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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Shotgunnova

    Updated: 06/17/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     }¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\                    /  /¯¯¯¯¯¯\  \ |¯¯¯¯/      \¯¯¯¯|
    |  /¯¯¯¯¯¯\/ __/\__  _____     /  /        \  \ ¯\ (        ) /¯       _____
    | |     ___ |  __  ||  __ \   /  /_____ ____\  \  \ \  /\  / / /¯¯\   |  _  \
    | |     \  || (  ) || (  \ \ /  /|  _  |  __|\  \  \ \/  \/ / / /\ \  | | } /
    |  \_____| || (__) || (__/ /(  ( | {_} |    | )  )  \  /\  / /  ¯¯  \ |  ¯  \
     )_______  ||__  __||_____/  \  \|_____|_|¯¯ /  /    \/  \/ { (¯¯¯¯)_\|_|¯¯) )
             \ |   \/             \  \          /  /             \/           / /
              )|                 _ \  \__    __/  / _                        / /
              \|                | \ \__  |  |  __/ / | Spoiler-free          \/
     CONTACT:                   |  \___| |  | |___/  | FAQ & Walkthrough
     shotgunnova(@)gmail(.)c0m  |________|  |________| by Shotgunnova (P. Summers)
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ INDEX ¯
       I. CONTROLS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CNTR
      II. TH' BASICS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THBS
          General Info ..................................................... GNRL
          Chests ........................................................... CHST
          Menu Overview .................................................... MNVV
     III. WALKTHROUGH  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WLKT
          01) The Aegean Sea ............................................... WK01
          02) Gates of Athens .............................................. WK02
          03) Road to Athens ............................................... WK03
          04) Athens Town Square ........................................... WK04
          05) Rooftops of Athens ........................................... WK05
          06) Temple of the Oracle ......................................... WK06
          07) The Sewers of Athens ......................................... WK07
          08) Desert of Lost Souls ......................................... WK08
          09) Pandora's Temple / Rings of Pandora .......................... WK09
          10) Cliffs of Madness ............................................ WK10
          11) The Architect's Tomb ......................................... WK11
          12) Path of Hades ................................................ WK12
          13) Temple of the Oracle ......................................... WK13
      IV. APPENDICES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . APPN
          Gorgon Eyes ...................................................... GRGN
          Phoenix Feathers ................................................. PHNX
          Enemy List ....................................................... ENMY
          Weapon/Magic ..................................................... WPNG
          Unlockables ...................................................... LCKB
       V. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTIONS  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . UPDT
      VI. LEGALITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LGLT
    I. CONTROLS                                                              [CNTR]
                         ____          |  |          ____
        L2 BUTTON -->   /____/\        |  |        /\____\   <-- R2 BUTTON
        L1 BUTTON -->  /____/\ \_______|  |_______/ /\____\  <-- R1 BUTTON
                      /  _    \________|__|________/    _  \
                     / _| |_                         _ /_\ _\  <-- TRIANGLE BUTTON
    DIRECTIONAL --> | |_   _|   [SELECT]   [START]  [_]   (_)| <-- CIRCLE BUTTON
        PAD         |   |_|          [ANALOG]          (X)   | <-- X BUTTON
                    /            ____        ____            \
                   /            /    \  __  /    \            \
                   \         /\ \____/ /  \ \____/ /\         /
                    \       /  \______/    \______/  \       /
                     \_____/ LEFT ANALOG  RIGHT ANALOG\_____/
                                (L3)          (R3)
     | NORMAL CONTROLS                                                           |
     | D-Pad     | Select magic (if applicable)                                  |
     | Start     | Toggle menu screens                                           |
     | Select    | Toggle pause & options menu                                   |
     | Circle    | Grab enemy (works in air also)                                |
     | Square    | Normal attack (ground), Lateral attack (air)                  |
     | Triangle  | Heavy attack (ground), Vert attack (air), Launch enemy (hold) |
     | X Button  | Select items (menu), Double/jump (ground)                     |
     | L1 Button | Block (may parry if done at moment of contact), Scroll menus  |
     | L2 Button | Use selected item or magic                                    |
     | R1 Button | Scroll menus / Hercules Stomp (air)                           |
     | R2 Button | Interact with prompts / Kick objects (hold and press X)       |
     | L3 + R3   | Use Rage of the Gods ability (if applicable)                  |
    | WEAPON CONTROLS                                             BLADES OF CHAOS |
    | Icarus Lift            | X X                                    Double jump |
    | Ascension              | Hold Triangle              Launches enemies upward |
    | Orion's Harpoon        | Tap O             Launch enemy and slams back down |
    | Hades Reverse          | Hades Reverse         Can parry close-range attack |
    | Plume of Prometheus    | [] [] Triangle    Powerful all-around damage combo |
    | Apollo's Ascension     | L1 + X               Launch enemies/Kratos upwards |
    | Apollo's Offensive [A] | L1 + X                    Multi-hit slam downwards |
    | Hermes Rush            | R1                              Barrel into enemy! |
    | Hermes Storm [A]       | R1                             Air-to-ground stomp |
    | Cyclone of Chaos       | L1 + []                     360-degree spin attack |
    | Cyclone of Chaos [A]   | L1 + []                 360-degree air spin attack |
    | Spirit of Hercules     | /\ + /\ + /\               Powerful but slow combo |
    | Valor of Hercules      | /\ + /\ + []          Powerful but slow combo also |
    | Hades Revenge          | [] or /\ or R1     Allows parry with Hades Reverse |
    | Rising Helios          | L1 + /\             Heavy-damage multi-flip attack |
    | Falling Helios [A]     | L1 + /\             Heavy-damage multi-flip attack |
    | Hermes Fury            | R1 + R1 + R1            Quick triple-dash stabbin' |
    | Achilles Flip          | R. Analog + X    Evade, then juggle nearby enemies |
    | Lance of the Furies    | L1 + O              Explosive attack around Kratos |
    | Lance of the Furies [A]| L1 + O           Explosive attack on enemies below |
    | Might of Hercules      | [], Hold []          Powerful sword-swinging combo |
    | WEAPON CONTROLS                                            BLADE OF ARTEMIS |
    | Sword Summon           | L1 + R1                    Kratos brings out blade |
    | Sword Summon [A]       | L1 + R1                    Kratos brings out blade |
    | Sword Sheath           | Hold L1 + R1                 Kratos sheathes blade |
    | Wrath of Artemis       | L1 + X                       Spinning sword slicer |
    | Revenge of Artemis     | L1 + []             Slow but powerful multi-hitter |
    | Ascension of Artemis   | Hold L1 & /\      Launch enemies & Kratos skyborne |
    | Retribution of Artemis | Hold L1 + O      Most powerful/slow of all attacks |
    | WEAPON CONTROLS                                           BLADE OF THE GODS |
    | Zeus' Gift             | L1 + X                             Spinning attack |
    | Poseidon's Gift        | L1 + []                            Spinning attack |
    | Athena's Gift          | L1 + /\                2-hit thrust-n'-jump attack |
    | Hades' Gift            | L1 + O         Very slow, very powerful one-hitter |
    II. TH' BASICS                                                           [THBS]
    GENERAL INFO                 [GNRL]
     PLAYERS : 1
     # DISCS : 1
     MEM CARD: 453kb [PS2]
     RELEASED: 03/22/05 [US]
             : 07/08/05 [EU]
             : 11/17/05 [JP]
    CHESTS                       [CHST]
     For game with as many platforming aspects as this, chests hold just about
     everything. There are many types found in all nooks and crannies. Here are
     the types:
      __________________ ________________________________________________________
     | TYPE             | CONTENTS...                                            |
     | Red              | Orbs that can powerfup Kratos' abilities/magic         |
     | Blue             | Orbs that refill Kratos' magic supply                  |
     | Green            | Orbs that refill Kratos' health supply                 |
     | Nondescript Gray | Holds orbs, Phoenix Feathers, or Gorgon Eyes           |
     | Red & Green      | Orbs that refill either Kratos' health or magic. The   |
     |                  | player can only choose one.                            |
    MENU OVERVIEW                [MNVV]
    |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| IN-BATTLE SCREEN
    | [1]                             |
    | [2]                             | 1: Current health, magic, and orb amount
    |                                 | 2: Current magic selected:
    |                                 |
    |          ACTION GOES            |    - Skull  : Army of Hades
    |              HERE           [4] |    - Thunder: Zeus' Fury
    |                                 |    - Head   : Medusa's Gaze
    |                             [3] |    - 3 Bolts: Poseidon's Rage
    |                                 |
    |                                 | 3: Rage of the Gods meter
    |_________________________________| 4: Current # of combo hits + extra orbs
    |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| ABILITY SCREEN
    |                          [3]    |
    |                                 | 1: Current # of orbs 
    |                          [4]    | 2: Selected ability from current ones
    |                                 | 3: Switch menus with L1/R1
    |                          [5]    | 4: Current weapon.
    | [1]                             | 5: List of which abilities/upgrades are
    |                                 |    gained at next level-up, as well as
    |                                 |    the orb total needed to reach the
    |                [2]              |    goal.
    |                          [6]    | 
    |_________________________________| 6: Power-up current selected ability w/ X
    01) AEGEAN SEA                                                           [WK01]
                     Captain's  |¯|_             |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
                      Quarters  |_  |            | R: Red Orb Chest    |
                                  | |            | H: Health Refill    |
                                __|¯|_           | B: Blue Orb Chest   |
                               |      |    _     | S: Savepoint        |
                               |  ____|===|R|    | G: Gorgon Eye Chest |
                              /|____  |    ¯     |_____________________|
                       Rope  / | H    |
                          \ /  |      |      ____
                           /   |      |     /_R _/
                   ___    /    |      |      / /
                  /   \  /     | |____|_____/ /                      |¯|¯¯¯¯¯|
                 |     |/      |  H   ______ (                       |       |
                 |G| |R|      / \S   /      \ \                   ___| |     |
                 |¯| |¯|     /   \__/        \ \__ ____________  |R _  |HYDRA|
                 |G| |H|    /                 )   |R           |_| | |_|_   _|
                 |H| |B|   /                 /    |--  HYDRA    ___|    _| |_
                 | |_ S|  / \                \    |R           |       |  ___|
                 |   |_| /  Rope              \    ¯¯¯¯  |¯¯¯¯¯        | |___
                 |     |/                      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯              |___  |
                 |HYDRA|                                                ___| |
                  \___/                                                | H   |
                                                                       |___  |
                                                                        ___| |
                                                                        \   /
    SHIP #1                                                              \_/
     Immediately upon starting the level, undead legionnaire enemies will crawl
     out of the ocean and start attacking. Kratos only starts with Lv1 Blades of
     Chaos, but can still wreak enough havoc to destroy them. Current abilities:
     • Icarus Lift [X, X]
     • Ascension [Hold Triangle]
     • Orion's Harpoon [Tap O]
     • Hades Reverse [Tap L1]
     • Plume of Prometheus [Square, Square, Triangle]
     Remember that falling off the boat kills the hero, so keep above sea level!
     Once the 2-3 waves of enemies are minced, move to the shimmering deck hatch
     and tap R2 a few times to grab hold and lift it. Down below, there's a health
     chest amidst some breakable barrels. Continue down the corridor until a Hydra
     rears its ugly mug. Although this is technically a 'boss', it's set into a
     pattern: slowly pull head back, recoil towards Kratos with gnashing teeth,
     repeat. Stay out of range and when it lunges, slap it around with the Blades
     o' Chaos. Its lifebar at the bottom of the screen depicts its current health
     status. Since it drops healing orbs when repeatedly attacked, don't be
     afraid to get in there and slice it up! At two-thirds health, a button-press
     minigame will initiate (Ex: O -> Triangle -> Triangle -> Triangle) to make
     the serpent retreat.
     Ahead, Kratos will have to walk some rafters to get across a flooded portion
     of the hull. It's mostly easy as long as the player goes slow, but repeatedly
     tap X-button if he should fall. Across the way is some barrels and a yelling
     prisoner in the adjacent passage. Leave his stanky hide and find the nearby
     stairway with a red chest. Beyond, clear the debris from the doorway to
    SHIP #2
     Yeah! Another ship with mutants and freaks! This time, harpies fly around and
     cause some chaos. The rowers and "generic" people running around can be slain
     to replenish health. After clearing enough, the Hydra will appear once more
     for a beating. It's got a bigger repertoire of attacks this time: lunging its
     head at Kratos, sucking in water, and bashing its head around the deck in an
     attempt to smush our Greek guy. The slippery fiend can also snap Kratos up in
     the air and attempt to devour him, although mashing the displayed button (O)
     will counter it and allow Kratos to get in some potshots. As before, the boss
     drops healin' orbs and going buck wild on its face is recommended. The fight
     ends when its health bar is fully depleted -- it escapes! Before jumping in
     its hole, lift the two metal doors on deck for some extra orbs.
     In the hydra hole, swim into the waterlogged passage and find some netting to
     climb, leading to the far end of the ship. Some legionnaires need a spanking,
     so do it right! A toppled mast will serve as the tightrope Kratos must walk
     to the next ship. At the intersection, the "right" way leads to red orbs and
     the "left" way leads to the next ship in the fleet.
    SHIP #3
     Approach a nearby sailor to learn the situation -- some undead archers have
     pinned the crew down and they can't escape! The nearby save (yellow light)
     can be initiated with the R2 button. Jump down to the topdeck and locate a
     smaller crate on the "lee" side of the arrows. Kratos can move this with R2
     and kick it by holding R2, pressing X-button and releasing it. How far it's
     kicked depends on the time it's held down. Since it takes only a few arrows
     to destroy the crate (it respawns in place it was first located), this trek
     can be annoying. Move it down toward the archers' location, using the larger
     crates to block the projectiles, and finally place the crate below the enemy
     position. [Remember that the right analog stick is used for evasion!] Double-
     -jump off it to find some rigging to climb on, and turn 'em into hamburger.
     Heal up with the chest nearby and enter the passage that leads further on. A
     locked door to the captain's room can be avoided for now; instead, take the
     ladder that leads up to one of the few masts still erect. Climb the netting
     as high as it will go (jump for faster ascent), kill some legionnaires, and
     find a beam leading off-camera. Kratos can walk on this to find a hidden red
     orb chest! Back at the mast's summit, find the rope moored to another ship
     and ride the ancient zipline straight over!
    SHIP #4
     A red-orb chest and gorgon eye (!) are hidden behind some debris, while the
     middle path leads to a brief dialogue with Poseidon, God of the Sea! He'll
     give the "Poseidon's Rage" ability which can be selected by pressing right
     on the d-pad and then L2 for activation. Blue chests that refill magic will
     now appear throughout the game! Follow the passage behind Posedion's face to
     reach the rainy outdoors again. Save, heal up and find the level boss in all
     its sharp-toothed glory!
     The blue 'baby hydras' are only named that due to size comparison; they're
     still much bigger than Kratos. Pick one and start attacking it. It won't
     give out any health upgrades upon damage this time. When it's "defeated",
     move Kratos up to the stack of boxes and jump onto the hanging anchor to
     drive it into its neck and pin it to the deck, upon which time it spills all
     the orbs/health goodies! Repeat this strategy for the second hydra also --
     remember to jump over its all-around neck attack and block its face lunge if
     possible (use Poseidon's Rage if needed).
     With its two 'kids' defeated, the big green sea snake needs to get served.
     Climb up the central mast and start digging in when its at close-range. It'll
     eventually bite the mast platform, so jump out of the way, beat and repeat.
     When it unleashes its fearsome roar, stay grounded and block to avoid being
     swept off. As its health depletes, it will chomp the crow's-nest in two other
     spots (not back), so keep an eye out for the tell: swinging head backwards.
     If Kratos has any magic left (the boss gives scant refills), Poseidon's Rage
     should be used when it's bitten the crow's nest.
     Eventually, after a huge beating, it will collapse its head onto the platform
     and Kratos can do a button-press minigame (ex: O, tap O) to smash it around;
     this refills his magic, too. Repeat this thrice and on the fourth time, our
     hero can do a last combo (ex: O, O, O) to impale the beast on the broken
     The captain who was "eaten" will be yelling for help at this time. Run into
     the boss' esophagus and talk with the captain to get the [Key of the Captain]
     for the 3rd ship. The camera will automatically draw attention to an escape
     route accessible by one of the crate stacks nearby. Use the moored rope again
     as a zipline to...
    SHIP #3
     Use the savepoint and follow the route back to the captain's quarters. There
     are a few more legionnaire archer spawns but nothing too serious. Unlock the
     door with R2 and see the scenes to end the level.
    02) GATE OF ATHENS                                                       [WK02]
                                   _____  ___
                                  |_ P _||1  |
                           _       _| |_  ¯| |          _
                          |R|_____|   SH|__| |___ _____|H|___|¯|
                   |¯¯¯¯¯¯R         GUN          |_____ 2 _   H|
                   | |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|_   _|¯|¯  ¯¯¯|_|E| |_| | |R|
                   | |              | |   |____|_  |X|_____| |¯
                   |  ¯¯¯¯¯¯|      _| |_   _ ____| |I _______|
                   |        |     |_____| |1|H     |T|
                   | Medusa |      _ _____|G|¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯   ___
                   |  ______|     |R|      ¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|H  )
                   | |            |___ __                 /
                   | |         _______|RR|             |_/
                   | |________|  ___C  ¯¯              |_
                   |        R   |_  |_____   ________   _|-.
                   |             B|       | ____  |  |_|2| |
                   |R            G|       |   | |H|____| | |             
                   |____________|¯        |    ¯ ¯       | '---------|¯¯¯|
                                           ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯            |_  |
                                             .---|¯|                _|   |
                                             |   |H|               |  ___|
                                             |   | |_______________| |
                                             |   |___________________|
                                             |    _   _______________
                                             '---| | |      _______ P|
           |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|               | |_|     |       |H|
           | R: Red Orb Chest    |              _|  _______|_______|¯|
           | H: Health Refill    |             |_        __________  |
           | S: Savepoint        |               |______|        | | |
           | G: Gorgon Eye       |                              _| | |
           | P: Phoenix Feather  |                          _|¯|     |
           | #: Connected Paths  |                         |BG_|¯¯¯¯¯
           | C: Combo Orb Chest  |                         | |_____
           |_____________________|                         | |START|
                                                           | |¯| |¯
                                                           | |_| |
     After leaving his voluptuous vixens, find the blue/green orbs near the ship
     exit (his health/magic didn't recover apparently). Along the docks, continue
     until our protagonist can jump through a wall hole and swim to a corridor --
     it has the first Phoenix Feather and a health powerup. Leaving is possible
     by climbing some crates and backtracking to the wall hole again; this time,
     clear the gap and use the antique elevator to get upwards.
     On the scaffolding above, watch some minotaurs murder a few soldiers and take
     'em on yourself. Their powerful lit-up blade can be blocked, but they pack a
     huge punch. Use Ascension to get them airborne and take some potshots as they
     fall. Kill them with the O-button minigame to get more red orbs, too. Use the
     next elevator to get to...
     Upon arriving, another soldier cutscene and...a gigantic Cyclops comes into
     play. When they attempt to shoot the retractable mace-hand weapon, evade it
     by rolling directly away from it (not laterally) to avoid some damage, 'cause
     it can't be blocked. The trick to beating them is using magic or doing a 
     button-input combo when they're weakened, such as: X [] /\ []. Unfortunately,
     two more appear when the first one's dead. The good news is after killing the
     2nd of 3, Kratos can probably level-up his Blades of Chaos at long last --
     the game will bring this to the player's attention, too. Use Rage of the Gods
     to kill these overgrown trolls quickly, also.
     When the enemies are toast, search the area for a red & green orb chest, plus
     one near the exit that has two types ('combo'). Continue down the hall to a
     room with lots of pillars. Two stand on breakable crates and one conceals the
     exit. The lowest one in the corner leads to the middle; at this point, jump
     to the one near the wall to find another Gorgon Eye/magic chest half-hidden
     out of sight. Find the red-orb chest on top of a pillar, climb the ladder and
     walk carefully to the next pillar, and reach the exit from there. Whew! There
     is another red-orb chest on top of the highest pillar, also. Through the next
     MINIBOSS: Medusa
     Aphrodite pits Kratos against this reptilian skank who has the power to make
     Kratos turn to stone. When she shoots her petrification beam, roll out of
     the way constantly to avoid being frozen. If she does freeze the Spartan,
     wiggle the left analog to break out because one hit in that state will send
     Kratos splintering like a piece of plywood. Apollo's Offensive (L1 + X) will
     be a great tool for juggling the enemy, and it's no different for Medusa --
     get her airborne and flay her! If you can get her against a wall and move
     underneath her, the game won't let her drop immediately and more potshots're
     available. Eventually, the button-press minigame will let Kratos decapitate
     her by twisting the left analog in the direction (2-input).
     Killing her gains the "Medusa's Gaze" ability which turns enemies to stone.
     Wield this against the 7-8 minotaurs who appear to defeat them with ease. In
     the passage beyond, kill some legionnaires and climb the ladder. See the
     rafter the corpse is hanging on? Kratos can jump to that (with some difficulty
     I might add) and get a red-orb chest on top of an arch. If y'do this, there's
     an alcove with another similar chest ripe for the pickin'.
     Up the ladder is a arrow-firing ballista. From its initial position, fire it
     and reveal two red chests down the way (can't be gotten yet). Flip the thing
     180 degrees and fire to reveal a Phoenix Feather chest also. When that's all
     done, fire a projectile at the wooden door to blow it apart. At the junction,
     the offshoot path leads down to a Gorgon Eye!
     At the junction back upstairs, climb the ladder to another balcony where
     some legionnaires are waiting for Kratos. Pick 'em apart first, then jump off
     the balcony and try to catch the red-tiled roof in the left of the screen. If
     all goes well, Kratos can climb up and double-jump down to the two red chests
     that were revealed by the ballista. When they're reaped, return to the last
     balcony and start climbing the wall (jump across with X on fringe) until it
     drops Kratos off on the fortress' upper architecture. Move behind a statue of
     Zeus and keep tapping R2 to knock it over -- this gives access to the wall in
     the southern reach of the fortress, down near where the cyclopses used to be.
     Get the health chest nearby and drop down to it.
     Upon jumping on the statue's head and climbing, two gorgons will appear to
     pester Kratos. The best way to take care of them currently is linking Apollo's
     Ascension with Apollo's Offensive (both are hold L1 + X), giving repeat hits
     without fear of petrification. Naturally, roll out of their beams' way if they
     should find an opening to use them. Wrenching their heads off with the input
     minigame always gives magic orbs, too!
     Up the nearest ladder, petrify/kill the two minotaurs and do the same to the
     3rd one that appears with a gorgon. Petrifying doesn't work on gorgons, of
     course, so play smart. When they're buried, break the two pillars against the
     wall to get access higher up -- legionnaires are the welcoming party. Fire
     the ballista when it's clear to do so and a rope will fix in the house across
     the courtyard. 
     When doing hand-over-hand across, pesky legionnaires will do a pincer attack.
     Square, Triangle, and Circle will be the attacks, which unlike ground strikes,
     are slow and lame. The best way to get rid of the jokers is to hit Triangle
     once (long-range) and delay their action, then use mid-range kicks (Square)
     to kick them off. Keep going across and don't bother with the enemies behind
     unless they get too close for comfort. There's a finite number of wraits that
     appear on the rope, so if you fall off, they can all be fought back near the
     ballista and dispatched easier.
     Across the way, jump down and heal, then find the metal door from before that
     was near the first ballista in the level. Fire it at the wooden door far down
     the corridor to unleash 3-4 minotaurs. Petrify 'em and continue on and jump
     on the ladder. Above are a health/red orb chest, and a secret red orb chest
     as well (double-jump away from chest duo to find on arch); below leads to the
     exit road where the Oracle of Athens will speak to Kratos. The next level
     starts automatically.
    03) ROAD TO ATHENS                                                       [WK03]
    |  ________  |
    | |        | |
    | |      _|¯¯¯|
    |  ¯|_  |     |
    | EXIT|  ¯|   |
    |   |¯  |¯  |¯|                       |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
    |_|¯    |R|  R|                       | R: Red Orb Chest    |
            |R| |R|                       | H: Health Refill    |
            |_  |_|                       | B: Blue Orb Chest   |
            |   |                         | G: Gorgon Eye       |
            |R| |                         | P: Phoenix Feather  |
            |¯| |           ____          |_____________________|
            |   |       /\_|_ R_|_|¯|
            |¯| |_     /R/  _  _   G|
            |P    \___/   /|____| | |
            |¯| |_/_ _\/ /      | |¯
            |G     _ _ _/     |¯| |¯|          _____
            |_|¯¯¯|___|       |     |       /\|_  __|¯¯¯¯|_/¯¯\
                              |_| |_|      / /      |     ___  )      ________
                               /\ \    ___/R     ___|_  _|_ ( (______|_   ___ \
                               \P  \__|_ _\/ /| |_|B       | \      S \/ /   \ \
                                \_\           |H           |  ¯¯¯| |¯\__/    _) )_
                                  |¯R¯|¯ R¯/_/ ¯¯¯|________|    _| |_       /G    /
                                   ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯                    |START|      ¯/_/¯¯
     Approach the cliff road to see Ares destroying Athena's city while the army
     attempts to keep him at bay. Save and continue down the path nearest him,
     until reaching the town exit. It can't be left yet, but there's a Gorgon Eye
     sitting there that should be gotten ASAP. Backtrack to the savepoint and go
     the other way.
     Upon reaching there, one of Ares' errant fireballs will blow up a building
     and impede the easy path to downtown. Enter the only entrance nearby and one
     more fireball will lock Kratos in a room with minotaurs. Immediately steal
     the magic-orb chest and distance oneself from the beasts. The trick to this
     infinite respawn room is that the hero must petrify the monster on the floor
     button, then sprint (roll) to the far-off health refill before the gate
     retracts. Of course, one can also repeatedly petrify and kill the baddies for
     orbs if the Blades of Chaos [etc.] are on the brink of a level-up -- thanks
     infinite magic-orb respawn! [Enemies give diminishing returns if repeatedly
     slain here, though].  The path near the health chest leads back to the street
     but Kratos can jump over the debris pile and re-enter the minotaur room and
     get a magic refill without being harassed by minotaurs.
     Alright, back to the street... The nearest house has nothing on the first
     floor, but the load of building detritus Ares' fireball made gives access
     to the roof -- jump across to the nearest and find a red-orb cache on the 2F!
     Down the street, the houses doors can be beaten in; one has another red-orb
     chest. The house right next to it has nothing on the 1F, but Kratos can grab
     the outer awning and climb to the roof where a orb chest awaits.
     Further down the street, a gorgon is on the prowl. A nearby house's 1F has a
     Phoenix Feather to steal in the meantime. Make sure to kill that gorgon as a
     few archers down the street can cheaply kill Kratos if he's petrified, even
     with a single arrow! The two buildings nearest the archers have items on the
     2F: a Gorgon Eye (upgrade time!) and Red Orb chest. Search every house en
     route to the barricade, because some have red orbs. [The largest house here
     has some red orbs on the 2F, but they can only be obtained by double-jumping
     off a crate next to the house; break it and kiss 'em goodbye.]
     Either way, rip apart the barricade and look for some ropes hanging above the
     demolished thoroughfare section. The O-button makes Kratos go fast, X-button
     makes him jump. Get to the second one and face the wall, then climb up and
     swing to a red-orb chest. Following that, jump to the street from the 2nd
     rope and follow it to the town square area.
    04) ATHENS TOWN SQUARE                                                   [WK04]
                              _____ ___    ___
                             |  _ H|C  |  |  _|-> To Rooftops
                            _| |_| |  _|  | |_     of Athens
                           |     |  _| |  |_  |
                           |¯| |¯|   | |   _| |
                          _|    C|  R| |  |S _|
                         | G_____|  _| |_ | |_
                         | |____ |C|P S  ||   |-Key     |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
                         |____  | ¯ ¯¯¯¯¯ |_|_| Hatch   | R: Red Orb Chest    |
                            |    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|         | H: Health Refill    |
                           _|                 |         | C: Combo Orb Chest  |
                          |R                  |         | P: Phoenix Feather  |
                           ¯|_____       _____|         | S: Savepoint        |
                              |R _      |_              |_____________________|
                               ¯|R  | |  R|
                                   _| |_
                                  |R|  _|
                                 _|_  |__
    TOWN SQUARE                   START
     Upon ascending the staircase, there's madness going on around the place. A
     gigantic cyclops drops down. Unlike the previous type, these carry a large
     jawbone (!?) as a weapon and swing it around like a club and baseball bat.
     After picking away at it, there's a button-input sequence (ex: O) to do 'fore
     it dies. A pair arrives after though, and follows the same method of dying.
     Two of them can be a challenge actually, so kill some citizens for health
     boosts if they're wearin' Kratos down. After they're all dead, the power that
     blocked a small doorway nearby recedes. Use this time to get the red orb
     chests (x2) around the entrance stairway, and the one in the west part of the
     A woman who sees Kratos in the corridor will flee to an ornate foyer beyond.
     Some of the wall panels here are semi-transparent and can be broken; this
     type of thing will be repeated later on as well. A combo chest is here now on
     the right side of the room; a Gorgon Eye is on the left side.
     Trail the chick to an outer balcony with a healing refill (also a combo) on
     or around the vicinity. A hidden Gorgon Eye can be caught here too. From
     where Kratos must jump across the broken balcony to reach where the woman
     was, double-jump while yawing left to catch the railing. From here, shimmy
     its length around the corner and do a backwards double-jump to another small
     balcony where the item chest's under lock and key (beat down that door!).
     Now, do the jump normally and follow the woman up; she'll accidentally fall
     to her death. Save and get the Phoenix Feather nearby first, then go down to
     her corpse -- she has a [Key] in her pocket which can be used to open the
     hatch across from the savepoint ledge. On the way back to there will be some
     magic-shield legionnaire types and two gorgons on the stairway; don't engage
     the latter until the former's shields have been broken by the Plume of
     Prometheus combination! Eventually get to that hatch, unlock it, and descend.
     The portcullis gate nearby can be raised on the interior side.
     Save nearby and continue along until some hapless soldiers are crushed by a
     tunnel collapse -- oops! Lift the gate down the way and continue along to...
    05) ROOFTOPS OF ATHENS                                                   [WK05]
       |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|              |  ___  |
       | R: Red Orb Chest    |             _| |_ _| |_ _____
       | H: Health Refill    |            |_   C|ZEUS |  BPG|
       | B: Magic Refil      |            |R   ¯|    B|_   _|____
       | G: Gorgon Eye       |             ¯| |¯|_   _| | ||RRRCH|
       | P: Phoenix Feather  |        _____ | |___| |___| ||_____|
       | S: Savepoint        |       |  _  ||_____   _____|   |
       |_____________________|       | |_| |_     | |         |
                                     |R      |    | |_____  _|¯|_
                 ______________   _   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ____| |     ||     ||¯¯¯¯|_
               _|R   ___  H   _| |_| |¯| |¯| |R   C     S       C      |G|
              |PR¯| |_  |    |        ¯   ¯   ¯¯¯¯|_|_____||_____||  __|¯
              | |¯H  G|_|¯|¯¯|                       |G||¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ |
              |  ____¯__BH   |                        ¯ |  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ B|
              | |   H|  |_|  |                           ¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯¯
              |______| _|    |                            |¯¯G P¯¯|
                      |START |                             ¯¯| |¯¯
                       ¯|____|                          |¯¯¯¯  |
                                                        |  ¯¯¯¯|
                                                         ¯¯¯¯| |
                                                           |¯   ¯|
                                                           |R   R|
                        ___                                 ¯|_|¯
           TO TEMPLE <-|_  |  _        __                     |
         OF THE ORACLE   | |_|R|____  |PG|                    |
                         |________  | |R |                    |
                                  | |____    _________        |
                                  |     S|  |_______  |_      |
                                   ¯¯¯¯¯¯         |_   _|     |
     Upon entering, smash some breakables and start climbing the overgrown ivy on
     a wall. Toward the top, the game prompts the player to do a backwards double
     jump (tilt analog stick down, press X, then X again) to reach the next part
     to climb. Kinda hard, but it's easy once the player finally does it -- keep
     in mind that "back" is relative for these actions. At the structure's apex,
     jump to the balcony, refill health/magic, and enter the current building.
     ...and here's the first battle with wraiths, the burrowing and uber-annoying
     enemy that owns razor-sharp claws. Although they're speedy and can avoid any
     damage in the floor, when they rise up, block their attack, grab 'em, and
     stick their claws in the floor. This makes them sitting ducks for any attack.
     A few legionnaires may appear during this fight, but once their secret is
     known, loss of life should be a distant nightmare. Upstairs the situation is
     the same, except a mace-shooting cyclops is joining in the festivities. Jab
     from the stairway (they can't leave flat floor area) and try to save the 2
     health refills here for when they're really needed. On that 2F battlefield,
     go to the broken wall portion and search for an offscreen niche that has a
     Phoenix Feather and two red-orb chests [THIS CAN BE MISSED!] Downstairs is
     the exit, a Gorgon Eye is hidden behind some boarded-up wall portion there.
     Outside, some soldiers get blown up on a bridge. Run toward the foreground to
     find a red-orb chest sittin' pretty. Down near the former bridge, leap to a
     column with moss that can be climbed. Archers will be bearing down on Kratos
     from afar, so he'll have to use the mixture of jump techniques he learned a
     while back to get to safety in the doorway a double-jump away. Wraiths will
     be in the cramped passage beyond so don't rush in recklessly! Get revenge
     on the archers a short while later and kick down the wooden planks to make a
     small bridge...well, it's not useful or anything, but do it anyway.
     Return to the mossy pillar and jump to the adjacent one, and from there, the
     broken street section. A red orb chest is in plain view there, and a combo is
     up at the treasury's doorstep -- savepoint's there too. Don't go onto the
     roof yet, though; instead, go outside and across the bridge to where a
     ballista is sitting under the structure's eaves. Push it down the incline to
     a larger room with four small antechambers: three have junk, one has a switch
     for to work the floor spinner. Kill the legionnaires that jump around and use
     give the ballista a 180-degree turn (pull lever once, take ballista off, pull
     lever, put ballista on, pull lever again). The ladder the switch controls has
     a red orb chest upstairs, too. Destroy the reinforced wooden door nearby and
     talk with Zeus to get the [Zeus' Fury] ability. The magic refill nearby seems
     to respawn, also -- talk about Olympus' power! Kill the archers on the roof
     of this building when prompted to unlock the door to the east of there.
     ...but first, go back to the savepoint room's roof. Some minotaurs/harpies
     will be there to delay Kratos. Look for a ladder in one corner that leads up
     to the twelfth Gorgon Eye for a level-up. The 2nd rooftop has access to a
     small rope course, which leads to three red chests & two combos! Return back
     through the rope course and kill the minotaur & its cohorts appearing on the
     3rd roof. There is a hidden Gorgon Eye chest off-screen of this roof, also.
     The raised edges can mostly be broken, but west side has a long strecth where
     Kratos can't. Find the corner near there and jump off, turning inward as he
     falls for a double-jump -- he lands right by the chest! Break some debris and
     jump to the moss-covered, larger 4th. There is a wooden plank there that gives
     access back to the first roof, so kick it down.
     Now, on the 4th roof is a small sparkle where Kratos can see a scene where a
     cowardly man will not raise the drawbridge. Hit him with Zeus' Fury and the
     way will be clear! A Phoenix Feather/Gorgon Eye twofer is in plain sight at
     the interior. Wraiths are in the passage beyond, and then an elevator.
     Now, Kratos will be back in the Athens Town Square portion where a scene with
     the town Oracle. A ladder now extends downwards to the level, so Kratos can
     get in a few extra kills with some wraiths/gorgons that have appeared. Near
     the upper savepoint, the three chests that couldn't previously be obtained're
     in plain sight. To get them, jump off the savepoint platform and use the 2nd
     jump to go inward, catching the outer ledge. Shimmy and align Kratos, then do
     a backwards double-jump to find the red orb, Phoenix Feather, and Gorgon Eye
     chests. Whew!
     Climb back up the ladder and head after the oracle, taken up the mountain
     path. Near where some bothersome legionnaires appear, part of the rock wall
     can be broken to find a red chest.
    06) TEMPLE OF THE ORACLE                                                 [WK06]
                                           |_ P _|
                                             | |
                                             | |
                   |¯                  /¯¯\__| |
                   |                  ( (\___S |
                   |     ____/¯¯¯/¯¯¯\_) )   | |_
    Suicide Bluff -|   _/    \ \ \ \____/    |_  |
                   |  \_  _   \ \ \ \          | |
                   |    \ G\     \   )      ___|R|____
                    ¯    ¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯      |          |    ¯|
                                           |         R|_    |
                                           |¯|        |P|   |- "Save the Oracle"
                                           | | __    R|¯    |     Courtyard
                                           |___  |____|    _|
                                               | |____
                                               |____  |
                                      _____        _| |__
                            |¯  ___ _|C   C|_   __|G|__  |
                            |  /  1| |_   _| | |1      | |
      Infinite Harpy Hall --| ( (¯¯|         | |       |H|
                            |  \ \_|         | |RAFTERS|S|
                            |   \|_          | |        _|
                            |_     |G|_   _|R| |_______|
                                   _¯  | |  ¯_
                                  |R|__| |__|R|       |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
                                  |__ P       |       | R: Red Orb Chest   |
                                     | S   |¯¯        | H: Health Refill   |
                                      ¯| |¯           | B: Blue Orb Chest  |
                                       | |            | G: Gorgon Eye      |
                                      _| |_           | P: Phoenix Feather |
                                     |B   H|          | #: Connected Paths |
                                      ¯|_|¯           | S: Savepoint       |
     Upon approaching, continue to see the Oracle dragged in by Harpies, who then
     attack the Spartan. Two Gorgons will join in as well, but their gaze can be
     broken by the Achilles Flip maneuver (Blades of Chaos Lv4) if you have it.
     Afterwards, the gravedigger says his piece and Kratos can enter the temple.
     Look around the environs for chests, including one in the upper-left/right of
     the place that can only be accessible by double-jumps! A Phoenix Feather and
     Gorgon Chest are among the catches.
     Inside, harpies will be crawling out of holes in the wall. Look for a Gorgon
     Chest on a ledge near the raisable gate with a combo chest beside it, then
     head opposite the temple entrance to where some movable statues are (and 2
     combos behind). These warrior statues can be pushed in front of the holes to
     stop the infinite deluge of winged beasties at long last.
     Raise up the gate in a corner and take the staircase up to the rafters. Kill
     any remaining harpies and start the course. Beams will fall down ahead of time
     so there's not much trial and error to do. At the first intersection, go to
     the left until it comes near the far end of the room. Kratos can jump to a
     small ledge here and find the 18th Gorgon Eye behind a pane of glass! Other
     than that, simply let the course...take its course, where Kratos ends up on
     the other side near a save.
     Continue 'long to find some legionnaires. If Kratos has Blades of Chaos Lv4
     by now, they'll be filleted in no time. The corridor leads to a massive
     backyard, with statues, reflection ponds, and the Oracle, dangling by a rope
     in midair. Before starting the rescue mission, search the lower courtyard for
     some red-orb chests -- there are three, but one will be a Gorgon Eye if 18
     haven't been obtained so far.
     Now, there are two movable statues near the entrance, an elevator nearby, and
     a shimmering piece of floor with part of the railing cut out (above). Put a
     statue on the elevator and move it underneath the missing railing portion,
     then move the second statue on top of it -- this lets Kratos pull both around!
     Push the stack toward the locked door near there, so it's between the wall and
     the small structure near that locked door. Kratos can do some bunny hops up
     to there by standing on the door frame, leaping upwards, then using the pillar
     stack as a boost to get to the wall!
     This next part will be a timed course, with a little over a minute (~1:05) to
     get the Oracle before she falls to her death. Kratos must jump over some water
     wheels, climb vertically on a mossy wall, double-jump to a rope, navigate some
     thin beams, use another rope to reach the statue's ornamental pool, and then,
     finally, jump to the Oracle. If Kratos falls off at any time, so does the
     Oracle. Remember that Kratos can move practically at doubletime if the player
     uses the X-button to jump around during normal actions!
     Once saved, she will open the locked door nearby and also the gate of Athens,
     found in the "Road to Athens" portion where Ares was destroyin' junk. Before
     leaving, redo the climbing course and continue until finding the thin walkway
     portion. Kratos can find a Phoenix Feather if walks a beam towards the cliff
     When ready, go down the path the Oracle opened.
     Save and look for a small stairway on the wall near there. Follow it to its
     inevitable summit and look for a 12th Phoenix Feather chest near the statue
     of Athena. Nothing else here, however. Descend and take the path across the
     "sword bridge" to find a spiral staircase leading down. A Phoenix Feather is
     underneath the staircase if y'look carefully enough. Jump into the next room
     to begin...
    07) SEWERS OF ATHENS                                                     [WK07]
                                          /     \
                                         (R  /¯\ \    __
                                          | |_  \/ -> \ \
                                          |   |        \C\
                                       ___| C |        _\ \_
                                      /RR   |¯         \____\
                                     /C/¯¯¯¯              \
                                    (C(_______         Road to Athens
                                     \  R     |
       |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|         ¯¯¯¯¯¯|C|
       | R: Red Orb Chest   |              _| |
       | H: Health Refill   |             |C  |___
       | C: Combo Orb Chest |             |R      |
       |____________________|              ¯¯¯¯¯| |
                                              |¯   ¯|
     It just wouldn't be a game without the obligatory sewer level, huh? Wraiths
     and archers appear down near the first curb (take out latter first to avoid
     any interruptions). Even further down the tunnel is some minotaurs/archers.
     Medusa's gaze puts the big ones to rest pretty quickly. If you don't need the
     plentiful combo chests around, just leave 'em in case y'do. A red orb chest
     is hidden underneath the floor after the drop-off past the minotaur battle,
     Some jawbone-wielding cyclopses appear down the path, but remember that these
     can be petrified! Minotaurs and legionnaires join in the fun afterwards; oh,
     and archers too! Past the 2nd ledge of archers is a ladder
     After climbing the staircase and pulling the lever, Kratos is back in the
     Road to Athens' starting area. At the savepoint area, hang a right and find
     the town exit the Oracle opened. A Gorgon Eye will be here if it wasn't
     found already (or if 18 haven't been obtained yet), and a combo chest is past
     there a bit...oh, and all that sand, heralding a new level!
    08) DESERT OF LOST SOULS                                                 [WK08]
                    _  |¯¯¯¯¯|
              _____|C| | |¯| |___
             |        ¯   ¯| SAVE|
             | |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|  CC |
           |¯   ¯|         |_   _|
            ¯| |¯  ___  ___ _| |_ _____________           
             |C|  /   \/   |     |             \
            _|C| /         |   C |              \
           |   |/           SIREN               _)
           |___|                               |     |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
           /   |                               |     | R: Red Orb Chest   |
        Exit   |        R                      |     | C: Combo Orb Chest |
               |                               |     |____________________|
               |                               |
               | R     SIREN                   |
               |                         R     |_
               |                                 |
               | R         RUINS                _|
               |                    R    SIREN |
               |                               |
               |            R                  |_
               |                                 |
               |                                 |
               |                                 |
               |                                 |
               |_____________   _________________|
                             | |
                            _| |
                           |C  |
                            ¯| |-ENTER
     Upon entering, Athena says killing the desert Sirens will open the path
     through the deadly sands, which obscure vision and make finding one's bearing
     difficult. Like anything, getting through by landmarks is recommended -- in
     this case, the cliffs surrounding the place are the constant. Using either as
     a guide will eventually bring Kratos through to the ruins on the opposite
     side where the first Siren is. The other two are diagonal (SW, SE) from there
     on the map, pretending the ruins are in the north for the purpose of this.
     Now, Sirens are not incredibly tough by any means -- they're more lithe than
     a gorgon and Kratos won't be able to get in too many hits before they move
     out of range. They shoot magical projectiles but can be overcome with a li'l
     persistence. Use the O-button to break their neck -- releasing all three of
     their earthly bodies opens the ruins' door (but doesn't calm the sandstorm).
     Backtrack to a combo chest should any of the minotaur helpers pose any sort
     of problem. There are red orb chests around the desert, but they can be kinda
     hard to seek out with the way the weather is.
     Save in the ruins and use the combo chests for healing purposes. Downstairs,
     a large conveyor belt can be found. The player can do this the hard way, but
     I suggest simply attacking the spiked wheel until it breaks and stops the
     dang thing. Once things are inert, pull the block from the tiny niche and
     start walloping the legionnaires that attack. If the conveyor was moving,
     Kratos would have to fend them off while kicking the stone block 'upstream,'
     but without movement, this should be a cinch. Before leaving, get the combo
     chest in the stone block's alcove.
     Further on, past the lift-up door, Kratos encounters a cliff -- blow the
     large horn and use the two combo chests if needed. The 2nd horn will vanish
     until 10 more sirens are murdered though (3 at a time). The Hermes Fury tech
     (R1, R1, R1) can be just as fast and useful if it finds a body to connect
     with. Afterwards, blow the horn and put this level in the history books.
    09) PANDORA'S TEMPLE / RINGS OF PANDORA                                  [WK09]
     Pandora's Temple accounts for over half the game, so the map can't be to
     scale; however, few liberties have been taken in drawing it.
                             ____                  | |¯| |
                            |    |_______________|¯   ¯| |
                            |RRRR __ S __________ CS   | |___
                            |____|  | |    __    |_____|    6|
                                    | |   /R/           ¯¯¯¯¯
            ____|¯¯¯¯|___|¯¯¯¯|_____| | _/ /_
           |  C                _   ___|/ C  /                       Handle of Atlas
           | |¯|¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯|____| | |   /_  _/                     _        |
          _| |_|_R  _|      ____| |____/ /                     _|2|____|¯¯¯¯|
         | S   |_| |       |     N      /                     |C S CR _     |
         |P   H|___|       | |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                      |__ ¯|_| |____|
         |_   _|           | |                                   | |R|
           | |             | |_|¯¯¯|_                            |___|
           | |             |___     _|
           ) )            ____ |___|
          ( (            |    \                                     _|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯|
           |C|     Muse  | |¯\C\                                   |   SAWS  | |S|
           |C|     Key  /   \ \ ¯¯¯\___      POSEIDON'S       _____| |         | |
           | |       | (RRRR )(  C  _  |_    CHALLENGE       | CBELTS|   3   |_| |
           | |___    /\/ ___/  \___/ |_  |_      /           |2|¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  | |
           |SHB  |__/ /C/              |_  |____/             ¯         |¯¯¯¯|_| |
            ¯¯¯|_____, /                 |____  |  CHALLENGE OF ATLAS   | |¯|____|
                     \/                  |RBHRS |        |       _____ _| |_______
                            __           | |¯¯¯¯         |      |     |R          |
                           |S |____/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\_____|__|¯¯¯     B|¯| |R|¯|¯| |
          MUSE KEY ROOM -> |RR ___/ /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\ \ARTEMIS  |¯|  1   ¯  |¯|  ¯RC|
                           |__|  / / /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\ \ \¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ _|    C|¯¯¯  /¯¯¯¯¯
                                / / /   STATUE    \ \ \       |R      | Shield of
                          _    ( ( ( TO HADES C.   ) ) )       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     Zeus
                        _|5|_   \ \ \   _____     / / /           _______________
                       |R _ S|   \ \ \_/ ____|___/ / /           |1            HB|
                       | |6|  ¯¯¯¯\  _____________/ /             ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |
                       |C ¯  |¯¯¯¯¯\____ _   _ ____/              _____________| |
                        ¯¯¯¯¯           |     |_                 |MH             |
                                        |      _|                 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯ 
                                        |_   _|                            |
      |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|            __| |__        _   ______  Shield of Hades
      | R: Red Orb Chest   |           |R    CP|      |5|_|  __  |
      | H: Health Refill   |            ¯¯| |¯¯       |_____|  | |
      | B: Blue Orb Chest  |        ____  | |  ____          __| |        Muse Key
      | P: Phoenix Feather |       /   C|_| |_| C|C\   _____|  __|             \
      |____________________|      / /            |  ) |4      |              _  \
                                  \ \  /¯¯| |¯\  | /  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|____|¯|_|¯|__|3|__)
                                   \ \/___| |__\/ /   |   4    ____   <| |<   ___|
                                    \  > >| |> > /    |_______|    |R|¯| |¯|P    |
                                     ¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯¯         /         ¯  | |  ¯¯¯| |
                                          | |    Architect's Son's     |  ¯¯¯¯¯  |
                                         _| |_          Head            ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     Start by crossing the massive bridge and taking the left path at the lowered
     entrance gate. It goes down and under the bridge, leading Kronos to the east
     side. Latch onto the rock handle and pull until the rudimentary stairway is
     created; then, quickly climb the thing before it retracts. Talk with the man
     burning bodies and he'll have some harpies open the gate. Jump down to it and
     two armored cyclopses will climb up and have a row with Kratos. They're a lot
     quicker and can dash, so getting in some hits with Cyclone of Chaos [etc.]
     and back-rolling out of harm's way is recommended. Remember to use Achilles
     Flip when evading for a quick potshot. When three are defeated, the way is
     opened. Get the chests up near the entrance (Phoenix Feather!) and spin the
     crank to breach the interior.
     Kratos is locked into a giant circular room upon entering. Follow in either
     direction to find a single door on the outer wall. Roll past the spike clamp
     traps until reaching a small room with archers in it. Save and find the nook
     with a switch inside. Press it and in the circular room, a switch descends
     and lets Kratos "move" the thing to find new doors. Also, two small handles
     emerge from the sculpture in the saveroom, but there's no need to use them
     Besides the save room ("Temple of the Crystal Eye"), there are three other
     passages spinning the circular room can unlock. Do this twice and Artemis
     will give Kratos her gigantic blade, which comes with its own set of moves.
     Behind Artemis' portal is...
     Artemis' blade will decapitate, detorsofy, and any other verb one needs to
     make up to describes its carnage -- quick and easy at Lv1, and it only grows
     in strength. 
     Why not do this one first? Beyond the savepoint, Kratos is locked into an
     area where he can go buckwild on a series of enemy spawns: legionnaires come
     first, then gorgons with red beams (faster freeze), and then legionnaires
     with armor on the catwalk. Some archers are up there, too, near a switch
     that lowers a primitive plumbline down into a pit. There's a red orb chest
     hidden up there as well.
     On the challenge's 1F, enter the corridor and find a pile of rubble in a
     pushcart. Kill the gorgons in archers nearby and locate a floor button. When
     it's depressed, it switches part of the wall; when the thing's removed, it
     flips back. To solve this puzzle. Get as near to the wall as possible and
     do a powerful kick of the cart towards the button. When it's en route, move
     toward the wall and hopefully get into the alcove before the switch -- Kratos
     will then be behind the wall! Kill some legionnaires, get a red orb chest,
     and climb the ladder to reappear in the former room's 2F area. Jump across
     the gap to a [Shield of Zeus]! There's are 2 red-orb chests avaiable on the
     2F level; one near the ladder platform and one by walking the rafters to the
     opposite side.
     Once the shield's obtained, return to the first room and take the ride the
     dropped plumbline (Kratos can only do this from 2F switch area). It's another
     hand-over-hand course where enemies try to get Kratos! Like before, the best
     way is to stun the enemy (Triangle) and kick them repeatedly (Square). Pick
     up the Shield of Hades on solid ground nearby to trigger a trap: defeat all
     the enemies within 'x' amount of time or be skewered by spikes! Artemis' Blade
     should make quick work of the un-armored legionnaires. It can be pretty harsh
     going through hordes and hordes, but Artemis' Blade may work better even w/o
     a longer range! Collect both chests, jump down to the plumbline, and climb
     back up.
     Back in the room with the floor button/switcheroo wall trick, having gotten
     both shields, put both in the strange door to unlock a stairway path. There
     is a savepoint at long last. This prefaces a huge room with moving sawblades,
     criss-crossing the floor. Ignore this crazy room's dual levers for a second,
     and exit east to a conveyor belt/machine smasher area (roll past), then a
     climbing course with armored legionnaires. Eventually, jump to a section of
     the wall that leads to a lever, dropping a chain spike to the ground below
     (functions as rope). This next part can be VERY ANNOYING, so saving back in
     the tunnel may help.
     The room adjacent to the climbing course can be annoying. Magic-shield
     legionnaires and a couple sirens must be defeated before the ground gives
     way and everyone plummets to their death. The preferred way is to destroy
     their shields with Plume of Prometheus or Rising Helios, then switch to the
     Artemis Blade for the quicker kill. Fun fact: I lost this battle so many
     times the game actually suggested I switch to easy difficulty... When all
     enemies are dead, quickly run to the altar and grab the [Handle of Atlas]
     to stop the trap and reopen the exit. Whew! A savepoint will have appeared
     at the Cliffs of Atlas' base, too.
     Back in the sawblade room, quickly flip both levers (furthest away first)
     and get inside the door! Shimmy along the wall to the pull-up door, and start
     killing the minotaurs/archers beyond. When all enemies are bleeding on the
     floor, put the Handle of Atlas in the crankbox near the Atlas statue and make
     the boulder go onto his shoulders. Following that, there's a small staircase
     nearby (with legionnaires...ugh!) to destroy, that leads up to a Phoenix
     Feather and red-orb chest near a switch. Pull that sucker to blow up the
     stone door on 1F with a boulder! Before descending try to get the two chests
     (red orbs) in the 2F alcoves. Both require a little jump trickery to get but
     there's no specialized strategy. Check behind the 1F Atlas statue to find a
     [Muse Key] also -- its legs can be seen sticking out from underneath!
     Downstairs, go out into the fresh air and look to the left for a red orb
     chest hidden in plain sight. Continue to the gravesite of the architect's
     son and pull the cover off. As for the graverobbing, steal the [Architect's
     Son's Head] which will be used for later. As the coffin rolls back to reveal
     a few chests below, continue for a cutscene and Kratos will end up back in
     the "Temple of the Crystal Eye", i.e. the first savepoint room of Pandora's
     There's a small mandatory armored legionnaire fight in the deactivated spike
     room, but from there, Kratos can use the architect's son's skull to open the
     skull door in the circular room, which allows access to the inner ring of the
     main chamber. It sounds complicated when described like that, but it's easy
     given the convenience of its location.
     Anyway, the inner ring has a massive roller that can flatten Kratos if he's
     in front of it. Wait for it to pass by and trail it until a stairway appears
     near a pool surrounding a statue -- the camera fixes onto a ladder there. To
     get to that ladder, wait for the roller to come around and jump onto it. Like
     a person walking on a log in the river, by going in the opposite direction of
     its spin, Kratos can keep his balance and stay on top. Keep doing this action
     until the ladder comes into view...then jump to the thing! It unhooks and'll
     hit the ground, giving easier future access. Also, the roller falls into a
     pit -- whee!
     Atop the ladder, open the red/health/blue chests and save. This starts...
     Past the savepoint, Kratos will encounter a dusty arena area that immediately
     locks him in with a new enemy: cerberus. The large ones aren't that special
     but can spawn smaller ones which GROW into larger ones -- once they start to
     outnumber Kratos, things go south real quick-like. Thus, petrify the first
     large one before the smaller ones start interrupting Medusa's Gaze (unless
     it's Lv2+) and use the upgraded Blades of Chaos to dole out punishment. The
     ever-useful Achilles Flip can get a few airborne and thus easier to kill.
     Destroy the two horned cyclops near the movable crate that can serve as a
     shield to get close to the archers down the path, although the explosive
     arrows will still interrupt the pushin'. Destroy some cerberus pups up the
     path and come to a room with a lever in its center. Pulling it makes chests
     appear in a wall alcove for a moment before a gate goes up and/or spikes
     try to impale the raider. All are red-orb chests and can easily be gotten so
     long as Kratos back-rolls away immediately after the hunt. [1500 in all!]
     The exit leads to a cliff area where some stronger, nimbler legionnaire types
     make their first appearance. Watch their movements carefully and try to use
     Achilles Flip (or Lance of the Furies Air if Kratos has it) to get them off
     balance. The cliff grooves on one side allow our hero to climb higher. Upon
     finding a longer one to shimmy on, go to the "right" side which will lead to
     a 2nd Muse Key! Once it's found, simply shimmy the opposite direction to find
     the way forward, a savepoint room past some minotaurs.
     Continue along past some cages to a slope, leading to a room at the small
     summit. Grab the handle on the ground and return to the crank near those
     cages, which'll drop one to Kratos and allow him to push it up the slope. But
     of course, there has to be a challenge -- some respawning legionnaire types
     will try to prevent the cage from being pushed upwards. The confined soldier
     slides down if unattended, but can sit in place if left on one of the rocky
     portions of the slope. Kill the enemies, push him up to the next one, repeat
     as necessary. When reaching that room, maneuver the cage to the floor button
     which prepares the burners for a human sacrifice. Pull the lever and swallow
     the guilt for later!
     Downstairs, search either side of the room for a ladder leading up to a
     health refill and Phoenix Feather. Pull out [Poseidon's Trident] from its
     crystalline holder and Kratos will gain the ability to swim/breath underwater
     indefinitely! Save and jump in the pool nearest the health refill, searching
     for a hole in the bottom. This leads to a room with Cerberus pups and a wall
     lever that extends part of the wall back in the trident room, which has some
     harpies and 2 cerberuses when Kratos returns. Save and climb the wall, which
     leads to a tunnel with a combo chest beyond; then, a waterlogged passage.
     Swim along until a watery mermaid (nyad) figure is found. These daughters of
     Poseidon can be kissed with the O-button and may give gifts to those who do.
     This one...won't. Swim down from her position and reach a bifurcation -- one
     more Nyad will be behind the wall there and gives up a Phoenix Feather for a
     quickie makeout session. The passage on the left leads to a combo/red orb
     chest room guarded by some of those tougher legionnaire types; the right path
     is the way to go.
     Kratos will eventually come to a large cylindrical-esque chamber. From the
     fringe, charge up the dash attack with R1 and start into the room, because
     quickly, spikes and sawblades will try to trap our hero in and slice him up
     (instant game over). It should take three dashes to get through, barring any
     accidental direction changes. Once through, surface in the room beyond to
     find harpies and 2nd-level legionnaires that must be slain before the center
     lever can be pulled. Use a health/combo chest and pull the thing, which opens
     a door way back past the 2nd sunken room. Return through the sawblade chamber
     (camera is reversed, thankfully) and locate that path.
     At this junction, the lefthand wall can be reduced to rubble and a third Nyad
     found (no effect). Swim up to four red orb chests, 1500 in all! The area
     right of the savepoint has a hidden 4th Nyad on one side of the Poseidon
     statue, hidden behind a wall. This one will also give a Phoenix Feather,
     which should be the player's 18th and final one.
     At the statue's base, the hole leads into a "trap" room where a gigantic board
     is pushed down the watery corridor every so often and Kratos has to evade it
     (or he'll crushed at the far end automatically). How to evade? Swim down into
     the broken floor sections, then surface and boost-swim to the next section,
     etc. This is repeated three times only, then never again luckily. (If you're
     failing repeatedly, make sure to save after the 4th Nyad because it'll have
     to be done over and over that way). There's another hole at the end Kratos
     can enter.
     It leads to a large room with four minotaurs, a savepoint, a combo chest, and
     a lever that raises four large pillars from the water for a short while (~17
     seconds). Up at the Amphitrite statue, two more red orb chests...although I
     think the right one is a Phoenix Feather if 18 haven't been collected yet...
     Either way, the secret to finding the exit is pulling the lever and swimming
     into the water, looking for a small alcove at the base of one of the pillars
     that emerged. At the bottom, the passage beyond leads back to the "Temple of
     the Crystal Eye" room in the Pandora's Rings area.
     So, how to find the third and last challenge? Return to the watery center of
     the Rings of Pandora, near where the ladder to Poseidon's Challenge was to
     start off with. Look of a hole in the floor that can now be entered by our
     new swimmer, which leads to the destination.
     However, if you collected both Muse Keys, find that room with the spinner
     crank in the circular area section and reap the reward: 750 in red orb chests
     and an extra 1500 from Zeus if Kratos stands on the central pillar thing. In
     addition, stand on the two side fountains and Kratos will gain a free upgrade
     to his health AND magic! Zeus is truly a merciful god.
     Anyway, back to the watery hole in the center of the Rings to find...
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                        _____
                                             |H   R|
                                             |¯   ¯|
                                             |     |
                                            _|     |
                                           |       |
                                 ____|¯¯¯|_| |     |
                                |C __  C  ___|     |
             _|¯|__|¯¯¯¯¯|______|_|  ____|   |     |
         _  |  ____   B   _____ ____|        |_   _|
        |R|_| |    |_____|  _  |     |¯¯¯¯¯¯|__| |__
        |_   _|___      _| |_| |_    | |¯¯| |H | | H|
          | |_|  _|    |R        |___| |__  |_      |
          |___S |_      ¯¯¯|_    |  _  [  |  X|     |  
              |  7|    |¯|  _| |¯E |  __| |¯|¯  7   |
               ¯¯¯     | |_|  _   _|______|_|       |
                       |_   _|H| | |          RRRR  |
                        _| | |___|_| |¯¯¯¯¯¯|       |
                       |  H|_|  RRR|C|      |__   __|
                       | |¯|   ¯¯¯¯ C|       | | |_________
                       | |_| |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯        | |   HB   __ |
                       |_____|               |  ¯¯¯  |¯|S _|
                                              ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  | |
                                         |¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯|
                                         | MHR    MINOTAUR    |
                                         |_____|_______   ____|
                                                       | |
          |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                        |  ¯¯¯¯)
          | R: Red Orb Chest   |                        ¯¯¯/ /
          | B: Blue Orb Chest  |                          ( (  /¯¯¯|
          | E: Elevator        |                           \ \/ /| |
          | X: Maze Exit       |                            \__/ | |
          | #: Connected Paths |                                 |_|
          | H: Health Refill   |                                  |
          | C: Combo Orb Chest |                           TO RINGS OF
          |____________________|                          PANDORA STATUE
     Swim through the beginning tunnel until a surface point leads to a corridor
     near a large room. The locked door on one side is fashioned in a minotaur's
     likeness -- harbinger? Opposite this room's entrance is an exit stuffed up by
     rocks and junk. Save beyond, leave the healing/magic chests for later on, and
     enter the large n' creepy chamber past there. On one side of the room is a
     door that demands a blood sacrifice to get through. Accept the challenge.
     Centaurs will make their first appearance here. They're powerful, appear in
     groups of four, and have both close-range and projectile attacks. They can
     be juggled, however, which is one good thing. When the challenge is accepted
     two rings will appear on the lower floor -- Kratos must defeat an enemy here
     to make one flame appear. Thus, to open the blood sacrifice door, one must
     defeat 8 centaurs to leave. Use Achilles Flip/Lance of the Furies to weaken
     the foes, and use one of the health containers nearby if luck allows it. Go
     into the door when ready.
     Two combo chests can refresh Kratos, and three red-orb chests are accessible
     near the pull-up door. Beyond, a few easy traps: two lava pits with retracting
     floor pieces and some wall darts. Timed jumps and rolling will serve a player
     well, respectively. Kratos is locked into the dungeon for the next maze, which
     requires him to kill ALL enemies before leaving! 
     First off: the first floor. Kill the gorgon and archers nearby, then find the
     twisty dead-end passage with a health refill having legionnaires a 2nd gorgon.
     The elevator is nearby...but that isn't all for this floor! Camera trickery
     makes it seem like the crumbled wall nearby is solid, but Kratos can pass
     through to find some more baddies: centaurs and another gorgon. The small
     connected passage has a red-orb chest amidst legionnaires and an archer or
     two -- that's all for the first floor! Go to the elevator and twist it up to
     the 2F area.
     Upstairs, kill some enemies and look for a section of the wall with glowing
     red eyes. This part can be pushed, revealing a large room with legionnaires
     and archers beyond. Health refill, too. Back at the initial fork, go the
     left way to find archers and a room with a huge crusher machine. Kill any
     enemy that appears near the exit gate, then wait for the crusher to retract
     far enough to enter the small antechamber that it normally covers, where a
     few legionnaire types are waiting. After that, a scene where the door lowers
     plays -- it leads back into the main chamber.
     Step on the switch there to raise the Hades statue from its bloody holding
     place, then search its sunken base for a lever that makes light pour from
     its mouth. A savepoint will now appear near its base, but save that for when
     Kratos climbs the statue and flips its head around (with crank at its nape)
     to allow access to the dark upstairs area.
     Luckily, it ain't dark for long -- flaming boulders will be constantly coming
     at Kratos, and he'll have to work 'upstream' and search the pull-up doors on
     either side of the room to find the real exit (3rd on the left from entrance,
     to wit). There's also a health & 2 red orb chests at the point nearest where
     the boulders enter the room.
     Through the left door described above, find the minotaur/archer mandatory
     battle in the caverns. Afterwards, go upstairs for some wussy legionnaires
     and a combo chest. The lower path leads to the destination, a hand-over-hand
     course where Kratos can de-torso enemies if his Blades of Chaos are upgraded
     fully. Past there, our hero's locked into a rail-less arena with legionnaires
     and minotaurs. Know that the Lance of the Furies [etc.] attack can blow foes
     off the side with its explosive force, but no orbs will be awarded.
     A ladder unlocks afterwards, leading to a twisting enemy-less passage that
     gradually works its way back to the Hades statue room, just way above in the
     rafters. The problem is that there are spinning machines with sawblades that
     would just love to make Kratos a paraplegic. Save beforehand and start the
     tightrope-walking. The path is rather clear; the dodging is the harder part.
     Kratos should be inert and double-jump RIGHT when the blade is about to cut
     him. This way, he doesn't descend and get cut up despite his best efforts!
     There are a few red-orb chests around should he be able to claim them. The
     last spinning sawmachine has a 'vacant' rafter attached to it that Kratos can
     walk on and get to a ladder, also on that machine. Above it all, balance-walk
     to a zipline which leads back to the area just before the minotaur room (2F).
     Spin the wall crank to make the large door's chains go slack, then walk along
     the catwalk -- it breaks and now serves as a ladder back upwards. Save, enter
     the minotaur room nearby, and approach the large door, and...
     BOSS: Armored Minotaur
     The minotaur can be damaged from the ground, but it's much easier from the
     raised part on the back wall near the log-launching lever. Attack its face
     when it puts its hands up, and watch out for its grab-and-spit attack with
     its left hand. The dual hand clamp attack it uses can actually be avoided by
     rolling TOWARD the minotaur, which evades damage. After enough damage to its
     face, it blows a gasket; repeat this until all 8 on its body are blowing
     exhaust. After this time, each time it's "severely damaged" by Kratos, it
     will bounce around and land near its door, with an O-button prompt appearing
     above its head. Kratos will have to do a 7-button input involving only the
     LEFT ANALOG STICK, which may or may not make the battle harder for a player.
     Successfully doing this makes the Minotaur stand upright, dazed -- use the
     flaming log-launcher at the back of the room to damage its armor somewhat.
     Luckily, each time it's damaged it may drop health/magic orbs, which should
     hold Kratos over and allow a few mistakes. [NOTE: To evade its grab-and-spit
     attack, roll towards its non-moving hand! Should work like a charm.]
     Repeat the above twice until its armor is weakened to the point where Kratos
     can break it off (I prefer Rising/Falling Helios for damage, but Cyclone of
     Chaos is fast also). It takes five substantial hits to knock all its armor
     off, at which time the player simply has to beat the living crap out of it.
     Rage of the Gods works well on this end, although tactical playing to keep
     health high is more important since those health/magic drops end until its
     final "stun" state. Then, fire the log once more to impale it on the wall
     and end this once and for all.
     Its leg broke a hole in the door it came out of. Follow the stairway up to a
     savepoint, then a room with a bunch of chests and a casket. Kratos can steal
     the [Architect's Son's Head] with much effort, strangely -- why can he murder
     hordes of enemies but takes so long to rip apart a carcass? Return to the
     Minotaur room and inspect the entrance passage to get the Army of Hades spell,
     the last in the game. Souls of the dead help defeat enemies, and after a small
     mandatory test run, Kratos can leave whence he came.
     Back in the central water room, swim down to the base of the half-sunken
     statue and use the newly-stolen skull to activate the door there. Water'll
     drain and Kratos can lift the pull-up door on the inner ring. Now, to finish
     this part of the level, the "crystal eye" sculpture in the statue interior
     has to light up. To do so, place the outer ring entrance on the Temple of the
     Crystal Skull savepoint area, then spin the middle ring to align with that.
     Finish by spinning the central statue to light up as well, then go to said
     temple and push the gemstone together to create the beaming sculpture. The
     ray of light connects and some scenes occur.
     Upon approaching the statue's new lever, Athena's voice says that Kratos is
     unable to return until Pandora's Box is recovered...meaning use the Muse Keys
     and get any still-possible phoenix feathers [etc.] before ascending. When
     Kratos pulls that lever, this incredibly long level is finally concluded!!!!!
    10) CLIFFS OF MADNESS                                                    [WK10]
     Some areas, such as vertical climbing portions, have been simplified to fit
     to the map. Also, the "4" path leads to three red chests, but hasn't been
     mapped fully.
                    Necklace of Hera
                                   \____                              2__
                                ___|RRRC|                             |RB|
      _                        |  _     |                              ¯¯
     |3|_            |¯|___   _| |_|____|                          ___|¯¯|
     |_  |    _      |  _  |_|  C  |                              |  ____|
       | |___|R|=====| | |_________|                 ___          | |
       |_______|_____| |                         ___|  _|     ___/ /
             |  RHRR   |     _ ____   ___       |  _   _|====|____/
              ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     |C|  __|=|_ B|    __| | |___|
                            |   |  __  | |   |EXIT|
                           _| |_|_|4R| | |    ¯¯¯¯
                          |       2¯ | | |
                          |3|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  | |
                           ¯     _____ | |
       Necklace of Aphrodite -> |  _R ||  ¯¯¯|        |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
                              |¯ ___|¯  ¯|  _|        | R: Red Orb Chest   |
                             _| |________| |          | H: Health Refill   |
                            |_   R ______  |          | B: Blue Orb Chest  |
                              | |¯|  ____ H|          | S: Savepoint       |
                              | | | |  _ |¯           | C: Combo Orb Chest |
                              | | | |H|1  ¯|          | #: Connected Paths |
                              |1|_| |_|__| |          |____________________|
                               ¯|S     C   |
                                 ¯| |¯¯¯¯¯¯    ___
                                  |_ ¯|¯|=====|_  |
                                    |___|       | |
                              __________   _   _| |
                             |B      ___| | | |___|
                              ¯¯¯¯| |__    ¯
                                 _| |RR|
                                |C S   |
                                 ¯| |¯¯
                                 _| |_
                                |    H|
                                 ¯| |¯
     Upon entering the initial walkway, the Satyr enemy is introduced. It's quick,
     can't be juggled as long most of the time, and can attack Kratos pretty good
     when its hits connect. Like other enemies, juggling them is the way to break
     through their defenses -- use Achilles Flip primarily to juggle them, since
     it's initially a long-range move. Once three are murdered, continue to the
     first savepoint. To the right of it is a walled-in couple of red-orb chests
     that give about 2000 souls free of charge -- don't miss 'em!
     Continue along and fight a horde of legionnaire types who show their faces,
     then jump to the archer platforms that lead up to a zipline. Follow this to
     an elevator, up to another savepoint (that was quick!). If you wanna work for
     extra orbs, go the right path (rather than upwards) to a cavern where a satyr
     leads legionnaires against Kratos. They'll respawn and there are three satyrs
     in all (petrify?); afterwards, kill some more legionnaires up top. On the
     ground floor, a small cave leads to another elevator -- take it up and look
     for a rope with a block tied to it, which leads downwards. This is the same
     area the player could have arrived at should s/he have opted to go up the
     ladder near the 1st elevator, by the way.
     Now, there are two more paths to go. The upper one leads to a room with some
     spikes, a lever, and a crate. When the lever's pulled, a timer starts (not
     shown) and Kratos must push the crate under a small alcove on one side before
     spikes come up and kill him. Naturally, kicking the item whenever possible is
     the best way to go. The reward is a red-orb chest, and after jumping to a
     nearby alcove, a [Necklace of Aphrodite]. The necklace MUST be obtained to
     proceed, so don't miss it.
     Go to the lower path -- via the weighted rope -- and fight a couple satyrs.
     If the Blade of Artemis is fully-upgraded, it can really clean house by doing
     the "Ascension of Artemis" attack and cleaving them when they're laying on
     the ground. Fun times, fun times... Use Zeus' Fury on the archers across the
     way, then twist the crank to make the bridges closer together. They'll go
     back to their original position, so be sure to turn them past the nearest
     point in order to run there in time and jump...anticipate the jump! Another
     Satyr and archer duo is beyond, then it's back into the fresh air!
     Kill some minotaurs that appear and inspect a large switch to see that there
     are two slots for necklaces...hmm, we only have one. Find a ladder nearby and
     descend ("3" on map) to find some satyrs waiting for a play date, and archers
     behind them trying to snipe Kratos. Know that the enemies can be knocked off
     so that should help a bit. Use the zipline and spelunk in the cavern.
     Like usual, the gate seals Kratos in with a bunch of legionnaires and archers,
     but this time minotaurs are thrown into the mix. An adjacent room has chests
     on a ridge, only accessible by jumping off one of the higher movable objects,
     such as the T-shaped one. This room's purpose is that there is a block puzzle
     to solve before getting [Necklace of Hera], involving "Tetris"-like shapes. A
      ___ _ ___ _   crank in the room will spin the pieces into their appropriate
     |   | |   | |  angles using the floor dial thing. All pieces except the tiny
     | |¯¯¯¯¯| | |  1x1 block will be used. When all applicable pieces are aligned
     | |¯| |¯ _| |  as in the diagram to the left, the barricade will recede and
     |_|_|_|_|_|_|  Hera's Necklace can be stolen.
     Once obtained, return to the re-opened cliffside, save at the new location,
     and ascend the ladder that was dropped. This leads to a vertical cliff-climb
     area. The exit ends up being the shortest way in this case: after going up a
     bit, look to the "right" where the rock edge thins and Kratos can jump that
     way. Repeat about five times and voila! The slower way is to the right, and
     it leads to a bunch more red orb chests (x4) that give about 1500 more once
     things're said and done. Pretty good!
     Back at the necklace placement area, put both in to make a extension come
     within jumping distance. BEFORE that, though, look for a red-orb chest near
     the Aphrodite's side. There's also an underwater tunnel accessible from this
     area that leads to three more hidden red-orb chests (not shown on map) behind
     some breakable panels. All in all, about 4000 extra orbs...don't miss these
     if you have a brain in your head!
     Now, back to the extended portions. Kratos has to stand on the tip, double-
     -jump to the next slab, then repeat a few times to get the highest. A scene
     where Kratos' backstory is learned, then more minotaurs/legionnaires! At the
     path's end, a pair of ropes swing, allowing the massive gap to be crossed via
     double-jumping. Up the elevator, the level ends in front of...
    11) THE ARCHITECT'S TOMB                                                 [WK11]
           |_|       |___
       EXIT _BELT ROOM_  |_
           | |_______|_   _|
                       | |
                       | |_
                     |¯| |R|                         |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
                     |_ S R|                         | R: Red Orb Chest   |
                       | |¯                          | H: Health Refill   |
                       |  ¯|                         | C: Combo Orb Chest |
                       | |¯          |¯¯¯|           | #: Connected Paths |
                      _| |_     ___  | | |___        | S: Savepoint       |
                     |     |   |RH |_| |C|RR |       |____________________|
                     |     | |¯¯¯|     |  ¯|¯ |¯¯¯|
                     |_ 2 _| |   |__2__| 1 |  | 1 |
                             |             |  |___|
                              ¯¯¯|     |¯¯¯
                                 |S    |
     Save and start jumping across the gap with platforms and sawblades -- take
     your time and anticipate where to land. Across the way, look for a statue on
     one side that can be pushed onto a button there -- don't do this, however.
     On the other side, find the pull-up door that leads to a combo chest and some
     3rd-type legionnaires en route to the roof. Immediately while up there, get a
     couple potshots on the horned cyclops that climbs up, as cerberus pups will
     soon prevent that from happening. If things go south, use Rage of the Gods
     and Army of Hades. One of the roof ladders leads to orbs & health, while
     Kratos can walk on the crane in its initial position and get to the other
     broken ladder area (2 red-orb chests).
     Now, the main crane controls are on the highest part of the roof. Move the
     extension until the weighted block is hanging over the feeble part of the
     ground (it's cracked), then drop the thing using the lever at the crane's
     tip. Back down there, 3 horned cyclops will rear their heads and provide a
     show for Kratos -- stay away from the rail-less edges or Kratos may be knocked
     To solve the door-opening puzzle, do the following: drop weighted block on
     upper (outdoor) switch, push statue into hole's switch, step on switch near
     savepoint and dash across sawblade path to enter door. There's approximately
     20 seconds to do the last portion. Inside, see what's become of Pathos Verdes
     III and take his wife's cranium for the door lock.
     Behind her, cross to a savepoint near 2 red chests, then the structure beyond.
     The stairway leads to the last trap, a conveyor belt room with respawning
     archers and harpies. Destroy all the archers on solid ground, then deal with
     the feathered friends. As we all know, these guys are weak defensively -- so
     use Lance of the Furies (Blades of Chaos Lv5) to take them out en masse. Just
     remember that Kratos can't stay on solid ground for too long or a fire-spewer
     trap will melt him into goo instantly. That's why Lance of the Furies should
     be used on solid ground (slow recovery = smushed by traps) then jump to the
     nearest platform opposite and repeat. Good area-clearer.
     After the trap ends, enter the far room and find the giant globe that houses
     Pandora's Box. Pull out a handle on one side and approach the box, which'll
     return Kratos back to Pandora's Temple. Haul that sucker to the entrance and
    12) THE PATH OF HADES                                                    [WK12]
                                      _| |_
                                     |_   _|        |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
                                     |     |        | R: Red Orb Chest   |
                                      ¯| |¯         | H: Health Refill   |
                                       | |          | C: Combo Orb Chest |
                               __     _| |_         | S: Savepoint       |
                              |      |R| |R|        |____________________|
         Satyr-killing Area --|       ¯|_|¯
                              |      |¯   ¯|
                              |__   |_   _|
                                      _|_|   _
                                    _|_|    |R|
                                   |_|_     |¯|
                                     |_|_   |¯|
                                   _|   |_
                                     | |_      ¯¯|
                                 ____|___|       |-- Hades Pillar Area
                                | R  C |         |
                                | |¯¯¯¯        __|
                         |¯¯    |¯¯|
                         |     _|__|    __
                         |    |  |_____|C |
                         |    |__       __|
                         |       |_____|
        "Kill All Foes" -|       |_| _
             Area        |        _ |_|
                         |       |_|_
                         |        _|_|
                         |__     |_|___
                                 |_S C_|
                                   | | _        ¯¯|
                                   | ||_|         |
                           ________| |     _      |
                        __|______ ___|    |R|     |
                       |RR       |_       | |     |
                        ¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯  |______| |     |
                            ¯¯¯¯¯|  R       |     |
                                 | |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      |-- Spiked Log-rolling Area
                                 | |_________     |
                                 | |R _____  |    |
                                 |_  | _   | |    |
                                   | ||R|  | |    |
                                  _| |_¯   | |    |
                                 |_   _|   |R|    |
                                 |_   _|    ¯   ¯¯
                                 |_   _|  _
                                   | |   |R||¯|
                                 |¯|¯ _¯ |¯||¯|
                                 |¯| |R| |¯| ¯
                                  ¯ ¯|¯|¯ ¯
                                   |C S H|
     How macabre! This disgusting place is the last true level before the game's
     finished. A simple jumping course lays beyond, and has 2 red-orb chests to
     get. These lead to a larger platform where fiery 3rd-type legionnaires are
     wandering around. Luckily, they're of the same skill as they were in death,
     and Kratos sure has sent enough of 'em down here!
     Immediately following, a large "log-rolling" course...only these ones are
     made out of victims' sinews, bloody, and have huge knife/spikes to lacerate
     Kratos on. The first red-orb chest is easy to get just off the path's side,
     and there's another at the first intersection. The fiery archers here will
     fire three exploding projectiles instead of one, so it's in Kratos' best
     interest to kill them ASAP before any mishaps occur. There's another "log"
     parallel to that intersection, but get the offshoot perpendicular to it to
     find a red-orb chest with lots of contents.
     Okay, back to the parallel one. The next red-orb chest platform has a branch
     off to one side, that leads to another "big" red-orb bounty. Nearby, three
     logs are parallel with each other -- the middle leads to two red chests that
     contain a huge # of orbs. The 3rd one leads toward the exit although fiery
     harpies have something to say about that. Eventually, a savepoint! There are
     some moving platforms that near 6 archers. Save your magic and try to get
     through with tactics -- if their bows are lit up, they're going to shoot, so
     jump when it's mostly clear. A minotaur appears with them eventually.
     Now, two raised platforms on either side. The "right" one has four minotaurs
     to destroy near a combo chest; the left way has about the same but with more
     archers. Enemies can be knocked off with a quick combo (Ascension of Artemis
     + O-button on way down for instance). When all enemies on the three platforms
     are killed, Kratos will have access to what is affectionately called the
     "Hades Pillars."
     Let me explain: there are two huge rotating towers filled with spikes that
     Kratos must climb. If he gets hit once, he loses health and falls all the way
     back down. The key to winning is having a clear mind and jumping quickly up,
     with the x-button. If the player can't harness this, this might be the most
     annoying part of the game so far. [But hey, even I quit playing the game for
     these reasons. ;p].
     At the top of the first is a red chest and combo, and at the top of the last,
     health/magic refills and a savepoint! The small jumping course beyond has one
     red orb chest, while the other path leads up to a couple fire satyrs! Oh no!
     Unfortunately, the player will have to slave away and repeatedly kill them to
     make parts of the exit bridge rise. Rob the two red chests nearby and then
     the last two enemies of the level: a pair of archers! Haha...serves 'em right.
     On the summit, someone drops a weighted rope down for Kratos. Climb up and
     emerge at...
    13) TEMPLE OF THE ORACLE                                                 [WK13]
                            BOSS: Ares -> |¯|
                                           ¯| |
                                         ___| |____
                                        |    S     |    ¯|
                                        |          |     |
                                        |¯|        |     |- "Save the Oracle"
                                        | | __     |     |     Courtyard
                                        |___  |____|    _|
                                            | |____
                                            |____  |
                                   _____         | |__
                             ___ _|     |_   _   |__  |
                            /  1| |_   _| | | |_____| |
                           ( (¯¯|         | |1 _____ C|
                            \ \_|         | | |     | |
                             \|_          | |_|     |_|
                                | |_   _| |
                                 ¯  | |  ¯
                                   _| |_         |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
                                  | H B |        | R: Red Orb Chest   |
                                  | S   |        | H: Health Refill   |
                                   ¯|_|¯         | B: Blue Orb Chest  |
                                                 | S: Savepoint       |
                                                 | #: Connected Paths |
     Unlike the temple of yesterdays, this one's trashed and isolated from Athens
     Town Square. Save, collect any health/magic refills and enter the main hall
     for a "monster in the box" trap: mace-hand cyclops and minotaurs. Luckily for
     Kratos, they're all types found early in the game and are easier to kill,
     thusly. Gorgons are up the stairs accompanied by archers, then more of the
     latter in the balcony seating. In the corridor beyond there, minotaurs and
     archers. Whew!
     The courtyard where Kratos once saved the Oracle is now deserted and ruined,
     with only a savepoint. If any chests were left in the tiny mausoleums, they
     might still be there if previously left (?). The passage that leads toward
     the Suicide Bluff area is stocked with refill and red orb chests, so take 'em,
     power-up whatever and save again if needed.
     BOSS: Ares
     Ares' first form is not that difficult, to be honest. He can magically make
     his weapons -- an axe and hammer -- appear at will. He does a smash-and-swing
     combo with his axe, and a couple swings with his axe; both of these can be
     blocked completely. In addition, he can charge Kratos with brute strength and
     do a twofer combo with his weird back claw extensions. When damaged, Ares may
     drop loads of health/magic refills, which is why sniping him with long-range
     Blades of Chaos attacks doesn't really cut it. Block an attack and use 
     Cyclone of Chaos [etc.] to stack the damage and get rewards. In fact, since
     Cyclone of Chaos is quick and multi-hit in nature, it can interrupt Ares a
     bit and let Kratos repeatedly chain it without fear of repercussion (50+
     combo at times).
     I don't recommend using Artemis' blade as it's slow, the damage it does is
     not really comperable to Lv5 Blades of Chaos. The long combos it may use at
     max level simply leave Ares openings to beat the crap out of Kratos. Fun for
     a challenge, but for all practical purposes, go with the Blades. 
     As the damage rolls in, Ares will block more attacks and start using his back
     claw spikes for semi-long-range damage, pushing Kratos away. Use Achilles Flip
     to get in close and deal a bit of hurt, which may give health/magic powerups
     in the meantime. His fire-breathing axe finishes off his axe combo from then
     on, spewing huge amounts of fire...still blockable, though!
     In the last third of battle, Ares will teleport somewhere and start spewing
     large numbers of fireballs. Roll-evading is about the only way to get through
     without incurring useless damage. During this time, it's a good idea to spam
     Army of Hades to start bruising him while he stands still. When his health is
     almost depleted, an O-button input plays for a "tug of war" game, then two
     more inputs let him stab the spikes into Ares back to end the battle.
     Kratos will then be sent into an alternate dimension of sorts where he must
     face off against his deeds of the past. He will then have to save his family
     all over again, versus clones of himself crawling out of the walls. Hugging
     the family (with o-button) will transfer some of Kratos health into them to
     keep them alive. Remember that defeating Ares in the first battle gave about
     10,000 orbs so upgrade skills accordingly (read: ARMY OF HADES & POSEIDON'S
     RAGE). All abilities should be upgraded by now, actually. Remember that
     Kratos can use any magic for free during Rage of the Gods if his Blades of
     Chaos are Lv5!
     Okay, on the subject of Kratos clones, they don't have the same skill as
     their "prototype" but instead like to pester Kratos while others attack his
     family. A powered-up Blade of Artemis can really go to town here but's slow
     enough that things may go badly if the player's not good at wielding it. So,
     Blades of Chaos, like normal, work best. Finding time to hug the fam can be
     difficult, so use Army of Hades first to make the foes indisposed... Should
     the family die, it's game over; same if Kratos falls off the ever-crumbling
     platform. It doesn't help that a few clones use Zeus' Fury while hovering
     off the main area, or that most can't be knocked back by Lance of the Furies.
     Achilles Flip is still helpful, though. Kratos can defeat one instantly by
     doing an O-button slam, also, and it always give magic orbs. Yay!
     When clones with Artemis blades start appearing, immediately kill them in
     the desired fashion (O-button is quick) as they deal the most damage. They're
     slow, however. After completing the trial, the final FINAL boss can be fought.
     BOSS: Ares
     Kratos will have no magic or Blades of Chaos to fight this, and will instead
     be using the "Blade of the Gods", that has four attacks of its own, all
     physical-type. All can be useful except "Gift of Hades" which is COMPLETELY
     slow. The bar in the top portion represents the "tug of war" between the
     two fighters: Kratos is left side, Ares is right side. When one side is 
     damaged, the other side gains health. To win, Kratos must have all of the
     health on his side. Needless to say, blocking is the key to conserving life
     Ares' will be using a sword of his own now. After he does his 4-hit combo
     with that weapon, use Poseidon's Gift (L1 + Square) to get in three quicker
     hits. A full explosion + claw extension combo cannot be blocked (evade with
     right analog!) but his weak "Army of Souls" type attack can. This battle's
     all about watching Ares and letting him make the first move. When his health
     gets lower, he summons four rock pillars, trying to crush Kratos between 'em;
     these can be evaded also by going to one side. Ares can be hit multiple times
     after that rock attack, also. All in all, don't be close-range unless the
     boss has just completed a close-range attack; do a few strikes and back away
     before he can even the score with that cheap explosion/claw combo. The more
     times he does the rock summon, though, the more 5- to 6-hit chain attack can
     be done.
     Also worth noting is that is the blades hit around the same time, there is an
     O-button mashing contest to see who gains the upper hand. If Kratos does it,
     and he should, he gains a lot of health and can daze Ares for a little while.
     When Ares' health is depleted, enjoy the ending scenes.
              _________          _______    _______  _        ______   _ 
              \__   __/|\     /|(  ____ \  (  ____ \( (    /|(  __  \ ( )
                 ) (   | )   ( || (    \/  | (    \/|  \  ( || (  \  )| |
                 | |   | (___) || (__      | (__    |   \ | || |   ) || |
                 | |   |  ___  ||  __)     |  __)   | (\ \) || |   | || |
                 | |   | (   ) || (        | (      | | \   || |   ) |(_)
                 | |   | )   ( || (____/\  | (____/\| )  \  || (__/  ) _ 
                 )_(   |/     \|(_______/  (_______/|/    )_)(______/ (_)
     Afterwards, climb the steps to Mount Olympus and sit on the throne of Ares.
    GORGON EYES                                                              [GRGN]
     • After climbing the tall mast near the captain's quarters where the women're
       hiding, use the zipline to land at a new ship. There's a nondescript chest
       behind some debris that holds the item.
     • After defeating the large hydra and getting the Key of the Captain from the
       monster's innards, the escape route's zipline has a chest on it.
     • After defeating Medusa and finding the ballista to blow the wooden door 
       apart, an offshoot path leads down to a locked gate with the chest.
     • When entering the level and seeing Ares wrecking the city, go right down
       the bifurcation to find the exit to Desert of Lost Souls. It's closed for
       now but a chest is still there.
     • After finishing the minotaur puzzle, go down the street until a couple of
       legionnaire archers are found at a bend of the road. One of the houses has
       the chest on its 2F; use a raised platform adjacent to it for access.
     • Further down the road, near the second gorgon, is a house with the chest
       in its 1F.
     • After first meeting the frightened woman in the square's lower corridor,
       Kratos comes upon a room with ornate carvings and wall panels. On the left
       side of the room is a breakable one with the chest inside.
     • After following the frightened woman to the courtyard (where she stands on
       a broken balcony), Kratos must jump the gap and follow her. However, rather
       than the easy hop, double-jump while yawing left to catch the railing. This
       lets Kratos shimmy to the other side and he can do a backwards double-jump
       to another balcony where the chest's hidden behind a door.
     • In the room where the Wraiths first appear, the downstairs area has a
       section boarded-up. Break that area and uncover the nice surprise.
     • After collecting Zeus' Fury and killing the rooftop archers with it, there
       is a blocked door that will open. Follow it and destroy the shoddy wall to
       find the chest.
     • Climb to the treasury (has a savepoint) roof and look for a ladder in one
       of the corners not initially covered by the camera POV. It leads up to it.
     • After climbing the treasury roof, jump to the third roof, i.e. the one
       that gives access to the mossy side of a 4th larger one. Here, the raised
       edges of the roof can be broken, but on one side there is a long stretch
       where they can't. Go to the nearest corner and jump off; in mid-air, do a
       double-jump inward to land on the hidden balcony chest.
     • After killing the cowardly bridge operator, it's in plain sight within the
       next structure.
     • After completing the Rooftops of Athens portion, Kratos finds a bridge in
       Athens Town Square where a scene with the Oracle plays. After, cross the
       bridge and the three chests that couldn't be gotten previously are in view.
       Find the edge of the broken section near the savepoint and jump off; in
       mid-air, jump toward the section and Kratos will catch the edge hopefully.
       From there, shimmy and align Kratos with the chests, and a do a backwards
       double-jump to find 'em.
     • In front of the temple, in plain sight behind some columns
     • Upon entering the main sanctum (where the harpies are crawling out of wall
       holes), look for ledge near the raisable gate to the left near the combo
     Once the player gets 18 Gorgon Eyes, any future chests that would hold them
     are replaced with RED ORBS. Thus, if there are any past what's listed, I'd be
     happy to add them in if someone can pinpoint them.
    PHOENIX FEATHERS                                                         [PHNX]
     • None!
     • After clearing legionnaires in the dock area, make way toward the elevator
       nearby. Instead of using it however, jump through the hole in the wall and
       swim to a lonely corridor. It contains the phoenix feather!
     • Past the room where Medusa is slain, and up the ladder, is a ballista that
       can be fired. Flip it 180 degrees and fire, revealing the chest behind a
     • After clearing the petrify-minotaur-on-floor-button puzzle, go down the
       street until the first gorgon shows up. A house nearby will have the item
       on the first floor -- just beat down the door!
     • Further down the street, near the second gorgon, is another house with the
       feather in it. It's adjacent to the gorgon eye chest, so finding one is
       finding the other, practically.
     • Near the first savepoint (after the woman falls off a balcony), the chest
       is in plain sight down and to the left.
     • In the room where the wraiths first appear, go upstairs and find the chest
       sitting by itself. Right of there is is the chest in a blindspot, along
       with a couple red-orb ones, too!
     • After collecting Zeus' Fury and killing the rooftop archers with it, there
       is a blocked door that will open. Follow it and destroy the shoddy wall to
       find the chest.
     • After killing the cowardly bridge operator, it's in plain sight within the
       next structure.
     • After completing the Rooftops of Athens portion, Kratos finds a bridge in
       Athens Town Square where a scene with the Oracle plays. After, cross the
       bridge and the three chests that couldn't be gotten previously are in view.
       Find the edge of the broken section near the savepoint and jump off; in
       mid-air, jump toward the section and Kratos will catch the edge hopefully.
       From there, shimmy and align Kratos with the chests, and a do a backwards
       double-jump to find 'em.
     • In front of the temple, in plain sight behind some columns
     • After rescuing the Oracle, redo the climbing course and continue until the
       thin walkway Kratos has to balance on is found. Do the first of the two,
       then move on the beam connected to the cliffwall -- the chest is visible
       on a small cliff above.
     • After rescuing the Oracle and leaving that courtyard, Kratos comes to the
       Suicide Bluff area. Instead of going across the sword bridge, find the
       stairway hewn from the cliff and follow it to the summit -- a chest is near
       the Athena statue.
     • Before entering the sewers (after crossing the sword bridge), check under
       the spiral staircase to find the chest.
     • None!
     • None!
     • After defeating the horned cyclopses following the bodyburner's dialogue,
       ascend the grand stairway and find the chest on the right side.
     • After obtaining the Handle of Atlas and using it on the statue past the
       room with sawblades, ascend the staircase nearby to reach the 2F of that
       statue room. The chest is off to one side with no effort taken to hide it.
     • After burning a human sacrifice, continue to the room where Kratos can find
       Poseidon's Trident. On one side of the room is a ladder in the water that
       leads up to this chest.
     • In the underwater portion of the challenge, locate the first Nyad lazing
       above a hole. Continue down that hole to reach a bifurcation, where some
       blue can be seen moving behind a wall. Break it down with the R1's dash
       ability and kiss the Nyad with the O-button to get the Phoenix Feather!
     • Right of the savepoint in the "Flooded Passage" is a statue of Poseidon
       that leads down to a trap where Kratos must hide in floor grooves to avoid
       a machine pushing the current. Before going down into that trap, search to
       the statue's right for a Nyad behind the wall. This one gives up a Phoenix
       Feather as well.
     Once the player gets 18 Phoenix Feathers, any future chests that would hold
     them are replaced with RED ORBS. Thus, if there are any past what's listed,
     I'd be happy to add them in if someone can pinpoint them.
    ENEMY LIST                                                               [ENMY]
     • Found: Aegean Sea, Gates of Athens, Athens Town Square, Rooftops of Athens,
              Challenge of Posiedon
     Slow, stupid, stinky, and...stupid, these sword-weilding suckers appear in
     droves and are easily killed in droves with Kratos' combos. If given the
     chance they may get in a few attacks, but when hit, often take a long time to
     rebound back into attack mode. Weaklings, to say the least, although in later
     levels they will be slightly faster, have jumping attacks, and have gained
     magic shields that can only be broken with certain abilities!
     A new kind appears during the Challenge of Posiedon, in which they now carry
     a sword and scythe, and have taken a few lessons in being nimble. The armor
     is thicker, they're tougher...and more annoying.
     • Found: Aegean Sea, Road to Athens, Athens Town Square, Rooftops of Athens,
              Challenge of Atlas, Challenge of Posiedon, Challenge of Hades,
              Cliffs of Madness, Architect's Tomb, Path of Hades, Temple of the
              Oracle (Destroyed)
     Just as dull as the sword-users, these archers are found in the most annoying
     of places for the player (high ground, somewhere out of reach, etc.) and fire
     projectiles with grim accuracy. Although physically weak, they rarely appear
     in small groups, so kill with compunction and remember to abuse that right
     analog stick (evasion).
     • Found: Aegean Sea, Rooftops of Athens, Temple of the Oracle, Challenge of
              Poseidon, Cliffs of Madness
     They're spry, they fly, they must die! These winged creatures with heads of
     women and bodies of something out of a disgusting horror novel appear and
     pester Kratos. They're easily killed if Kratos' blades can knock 'em down,
     although if he catches one with O-button, no experience is gained from them!
     Later on, they gain a new color palette, a bit better defense, and a new move:
     diving into the ground for a small area of effect explosion!
     • Found: Rooftops of Athens
     Unlike their dull legionnaire counterparts, these wraiths are armored and own
     a pair of razor-sharp claws for slicin' and dicin'. Kratos can block their
     attack, but when they swarm him, watch out! Grabbing them with O and punching
     the cranium is quite a useful way to rid the world of their undeadness.
     • Found: Gates of Athens, Road to Athens, Rooftops of Athens, Challenge of
              Atlas, Challenge of Hades
     Minotaurs are big, bulky bullmen wielding axes the size of Kratos. They block
     and attack with equal ferocity, and can strike down Kratos if he's not being
     careful. The weakspot (besides magic) is getting them airborne with a combo,
     such as Ascension, where the Spartan can rip 'em to shreds with his weapons.
     If Kratos kill them with the button-input (O-button repeatedly), they yield
     more orbs and some health.
     • Found: Gates of Athens, Athens Town Square, Pandora's Temple, Challenge of
              Poseidon, Architect's Tomb, Temple of the Oracle (Destroyed)
     These lumbering beasts have huge armor, huge weapons, and huge attack power --
     the spirit of super-sizing. The own a powerful "gun" arm that shoots the head
     of a mace, then retracts it. Weaken them with normal attacks until a minigame
     combo appears (ex: X, [], Triangle, [] ) upon which time they'll yield a lot
     more orbs.
     Later on, the cyclops are more primitive types and carry large jawbone clubs
     to bash Kratos with. They can bash, stomp the ground, pick him up if he's too
     near, and swing the club like a baseball bat! The easiest method is magic as
     usual, but barring that, roll in and get a few quick jabs, then backflip out
     of its weapon range; then, repeat!
     EVEN LATER ON, the cyclopses have massive armor and carry mean-looking clubs,
     and have grown speedier: dash attacks and swinging their weapon quickly like
     a scythe. There are many ways to deal with them, but Cyclone of Chaos can get
     in some hits and give enough time to back-roll out of harm's way. They have a
     3-button input for the stylish kill, too. The best way to kill them is to
     leap high or higher than their head and use Cyclone of Chaos/Falling Helios
     to inflict massive damage, and combo them repeatedly. The foe should stand
     there and do nothing until Kratos descends further!
     • Found: Gates of Athens, Road to Athens, Athens Town Square, Challenge of
              Atlas, Challenge of Hades, Temple of the Oracle (Destroyed)
     These snakish women have one of the cheapest abilities found in God of War:
     a petrification beam. Should Kratos be petrified, he can be instantly killed
     by the opponent's strike; thus, the best way to defeat them is evade their
     beam(s) and juggle them in the air -- such as Apollo's Ascension + Apollo's
     Offensive. Wrenching their heads off (with left analog stick button input)
     always yields magic orbs!
     • Found: Desert of Lost Souls, Challenge of Atlas
     These screamers wander the sandstorming desert and attack Kratos with magic
     orb projectiles. Although they aren't tough themselves, a few may appear with
     minotaurs in order to stack the deck in their favor. Kratos could easily rip
     one apart but they're so slippery and lithe that most combos hit thin air!
     Wearing 'em down and breaking their neck afterwards is the way to go. Just
     watch out for their suction attack which leaves Kratos open for damage, even
     if he's blocking!
     • Found: Challenge of Poseidon, Architect's Tomb
     Gigantic and fearsome, the cerberus can spew fire and shoot projectiles as
     well as back up its long-range attacks with physical nonpareil. However, this
     isn't the annoying factor. A large one can spawn several smaller ones, which
     can then grow into large ones as well! If the litter of pups grows starts to
     outnumber Kratos, things can get bad FAST. Thus, it's always wise to petrify
     a large one and then go all out on the smaller ones, making sure all get a
     bit of damage to stop their growth spurts. The non-spawning types that show
     up later on are resistant to petrification, however.
     • Found: Challenge of Hades
     This half-horse, half-human monster gets the best of all worlds: speed in all
     things it does, annoying interruptive attacks, and both close-range and long-
     -range strikes. However, they can be knocked off-guard and juggled by such
     skills as the Achilles Flip, which is good since they usually appear in gangs
     of four.
     • Found: Cliffs of Madness, Path of Hades
     It's quick and has some hard-hitting combos that can capitalize on weakspots
     in Kratos' attack. The thing is purely close-range! Like other enemies, the
     best way to slog away at it is to get it airborne with Achilles Flip or some
     other ascension-type attack. The downside is that the satyr may recover and
     start guarding, letting some multi-hit strikes get blocked. Still susceptible
     to petrification though, although if they appear with any cohorts it may not
     be an option for long...
    WEAPONS/MAGIC                                                            [WPNG]
     | ORB # | EFFECTS                                           Blades of Chaos |
     |  ---- | Weak attack, mediocre range, not many combo options               |
     |  1500 | Learn: Apollo's Ascension, Apollo's Offensive, Hermes Rush,       |
     |       | Hermes Stomp; Can now use Rage of the Gods when meter is filled   |
     |  2250 | Learn: Cyclone of Chaos (also Air), Spirit of Hercules, Valor of  |
     |       | Hercules, Hades Revenge (for use with Hades Reverse parry tech)   |
     |  3750 | Learn: Rising Helios, Falling Helios (Air), Hermes Fury, Achilles |
     |       | Flip.                                                             |
     |  9000 | Learn: Lance of the Furies, Lance of the Furies (Air), Might of   |
     |       | Hercules, Athena's Blessing (Rage of the Gods = infinite magic)   |
     | ORB # | EFFECTS                                          Blade of Artemis |
     |  ---- | Learn: Wrath of Artemis, Revenge of Arrtemis, Ascension of Artemis|
     |       | and Retribution of Artemis.                                       |
     |  3750 | Blade power increases                                             |
     | 10000 | Blade power increases                                             |
     | ORB # | EFFECTS                                           Poseidon's Rage |
     |  ---- | Low damage, small area of effect                                  |
     |  1650 | More damage, larger area of effect, spin attack function          |
     |  4500 | More damage, larger area of effect; Learn: Wrath of Poseidon      |
     | ORB # | EFFECTS                                             Medusa's Gaze |
     |  ---- | Slow petrify beam, single-target                                  |
     |  3000 | Faster petrify beam; Learn: Gorgon Flash, Gorgon Flash (Air)      |
     |  7500 | Better petrify beam; Learn: Gorgon Rage                           |
     | ORB # | EFFECTS                                                Zeus' Fury |
     |  ---- | Slow-loading long-range damage, single-target                     | 
     |   750 | Strong attack, can charge bolts, faster firing rate               |
     |  3500 | Stronger attack, Learn: Might of Zeus                             |
     | ORB # | EFFECTS                                             Army of Hades |
     |  ---- | Souls of the dead aid Kratos in defeating the enemies             | 
     |  4500 | Souls of the dead are more plentiful and stronger                 |
     | 10000 | Souls of the dead are even more plentiful and stronger            |
    UNLOCKABLES                                                              [LCKB]
     Found under the "Treasures" section of the main menu, the player can see get
     special options by beating the game on various difficulties.
     ______________________________ _____________________________________________
    | UNLOCKABLE                   | OPEN BY...                                  |
    | The Making of the God of War | Available at any time                       |
    | God of War Trailers          | Available at any time                       |
    | Credits                      | Beat game of any difficulty                 |
    | Deleted Levels               | Beat game of any difficulty                 |
    | Heroic Possibilities         | Beat game of any difficulty                 |
    | Vision of Ancient Greece     | Beat game of any difficulty                 |
    | Monsters of Myth             | Beat game of any difficulty                 |
    | The Birth of the Beast       | Beat game on any difficulty                 |
    | God Mode                     | Beat game on any difficulty                 |
    | Character Graveyard          | Beat game on any difficulty                 |
    | Challenge of the Gods        | Beat game on any difficulty                 |
    | In-Game Movies               | Beat game on any difficulty                 |
    | A Secret Revealed            | Beat game on God Mode                       |
    | The Fate of the Titan        | Beat game on God Mode                       |
    | Additional Costumes          | Beat all 10 Challenge of the Gods           |
    | Secret Message 1             | Beat game on God Mode                       |
    | Secret Message 2             | Destroy Minotaur/Ares statues at Olympus to |
    |                              | find a scrambled phone number to call that  |
    |                              | applauds your bravery, etc.                 |
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