break the shields of the shielded 
    soldiers and knock some off as well."
    My note: I tested this and found this to work well and it made this 
    challenge considerably easier.
    Challenge: 3.
    Description: Break all jars in the room before the time runs out.
    Strategy: Shouldn't be much of a problem at all, either move around the
    room and use light attacks(Square) or use a fully charged Lance of the
    Furies(Hold L1+O)
    Challenge: 4.
    Description: Kill 4 Minotaurs but none of the Undead Soldiers.
    Difficutly: 3/5
    Strategy: No time limit so take your time. Evade attacks and evade right
    by a Minotaur and use Apollo's Ascension(L1+X) to throw them up into the 
    air(also hold the buttons so you go into the air also), then either attack
    and repeat or Air Grab(O) to slam it back onto the ground. It will bounce
    back up and you can repeat until its dead. 
    If you get a soldier into the air with the Minotaur just wait until you get
    back to the ground and try again so you don't risk killing a soldier.
    Challenge: 5.
    Description: Shoot all of the Undead Soldiers! Do not shoot the Human Soldiers.
    Difficutly: 2/5
    Strategy: There is no time limit again so take your time, this also decreases
    the difficulty on this one a bit. Interact with the bow(R2) and pull back
    on the analog stick to charge, once it reaches the end it will automatically 
    fire so you can't hold it forever.
    The undead soldiers will move around the outer circle while 3 Human soldiers
    move around a smaller one inside. They all move clockwise. Pick a Undead 
    soldier(whichever one) and watch it, once it gets to around 1 or 2 o'clock
    (around the northeast), start pulling back. Experiment a bit and you should
    get the timing and this one will be easy.
    Challenge: 6.
    Description: Reach the center of the end platform before time runs out.
    Difficutly: 4/5
    Strategy: There are 2 sets of platforms moving left and right. Every other
    platform has a archer, and the last one has 4. They all use exploding arrows
    that will knock you back. If you get hit while in the air, your dead, if you
    get knocked off the side of a platform with a archer on it, he will probably
    hit you off before you get a chance to get back on. 
    There isn't much time in this one so speed is essential, I reccomend either
    Just running and jumping all the way to the end(this will take a few tries 
    since it depends more on luck) or using Hermes Rush(R1) to take out the archers.
    Although its risky because you don't have much space on the smaller platforms.
    MediusNacht submitted: "When jumping onto a platform that has an archer on 
    it, use the air Hermes Rush (R1 in the air, does a side-kick downward). Since 
    it auto-targets enemies on the ground"
    Challenge: 7.
    Description: Kill all of the enemies while not getting hit.
    Difficutly: 2/5
    Strategy: This one is easier than it sounds, first the time limit is 
    generous so you shouldn't have a problem from that side. Primarily use 
    Plume of Prometheus from a distance(Square, Square, Triangle) while evading
    into open spaces constantly. You can also use Lance of the Furies(hold L1+O)
    while in the air if you want.
    Mr Floppy TankMage submitted: "medusa's gaze is made available, using it made 
    the challenge a lot easier for me"
    Challenge: 8.
    Description: Kill all the enemies.
    Difficutly: 5/5
    Strategy: Much harder than it sounds. You have to fight wave after wave of
    undead soldiers and waves of 4 gorgons at a time. You also can't use magic.
    The key to winning this? Evading a lot!... A LOT!!! Evade whenever A gorgon
    is trying to stone you(indicated by the red beam) and try to dodge attacks.
    Your primary tactic should be to use Lance of the furies(hold L1+O) while in
    the air, keep doing this and this will eventually finish the battle. By the way
    this one takes a while, so it will probably take the longest of all the
    If you ever do turn to stone, use your palm to quickly rotate the left analog
    stick to get out of it, you can get out of it in most situations. I have found
    that there is one un-avoidable death after you land Lance of the Furies, there
    will be some time before you can move again and sometimes a gorgon will stone
    you before you can, but usually you can evade it too.
    Once the undead soldiers are gone this should be easy, just finish off the 
    gorgons with whatever combo you want.
    >>I have heard some people have trouble finishing the gorgons alone after the
    soldiers are gone. Personally health has never been a issue for me on this
    one. Lance of the Furies should work fine again even after the soldiers are
    gone. You can block every one of the gorgons melee attacks. They dodge 
    before they attack. They also don't take much hits to defeat. You can lift
    them in the air with apollo's ascension(L1+X) and keep using L1+x while in
    the air and that should finish them easily also.
    Matt Jirgal submitted: "with this one, things go a tad faster if you do L1+O 
    in mid air in the middle to spread everyone out, and then use it near the
    edges where theres somone between you and the edge, this will send them off 
    the edge."
    Challenge: 9.
    Description: Kill all Cyclops before time runs out.
    Difficutly: 1/5
    Strategy: Unlike challenge 8, this one should be fairly easy, just evade or 
    block the Satyrs and dodge the cyclop's attack when you see him starting one.
    Use Spirit of Hercules (Triangle, Triangle, Triangle) or to Plume of Prometheus
    (Square, Square, Triangle) to kill the Cyclops from a distance. Shouldn't be
    hard at all.
    Challenge: 10.
    Description: Kill enemies to make the platform rise. Reach the top platform.
    Difficutly: 5/5 without rage of the gods, 4/5 with it
    Strategy: First of all I hope you have Rage of the Gods for this because it
    makes it quite easier, not a necessity but it helps.
    Jump to the 2nd platform, the problem with this is it is hard to evade since
    you don't have that much space. However, if you use Achilles flip(X after 
    evade) after evading its easier to maintain your position on the platform. 
    You can also try tapping block constantly when you see the Satyr going for 
    a attack(indicated by a purple trail) or Try to evade only when you are fairly
    close to the edge and evade towards another edge. There are 2 respawning 
    Satyrs and 3 Cerberus puppies(aww so cute o.O) that will keep respawning 
    qas you kill them. 
    Each time you kill anything, the platform you are on will rise, jumping back 
    will make it go back down. Your goal is to keep killing until you can jump 
    onto the top platform.
    You will primarily be using 2 attacks here, mainly Hercules combo (Square, 
    Square, then hold Square) and Lance of the Furies(Hold L1+O) while in the air.
    Use Rage of the Gods(R3+L3) at any point if you have it charged, and just 
    use Square to attack. This should finish off a lot of guys without much
    difficulty. Lance of the Furies will knock off all the cerberus pups usually
    but it doesn't work at all for the Satyrs.
    Another attack strategy for the Satyrs is to lift them into the air with 
    Appollo's Ascenion(hold L1+X) then attack them with Appollo's Offensive
    (hold L1 and press X) while still in the air. I have found this to be 
    Keep trying and you will eventually get to the other platform, double-jump to it
    once its in range.
    Cronoeds submitted: I have a strategy for Mission 10 that takes a little bit of 
    luck, but still makes the mission much easier than usual.  Simply use the blade 
    of Artemis and continually use L1+Triangle move on the ground.  Both satyrs and 
    cerberus puppies are vulnerable to it, and it's a quick one-two punch that can 
    knock several enemies off the platform per attack.
    My note: I also found using (hold Triangle) while in the air after double-
    jumping to work well with the blade of artemis. Or just holding Triangleto get 
    into the air also.
    h8uthemost submitted: Using Achilles flip, press Triangle while still in the 
    air, and he performs a strong attack downward. Takes some patience and time,
    but not much risk.
    Menno Rutten submitted:"constantly use the evade move (preferably towards 
    the center of theplatform) followed by (X) and then (L1+Square). Before you 
    even touch theground again, you should already use the right analog stick 
    again to evade.You can repeat this infinitely, although that takes a little 
    practice (you have to get used to the constant rolling).
    Advantages of this strategy are that:
    1; you won't get hit at all
    2; you'll never fall off
    In other words, you can't fail with this, only if you take a slight pause in
    your constantly repeating chain of evade-strikes. Also, avoid accidentally
    pressing (L1+Square) twice in a row because it will leave you vulnerable. If
    that happens, block immediately and then evade again as soon as possible,
    followed by (X).
    You CAN evade by the edges of the platform, unlike you said in your guide.
    You won't ever fall off. Just make sure you tap (X) to get in the air in the
    opposite direction. Knowing that gave me a lot more freedom on that little
    Contact Info
    This Faq is no longer supported by the author.
    1.Gamefaqs- For maintaining a huge videogame database of guides, and forums.
    2.Various users on the gamefaqs message boards(too many to mention, don't even
    remember any names anyways- For providing help with the game when I asked
    as well as giving me a general idea for how to get through a challenge for
    problematic ones.
    3.David Jaffe- For being responsible for this fantastic game
    4.Ris and Dei- for proof-reading =p
    5.Pyroe on gamefaqs- fixed a minor problem with challenge 5
    6. Piranha Pariah and Tyler Welter- for making me aware of a mistake in 
    challenge 7
    7. Steve, Mr Floppy TankMage, Matt Jirgal, Cronoeds, MediusNacht, Menno,
    h8uthemost- for submitting useful strategies
    Copyright (c)March, 2005 Jerry M.
    All rights reserved.

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