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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DragonicFlare

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    ========================{God of War}
    Playstation 2
    Released 3-22-05
    Difficulty 3 out of 5
    I will also be on vacation the 28th of June through the 27th of july.
    So I cannot reply to any emails then. Sorry.
    Author of this guide: Toni M. (DragonicFlare)
    Email: Love_Chic2003@yahoo.com
    Fanmail is great and all, but it does wear out after a while.
    So please email me only tips or extreme errors in the walkthrough.
    I also made half the guide not even playing through it once, and
    I've only beat God of War one time, hopefully more. So, hidden
    chests and puzzle solutions are great.
    BIG UPDATE!!!!!
    I am NO LONGER updating this guide! I cannot thank you enough for
    loving my guide, and hating it (yes, I did get one hatemail, :) ) But I will
    longer be updating. So, all the 100 tips I got, I never did update... I am extremely sorry
    for my lazyness.
    So, thank you my fans, and haters. I will still help you if you ask for it. This also
    doesn't mean you can IM me either. So.. Yeah. Oh, send all the fanmail you want.
    Oh, did I say that I drew dragons?
    Stalk me there.
    =========================Table of Contents
    You should have no trouble navigating, so... scroll for the topic!
    -----------------FAQs (none yet)
    1. Controls
    2. Monsters
    3. Walkthrough
              +Aegean Sea (difficulty 1 out of 5)
              +Athens (difficulty 2 out of 5)
                    -the Gates of Athens
                    -the Road of Athens
                    -Athens Town Square
                    -Rooftops of Athens
                    -Temple of the Oracle
                    -Sewers of Athens
              +Desert of Lost Souls (difficulty 3 out of 5)
              +Pandora's Temple (difficulty 4 out of 5)
                    -Rings of Pandora
                           >Challenge of Atlas
                           >Challenge of Poseidon
                           >Challenge of Hades
              +Cliffs of Madness (difficulty 3 out of 5)
              +Architect's Tomb (difficulty 4 out of 5)
              +Path of Hades (difficulty 5 out of 5)*
    4. Secrets/Goodies
    5. Credits and Copyright
    *I say 5 out of 5 because, often enough, you will want to quit and
    take a break often here. In other words: FRUSTRATION!
    Well, well, well... You wanna get through God of War? Well, let me tell
    you, I was seduced by this game and I was sure glad of it. This game
    isn't too hard at first but later on... heh... thats when I step in,
    I will help you get through as much of the game as I did. I will
    describe to you what I saw and what you will see (endless if it is
    random). I hope you like this guide because this will be the first
    I will have ever attempted. This game is basically about Kratos. All
    you need to know right now is that he wants to kill Ares, because he
    is a back stabbing little... well, he is basicly a evil god (God of
    War). And well, Kratos doesn't like him because he ruined his life
    and Ares is also about to destroy Athens.
    The gameplay in this game is very simple, and there are so many combos
    that you'll go crazy. You start off easy, in the Aegean Sea, where you
    learn your first set of tricks in the game. I will post the basics that
    you MUST use throughout the game, or you won't make it past the Aegean
    1.0 4-8-05
    Today I will have added this: Introduction, Monsters, and the Aegeon
    Sea walkthrough! Yay! Good for me. This is just a start though...
    1.2 4-10-05
    Today, I will have added so much I feel the muscles in my hand will be
    stripped bare. I added all of Athens, and some of the Desert of Lost Souls.
    1.5 4-24-05
    Wow... I did challenge of Atlas, Poseiden, and most of Hades today! Whew.
    2.0 4-26-05
    Well! I say I did alot today! The whole bit of the Cliffs of Madness and
    the beginning of the Architect's tomb! After I finish the walkthrough I
    will finish the monster section and so on.
    2.5 5-20-05
    Well, more tips coming in! A finally getting started on the controls.
    These are the most common questions I get through email, yay?
    Q: Oh my! Are you really a GIRL!?
    A: Yes, I be a girl. If you mean that girls are not known for gaming,
    you're wrong! I know a bazzilion girl gamers. Period.
    Q: I have this tip, will you put it in the walkthrough? PLEASE!?
    A: Only if I find the tip very enforming and straight to the point,
    but all tips are welcome, and if I think it is a little flawed, or needs
    personal experience to find out if it is true our not, I will test
    it through the game.
    Q: I really like your guide, but you say "yay!" alot.
    A: Yes, I do say "yay" alot, heh. I will admit it is a repetative I
    say in here.
    Q: I HAVE A TIP!!!
    A: Great! But, remember, it MUST have correct spelling, no cursing, and
    a clear description.
    (more coming soon, just need to go through my billions of emails from the
    fans (or not)).
    Yep, every guide, good or bad, need's a control list and description.
    These are only combat controls.
    Block: L1
    This is probably the most important basic in the game. If you do no block
    at a certain attack or the appropiate enemy, you will take severe damage
    or death. Kratos, when blocking, will guide his body/face by crossing
    his Blades of Chaos (or Blade of Artemis) in a X or diagonal position.
    Weak Attack: Square
    Fairy fast attack, but mildly weak, depending on which enemy you are
    targeting. If you press square over and over, Kratos will do a nice
    little combo that basically sweeps the area around him, but once again,
    fairly weak.
    Strong Attack: Triangle
    Wow, much stronger, but also slower. Kratos will hit the enemy two times
    from above, rather then a sweep like the weak attack. Press triangle
    three times in a row and Kratos will do a nice combo (and a usefully
    strong one) at the enemy and will usually cause them to draw back or
    stumble. This combo does take a few seconds to flow through, so be
    Grab or Throw: Circle
    You can grab your enemies, but only certain ones. The small enemys you
    can only throw or grab. Usually, if the enemy is low on health, Kratos
    will automatically kill them from his throw or grab attack. This becomes
    very useful, also triggers mini-game button sequences, so you better
    get used to this button.
    --Tip from Chris: (leveling up stats)
    Level up the Blades of Chaos ASAP.  I suggest a level up order like
    **Blade of Chaos to Level 2
    **Blade of Chaos to Level 3
    **Medusa's Gaze to Level 2
    **Blade of Chaos to Level 4
    **Poseidon's Rage to Level 2
    **Blade of Chaos to Level 5 - Max
    **Army of Hades to Level 2
    **Army of Hades to Level 3 - Max
    **Poseidon's Rage to Level 3 - Max
    **Medusa's Gaze to Level 3 - Max
    **Zeus's Fury to Level 2
    **Zeus's Fury to Level 3 - Max
    **Artemis Blade to Level 2
    (more coming soon, bud).
    There aren't many monsters in God of War. But they do provide their
    challenges. I mean, some are a pain in the butt, and some are a breeze.
    ---Undead Legionnaires
    These guys are relatively easy to kill. You will see these guys the
    moment you start walking around in the game, so prepare to meet them
    alot! Just simply hack them up. But, if they are archers, then use Zues'
    Fury on them. They mainly come in those two forms. The archers are a pain
    in the butt, while ground soldiers are fairly easy to kill, use Square to
    catch them long range, or if you are annoyed and wanna kill them as soon
    as you see them, use Triangle; which has a shorter range but does alot
    more damage. Below is a list of undead that you will meet:
    1. Basic Ground Undead Legionnaire: They are the first enemy you meet in
    the game, and throughout the game, they are the most simple enemy that do
    not cause too much damage. Simply hack them up with your Blades of Chaos.
    A nice little thing with these guys is if you press circle while near one,
    you will punch them up and kill them. If you press circle and then triagle,
    you will tear them in half, but you will get no red essence.
    2. Archer Undead Legionnaire: These guys will be meet throughout the game,
    they will always cause trouble. The best way to kill them is to close in and
    hack them up with your Blades of Chaos, but they do have a few up-close combat
    skills, so be careful. If you really want to get rid of them, and fast, just
    get your Artemis Blade out and hack them up, they should die in only one or
    two hits from the blade. They also have exploding arrows later on in the game,
    it causes MUCH more damage and causes you to be stunned or step back, one of
    the two. If you meet these exploding arrow archers, you should evade and hit
    with your Artemis blade.
    3. Advanced Ground Undead Legionnaire: These guys are more armored and have a
    tougher attack. They are usually gold in color and have a meaner sword. They
    will mostly block your heavy attacks from your Blade of Chaos, so watch out
    for that. Once again, if these guys are really getting on your nerves, just
    get out your Artemis Blade. But, they also come with sheilds. If they do have
    sheilds, take them out with the combo square, square, triagle. This will take
    out the sheilds and reveal the soft underlay. Simply hack them up from there.
    4. Scythe Weilding Undead Legionnaire: You meet these guys in Pandora's Temple,
    they are a bit tougher and have more health them the first 3 undead I mentioned,
    they counter attack with the scythe on their back often, so block! They also
    block quite a bit if you are being idle with blocking, so don't attack them
    they are in block mode. You don't run into these guys very often, but they are
    a pain if you are low on health or magic. If you want, just get out your Artemis
    blade, but only if you want, or need to.
    Sadly, you only meet these guys in the Aegean Sea, they are snakelike dragons.
    If you ask me, they are so cute! I just wanna give 'em a big ol' hug! But,
    then they would devour me and I wouldn't be able to finish this guide (which
    may be a good thing). Ok, use Block on them at all times when not attacking!
    They can give you rapid damage if you do not block. You can use Poseidon's
    Rage on them but it is more fun to hack them up with your Blades of Chaos! You
    also don't get Poseidon's Rage until the final battle while in the Aegean Sea
    so just Block and Hack between attacks.
    Ouch, these guys hurt! Long distance is best with these guys! But you can give
    them serious damage (or death) when you do a button sequence with them. Simply
    put, these guys will kick your but, but once you figure out their moves, you can
    close in and attack, if not, use Zues' Fury, or even Poseidon's Rage (not
    recommended, you need to be fairly close). Or, better yet, use Medusa's Gaze on
    'em! It will make your life a heck of a lot easier if you do so. And it will get
    you out of hairy situations. But, if you don't have any magic left, simply use
    square for a long range attack. It wont do as much damage, but it will be fast
    and furious!
    These little batty creatures can be quite annoying. They usually come in swarms.
    They are very easy to kill, one hit from your Triangle attack and they're dead.
    But, watch out, they can dive and knock you around (especially critical when
    climbing) and they do have one strong attack; a ring of fireness will appear
    under them and they will dive for you, and you better run, because it does a
    decent ammount of damage.
    These guys are a PAIN. They have decent health and a mean attack. They often
    come in sets of 3+ and they have some mean attacks; being a shadowy figure
    in the ground and popping up in your face and twisting about to slash you up
    (you cannot attack them when they are in the ground), and then they just
    generally hack and slash you up, they are kinda fast, but they pack a mean
    These guys are fast and swift at fighting. They are smart as well. For instance:
    if you block for a long period of time, they will "taunt" you by balancing on
    their staff. If you attack while they are in "taunt" mode then you will get a
    mean hit from them 90% of the time. So, how do you beat them? The fastest way
    to kill them is to get your Artemis Blade out and do a few nice combos like
    holding L1 and then pressing square, this will cause you to spin is circles
    and it will do major damage to those satyr! Another good combo: hold L1 and
    press triagle, this will give a crushing blow to a near by enemy, if you use
    this combo for a finishing move you will get extra health and magic, red
    essence too!
    More coming soon.. Blarg.. Send me tips, but they must be professional or
    they wont be posted!
    Before you start walking around, you have a scene with Kratos falling off a
    cliff to his death. And then a flash back to 3 weeks in the past at the
    Aegean Sea.
    ------Aegean Sea
    This is probably the most easy part of the game, I mean, the path is straight
    forward and the enemy are relatively easy to kill.
    Well, anyways, after the introduction scene, you will be on a wrecked ship
    basically. As soon as you walk around, you will face a few Undead Soldiers,
    just simply hack them up with Square or Triangle. You don't really have any
    combos, so don't worry about those until you really need them. Oh, and your
    health bar is the GREEN BAR!!! I found myself confused with this at first, so
    now you know. Once you've killed them, head to the door and press R2 rapidly
    to open it. Then go inside and you will see a chest with a green glow coming
    from it in certain areas. This is a health chest, don't always use them, only
    if you have half of your health left or something of that sort. Just save
    them if you really need it!
    Anyways, hack out the barrels to pass, you will get some Red Essence from
    this, as with all the other pots and barrels in the game. Walk over to the
    mass of wood and hack that away with a simple combo of Square attacks or
    Triangle attacks.. Simple, simple.. walk through the hallway and a notice
    will pop up saying USE L1 FOR BLOCKING, now, USE IT!! You will face your
    first Hydra the moment you walk out of that room. He will pop up out of
    the roof and attack, he looks strong but he is really a push over. USE
    L1 TO BLOCK SO YOU WILL RECEIVE NO DAMAGE! It is possible, believe me,
    to receive no damage from the Hydras if you block. It will make your life
    easier. Anyways, get the Hydra's health down and you will see a Circle
    Button over his head, you will receive a notice and press Circle,
    Triangle, Triangle, Triangle(in my case, I do not know if it is
    random, but you should pass this mini-game with ease, after one or two
    tries). to send that blasted Hydra away. See, he wasn't hard! Now you
    face another challenge, "how the heck do I get across?" Well, balance
    yourself out, and press X quickly if you lose your balance. If you
    fall, swim to the starting place and start all over again.
    Kill the barrels and walk out to the side, someone will say "stay away"
    or something like that, walk over to the cage, he will say "I would
    rather die then be saved by you." Well, who cares, he can die and
    rot for all I care (at least that's what Kratos is probably saying).
    Then when you talk to him again he says you are a ghost of Sparta. I
    guess Kratos isn't too popular.
    Anyways, search the hall for a flight of stairs, go up them, you will
    find a red chest, open it for some good old Red Essence. You can use this
    to level up your abilities and all, I recommend saving them for a while.
    Kick open the door to find some Harpies causing some trouble with
    the sailors. Kill the people around you for health. Once you have killed
    the Harpies, head over down to the right, and another Hydra will attack
    you. This time he has more attacks. BLOCK, BLOCK, BLOCK! Between his
    attacks, hack and slice. Simple battle. Once he is gone, head more to
    the right for some doors. Pull them open for a chest with Red Essence,
    and another chest with Red Essence.
    After all that is done, jump into the large hole the Hydra left behind,
    swim around and find a passage to the upper left. Go through the
    passage and climb the rope mesh. When you come outside, you will
    see a few Undead ground soldiers, and a Hydra having a hard time
    with a sailor. Now, kill the Undead, and prepare for a frustrating
    area! Basically you have to get to the other side on these round
    Unfortunatetly, you CAN use the X button when you fall, but you have
    a higher chance of dying. Well, balance yourself until you see a
    fork in the road, either left or right, eh? Well, left is to
    another ship, while on the right there is one chest, containing
    a bit of Red Essence.
    When you reach the other ship, a cutscene will go through.
    Basically saying the Hydra has really messed them up this time.
    Now you meet your first clan of Archers. Basically leave the chest,
    endless you really need it, and head down to the other floor, and
    you see that box over to the right? Well, push that box all the way
    to where the Archers are so you can get up there and show them who's
    boss! Well, this will take you many tries. Simple grab the box by
    pressing R2, and kick it over a distance by holding X for a certain
    ammount of time and releasing it to let it travel faster and farther
    then you can. Once again, you can kill the sailors to get some health
    if needed (that's always fun, eh? Kill the innocent!) Well, kill the
    archers, open the chest if needed (I did).
    Go through the passage, and you will hear a woman screaming "Find the key,
    save us!" Well, you will get the key alright, but, you gatta fight! Climb
    the ladder behind you, and you will see a mesh rope net. Climb, baby,
    climb! Attack the Undead like you would on the ground; with Triangle
    or Square. Climb until you reach a platform, then climb some more.
    You will be attacked continuously, I prefer to use Triangle for my
    attacks, they do more damage and take more Undead out. You can
    also use Circle to grab them and throw them off, which is faster, but
    only works on one Undead at a time sadly (endless if there are Undead
    under you).
    Once you have reached the very top, if you want, balance down the left
    beam, and find a chest with Red Essence. Balance back and find a rope
    leading to another ship, press X and slide over to it. You won't be
    attacked, don't worry. Well, slide over to the other ship and find 3
    blocked off areas. Hack down the end ones and find two chests with
    Red Essence and a Gorgon Eye. The Eyes will increase your health so
    don't miss those!
    Now, tear down the middle blockage and go inside. See some blue glowing
    coming from the doorway, advance over to it and talk to Poseidon.
    He will give you Poseidon's Rage so you can kill the Master Hydra guy.
    (You don't need it for the battle, but it comes in use for later). Well,
    some Undead will attack you after you talk with Poseidon. You can test your
    new ability on them by pressing L2 and Square at the same time. It basically
    targets multiple enemy close by and zaps them up. It doesn't do any
    instant kills right now, but this skill becomes useful.
    Walk out, find a save point to your right, and to your left are two chests
    you should save for later (believe me this time). Well, climb up the
    mesh and view a scene..
    --Boss Battle, yay!! (difficulty 2 out of 5)
    Yay! The final boss on Aegean's Sea! Well, this fight is very simple. So,
    you have two small Hydras, and a very large one in the center you cannot
    reach yet (you will be knocked off by the smaller Hydras).
    This is what you do, attack a small Hydra until his health reaches a low
    point and it faints (if you let it sit, it will regenerate to full health).
    Now, don't use Poseidon's Rage, the answer is quite simple; see those boxes
    to the side? Well, climb up them, and you will see another platform,
    with a anchor attached to it. Well, jump on the platform and it will
     drop onto the weakened Hydra and it will never move again. It will
    still be alive but it can't do much but yelp. Do that to both of the
    smaller Hydras and then climb up to the Big Guy. He is slightly tougher
    then the smaller Hydras because you have to do combos on him. He has mainly
    two attacks: biting the deck, if you block you receive no damage; and then
    giving a big ol' scream which will knock you off the deck if you don't
    Well, he is also rather hard to hit when he backs away, but when he comes
    in close, and chomps on the deck, block the bite (you will be knocked down
    if close by), and then just hack him up. When a Circle button appears over
    his head, press Circle and Kratos will fling his swords at his face, drag
    him in, finish the combo and Kratos will smash him into the pole near by,
    bending it. The boss will heal, but his health is of no concern in this
    battle, you must have finished the combo on the boss 4 times to kill
    him. Very interesting death scene, can't miss it!
    Easy boss right? Right. Well, why the smaller Hydra's heads pop off
    weird to me, but it looks cool. Well, now that the boss is dead, go
    on in, walk in his mouth! yeah, thats right, walk on it! The captain
    will be yelling for help, but when you meet him, Kratos says "tough luck,
    go die" and the Captain falls into a bottomless pit of Hydra guts. Now you
    have the key to save those women!
    Walk out of the Hydra's mouth and a quick scene showing two chests. Open
    those two, which will have a Gorgon's Eye and some Health. Don't fall
    down to the ground, because you will have to come back up. See that rope?
    Press X and slide on down to the previous ship you were on. There aren't
    any other Archers up top, don't worry, but there are some Archers on mid
    level, as well as some Undead ground soldiers. Kill them and continue..
    Don't kill the box you had up their either, like I did a while ago (stupid
    me), you will have to bring the box back over again which is annoying.
    Climb on up, unlock the door. Walk in and a scene will come up. The girls
    are dead (yay!) and thats the end scene from the Aegean Sea, now to the
    next world!
    Ok, this is when you meet your tougher enemies. But, you can get past
    this city with ease if you follow my directions and all (will they help,
    or will they not? I will try to be as descriptive and straight forward
    as I can).
    Well, after you leave the Aegean sea area, you will see another scene about
    Kratos; he controlled a army. He fought in many battles, killed people,
    etc.. And well, rough life basically.
    -Gates of Athens
    Ok, your in a ship, with two nude women. You can talk to them by pressing
    R2, and you can... interact with them by jumping on the bed by pressing
    X and then pressing Circle. What will happen is your view will center at
    a vase, and a button sequence will come out. Press the buttons in the right
    order and the vase will fall off the barrel, and the women will reward you
    with some Red Essence.
    Walk out of that room and you will see a save point, use it. You can kill
    the containers around you for some more Red Essence. Well, walk over on the
    left side and see two chests, one with Health and one with Magic reloads.
    You can use them if you really need it (not likely, you also won't be going
    back here again so what's the use? Use the chests if you are simply
    Climb out of the ship, and you will see a statue, talk to Athena if you wish
    (pressing R2). Now, walk out and onto the ground, you will be attacked by a
    new enemy, these guys are Undead (I believe, correct me if I am wrong), but
    simple hack them up and BLOCK! Once you slash them up a little, a Circle
    will appear over their head, press Circle when close by and you will kill
    that one. The Circle goes away after a while but don't worry, these Undead
    aren't hard to kill.
    Walk over, see a wooden wall, ignore that for now (can't do anything to it,
    not now, not later). Walk to the left and find some more of these Undead
    guys. They will probably be easier because you have more room to spread
    out. Once they are dead, walk down until you find a passage, go into it,
    dive into the pool, jump on the platform near by, follow the hallway, kill
    some more of those darned Undead, and find a chest with a Phoenix Feather,
    these will raise your magic up when you get a certain ammount. Go to the
    right and find a health chest, use if needed.
    Now, climb up and over the wall, and find yourself back where you started.
    Walk over to the passage where you would dive in, but before you walk in,
    find a elevator near by, jump over the pool, and then pull the lever to go
    Once the elevator stops, walking out you will find a chest with health, DO NOT
    USE THAT CHEST YET! Walk over to where the people are standing (or close by)
    and a cutscene will go on and out, basically those two soldiers are dead and
    you get to kill a new type of enemy! Minotaurs are mean, and they pack a mean
    punch, so... watch out. Block at all times, long range is best with these so
    attack with Circle, but Triangle combos do help. Once you get them down to
    a sliver of health, a Circle will appear over their head, press Circle, and
    then when the Minotaur is down, press Circle rapidly (I recommend using your
    index finger) and that bull is dead. You will meet 3 of these guys, maybe
    even 4 if you're lucky.
    Kill them, walk over and find a chest full of magic, open it if you need to.
    Walk down the path and find a elevator, use that and a scene will come
    Wow, now you gatta kill these giants! Well, DO NOT BLOCK! You will receive
    damage, but this time, EVADE by twitching the right analog stick and you will
    zip away from that beast. Once you put his health down, a Circle button will
    appear over his head, press Circle and do a few more buttons and he is dead.
    If you fail in this, you will be slammed to the ground and it will hurt badly.
    You will meet one at first, then you will meet two next. Yeah, that's right,
    two at a time! Don't worry, just evade and you will be good.
    Kill them, explore and find that you cannot open the mangled gate. Walk down,
    and find a ladder just a little south of the gate to find a chest full of
    health. Explore some more and find that north of the gate is a chest behind
    some rubble, the chest will contain some Red Essence. Now, you go into the
    doorway, before so you find a magic/health chest, you shouldn't need it.
    Anyways, go in the doorway, there are no enemy, thank goodness. But you will
    find a easy puzzle; this is what you do, as soon as you walk in, you will find
    a wooden box with metal boxes atop of it. Slash that wooden box out, and now go
    to the very top left hand corner and find another wooden box, destroy that one,
    yay! Now, you may pass with no trouble. Go over to the single metal box on the
    ground (in the bottom left corner) and DOUBLE jump on top of the box in front
    of you, jump to the platform with the chest on it and find some Red Essence.
    Hug the wall and travel to the next platform, jump onto the mesh rope net,
    climb it and jump to the next platform. DO NOT GO INTO THE DOORWAY YET. Now,
    behind you will be another platform, jump their, and jump to the next to find
    some more Red Essence. Now, see those two chests? Jump onto the ground, then
    jump on top of the small platform, jump onto the next, but this time, jump
    to the platform behind you, and you will get the Gorgon eye and some magic
    if needed.
    Whew, climb back up, now go into the doorway, don't use the chest! Now, talk
    to Aphrodite, she will want Medusa's head. Mini-boss fight!
    Now, the easiest way to avoid her stone gaze is to Evade, do not jump or you
    run the possibility of turning to stone and dying. Just simply hack her up and
    evade, she isn't hard to kill. Once her health is down, a Circle button will
    appear overher head, press circle, and move the analog stick in the direction
    the game says.
    Now you can use Medusa's Gaze on your enemy. Minotaurs will attack, you must
    use Medusa's gaze to kill them and go to the next area. Do so, go use the
    chest if you need now. Go through the hallway, kill the Undead, climb the
    ladder, and find a large arrow catapult thing. Now, use the save point, and
    shoot the arrowby holding down R2 and pulling back the left analog stick and
    letting go. Use the lever to turn the arrow machine 90 degrees. Where the
    arrow is first aimed at, fire it at the wall, to find some chests, then turn
    it to the wooden door, fire and find a metal door behind that, do not fire at
    the metal door (it won't budge). Now, turn it again, fire at the wall to find
    a chest with a Phoenix Feather.
    Now, head down the hallway you just opened up. You have two options: go
    to the ladder leading up, or the ladder leading down. Right now, go to
    the ladder leading down. Kill the enemies you see, and then grab the
    Gorgon's Eye from the chest you couldn't get to previously.
    Go back up, and go to the other ladder, kill the Undead you see, and go
    up the mini ladder, and you can climb the vines up. You will be attacked
    constantly, simply knock them off, by grabbing them or swinging your
    sword at them. Simple stuff, but now you can jump onto other walls by
    pressing X when you are at the very edge (you will see Kratos' body
    sorta dangling with only his left limbs holding on). Jump, kill those
    blasted Undead, and find yourself on a wooden platform when done climbing.
    Now, carefully kill the Undead and push down the statue.
    Whew, now a little but more ahead will be a chest, you can get some health
    if needed. Right now you need to get to that ladder you just saw. Jump off
    the roof and jump on the statue's head to get to the ladder. Yay! We get
    to kill Gorgons! These Gorgon's aren't NEARLY as hard as Medusa, just hack
    them up, and avoid their stone gaze. You will also fight some Minotaur too.
    Now, when done killing the Minotaur and Gorgons, simply hack the stone
    pillars down so you can climb them, very simple. Climb up and fight a rather
    annoying battle. Lots of Undead, kill them all. Now go to the arrow machine.
    Fire the arrow where it stands and now you meet your next challenge! You get
    to climb the rope on down, and fight the Undead at the same time!
    Well, you can grab the undead, or kick them off. To grab them press Circle,
    to knock them off/kick them, press Square, and to slash them with your
    sword, press Triangle! Yay! You will probably be a little weirded out by
    the controls, but this isn't hard and you should make it through no problem.
    Once you're done climbing down the ladder you have just seen when done
    climbing the rope, open the metal door, and go over to your arrow machine,
    and fire at the new wooden door. You will free FOUR Minotaurs, you know the
    rutine, KILL THEM!
    Now, climb the new ladder, go up and find two chests: one with Red Essence
    and one with some health for you.
    -Roads to Athens
    Now climb down the same ladder and follow the passage to find a freakishly
    awesome looking view. Basically it looks stormy, and some cool background
    stuff, and blowwy wind you just have to see it to be awed. Now, go to the
    center of the bridge and the Oracle will say something to you. Go up the
    stairs and through the curtains for another scene. You can see Ares
    killing the men and it looks kinda cool. Go to the right for a save point.
    Now, travel down the path you see (all the way down) for a gorgon eye.
    You don't have to get it now, but why not now, eh? Well, come back to
    where the save point is and follow the path to the left. Ares will throw
    a fireball or two and now you can't pass the area in front of you. Simply
    go to the left and Ares will throw another fireball, trapping you inside.
    Now, here comes a nice little puzzle..
    You can't kill the Minotaurs, so you mind as well turn them into stone on
    the button you see behind you. When this button is pressed, the gate will
    open. Basically freeze the Minotair on the button and role back into the
    next area. If you take too long, the Minotaur will turn back to normal
    and your hardwork is all gone. This will take several tries, good luck!
    Once in the next area, use the chest if needed, then go where the
    people are running about, kill the people for health, and kill those
    Archers, and Gorgons you meet. Once down the road, find some Minotaur,
    and well, keep killing, and search those houses too, they have some
    Gorgon Eyes and Phoenix feathers, Red Essence too!
    Well, jump onto the ropes, and swing away by holding Square, then
    jumping off by pressing X. Now, get that Red Essence from the second
    rope at the top if needed, once you are done with that, follow the
    -Athens Town Square
    Whee! Now climb those stairs! Don't get hit by the flying debris
    because I just did. Now, climb to the town square its self. You get to
    fight some Cyclops! These guys are a pain, but you can do it! Ok,
    simply take your time, evade alot, block alot, and hack alot, and you
    should be fine! Well, once you hurt them up a bit (you can get health
    from the screaming people), a circle will appear over their head, press
    Circle and Kratos will throw his swords and the Cyclops' eye, and give
    him a yank, it won't cause death, but soem major damage! First you will
    fight only one, then two will come at the same time after that. Beat
    those Cyclops!
    Oh, if you grab the one of the people running around by pressing Circle,
    you will get 3 times the health! Well, walk in the new passage to find a
    girl saying "stay away" follow her. Keep following and she will eventually
    kill herself because she hates you so much. Now, use the save point
    (there is also a chest on your left with a Phoenix Feahter), and drop down
    to get the key she has. Now that you have her key, go back up from where
    you were following her. This time you will be attacked by some Undead, a
    new type of Undead that carry sheilds, so shatter their sheilds by
    pressing Square, Square, and Triangle in that order. When done with them,
    notice a cracked wall north in the room, crack that wall down and get a
    health/magic chest. Use it if needed.
    Now, to down from the chest you found and find another cracked wall, take
    it down and find a Gorgon's Eye, I got a health upgrade at this point, if
    you followed this guide then you got a upgrade too. Now, go to your left
    in the room and find ANOTHER cracked wall, take it down and find
    absolutely nothing. Now, go up the stairs, fight a few Gorgon and another
    batch of those sheilded Undead. Now, go all the way up the stairs and find
    some archers, kill them but do not jump, instead break down the wooden door
    infront of your and kill the Undead inside (Archers, and sheilded Undead).
    Now, some treasure, find a opening in the room, and you are leaded outside,
    with a magic/health chest. Open it if needed. Now, back to the room, on
    the north wall, find a cracked wall and bust it open to find some
    Red Essence.
    Go back outside, jump the gap like you did earlier, kill the archers and
    such. (if you fall like I just did, you will meet two lovely Gorgons, and
    a magic/health chest). Climb the ladder back up, and go up stairs, kill
    more archers. Now, outside, where the save point is (save if needed) go to
    your right and find a hatch door, use the key to open it and go inside.
    You will see a save point, use if needed (heh) now, follow the passage,
    one end will be blocked off (so funny, poor little guys) so go the other
    way, open the gate, and now a new challenge.
    -Rooftops of Athens
    Now your out in the open, surrounded by buildings. Well, now, what to
    do? Well, see those vines? Climb up those, until a notice comes up saying
    "to jump across a distance while climbing, pull back on the analog stick
    and press X twice" well, do what it says! This may take a few attempts,
    don't worry. Now, when you have reached the area with the two chest, grab
    some health or magic if needed, then head on to the next area. Well, guess
    what!? A NEW ENEMY! Harrah! Well, these guys are called Wraiths, they pack
    a mean punch, so BLOCK! And use Triangle attacks to knock them out, use
    magic if needed. Now, kill the archers, the Wraiths, and the Undead ground
    soldiers. Head upstairs and fight some more Wraiths, and do you remember
    those big giant guys with the bloody maces? Well, guess what? They're back!
    You meet two of these guys, they come out one at a time, thank god.
    Kill all of them, and open the chest if needed (likely), head down stairs
    again, kill more Undead and the two archers. Now, you have a new passage you
    can go to! Not before you find a secret chest behind a wall of wood. There
    is also a health chest near by, might need it. Go in and see a scene with
    the guards again, they die obviously. And run south to find a chest with
    Red Essence. Now, jump across the broken bridge and jump to the vines on
    the pillar. Now, watch out for the archers, quickly jump to the platform
    with the red chest (with red essence too, grab that). Walk in the doorway
    after tearing it down to find a few wraiths, kill them, and head on forward
    to find a few archers, and more archers when you go through the doorway.
    Kill the archers, who were the ones trying to shoot you while you were
    climbing. Now, knock the brigde down, go across it, and jump to the vines,
    and jump to the next pillar. This will take you several tries, don't worry.
    You can make it across. Try pressing X three times instead of two. If not,
    press X at the peak of your jump and you will likely go farther.
    Anyways, jump to the broken bridge (this may take a few tries), walk into
    the room, and find a save point. Save but DO NOT GO UP THE LADDER YET!
    Ok, walk back outside, skip the archers. Now, you see that arrow machine
    again? Well, drag it into the doorway you see infront of you. It will fit,
    don't worry. Now, open the doorway infront of the circular floor area on
    the left side of the room. Kill all those blasted Undead and place the bow
    in the center of the circular floorness. Now, pull the lever and the bow
    will turn 90 degrees. Now, LISTEN! Take the bow off of the rotator, and
    pull the lever again. Then after that, put the bow on it again and pull
    the lever. The bow is now facing the doorway. Before you fire the bow,
    explore the room for the other doorways, open them all to find some pots,
    a magic/health chest, and more pots. Center the bow in the room and fire
    at the wooden door. Enter in the new doorway and talk to Zues to get Zues'
    Fury. A new doorway will open, DO NOT GO OUTSIDE YET! Now, go back to the
    area where the lever was. Climb up the ladder in the lever room and find a
    chest full of Red Essence.
    Ok, walk outside, walk into the archers' range and kill them with Zues' Fury.
     Once they are dead, you will have a new room to go into. Go into the new
    doorway (on the right of where you just exited). Go inside, break the pots
    if you want, but break down the wall, and find three chests, containing
    magic reload, a Phoenix Feather, and a Gorgon Eye. Go back in the room with
    the save point, save, and then climb the ladder. (on the first rooftop, go to
    the very right top corner and find a ladder, go up it and find a health/magic
    chest and a Gorgon's Eye). Now, kill all the Minotaurs and the Harpies on the
    rooftops. Jump to rooftop to rooftop, and destry the blockade on the last one
    (in the upper right corner). Jump onto the vines, climp up, use the magic
    chest if needed. Now, interact with the person across the bridge, he is
    basically chickening out because he doesn't want to die. Well, use Zues'
    Fury on him, and he is one dead man. Cross the bridge, walk in the room and
    find two chests containing a Phoenix Feather and a Gorgon's Eye. Walk
    further in the passage and find a few wraiths, kill them off and continue.
    Now, after killing two sets of wraiths, you are in a room with two chests,
    open them to find some red essence.
    Now, step onto the platform and you will go down into a sewer area.
    -Temple of the Oracle
    Walk out and the Oracle is kidnapped by harpies. Balance over the beam
    to reach a save point, save if you want. Now, walk up the stairs, kill
    the undead on the way. Simple stuff, also you will find a secret chest
    with red essence. Now, walk up more stairs, and now you see the Oracle's
    temple (pretty..). Well, open the chests near by to get some health and
    magic, if needed of course. Walk across the bridge and fight those blasted
    harpie and gorgan. Well, now you meet the gravedigger, I personally think
    he is cool, but whatever. Now go up the stairs to find a save point and
    two chests with a phoenix feather and a gorgan eye.
    Whew, now, walk into the temple itself and you will face a ongoing army of
    harpies. Now, this IS a puzzle, a evil one at that. Now, head to the back
    of the room and you find two statues with sheilds, take the left sheild and
    block the left hole that the harpies are coming out of, and use the right
    statue for the right hole. This will take time, the harpie will continuously
    attack you. You will get it done though. Now, go to the area where you first
    entered and on your right is some red essence and on your left is a gorgon
    eye. Open the door on the side of the room and run up the stairs. Now you
    have to balance across, it isn't hard, and the boards give way before you
    step on them so you probably won't fall off. Use the save point, open the
    chest for health if you need it. Walk through the new passage and kill the
    undead. Walk outside and see a scene with the Oracle hanging by the rope,
    to die if you aren't fast enough.
    Ok, this is what you do, see those statues? Basically, you stack them ontop
    of each other on the elevator. How? Wait for the elevator to go down (after
    placing your first statue on it) and then drop the second statue on it in the
    same possition in the same place. Now, once you are done with that, take the
    stacked statues and place them infront of the FOUNTAIN. Not the pond, the
    fountain (over to the upper left).
    Well, when you climb onto the vines, the timer will start, you have roughly a
    minute to get to the statue with the bowl. Now, be fast! Jump, don't balance,
    and run. Also, as for secret stuff, there will be a gorgan eye located on the
    ground level in the right hand corner area. And some red essence will be
    located just north of that chest. You have to knock down walls to get to
    both chests.
    --Tip from Chris: (hidden chests)
    When you first enter the Temple of the Oracle, you have to use the
    statues to block the harpies so that you can balance and cross the rafters
    upstairs.  As you cross he rafters, you will notice on the right hand
    wall a large rounds white stained glass window.  Go over to it and hit
    it.  It will break and reveal a hidden chest.
    Once you save her, you can freely roam the garden. Don't go through the
    doorway yet. Explore to find a phoenix feather and some red essense. When
    done exploring, go through the new doorway. Go through the passage, save
    at the save point. And continue, you have two paths, the path of the large
    sword, or to the cliffs (don't go there yet, buddy). Ok, take the path
    of the sword, go down.. down some more.. and down some more.
    -Sewers of Athens
    Well, this place isn't easy! You will be attacked by many swarms of enemies.
    There is a reason why you have so many health/magic chests around you, this
    place is tough!
    Well, first, travel down and be attacked by archers with exploding arrows
    and a few undead ground units. After that, grab some health if needed.
    You might wanna save your magic until later in the level. Travel up some
    more, kill some minotaur, then travel up just a little more and grab some
    red essence. Now, jump up the wall, and prepair for two cyclops. Now, get
    your medusa skill out and turn them to stone and crack them out. This will
    make your life so much easier! Now, I have no idea if this works for higher
    modes of gameplay, but it works on easy. Now, kill the minotaur and continue.
    Kill the archers and grab the red essence. Climb up the ladder and you're
    free! That wasn't so hard, now was it?
    --Tip from Chris: (hidden chest)
    In the Athens Sewer, there is a hidden chest. To get to it, you progress as
    normal and you come to a point in the "road" where it's raised and you have
    to climb up - I think this is where some minotaurs are. I can't remember
    exactly which spot it is - but anyway, once you are up on the raised portion,
    you walk a ways (and fight some enemies) and then have to drop back down on
    the other side. Once you are back down, instead of just walking forward to
    continue your journey, pull backwards toward the wall/raised area you just
    dropped down from and Kratos will walk into a small room where a chest with
    red orbs is waiting. Because of the camera angle, you never see or know this
    little room is there and the only way to find it is to pull backward toward
    the wall.
    Go back to the road and find Ares still tackling Athens' army. Now, go back
    to the gate at which was recently unlocked. Travel down and grab the
    gorgon eye if you hadn't already. (in my case I got a gorgan eye, but you
    could also get a phoenix feather)
    ------Desert of Lost Souls
    Walk through the doors, go to your right and find a gorgon's eye. Use the
    magic/health cest if needed. You might want magic for this next part. Travel
    down the long little path and talk to Athena. She will say "kill three sirens
    to get to Pandora's temple." Well, what are you waiting, for find them!
    Oh wait.. you don't know where to go. Well, the desert isn't straight forward
    so... Ok, go find the temple first, that's where the first siren will be. The
    temple is up north, find her, kill her, she is rather fast but I had no
    trouble hacking her down. Once a circle appears over her head, press circle
    to snap her neck or something like that (don't use the chest yet, trust me).
    Ok, after you kill that siren, head west of the temple, listen for the
    siren's song (which is short range), if it fades, then go back from
    where you last were and continue searching. This time, when you find
    the siren (she is usually north-west of the temple) two minotaurs will
    appear. Now, DO NOT KILL THE MINOTAURS YET, simply kill the siren first,
    then kill the minotaur, why?They appear to regenerate... Once you have gone
    through that, your health will probably be down to half like mine is (stupid
    siren). Well, head north to the temple, you might find the last siren when
    going north. Well, go north, if you didn't hear her song, go west, then
    follow the wall east, if not STILL, then just search in the western area.
    Kill siren, skip the minotaur if you want. Go back to the temple and grab
    that chest for some health.
    Now, go into the temple, save if you want. Find two chests for health/magic,
    use them if needed ("hey... you told me to wait on the first chest!" well, ok,
    if you need health that badly, and if the minotaur kicked your butt that badly,
    then grab the chest). Now, go through the stairs, and find yourself on a legde
    over a conveyer belt, now, jump onto the belt, open the door, and see that
    stone? Well, guess what! You get to be attacked by undead and move a the stone
    to the left wall! Don't go to the right, you will get serious damage and your
    stepping stone will crumble. Now, as soon as you grab the stone, you will be a
    ttacked (joy) and have fun! You need to push it all the way over to the left
    wall so you can jump on up. Now, if you are having trouble with the undead,
    just simple push the stone on the left side of the statues and they won't move
    (nor will the box).Now, kill, push, etc.. Ok, open the door on the top and go
    through the passage. Blow the horn, and go through the desert (oo... pretty)
    well, once through that path, go up to the next horn, guess what? It
    disappears and you get to fight the siren! Kill those damned siren. Blow
    the horn and you're in pandora's temple, well almost. Save if you want
    and continue.
    ------Pandora's Temple
    Well, how to get in Pandora's Temple, you can't knock down the gate blocking
    you, so travel left, find a health/magic chest, DON'T USE IT!!! Now, go left
    some more and find a path leading down. Now, follow that path until you find
    a dead end. Press R2 to grasp onto the handle and pull, pull, pull! Once it
    is at full length extension, quickly jump up the steps and talk to the man
    (he is probably one of my most favorite characters in the game!). He will
    open the gate for you and jump down to the level where the gate is and
    guess what? You get to fight TWO new cyclop enemies! Yippee! And guess
    what? From what I've just tried, you can't use Medusa's Gaze! Yay! These guys
    are a night mare to fight. So, evade alot, and heal during battle (simply
    keep them on one side and use the chest on the oppisite). Now, try to
    seperate them, or, if they are close together and close in range, use
    Poseidon's Rage on them, it will do some decent damage to them. When you get
    them down to a low level of health, a circle will appear over their head
    and press circle and go through a button sequence. This sequence is much
    faster then the other ones you have been through so be careful! Once you have
    killed one, another cyclops will appear. Over all you will fight 3 cyclops.
    But well, it isn't easy at first so basically evade and use square attacks
    for speed. Once you've killed one, you get used to the speed of the button
    sequences and the battle becomes easier.
    Now, once they're dead and all, go up the long stairway, and go to your left
    and find a gorgon's eye, and your right a phoenix's feather. Also you will
    find a health/magic chest, use it if you like.Now, crank open the door, walk
    inside and find some wraiths wanting your blood. Kill them, and the archers
    too. Read the book the short info scene directed at and the book will say
    that basically the temple was built for Zues and only the bravest can get
    through and everyone else can just die.
    Now, go to your right and find a pretty room with a statue of Athena. Ok, go
    the door with the eye on it, the door will open itself and you will be leaded
    into the Rings of Pandora!
    ---Rings of Pandora
    You are not in a circular room, follow the path and find a few doorways, one
    doorway with a skull on it and one directly oppisite of that is a hallway with
    some moving blockades with blood riddled all over them with a few corpses
    too! Pretty... Well, ok, go in the bloody hallway and pass through the moving
    traps to find yourself in a room with a few archers, a save point, and a few
    chests. Kill the archers and go through the opening on the left of the room.
    Now, I thought that the statues would close me in, but it didn't, and I was
    sad.. Ok, pull the lever and you will find a new one! Now, go back to the
    statues holding half a oval. Crank them up and they will close, and a light
    will shine to a doorway, what for? I don't really know quite yet.. But we
    will see soon! Now, while still in the room, you will find two chests, one
    with magic/health and one with some red essence. Yay! Red, good... Ok, you
    will also find a doorway with a skull on it (while in the same room...)
    that is Hades, he's cute, huh? Well, you can't do anything with that door,
    so go back down the bloody hallway and out to the circular hallway. Go the
    the crank you just released and crank away. The room will move around you and
    you will find new doorways, one leading to a another doorway, but you can't
    get through without the two missing Muses. You will also find the room at
    which you first entered, you can go back and read the book, but you really
    don't have a purpose there yet. Now, go back to the crank, crank some more
    and find another hallway with fiery redness! You will meet a new God,
    Artemus. She will give you a freakin' awesome weapon! A new sword for
    you! This sword will kick some serious butt when in close range. Now,
    she presents you with a hallway, go through. Get your new sword out
    by pressing L1 and R1 at the same time.
    -Challenge of Atlas
    Now, follow the passage, save if needed. Continue down some more and now is the
    perfect time to test out your new weapon! Bring out your inner beast, but I
    don't really recommend upgrading the Blade of Artemis. Once you go out into
    the new room at the end of the passage, you will be attacked by the undead
    first, easy right? Well, atleast for your new blade. Then a new type of gorgon
    will attack you, these girls are blue in color, and a bit tougher too. Just
    remember to evade, not jump and you wont be killed from their gaze. Also,
    the gaze they have is red, cool! Well, kill them, it isn't hard. To the
    right is a doorway with a few more gorgons and archers waiting for you,
    kill them. Head back to the main room. Ok, the upper right hand corner of
    the room will have a broken ladder, go up it and find a health/magic chest and
    some undead. Kill them, same old, same old, you will also find some archers,
    these guys hurt more then usual, so take them out with Zues' Fury! Once, you
    have killed all the undead, balance across the beam, which is after the bridge.
    Once across and on the other side, pull the lever you see before you and a
    weight will fall down, with a rope attached so you can slide down. But first,
    go to your right and find a chest with a gorgon's eye. Now, slide down the rope,
    and you are presented with a new path, jump onto the rope and climb on down.
    Undead will attack you, and these guys are more feirce! So watch out, they
    will grab onto you more often and such, I recommend long range attacks here
    (triangle). At the end, find a magic and a health chest, open them if needed.
    Go up the stairs and find Hades' sheild. Once you take it, you will be in a
    trap. This is what you must do, undead will pour out at the end of the trap,
    so go to where they are coming out. Use Artemis' Blade on them and you will
    live, you will also get a heck of a lot of red essence! Now, once you did
    that and all, go up a little more on the path and find two chests, one
    with magic/health, and one with just magic, take if needed. Go back to
    the rope, climb over (you wont be attacked, thank goodness!) Go up the
    second rope and go to the room where you fought the gorgons and the archers.
    If didn't go into the other room, it's located at the right of the room you
    first entered. Ok, go into the room, at the very end of the first hallway you
    will find a rock pile on a cart thing. Drag the cart to where you killed the
    archers and the gorgons on the same level and you have a small puzzle. How do
    I activate the switch and not get trapped? Well, take the pile of stones over
    infront of the stairs to the doorway (at north of the room, where you fought
    the archers) and charge up a kick, full charge. Ok, kick the box and as soon
    as you have kicked it, roll back to the doorway and you will be flipped over
    to the other side! Yay! Once on the other side, you will meet some undead,
    so kill them and explore the bottom of the room to find two magic/health
    chests and a red essence chest.
    Now, you will see a ladder, and go through the doorway and find a balance
    challenge. Balance to your left and find Zues' Sheild, to your north and right,
    red essence. There are more chests but I fell off, so I can't tell you what's
    in them. So, drop down, and go to the door with the two missing sheilds. Open
    the door, go down the stairs and find a save point, use it if you like. Climb
    the ladder just left of the save point, go on down the passage and you will
    have a vile room. Basically the spinning blades traveling around and about
    the room will slice you up! Now, go to the very right of the room, break down
    the wall, fight the undead and go on the conveyer belt. Oh no! Those blasted
    snapping blockades! Bloodier then ever. Well, this isn't hard, so just evade
    on through them, you will probably be hit a few times, don't worry, you wont
    die. Ok, after you pass the snapping blockades, go through the new passage
    and up the stairs. Fight a few harpie on the bridge, and you see the gap in
    the bridge where some of the ledge is missing? Double jump across ther and to
    your left on the other side is a gorgon eye and on the right a phoenix feather.
    Jump back to the bridge and go through the new passage on the right of the
    bridge. You will have to climb some rocks so climb! You will be attacked by
    undead and towards the end, harpies step in, they will dive at you, so kill
    them before they get a chance! Along the way you can snag some red essence
    from a chest if you climb down (when you meet your second harpie). Now,
    climb down (all the way down) and find a gorgon eye. Now, climb to the lever,
    and pull it to find a way down. Don't go down yet, and don't use the
    magic/health chest yet! Go through the doorway and fight a tough battle.
    Now, this battle is timed! So, you are fighting two types of enemies;
    sheilded undead and the siren, joy! Well, use the regular combo to take out
    the sheilds (square, square, triagle) and kill the sirens after you kill the
    undead. If you want, use the Rage of the Gods, but not recommended! If you
    run out of time, the floor will split underneath you and you will fall to
    the depths of Hades!
    Ok, go back outside, slide down the chain (use chest if needed before you do
    so) and you got yourself a save point! Save if you want, I would, and I save
    at every point I can. Walk back out to the bridge and to the conveyer belt
    again, this time the traps are going faster and aren't so easy to get through,
    so, go through those, it will be harder, trust me. Go back to the room with
    the spinning blades, these are probably faster too, but depends on difficulty?
    So, this is what you do, you have a slight puzzle before you. Ok, see that
    lever in the middleish of the room? Pull that lever and race to the second
    lever (in the upper left corner) before the door locks back up again. This
    will take a few tries, and you will probably get hit a few times, but do not
    worry! It is possible to get through. The key is to NOT get hit and be swift!
    Ok, once through the door, hug the right wall and go through the doorway.
    Now, kill the archers first, then some minotaur will attack you, kill them
    too (I was low on health by the time I got through the door and well, I had
    to be careful, so block!) Well, once you have killed them, go to the blinking
    lever before the gigantic stone ball. If you got the handle from the room
    with the timed battle, then great! Put it in there and crank! The statue will
    pull the ball on his back. Pretty... Well, ok, now, go BEHIND the statue and
    you will see a chest, it will contain a Muse Key! Yay! Now, south of the statue
    is a doorway which you cannot get through. Go back up to the around where the
    statue is and go to your right, you will find a staircase! Go up them, fight
    the undead and at the top there will be archers, kill them too. Now, you will
    find a lever, pull it and the statue will throw the ball (or the world) at
    you, but luckily it misses and you can now go through the doorway you
    previously couldn't! While you're around, find a phoenix feather and some
    red essence.
    Go through the new doorway, cross the bridge and you will see a coffin. But
    before that will be a book, read it. The book basically says that the
    Architect's youngest son died making the temple, and hopefully not yours as
    well. Ok, walk past the book and grab onto the handle on the coffin's top.
    Pull it off, and you will see a body. Jump into the coffin and tear the head
    off (pretty...) Ok, the coffin will move away and reveal a new passage, drop
    down into it. Follow the passage and find a pretty sight of dead bodies and
    all. A prettiful cutscene will start up and you will learn more about Kratos'
    life. So bloody... yummy! Ok, follow the rest of the passage and open the
    door with the carving of Hades. You are not back where you started, yippee!
    Ok, save if you want and then go back down the hallway with the traps in it,
    but first you have to fight a few undead (isn't hard, so why did they trap
    you in? Oh, who knows). Well, you see that door with the skull? Take the head
    of the Architect's son and shove it in there. The door will open, but be
    careful! Go inside, and you will soon see a rolling cilender, well, its
    pretty slow so walk oppisite of it and you will find a staircase, walk up
    them and guess what? You have to wait for the rolling cilender to come to
    you, when it comes close to you, jump on top of it, and walk oppisite of
    its roll. It will keep on rolling, so you should keep on walking, if you
    fall off and you are stuck in its path, about 10% of your health will go
    down. So if you've stayed on it, keep walking and you will find a ladder,
    now, you have to jump onto that ladder while on the rolling cilender.
    This will take a few tries to get the position right but you can do it!
    Once you catch the ladder, a cutscene will start out: the ladder falls,
    you are in the path of the rolling cilender, and the cilender falls into
    a pit, yay! Go up the ladder, find four chest containing magic, health,
    red essence, and more red essence. You will also have a save point, use
    it if you like (why pass it up when Zues has blessed you with it?) Ok,
    go through the doorway by the save point and follow the passage, you
    will be lead back outside.
    -Challenge of Poseiden
    Whee! Ok, go out into the circular area and be attacked by... Cerberus dogs!
    Awww... Fireballs of doom! So cute! Ok, you will be attacked by little
    cerberus dogs too, but after a minute or two, they will turn into large
    dogs, and become harder to kill, so kill the little ones before the bigger
    ones! If you want, use the Blade of Artemis on the big ones, but I prefer
    long range on the little ones. Walk over to the oppisite path and find a
    large rock, but before you can push that rock you will be attacked by two
    cyclops! Medusa's Gaze still doesn't work on them so try your Artemis Blade
    on 'em! Once they are dead, push that big rock, but where? Well, its a barrier
    from you and the archers' exploding arrows. So, drag the rock over to where
    the archers are (just down the path you are on) and kill them once you are
    close. If you do not use the rock you will receive heavy damage, probably
    death if you're lucky. You will also be hit by the explosion of the arrow,
    but you will receive little damage thanks to the rock! I lost about 10% of
    my health from the arrows explosion, and thats with the rock! Well, go kill
    the archers, and follow the path they guarded, be attacked by more fireballs
    of doom (cerberus dogs) and some more archers too. Once you have killed
    them, go into the doorway and find a lever. Pull it and the room will rotate,
    as it rotates it will stop and show you chests full of red essence, I
    would't take these because I've died too many times taking them. But how do
    you die? Well, after about 4 seconds (I timed this with my stop watch), you
    will be trapped inside where the chest is and you will be stabbed by the
    spikes underneath you. Yay! So, I don't recommend taking the chests, I didn't
    and my skill levels are perfectly fine. Ok, the room will stop at a new
    passage with a magic/health chest. Go through, you won't die, but you will be
    attacked by a new type of undead that carry scythes on their back. Kill them,
    they are a little fast with the attacks though, but you should be fine. You
    will want to use the magic/health chest, once you've done all that, go to the
    very left of the area you are in, and find ledges, jump up and Kratos will
    grasp onto them and jump up. Jump up, you have two areas to travel to, one is
    over to the right, with the second Muse key, so, go to the right and get it.
    Now, climb back up if you fell down or something and go over to the left
    (where the dangling chain is) and you will see Kronos with you and the temple
    on his back, watch a little and you might get a little sick to the stomach
    from the movement. Well, its a cool sight anyways. Travel more left and fight
    your buddy ol' pals, the minotaur! Yay! Kill them, simple as can be, I got
    attacked by three.
    Travel through the passage, find a save point, use it, and
    also two chests with magic and health for you. Travel up some more and find
    some whimps in cages. There is a lever but you need a hangle, so, go on down
    the hall and through the door at the end, you will see a few dead men and a
    note on the left wall read it, and you will understand what it means once
    you do your next task. Take the handle just right in the room, and go back
    to the lever. So, go over to the lever underneath them and a cage will drop
    down. So, the twip in the cage says "save me" and like, Kratos says "the
    Gods damand a sacrifice, from ALL of us" and the guy in the cage is like
    "NOOOO!!!!!" Hah! I laughed at that. So, this is what you gatta do, take the
    cage and drag it up that kill, you have piles of rock to keep the cage from
    falling down the hill. But why? Well, the whole time you do this, you will be
    attacked by the new type of undead you just met! Use your Blade of Artemis,
    it creams them all, and the two chests with magic/health you passed earlier
    will be there incase if you get in a hairy situation. So, drag the whimp up
    the hill and kill the undead along the way, take him into the room with the
    fire tortches and drag the cage to the dark square infront of the lever. Pull
    the lever and the man dies! Yay! He was getting annoying anyways, I mean,
    who would be afraid to die from fire? Anyone? Huh? Well, the door opens
    and you get to go down.. down, down, down... but not Hades' underworld down.
    Well, you will see a bridge, cross it and take the trident, you can not
    swim underwater infinately, and also there is a save point near by, use
    it if you wish. Once you've done all that, go back onto the bridge and
    fall into the water on the right side, dive down with square and rise with
    triagle or X. But before you go into the tunnel in the water, you will see
    a ladder, climb up it and find a health chest, and on the left side (if you
    go over there) there will be a phoenix feather. Ok, dive back into the water
    on the right side, and go into the tunnel (its a little but south of the
    room). Go through the tunnel, destroy the crumbling walls with L1, and
    surface to find a few baby fireballs for your comfert. Kill them, take the
    red essence from the chest and open the door with the carving of Hades on
    it (Hades is on alot of doors for some reason, maybe it means danger? Who
    knows). Well, pull the lever you see after you open the door. Head back into
    the tunnel, you will never be attacked in the water but you will face
    puzzles and traps later on. Go back where you got the trident from, kill
    two adult cerberus dogs and some harpie. Go up the steps you were presented
    with when you pulled the lever. Go through the tunnel and use the magic/health
    chest if needed. Now, dive into the water and follow the passage. Find a Nyad,
    embrace her by pressing circle. Sink down from where you saw the Nyad and
    see a prettiful carving of Poseiden. Go right and follow yet another
    passage (gosh, I say that too much!) Well, follow it! Ok, you will see a
    carving of Nyads, now, charge at the carving by pressing L1 and holding it
    and letting go. You will find a Nyad, kiss her, I got a phoenix feather.
    You have two directions you can go in, go left for now, surface and kill
    the undead, once done, go straight, kill all those blasted pots to find a
    chest with more red essence, go back into the circular room with the pool
    and find a magic/health chest, use if needed. Ok, swim again, go on to the
    right. You will soon see a angry faced door. STOP! Let me tell you something
    first, go under the doorway and load up a charge, let go and you will thrust
    yourself in a trapped room. Now, there I told you! Ok, the walls will close
    in on you and you have to escape to the other end! To do this, charge up
    and wizz through, if you did what I did (charge up at the doorway, before
    the trap starts to close in on you) you should have a head start and you
    also should live every time if you did it my way. It should take about 3-4
    charges to get through the room. Once you're passed it, follow the passage
    and surface to find some undead and harpies that you need to kill. The
    center of the room will be blocked off during battle. Once you have killed
    every thing, go to the center of the room and pull the lever. The prettiful
    carving of Poseiden will reveal another passage. Well, while you're in the
    room, you will find two chests, one with magic, one with health. Dive into
    the water again, go to where the saw room is and repeat what I just told
    you about the trap room.
    Ok, whew, go back where the carving of Poseiden was and go through the
    passage, use the save, and I mean USE THE SAVE! Ok, go to the left of the
    save, the wall is weak so break it down, find a Nyad, kiss her, and rise,
    rise on up! You will surface and find four beautiful chests full of red
    essence! Go back to where the save point is and go over to the right to find
    Poseiden's statue, ignore that for now and go right of the statue and see a
    weak wall, crash through it and find a Nyad, I got a phoenix feather from her.
    Examine the statue of Poseiden and dive down.
    STOP! See that moving chain? Wait for a second and a blockade will zoom past!
    Your goal is to get to the other side like the chicken. Well, the moving
    blockades will kill you instantly if you get caught in them so, when the
    blockades move past, immediately dive down and charge in the direction the
    blockade was going, you will see a ditch, go in that ditch and rest. There
    are two ditches before you meet the final passage. This will take you a few
    tries! Believe me, I had to have someone help me the first time I played
    Follow the passage, and surface, go to the south of the room and jump onto the
    platform and kill the minotaur, they are a bit tougher now. Ok, save if you need
    to, use the magic/health chest if needed as well. Now, go to the right and find
    a lever, pull that lever and you will have a staircase form before you. You only
    have a certain ammount of time before the steps go back into the water, so be
    fast. Once at the top, get your Artemis Blade out, notice it is purple, not
    blue. Kill the undead, to the left and right of the statue will be chests of
    red essence. Once you got that, read the book in front of the statue and it
    says the room is hard to get out of and only Poseiden's wife knows how to get
    out. So, how do you get out? Well, first, go back to the lever, pull the lever
    again, and the steps will come up, right? Well, the steps come up, dive into
    the water, and head to the last step (while underwater) you will see a doorway,
    so, go in there and wait for the steps to go back down. Once they are down,
    you can go through the long tunnel, long... tunnel.
    Ok, go through the tunnel and you are back in the Ring of Pandora! Yay! Well,
     this is what you do, save first, then go down the bloody hallway, kill the
    sheilded undead (yay...) Now, go to the crank you pulled to rotate the room,
    go to the room with the Muses on the door, you have both Muse Keys, right?
    Go through the newly opened door, you will find 3 heads, the big head giving
    you lots of red essence, the blue eyed one giving a free magic upgrade, and
    the green eyed one will give you a free health upgrade. NICE! Ok, besides
    that, there are two red essence chests and a book to read (under the big
    Zues head). The book says that you get these upgrades so you can reach
    Pandora's box easier. Yay! Thank you Zues! Ok, go out of the room. Crank
    the room wall back over to the hallway with the bloody traps.
    Ok, go back out into the room with the rolling cilender (it isn't there
    anymore). Go find the stairs again, go up them and dive into the pool, swim
    around to find another skull shaped door, and a crank for you to pull! So,
    go to the crank, you can't use it yet, but soon you will. Swim around and
    you will find a tunnel, go into it and follow it. Surface and follow the
    passage, find a lever and a large door, ignore it, don't need to worry about
    it for now. Now, on the right side of the room, there will be a breakable
    wall, break that wall and find a save point, use it. Follow the passave some
    more and find two chests with magic and health. Follow the passage and....
    -Challenge of Hades
    Yay! The god of the Underworld is going to doom us all! Harrah! Well, in the
    center of the room is a pool of blood with a statue of Hades in it, yummy.
    Climb up the stairs, unfortunately it is too dark to see and you cannot go
    any farther, aww. Now, go back down stairs, and see the ledges of the steps?
    Climb those to the top, see those statues with the bowls? Well, don't dive
    into the bowl of lava, you'll die! So, grab onto the side of the bowl and
    go over to the windowish area over on the other end, jump into onto the
    ledge and grab some red essence out of a chest, you can do the same on each
    side. Ok, now go back to where the sunken statue of Hades is, and go to the
    left of him. See those ledges? Go up them! Ok, you will see a door with
    Hades on it, he wants you to give him some blood through sacrafice! So, go
    back down to where the Centaurs are and kill them inside the circles you
    see! You have two circles to kill four centaurs in, one on the left of the
    submerged statue and one of the right. Once one circle fills up, go to the
    next! Also, after you finish one circle, half of the door you faced before
    will be open. After you do the sacrafices, the door will open, now, go
    through the new doorway! But right before the doorway, you see that ledge
    above the doorway? The wooden one? Jump onto that, take down the wall and
    get alot of red essence! Now, go through the new passage, use the magic/health
    chest if needed. Go follow the path, go to the door with the carving of
    Hades on it, open it and find some traps. Skip that for a moment, first go
    over to the right of the door and jump onto the ledge and find some red
    essence and a phoenix feather.You have to jump onto them before
    they open and go through the path and all. The first one is easy, but the
    second one is a little harder. Once again, if you fall, you die.
    Once you have been through all that, you will face a shooting arrow trap,
    roll through that with the evade stick. Now, you have some undead archers
    and gorgon to kill, kill them. Now, go right at the fork, then go straight
    and kill all of the undead and the gorgon (ignore the cirular crank platform
    for now). Then go back and go to the left and kill some centaur and a gorgon.
    The gorgons are also much tougher now and you will be turned to stone alot
    faster as well. Ok, now, once you are done with that, go straight, and kill
    the undead. Gosh, no save point yet!? Well, if you follow the path you will
    be directed back to the room where you fought the centaur. So, exit out of
    the area and go south and kill the archers and examine the statue of the
    Architect. Now, go back to the crank, crank away!
    On the second floor, see that carving of Hades? Well, go up to it and press
    R2, and push it down into the hole which reveals a passage. Go there if you
    wish! Now, go deeper into the maze, kill the archers to the right and you
    will see a carving of Hades, now, go just oppisite of that and find another
    block with Hades on it, push the block down and find a new room! Kill the
    undead, blah blah.. use the health chest if needed. Now, go to the left
    from the chest. Kill the archers and open the door to find more hallways!!!
    GRAH! It only leads in a circle so, don't follow it. Now, go down and then
    left, kill the archers and a big block of stone will be in your way. You will
    be crushed if you get in its path! Now, when it retreats, jump onto it. You
    will have to kill some undead. But, do you see that doorway near by? (not the
    one with Hades on it). Well, wait for the block to retreat far enough and
    jump down into it, but getting out is a little tougher. Once the door is
    open, go through it and you're back in the big room with the statue. Step
    onto the switch underneath you and the statue of Hades will come up! Jump
    off the platform you were on and down onto the ground. Jump into the water
    Hades was in (isn't blood, sadly, but that would be a nice affect!) Now,
    go down..down.. down.. now, see that switch? Pull it and light will come
    out of Hades'mouth. Now, swim up.. up.. up.. and climb the ladder at Hades'
    side to get back up. Pull Hades' head over to light up the area that you
    couldn't get through previously. Use the save point! Fireballs of doom
    (these are real fireballs) will pour out and you have to dodge them!
    You can open doors along the way to keep you safe, but I find this
    distracting. Now, go through the passage at the end, kill the undead
    and read the book inside.You have eight dead ends (the doors you
    opened) and now you HAVE to open them all to see which is the good
    passage. Earlier I told you to not open them, but only because I
    wanted you to get the treasure at the end and read the book! Open all
    the doors, you might die but the fireballs don't do too much damage.
    Now, once you find the passage, go through it and fine some big and mean
    minotaur! Later on archers come in, so kill them too. Go to the right and
    kill the archers and the undead. Use the magic/health chest if needed. Now,
    head back to the room where the minotaur were and go to the passage on
    your left. What do you do? Well, see that rope over you? Grab onto it and
    go across, fight the undead along the way too. My Blade of Chaos is on
    level 4, and if yours is too, then the undead will die in one swing. When
    across you will fight more undead and minotaur, and a centaur as well,
    yayness! Afterwards, you can grab some magic from a magic chest near by.
    When the barriers are down, go over to the ladder at which they blocked
    and climb up! Jump up on the ledge and follow the passage, go straight,
    then right for red essence, or left and right for a save point, USE IT!
    Now, go through the doorway by the save point and you have a challenge:
    cross the beams, don't get knocked down by the blades! Now, jump to the
    platform on the right and balance on the beam over to a chest with red
    essence. I found this area a little hard but it didn't really frusterate
    me alot, just simply try again.. and again... the only time when I usually
    died on the beams was when the blades came at a certain angle and when I
    double jumped it wasn't enough. Don't go to where the first spinning blade
    is, it just leads in a circle and draws you to your desired path so, don't
    take it. Also, if you didn't see this before (like I didn't) right when you
    jump on the platform in the begining, go to your right, cross the beam and
    find a phoenix feather!
    After you've crossed the area where the second spinning blade is, go all the
    way to the end and find some yummy red essence. Now, go jump on the moving
    beam, it was pretty easy for me because of how slow the machine moves. Climb
    the ladder, climb another ladder and you're in a safe zone for now. You don't
    have to deal with spinning blades but you got some more beams to cross, joy!
    Cross the first beam, jump onto the rope and slide down, whee! Wouldn't that
    burn Kratos' hands? Ouch! Well, who knows. Once you're down the rope, run
    down the platform and down the ladder. Go down the passage before you and
    jerk wheel and the giagantic wooden door with the minotaur carving on it will
    slightly open and something will try to get out. Go down the stairs to your
    left and find two chests, one with magic and one with health, I didn't need
    them so I didn't use them, but if you took a beating from the spinning blades
    them use the chests. Travel down the hallway and see a save point, USE THAT
    SAVE POINT NOW!!! Ok, whew, sorry I yelled. Ok, now, go out the door and it
    will close behind you. Go over by the door (I know it's scary but, you gatta
    do it!) THE minotaur will come out! Harrah! Boss fight!
    Boss fight: THE minotaur!
    Whee! From what I am told, this boss battle isn't hard, so use block to lower
    the damage given from him. Ok, when you hack him up a little, you will see his
    armor spew fire out of a pore, what does this mean? Well, when you see about
    eight pores ablaze, he will cower before you and you will see a circle over his
    head, press circle and rotate the analog stick in the direction it says. If you
    fail, you won't receive much damage but it all adds up after a few hits. Also,
    the Blade of Artemis does a nice job at cutting down his armor, so use it when
    you are in a hairy situation and want to save some time. And once done with a
    combo, he will stand up and run to the lever ontop of the stairs and a
    flamming arrow will shoot out and crack the minotaur's armor. It took
    me about 5 times to just finish one combo, for I am not used to analog
    sequences.. Phooey.
    Ok, after you shoot one arrow at him, he will come a charging! When he hits the
    wall before you, double jump to avoid the flames and he will also be faster as
    well, so now is a good time to get to know the evade analong stick! You will
    know how many charges he will come for when you take a look at his armor. A pore
    will alight with fire each time you attack him and he draws back. Once all his
    pores alight, he will draw back and you will have to do another analog sequence.
    Once you did that and threw another arrow at him, he will be MUCH tougher! Now
    you can take out his armor! Simply hack down the armor on each side, and his
    fleshy skin come out. Pretty... Now, he will be even tougher! With all that
    armor off, I'd be tougher too! You can go up on the deck where the lever is and
    fight him as well, but the ground lever is where you need to me mainly. Also,
    a GREAT Combo to take down his health 70% is to use Rage of the Gods with
    Artemis' Blade! It works like a charm! Now, once you get his health down to
    about 5% he will stand up again and you need to run back to the lever one last
    time. Once you have slain him, go through the opening the minotaur kicked out
    and go on through. See, that wasn't so hard, was it?
    --Tip from Chris: (boss strategy)
    This was insanely easy.  You can beat this guy without ever taking a
    hit.  There is a cheat spot on the ledge that you stand on during this
    fight.  Once you get on the ledge, run to the far right hand side (the
    side opposite where the switch for the claming logs are).  Once you hit
    the wall, push up a bit an you'll be standing on a little area just left
    of the stairs but OFF of the grate that the fire comes through).  While
    standing here, you can get in 2 hits safely and then back up.  You can
    try to get in 3 or more hits, but those extra attacks move you forward
    and the Minotaur will sometimes hit you with his right hand.  When you
    stand in this spot, the Minotaur only does 3 attacks, the Clap, and
    slams his left hand into the ledge.  He NEVER causes the fire to shoot up
    out of the grate (unless he's doing a charge from the far end of the
    room after you've hurt him).  So, all you have to do is just sit there,
    watch him stupidly slam and clap and do 2-3 hit combos to SLOWLY tar him
    down.  Now, in doing this, it takes a LONG time since his health is so
    high and you're only getting in 2-3 hits at a time - but it can be
    done.  I did it and then reloaded to go back and fight him again!
    Now, for a straight up fight, stand in the dead center of the platform
    in from of the Minotaur.  You should be standing on the grate area
    where the logs are shot from.  If you stand dead center, he rarely (if
    ever) does the hand slam that causes the fire to come out, and he rarely
    (if ever) does the right hand sweep where he bites you and then spits you
    onto the lower floor).  By standing dead center and NOT drifting near
    one of his hands he will only do right hand slams and two handed claps
    and the occasional left hand sweep.  You can block ALL of his attacks
    with level 5 blades EXCEPT for the left hand sweep.  That hits every time
    and leaves you down on the lower floor.  If you drift toward his left
    hand (toward the switch) he'll do the grate slam that causes the fire to
    come up) and if you drift toward his right hand then he'll do the
    sweep.  So, the key is to stay dead center and not approach his hands which
    will trigger their respective attacks.  When you stand dead center,
    simply block his right hand slam and his double hand clap.  If he tries
    the left hand sweep, do a double jump toward the switch and you'll avoid
    that as well, but run back to the center as quick as possible since
    you'll be close enough to his right hand to trigger the right hand fire
    Once you've damaged him and he charges you from the far end of the room
    and hits the ledge, the fir WILL come out even if you are standing dead
    center, so simply do a well timed double jump from the dead center
    position, and at the peak of you jump initiate an attack combo.  You'll end
    up getting en 6-8 (or more) hits without ever being touched by the
    If the straight up fight ever goes south on you and you are low on
    health and near death, just run to the far left hand side of the screen and
    stand in the cheat spot - he can NEVER reach you there - you never take
    a hit there - and you can slowly pick him off while saving that last
    bit of health you've got left.
    If you want, you can dance in the pool of blood the Minotaur left behind, yummy!
    Also, I noticed that the red essence left behind disappeared before I could get
    to it, I was sad because I needed it. Oh well. Go through the new opening and
    take a left go up the stairs and use the save point. Climb more stairs and go in
    a prettiful room, read the book before you and go up to the coffin, open this
    one up and take the head of the Architect's second son off of the body. If you
    need to, go left and right inside of the room to find two chests over all with
    magic and health. Now, head back down stairs, to the room with the dead
    minotaur. A quick scene will show you that you get to talk to another God! Yay!
    Gods are pretty. Ok, go over to the red doorway and talk to Hades, cool! Now,
    he will grant you the ability to control Hades' army, or as the game says it:
    Army of Hades. Now, kil the enemies and all. Same old stuff. Go through the
    door Hades blocked and use the chest if needed. Swim through the tunnels at
    the end of the hall. Now you're back in the Rings of Pandora. Whee!
    --Rings of Pandora
    Go over to the skull shaped door in the pool and cram that skull in! Ok, go
    inside (that gem look familiar?) the room that you opened and crank that bad
    boy! Ok, crank it until you see a doorway that hasn't been opened (or was
    opened, depends on if you openeds it before you went inside or not). Ok, open
    the door and you will see no other doorway. Whoops! Now, go to the crank by the
    door you just opened and crank until you align with another doorway (the one
    with the bloody traps). Go back to the room that you had to use the skull to
    open with and crank until that room is also aligned with the bloody trapped room.
    Once it is all said and done, go down the bloody hallway and be attacked by some
    undead. Kill them, same old, sheesh! Go to the room with the pool and save if
    you want. Push the two halves of gem together to bring that beam of light come
    up. A pretty cutscene will flow out and the statue that was submerged in water
    will arise and everyone will be like "what the heck!?"
    Go out and through the bloody hallway and all, go all the way to the end, Athena
    will talk to you saying "get Pandora's Box or die." Pull the lever and go on up!
    Up.. and up, and up a little bit more after that. The giant statue will guide
    you to a new area. Joy! Soon after that you will be attacked by a new type of
    enemy, the satyrs! These guys are fast and they use their blades well. SO
    BLOCK! Ugh! Must I say that again? You will kill one at first, then two pop out.
    Kill them, grab some health from the chest near by if needed. Cross the bridge
    and a very very very cool cutscene will flow. Basically you learn how Kratos got
    his Blades of Chaos, very cool. You see some more blood and a harpie or two. But
    very cool in the whole. Once across the bridge read the book and it will say the
    challenge before you is MUCH harder than the past levels. Lets believe that and
    save at the save point, and snag some health or magic from the magic/health
    chest near by.
    ------Cliffs of Madness
    Follow the path, kill all the undead and the archers too. You shouldn't die
    here, the jumps are pretty easy endless a harpie or a archer get in your way.
    Now, at the end of the path, use the crank to go up. Use the save point (never
    know what you're going to find around the next corner, eh? Go up two ladders,
    use the health chest if you took a beating from the archers and the undead.
    Go up and see a large doorway with a minotaur on it (great, looks too familiar).
    Now, go over to your left, kill the undead and the archers and grab the chest
    of red essence. Go back to where the minotaur door is and go in. Meet a satyr
    inside, kill him and all. I did notice one thing, if you block for too long the
    satyr will just pause and wait for your attack. So blocking for too long will
    freeze the battle. Kill two satyrs all in all. Go down the passage and find a
    magic chest, use it if you like. Jump onto the platform with the crank and
    crank away! Also, there will be archers so use Zues' Fury to take them out
    before cranking. The crank will draw the two parts of the bridge together,
    but it will soon go back to place so make haste! Go through the passage,
    kill the satyr and such. Kill the archers and go outside. Go to the left
    and find a magic/health chest, use it if ya like (I didn't need it,
    might wanna save it after all,right?) Climb the ledge to the right
    and meet those big evil minotaur you met in the Challenge of Hades
    area. Kill the minotaur, continue down, observe the statue of Hera,
    you need the Necklace of Hera for her, as well as Aphrodite close by.
    So, don't jump off the cliff like I just did, you will die. Now, go
    over to the area where you fought the minotaur, you will now notice a ladder
    close by (near the bridge really) go down it and meet two satyrs (no, make that
    four). Yay! Oh, there are archers too, just to tell ya.
    Once you killed the archers and the satyr, grab the chest for a nice stash of
    red essence. Use the rope near by to slide down, so slide down and find
    another passage, go through it. You will fight archers, minotaur and the undead
    all at the same time to fight well, comrade! Use the magic/health chest if
    needed. Follow the passage to find some more minotaur, kill them. Find a
    puzzle (yay!)this is what ya need to do. Put the blocks into the right place.
    Well, I can't really explain to you how you do it, but its rather easy once
    you figured it out. If you look at GameSpot.com they have a guide with a
    picture if the complete puzzle. Maybe if I ask them they will let me use a
    peice of their guide, but we will see in good time. Ok, once the puzzle is
    solved go back out where the ladder dropped and use the save point. Go up
    the ladder, jump the ledges and climb up the rock. Kill the undead, along
    the way you will find secret chests, some containing magic/health, red
    essence, and a phoenix feather. Eventually your climb will come to a end
    and you will have to flip a switch. A large stone will come out with a rope
    attached and all. So, climb back over. Climb the ladder by where you met
    the satyrs. Go travel to where the stone dropped (pass through a cave) and
    climb up the rope. SAVE YOUR GAME!
    Now, go through the passage before you. Ignore the ciruclar platform with the
    crank. Ok, in the cave, see those holes? Well, they won't hurt now but later
    they will. They are really spikes of doom! Ok, explore the cave first, it's
    important. You will see a platform in the back of the cave. You cannot jump up
    to it so don't try, it is where you need to get the large block at, though, so
    you can jump up! Well, open the wooden door with the crank and it will expose
    a large stone block. You need to get this over to where you saw the platform
    before time runs out! Use a fully charged kick on the block to get things
    moving fast. Now, I just BARELY made it in time. I was very lucky, the moment
    I jumped on the block to the second platform I made it. So, you should make
    it too! Also, it was my first try. Yay! Anyways, on the platform you will find
    a chest containing a phoenix feather. Continue on and jump onto the vines
    ahead.Take the Necklace of Aphrodite and a info scene will show you that the
    traps have been retracted and you are safe to move freely. Go outside and save
    if you like. Head back to the bridge where the necklace is needed. Well, over
    by where you placed Aphrodite's necklace at, there will be a pile of rocks,
    jump over those to find a secret chest containing red essence, alot of it too!
    Now, go to your left from the chest and find a secret cave, go inside. Kill the
    archers and dive into the pool. Swim down, follow the tunnel for a secret room.
    Go to the south apon surfacing and take down the cracked walls for a heck of
    alot of red essence! Now, you cannot go anywhere else without falling, so dive
    back down and swim the tunnel. Now, go back outside, now you must get over
    the bridge without falling, yay!
    Ok, the first jump is easy, simply wait out on the moving platform for the two
    sides of the bridge to fully extend and jump! On the landing of the second jump
    you will find two chests containing magic and red essence. Yummo! Once across
    the bridge, follow the path and a prettiful scene will play out. Basically he
    killed so much Kratos become depressed and hated Ares with the death of the
    people in the temple, making him go out on his journey. Well, it makes sense
    and it's an important scene, so watch! Once the cutscene is over, a few undead
    will spawn, and minotaur too. Kill them, continue onward! Jump over the debris
    and find a hanging rope. Yay! Now you must jump over, so, here is a tip: Make
    sure you are at your highest swing. If you fall on the landing, but not the
    rope, then simply start again at the last check point and try again. Ok, once
    over (it took me only two tries) climb the rock and go to the top. Pull the
    lever and go on up. Go through the passage and save at the save point.
    ------Architect's Tomb
    Now, look before you and see the traps, they don't look too friendly but you
    gatta pass! Ok, step on the button before you and see the door at the very
    end open. Well, guess what? It isn't much use right now so continue on. Move
    through the platforms and the spinning blades, surprisingly it isn't hard. The
    only time when I fell off was when I jumped too soon and fell, the blades
    didn't hit me. On the other side (right) notice a cracked floor, there is a
    room on the other side but you cannot reach it. So, on the left side notice
    another switch, you cannot open the door yet so go over to the statue over in
    the back, can't do anything with that yet either. Now that I have wasted your
    time, go back over to the wooden gate you saw earlier and open it (it is on
    the right side of the path). Go through the passage and find a magic/health
    chest. I don't recommend using it right now so continue on. First some undead
    will be shoved in your face, kill them. At the end of the hall will be an
    opening, go up the stairs and go outside, and quite a few enemies will attack:
    first a cyclops, then a few baby cerberus'. Ok, once the battle is over you
    will see quite a few ladders about. First go over to the ladder left of the
    doorway, up top you will find two chests containing magic/health and a phoenix
    feather, yay! Now, back on the ground level, there will be another ladder,
    right of the door, but you cannot climb it for it is mangled up and such. So,
    go up west and find another ladder, go up top and find a crank. Before you
    crank the crane, go to the top of the crane and jump over to find a few chests
    containing red essence, yum! Crank up the crank and have the crane over the
    breakable area you saw earlier. Now, go over to the tip of the crane and pull
    the lever. Ok, rotate the crane again over the switch left of the doorway that
    is blocked and keep the block there. Now, go jump down to the main lever where
    the broken floor was. Now, a few cyclops will attack, so kill them. Now,
    remember that statue? Well, now you have to drag it over to the switch in
    the fresh hole you just made. Place the statue on the switch and the second
    door will open. Now you need to open the third, yay! And this is timed. Now,
    this is the only hard part of this challenge. Go across, save your game and
    step on the switch.
    Now, going back should be easier, but the time limit is a little short. So, let
    me help you with how short of a time limit you have to get to the other side;
    30 seconds. Good luck! Now, this took me quite a few tries and all. The tip? Be
    fast, ignore the blades, if you get hit by one then well, you started at the
    wrong time. Also, you will hear a clock ticking noise, it will increase in beat
    at your time runs out.  Once you reach the other side roll into the doorway and
    it will not close behind you. Notice two bodies infront of you. It looks like
    the Architect couldn't take life anymore. On the wallks you can view the traps
    he constructed on paper and planned out and all. Ok, go over to the end of the
    table with the dead woman with the knife in her heart. Tear off her head and
    Kratos will automatically place the head into the skull door. Go inside and
    go forward to where the save point is. Save your game. Now, go over to the
    right of the save point, go down the stairs and get the red essence and the
    phoenix feather. Go up the main staircase up to the doorway and go inside. Go
    down.. down.. down.. the spiral stairs and into the next room. You are almost
    done! Now go down the stairs and a quick scene will show that the Box is just
    across the hall, and a simple walk will take you there! Well, NO! Well, this
    ultra cool music will come on meaning "BATTLE TIME!" So, this is what you
    must do. Go on the conveyer where all the bloody gears and stuff like that
    is, and keep your Army of Hades in hand because you will need it! The
    conveyers move very fast so you need to be very fast! Kill the archers first
    and then concentrate on the harpie that are constantly coming after you. Also,
    do not stay on a safe platform for too long, you will die! Fire will spurt
    out at you and it is auto death. So, keep moving! This room can be a little
    challenging so take the harpie out when they swarm you (which they constantly
    do here). I recommend that after you kill the first set of archers, go to the
    back and kill the ones by the barrier. But once again, keep moving because that
    is a safe point! Use Zues' Fury if you like, but this takes time and you will be
    jammed under those rolling gears! WHEW! Once the barrier lowers go through the
    new passage and examine the carving on the floor. Go up the stairs and open the
    ciruclar box before you. Approach the box and a cutscene will flow, Athena will
    talk saying "congrats! But you still gatta kill Ares!" You will go down..
    down.. down.. and now you have to drag the box out of the temple and Ares says
    "NO! U SUK! DYE!" and he will killed Kratos and that's how you go to the debths
    of Hades! YUM! Along the way you will meet that blasted captian and now you
    will regain control. You also learn in the scene how Kratos become all white,
    he killed his family and the ashes of his family are forever stuck to his
    ------Path of Hades
    Yay! You're in hell now! It's fun to watch the screaming mortals to fall, so
    stick around! Well, ok, before you is a save point, use it and there will be
    two chests beside you, one magic/health and one for just health. Use if needed.
    Jump on the platforms, find a chest with red essence. Travel to your right and
    find another chest of red essence, and a dead end too! From the chest, go left
    and find yourself on a large platform. Find a few flaming undead, kill them.
    Use your Blade of Artemis! Now, go up another platform for more undead.
    Before you are more platforms and a spinning pole. Yay! Why? Because you
    have to go through all that mess! Now the poles will travel back and form,
    left to right, so be on your guard! The blades will knock you off too, so
    be careful! The first pole segment is easy, just balance out and jump on a
    platform near by if you need a break (I did). Now, balance on over to the
    second platform and find a nice stash of red essence. Now, travel to the
    end of the main pole and jump onto the platform. You will face a archer
    and surprisingly these guys shoot 3 arrows, not 1. You will also find
    some red essence there too. Now, jump onto the pole on the left from the
    main pole where you jumped off of. Now, travel across the pole, if you're
    having a little trouble balancing try jumping, it helps if the blades are
    coming a little close. Go to the far end of the pole and find a archer,
    kill him. A good way to cross the moving poles is to wait for it to slow
    down if it does, then jump onto it. Ok, now, once you have killed the
    archer move and cross halfway over the moving pole. Now, jump across
    to the platform, ok, good! Now, jump over to the moving platform to
    your right, once again I recommend doing so when it is slowing down
    or has stopped. Now, once on the platform with the bridge, kill the 80
    harpie that come after you and cross the next pole, this one doesn't
    really slow down, so be fast! Now, go across and save at the save point.
    Use the magic/health chest if needed. Now, cross the moving platforms and
    kill the archers, soon after more archers spawn in different places as
    well as a minotaur for your comfert. Kill them, but remember this is Hades'
    ground so they are a little tougher. Once you kill them, more will spawn
    up on the next platform, so kill them too! You will fight quite a few
    minotaurs on the platform so yeah, they spawn 2 at a time so be careful.
    Use the magic/health chest if needed. You will fight a heck of alot of
    archers and minotaur, so fight well, comrade!
    "OH MY GOD!" is what I thought when I saw the vertical spinning pole I
    had to climb. Wow, a challenge before us, eh? Well, heh. If the blades
    hit you, you will drop to the ground. And it sucks. And well, you will
    get knocked off ALOT! So, this is EXTREMELY FRUSTERATING!!! GAH! I don't
    know how many times I fell off, but its hard! It is just.. wow. But
    you can get through it! After the first climb, you will have to kill some
    archers, and you will also find some red essence and a magic/health chest.
    Yum! In between the rotating poles will be rest points for you. When
    the different directing poles meet is where you can rest.
    WHEW! Now, once you reach the top, you will find a magic and a health
    chest to your left, and a save point to your right, use it. Now, go up
    the path and jump onto the platforms. Now, on the right will be a chest
    with red essence, but you mainly want to go left, so go left if you like.
    At the top will be a large platform, jump onto it and you will be attacked
    by satyr. Now, you have to kill as many satyr that is needed to get to the
    top. Each satyr you kill will raise a platform for you to jump onto to get
    to the main platform. Ok, so kill, kill, kill! Once all the platforms
    are up, the satyr stop coming at you. So, to your left is a chest with
    magic, and right is a chest with health. I didn't need it because I did
    combos with my Atremis sword that got me health with each kill (Hold L1
    and press triangle). Now, climbing up, to your left and right will be chests
    with red essence, grab if you like. While going up the platforms you will be
    attacked by archers, so jump up their quickly! Jump up all the platforms and
    climb up the spine to find a rope come down for you. Climb the rope and
    talk with the Grave Digger. Hah! Didn't expect him to come save me! What
    a awesome twist! Ok, save at the save point and go up the stairs. Notice
    Ares did a good job cleaning the place up. Well, as soon as you go through
    the hallway and into the main room, those enemies with the bloody maces
    will attack. Now, get you your Artemis blade and they will die in only a
    few hits. If your Blade of Chaos is fully upgraded then it will be just
    as strong as the Artemis blade is (if you only upgraded it to level 2).
    --Tip from Chris: (battle strategy)
    Right after you get saved by the grave digger, you save and enter the
    temple once again.  You are attacked by some Cyclops with spiked balls
    first, and then some minotaurs.  I suggest entering the room to get the
    Cyclops coming after you, and then running back to the door that you
    just entered.  You can't get out because of the red force field, BUT the
    door is at the end of a short corridor which keeps the Cyclops coming
    at you in a single file line.  They CAN reach you, but a double tap of
    Medusa's Quick Freeze (Medusa and the rest of your magic should be at
    level 3 by now) stones them and you can take them out with only a few
    hits from your level 5 Blades of Chaos.  Next, the minotaurs start to pop
    up, but they can be stoned with only ONE hit from Medusa's Quick
    After that, you enter the room on your left and there are some archers.
    Run to them quickly and do a grab and throw, and then the gorgons pop
    up.  They're mean, so run back down the stairs and back into the room
    where you fought the Cyclops and minotaurs.  The gorgons will follow you
    all the way to the door and then stop.  Snipe hit them and do the
    min-game to get some magic orbs.  Repeat for all of the gorgons you
    encounter on the stairs!
    After you kill the giants some minotaur will greet you, kill them, they
    take a few more hits surprisingly. Go up the stairs and fight some archers
    and gorgons. You might wanna take out your Artemis blade for this too, the
    gorgons' gaze is a heck of alot stronger. If you use the Army of Hades' you
    will cream them all. Go out of the staircase area and I can't tell you what
    the enemies were because my Army of Hades killed them too fast (if yours is
    upgraded like mine you will be pretty good with the magic). Use the
    magic/health chest if needed. Go down the hall and some minotaur will
    attack, soon after you pass them archers will block your way, so kill them
    too. Go outside, save your game and go through the passage. Find the Oracle
    on the floor bleeding, talk to her, she says "Ares sucks! But he got us pinned
    down anyways." Now, get the two chests of red essence and some magic and health
    too. Go outside and you will meet Ares up close and personal. Now you get to
    fight him! YAY!
    ---Boss: Ares
    Ok, this guy looks like he is hard to kill, but well, he is. He will drain
    your health so fast.. Ok, well, get your Artemis blade out, use the combo I
    used earlier for the satyrs, you will get a nice ammount of magic in return
    for doing so. Now, once you get magic use Army of Hades on him and you will
    get more health/magic from him, yay! Once his health goes down he will use
    different attacks, like fireballs he will shoot at you, just run around and
    avoid them. Now, once his health goes down, you will have to a little push
    battle with him, by pressing circle rapidly, once thats over a different
    button will pop up and you will have to press that.
    Once you have defeated him, he will send you in a different dimension. So,
    you meet your family, but your clones are attacking them. So, you must keep
    them from killing them and all. Now, as the battle progresses, the house
    will fall apart and you will face more and more of those clones trying to
    hurt the family. Also, you can be knocked off the platform so be careful.
    Stay close to Kratos' family and embrace them by pressing circle to give
    them some extra life. Now, use Army of Hades' if you are in a hairy
    situation and don't use Rage of the Gods just yet (I didn't use it, but
    you can if you like).
    ---Boss: Ares 2
    Whee! You have no magic, no blades of chaos because Ares took them from
    you, so now you have the Blade of the Gods, use it well! This battle isn't
    nearly as hard as the last, so simply hack him up and back away from him as
    he attacks. I recommend using the coming L1 and square, this is ofcourse
    the spinning attack, but still very usful in this battle. Once you have
    beaten him a very surprise ending will come out. It's very pretty. So, once
    you are walking again go through the portal and out into Mount Olympus and use
    the save point in the building if you like. Once up by the throne you will
    see three things, a statue of Ares, a statue of THE minotaur, and a statue of
    a hydra behind the throne. Sit in the throne. You have beaten the game,
    You will see a prettiful cutscene and well, its just pretty. And it is a
    very nice ending too! The credits will roll and you can now go into God
    Mode! FUN! Well, not really, its the hardest thing, I've heard!
    Now, take a look at the treasures!
    Well, now that you have completed the game, you can have a look at the
    treasures, there are quite a few really:
    1. Making of God of War
    Fun to watch, I can see how the makers of God of War would be stressed out and
    all. Watch the movie and you learn a little and all.
    2. God of War Trailers
    Well, if you want to watch the advertisements of God of War, then watch it, I
    watched only a little.
    3. Credits
    4. Deleted Levels
    It would be awesome if there was a boss before you get Pandora's Box, but they
    didn't have time. Aww.. But the boss they had planned to make I was happy they
    didn't put in the game.. A little too tedious. Never know.
    5. Heroic Possibilities
    Kratos is the perfect match in God of War, glad they didn't change it.
    6. Visions of Ancient Greece
    Learn how they made the environments.
    7. Monsters of Myth
    Learn how they made the monsters you meet match mythology with a fantasy twist.
    They also wanted the monsters in a horror direction.
    8. Birth of the Beast
    Learn a little about Kratos' past, hmm... Do I smell a new God of War title?
    9. God Mode
    God mode.. Havn't tried.
    10. Character Graveyard
    Rather funny of what creatures and characters they dumped out. I envy the
    Giant in a Diaper.
    11. Challenge of the Gods
    Good luck beating it, I havn't attempted.
    Update! Chris did, yet another, mini guide for me.
    --Tip from Chris: Too much!--Challenge of the Gods mini-guide.
     ------------------------ CHALLENGE OF THE GODS -----------------------
    After you've beaten God of War for the first time, you unlock, among other
    things, the Challenge of the Gods. This is a mini-game in which you are presented
    with 10 challenges. Defeat all 10 Challenges and you are rewarded with 5 new
    costumes that you can use when you start a new game. You can NOT use the new
    costumes on an existing saved game - you must start a brand new game in order to
    use a new costume. IMPORTANT : Save Rage of Gods for the Final Challenge
    (Challenge 10). You might be able to defeat Challenge 10 without Rage of the
    Gods, but the odds are seriously stacked against you. Besides, every other
    Challenge is easily conquered without having to use Rage of the Gods, so SAVE IT!
    Also, you can not save your progress in the Challenge of the Gods, so once you
    start, you have to do it all in one sitting without a save. If you quit, you
    have to start all over again at Challenge 1. NOTE : It is possible for Kratos to
    jump off, fall off, or be knocked off of every single platform in these
    challenges. If you go over the edge, then it is instant death, and you must
    restart the challenge!
    ----------------------------- Challenge 1 ---------------------------------
    >>> Knock the soldiers off the platform before time runs out.
    >>> If you kill an enemy, you will fail the challenge.
    >>> If the timer runs out, you obviously fail the mission.
    Ok, for a first challenge this isn't too bad. You basically have to
    knock all 8 of the Shield Carrying soldiers off the platform in any manner you
    can before the timer runs out and without killing any of them. Since they are
    carrying shields, you won't damage them with regular attacks unless you
    actually destroy their shields. A good combo to use is the Square, (hold)
    Square combo that ends in a chain swipe. However, that rarely knocks them off,
    but it will often push them to the edge. A great strategy is to try and grab
    them. Since they are carrying shields,
    you can't actually grab them, but the attempt will push them (and you) backwards
    which is usually enough to knock them off the platform if they are close to the
    edge. Also, move around a little bit to get the soldiers to chase you. If you
    stay close to the inside hole in the platform, the soldiers will often just
    walk off the edge as they try to maneuver around to get you. Nice! Once you've
    gotten a few of them down, use the L1 + O Button combo. Double jump into the air
    and charge the attack by holding the O button down until Kratos performs the move.
    This WILL break all the shields of the soldiers that are near you, but it will
    also knock a few of them over the edge! Now that you've got a few of them running
    around without shields, move to the opposite side of the platform and get them
    to follow you. If you manage to get one far enough away from the others that
    don't have shields, then grab him, face toward the outer edge, and hit the
    square button to throw him off the platform. Be careful with this since the
    chain swipe could hit and kill nearby soldiers that are not carrying shields.
    If they still have their shields, then the chain swipe will not hurt them.
    ----------------------------- Challenge 2 ---------------------------------
    >>> Kill all Archers and Soldiers before time runs out.
    >>> You do NOT have to kill
    the Harpies.
    >>> If the timer runs out, you obviously fail the mission.
    This isn't
    too bad with the proper strategy. Here, using L1 + O Button is invaluable.
    On the large platforms there are shield carrying soldiers and armored soldiers
    with the heavy swords (leaves a trail of blue light). As soon as you start,
    make a bee-line for the shield carrying soldier and perform the L1 + O
    Button (remember to charge it at the peak of your double jump). This attack
    will break the shield of the soldier which makes him grab-able. As soon
    as the shield is gone, grab him and do a throw by hitting the X button.
    The L1 + O button combo will often knock a couple of the soldiers off the
    edge for you, and the grab and throw of the now-shieldless-soldier can knock
    others off as well. Not to mention the throw will kill that particular soldier
    and damage whatever it hits. The throw also takes out some of the Harpies which
    is a nice perk. Once you've got a big platform clear, jump to the smaller
    platforms where there are archers waiting for you. As soon as you are on the
    platform with them, grab and throw them (hit O button to grab and then hit Square
    button to throw them). The throw will kill them, and they often hit and kill
    the next archer in line. Jump to the next big platform and repeat the above
    listed strategy. There four big platforms in all. They are spaced apart in
    a square formation. The big platforms are in the "corners" of the square,
    and the smaller platforms that hold the archers join the corners together.
    Your path of travel should be forward to second big platform, then left to
    third big platform, then down to last big platform. Once you reach the last
    big platform, do NOT forget to check the two smaller platforms for the last 2
    archers. Usually, depending on how you handled the big platform, the archers
    are already dead from having thrown enemies form the big platform at them.
    Still, unless you see the message that you have succeeded, check those
    smaller platforms since they are off the screen and you can't see them to
    know if the archers are dead or not. If time is running out, use Army of
    Hades on the LAST platform. Using Army of Hades on the last big platform
    will make it light work and often take out those last two archers on the
    smaller platforms that are off screen.
    ----------------------------- Challenge 3 ---------------------------------
    >>> Break all vases before the time runs out.
    >>> No enemies here, just mass destruction of all those vases.
    >>> Very little time given, so speed is critical.
    The best way to do this is to
    use only the L1 + O Button combo, BUT perform it from the ground. Do NOT double
    jump before executing (wastes valuable time). So, as soon as you've got control
    of Kratos, hold L1 and also hold the O Button to charge the attack. The shockwave
    will break all the vases around you. IMMEDIATELY hit the right analog stick up
    and slightly left so that Kratos will quickly roll to the next group of vases and
    then repeat the L1 + O Button attack. Do this again and again till all the vases
    are gone. Takes a couple of tries, but it's not too terrible. Just try to be
    quick and fluid with your blending right analog rolls with immediate L1 + O Button
    ----------------------------- Challenge 4 ---------------------------------
    >>> Kill 4 Minotaurs but do NOT kill any of the Soldiers. >>> The soldiers here
    are the ones wearing golden armor and carrying the heavy swords (the swords that
    leave a trail of blue light). >>> There is NOT a time limit, so take your time if
    need be! The absolute BEST thing to do here is to run up to the Minotaur and get
    immediately get them airborne with a L1 + X attack. Kratos usually follows them
    into the air, but if he doesn't, simply hit X and he'll super jump up into the
    air with them. Once in the air with the Minotaur, hit O button to do a grab.
    This will cause Kratos to grab the Minotaur by a leg and slam it into the ground.
    HOWEVER, the Minotaur will bounce back up! So, IMMEDIATELY hit O Button again to
    repeat the ground slam. You'll get four back-to-back slams that kill the Minotaur
    instantly! Repeat this for each Minotaur and you're home free. Note: Army of Hades
    works well here since it only targets the Minotaurs and does not hit the soldiers.
    HOWEVER, don't waste it since the above strategy makes this challenge a cake walk.
    ----------------------------- Challenge 5 ---------------------------------
    >>> Shoot all of the Undead Soldiers with the Bow and Arrow machine.
    >>> Do not shoot the Human Soldiers, if you kill a Human Soldier, then you fail
    the challenge.
    >>> There is NOT a time limit, so take your time if need be! Super simple
    challenge. Watch the soldiers as they are walking around the platform. The
    "bad guys" are wear gold armor and are walking the outside perimeter of the
    platform in a clock-wise direction. The "good guys" are in silver armor and
    are walking in a clock-wise circle inside the path of the bad guys. Now, grab
    the bow and arrow with R2, but do NOT pull back on the stick yet. Instead,
    watch the bad guys on the outside perimeter. When you see them at the 2 O'clock
    position (there a red spot on the floor there), THEN begin pulling back on the
    bow and arrow. By the time it pulled back and Kratos finally kicks it, the bad
    guy will be right in front of you and will get nailed with the arrow. Simply
    repeat until all the bad guys are gone.
    ----------------------------- Challenge 6 ---------------------------------
    >>> Get to the center of the last platform before time runs out.
    There is a long line of smaller platforms moving back in forth from left
    to right. The line of platforms leads to a large platform. You goal is to
    get to the center of the big platform. THE CENTER! If you just jump to
    the platform you still have NOT succeeded. You must run all the way to
    the center of the final platform. There are archers on some of the
    smaller platforms that are shooting exploding arrows at you. And worse
    than that, there is a line several more archers on the final platform
    that are also shooting at you. The key to this is a bit of LUCK and good
    timing. You really do not have time to kill the archers, so the best thing
    to do is just flat out run for it. Time it right, and you'll past the archers
    before he can shoot you. Once you are past an archer, he no longer shoots at
    you since he is still facing the opposite direction! Start this off with a
    single jump to the first platform. The double jump to the 2nd platform as there
    is an archer on that one. The double jump usually gets you out of the way of
    his first shot. Once on the platform, do not pause but immediately go for
    the jump to the 3rd platform. It will be off to your right, and it will look
    out of reach but YOU CAN MAKE THE JUMP. Go for it, and Kratos will end up
    grabbing the edge of the 3rd platform. Pull yourself up, and immediately go
    for the next two platforms which are usually line up with one another and
    are reachable by the time you pull up from the 3rd platform. When you get
    to the last three platforms, it's a bit different. The 3rd from last platform
    has an archer that you'll probably need to kill. The last two platforms move
    a LOT faster than the others, so it's going to throw off your timing, and
    often you have to wait for the next platform to come back into range (these
    last three platforms have pause periods at the end of their sweeps). So,
    kill the last archer and get into a block (hold L1) position since you're
    probably going to be standing still for a few seconds waiting on the next
    platform to come into range - which means arrows from the archers are coming
    at you! Block the arrows, and double jump upwards if one sticks into the
    platform and is about to explode. These last three platforms are the worst,
    and it will take several attempts to get the timing right, but once you
    have made it to the last small platform, immediately jump to the big
    platform. You want to try and land to the right of the line of archers,
    and then simply run or double jump past/over them and make a dash for
    the center of the platform. It takes a bit of practice, but it can be
    done! Just don't bother killing any of the archers until you get to the
    last one on the small platforms. And you only kill him because you usually
    have to stand around on his platform waiting for the next one.
    ----------------------------- Challenge 7 ---------------------------------
    >>> Kill all of the enemies WITHOUT every getting hit by the enemy
    >>> You can BLOCK all you want, but do not take a damage hit.
    >>> There is a time limit, but it's a rather long time limit, and the following
    strategy will get you through WAY before time ever comes close to running out.
    This is actually pretty simple. As soon as the challenge starts, run to the
    center of the platform, double jump straight up into the air and charge up the
    L1 + O Button attack. The shockwave from this attack will knock most of the
    enemies off the platform! Repeat until they are all dead! It's really that
    simple. Occasionally, a soldier may make his way to you, an if so, you
    MIGHT have to block a sword strike, but usually all you have to do is
    repeatedly perform the double jump and fully charge L1 + O button attack.
    ----------------------------- Challenge 8 ---------------------------------
    >>> Kill every single enemy.
    >>> There is NOT a time limit, so don't worry about that.
    >>> You ARE allowed to take a hit.
    >>> You are NOT allowed ANY Magic.
    This challenge is simply mind blowing. They throw HUNDREDS
    of enemies at you. Wave after wave after wave of soldiers with heavy swords
    and Gorgons! The gorgons respawn in groups of four, and the soldiers, well
    there A LOT of them on screen at any one time. For this, you need to rely
    heavily on the Double Jump and then Fully Charge the L1 + O button attack.
    This is especially useful near the edges where you can knock the enemies
    over the railing. During the fight, the Gorgons will display the O Button
    mini-game death sequence as usual, but don't bother with them. There O
    Button sequence is slow, and the blue orbs they give up are a total
    waste since you aren't allowed any magic in this challenge. Now, when a
    Soldier displays the O Button death sequence icon, go ahead and do a grab
    and throw on him (hit the O button followed by hitting the Square button).
    The throw will kill him, and the chain swipe will hit everyone else around you.
    This is a LONG fight, and you will begin to think that something is wrong with
    the your PS2 and that it has somehow gotten stuck an infinite loop since the
    enemies just keep coming, and coming, and coming! However, rest assured,
    you will eventually get through it. Eventually, you will kill all of the
     soldiers and they will stop re-spawning. Form there, it's just you and the
    Gorgons. Once you get down to just the Gorgons, you know you're getting
    close. Also, there are only four Gorgons at a time, so it does get a little
    bit easier by the time you get here. During this challenge, the Gorgons will,
    as usual, try to turn you to stone, so you will have to evade like a mad man!
    If you get stoned, a lot of times a soldier will end up immediately hitting
    you which means instant death. So, evade like crazy! The BEST way to evade
    is to do the your right analog stick rolls on outer perimeter of this platform.
    Just roll around and around in a circle. The reason : the Gorgons will track
    you with their stone beam as you are rolling around which means a lot of the
    soldiers will get stoned as well! Once the soldiers are stoned, don't bother
    trying to hit them until AFTER the Gorgons have stopped trying to stone you.
    As soon as they stop, immediately do a double jump and fully charge the L1 + O
    Button attack. With a little luck, not only will you break a bunch of the
    stoned soldiers, but you'll also knock a few gorgons and non-stoned soldiers over
    the edge. So, for this challenge: 1. Rely heavily on the double jump to fully
    charged L! + O Button attack! 2. Evade like crazy once the Gorgons start trying
    to turn you to stone. 3. Do your evasion on the outer perimeter so that soldiers
    are more likely to get hit by the Gorgons' stone beam thereby turning them to
    stone. 4. Patience! There are A LOT of enemies to dispose of, more than you have
    ever seen in this game. More than can be easily counted. It's a truly
    ridiculous number of enemies that you have to defeat, so be prepared for the
    long haul.
    ----------------------------- Challenge 9 ---------------------------------
    >>> Kill Four Cyclops before the timer runs out
    >>> The timer is close to the amount needed, so you'll likely be finishing
    this challenge with just a few seconds to spare.
    >>> You ARE allowed magic. You will probably be tempted to use Rage of the God
    for this challenge. But do NOT use it. It DOES make this challenge super easy,
    but you REALLY need rage of the gods for the last challenge, so save it! Ok,
    there are going to be four cyclops that you have to kill. They only appear
    one at a time, and they always re-spawn in the same location which is roughly
    the 12 O'clock position on the platform. A really big snag to this challenge
    is that there are two Satyrs are also in the mix. You do NOT have to kill
    them (and you really don't have time to anyway), but they DO get on your
    nerves and in your way quite a bit. You're allowed magic in this challenge,
    and Poseidon's rage is the order of the day. The downside is, it's a Level 1
    Poseidon's rage, so you can NOT increase its attack by mashing the O Button -
    bummer. Save your magic for the later fights when you're running low on time.
    If possible, save all of your magic for the fourth (last) cyclops which makes
    him a cake walk. When fighting these guys, you will get the O Button death
    sequence icon after you have damaged them enough. However, it is a LONG 3-4
    button sequence, so it is often better to just try and kill them flat out with
    heavy Triangle attacks once you see the O Button icon (3 triangles in a row is
    good). If you have trouble killing them flat out, then go ahead and do the O
    Button sequence. Try both way, and keep an eye on your time! Dodge their attacks
    by quickly pulling to the right or left of them, and you should be fine. The
    Satyrs are annoying, but aren't too terrible. Just don't bother fighting them.
    Instead, concentrate only on the Cyclops. If you evade the Cyclops' attacks by
    rolling to the right or left, you'll usually end up losing the Satyrs anyway.
    ----------------------------- Challenge 10 --------------------------------
    >>> Kill enough enemies to make the platform rise to the top platform.
    >>> There is no time limit. >>> I sincerely hope you saved Rage of the Gods
    for this!
    >>> NO MAGIC allowed (except for Rage of the Gods) This is one rough fight!
    As expected, it is the hardest of the 10 challenges! The object here is to
    kill enough of the enemy (and they re-spawn forever) to make the platform rise
    high enough for you to jump over to the top platform. That is, the fight will start
    with you on your own platform facing a second platform on which the enemy is located.
    Jump to the enemy platform and start the massacre. With each enemy you kill, the
    platform rises a little bit. There is a thirds platform located much higher above you,
    so you must make the enemy platform rise high enough for you to reach the third and
    final platform. If you fall off the edge, you die and have to restart. If you jump
    back to your own platform, the enemy platform will RESET ITSELF to the bottom
    position meaning you have to restart. Your enemies are TWO Satyrs, and THREE
    Cerebus Pups (the fireball kind!). It is VERY EASY to get knocked off of this
    platform. The Pups do NOT grow up into adult cerebus. The Satyrs seem MUCH
    meaner than they have ever been before. It's VERY hard to knock one off the
    platform, and they block A LOT - not to mention they pile on their own combo
    attacks as well. Their grab and slam move where they hook you with their lance
    and throw you can send you right off the edge to instant death, so beware!
    During this fight, never bother trying to grab a Satyr as you WILL get hit by
    the other one or by a Cerebus Pup. Grabbing a Cerebus Pup is ok, but not
    recommended. Try to stay IN THE CENTER as much as possible. Once you are close
    to the edge, a hit from a Cerebus Pup or a Satyr throw or lunge attack can
    knock right off the platform. Occasionally, Kratos will grab the edge and be
    able to pull himself back up, but more often than not, he gets knocked to far
    out to grab the edge and will fall to his doom. In this challenge, you are
    going to die quite a bit. A LOT in fact. So, be prepared for that. It is so
    easy to fall off the platform, or be knocked off, or be THROWN off by the
    Satyrs, that death is quite frequent. So, use each retry as experience and a
    chance to learn your enemy. The L1 + O Button attack is OK here, but the
    pause at the end of it is likely to get you hit. The attack does knock the
    pups off the ledge rather nicely, but it does little more than anger the
    Satyrs! The combo of the day for this fight is Square, (hold) Square.
    a Square, Square, (hold)Square combo works nicely. The key to these combos
    is the chain swipe at the end that can knock the enemy, even the Satyrs if
    they aren't blocking, over the edge. You can try starting this fight by
    double jumping from your platform and doing the charged L1 + O Button as you
    are leaping to the other platform. This will clear the Cerebus Pups and
    let you concentrate on the Satyrs. However, the pause at the end of the
    attack will usually get you hit repeatedly! Often you're hit hard enough
    or often enough to push you over the edge. Still, if this opening move works,
    it's a good start. The core of the fight will be your Square, (hold) Square
    combo. As you execute this combo, make sure you are constantly changing
    directions so that you hit every enemy on screen. This slows down and even
    stops the Cerebus pups from attacking you. Once the chain swipe at the end
    of this combo comes up, turn quickly to make sure you are facing a Satyr
    since the chain swipe will likely knock him over the edge. If you're lucky,
    you'll get both of them with the chain swipe - nice! A good rhythm, good
    timing, and some luck are required for this fight. The Key is to rely on the
    Square, (hold) Square combo and change directions frequently. If you're lucky,
    you'll get into a rhythm where the chain swipe is coming right as the
    Satyrs are re-spawning and will hopefully take them out along with the
    Cerebus pups as well. It IS possible to knock all five enemies over the edge
    with this chain swipe! It doesn't happen often since the Satyrs block so much,
    but it IS possible! One thing to really look out for is that the Satyrs and
    Pups attack frequently which means they will INTERRUPT YOUR COMBO if/when they
    hit you which is quite annoying.
    Now, you'll want to try this several times to find
    your rhythm with the Square, (hold)Square combo. Once you've got it down and are
    30 seconds or so into a good fight (good meaning you're doing well and knocking
    Several Satyrs over the edge), THEN trigger Rage of the Gods. Rage of the Gods
    does major damage to everyone in your path, but it doesn't last very long! So,
    save it until you've gotten a good rhythm going and are 20 - 30 seconds into a
    fight that you are doing well in. Once the platform is high enough, make a break
    for it and jump to the final platform. The game will not stop re-spawning
    enemies, and it will not tell you when you are high enough. You are left on your
    own to figure this out. You CAN make the jump before your platform is completely
    level with the final one. BE CAREFUL, but it can be done. Once your platform is
    high enough so that the final platform is about waist high on Kratos, go for
    the jump - and a double jump at that! Unlike the previous challenges, Health can
    become a serious issue in this challenge. The Cerebus Pups attack frequently,
    as do the Satyrs, and toward the end of this challenge, your health bar is likely
    to be in the red. So, keep an eye on your health and that final platform, and
    make the jump into safety ASAP. In a nutshell, for this challenge: 1. Rely
    heavily on the Square, (hold)Square combo 2. Change directions often when
    executing the combo 3. Save Rage of the Gods until you've made it to about 20
    seconds into the fight 4. Stay as close to the center of the platform as
    possible 5. Keep an eye on your health bar 6. Make your jump to the final
    platform ASAP. When the final platform is about waist high to Kratos, go
    for it.
    12. In-game Movies
    Very good, watch them over again if you wish, I certainly did.
    13. A Secret Revealed
    Well, I havn't unlocked yet, gatta beat God Mode, not going to try. But you're
    welcome to tell me about the treasure
    14. Fate of the Titan
    Learn about Kronos and what has become of him, beat God Mode to unlock, good
    15. Additional Costumes
    I will try and unlock this one day, need to beat the Challenge of the Gods.
    Update! Chris has gone through the trouble of writing out a quick guide for
    Tip from Chris: Costume Guide!
    This is the standard look of Kratos; the one you've been playing all this
    >> Appearance - Kratos is dressed in a long sleeved, full length, white
    Chef's coat complete with a tall white Chefs hat. The coat is splattered
    with blood. His pants and shoes are black.
    >> Blades of Chaos - The Blades have been replaced with large frying pans
    with wooden handles.
    >> Attributes - With this costume, blue orbs fill up much more of you magic
    bar. Just one Gorgon mini-game can completely fill your standard magic
    bar. Blue orbs are dropped more often by other enemies as well.
    Kratos' Health/Defense (amount of damage received from an enemy hit)
    is about the same as the original costume. The attack power of the Blades,
    uh, Frying Pans, is about the same as well.
    >> Notes - Interesting costume. The preferred skill of magic is hardly
    noticeable. While it is nice to get a full magic bar from only an orb or
    two, it doesn't change the game play much. Well, other than Kratos is now a
    blood splattered Chef with flaming frying pans!
    >> Appearance - Kratos is shirtless and is very TAN! He's wearing long
    (past the knees) purple shorts trimmed in white and blue. He's also
    wearing a Scuba mask and snorkel along with open top sandals on his feet.
    He's got cream colored wrappings on his forearms (where the chains used to
    be) and a black tattoo circling his right bicep.
    >> Blades of Chaos - At Level 1, the Blades have been replaced with large
    scuba fins (the fins that scuba divers wear on their feet). The flames on
    the scuba fins are now yellow which is odd.
    At Level 2, the fins get replaced with two large fish. Here, the flames go
    back to being red. Seeing Kratos shove a fish into a Minotaur's mouth during
    the Minotaur mini-game is actually kind of cool.
    >> Attributes - With this costume, green orbs fill up much more of your
    health bar. Just one kill of an "innocent" town's person or by-stander
    can completely fill your Health bar. Green orbs are dropped more often as
    Health/Defense is much better, and Kratos receives less damage from enemy
    attacks. HOWEVER, the downside is that Kratos deals less damage, so his
    attack power has been reduced.
    >> Notes - Neat costume. It strongly contradicts the "Ghost of Sparta"
    theme since Kratos is no longer ash white but is instead very tan.
    The stronger Health/Defense aspect makes life a bit easier, but the
    fact that he deals less damage can really prolong even the simplest of
    >> Appearance - Kratos is wearing a blue business suit complete with a long
    sleeved blue coat, blue trousers, black shoes, a white shirt, and a
    red/pink tie.
    >> Blades of Chaos - The Blades have been replaced with two very large
    silver briefcases. He holds them by the handles and when he puts them on
    his back, they look like large wings. Strange.
    >> Attributes - With this costume, you get a LOT more red orbs for
    everything that you do. Tons of red orbs! For example, the "interaction"
    with the women on the ship in the Aegean Sea now yields 1,400 orbs instead
    of the usual 400 orbs. Breaking a potted plant gives you 4 orbs instead of
    the usual 1, etc.
    With so many orbs available, you can power up your
    Blades, uh, Briefcases, incredibly fast:
    - Level 2 Blades available shortly after FIRST mini-Hydra fight
    - Level 3 Blades available after killing 1 of the baby Hydras during the
    Hydra Boss Fight.
    - Level 4 Blades available after killing Medusa but before the Minotaurs.
    - Level 5 Blades available on Road to Athens just before fighting Cyclops
    in Athens Courtyard (can get the final few orbs needed on the stairs leading
    up to the courtyard).
    A BIG downside to this is that Kratos' Health/Defense is horrible! He takes
    way more damage than usual. So much so that it almost feels like you're
    playing on God Mode. The Hydra Boss can kill you in two hits!
    >> Notes - Odd little costume. The Briefcases are HUGE and just look odd.
    When Kratos puts them on his back, he looks like some kind of winged banker
    They should have just given him a couple of day planners instead of these
    large briefcases.
    Being able to power up your Blades (Briefcases) so quickly is a very nice
    bonus. Having upgraded Blades so early in the game allows you to kill a
    lot of the weaker enemies in one hit, and big ones like the Cyclops go down
    in only 3-4 hits. However, having such poor Health/Defense is horrible.
    >> Appearance - Kratos is wearing a Holstein Cow Costume (black and white
    milk cow) complete with four udders, a tail, and a big cow head (you can
    see Kratos' face in the neck of the Cow Suit).
    >> Blades of Chaos - The Blades of Chaos have been replaced with white and
    red one Gallon milk jugs (white jug with red top and red label - classic
    milk jug).
    >> Attributes - INFINITE MAGIC. That's right, your magic bar NEVER drops,
    never depletes, but is always completely full. All magic spells are now
    free. Cast as much as you want!
    As for his Health/Defense attributes, you won't even notice! With unlimited
    magic available, you should NEVER take a hit. Just cast spell after spell
    until everything on screen is dead.
    >> Notes - This is a bizarre costume! It's strange seeing big bad Kratos in
    a Cow Suit. He looks like some kind of mascot for the dairy foundation.
    However, the unlimited magic is awesome. It makes the game ridiculously
    easy since you can cast spell after spell until everything is dead. Your
    magic interrupts enemy attacks (except for some of the Boss Enemies), so
    there's no reason to even take a hit. If you need some stress relief and
    want to go back through and give those enemies the spanking of the century,
    the unlimited magic that comes with this costume is for you - if you can
    handle seeing Kratos dressed in a cow suit that is.
    -This would be the costume of choice for anyone that wanted to go back
    through the game to check on things they missed.
    >> Appearance - Kratos is dressed in the Armor that Ares wears in the game.
    >> Blades of Chaos - The Blades look pretty much the same.
    >> Attributes - With this costume, you get super high defense properties
    and the strength of your Blades of Chaos have been increased. With such
    high defense (Armor), even the strongest hits you take from an enemy barely
    cause your health bar to drop. The defense is so strong, you're nearly
    invincible. You can still be turned to stone by the gorgons, but regular
    physical attacks barely even scratch you. The Blades of Chaos are much
    stronger now, and at Level 5, they can kill most enemies in only a few hits.
    >> Notes - This is actually a pretty cool costume. It looks pretty good, and
    the Blades of Chaos remain the same, so this costume still feels like the
    original game. It's actually a fitting costume when you think about it.
    After you've beat the game, you learn that Kratos becomes the new God of War,
    so this costumes gives him the Armor to go with the Title.
    -This is another good costume for those that wish to go back through the
    game to check on things they may have missed. You have to fight hand to
    hand more than you do with the Dairy Bastard, but the high health and super
    strong Blades of Chaos make you nearly unstoppable. In crowded hallways,
    Kratos is a virtual lawnmower, so level up those Blades ASAP since they
    are far stronger than any of your magic.
    16. Secret Message 1
    Not unlocked yet, beat God Mode
    17. Secret Message 2
    Whoops, made a error. You have to destroy the two statues in the throne at the
    end of the game to get this message.
    ==========5==========Credits and Copyright
    (C) Toni Mobley
    I made the guide, if you want to used a section of it for a tip or something,
    mail me!
    Credit to GameSpot.com
    I took a few names from their guide for God of War (I used their table of
    contents to help mine, I cant remember all these locations you know!)
    Credit to GameFAQS.com
    My guide should hopefully be accepted by them. (C) to them because my guide will
    be on their website, right?
    Credit to Microsoft WordPad
    I used the program to write this guide, right?
    (C) God of War
    I am making a guide of the game, right?
    These websites have my permission to use my guide, if you see my guide somewhere
    else I will stone them with boulders!
    There are probably more, but I have so many emails with "Omg!! U made a
    eror!!!11!!" that I must really look now..

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