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    FAQ/Walkthrough by khaoz95746

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 02/09/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

        W@WWW     WWWW   WWWWWWW       @@*###**#W  WWWW   W   WWW   W    WWWWWWW
      W+@@#@*#   @@@#@*W W#*@@@*##    #*@#W WW@+*+  **#   *   @@W, +#+   W+*@@++W
     @+@ W  W#  *#    @+W #+   W#+    *#W      @++* @+W  @+*  @W   +*+   W+* ,@+@
     **W     W @+@    W*: *+    @#*  @*@       W#:+WW+#  #*+  *W  *#:@   W+:  W+W
    W+:        ++W    W:+ *:     ++WW+*W#@@:W+#@@++* ** @W@+W *, WWW++   W++*++W
    W::   @@@@W++W    W:# ::    W:* W*+@@  +W:WW#+**W+: #W#::W#  *WW+:W  W::W::W,
     +:,   @:+ @:@    W:# ++    @:W W++##  *W+#WW::# @:*W  #:@  W*@#*:#  W+: @:*,
     @:+   W+# W+#    ++W,+*   W+@  W**@+,W@ +  W+:* W:#,  @+:  @WW W+:  W+:, #*W
      @*#@W*#*  ##*#@*@W W++#@+*@W, W+# @#@ #*@ @+*@ W*@   W+* W+    *++ W*+W @++W
       WW@@W*#    W#WW   WWWW@WW     @*#        ++@   @     #@##W#  @@@@#WWWW  @++
           W@*                       W*@W      #+#W                              ##
                                   @  @**@W  W*+@@  @                             #
                                   W#@WWW*#  +#W@@@##
                                   @###*#*#  *W##W#W#
                                   @####@##  #*@##@##
                                    WWWWWWW  WWWWWWW
    God Of War
    For Playstation 2
    Complete Guide
    By Joseph Timoney
    Contains Spoilers
    Contact: jtimoney2010{at}gmail{dot}com
    Myspace: myspace.com/khaoz95746
                                      Legal Stuffs
    This guide is intended for personal use only. It may not be published,
    reproduced, or reprinted in any way without my express permission.
    It is copyrighted to me, Joseph Timoney.
    Feel free to print it up or save it to a flash or Ipod to give to your friends.
    Only the following site may post this guide:
    Yep, that's it.  I don't use other sites, so I don't see why they should
    be allowed to use me. :-)
                                      Side Notes
    Extra Challenge
    For those of you who have already beaten this game silly and are looking for an
    extra challenge, I can provide you with that. Throughout the walkthrough there
    will be places where I will describe a Challenge, and no strategy to beat it.
    Yep, that means you get to figure it out on your own. I will use a rating
    system for the difficulty of these challenges, ranging from 1 to 5, with 5
    being the hardest. The especially hard ones will be denoted by an asterisk
    mark (*). The box on the left side of the challenge title bars is a checkbox
    that you can use to check off the challenge once you beat it, just in case
    you decide to print this guide out.
    For the ones that say something like Kill X number of X enemy, what you should
    do is pause it and go find a paper and pen so you can make tally marks. Or if
    you print it out just do it on there. I don't care what you do with your paper,
    it's yours; just make sure you keep track of the numbers. Lose count and you
    have to start all over again. Guessing means you aren't sure if you did it or
    Just to make things perfectly clear, I have accomplished each and every
    challenge I will lay out for you in God Mode, so you know for a fact that it is
    not impossible. If you would like to skip directly to a challenge, they are in
    the Quick-Find codes. If you feel as if you are absolutely stuck, you can drop
    me a line at my email address listed above and I will get back to you. It might
    take a while, but I will always take the time to return any mail to anybody who
    takes the time to mail me. Be sure to say whether you want the solution or if
    you just want a hint.
    Hint: Except for the final challenge, it is acceptable to do these challenges
    on any difficulty, depending on your personal skill level. Obviously, they will
    be most rewarding if you do them on God Mode.
    I should also say, there are a great many glitches in this game that allow
    you to take advantage of the environment and your enemies. I will briefly
    mention a few of them, but for the true gamer, the strategies and combos I
    outline will not make use of any of them, except for the one where you can use
    the Blade of Artemis and the Blades of Chaos at the same time, because when you
    do this, it does not raise the damage you do, it just looks cool. There are a
    few other strategies that I will mention that take advantage of a select few 
    certain... oversights... made by the developers, but these things are part of
    the game mechanics and I do not consider them cheating. I seriously have a big
    problem with anybody who thinks that cheating on a game is an okay thing to do
    if it is a game they have never beaten before. (cough cough Grand Theft Auto
    cough cough) It's just like cheating anywhere else, it's no different. Like in
    school. Yeah, you might get through a few classes, but what happens when you
    get put to the test? So for those of you who care, this is strictly a
    no-cheating guide.
    Contact me if...
    Since I have never read the official guide, there is a distinct possibility
    that I may have missed a chest or two or maybe something else. If you know of
    anything at all that I have overlooked, please tell me so I can fix the guide.
    Even if it is something as small as an enemy attack or property, or even if I
    just forgot to capitalize an enemy's name or if I have made a spelling error!
    Please tell me.
    The Credits
    Please read the Credits!!
    As a final added side note, I know the ASCII art at the top looks like garbage
    up close. It's abstract, so stand across the room and look again. I must also
    say here, I did not draw that. Read the Credits. I need to work on my ASCII Art
    skills big time.
                                 The Quick-Find System
             ---For those who are unfamiliar with the Quick-Find System---
    This guide utilizes a Quick-Find system.  Look in the table of contents for the
    Quick-Find code you want, then copy and paste the code into your browser's
    Finder (Press Ctrl+F) to quickly scroll to the desired location. The reason the
    codes are surrounded with X's is so that you can grab the code with your mouse
    easier. For example, if you wanted the code xxxmvmtxxx to quickly scroll to the
    movement section, even if you only grabbed xmvmtxxx and missed the first 2 X's,
    you would still go to the same section. Just be sure to grab at least one x on
    each side.
                                   Table of Contents
        Section Title                                                    Quick-Code
    1.  Introduction-----------------------------------------------------xxxintrxxx
    2.  Controls=========================================================xxxctrlxxx
    3.  Movement---------------------------------------------------------xxxmvmtxxx
        Challenge #1: Walk the Line======================================xxxcha1xxx
    4.  Hidden Movement--------------------------------------------------xxxhmvtxxx
    5.  Attacks==========================================================xxxatksxxx
    6.  Hidden Attacks---------------------------------------------------xxxhatkxxx
    7.  Magics===========================================================xxxmagcxxx
    8.  Hidden Magics----------------------------------------------------xxxhmagxxx
    9.  Battle Strategy==================================================xxxbstrxxx
    10. Combo Ideas------------------------------------------------------xxxcmboxxx
    11. Walkthrough======================================================xxxwkthxxx
        Area 1: The Aegean Sea-------------------------------------------xxxaegexxx
         Challenge #2: Pesterchest 1=====================================xxxcha2xxx
         Challenge #3: Milk It For What It's Worth-----------------------xxxcha3xxx
         Challenge #4: Kratos the Conquerer==============================xxxcha4xxx
        Area 2: The Gates of Athens--------------------------------------xxxgathxxx
         Challenge #5: SNAKES? I HATE SNAKES!============================xxxcha5xxx
         Challenge #6: Minotaur Brawl------------------------------------xxxcha6xxx
         Challenge #7: Penetrator========================================xxxcha7xxx
        Area 3: The Rooftops of Athens-----------------------------------xxxrftpxxx
         Challenge #8: Kratos the Couch Potato===========================xxxcha8xxx
         Challenge #9: Pesterchest 2-------------------------------------xxxcha9xxx
         Challenge #10: Kratos the Homewrecker===========================xxxch10xxx
        Area 4: The Temple of the Oracle---------------------------------xxxoracxxx
         Easy Infinite Experience========================================xxxexpsxxx
         Challenge #11: Kratos the Tightrope Artist----------------------xxxch11xxx
        Area 5: The Sewers of Athens=====================================xxxswrsxxx
         Challenge #12: Waterway Brawl-----------------------------------xxxch12xxx
        Area 6: The Desert of Lost Souls=================================xxxdsrtxxx
         Challenge #13: Marathon in the Desert---------------------------xxxch13xxx
        Area 7: Pandora's Temple=========================================xxxtmplxxx
        Area 8: The Challenge of Atlas-----------------------------------xxxatlaxxx
         Challenge #14: KRATOS SMASH!====================================xxxch14xxx
         Challenge #15: Kratos the Acrobat 1-----------------------------xxxch15xxx
        Area 9: The Challenge of Poseidon================================xxxpsdnxxx
         Challenge #16: Cerberus Brawl-----------------------------------xxxch16xxx
         Challenge #17: Kratos the Tactician=============================xxxch17xxx
         Challenge #18: Kratos the Merciless-----------------------------xxxch18xxx
         Challenge #19: Kratos the Acrobat 2=============================xxxch19xxx
        Area 10: The Challenge of Hades----------------------------------xxxhdesxxx
         Challenge #20: Centaur Brawl====================================xxxch20xxx
         Challenge #21: Hallway Brawl------------------------------------xxxch21xxx
         Challenge #22: Kratos the Acrobat 3=============================xxxch22xxx
         The Boss Minotaur-----------------------------------------------xxxbrutxxx
        Area 11: The Cliffs of Madness===================================xxxclfsxxx
         Challenge #23: Cliffhanger--------------------------------------xxxch23xxx
        Area 12: The Architect's Tomb====================================xxxtombxxx
         The Final Battle for Pandora's Box------------------------------xxxfbpbxxx
         Challenge #24: Scoot the Box!===================================xxxch24xxx
        Area 13: The Path of Hades---------------------------------------xxxphdsxxx
         Challenge #25: Underworld Brawl=================================xxxch25xxx
         Challenge #26: Leaps of Faith-----------------------------------xxxch26xxx
        The Final Battle=================================================xxxfinlxxx
    12. Challenge of the Gods Guide--------------------------------------xxxchgdxxx
    13. Item List========================================================xxxitemxxx
    14. Unlockables------------------------------------------------------xxxlockxxx
    15. Bestiary/Enemy Strategies/Properties=============================xxxbstixxx
        The Final Challenge: Divine Retribution-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->--xxx!!!!xxx
    16. Credits==========================================================xxxcrdtxxx
    Meet Kratos. The game is all about him. (I lost) Ever seen the movie 300? Well,
    Kratos is 1. He was a Spartan Captain before dedicating his life to servitude
    to the Gods of Olympus. Some things happened, and, suffice it to say, he is not
    very happy with them anymore, Ares in particular. If you play through this
    game, you will understand his reasons behind this. (Although, if you ask me,
    Kratos doesn't need any particular reason to dislike anybody. He is not exactly
    a nice person.)
    You must use a DualShock 2 Analog controller to play this game.
    Look on your controller, you will see 15 buttons and 2 joysticks.
    Here are their names and functions.
    Normal Controls
    Analog Button----------------------------------------------Not used
    Start Button================================Brings up Power Up Menu
    Select Button----------------------------------Brings up Pause Menu
    Directional Pad===============Switches Magic, Switches Menu options
    X button--------------------------Jump, Confirms highlighted option
    O button=======================Grab, Swing back and forth on a rope
    Square button------------------------------------------Light attack
    Triangle button===================Heavy attack, Cancels menu option
    Left Stick----------------------------------------------Move Kratos
    Right Stick===================================================Evade
    L1 button--------------------------The most important button-Guard!
    L2 button=================================================Use Magic
    R1 button-----------------------Shoulder Rush (Once it is unlocked)
    R2 button===============Interact with environment/Sheath the Blades
    R2+X------------------Hold & release to kick a block when moving it
    There are actually 2 more buttons on the controller, the L3 and R3 buttons.
    These are used by depressing the left and right analog sticks, respectively.
    Depress them both at once to activate Rage of the Gods, once it is unlocked.
    Learn these buttons. You should be able to close your eyes, pick up the
    controller, and be able to push any one of them on command.
    Okay, now that you know the basics, we will go over how to move Kratos around.
    Tilt the left analog stick slightly to walk, tilt it all the way to run.  The
    right analog stick is used to evade. Press it in any direction, and depending
    on what way Kratos is facing, he will roll forward, backwards, right, or left.
    Kratos is impenetrable to damage during the first half of the roll animation,
    and you can cancel most normal attacks with a roll.  It is a very useful
    maneuver. Press the X button to jump. Press it again in midair to double jump.
    To get the maximum height, press X at the very peak of your jump. Kratos can
    climb walls, cross balance beams, climb and swing on ropes, go hand-over-hand
    on tightropes, climb ladders, go hand-over-hand on ledges, shimmy along ledges,
    and swim. On the wall, you can press Square for a light attack, Triangle for a
    heavy attack, Circle for a grab, and X and Left, Right, or Up to jump in that
    direction. On a tightrope, you can press Square for a light attack, Triangle
    for a heavy attack, Circle for a grab, and X to simply drop off. You cannot
    attack while swinging on a rope, walking on a balance beam, or going
    hand-over-hand on a ledge. If you slip off the side of a balance beam, you
    can press X to get back up. You can also press X to jump off of a balance
    beam, ladder, wall, or ledge. When jumping off of a ladder, wall, rope, or a
    ledge when walking on it, Kratos will jump in a straight line and cannot turn
    mid-jump. On the contrary, when jumping off of a ledge while hanging off it
    or jumping off of a balance beam, Kratos can turn mid jump. As far as swimming
    goes, just move using the left stick, swim up using Triangle or X, swim down
    using Square, press X at the surface to jump out, press and hold R1 for the
    Swim Dash, and press Circle to grab. There is no fighting underwater, and in
    fact, if you can knock enemies that you are fighting into the water they will
    automatically die (Prince of Persia, anyone?) But trust me, there is a use for
    the grab while swimming.
    Also, there are two very helpful things to know. When Kratos falls from a very
    far height, he will crouch for a second. If Kratos gets knocked down to the
    ground, he will lay on the ground for a while. These two things can leave you
    totally defenseless. So here is a way to get out of them both easily.
    When you fall a far distance and are crouching, simply roll to cut the
    animation short and get away quickly. And when you are knocked to the ground,
    repeatedly press the X button to get up fast. The latter involves a little bit
    of timing. Do not start to press the X button until he stops bouncing. If you
    start pressing X too soon, this trick will not work. Also, if you are knocked
    down, you can hold the right analog stick in any direction and you will roll
    away quickly.
    |    |                          Challenge #1
    |    |                           xxxcha1xxx
    |____|                          Difficulty:2
                                    Walk The Line
    Make it through the entire game without ever seeing the tutorial message
    telling you that you can press X to get back onto a balance beam.
                                    Hidden Movement
                                   The Infinite Roll
    This is the Hidden Movement that will help you out the most.  Roll, then when
    the roll is almost over, keep holding the analog stick in the desired direction
    and tap Square.  This can be a little tricky with your thumb at first, so
    beginners should curl their right pointer finger over the top of the controller
    to pull it off. After some practice, you should be able to do it with your
    thumb only (if it is wide enough, sorry girls). For you girls with your cute
    little tiny thumbs, what you can do instead is use your left thumb to tilt the
    right analog stick and press the Square button with your right thumb. The whole
    idea behind this trick is that you can cancel a roll with a Square attack, and
    you can also cancel a Square attack with a roll. You can redirect Kratos
    slightly in between each roll by holding the left analog stick in the
    direction you want to go.
    The Infinite Roll will help you to move around in combat more easily, not to
    mention move to your destinations faster. For those of you who are on your
    second or more playthrough, this is a good trick because all that time spent
    running between fights and through the levels is significantly lowered with
    this trick.
    Once you have the Blade of Artemis, this technique becomes much easier because
    you can use the R1 button in place of the Square button while you have the
    Blade equipped.
    Alternately, once you get the R1 attack with the Blades of Chaos, (Hermes Rush)
    you can also roll, then shoulder rush, then roll again, but it is not as fast,
    although it does allow you to easily redirect yourself for the next roll.
    Also, there is one more way to do the Infinite Roll. It involves the Achilles
    Flip (roll, then jump).  What you will do is roll, then press X about halfway
    through the roll. If you do it correctly, Kratos will just keep on rolling.
    This is the fastest way to do the Infinite Roll, but you can only do it after
    you unlock the Achilles Flip. 
    Master these Hidden Movements and you will dance around your enemies like a
    butterfly. A butterfly with two very long chain blades, a giant sword, godly
    powers, and a very bad temper.
                                    The High Jump
    Okay I'm going to say it right now, this is almost completely useless, because
    every place in the game you can reach can be reached without this.  There is
    one place in the game where it can be used and it is actually pretty fun to
    do it, which I will cover in a sec.  Basically, what you are going to do is
    jump, jump again at the peak, and then do the L1+Triangle attack.  This gives
    Kratos a little bit of extra air.  Like I said, almost useless, but it is
    possible, and therefore I must cover it. The only place in the game this comes
    in handy is in the Challenge of Hades. In the long hallway where there are
    rolling balls of fire coming at you, you can actually clear the fireballs with
    this trick. You would think this takes the challenge out of this room, but in
    actuality, it is harder to consistently time it right and jump every fireball
    than it is to just walk around them.
                                    The Long Jump
    This trick will allow you to jump for a further distance than with a normal
    double jump. Just double jump, then use the Hermes Stomp at the end. (R1, once
    the Blades are at Level 2.) At first, this might seem like it's kind of
    useless, but it's actually very useful. There are places where you have to
    jump a very far distance, and this makes those jumps much easier.
    Attack Notation is as follows:
    *2-Press the button twice.
    *3-Press the button three times.
    *4-Press the button four times.
    ...And so on.
    Example: S*4 means press Square 4 times
    S-Press Square.
    T-Press Triangle.
    O-Press Circle.
    X-Press X.
    Example: STST means press Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle.
    + sign-Press and hold the first button, then press the second button.
    Example: L1+S means press and hold L1, then press Square.
    (H)-Keep the button pressed until the move executes.
    Example: S(HS) means press Square once, release, then press and hold Square.
    (Air)-Everything inside the parentheses is done while in the air.
    Example: (HT)(AirS*3) means hold Triangle for a launcher, then press Square 3
    times while in the air.
    Here's a long notation, just for practice:
    This means press Square, Square, Triangle, then press and hold Triangle,
    once in the air press Circle to grab the enemy, then press and hold L1+Square,
    then press and hold L1+Circle. Which is a fairly mean combo.
    Canceling Attacks
    Almost all attacks can be cancelled. This can be accomplished in one of 6 ways.
    1-Guard (L1)
    2-Jump (X)
    3-Roll (Right Analog)
    4-Cancel an attack with Magic.
    5-Aerial attacks can be cancelled early by landing on the ground.
    6-Obviously if you get hit your attack will cancel.
    Utilize canceling effectively and build your own combos.
    Guard cancel to go into specials or switch weapons, ground cancel aerial
    attacks to continue the juggle from the ground, Magic cancel for nice
    finishers, roll cancel to avoid an attack and choose a different angle,
    jump cancel to start an aerial combo on a launched enemy, etc.
                                    Blades of Chaos
    The Blades of Chaos are your basic weapons. They are nice and fast, and there
    is a plethora of different moves with them. Once you learn all the moves, the
    possibilities for combos becomes endless, allowing for free-form fighting the
    likes of which had never before been seen in the gaming industry to date.
    Anywhoo, probably the most important thing to familiarize yourself with once
    you have mastered the basics of these absurdly sick weapons is the ability to
    guard cancel. Most moves with the Blades can be cancelled by pressing L1, but
    there are some animations that do not allow you to do this, resulting in a
    short-term inability to defend yourself. Become familiar with these moves and
    you will be able to decide on the fly whether or not it is a good time to
    attempt said move. Lastly, since the game does not give names for many of the
    attacks that can be done, I have taken the liberty of naming them.
    Blades of Chaos, Basic Moves
    Basic level, no Red Orb requirement.
    Blades are a pale yellow color.
    These are all your basic moves, learn them well.
    Button----------Attack Name-------------------Number of Hits-------------Effect
    L1--------------Hades Reverse-----------------------0---------------------Parry
    ^I say that Hades Reverse does not damage the enemies, but on rare occasions,
    I have seen it actually kill a Harpy!
    X*2-------------Icarus Lift-------------------------0---------------Double Jump
    I feel like I should put something in here about aerial attacks. There is not
    much you can do in the air without specials, but I should at least say this.
    There is a 3 hit Square combo that can be interrupted with Triangle at any
    time. The Square hits are not that damaging, they are mostly just used to keep
    your target in the air. The Triangle attack is more useful, because it is fast
    and has a Bounce effect. You can also grab while in the air with Circle. The
    Square hits can be interrupted with a grab. The Triangle hits cannot. You can
    guard to cancel any of these attacks.
    Square Combos
    Button---------Attack Name--------------------Number of Hits-------------Effect
    S---------------Single Slash------------------------1----------------------None
    S*2=============Double Slash========================2======================None
    S*3-------------Triple Slash------------------------3----------------------None
    S*4=============Quadruple Slash=====================5======================None
    S*5-------------Quintuple Slash---------------------7----------------------None
    S*6=============Demon's Wing Finisher===============8=================Knockback
    ST--------------Quick Bounce------------------------3--------------------Bounce
    ^ST is the beginning move for most of the more effective combos with the Blades
    because it does the Triangle combo starter, but faster, and can also bounce an
    enemy and allow you to juggle them for the rest of the combo.
    STS=============Quick Bounce to Square Combo========4====================Bounce
    S(HT)-----------Quick Bounce to Ascension-----------4------------Bounce, Launch
    S*2(HT)=========Double Slash to Ascension===========3====================Launch
    S*3(HT)---------Triple Slash to Ascension-----------4--------------------Launch
    S*4(HT)=========Quadruple Slash to Ascension========6====================Launch
    S*5(HT)---------Quintuple Slash to Ascension--------8--------------------Launch
    S*6(HT)=========Demon's Wing Finisher to Ascension==9=========Knockback, Launch
    S*2T------------Plume of Prometheus-----------------4--------------------Bounce
    ^S*2T!!!!!! As you progress through the game, you will learn lots of new
    combos. It is only natural that you will start to use those instead. But
    has decent damage, and has a bounce effect. It is the most useful combo you
    have at your disposal at the start of the game. You will start to learn all
    these new combos and will be just itching to use them, but when you are in a
    pinch, forget all that technical junk and just revert back to good ol'
    Square Square Triangle. It will --save--your--rear--.
    S*3T------------Plume of Prometheus-----------------5--------------------Bounce
    S*4T============Plume of Prometheus=================7====================Bounce
    S*5T------------Leaping Plume of Prometheus---------10------Bounce, High Damage
    ^After any Plume of Prometheus, you can hold Triangle to go into Ascension.
    Triangle Combos
    Button----------Attack Name-------------------Number of Hits-------------Effect
    T---------------Slow Bounce-------------------------2--------------------Bounce
    TS==============Slow Bounce to Square Combo=========3====================Bounce
    Evade,T---------Evade to Quick Bounce---------------2--------------------Bounce
    ^With any Hold Triangle move, if you let go of Triangle early, the enemy will
    launch and Kratos will stay on the ground. If you hold Triangle the whole time,
    Kratos will rise into the air with the enemy. You can also press X late to make
    Kratos follow the enemy into the air late.
    Circle Attacks
    Button----------Attack Name-------------------Number of Hits-------------Effect
    O---------------Orion's Harpoon---------------------1--------------------Bounce
    ^Orion's Harpoon must be done to an airborne enemy while Kratos is on the
    ground. He will stick them with one of his Blades and slam them into the
    ground. This can be done repeatedly with some enemies. Your victim will also
    damage any enemy he comes in contact with on the way down.
    O---------------Grab--------------------------------Varies w/enemy---------Grab
    O*2L1+X=========Grab Cancel to Block================1=====================Block
    ^With this, you must punch the enemy you are grabbing once and then press L1+X
    and you will stay on the ground and block.
    OXEvade=========Grab Cancel to Evade================0=====================Evade
    OX--------------Grab Cancel to Air------------------0----------------------Jump
    OS==============Grab Whip===========================1============Extreme Damage
    ^OS is easily the most useful grab because of the damage that can be done with
    it. Kratos will impale the enemy in the stomach with one of his Blades and then
    whirl them around in a circle, dealing extreme damage to any enemies who come
    in contact with your victim.
    OO==============Grab Punch==========================1===Punch, Leech Experience
    OO(Enemy Weak)--Grab Kill Impale--------------------3----------------------Kill
    OT==============Grab Kill Decimate==================1=======Kill, No Experience
    ^There are some enemies that you can do this grab to and still get experience.
    These are the Armored Soldiers (the guys that jump into the air and hit you
    with a blue arcing vertical slash.) You must get them down to their Circle
    state, and then you can do this grab and not be punished for its cheapness.
    (AirO)----------Aerial Grab-------------------------Varies w/enemy---------Grab
    Blades of Chaos, Level 2 New Moves
    Put 1,500 Red Orbs into the Blades to gain this level.
    Blades turn to a pale orange color.
    Some new attacks, nothing amazing yet, Hermes Rush is quite useful.
    Button----------Attack Name-------------------Number of Hits-------------Effect
    OL1+X===========Grab to Apollo's Ascension==========1============Grab to Launch
    O*2L1+X---------Grab Cancel to Neutral--------------1------------Neutral Stance
    ^With this, you must punch the enemy you are grabbing once and then press L1+X
    and you will stay on the ground and go into a neutral stance. This is different
    from the grab cancel with level 1 Blades because he will no longer block
    afterwards once you have unlocked Apollo's Ascension. You can still block if
    you hold L1 after you cancel.
    L1+X------------Apollo's Ascension------------------1--------------------Launch
    (AirL1+X)=======Apollo's Offensive==================10===================Bounce
    R1--------------Hermes Rush-------------------------1----------------------None
    (AirR1)=========Hermes Stomp========================1======================None
    R1T-------------Hermes Rush to Quick Bounce---------3--------------------Bounce
    R1(HT)==========Hermes Rush to Ascension============2====================Launch
    R1(HT)----------H.Rush to Quick Bounce to Ascension-4------------Bounce, Launch
    ^The difference between these two is that if you delay for a sec before holding
    triangle, Kratos will do a Quick Bounce before he does Ascension, but if you
    start holding Triangle before Hermes Rush is over, he will go straight into
    R1==============Hermes Rush Cancel==================1====================Cancel
    ^Once you get the Hermes Rush, many of the attacks with the Blades of Chaos can
    be cancelled using this attack. Make good use of the Hermes Rush and the combos
    that it opens up.
    L3+R3-----------Rage of the Gods--------------------!-------------Kratos Angry!
    ^Wow. What can be said about Rage of the Gods? It increases your damage with
    the Blade of Artemis by a lot. You glow blue. Any normal moves you still have
    get stronger. You cannot be knocked out of any of your attacks. If you activate
    Rage of the Gods while you are in an enemy's grab, like when the Kratos Clones
    grab you and you have to wiggle the analog stick, you will break out of it
    automatically. You can't be frozen by Gorgons while in it. The meter for it
    sits in the lower right of the screen and looks like a Spartan's helmet. You
    fill it by damaging enemies, taking damage, hugging your family, and doing any
    enemy minigame (this includes bosses and is a key part of boss strategy). A
    friend once told me "I don't even use Rage of the Gods, because I don't need
    it." My response to that is, if you are that good, then just use it anyway as
    soon as it's full for the awesome factor. Because it's frickin' awesome.
    Rage of the Gods Moves
    Note-You still have access to all of your specials while in Rage, L1+X, etc.
    Button----------Attack Name-------------------Number of Hits-------------Effect
    S---------------Single Slash------------------------1----------------------None
    S*3-------------Double Whirlwind--------------------4----------------------None
    S*4=============Double Whirlwind to Whiplash Finish=7=================Knockback
    ST--------------Single Slash to Divine Frenzy-------4----------------------None
    S(HT)===========Single Slash to Frenzy Ascension====5====================Launch
    S*2T------------Raging Plume of Prometheus----------5----------------------None
    S*2(HT)=========Whirlwind Ascension=================3====================Launch
    S*3T------------Lethal Plume of Prometheus----------4----------------------None
    S*3(HT)=========Double Whirlwind Ascension==========6====================Launch
    ST*2------------Quick Frenzy------------------------6----------------------None
    ST(HT)==========Quick Frenzy Ascension==============5====================Launch
    ST*3------------Quick Frenzy to Lethal Plume--------7----------------------None
    STS*2===========Quick Frenzy to Whiplash Finish=====7=================Knockback
    STST------------Plume of Retribution----------------6----------------------None
    T===============Divine Frenzy=======================3======================None
    (HT)------------Divine Frenzy Ascension-------------4--------------------Launch
    T*2=============Double Frenzy=======================5======================None
    T(HT)-----------Double Frenzy Ascension-------------5--------------------Launch
    T*3=============Lethal Frenzy of Prometheus=========6======================None
    TS*2------------Divine Frenzy to Whiplash Finish----6-----------------Knockback
    TST=============Divine Plume of Prometheus==========5======================None
    R1--------------Divine Rush-------------------------1----------------------None
    R1*2============Angel Wing Finisher=================2=================Knockback
    R1T-------------Divine Plume------------------------2----------------------None
    R1(HT)==========Divine Ascension====================2====================Launch
    R1S-------------Divine Whiplash---------------------3-----------------Knockback
    Blades of Chaos, Level 3 New Moves
    Put 2,250 more Red Orbs into the Blades to gain this level.
    Blades turn to a light orange color.
    This is when the Blades start getting really good. Counterattacks! Plus, the
    Triangle combos are the single most damaging thing Kratos can do with the
    Blades. I have seen too many people play this game, get used to Square being
    attack and Triangle being finish, and then when they get this, they pretty
    much ignore it. To illustrate the difference, try getting through the same
    fight twice, the first time using only Square, the second time using only
    Triangle. You will see what I mean.
    Button----------Attack Name-------------------Number of Hits-------------Effect
    L1+S------------Cyclone of Chaos--------------------9----------------------None
    (AirL1+S)=======Cyclone of Chaos====================10=====================None
    T*3-------------Slow Spirit of Hercules-------------7--Bounce, Very High Damage
    T*2S============Slow Valor of Hercules==============5====Knockback, High Damage
    ST*3------------Quick Spirit of Hercules------------8--Bounce, Very High Damage
    ST*2S===========Quick Valor of Hercules=============6====Knockback, High Damage
    ST(HT)----------Extra Hit Quick Bounce to Ascension-6------------Bounce, Launch
    ST*3(HT)========Quick Spirit of Herc to Ascension===9=Bounce, Launch, V.H. Damg
    ST*2S(HT)-------Quick Valor of Herc to Ascension----7-Knockback, Launch, H.Damg
    The following are counterattacks to be used after Hades Reverse
    S---------------Hades Revenge-----------------------1-----------------Knockback
    ^Horizontal Finisher, can be followed with Ascension (Hold Triangle).
    T===============Hades Revenge=======================2====================Bounce
    ^Normal Plume of Prometheus, can be followed with Ascension.
    R1--------------Hades Revenge-----------------------4----------------------None
    ^A multiple stabbing attack, can be followed with Ascension.
    ^To perform these, tap L1 just before an enemy attack connects and then push
    the corresponding button when the screen freezes.
    Blades of Chaos, Level 4 New Moves
    Put 3,750 more Red Orbs into the Blades to gain this level.
    Blades turn a bright orange color.
    The moves that come with this are good, not as good as the ones that come with
    Level 3, though. I think they should have kept the counters in Level 3, given
    you the Hermes Fury attacks in Level 3, and given you the Triangle combos
    with this upgrade instead.
    Button----------Attack Name-------------------Number of Hits-------------Effect
    L1+T------------Rising Helios-----------------------8--------------------Bounce
    (AirL1+T)=======Falling Helios======================8======================None
    R1R1R1----------Hermes Fury-------------------------6----------------------None
    ^Can be followed with Ascension
    R1R1S===========Hermes Fury to horizontal finisher==3=================Knockback
    ^Can be followed with Ascension
    R1R1T-----------Hermes Fury to Plume of Prometheus--4--------------------Bounce
    ^Can be followed with Ascension
    R1R1(HT)========Hermes Fury to Ascension============3====================Launch
    Roll then Jump--Achilles Flip-----------------------2--------------------Bounce
    Blades of Chaos, Level 5 New Moves
    Put 9,000 more Red Orbs into the Blades to gain this level.
    Blades turn a bright white/red color.
    As expected, the additions to your arsenal gained this level are the best ones.
    The L1+O attack is ridiculous, the hold Square combo has lots of possibilities,
    which I will cover in the Hidden Attacks section, having infinite Magic in Rage
    is insane, and the hold Square attack in Rage is also insane. Everything that
    comes with this level is great, don't miss out on it.
    Button----------Attack Name-------------------Number of Hits-------------Effect
    L1+O------------Lance of the Furies-----------------2-----------------Knockback
    (AirL1+O)=======Lance of the Furies=================2=================Knockback
    (HL1+O)---------Lance of the Furies Charge Attack---2-----------------Knockback
    (AirHL1+O)======Lance of the Furies Charge Attack===2=================Knockback
    S(HS)-----------Might of Hercules-------------------10----------------Knockback
    T(HS)===========Slow Bounce to Might of Hercules====9=========Bounce, Knockback
    ST(HS)----------Quick Bounce to Might of Hercules---10--------Bounce, Knockback
    Level 5 New Rage of the Gods Moves
    L2==============Athena's Blessing==================Infinite Magic while in Rage
    S(HS)-----------Tempest of the Fates----------------11-----------Extreme Damage
    ^The menu says you have to press Square 2 times before going into Tempest of
    the Fates, but you only have to press it once. You can also press Triangle
    once and then hold Square to execute this attack.
                                   Blade of Artemis
    The Blade of Artemis is your only sub-weapon in this game. It is the sword that
    the Greek God Artemis used when she slew a mighty Titan. And once you reach the
    Temple of Pandora, this awesomely powerful blade is yours for the slaughtering.
    Once Kratos receives this weapon, he gains the ability to combine both of his
    Blades of Chaos into this one Blade. Some people say it's useless, others say
    it's too slow to have any real significance. I say they need to learn how to
    switch back and forth between the Blade of Artemis and the Blades of Chaos
    mid-combo, observe the ridiculous possibilities for combos you can do, and
    think again. Any attack with the Blades of Chaos that can be guard canceled
    leave a big fat wide opening for an extra few whacks from that giant frickin'
    sword. And since pretty much every single attack with the Blades of Chaos can
    be guard cancelled, what you just gained by collecting this sword is a whole
    bunch of new combos.
    The Blade of Artemis comes with all of its special attacks already accessible.
    The only thing you get by leveling it up is more damage (as if you needed it)
    and new colors. It goes from blue to purple to red.
    Also, you are not allowed to use the Blade of Artemis while climbing on a wall
    or hanging from a rope. I really wish you could.
    Level 1- Standard
    Blue color
    Level 2- Put 3,750 Red Orbs into the Blade to gain this level.
    Blade power increase, Changes to a purple color
    Level 3- Put 10,000 Red Orbs into the Blade to gain this level.
    Blade power increase, Changes to a red color.
    Using the Blade of Artemis while in Rage of the Gods mode:
    When Rage of the Gods is active, the Blade will keep its color, unlike the
    Blades of Chaos which turn a bright blue. When in Rage, all the attacks are
    the same speed, but the damage done is raised by a whole lot. I think it's
    Cancelling attacks with the Blade of Artemis:
    All normal attacks can be guard canceled. The Square and Circle combo finishers
    can be guard cancelled. The Triangle combo finisher cannot be interrupted in
    any way, unless of course you are knocked out of it.
    Using the Circle button with the Blade of Artemis:
    The Blade of Artemis uses the circle button for attacks. You can still grab
    enemies, but only when they have the Circle button above their heads. Just hit
    them with any attack that uses Circle (except for the aerial one) and you will
    enter the grab animation. There is a little glitch that happens sometimes when
    attacking some enemies with the Circle attacks, sometimes Kratos will go into a
    grab anyways, even when they don't have a circle above their head, and
    sometimes hitting them with a circle attack will cause Kratos to recoil just
    like he does when he tries to grab a non-grabable enemy. Somewhere along the
    line, I'm sure someone found this glitch before me, kudos to them, whoever they
    are. Also, if a circle attack from the Blade causes the damage needed to get an
    enemy down to his Circle minigame, it will just automatically activate it, and
    if they are in their Circle state with low Health, Kratos will try to grab
    them, but the grab will never initiate, they will just die.
    In this section, I will not bother naming the attacks, instead, I will just
    note how damaging the combos are, Average, Strong, or Devastating.
    Blade of Artemis Moves
    L1+R1------Sword Summon
    (AirL1+R1)=Aerial Sword Summon
    L1+R1------Sword Sheath
    Square-----Quick Attack
    Triangle===Medium Attack
    Circle-----Heavy Attack
    R1=========Stabbing Attack
    Air Attacks
    Button---------Attack Name--------------------Number of Hits-------------Effect
    ST==================Strong==========================2====Knockback, High Damage
    SOT=================Strong==========================3====Knockback, High Damage
    S*2OT---------------Devastating---------------------4----Knockback, High Damage
    S*2T================Strong==========================3====Knockback, High Damage
    T-------------------Strong--------------------------1----Knockback, High Damage
    OT------------------Strong--------------------------2----Knockback, High Damage
    Ground Attacks
    Square combos
    STO=================Strong==========================4===============High Damage
    STO*2---------------Devastating---------------------4-------Bounce, High Damage
    STOTOTO...==========Devastating=====================?============Extreme Damage
    STOTOTO...S---------Devastating---------------------?------------Extreme Damage
    STOTOTO...O=========Devastating=====================?====Bounce, Extreme Damage
    STOTOTO...(HT)------Devastating---------------------?----Launch, Extreme Damage
    STOTOTO...T(HT)=====Devastating=====================?====Launch, Extreme Damage
    ^Muahahaha, the infinite combo! You can just keep on doing Triangle, Circle,
    Triangle, Circle over and over. This deals out massive damage. Try using
    it while in Rage of the Gods mode.
    SOTOTOT...----------Devastating---------------------?------------Extreme Damage
    SOTOTOT...S=========Devastating=====================?============Extreme Damage
    SOTOTOT...O---------Devastating---------------------?----Bounce, Extreme Damage
    SOTOTOT...(HT)======Devastating=====================?====Launch, Extreme Damage
    SOTOTOT...T(HT)-----Devastating---------------------?----Launch, Extreme Damage
    SOO=================Devastating=====================3===============High Damage
    Triangle Combos
    TOO-----------------Strong--------------------------5-------Bounce, High Damage
    TOTOTOT...==========Devastating=====================?============Extreme Damage
    TOTOTOT...S---------Devastating---------------------?------------Extreme Damage
    TOTOTOT...O=========Devastating=====================?====Bounce, Extreme Damage
    TOTOTOT...(HT)------Devastating---------------------?----Launch, Extreme Damage
    TOTOTOT...T(HT)=====Devastating=====================?====Launch, Extreme Damage
    Circle Combos
    O*2=================Strong==========================2===============High Damage
    O*3-----------------Devastating---------------------3----Bounce, Extreme Damage
    OSTOS===============Strong==========================9===============High Damage
    OSTOTOTO...---------Devastating---------------------?------------Extreme Damage
    OSTOTOTO...S========Devastating=====================?============Extreme Damage
    OSTOTOTO...O--------Devastating---------------------?----Bounce, Extreme Damage
    OSTOTOTO...(HT)=====Devastating=====================?====Launch, Extreme Damage
    OSTOTOTO...T(HT)----Devastating---------------------?----Launch, Extreme Damage
    OSTO*2==============Devastating=====================3=======Bounce, High Damage
    OS*2TOS=============Devastating=====================8===============High Damage
    OS*2O*2-------------Devastating---------------------5-------Bounce, High Damage
    OTO*2---------------Devastating---------------------4-------Bounce, High Damage
    OTOTOT...===========Devastating=====================?============Extreme Damage
    OTOTOT...S----------Devastating---------------------?------------Extreme Damage
    OTOTOT...O==========Devastating=====================?====Bounce, Extreme Damage
    OTOTOT...(HT)-------Devastating---------------------?----Launch, Extreme Damage
    OTOTOT...T(HT)======Devastating=====================?====Launch, Extreme Damage
    O*2TO*2-------------Devastating---------------------6-------Bounce, High Damage
    O*2TOTOT...=========Devastating=====================?============Extreme Damage
    O*2TOTOT...S--------Devastating=====================?------------Extreme Damage
    O*2TOTOT...O========Devastating---------------------?====Bounce, Extreme Damage
    O*2TOTOT...(HT)-----Devastating=====================?----Launch, Extreme Damage
    O*2TOTOT...T(HT)====Devastating---------------------?====Launch, Extreme Damage
    R1 Attacks
    R1O-----------------Devastating---------------------6-------Bounce, High Damage
    ^You can also interrupt any normal Blade attack on the ground with the R1
    attack. Combo finishers with the Blade cannot be interrupted with R1.
    Button---------Attack Name--------------------Number of Hits-------------Effect
    L1+S-----------Revenge of Artemis-------------------5----------------------None
    L1+X===========Wrath of Artemis=====================4======================None
    L1+O-----------Retribution of Artemis---------------3---------------High Damage
    L1+T===========Ascension of Artemis=================1====================Launch
    L1+(HT)--------Ascension of Artemis(follow to air)--1--------------------Launch
                                 The Blade of the Gods
    Hmm. The Blade of the Gods. You get this during the last fight. It has all the
    same combo buttons as the Blade of Artemis, but some of the attacks work a
    little different. You don't have the ability to do any Ascension attacks
    anymore but you won't need them. You can still roll. It seems to take a little
    longer to guard. It comes maxed. Here's the specials.
    Button---------Attack Name--------------------Number of Hits-------------Effect
    L1+X-----------Zeus's Gift--------------------11----------------------------Fun
    L1+S===========Poseidon's Gift================6=============================Fun
    L1+T-----------Athena's Gift------------------2-----------------------------Fun
    L1+O===========Hades's Gift===================1-4================Massive Damage
    ^This will hit a different number of times depending on how long you hold the
    Circle button for.
                                    Hidden Attacks
                             Hidden Blades of Chaos moves
                              Blades must be at Level 5
    Note: If you feel like this is not enough hidden moves for you, read the
    regular Attacks section. You might just learn something new, because there are
    plenty of unlisted moves in there too that I didn't feel belonged in this
                              Quick Lance of the Furies
    With the aerial version of the L1+O attack, if you hold L1 and double-tap
    Circle, Kratos will do the fully charged version of this attack instantly
    without needing to charge. This trick will not work on the ground.
                          Interesting Might of Hercules tricks
    With the Might of Hercules (Square, Hold Square) combo, you can press Triangle
    at any time to do a Plume of Prometheus. If you do it almost at the end, he
    will do a Leaping Plume of Prometheus. Also, at this point in the combo, when
    he is about to do the finisher, release Square and press it again for an extra
    two hits. You can continue to hold Square after this for the finisher, or you
    can choose to press Triangle and he will do a Plume of Prometheus. Lastly, you
    can choose to hold Triangle at any time during this combo to go into Ascension.
                             Hidden Rage of the Gods moves
                               Blades must be at Level 5
    During Tempest of the Fates (Square, Hold Square)
    Button---------Attack Name--------------------Number of Hits-------------Effect
    S(HS)T==========Tempest Ascension===================?====================Launch
    S(HS)S----------Tempest Whiplash Finish-------------?-----------------Knockback
    S(HS)R1=========Tempest to Divine Rush==============?======================None
    ^These are different attacks you are able to do out of Tempest of the Fates.
    There is a question mark by the number of hits because you can choose to
    interrupt the Tempest attack at any time and do these moves instead of the
    normal finisher.
    T(HS)-----------Divine Frenzy to Tempest of Fates---13---------------------None
                             Hidden Blade of Artemis moves
                        Can be done with the Blade at any level
                                   The Fury Cancel
    At any time while using the Blade of Artemis, except during the L1+Triangle or
    L1+Circle attacks or while in the air, if you highlight the Zeus's Fury Magic
    and tap L2, Kratos will execute the Sword Summon animation. That doesn't seem
    like much of a trick, does it? But take this into consideration: during the
    Sword Summon animation, Kratos is completely invincible. Enemy attacks go right
    through him without causing any damage at all. So if you are like me and find
    that guarding with the Blade is somewhat sluggish, then this is the trick for
    you. Whenever you see an enemy attack coming your way, just tap L2. If you
    need to, hold L1 during the animation to continue guarding after it's over, or
    if the time is right, you can evade after this too. Not only that, but during
    some enemy attacks, while you are being stunned, you can do this trick right in
    the middle of their attack and decrease the damage done to you when you would
    normally be helpless. Try using this trick to get around Ares' initial
    hammerfall attack. It also comes in very handy when fighting the Boss Minotaur.
    As if that wasn't awesome enough, and for some of you, it probably isn't, then
    here's another use for this trick. You normally are not able to cancel the
    Blade's L1+Square and L1+X attacks, but the Zeus's Fury trick will cancel these
    moves! So you can defend yourself even while performing specials if you know
    this trick. Just tap L2 at any time during the L1+Square or L1+X attacks
    to cut them short. Combine this trick with the Hidden Charged Bolt attack
    described in the Hidden Magics section for some seriously mean combos!
    There is one more thing about the Fury Cancel. When using the Blade of Artemis
    OR the Blades of Chaos, if you hold L1 and whatever button after highlighting
    Zeus's Fury and tapping L2, Kratos will automatically go into that special.
    It's not too awesome with the Blades of Chaos, but it is possible. It's better
    with the Blade of Artemis because it is the fastest way to do L1+Square or
    L1+X repeatedly. You can just hold down L1+Square and only tap L2 when you are
    going to be hit or when the move is going to end. Useful. Play around with it
    and you'll get used to how it works in no time.
                                 The Blades of Artemis
    This trick is great because it gives you access to your Blades of Chaos
    specials while you are still using the Blade of Artemis. While in the air with
    the Blade of Artemis and Zeus's Fury highlighted, hold L1 and tap L2. Continue
    to hold L1 afterwards. If done correctly, Kratos will fire off one bolt of
    lightning and will be holding the Blades of Chaos as well as the sword. Wow,
    right? You can land on the ground, just be sure to keep still once you are
    down. Once you have landed, if you let go of L1, you will still have the sword
    out, but you can also do your counterattacks and specials with the Blades.
    While in this state, you have access to all of your Blades of Chaos specials,
    ground and air, as well as the normal Blades of Chaos aerial attacks. Being
    hit, walking, jumping, landing in water, or using a normal attack will bring
    Kratos out of this state. And for anti-cheaters like me, don't even worry
    about it, this trick is still okay because it does not raise the damage that
    you do. You will still only do the normal damage that the Blades would do with
    their specials and counterattacks, the sword's damage is not added in. It just
    looks awesome.
    I have to add in here that I was not the first one to figure out this trick.
    Read the wonderful Glitch FAQ by Ahkeon to learn about this and a great many
    other glitches.
                                 The Super Launcher
    After the Circle combo finisher with the Blade of Artemis, Guard Cancel the
    moment it hits and immediately do the L1+Triangle attack. As long as the
    Circle hit bounced the enemy, when the L1+Triangle attack connects, the enemy
    will be launched waaaaaay the heck up into the air, even higher than if you
    were to hit them with a fully charged lightning bolt. This attack seems to
    knock the enemies so high that they will go over the barriers surrounding the
    environments! For a laugh, try knocking one of the Kratos Clones straight
    through the roof in the temple! "Stay the &*(@ away from my family!!" This
    attack also works nicely to get rid of the Hades Satyrs when you have to
    fight them in the Underworld to make the platforms rise up.
                                   Poseidon's Rage
    Level 1
    Initial Level, no Red Orb requirement.
    Damages enemies in a 360 degree circle around Kratos.
    Activate using the L2 button.
    Level 2
    Put 1,650 Red Orbs into Rage of Poseidon to gain this level.
    Damage area increases, damage done increases, length of attack increases.
    New Attack: Wrath of Poseidon. Rapidly press Circle during Poseidon's Rage.
    Level 3
    Put 4,500 more Red Orbs into Rage of Poseidon to gain this level.
    Damage area increases to max, damage done increases to max, length of attack
    increases to max.
                                     Medusa's Gaze
    Level 1
    Initial Level, no Red Orb requirement.
    Gorgon Torrent, hold L2 and Square to use this Magic.
    This Magic allows you to turn your enemies to stone.
    Shatter them afterwards by attacking them.
    Level 2
    Put 3,000 Red Orbs into Medusa's Gaze to gain this level.
    Gaze becomes stronger.
    New attack: Gorgon Flash. Hold L2 and press Triangle to activate.
    A concentrated blast of freeze energy. Instantly freezes weaker enemies.
    Level 3
    Put 7,500 more Red Orbs into Medusa's Gaze to gain this level.
    Gaze becomes strongest.
    New attack: Gorgon Rage. Hold L2 and press Circle to activate.
    Sends a 360 degree blast of freeze energy out from Kratos.
    Note: This attack will use your entire Magic bar. Don't use this unless you
    are absolutely sure that it is a good idea. Like when you're in Rage with
    Athena's Blessing active. During the Kratos Clone fight.
                                      Zeus's Fury
    Level 1
    Initial Level, no Red Orb requirement.
    A projectile Magic that can damage enemies from a distance.
    Level 2
    Put 750 Red Orbs into Zeus's Fury to gain this level.
    Bolts become stronger.
    New attack: Might of Zeus. Hold L2 and Triangle to charge a bolt, release
    when it starts glowing. Has a knockback effect.
    Level 3
    Put 3,500 more Red Orbs into Zeus's Fury to gain this level.
    Bolts become strongest.
    New attacks: Rapid Fire and Super Charge attacks.
    Rapid Fire- bolts fire faster.
    Super Charge attack- Might of Zeus becomes much stronger.
                                     Army of Hades
    Level 1
    Initial Level, no Red Orb requirement.
    Summon sword-wielding souls from the depths of the Underworld to ravage your
    foes. Will seek enemies even if they are a fair distance from Kratos.
    Souls will stick around even through videos.
    Level 2
    Put 4,500 Red Orbs into Army of Hades to gain this level.
    Souls become stronger and are now a red and black color.
    Level 3
    Put 10,000 Red Orbs into Army of Hades to gain this level.
    Souls become strongest.
                                     Hidden Magics
                                The Hidden Charged Bolt
    Once you get Zeus's Fury to Level 3, you can perform this trick. Just press L2,
    Square, Triangle all in rapid succession and in that order. If done correctly,
    it will fly like a normal bolt but will have a knockback effect. You will be
    able to tell you did it right because it will take as much Magic as a fully
    charged bolt would. This move is not listed, but for some reason, it has a
    knockback effect instead of the launch effect that the fully charged bolt does.
    Try combining this trick with the Blade of Artemis Fury Cancel trick that was
    mentioned earlier.
                                     Medusa's Rage
    Once you get Medusa's Gaze to Level 2, you can perform this trick.  It is
    possible to do Gorgon Torrent and Gorgon Flash at the same time. Just hold L2
    and Square, then roll your thumb over to tap the Triangle button, still holding
    the Square button. This is an accelerated way to freeze your enemies, and is
    very effective against tough enemies, like Satyrs. You will still use the
    normal amount of Magic. Alternately, you can hold L2 and press Triangle and
    Square at the same time, then continue to hold Square.
    ^I must add in here that I was not the first one to find this trick. Read the
    wonderful Glitch FAQ written by Akheon to learn more.
                                   Battle Strategy
    In this section, I will be talking a little bit about basic battle strategies.
    There are strategies for individual fights in the walkthrough itself, and there
    is also bestiary towards the bottom with strategies to take out each type of
    enemy. So if you are having trouble with a certain boss, enemy, or fight, then
    that is where to look. This section is more for little things that are good to
    know about.
    Rule #1- Defend Yourself!
    I can not say this enough- learn how to defend yourself! This is by no means a
    button-smashing game. If you go through this game just smashing the attack
    buttons, you will never get anywhere, ESPECIALLY on God Mode. Learn to watch
    the enemies, and decide if the time is right to attack, guard, or evade. These
    are the three basic things to do in any fight, real life or game wise.
    "Watch the enemy closely and react quickly!" (10 bonus points for anyone who
    knows where that quote is from.) Also, the counterattacks you unlock when the
    Blades get to Level 3 are invaluable. Not so much the R1 counter, but the
    Triangle and Square counters are so great! If you think about it, they let you
    do combo finishers as a single move! Learn how to do them efficiently. And
    remember, don't try to do a counterattack if there is another attack coming
    your way. You can also guard cancel the Square and Triangle counterattacks.
    It is so much fun to sit in the middle of a group of enemies and counter
    every little thing they do.
    "A good defense is the best offense!"
    Rule #2- Watch the Whole Screen!
    Once you get good at guarding, you will need to work on another very important
    skill, and that is the ability to watch absolutely everything that is happening
    all at once. Keep an eye on all the enemies at once. Fighting a single enemy
    is a piece of cake once you learn all their attacks. But as soon as it becomes
    2 or more enemies, then you have to step it up in order to defend yourself
    against the new threats. It is very easy to get clipped by attacks coming in
    from odd angles, so watch everything.
    "An open eye and an open mind are your best weapons!"
    Rule #3- Experience Counts!
    No matter what you do, unless you are fully maxed, your chief concern should
    always be "How can I get the most experience out of this?" Sometimes, it just
    feels better to tear an enemy in half, or grab kill a Harpy, but try to avoid
    doing these things as much as possible if you are concerned with making Kratos
    stronger. Medusa's Gaze will almost always raise the amount of experience
    gained from an enemy. Not only will you get a bonus of 15 experience if you
    smash them on the ground or 30 if you can manage to freeze them out of the
    air, but this Magic also literally raises the amount of Red Orbs that an enemy
    will drop. A good example is Harpies. It only takes less than a second of
    holding the Gaze on them to freeze them, and then they will fall to the ground
    and shatter. Another way to gain more experience from fights is to know that
    any time you kill an enemy with a grab, if your combo is higher than 10, you
    will get a bonus of 10 experience. This includes larger enemies that require
    a minigame to kill. On top of that, some enemies, like the Trolls or the
    Cyclops, will give a bonus of 20 instead of 10. So, if you are a Red Orb
    hoarder, then always try to get your combo up to 10 before grab killing an
    "Strength in numbers!"
    Rule #4- Use the environment!
    There is a multitude of ways to kill your enemies in this game. Apart from your
    weapons and Magic, you can throw them off ledges, put them into the water, put
    them through the traps that are meant to hurt you, anything! Anything that you
    see that you might be able to use to gain the advantage, why not try it?
    "Look around, what do you see?"
    Rule #5- Remember the Infinite Air Grab!
    With most enemies, when you grab them while in the air, they will usually come
    right back to you, at which point you can grab them again. You can do this
    repeatedly until they are dead! Now, I don't like to do this too often, because
    it's about the cheapest thing you can do, but it's really nice if you are in a
    fix. Also, if you attempt the Final Challenge, this trick is really going to
    get you through it. But, like I said, it is quite cheap, and in my opinion, it
    really just takes all the fun out of the fight. Avoid this trick, but remember
    that it is possible and use it when absolutely necessary. Also, you can do
    Orion's Harpoon infinitely to most enemies.
    "Desperate times call for desperate measures!"
    Rule #6- Remember the Quick Bounce!
    The Triangle attack with the Blades is very slow, and as a result, I have seen
    many players ignore it. But what they don't know is that you can get that same
    attack to execute very quickly by simply putting a R1, Square, or Roll before
    it! After evading, you can go very quickly into the Triangle combos, and this
    spells disaster for the enemies, especially for the big, slow ones.
    "Boing and Bonk!"
    Rule #7- Remember Your Delays!
    When using either weapon, there is a big window of time between most moves
    where you have a second or two to push the next button before Kratos will go
    back into a neutral stance. Use this knowledge to your advantage! If an enemy
    is guarding your attack, that is by no means a reason to stop. Just slow down
    a bit and wait until they let their guard down again to continue your combo.
    Like I said, button smashing will get you nowhere. Fight smart and prevail!
    "Patience is a virtue!"
    Rule #8- Waste Not!
    You will probably end up seeing more Health and Magic chests than you need. Do
    not pick these up just to get them! If you have enough Health and Magic to
    survive, then leave them alone! Come back to them later if you need to. You
    will be grateful you did when you get to a hard fight with low Health or Magic
    and you have the ability to backtrack and refill. You don't want to be in a
    position where you can't, trust me.
    "He who wastes less gains more!"
    Other Things to Remember
    -Use the Medusas against their friends. Their Gaze has the same effect on other
    enemies as yours does.
    -Remember the Grab Whip (Grab, press Square). This is the most damaging grab
    because you can use the enemy you just weakened against other enemies, and it
    deals out so much damage it's just plain unfair.
    -Pay attention to whether your attack is stunning the enemy or if they are
    blocking it. Some enemies will counter after you have attacked into their
    guard for long enough, namely Minotaurs, but if your attacks are stunning them,
    they will be helpless to stop your onslaught.
    -Make good use of the Ascension attack (Hold Triangle). You have it from the
    start of the game and you can go into it from almost any attack. This is your
    main launcher, and there is a reason why you can't guard cancel it. The reason
    is that it is one of your most useful attacks. Even with the Blades of Chaos
    at Level 5, this attack should stay on your most often used list.
    -A little known trick, but quite useful. If you are being stunned by an enemy
    attack, if you hold Triangle you will do the fast version of Ascension. This
    is not always a good idea, because sometimes it's better to roll away or hold
    the guard button, but if you think it's a good time to do this, then go ahead
    and try. There are plenty of times when it is a good thing to do, because you
    go from being ravaged to starting an air combo.
    -If you go into a fight with low Health and there is no place to regain your
    Health accessible, there is still hope! Die on purpose over and over. Your
    Health will gradually refill itself each time. It will stop after a while, but
    if you have access to a save point, what you can do is go and save, quit, and
    then load again and start dying again. Eventually you will have a full Health
    bar! I did this my first time playing when I was stuck on the final battle for
    Pandora's box.
    -Another thing about low Health is that when you are really low on Health, like
    when the meter is blinking red, each enemy you kill has a chance of dropping
    some Health Orbs for you. This game may be hard sometimes, but it is definitely
    not unforgiving.
    -Know how the checkpoint system works and use it to your advantage. If you pass
    a checkpoint, it will register. For some reason, with some checkpoints, if you
    pass it, then it will make it so if you go back and hit a different one, then
    that one will register again. And lastly, the most important thing is that you
    can make your own checkpoints. Just go and press R2 on a save point (you don't
    have to save.) This will create an artificial checkpoint that you can restart
    from at any time. Useful for making a checkpoint halfway through a fight or
    after you have cleared an area, but before you try something dangerous.
    -When the enemies are off the side of the screen, they USUALLY will not attack.
    There ARE exceptions, namely the Hammer Minotaur's shockwave attack, and also
    those pesky Centaurs, so this is BY NO MEANS a rule of thumb. But it's mostly
    accurate. And on top of that, if you move so they leave the screen, you can
    actually force them to cancel any attack they were doing!
    -When an enemy attack stuns you, you can roll much sooner than you can guard.
    So if you just sit there holding the block button, they will combo you easily.
    Instead, hold the Right Stick in the desired direction to save yourself from
    any additional damage.
                                      Combo Ideas
    In this section, I will be talking about the most effective combos you can use,
    and also listing a few favorites.
    The Single Most Effective Combo in the Game!
    Blades of Chaos, Level 3 and up.
    Square, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle!
    Every hit of this combo but the first square jab deals out great damage, the
    second hit of it has bounce properties, and the last hit will bounce them
    again. Then you can just do it again! Ouch!
    The Most Damaging Combo with the Blade of Artemis!
    Circle, Circle, Circle!
    Just like with the Blades, massive damage with this combo, and the third hit
    has bounce properties. If you are trying to deal out lots of damage at once,
    like with the Boss Minotaur, then these two combos are for you.
    Favorite Combos
    NOTE: Some of these will NOT work without the aid of an enemy. The enemies will
    help to keep you in the air a little longer than you could by yourself. So
    try and practice on actual enemies instead of by yourself. I know it's harder
    to work under pressure, but you will never learn if you don't.
    It is recommended that you check the Attacks Section to learn how to read
    attack notation before reading these combos.
    If you don't know what SlideST means, read about the Hidden Charged Bolt in
    the Hidden Magics section.
    My Favorite Combo:
    The Acrobatic Beating.
    Performed with the Blade of Artemis. Zeus's Fury highlighted, must be Level 3.
    Blades must be at Level 5.
    O(HT)then at the peak when the screen freezes(AirL1+L2,L1+X,L1+T,L1+O*2)
    Heh. Try it on a Soldier. If they manage to live through it. Works wonders
    against Satyrs, heh.
    Quick Beating.
    Performed with the Blade of Artemis. Zeus's Fury highlighted, must be Level 3.
    Blades must be at Level 5.
    The same thing as above but a lot faster with less fancy and more up yours.
    L1+(HT), the very second Kratos's feet leave the ground, (AirL1+L2,L1+O*2)
    Slice and Dice.
    Performed with the Blade of Artemis. Zeus's Fury highlighted, must be Level 3.
    S*4,L1+S,HL2 & SlideST.
    Try it on a Soldier. ZumzumzumzumzumzumzumzumzumzumzumzumBZZZT!
    Infinite Slice and Dice.
    Performed with the Blade of Artemis. Zeus's Fury highlighted.
    Alternately, L1+X,TapL2,L1+X,TapL2....
    It works well on Pandora Axe Minotaurs and Hades Minotaurs.
    Triple Shock.
    Performed with the Blades at Level 3. Zeus's Fury highlighted, must be Level 3.
    ST*3,HL2 & SlideST,Jump(AirL1+O*2)
    Try it on a Cyclops.
    Air Shock.
    Performed with the Blades at Level 3. Zeus's Fury highlighted, must be Level 3.
    ST*2,HL2 & SlideST
    Try it on any launchable enemy. Throw an Orion's Harpoon in after the second
    Triangle hit if you want. Make sure the Triangle hit launches them for full
    effect. Try it on any launchable enemy.
    Super Shock.
    Performed with the Blade of Artemis. Zeus's Fury Highlighted, must be Level 3.
    SO*2,HL2 & SlideST
    Try it on any launchable enemy. Make sure they are in the air for full effect.
    Destructive Wave.
    Performed with the Blades at Level 5.
    Try it on the Kratos Clones. Make sure your enemies have been knocked on the
    ground first for full effect.
    Quick Bounce to Plume.
    Performed with the Blades at any level.
    Try it on just about anything.
    Quick Bounce to Grab Combo.
    Performed with the Blades at any level.
    Try it on any launchable enemy.
    Quick Bounce to Freeze.
    Performed with the Blades at any level. Medusa's Gaze highlighted, must be at
    Level 2.
    Try it on any launchable enemy.
    Hermes' Infinite Combo
    Performed with the Blades at Level 2.
    Dance around a group of launchable enemies and bounce away.
    Hermes' Lift.
    Performed with the Blades at Level 4. Can be done at Level 2 without the second
    Hermes Rush.
    Rush into a group of launchable enemies and pick one.
    Achilles' Grab.
    Performed with the Blades at Level 4.
    Another way to enter a group of launchable enemies and pick one.
    Achilles' Smash
    Performed with the Blades at Level 4. Must have Blade of Artemis.
    Achilles' Freeze.
    Performed with the Blades at Level 4, and Medusa's Gaze at level 2.
    Try it on weaker enemies like Soldiers or Harpies. They will not be frozen out
    of the air but it still looks cool.
    Ups and Downs.
    Performed with the Blades at any level.
    Try it on any launchable enemy.
    Wraith Death.
    Performed with Medusa's Gaze at Level 2.
    Do it on a Wraith.
    It is also possible to do L2+S instead if the Gaze is at Level 3.
    Hades' Flashing Reverse
    Performed with the Blades at Level 3. Zeus's Fury highlighted, must be Level 2.
    Charge a bolt, then let go of L2 but keep holding Triangle and start holding
    L1. Wait for an attack to come, then parry it by letting go of Triangle. If
    done correctly, the screen will freeze when the bolt hits because of the
    Hades Reverse. Counterattack with Square, Triangle, or R1 afterwards. This is
    a good one to show off with, the screen glows bright yellow and freezes.
    Minotaur Head Removal of the Correct Kind.
    Heh, this one is so fun. There isn't a combo for it cause they have different
    amounts of Health on different difficulties, but what you want to do is damage
    them down to where they can only take one more hit, and then jump up and hit
    them in the face with the Blade of Artemis's aerial Square attack. ROFLMFAO now
    that's how we do! You will laugh so hard when you end up pulling this. Learn
    exactly how many hits they can take, then tell your friends, "Watch this."
    Vic couldn't stop laughing for like 5 minutes cause I sat there and kept it
    stunned with the Infinite Slice and Dice first (Square type) and then did this
    out of nowhere.
    Combo Starter for Rage of the Gods:
    Blades of Chaos and Medusa's Gaze must be maxed.
    Preferable to have Poseidon's Rage maxed too.
    Select Medusa's Gaze, Hold L2+O, and right before he slams the head into the
    ground, activate Rage, then follow up with a Poseidon's Rage. That's all 3
    things that you can do that have Rage in their name! And it won't take up all
    of your Magic. And it's a way to eliminate a huge group of enemies instantly.
    And, Poseidon's Rage just looks that much cooler when Rage of the Gods is
    activating, because both animations have a lightning bolt that comes down and
    connects with Kratos. RAWR ULTIMATE POWER! Try it on the Kratos Clones. Follow
    with Army of Hades and commence Rage beating.
    The Last Word on Combos:
    These are just the beginning. The best combos will come out as you play. There
    are so many possibilities, and you will learn to get a feel for what to do
    next while you play and everything will just string together like one big giant
    combo. This section is more for show, and also to give you a feel for where to
    start off. Build your own style and improve it. A friend of mine likes to
    shoulder rush all over the place and use the Triangle attacks a lot. I have
    seen people who do most of their fighting in the air. Some like to concentrate
    on defense and only start combos after counters. I like to switch to the sword
    a lot and use the hold Square combo and the specials with the Blades. Everybody
    is different. Constant Vigilance!
    My Highest Combo Ever: 1243, on the Kratos Clones.
                                Area 1: The Aegean Sea
    Alright! Here we go. The main part of the guide, and probably the reason most
    of you are tuning in, the walkthrough. All the strategies I will give are
    tailored to God Mode, and since the only thing that is different between all
    the modes is combat and damage done by traps, anything I say will just work
    that much better on the lower difficulties.
    After you choose to begin a new game, you will be given the choice to play on
    Mortal, Hero, Spartan, or God mode. If you have never beaten it before, God
    mode will be locked. Choose your difficulty, and let us begin!
          "The Gods of Olympus have abandoned me. Now there is no hope."
    You will be shown a video that shows Kratos throwing himself off of the cliffs
    above the Aegean Sea. Well, that's it! Game Over, man, Game Over! Jeez, I've
    never played a game that short! Oh, wait, there's more? Oh, well in that case..
    I guess we'd better keep going. As the camera is zooming in on Kratos, press
    the Start button. This menu is where you will be doing all your leveling up.
    You can put Red Orbs, which are dropped by enemies you dispatch and gained by
    doing combos and breaking things, into your weapons and Magic. Press R1. This
    is your move list. It lists your basic moves. There's not much there right now.
    Press R1 again. This will display any items you have collected. The Gorgon Eyes
    will increase your Health, and the Phoenix Feathers will increase your Magic.
    Don't worry about all the other options, look through them if you want, but
    they are not important right now. Now press Start again, then press Select.
    This is the Pause Menu. You can change the options here. If you are using a
    wide screen TV, then turn on the Widescreen option. If you are using a TV that
    has the Progressive Scan function, then turn on the Progressive Scan option.
    I have heard that if you turn this on with a TV that doesn't have it, then you
    can damage your TV. Since we don't get any experience points for that, we'll
    just go ahead and avoid that. The soften option will blur the edges of things
    in the game. I like it off, it makes things look crisp, and it's also easier to
    see what the enemies are doing that way. There is a controller display option,
    which shows you what the buttons are. Heh, there's locked options. These are
    for attacks and Magic they don't want you to know about yet. Other than that,
    you got all your usual stuff here, sound levels, sound type, vibration
    selection. If you have a TV with only one speaker, or only one working speaker,
    then turn the sound on mono. If you have a surround sound system, then turn it
    on to surround. Press the Select button to exit the pause menu.
    Okay, enough of the boring stuff, let's go! Say hello to your shipmates! Oh,
    they don't look very happy. And I think they could probably use some
    decongestant. Approach your enemy and hack away! If you need to learn how to
    use the buttons, scroll up and read the controls and movement sections.
    Dispatch a few of these guys, and a bunch more will come out of the trapdoor.
    An easy way to get through this fight is just grab one of them, press Square,
    and repeat. But I recommend grabbing them and pounding as much experience as
    you can out of each of them by repeatedly pressing Circle. And remember, get
    a 10 hit combo before grabkilling them, you will get 10 extra experience each
    from them this way. It adds up, trust me. When you have dealt with the last of
    them, approach the trapdoor they all came out of. Press R2 by it to grab hold
    and then repeatedly press R2 to open it. Hey, a Health chest! Hold R2 to open
    it and refill your Health. Also in this room are your very first breakables!
    Break stuff to get experience. Head into the hallway at the right, which is
    blocked, and break down the wall here. Continue back and break the beds. Hey,
    they're not going to use them anymore anyways. And we like experience. You will
    be shown a message telling you how to block. Why? Continue through. Oh. That's
    why. Your first boss!
                                  Boss: Baby Hydra 1
    Alright, he's got 4 movements. One is a double snapping attack, one is a single
    snapping attack, one is just a harmless roar, and one is the one he just did
    when he broke through the side of the ship. We don't have to worry about that
    one anymore, so we will just concentrate on the first two. You can tell he is
    about to attack when the fins on the side of his head open up. You see that,
    you block. Other than that, just slash away. When you guard his attack, it will
    push you back, so roll back up to him to increase your window for attacking
    him. Pretty soon he will fall onto the floor limply, and a Circle button will
    appear above his head. Go up to him and press Circle. What you will want to do
    here is watch the screen, and a button will pop up. Push it. This one is all
    Triangles, but most of the other ones throughout the game are random, so you
    will need some reflexes.
    Anyways, he's gone for now, so let's continue. Oooh, balance beams. You don't
    have to do the first part on the right, just jump on the left one from those
    steps. You can tell if you are too far to the right or left on a balance beam
    because Kratos will start leaning that way. So be careful. Cross these, and go
    break the barrels in the back. Look out the ..ahem.. window. Hey, there's more
    than one of them? Not fair! Let's head outside now, to the left. Go talk to
    this guy if you want to. He says something different if you talk to him a
    second time. He seems to be scared of Kratos. Alright, let's go inside. This
    is an experience chest. Collect it. Continue down the hall and break open the
    blockage here, and then go open the door at the end. Man, what a scene. If you
    kill any of the humans here, they will give you some Health. Kill off the
    Harpies and go over to the right. Our friend is back!
                                  Boss: Baby Hydra 2
    |    |                          Challenge #2
    |    |                           xxxcha2xxx
    |____|                          Difficulty:2
                                    Pesterchest 1
    Open the doors and chests to the right here before killing the Hydra.
    Alright, this time around he's got some new tricks. But it's nothing Kratos
    can't handle. He has a single snapping attack, one where he slams his head into
    the deck 3 times, once left, once right, and once straight, one where he sucks
    you toward him, one where he spins his head in a circle on the deck, one where
    he snaps you up into his jaws, and once again, a harmless roar. You can tell
    he's going to do the single snap when he rears back, but still looking at you.
    Just block. You can tell he's going to do the triple slam attack when he looks
    upwards. This one is unblockable, so you want to roll to the left to get out
    of range. Be careful you don't roll right into the first slam, though. When he
    sucks you towards him, don't worry, it doesn't hurt you, so use this as an
    opportunity to do a big combo. The one where he spins around in a circle
    doesn't have any significant windup, but it's ok, you still have plenty of time
    to block because he goes behind him first. Now, the one where he makes a
    mistake is the one where he tries to just eat you. He obviously does not know
    who he is attempting to eat. Smash Circle to push his jaws back open, and
    Kratos will deliver quite a spectacular acrobatic beating, after which the
    Hydra will be stunned (I wonder why?). Use this opportunity to unleash your
    longest and most damaging combo, which at this point is STS*4T. (Look at the
    Attacks section to see how to read this, it's not hard and I'll be using
    attack notation a whole lot.) Also, a good thing to know is that the ST attack
    seems to knock some Health Orbs out of him for you. Keep this up and pretty
    soon, he will retreat. Again.
    Okay, once he is dead, there are some chests over to the right behind those
    doors. Approach the doors and repeatedly press R2 to open them, then press and
    hold R2 to open the chests. Now jump into the hole where he came out of and
    swim to the next area. Jump onto the netting here and climb up to meet some
    more Soldiers. Take them out, and then head out onto the balance beam. Halfway
    to the other ship, there will be a fork in the beams. Take the right to get a
    chest. Now head back and over to the flagship. Approach the chest and glowing
    pillar of light for a scene. Oo, that must smart. The light is a save point,
    use it to create a new save file. Okay, now jump on down there. The humans here
    will give you Health if you want. Head over to the right and press R2 by the
    small box behind the larger box. You will be given a tutorial about how to kick
    things that you are moving. This is your first puzzle. The point is to get the
    box to the other side of the galley before the Archers break it so you can use
    it to get up to where they are. The box can take a few hits before it breaks,
    but try not to let it get hit. The key to this is that they will always aim
    for you, they don't care about the box. The easiest way to do this puzzle is to
    just kick the box all the way to the right and then just keep on kicking it all
    the way down to the end. Move the box to the right, and charge up your kick.
    When you see the Archers about to fire, release the X button and they will miss
    it. You can also bring it up the middle and try to use the crates for cover,
    but it is a much slower way of doing this and it's sluggish bringing it around
    those corners, leaving your precious box open for attack too often. Once you
    have it all the way down there, put it between two of those pillars, get on top
    of it, and double-jump up to grab hold of the ledge. Jump up and grab the
    furthest Archer to the right, and press square to throw him at the others. This
    will dispatch them all at once.
    Pick up the chest if you need it, then go in the hall on the right. Head out to
    the next area. "Oh, please help us, we're cute, I swear!" Approach the door if
    you want to read that this is the captain's quarters and it is locked. Now turn
    around and climb the ladder. Ooo, your first wall fight! Only if you want to
    get the best experience you can off of this, you will want to draw the enemies
    to the ground and grab them to pound some experience out of them with Circle.
    These are wall Soldiers, and have more Health than normal Soldiers. So, quite
    conveniently, they take exactly 6 punches before the circle kill will kick in.
    Which equals exactly 10 hits. Meaning that each Soldier, correctly milked, will
    give you 22 experience instead of 5. Draw the Soldiers to a place where you can
    have your way with them, then grab and punch away. If they start to crowd, then
    jump on the wall and climb up to the next platform. If they crowd up there,
    then just jump back down. What you are trying to do here is get them alone as
    much as possible so the other ones don't kill you while you are busy with one.
    Continue this until they are all taken care of and you will find yourself with
    a lot more experience than you would normally have gotten from this fight,
    which is next to nothing. Get all the way to the top of the mast here, and 2
    more Soldiers will pop out of the ground. Take care of them, and then head
    backwards along the balance beam coming off this platform for a chest. Collect
    it, then head back and jump to grab the rope here and slide down to the next
    platform. Okay, that has to hurt so much! I don't know if you have ever gotten
    rope burn before, but it's not fun. Get down here and break open the walls on
    the left and right for some chests. Yay, your first Gorgon Eye! Collect 5 more
    to increase your overall Health. Now break the middle one and go inside. Walk
    into the glowing symbol to gain Poseidon's Rage! This is your first Magic.
    Press right on the D-Pad to pick it and then press L2 to use it. Using Magic
    will drain your Magic Meter, the blue bar underneath your Health. Now you get
    a fight with some more Soldiers. Feel free to get the hang of using Poseidon's
    Rage and take a break from experience hoarding. Or not. It's up to you. Now
    head outside and there's a save point, some Health, and some Magic. Fill up and
    save if you need to, then head right and climb on up to meet.........
                                 Boss: The Whole Hydra
    |    |                          Challenge #3
    |    |                           xxxcha3xxx
    |____|                          Difficulty:2
                             Milk It For What It's Worth
    There is a way to get infinite experience off of this fight, but it is very
    slow. Figure out how.
    I should mention that there is a much faster way to get infinite experience in
    Athens, so don't worry about maxing everything out right now. But it IS
    possible. Also, this is definitely not the only fight in the game where you
    can do this.
    And here we are. The Hydra. Now we will fight two babies at the same time, and
    Mommy is with them. I don't know why I am referring to them in this way cause
    it's all one monster. So anyways, both of the babies have the same attacks as
    before, minus the trying to eat you (damn!) and the slamming the head into the
    deck. While you are fighting one, the other will frequently try and suck you
    toward it. When this happens, just go with the flow, don't try to resist it.
    Instead, use the time it takes him to do this to set up a big combo finisher.
    Also, it's more than okay to use Poseidon's Rage on these little ones, because
    they will give up Magic Orbs often. Don't worry about it. Whittle them both
    down, and once one falls down to the deck, climb up the boxes next to it and
    jump out onto the all-too conveniently placed platformy-spikey-thingy. Why is
    that there?? This is a work area! Once you jump onto it, Kratos will use the
    baby Hydra as a volunteer to demonstrate the dangers of having a platformy-
    spiky-thingy hanging precariously above a work area. Go volunteer the other
    one, and then it's up the mast in the center to pay Mommy a visit.
    Alright, it's time for the main event. Mommy has only 4 attacks, and they are
    very easy to deal with. One is, you guessed it, a harmless roar. Only this
    harmless roar has the ability to knock you off the edge and make you have to
    climb back up. Yeah, it's an attack whose sole point is to piss you off.
    What-ever. Guard when she does this and you will not fall. The other 3 attacks
    are damaging, but easy to see and even easier to counter. They are bite the
    mast, bite the mast, and bite the mast. Left, right, and center. You can tell
    which one she is going to do because of the way her head moves. She will rear
    back for the center one, sway right when she is going to do the left one, and
    sway left when she is going to do the right one. Okay, here's how to waste her.
    Look at the platform you are standing on. The rails on the ground make sort of
    an iron cross design. Just stay in the part that is closest to you when you get
    up here and none of her attacks can even hit you. Hang out here, guard when she
    roars, and wait for her to bite down. If she bites left or right, just do
    S*2T and you will knock her off. You want her to be doing the middle bite,
    though, because there is an infinite combo you can do to her. When she bites
    the middle, quickly run up to her and start using your Square attacks. When the
    combo is about to end, use Poseidon's Rage. When Poseidon's Rage is about to
    end, start smashing Square. Then repeat. If you do it right, you will continue
    to stun her until she goes into her Circle state. Go up and press Circle on her
    and you will have to start smashing Circle to knock her into the mast. Repeat
    this 3 times and you will break the mast to make it into a sharp spike. Can you
    guess what is going to happen next? Get her Health down one more time and she
    will go into Circle. Press it on her to get a quick minigame, in which you
    press Circle once, and then have to smash Circle. Bam! Dead Hydra! And we
    didn't even have to kick it up a notch. Now head inside her mouth and have you
    a little chat with the captain. This guy, I swear. You kill him twice in this
    game, and once in number 2. I don't know if he shows up in Chains of Olympus
    cause I don't have a PSP, but I bet he's in that one, too. "I didn't come back
    for you." Yeah, so now that we have the captain's key, let's go and use it.
    |    |                          Challenge #4
    |    |                           xxxcha4xxx
    |____|                          Difficulty:1
                                 Kratos the Conquerer
    Figure out how to get on top of the big Hydra's head after it's dead.
    It's time to go to the Captain's Quarters. Go back out of the Hydra's mouth and
    climb up the boxes to the right, get the chests for a Gorgon Eye. Collect 4
    more to increase your overall Health. Now jump onto the rope here to get back
    down to the other ship. Jump on down to the area where you did the box puzzle,
    and head across. Hey, there's new enemies here! Git'em! Now go across the rest
    of the way and head up like you did the first time to get to the area where the
    Archers were at. Go in the hall again, and out the other side. Go up to the
    door that was locked earlier, and choose to use the captain's key on it. Head
    down the hall to the door at the end here. By the way, check out the anchor
    design on the door. When this scene plays, the design on the door is different!
    Right. Anyways, the scene will play and then you will be on your ship. Ooooo
    they's nekkid. Athena will tell you about your main mission in this game, which
    is to kill the God of War, and she tells you that if you end up pulling it off,
    your sins will be forgiven. So we are going to Athens now. When the scene is
    over, you can play the infamous sex minigame for some experience. Jump on the
    bed and press Circle to grab them, and off we go. Follow the prompts, and if
    you do it right you will gain experience. You can go again and again, but you
    will not gain as much experience the second time and on. What I don't
    understand is where the heck are all those wine jugs coming from? Get off the
    bed and you can press R2 to talk to them. They will say something different
    depending on which side of the bed you talk to them from. It's funny to listen
    to what Kratos has to say to these women. Anyways, this is Kratos's room. He's
    got a Minotaur's head hanging on the wall, a nice Cyclops rug (which I want),
    weapons and wine jugs all over the place, and a journal you can read on the
    desk off to the right. And would you look at that? It's none other than his
    old sword! Pay attention to the movies later, he had it back when he was a
    Captain. There's also something hanging on the wall above the desk, but it's
    too hard to get a good camera angle on it. I am assuming it's a map of the
    ocean. Anyways, let's head out of here. This is the cargo hold of Kratos's
    ship. Break stuff in here to get experience. There's things inside the crates
    in the middle, but they are kinda hard to hit. Use S*5T to hit them. Or you can
    just use Poseidon's Rage if you really want. Here is a save point. Head out and
    refill your Magic and Health if you need to, then head up the ladder to....
                            Area Two: The Gates of Athens
    Here we are in Athens. You can talk to the Athena Statue if you want to. Head
    off the boarding ramp on the right side of the deck and onto the dock. Houston,
    we have touchdown. Kratos is on the job. Here, we meet a new enemy, the
    Armored Soldier. You can not grab these guys, cause they're armored, so just
    beat them up with your normal attacks until they have the Circle above their
    head. S*2T works quite well. They act just like a normal Soldier, but they have
    4 new attacks. One is a jumping blue arcing slash, a spinning slash that they
    like to use after being knocked down, a very annoying attack they don't use
    that often where they will come in for a low stab aimed at your feet, then
    follow with a sideways slash, and they can grab you. Everything they do can be
    blocked. If you want an easy time with fighting them, use Square after you
    grab them. When the fight is over, break the stuff on the ground here if it
    didn't already get broken during the fight. There is a ladder off to the right
    going into the water, don't know why, it's not hard to jump back up onto the
    ledge here. Continue down the path for some more Armored Soldiers. Dispatch
    them, and then continue down this path for some more breakables. Head towards
    the torches. There is a hole in the wall to the right, go inside. Jump up to
    the platform and go inside the hall for another fight with some more Armored
    Soldiers. Grab that chest for a Phoenix Feather. Collect 5 more to increase
    your overall Magic. Now go to the right, there is a Health chest outside here
    if you need it. Jump on up these crates and back down to the pathway. Now head
    left again and this time jump the gap to the left of the hole in the wall. Walk
    onto the platform and press R2 to activate the elevator. Hey you guys! You
    gonna die! Head right and grab the Health if you need it, and then you will be
    introduced to a new enemy, the Athens Axe Minotaur. If you need any help on
    how to take them down, check out the bestiary section at the bottom. Once you
    are finished with them, continue on to the right. You can refill your Magic
    here if you need to. Head over to the right and take the elevator.
    Once you are at the top, look in the background right next to Kratos's head.
    That Health chest is accessible in the coming fight, which is definitely a
    good thing, because after the scene, you are introduced to another new
    enemy, the Wrecking Ball Troll. Now here's a real enemy! By the way, you
    probably have enough experience to upgrade your weapons by now, but if you
    milked all the enemies at the start for every drop of experience, you had
    enough to do that when you reached the top of the mast after the first wall
    fight on the ship. Anyways, I would recommend leveling up the Blades. You
    get Rage of the Gods at level 2, and this fight is a great place to give that
    a spin. Read the Attacks section for how to use the Rage of the Gods moves.
    Anyways, if you want help for how to kill them, read the Bestiary. For an easy
    fight, draw them over to the cliff, pin them against the edge, then do a
    Poseidon's Rage. Ha! Later! But you won't get any experience. I recommend
    just doing it the old-fashioned way. When you have taken care of them, head to
    the back right of this area for a chest. Now you can check out both gates on
    the right side of the area, but as the text will tell you, you can not open
    either one right now. Also, this area has the first multichest. This chest can
    be opened for either Health or Magic, depending on when you open it. Go to the
    door in the building at the back of the courtyard here and into the hall. Now
    you will be in a room with a bunch of stacks of crates. First, go up to the
    2 that have wood crates at the bottom and break them both. This will open up
    a doorway. Next, there are some breakables on the floor here. Finally, go to
    the bottom left crate and jump up. Jump to the next crate to the upper right.
    You will see a chest, but don't grab that yet. Instead, jump off to the right
    to the stack of crates over there. Go into the nook over there for a Magic
    chest if you need it and a Gorgon Eye. Collect 3 more to increase your overall
    Health. Head back down and jump over to the chest you saw a second ago. Grab
    it. Now get up onto the ledge and make your way over to the left. Jump up onto
    this box and down to the next one but don't go in the door. Instead, jump up
    onto the boxes to the left. Jump up to the next one for another chest. Now
    head into that room you just saw. Jump on down and break the stuff in here if
    you want, and then step into the glowing light for a scene.
                                  Boss: Queen Medusa
    |    |                          Challenge #5
    |    |                           xxxcha5xxx
    |____|                          Difficulty:*
                                SNAKES? I HATE SNAKES!
    Kill Queen Medusa with damage instead of using the Circle game. You will have
    to restart from last checkpoint because you will now be stuck. You can't get
    Medusa's Gaze Magic because you just destroyed it! So just restart and you will
    be able to continue.
    HINT: Challenge #3.... Or moo.... Do it without moo to become a true God.....
    My goodness! Well, doesn't she have a lot of Health. Can you say optional boss?
    Okay, Medusa. She isn't too tough. She has 3 attacks, the Gaze which will
    turn you to stone, just spin the left stick in circles to break out of it. When
    she Gazes at you, you can roll and it won't freeze you, and you can also use
    S*2T or Poseidon's Rage to knock her out of it. Her other two attacks are a
    tail whip and a lunging slash with her hands. You can tell she is about to
    attack because she will make a hissing sound. You hear that, you guard. Best
    way to waste her is to launch her, then juggle her with S*5T and repeat. Use
    Poseidon's Rage all you want, your Magic bar will be refilled as soon as this
    fight is over. When the Circle appears above her head, grab her and follow the
    prompts to remove her head and claim it for your own! You now have the great
    and powerful (and very underappreciated) Medusa's Gaze Magic! This Magic is a
    dream come true for all you experience hoarders. It increases the amount of
    experience you will earn from most enemies, and you also get a bonus for
    smashing them when they are stoned. 15 for breaking them on the ground and 30
    for freezing them out of the air. Also, a much less obvious but still effective
    use for this Magic is the fact that it slows down your enemies' movements. So
    if you are almost out of Magic and you are fighting a large enemy, go ahead and
    shine it on them anyways, and it will slow them down enough for you to do a
    bigger combo than normal, making it just as worth your time as using a charged
    Zeus's Fury.
    Once she is dead, you will have to freeze and smash some Minotaurs to progress.
    During this fight, your Magic will regenerate, so waste as many Minotaurs as
    you can with Poseidon's Rage until they stop giving you experience and then
    proceed to begin freezing and smashing. Once they are all dead, if by some
    ungodly miracle there are still some breakables in here, go ahead and get
    those, and then proceed out the door. Head into the hallway for a few Armored
    Soldiers, and then climb up the ladder. Oh my.... What a way to die. Jump back
    off the ledge along the left wall for a chest, then jump back out the hole here
    and a little further towards the camera for another chest. Climb back up the
    ladder again. When you get to the top, ignore the switch and head towards the
    ballista. These have a lever on the back of them that you can pull to shoot a
    large arrow. Go and pull it to reveal two chests, which we will grab in a sec.
    Go back to the switch and pull it twice. Now go back to the ballista and fire
    it again. This will reveal another chest inside here. Go back and pull the
    switch one more time, and then go and grab that chest for a Phoenix Feather.
    Collect 4 more to increase your overall Magic. Head back to the ballista and
    fire it one more time to open the way forward. Save if you want, and then go
    into your newly created hallway.
    You will see a ladder to the right, a blocked door straight ahead, and another
    hallway to the left. Take the left. Jump in the hole at the end here for a
    quick fight with some Armored Soldiers. Kill them off, and go to the end here
    for a chest containing a Gorgon Eye. Collect 2 more to increase your overall
    Health. Open up this gate here, and then head back up the ladder. Now come back
    and take the ladder on the right. Ooo, pretty moon. Head outside for some
    Armored Soldiers. If you want some really easy experience here, then ignore
    them for now and jump up onto the wall. Jump up and get off the wall and onto
    the crate to the left. Wait for them all to group next to you, and use Medusa's
    Gaze to freeze them all off the wall to shatter on the ground below. If they
    are not wanting to group, quickly get on the wall and back off again to change
    their positioning. Keep doing this until they group the way you want them. The
    point of grouping them is so you waste as little Magic as possible. When they
    are all dead, jump off the crate to the left onto the rooftop down below. If
    you look off the roof here, you will see the two chests you revealed a moment
    ago. Jump on down to get them. If you have trouble making this jump, then use
    the Hermes Stomp (R1) attack to add some length to it. Grab the chests, and
    then jump down to ground level. Head right and into the gate you opened a
    second ago, and then head back up the ladders like you did before. Get back on
    the wall and go up. You will be told how to jump wall gaps, but not very well.
    Position yourself next to the edge of the gap until Kratos's arm hangs off, and
    then press jump. Move to the right and jump the next gap and some more Armored
    Soldiers will spawn. Again, for easy experience, lead them back to the place
    you stood before to freeze them and do it again. I like to go all the way to
    the right and spawn as many of them as I can before heading back, but that can
    be a little difficult because they will start to crowd you. So do it at your
    leisure. Once you are ready to continue, head all the way right on the wall and
    then down. You will be on a little narrow walkway overlooking the plaza. Head
    left for one more Armored Soldier. Take him down, and then go up to the statue.
    Face it, and start smashing the R2 button. Okay, yeah right, that's just
    impossible. Once it's down, go around the corner for a Health chest if you need
    it, then go down the ladder to drop off or you can just jump off. Head over to
    the left and climb up onto the statue's head to reach the ladder above you.
    Alright, some Gorgons! They act just like Queen Medusa in a fight. For a
    strategy on how to kill them, read the Bestiary at the bottom. Take them out,
    and head left for some Health if you need it. Then head back right and up the
    ladder for some Minotaurs and some another Gorgon. Take them out and then break
    both of the pillars on the left here so you can jump up them. Now head up to
    the top roof for some Armored Soldiers. Dispatch them, and then fire the
    ballista up on that platform. Go out on the rope, and then immediately drop
    back off to kill the two Armored Soldiers that just spawned. Now go and get
    back on the rope. For some easy experience, draw the enemies that appear here
    back to the platform and they will not get off the rope! You can just stand
    here and use Medusa's Gaze on them to freeze them and drop them to shatter.
    If you freeze them off, the experience on the ground below will be too far away
    for it to come to you, so jump down and grab it. If in the process of drawing
    them back to the platform, you get surrounded on the rope, just jump off and
    then make your way back up here again. Anyways, kill all the rope enemies and
    head across to the other side. Once inside, drop down here and collect the
    Health chest if you need it. You can inspect the door if you want. Go over to
    the door with the handle on it and smash R2 to open it. Hey, we've been here
    before! Go back to the ballista again, and if it's not facing straight down
    the hall, go pull the switch to get it facing the hallway you just came out of.
    Fire the ballista, and it will break down the door, letting out some Minotaurs.
    Hehehe, you can kill the Minotaurs with the ballista. If you do, then be sure
    to run down there and pick up the experience before it disappears. Once they
    are done for, head down through the door that they came out of. Jump out and
    grab the ladder, and climb it to the top for a chest and some Health if you
    need it. Now get right up to the ledge and jump as far as you can backwards off
    it. You should grab another ledge with another chest on top of it. Grab that
    too. Now drop down all the way to the bottom and head outside. Jeez, all that
    trouble just to get past this friggin gate. Anyways, head towards the curtains
    in the background for a scene. "Hey, Crate, what ya tryin to grab there? Do you
    mind if I call you Crate?" "If I kill you, I will get Health Orbs." After some
    quick action from a holographic Oracle, continue on. Break all the pots in this
    area for experience. Now head up the stairs and MEET YOUR ENEMY! Before you go
    up to the ledge, head down the right-hand path. Head all the way down there for
    a Gorgon Eye. Collect 1 more to increase your overall Health. You can check out
    the gate if you want to. Now head back, save if you want, and approach the
    ledge for a scene. Oh god did he hear me did he hear me? Oh no he looked at me!
    Don't hurt me! If you want you can go up to the ledge and observe the havoc his
    army is wreaking. Head left and down the path. You will see two ways you can go
    here... oh, fine then. Just one way to go now, so head into the door on the
    |    |                          Challenge #6
    |    |                           xxxcha6xxx
    |____|                          Difficulty:3
                                   Minotaur Brawl
    Kill 30 Minotaurs here. No Magic allowed.
    Okay, here's a new type of enemy, the Hammer Minotaur. These guys are real
    jerks. They come complete with an axe, plus now they have a giant hammer. I
    wanna giant hammer! Not in GoW1, sorry. They can whack you with a vertical
    strike with the hammer, and they also have a very annoying shockwave attack.
    Okay, the whole point of this room is to try and freeze a Minotaur on top of
    the switch at the other side of the room so it will hold the door open long
    enough for you to get through. To do this, you should draw him to the switch
    and then try and knock him down when he's on it. You can do it without knocking
    him down, but it's harder. This way he stays still so you can have your way
    with him. So once he's down, freeze him and then quickly make your way over to
    the door. If you are having trouble with this, go up to the Hidden Movements
    section and read about the Infinite Roll. Don't worry about the breakables in
    this room, we'll be back in just a second, with less pressure. Once you get out
    of here, there is a Health chest if you need it, but if you need health right
    now I would say to just use the humans in the next area. Here we are in the
    streets of Athens.
    This is one heck of an area. We got chests all over the place, enemies of all
    kinds, people running scared everywhere, a huge battle in the background, it's
    just like wow. Okay, the first thing you will want to do is run as fast as you
    can down the street. Ignore the enemies and the houses for now because chances
    are, you will probably be doing this a few times before you manage to get it.
    After the third bend in the street, right next to where the Minotaurs show up,
    look on the right, on the ground. You will see a breakable box that you can
    jump onto. Above this box is a chest on the second floor of the house that you
    can only reach if you jump off this box. So, quickly get on it and jump up to
    grab the edge of the roof. Pull yourself up, go inside, and grab the chest. If
    one of the Minotaurs breaks the box, well, then press Select, hit restart from
    last checkpoint, and try again. Once you manage to get the chest, head back
    down to street level and PUNISH those DAMN Minotaurs for making you TRY this
    so many TIMES!!! NYEAAAARGHH!@!@ Throwing all the Archers in this area at them
    will suffice. Now proceed to clean out the area of all the other enemies, from
    here up to the barricade first and then all the way back to where you came
    from. Once they are all dead and you are back at the start, jump up the pile
    of wreckage that blocked your path earlier. Jump back down the other side and
    go up to the gate on the left. Open it, and the gate at the back should open
    up automatically. Now, we can break all the stuff in here and even collect the
    Magic chest without having to worry about those pesky Minotaurs. So do that.
    Once you are done, head back out onto the street.
    Okay, here we go. There are SO MANY chests in this area, it's unbelievable.
    Let us begin. (Do I call these houses? I wouldn't live here...) Break the doors
    on these to go inside them. Second house on the right, second floor. Jump on up
    and collect the first chest. Next house on the right, ground floor, go inside
    for some breakables. Next house on the right, on the roof, get a Gorgon Eye.
    Whoa, that was close! 6 Gorgon Eyes acquired. Health meter increase.
    Sacrifice accepted. Next house on the right, second floor, get the chest. Whoa!
    He needs to quit doing that. Next house on the right, ground floor, get the
    chest. Next house on the right, ground floor, go inside for some breakables.
    Pass the STUPID HOUSE with the STUPID BOX outside of it. Last house on the
    right, go in and step over the disemboweled body to get the chest. Now let's
    hit the left side. Second to last house on the left, go inside for two chests.
    Three more houses down on the left, go inside for a Phoenix Feather and a 
    Gorgon Eye. Collect 3 more Phoenix Feathers to increase your overall Magic.
    Collect 5 more Gorgon Eyes to increase your overall Health. Next house on the
    left, go inside for some breakables. 4 more houses down to on the left, go
    inside for a Phoenix Feather. Collect 2 more to increase your overall Magic.
    Next house on the left, climb up on to the roof for a chest. Next house down on
    the left, go inside for a chest. OKAY. Now that THAT's overwith, let's head
    back up. Make sure to glance around the area for any street level unbreakables
    you may have missed while you are making your way back to the barricade. The
    barricade does not drop any Red Orbs, but if you do S*2T to it over and over,
    you can at least rack up a 10 hit combo on it and get SOMETHING out of it. Jump
    on down into the pit here (Oh my gosh that's so weird! I'm playing this part
    right now and I have no idea how, but there's a Hammer Minotaur down here! I
    didn't knock him down here! What???) Get the breakables down here and head
    back on up.
    Go up to the ledge and jump towards the rope for a tutorial on how to swing on
    a rope. Get your momentum up first (ANKLES. ANKLES. ANKLES. OUCH.) and jump
    over to the next rope. Climb all the way up to the top and rotate Kratos so he
    is facing to the left. Jump towards the wall here to get a chest. Now jump out
    and to the right to land on the ground on the other side of the pit. Round the
    corner here and hit some breakables along the back wall. Now head over to the
    area with the pool for a couple more breakables. Now you gotta stop and take a
    bath. Hey, even Kratos takes baths, right? Once you are done freshening up,
    head up the stairs. Be careful of the chunk of building that will be rolling
    down the stairs here, it can hurt you. Not much though. And no, you can't kill
    those Harpies. On the left here there is a statue, break it. Then hit the pot
    and break down that door for a chest. Then head right and break down that door
    for some experience. Now break the statue next to this door for some
    experience. Head a little ways up the stairs to the next nook, with a breakable
    and another door. Break it down for a chest. Now head up a little further and
    off to the left for a chest, some breakables, and one more door. Now head into
    the plaza to meet your next new enemy! Whoa, he looks pissed! This, my friend,
    is a Cyclops. Read the bestiary for a strategy on how to kill it. You get to
    fight 3 of them. This fight shouldn't be too hard cause there's humans running
    around all over the place, meaning you get as much health as you want during
    this fight. Kill them if you need to fill up. Alright, when you're done with
    the fight, there's a few chests in this area. Head into the back left corner
    and break down a door for a chest. Now head upwards along the left wall to
    another wood door, break it down for another chest. There are also some
    breakables in this area, so run around and grab those real fast. You can check
    out the gate on the right if you want. Why are the humans still running around
    in circles, scared out of their minds? The monsters are.. gone.. oh wait,
    Kratos is still here. Never mind. Now head over to the left side of this area
    and into the hallway.
    Jeez, man, why is everybody so scared of Kratos? Follow her into the next room.
    Break a wall open on the left for a breakable. Then go a little to the right
    for another wall to break open. Collect the chest inside for a Gorgon Eye.
    Collect 4 more to increase your overall Health. There's another wall to break
    open with a multichest in it, just leave it there for now. Hit the breakables
    by the stairs to the left, then go up. There's pots to break on the left and
    right sides of the landing here. Mow go up the rest of the way and round the
    corner. Go and break open that door in front of you, and don't miss the pot to
    the left there first. Go inside and hit all the breakables in here and break
    open a wall on the back side of the room for a chest. Outside, there's another
    multichest. Leave it. Now come back out and.. Okay, lady, haven't you figured
    out by now that we are not going to stay away? Drop down into the garden here
    and hit the breakables down there. What are all these multichests doing all
    over the place in this area? You'll find out soon. Climb back up the ladder.
    Now for a slightly difficult jump. What you want to do is jump that gap in
    front of you, but fall short and grab the ledge to the left instead. Once you
    nail it, make your way to the left and around the corner. Once around the
    corner, jump the gap to grab the other ledge. Pull up and break the pot and the
    door to reveal a chest. Collect it for a Gorgon Eye. Collect 3 more to increase
    your overall health. Now jump on back and make your way to climb up on the
    ledge. Break the pots here and go in the hall for a scene. I like to roll up
    the stairs quickly and show her Medusa's head, it makes it seem like she backs
    away from it, all scared, and then falls to her death. Also, for some reason,
    you can target her with it! But you can't freeze her. Get out to the ledge here
    and it will show you the misfortune that befell her. No pun intended. There's a
    save point to the left, go through it and down to the small platform here for a
    Phoenix Feather. Collect 1 more to increase your overall Magic. Now head back
    up and save if you want. There's a trapdoor to the right, you can check it out
    if you want. Jump down to where the dead lady is at and take her key. Now go
    back in the hall again, the way you did before. Here, you will be introduced to
    a new enemy, the Shield Soldier.
    |    |                          Challenge #7
    |    |                           xxxcha7xxx
    |____|                          Difficulty:2
    There is a way to kill Shield Soldiers without breaking their shield. Find it.
    It is not knocking them off a cliff like you do in the Challenge of the Gods.
    Okay, the Shield Soldiers are basically a normal Armored Soldier, they just
    have a Magic Shield that protects them until you break it. Look in the bestiary
    for a strategy on how to kill them. For quick reference, you will want to use
    S*2T to break it down. Take care of them, fill up Health or Magic if you need
    to, and continue on up the stairs for a couple of Gorgons. Kill them and head
    up again for another Shield Soldier, then outside for some health if you need
    it. Then continue right for some Archers. Go in the door for an assorted fight
    with Shield Soldiers and Archers. Well this is a little repetitive. Waste em
    all and go outside to fill up Health or Magic if you need to. Head back and
    jump the pit for some Archers. Jump down in the pit for some Gorgons, and then
    fill up Magic or Health if you need to. Climb back up and jump the pit again.
    Head inside for some more Archers and then out the door. Save if you want, then
    jump across to the right and go use dead lady's key on the trapdoor. I like to
    stand on the opposite side, face the opposite direction, and then use the key.
    How did he do that? Go up to the trapdoor once it's unlocked and smash R2 to
    open it. Now drop down and open the gate. Now you can come back this way if
    you need to. Alright, if Kratos is such a badass, why does he have so much
    trouble opening things? Save at the most pointless save point in the game if
    you want, and then head down the hall. You will see 2 ways you can go here...
    Maybe not. I hope you got the face out and let her watch that too. So I guess
    we will be taking the left hallway, now. Open up the gate and head outside to
                            Area 3: The Rooftops of Athens
    Oboy! New area! Get you the breakables in this area, and then make your way up
    the vines on the right. You will be given a tutorial on how to jump between
    walls. Face the analog stick away from the wall and then press X to jump. You
    will need to double jump to clear these gaps. Jump the gap, climb up, jump the
    gap here, climb up some more, and jump over to the balcony. There is a Health
    and a Magic chest here, fill 'er up if you need to. Now head inside to meet
    another new enemy, the Wraith. They seem annoying at first, but just you wait
    til' you see how easy they are to break with Medusa's Gaze! If you want, read
    about them in the bestiary, but they are really a joke. If you want to fight
    some hard Wraiths, play God of War 2 and wait til' you see the Wraiths of
    Asphodel and their DAMN GLOWSTICKS!!! But since we are playing number one, they
    will drop like flies to your Gaze. Take out the enemies on the first floor,
    which consist of a few Wraiths, some Armored Soldiers, and Archers in the upper
    left. Once they are all taken care of, head over to the right and break down
    that wall for a Gorgon Eye. Collect 2 more to increase your overall Health.
    Now hit up the rest of the breakables down here, refill your Health if you need
    to, and head upstairs. Now, if you're like me and used all your Magic
    downstairs, then ignore the Wraiths up here and head straight to the back where
    there is an opening in the wall. Round the corner to the right for two chests,
    one of which contains a Phoenix Feather. 6 Phoenix Feathers acquired. Magic
    Meter increase. Sacrifice accepted. If you don't feel like waiting for it to
    fill up, pause and unpause and it will be full. Now head back in to fight..
    ahem.. destroy the Wraiths here and watch out for the Wrecking Ball Troll. 
    Take out 2 Trolls and you are done with this fight.
    Head back downstairs and out the door to watch some more helpless mortals be
    subjugated to the carnage that is Ares’ onslaught. I guess we don't get to use
    that bridge. Always the hard way, huh? First come backwards on the pathway here
    for some breakables and a chest. Now head out towards the ex-bridge, refill
    your health, and approach the edge. Jump down to the platform. There are 2 sets
    of vines down there, you want the bottom one. Circle around to the left and
    jump off to the platform here. Grab the chest, and don't worry about the
    Archers, they can't get you cause the drawbridge is in their way. But it's
    kinda funny to watch them shoot each other in the back. Get the breakable and
    break the door open. Now head inside for some Wraiths and Archers. Go out the
    door, take out the Archers out here, and kick the drawbridge down. Head back
    down and jump back to the vines. Circle around to the other side of the pillar
    and jump the gap. Circle around to the other side of this one and jump down to
    the other side of the pit. Grab the chest and head up the path. Go inside that
    room you see on the right there and smash all the breakables. Save your game
    if you want, then head back out to the left. Once outside, cross the bridge and
    head over to the other side. Get the breakables over here, including the
    statues of Zeus. Now go grab the ballista (this one is movable) and kick it on
    down the ramp in the hallway to the left. Bring the ballista all the way down
    and go and put it on or by the gear on the ground on the left side of the room.
    Now go grab the breakables you saw in the hall on the way down here. Go back
    inside and open every door in here except for the one that the ballista is in
    front of. Collect the breakables, and the multichest if you need it, and you
    can check out the wooden door if you want. Then go over to the door the
    ballista is in front of. Open it to meet some friends!
    |    |                          Challenge #8
    |    |                           xxxcha8xxx
    |____|                          Difficulty:3
                               Kratos the Couch Potato
    Kill all the Soldiers in this room using only the ballista.
    Take care of the Soldiers in here, Medusa's Gaze is a pretty good idea since
    they are all cramped in here. Once you get done with them, pull the switch. It
    will lower a ladder, take it. Grab the ch...ewww. Grab the chest up here. You
    can check out the broken lever up here if you want. Head back down and what you
    will be doing now is using that gear on the floor to rotate the ballista. When
    you pull the switch here, it will turn the gear. So put the ballista on the
    gear and pull the switch. Now take the ballista off, and pull the switch
    again. Put the ballista back on the gear and pull the switch one more time.
    Now the ballista should be facing the wooden reinforced door. Center it in the
    room and fire it at the door. It will break down the door. Head inside here and
    into the next room. You can check out the paintings if you want. Now, before
    stepping into the blue light, there's something I want to show you. Go and
    collect that Magic chest to the left, even if your Magic is full. Wait for it..
    Wait for it.. Yep. Collect it again. Wait for it.. You guessed it. This is an
    infinite Magic chest. INFINITE. Any time after this until you go and rescue the
    Oracle, you can come back and refill your Magic! So as long as you're up for a
    walk, you don't have to worry about wasting your Magic for a while here. Which
    is a very good thing if you are going to be taking advantage of the Infinite
    Experience trick I'll show you later. Anyways, now that we understand the
    awesomeness that is the Zeus's Gift Chest, as I have named it, go ahead and
    step into the glowing light to receive... ZEUS'S FURY! My favorite Magic! This
    Magic will allow you to hit enemies from far away. It's great for keeping a
    combo going, it is SUPER cheap to get it to max, and totally worth it, and
    there's some really cool tricks you can do with it, especially after you get
    the Blade of Artemis. Go and read the Hidden Attacks and Hidden Magics sections
    at the top to learn about the awesome potential of this Magic. Anyways, head
    outside and back across the bridge to get a hands-on tutorial about how to use
    the power of the almighty Zeus. You can take out these Archers from far away
    using Zeus's Fury. Or, you can be a smartass and go over underneath them, jump
    into the air as high as you can, and use Poseidon's Rage. Heh. Using his
    brother's Magic instead to complete his trial. Heh. Now once they are dead, the
    little door on the right of the walkway underneath them will open up. Head in
    here and get all the breakables and then break open the wall in the background
    (that wasn't obvious at all) for a Phoenix Feather and a Gorgon Eye. Collect 5
    more Phoenix Feathers to increase your overall Magic. Collect 1 more Gorgon Eye
    to increase your overall Health. 
    As a side note, if you are going to be doing the Infinite Experience trick,
    whenever you need to refill your Magic from now on, if you want an easier time
    with the trick, you will want to leave the Magic chests where they are and
    head back to the Zeus's Gift Chest instead. Trust me, this will make it easier.
    Head back out and back across the bridge, then head to the right into the room
    with the save point. Save if you want, and then head up the ladder in the back
    of the room. When you get up here, you will be faced with 2 Minotaurs and a
    bunch of Harpies. Put on Medusa's Gaze and concentrate on the Minotaurs. When a
    harpy tries to bother you, turn around real quick and freeze them, then turn
    back to the Minotaur. Once they are all dead, go to the upper right and hit
    that ladder. Get the chest up here for a Gorgon Eye. 6 Gorgon Eyes acquired.
    Health meter increase. Sacrifice accepted. Head right and pick up the 
    multichest if you need to. Now head back down and jump off to the left. By the
    way, you can break off the edges of the buildings here, but there's no point,
    they don't give you any experience. So jump over the gap to the left and grab
    the multichest here if you need it. Now go over to the back left side of this
    building and jump out onto the rope. You will want to make your way across as
    quickly as possible because the Archers back there can knock you off the rope
    to your death. Get on top of the next building, hit the breakables, and get the
    chests over here. You will need to kill the Archers on that other roof first
    because they will be pestering you while you try and open the chests.
    |    |                          Challenge #9
    |    |                           xxxcha9xxx
    |____|                          Difficulty:3
                                   Pesterchest 2
    Open all the chests in this area without killing any of the the Archers.
    Anyways, once you have killed them, cry about the experience they dropped and
    how you can't get it, and watch it slowly fade away, then hit the breakables
    and grab the chests. Now head back right to the main roof and break down that
    wall. Jump over to where the Minotaur is and take care of him. Once they are
    both dead, head over to the upper left corner of the roof. There is a chest off
    the left side here, but be careful cause you can fall to your death. If you
    look on the ground over here, there are 4 blocks sticking out a little from the
    floor. The left 3 serve as a guideline for the far top and bottom edges of the
    platform. Get anywhere in between these blocks and jump just barely over the
    edge so you fall straight down the side of the building. Grab the chest down
    here for a Gorgon Eye. Collect 5 more to increase your overall Health. Now jump
    back up and break that wall to the upper right. Jump across the pit and head
    up. Go up the ramp and check out the bridge, or lack thereof. Sometimes there
    is a glitch here that makes it so you can't yell at the coward who is holding
    the lever over there, no worries, just shoot him with a lightning bolt anyways.
    This will obviously make him let go, extending the bridge and lighting your way
    forward. Hit the breakables here and head inside.
    |    |                          Challenge #10
    |    |                           xxxch10xxx
    |____|                          Difficulty:1
                                  Kratos the Homewrecker
    Alright, this one's more just for fun. There are 4 sets of breakables in the
    following rooms, lining the walls on the left and right sides of each room.
    Each set can be broken in a single combo. Find the combo for each set.
    No Magic allowed.
    Head inside and break stuff! Lotsa stuff! Collect the chests for a Gorgon Eye
    and a Phoenix Feather. Collect 4 more Gorgon eyes to increase your overall
    Health.  Collect 4 more Phoenix Feathers to increase your overall Magic. Now
    head through the hall and freeze some Wraiths. Head into the next room and get
    one more Wraith. Get the breakables in here and grab the chests. Now head into
    the back here and step on the floor switch to activate the elevator. Head
    outside for a scene. Head across the balance beam and do you see those chests
    down there? Let's grab them. Get most of the way across the beam and then jump
    to the ledge on the left, but fall short so you can grab it. After you are
    hanging off the ledge, make your way right until you are even with the hole in
    the gate. Jump on down there to grab those bad boys for a Phoenix Feather and
    a Gorgon Eye. Collect 3 more Phoenix Feathers to increase your overall Magic.
    Collect 3 more Gorgon Eyes to increase your overall Health. Now jump back and
    grab the ledge, make your way back left, and get up and save if you want. Now
    head the rest of the way across the bridge and go up the stairs for some
    Armored Soldiers. If you don't break open the wall here during the course of
    the fight, then there is a breakable hole in the back wall hiding a chest. Grab
    that after the fight. Once they are all dead, head the rest of the way left and
    up the next set of stairs to reach..........
                          Area 4: The Temple of the Oracle
    Welcome to the Temple of the Oracle! You will see a scene where the Oracle is
    carried away by some Herpies. Yes, Herpies. "Toast! Yelp me!" Battle One..
    Fight! Oh boy, the Harpies learned a new trick! They have now learned to dive
    bomb you. Read the bestiary for a strategy on how to avoid this new trick. Take
    out the medusas and Harpies and you will see a scene with the Gravedigger!
    Okay, HOMIE, I know that people didn't brush their hair as much back then, BUT
    any. If I was Kratos, I would have wasted him the second he said I was going in
    that grave. Yeah, I'd like to see you frickin try, you skinny old bastard, with
    your frickin shovel. I KILL CYCLOPS! But noooooooo, you don't get to fight him
    until the end of God of War 2. Okay enough joking, let's grab the chests. One
    chest on the far left of the temple, jump up to the platform, check. Another
    on the far right side on a similar platform, check. Two to the left and right
    of the entrance, containing a Gorgon Eye and a Phoenix Feather, check, check.
    Collect 2 more Gorgon Eyes to increase your overall Health. Collect 2 more
    Phoenix Feathers to increase your overall Magic. You can also go and bother the
    Gravedigger again. He will say something different if you talk to him a second
    time. Okay, now save and head inside. You will see a scene with Harpies coming
    out of the walls. ARE YOU READY???
                               Easy Infinite Experience
    For those of you who just tuned in for this section, this trick is done in the
    Temple of the Oracle at the end of Athens in the room with all the Harpies
    coming out the holes in the wall where you have to block them off with statues.
    Alright, if you want to get some numbers, then now we can do it. Basically what
    we are going to be doing is freezing these Harpies out of the air with Medusa's
    Gaze to rack up the Shatter Kill bonuses. You will know you got this bonus
    because it will say +30 Ruined! above your combo meter and the eye on the
    Blade in the upper left will flash, telling you you just got a bonus. Okay, now
    for the method. Head up to the back of the room and pull those statues out of
    the wall and bring them down to the design on the floor right by the entrance
    of the room, which looks like a plus sign. You are going to be putting the
    statues on the left and right arms of the design. Put them on with the shields
    facing IN, not out. The point of this is to funnel the Harpies to one spot so
    you can kill 4 at once with one blast. Put the statues on with the bases placed
    so they are just barely outside of the center of the plus sign. Okay, now that
    you have the statues placed, head back to the stairs in the entrance. There is
    a small landing there, still inside the room but just barely, and if you get on
    top of it, you will notice that the Harpies stop moving. This is because they
    have stopped registering you being in the room, so they will just hang out and
    wait for you to come back. But you can still reach them with the Gaze. So now,
    chances are there are still some stragglers, so while still standing on the
    step, freeze them. You may want to use a rubber band to hold down the L2
    button cause we are gonna be here a while. Just stand there and wait, and the
    next set of Harpies should group in between the statues. Freeze them. If they
    fly up and are not in between the statues, then you have put the statues too
    close together. Go and adjust. If at any time, your Gaze does not hit all 4 at
    once, then the statues are too far apart. Go and adjust. If they are flying
    around and not holding still, you are too far in the room. Back up. Get a nice
    rhythm going and before you know it, you will have more experience than you
    know what to do with. When you run out of Magic, go and refill with one of
    these chests inside here. When these all run out, you can run back to any of
    the chests you left behind. If there are no chests anywhere to be found, don't
    fret! Remember the Zeus's Gift Chest? The one in the room where you got Zeus's
    Fury? Remember, that chest refills itself infinitely. Go on back there and grab
    it. If you take the route that gets you back through the Treasure Room, there
    will be new enemies here, some more Wraiths. Hey! What? I could have sworn I
    killed every single enemy on the way to the Temple! These guys are here because
    the developers knew you might be coming back to grab the Zeus's Gift Chest.
    Take them out, whaddya know, the easiest way is to freeze them, refill your
    magic, and head back. Once you are back, the Harpies will be waiting there like
    good boys, so just commence the freezing again. It shouldn't take you too long
    to max everything you have. I would recommend maxing everything and then
    getting about 15 to 20 thousand experience (For the Blade of Artemis and Army
    of Hades) before you leave here. Fun, eh? There are other ways of getting
    infinite experience in this game, but this is the only one that doesn't take
    advantage of a glitch or take hours and hours. This is honorable, efficient
    infinite experience. And if it ever seems like it's too slow, remember the
    |    |                          Challenge #11
    |    |                           xxxch11xxx
    |____|                          Difficulty:4
                              Kratos the Tightrope Artist
    Cross the rafters here without blocking off the Harpy holes.
    "I will never get across with all these Harpies attacking."
    Now we will worry about the actual puzzle of this room. All you gotta do is
    pull the statues over the holes that the Harpies are coming out of so that the
    shields on the statues cover up the holes. Do this, kill any Harpies that are
    still left alive, and then go over by the entrance of this room. Hiding along
    the left and right walls are 2 chests, containing a Gorgon Eye and some
    experience. Like we needed it. Heh. Collect one more Gorgon Eye to increase
    your overall health. Once that's all taken care of, head over to the gate on
    the left. Open it and head up the stairs. Now walk across the rafters here, to
    the left. Halfway across, when you are on the left side of the room, jump out
    to that platform and break the window to grab a chest containing a Gorgon Eye.
    6 Gorgon Eyes acquired. Health meter increase. Sacrifice accepted. That's it
    for Gorgon Eyes, you just got the last one. Anytime you find a chest later that
    should have had one in it, it will just be some experience instead. Jump back
    to the rail and head the rest of the way over to the gap in the fence on the
    far side. Save and refill your Health if you need to, then go into the hallway
    to the left. YEAH! A chance to use all the new moves!! WASTE THEM ALL! If you
    want to, you can look at the sections near the top of the guide to read about
    all the possibilities for attacks you just opened up. Kill all the enemies and
    be warned, once you go out the door at the other end of the hall, you can't get
    back here anymore. So now is your very last chance to pick up anything you
    might have missed in Athens. It's time to proceed to the next part of the game.
    Just to make things clear, I know that some of you will have done the
    Infinite Experience trick and some of you didn't bother, so I will still be
    listing all the chests and breakables. What kind of guide would this be if I
    didn't? It would be an incomplete one, that's what it would be. Head out the
    door, and you will see a scene with the Oracle almost falling to her death.
    There are a few chests in this area, but let's ignore those for now. Nothing is
    worse than a frantic Oracle pestering you every 10 seconds because she is
    scared of falling to her death. Go and grab both of those pillar looking
    statues and bring them out to the far right edge of this platform. There's a
    shiny dot on the ground here that you can examine to make her yell at you
    again. Drop them off one at a time very slowly (don't kick them off the edge)
    so that one sits on top of the other one. If you mess up, you can bring one
    back to the elevator on the left and try again. Get them stacked and bring them
    over to the right side of the screen where there is a little fountain. Fit the
    statues into the indent in the fountain here, then climb up on top of the
    doorway on the right and use it to jump to the top of this gazebo type
    structure. Once you are on top of the gazebo, there is another shiny dot that
    you can check out if you want. Just another way to make her yell at you some
    more. Anyways, jump out onto the statues and up to the next platform. Head left
    and a timer will start. This is how much time you have until she loses her grip
    on the rope. Also, if you fall off, she will fall instantly. Heh, I like to
    jump down and land right where she is going to fall, so it's like she falls and
    Kratos is just standing there watching, making no attempt whatsoever to catch
    her. Heh. Squish. Anyways, jump through the waterwheels here when they stop
    moving, and head left, jumping the whole time for speed. Here, it is faster to
    jump out than climb down manually. Jump over to the platform, then do a
    shoulder rush to get over to the next vines faster. Jump cancel the shoulder
    rush and get on the next set of vines here. Jump up, left, left, up, and left
    to get to the gap. Jump out to the rope, hold Circle before you hit the rope,
    and jump over to the other side. Head left towards the balance beams. Go out
    onto the first one and as soon as Kratos starts balancing, jump over to the
    platform in the middle. There is a chest to the right on top of the little
    cliff, if you think you are fast enough. Grab it for a Phoenix Feather. Collect
    one more to increase your overall Magic. You will want to get through the
    Phoenix Feather screen as fast as you can because the timer still runs while
    it is displayed. Jump back down and cross the second balance beam the same way
    you did the first one. Now jump out onto the cliff, and if you were fast, you
    should still have about 38 seconds left. Jump out onto the rope and swing
    across to the Athena statue. Go towards the Oracle and you are done. Now you
    get a Hi-Def scene, where you are enlightened to just how you are supposed to
    stand a chance against Ares. Okay, now let's get those chests. Start with the
    one above the door, if you didn't get it already. Then jump up and go and grab
    that Phoenix Feather I just mentioned if you didn't think you had time to get
    it when you were rushing to the Oracle's aid. Jump on down, and there are 2
    chests hidden behind breakable walls on the right side of this area. Now you
    gotta go under the waterfall and take your bath. Gotta wash off all that blood.
    Go back up to the area where you first came into this area, you can take that
    elevator up there. The elevator is that rectangular stone pillar by the
    platform to the left. Grab the breakables up here. Now jump back down and go
    and grab those statues again. This time, bring them around to the right side of
    the gazebo. If you look on the ground next to the back right pillar of the
    gazebo, there is a group of 3 rocks on the ground with a little tiny one to the
    upper right of it. Put the statue so the lower left corner of the base barely
    covers that smaller rock. Now jump up to the top of the gazebo again, and jump
    over to get on top of the statues. Look off to the right and you will see 2
    chests. Jump on down to get them. Now it's time to leave. You can go and talk
    to the Oracle if you want to. Head inside the door that she's next to and down
    the steps here. Come outside and save it if you need to. Head up the stairs on
    the left. Go alll the way up to the top. There is some interesting stuff up
    here. First things first, go over to the right behind the Athena statue and
    grab the chest for a Phoenix Feather. 6 Phoenix Feathers acquired. Magic meter
    increase. Sacrifice accepted. You can check out various things in this area if
    you want, the statue, the gate, and, of course, the cliff. The Gods of Olympus
    have abandoned me. Now there is no hope. Once you are done checking out the
    stuff, go ahead and start jumping on back down the stairs. Once at the bottom,
    you will want to save your game if you are going to be attempting to clear
    Challenge #11. Head out onto the giant sword on the right and into the door at
    the end. Head down a long staircase and grab the chest under it at the bottom
    for a Phoenix Feather. Collect 5 more to increase your overall Magic. Head
    right and jump out the archway to reach.............
                             Area 5: The Sewers of Athens
    |    |                          Challenge #12
    |    |                           xxxch12xxx
    |____|                          Difficulty:4
                                   Waterway Brawl
    Clear the Sewers of Athens without ever picking up a Health or Magic Chest.
    You must save the game by the sword upstairs before attempting this challenge.
    It is okay to fill up your Health and Magic at the beginning, before you fight
    the first enemies. Clearing the Sewers means killing every enemy between the
    staircase at the start and the staircase at the end. There are checkpoints
    throughout the sewers. If you die, you must quit and load. No checkpoints
    Yay, the Sewers! This is a very short level. Head down the hall for your first
    battle. Go and kill the Archers first, then come down and take care of the
    Armored Soldiers. By the way, this is a new breed of Archer, the Exploding
    Arrow Archer. These guys are quite annoying. They have good aim and their
    arrows make an unblockable blast. But they are still just as vulnerable to your
    attacks and grabs. Read the bestiary for deeper info about them. Kill all the
    enemies in this area and then jump up where the Archers were for a chest. Fill
    up Health or Magic if you need to, then jump back down and continue on. Jump up
    to the next area for the next fight. Kill the Minotaurs here, try to keep them
    back here and not draw them out around that corner up there, there are Archers
    over there. Round the corner and take out the Archers. Continue on and when you
    drop off the edge here, run backwards into the small tunnel underneath the
    ledge for a chest. Come back out and continue on. Refill if you need to. Round
    the corner and collect these two chests. Jump on up here and round that corner
    for another fight, with cyclops this time. Once they are dead, the rest of the
    enemies in this area will come out and play. First head all the way back to
    where that ladder is and take out the Archers up here. Now come back to the
    ladder right next to the chest and take out these Archers too. Now we can fight
    the Minotaurs and Soldiers in peace. When they are all dead, refill if you need
    to and head up to round that last corner and climb the heck out of here. Jump
    up to that ledge and take the ladder at the back of this area. Climb up and
    into the next area. Here's one last multichest, grab it if you need it. Head up
    the stairs at the back and pull the lever at the top to get back up to.. hey,
    would you look at that? We've already been here! Okay, what I'm wondering is,
    who in their right mind, in the middle of a massacre being perpetrated by an
    angry God and hordes of undead monsters, has the FREAKIN' TIME TO REPLACE THESE
    FLOWER POTS??? Man, they got some dedicated janitors. Break the pots again and
    head up the stairs. Now we are back at the Road to Athens, but not for long. No
    you can't go back to your ship and do the minigame one more time before
    crossing the desert. The bridge is out. No, you can't go back into Athens and
    get some more experience off the Harpies, the hole that Ares broke in that one
    wall has now divulged all of its dirt to create a roadblock. So, instead, go
    to where you first saw Ares and check out the ledge if you want. Now he's all
    up in the city and there's nothing you can do about it. I like to stand over
    to the left here and try to hit him with lightning bolts. Oooh that one got him
    right in the face! Try to nail him right in the nose while he's doing that
    stomp and yell thing, he looks right at you and it goes right into his nose or
    eyeball. Now head right and save if you want, then head down to the right and
    all the way out to the gate. It's open now! There's a chest to the right here,
    but we already grabbed it earlier. Get it if you missed it. Head through the
    gate and turn right as soon as you get inside for a chest. Grab the multichest
    if you need it, and head down into..........
                            Area 6: The Desert of Lost Souls
    |    |                          Challenge #13
    |    |                           xxxch13xxx
    |____|                          Difficulty:*
                                Marathon in the Desert
    Kill one Siren out here with damage instead of the circle game.
    You can choose to kill any one of the three required to open the door.
    Don't worry, when you kill them you won't be stuck out here, their soul still
    comes out and goes in the door.
    HINT: Moo.... Do it without moo to become a true God... Also hint Minotaurs...
    Wow! Did you try that? "The ferryman asks a high price." Another 10 bonus
    points for anybody who knows that quote. Okay, this area is a pain, but we'll
    still get all the chests. Turn right when you get inside and follow the edge.
    Get over to the cliff and follow it to the right for a bit. Right by the
    section where it curves inwards sharply, walk straight upwards a little ways
    for some breakables and a chest. Now walk straight up from here and you will
    see the second chest slightly to the left. From this chest, walk straight to
    the right and you will see the third chest. Now let's hit the left side. Go
    back to the entrance and stick along the left wall. Follow the wall for a sec
    and you will see a rock jutting out of the sand very close to the wall. Walk
    straight to the right from here and you will see the next chest by a large
    rock. Go back to the wall. Keep following the wall all the way around until you
    see the fourth chest. This one is glowing. This next one's kind of hard to
    describe how to get there, but it's not far. Pretend the chest draws a straight
    line, from the back of the chest to the front. Pretend it extends straight out
    into the middle of the desert. Follow this line and you should see the chest a
    little above you. Head back to the wall. Follow it all the way up and just
    after the camera angle changes, you will see a place where the wall sharply
    curves to the right before continuing upwards. When the wall curves to the
    right here, imagine that it just keeps on going outwards, and follow that line.
    You should see the last chest soon. Now keep on going to the right here and you
    will see the exit of the desert. Go up and check out the door if you want.
    BUT! You aren't allowed to use it. Because you gotta waste the Sirens first.
    New enemy! Read the bestiary for their strategy. There are some breakables and
    a chest in this area, smash them and fill up if you need before attacking the
    Siren. But not if she already ran off! If she did, go get her! These Sirens
    will not attack you until you throw the first punch. So make it a good one. A
    fully charged Zeus's Fury is a pretty good way to say hello, don't you think?
    Also, if you have Poseidon's Rage maxed out, one of these and she's toast.
    Go and beat her up, and Circle her when it pops up, and you will have released
    Lost Soul 1 of 3. Found it! Head to the southeast for the second Siren. They
    have a little set circle that they patrol and you have to listen for them to
    find them. If they get louder, then you are getting closer. Keep heading
    southeast until you find her. If you hit the cliff, then just head back into
    the desert until you hear her. Follow that sound! If you are having trouble,
    head over to the chest that's on top of those rocks in the lower right part,
    the first one we went to earlier. You will eventually hear her so go and follow
    her. These ones have friends! If you need experience, keep on killing the
    Minotaurs until they stop dropping Red Orbs, then kill the Siren. Lost Soul 2
    of 3, found! Now head over to the west side of the desert. This one likes to
    patrol over by the coliseum type place, so head on over there and grab those
    breakables while you're at it. Did you think I was going to forget those? Look
    around over here for that wench and take her down. Again, she is coupled with
    some Minotaurs, take them out until they stop yielding experience, then kill
    the Siren. Lost Soul 3 of 3 found! Head over to the exit and in the door. Go
    inside here for some breakables and multichests. Finally we are free of that
    place! Never thought I'd be so happy to see a dirt-filled, torch-lit, small
    dungeon-type room. Save it if you want to, and head into the hall.
    Jump on down onto the conveyor belt. If you want to make this puzzle easier,
    go ahead and spike-wheel at the end. I like doing it the hard way. More fun.
    Either way, the point of this is to get that box inside the little room on the
    back wall, so go and open that up and grab the box, and you are supposed to get
    the box all the way to the left in order to use it to jump up to grab that
    ledge. If you do it the easy way, this will be no problem. If you do it the
    hard way, you will need to keep lodging the box behind the pillars so you have
    time to fight the Soldiers and then continue to move the box up. Kicking it
    is the way to do it. For a tiny challenge, do it without placing the box behind
    a pillar. I almost made that an official challenge, but it's not hard enough
    and I'm sure you're probably sick of my @!$% after that Siren. Get past here
    and jump up to the ledge, get the breakables, open the door, and it's on
    through to the mural room. Hmm, check out the cool pictures. Head out the door
    and if you are playing a cow game, get ready to see the most powerful moo ever.
    Stupid funny, that is. MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Blow the horn to part the
    sandstorm. By the way, there are some pretty background sounds here, get out
    in the middle of the sandstorm and turn the volume up. Oooo, it's like
    meditational music. Head up the stairs when you're done woosaaing. Grab these
    multichests if you need them, and then head up the rest of the way and blow..
    that..... oh fine. Kill the Sirens here and THEN blow the horn. MOOOOOO! Get
    over here! I need your box, foo! 
    3 days later......
    You will see a condor chewing on the eyeball of a fellow Spartan. Sacrilege!
    PUNISH BIRD! Heh kill it for some Health. Grab the breakables here and cross
    the bridge to reach.............
                               Area 7: Pandora's Temple 
    Ahhhh, here we are, Remiem...AHEM...Pandora's Temple. Cross the bridge and you
    will be on the front doorstep. Head straight left to see a dead horse with
    flies swarming it. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? HOW? THE? HECK? DID? IT?
    GET? UP? HERE? Okay anyways, head around to the back left and down the ramp.
    Walk all the way around here until you get to the other end, and grab the wall.
    Pull it out all the way, and jump on up for a scene with the First Failure.
    Don't tell me what is and isn't going to happen, man, I'm Kratos. I'm the
    epidimy of determined. I will make it out of HELL if I still have stuff to do.
    You can talk to him again if you want. He will say something different if you
    talk to him twice. Some nice backup info about who he is and a myth about the
    Architect. You can also check out the pyre, that's where they get the enemies
    for inside the Temple. I wonder how many it takes to make a Cyclops? Once
    you've talked to him, jump on down and it's Bone Cyclops time! New enemy!
    Read their Bestiary entry for a strategy. You will have to fight 3 of them
    here. Just remember to stay away, far away. Once they are dead, go inside the
    gate and up the stairs.
    Grab the chest on the right here for a Phoenix Feather. Collect 4 more to
    increase your overall Magic. Head left for a chest. Grab the multichest if you
    need it. Now turn the crank here to open the Temple. Head on inside for a short
    fight with some Wraiths and Archers. Take them down. You can read the book if
    you want. There is also a carving of Athena that you can look at in the room on
    the right. Walk up to the door and check it to open it. Head inside to reach
    The Rings of Pandora. Head towards the camera and into the door here. Hey,
    meat tenderizers! Be careful and if you have trouble with this part, try
    walking up close to them and then rolling through when they're opening up.
    Head all the way to the back and cross the pool for a quick little fight with
    some Archers. Pick up the health if you need to, and go and grab that chest in
    the back. Now go inside that little nook on the left and pull the switch to
    drop the gear platform down. Don't worry about that handle that just came out,
    we will not be using that for a while. Now save it if you want, then head back
    out to that gear platform. Grab the lever and turn it counterclockwise four
    times. Head inside. This is the Muse door. Remember where it is. Now head back
    out and turn it four more times. Head inside this hallway. Are you prepared to
    receive ultimate power? Step into the glowing light to receive.... THE BLADE
    OF ARTEMIS!!!! Man. This is one heck of a weapon. It is the weapon of choice
    for taking out larger enemies. Plus it's useful against weaklings. Hmm. Chops
    'em to bits. Max it right now if you did the Infinite Experience trick earlier.
    Heh. You can unpause it in between levels if you want to see the colors change.
    Now that you have the Blade of Artemis, assuming the Blades are maxed, and
    assuming that you are not a button-smasher, you can now do all the Hidden
    Attacks I listed above. Give it a read if you want to learn some cool tricks.
    Also the Combo Ideas section will give some insight. And you can always read
    the move list I made for this weapon. I am assuming you know how to use the
    Blades of Chaos pretty well by now, so here's some more stuff to learn.
    Anyways, once you have the Blade, head down the hall to reach.........
                            Area 8: The Challenge of Atlas
    Okay, head through the gate here and give the Blade a spin. WOW! If you maxed
    it, that is. Chop, chop, chop. Kill off the Soldiers. They were askin' for it.
    Now some Gorgons will show up. The Blade is not such a good idea with them,
    but you could try if you want. By the way, this is a new type of Gorgon. There
    is really no difference, besides the color and the Gaze is a different color
    too. They have a little more Health. Fight them just the same as you would a
    normal one. During this fight, you might want to make it a point to come to
    the close side of the screen, jump in the air, and do a Poseidon's Rage, it
    will kill all the Archers on the platform above, who are a pain when you are up
    on the balance beam up there later. Anyways, kill all Soldiers and Gorgons. Now
    at this point, you can go either in the door or outside up the steps. I like to
    go up the steps first, they are in the back corner. Get all the breakables in
    this area and head up. Here, you will be introduced to another new enemy, the
    Pandora Armored Soldier! They are not any different from the other ones, except
    now they have more Health and some cool looking armor. Read the Bestiary for a
    little more about them. Anyways, kill these guys off and hit the breakables
    here.Then head across the bridge now for some more Soldiers, and hopefully
    you took out the Archers a second ago or you are going to have to hit them with
    Zeus's Fury. Cross the balance beam up here to the other side and then head
    right for a chest. Come back out and pull the lever to drop a rope down that
    pit. Jump out to the rope and slide down. Head out onto the rope and cross it.
    Jeez man they do that every time! For some reason the rope enemies in this area
    reeeeeally like to grab you. Get past them, and drop down on the other side for
    some Health and Magic. Walk up and grab that Shield off the pedestal to start
    a fight. This fight is a lot of fun, really easy, weak enemies, and lots of
    them. You shouldn't have a problem, even on God Mode. If you don't kill them
    all fast enough, you will be smashed by the wall on the left. So take them out
    in the fastest way possible and have fun. This fight is a good time to observe
    the savagery that is Rage of the Gods plus Blade of Artemis and Zeus's Fury
    tricks from the Hidden Attacks and Hidden Magics sections. Rawr! Destroy all!
    Now head off to the right and fill up if you need to, then jump back down to
    the rope and climb back up. 
    Now you will be going into the door on the right by the chest. Head inside to
    fight some more Gorgons, and then grab that firewood-box thing and pull it out
    to kick it to the left. Go out and if there are more Gorgons, kill them and
    the Archers in here. Get the breakables and then kick the box to the other
    side of the room. Get it all the way by the stairs and center it. Then grab it,
    charge up a kick, and let it fly towards that floor switch down there. Quickly
    roll backwards to get in the little nook here, and the wall will spin around
    and you will be on the other side with some Soldiers to welcome you. Take them
    out and then fill up Magic and Health if you need to. Don't make the mistake of
    collecting the multichest for Magic, cause there's a Magic chest to the left.
    Grab the chest in the corner, and then come on back and hit that ladder. Now
    go through the door and jump across to grab the shield. If you fall at all, no
    worries, just redo the block puzzle and head back up.  Jump back and go out
    to the right on that rafter. Grab that chest, and then jump back and continue
    to the right on the rafter. Get to the back corner, grab the chest, and then
    drop off. Now go up to the door on the left and examine it. Put the shields in
    the door and continue down the stairs. Save if you want, and then go left and
    climb the ladder. Go through the hall and be careful entering the next room
    unless you want a 5 foot shave. Make your way across and enter the door on the
    right. Just ignore those levers for now. Get the breakables in here and break
    the wall. Hello! Kill them and head down the conveyor belt. You will want to
    watch the timing of these a few times before going through each one. They have
    a set pattern, I know it looks random at first but just watch them. There is a
    time when you can get through each one. Memorize your timeframe and go. You can
    shoulder rush through but I would not recommend rolling through cause you might
    get hit by the next one. Get past these and go outside. About halfway across
    the bridge there is a little gap in the railing, jump out and onto that ledge
    across the pit. Collect the 2 chests over here and receive another Phoenix
    Feather (FINALLY). Collect 3 more to increase your overall Magic. Then jump
    back. Head the rest of the way across the bridge and out that door for a harpy,
    a multichest, and a wall battle. Climb up onto the wall and head upwards. Jump
    the gap and take care of this Soldier. Climb down a ways and take care of the
    next one. Now jump the gap to the right and take care of this group. Keep
    heading upwards, and no, that's not a way to go on the left, you are meant to
    think it is and then get trapped in there. There will be Soldiers spawning all
    around you now. Ignore them and go all the way to the top. Now jump all the way
    to the left. Jump the gap and head left. Jump this gap and head left and down
    to get on that landing there. Now get Medusa's Gaze ready and wait for them all
    to come. Heh, take the Gaze to them and watch them start to drop like flies.
    Use as much as you want, use it all, that's fine, there's a chest behind you.
    Once they are all done for, jump down to the right (but stay close to the wall,
    cause there's a pit you can fall in) and you will land by a chest. Grab that
    and then get back up. Climb up and jump the gap to the right and then head
    down for a similarly hidden chest. Now get back up and head to the platform
    where you were freezing all the enemies from. Pull that lever and jump out onto
    the chain. Climb up and grab these chests. Now refill at this chest. If you
    left the one at the bottom uncollected, you can use that one too. Make sure
    your Magic is full, that's more important than Health in this next fight. Once
    you are full, go ahead and enter that room.
    The whole point of this room is that if you don't kill the enemies fast enough,
    the floor will drop out and then it's byebye Kratos. Sooooo. The fastest way to
    kill these enemies is try and concentrate on only one Shielded Soldier at a
    time. Break his shield and then grab him and throw him into the Sirens with
    Square. Rinse and repeat. If it starts getting hairy, use the L1+O attack and
    break all their shields at once and then use Poseidon's Rage when you are right
    in the middle of all of them. If you reeeally have to, use Rage of the Gods
    and it will all be over. Give this a few tries and you will get it. Go over to
    the pedestal and take the handle. Then leave and whoa! Yep, this chest out here
    will refill itself once you finish this fight. I think the one down at the
    bottom does too. Slide back down the chain and head back the way you came.
    This time, the conveyor belt will prove to be a little more difficult because
    it's going against you. This time, it IS a good idea to roll through the spike
    mashers. Just remember to watch the rhythm and also judge whether or not it's a
    good idea to throw in a shoulder rush after the roll so you can get clear of
    the spikes. Get back in the room with the rolling blades on the floor and now
    it's time to pull those levers. Hit the one in the close right first, watch
    the blades, and quickly run over to the one in the far left and hit it. Then
    quickly run over to the door and get through it. Whoawhoawhoa! Don't fall in
    the pit here. Get along the right side of the wall and shimmy across. Open the
    door with an Atlas design on it here and head inside.
    |    |                          Challenge #14
    |    |                           xxxch14xxx
    |____|                          Difficulty:2
                                    KRATOS SMASH!!
    Heh. You are gonna laugh when you figure this one out.
    Find a way to dispose of the Minotaurs using the environment here.
    It is not opening the door and knocking them back into the pit.
    Did you get it? Anyways, if not, kill off those Minotaurs and Archers and
    stick the handle you just picked up into the crank. Grab the breakables in
    here, and head up to the Atlas statue and go behind it. Ooooo! Muse Key #1.
    Now come back out and go right and up the stairs for some Soldiers.
    Waste them and go up the rest of the way for some Archers. Kill these and come
    out of the door. Head left for a Phoenix Feather. Collect 2 more to increase
    your overall Magic. Now head over to the left side for a chest and an Archer.
    Now come on back and pull that lever! Well that's ONE way to open a door!
    Before you jump down, there's 2 more chests up here. Get to the right side of
    the little bridge thing you are on and jump backwards and right. This is a very
    hard jump cause the stupid camera angle changes right in the middle of it, so
    it may take a few tries. Come on back up if you miss the first time, everybody
    does. I did. See? I even missed it right now. Now there is a similarly hidden
    chest on the other side too, grab that. Now go out the door you just violently
    destroyed and right when you get out, go left for one more chest. Now it's time
    to go and disturb someone's grave. Head out to that platform. You can read the
    book if you want to. Pull the lid off the coffin and jump on in. Okay I know
    this game is morbid but damn. Take his skull by smashing R2. There is a very
    sick and disturbing joke you can do here and his face and body movements even
    match it. I will say no more. You have acquired the Architect's Son's Head. Ha
    friggin ha. Once you have his head, the ground will open up. Jump down. It does
    not matter which you fill up here, there's another one just like it at the end
    of the hall. Head down this decrepit hallway for a Hi-Def scene. Remember that
    sword on the boat? Here it is. Round the corner for the other chest and then
    open up the door. Here we are back at the Temple of the Crystal Eye. Save if
    you want, I am, cause it's bedtime. K back. So now we are going to go back out
    to the Rings of Pandora once again. On the way out, you will be confronted by a
    group of Soldiers. Take them down and head out the door. 
    Now we are going to be heading a little bit towards the camera to that old
    skull door you might have noticed earlier. Walk up to it and stick the
    Architect's Son's Head into it and it will open. Watch out, though, there's a
    massive stone steamroller block in there.
    |    |                          Challenge #15
    |    |                           xxxch15xxx
    |____|                          Difficulty:2
                                 Kratos the Acrobat 1
    Get on top of the stone roller in this area without using the stairs.
    Okay, there is a set of stairs eventually in here. You will want to either run
    away from or follow the stone roller until you see them on the left. Climb up
    and wait for the block to come back. Jump on top of it and play river log until
    you reach a ladder on the right. Jump to it, and the roller will disengage.
    Kratos, for some reason, will now look at the ladder as if he is deciding what
    it is? Okay, well WE know exactly what it is, so climb on up and grab the
    chests and save up here if you want. Head through the door and down the hall
    to reach..........
                          Area 9: The Challenge of Poseidon
    Head out onto that platform and... PUPPIES! Oh, but he's so cute... OH. Yeah,
    they like to grow up really fast. So we will have to kill a few of them. Read
    more about Cerberuses in the Bestiary section. For an easy fight, just freeze
    the big one with Medusa's Gaze and then do a few Poseidon’s Rages and it'll
    be overwith. BUT....
    |    |                          Challenge #16
    |    |                           xxxch16xxx
    |____|                          Difficulty:5
                                    Cerberus Brawl
    Kill 20 Adult Cerberuses. No Magic Allowed.
    Now that's more like it. I am wondering how many of you think that I'm crazy.
    Well go and read about the Final Challenge. This one was cake compared to that.
    Anywhoo, let's continue on. Go refill Health or Magic if you need to, here and
    up the path a little. Head up the path and there is a block there, you can use
    this for something in a minute. But take out the cyclops here first. If you
    want to be a cheapo, you can trap one of the cyclops in the area where you
    fought the Cerberuses. Use the block to..ahem...block the archway and seal the
    other one out. They will try to stick together so use attacks that knock them
    back in order to separate them. But yea one way or the other take out the
    cyclops and then bring the block around the corner. You will use it to block
    the Archers arrows from hitting you as you approach them. Once you reach them,
    run out and grab one and use Square to throw him into all the other ones.
    Heh PUNISH! If you want a little challenge here, try it without using the
    block. It's not too hard. Head up and continue down the path for a fight with
    Cerberuses and Archers.
    |    |                          Challenge #17
    |    |                           xxxch17xxx
    |____|                          Difficulty:2
                                 Kratos the Tactician
    There is an enemy here that you can leave alive and the exit will still open.
    See if you can figure out which one it is.
    It is not the Bone Cyclops or the Archers that stood in a big group before
    you got up here.
    Anyways, kill all the enemies up here. They are all very vulnerable to Medusa's
    Gaze, so use that a lot in this fight. Now head inside and pull the lever in
    the floor. Man, I love the music in this area. Welcome to the get-it-if-you-
    think-you-can room. It's possible to get all the chests in here. Get right up
    to the gate and start trying to run inside before it opens, when it does
    quickly go in and hold R2. While still opening the chest, pull back on the
    Right Stick so you will roll out fast once you have the chest. Repeat that on
    all of them and head out the door for some breakables, and then you will be
    introduced to yet another new enemy, the Soldier Elite! I love fighting these
    guys. They actually fight back smart! They are the first enemies that do, in
    my opinion. Read the bestiary for a strategy on how to kill my second favorite
    enemy in the game. Take out these guys, and then jump up to the ledge in the
    wall on the left. Keep on jumping up these ledges and when you get to the top,
    head right first. Heyheyhey! Muse Key Number 2! Now, you can open that Muse
    Door. But you can't make it back there right now by backtracking because of the
    room you just came out of. So nothing to do now but keep on truckin'. Jump back
    onto the ledge and head left for an awesome view. Keep heading left to fight
    some Minotaurs. Kill them off and head inside for a whole bunch of breakable
    statues. Break the ones in this hallway real quick and then head out past the
    chests. Head all the way up the left side, hmmm, sux for them, continue down
    and go all the way up the ramp and into that room at the top, breaking the
    statues the whole way. Read the suicide note if you feel like it. You can also
    check out the door if you want. Go to the right side, grab the crank handle on
    the floor, and commence the right side statue beating. Head all the way back
    down, jump up the ledge on the left, get up and continue back into the hallway
    to reach the save point, breaking the statues the whole way back. Save and
    refill your Health and Magic if you need, and then we need to take a bath in
    the fountain and wash off all that statue dust. By the way, there are also a
    few breakable pots on the ground here and there. Now head back to where all the
    cages are and put the crank handle into the crank in the center here. Bring the
    cage on down and you will see a scene in which somebody actually tries to ask
    Kratos for mercy! THE NERVE! No way, bro! You gonna die. Okay, kick him off the
    ledge and down onto the ramp.
    |    |                          Challenge #18
    |    |                           xxxch18xxx
    |____|                          Difficulty:4
                                 Kratos the Merciless
    You already know what it is, don't you?
    Get the cage up the ramp without killing any of the Elite Soldiers here.
    Okay for those of you who just want to pass this friggin' thing, before you
    even begin, make sure your Magic meter is full and get Medusa's Gaze ready.
    Drag him up and set him on the first rock and the first Elite should spawn.
    Freeze and break them (use the Square, there's not enough Magic for us to do
    the Triangle instant freeze the whole way up) and drag him up to the second
    rock. Freeze these guys and drag him up to the third rock to the left there.
    Wait for more to spawn, and then freeze them right away and bring him up to the
    fourth block. One more round of freezing and dragging and he is at the top.
    There should be no problem with not having enough Magic unless you came in here
    before, collected every single chest, and then went back and saved the game. If
    you did, well then all I can say is try and take them out with the ST*3 with
    the Blades of Chaos or the O*3 attack with the Blade of Artemis. Maybe go for
    some Infinite Air Grabs or Orion's Harpoons. Remember, speed is important here
    so do all your most damaging weapon attacks or just kill them instantly with
    Medusa's Gaze. That's the strategy. Once you have him all the way at the top,
    put him on top of that floor switch and go and pull the kill lever. Man, he
    really did want to go back up there and starve instead. I think I know what I
    would have done, and that is meditate and wait. Death is a journey. And you
    just gave this guy a crash course in it. Now it's time to move on. I like
    to pull the switch once more before I leave, it's like FIRE whoosh! Head down
    the hall here and out the door and you will be in Poseidon's central chamber.
    First, head over to the left and jump in the water. Swim up to that ladder
    on the left wall and jump onto it. Climb up and head left for a Phoenix
    Feather. Collect 1 more to increase your overall Magic. Now jump on back down
    and get back to the center. It's time to get Poseidon's Trident! Hey, why did
    you put it back? Okay, I guess you didn't. WHERE THE HECK DID YOU PUT THAT???
    I don't want to know. This handy artifact will allow you to breathe underwater.
    You can check out Poseidon's statue if you want. Oh, I'm sorry, did you think
    you were going to be using it as a weapon? I did my first time. I know, I know,
    it sucks. Pat, pat, pat. I'm going to go swimming, wanna come? Jump in the
    water on the right side. You will be shown how to swim and what the buttons
    are. There is a Health chest on the right side wall here, hidden just like that
    Phoenix Feather was. Climb up and grab it if you want to. I like diving just a
    little and then charging up a underwater dash, then diving up the ladder haha.
    Oh, wow, would you look at that? For some weirdness, try to grab the ladder
    while holding R1. Also, while I'm on it, for some interesting looking chain
    stuff, try doing attacks as you are falling in the water. L1+Square looks kinda
    neat. Anyways, now swim over to by the entrance. You will see a hole in the
    bottom here. Swim down into it and you will be shown how to break stuff
    underwater. Break through these 3 walls and surface over on the other side.
    Heh, if you just sit on the surface here, the music volume does weird stuff.
    Jump out for WOW that's a lot of Cerberus puppies! Don't worry, they will
    not grow up. WHEW! Okay, take them all out. Medusa's Gaze works wonders in
    this room. If you've got no Magic, just grab them all to death or keep on doing
    (AirL1+O*2). Once they are all dead, get that chest and head to the back here
    and open up the door. Pull that switch and head back the way we came to find
    that this room is not so hospitable anymore. More Cerberus fun, plus some
    Harpies. Take them down. Heh, try putting them into the water. I can swim and
    you can't, nyah nyah. Anyways, head to the back of the room and jump up the
    ledges. Go in this hall and refill if you want, and now it's time to get on to
    the next part of Poseidon's Challenge.
    Head on down this path and grab the multichest if you need to, then it's into
    the water. Dive down and we are in the underwater area. Go straight here and
    into the next room to meet the first of four Nyads. I will get you to all four,
    even though they are pointless except for one if you have been following this
    guide. You can check her with R2 if you want. Grab her with Circle and she will
    swim off after some lovins. Now swim downwards and you can check out the
    wall carving if you want to. Turn right and you can check out the obviously
    breakable carving here. Break through it for another Nyad. Grab her for some
    more lovins and... THE FINAL PHOENIX FEATHER! Yay! 6 Phoenix Feathers acquired.
    Magic meter increase. Sacrifice accepted. Now we are done collecting all meter
    increases except for one. Okay, from here you can either go left or right. I
    like to go left first. Head up here for a short fight with some Elites. Kill
    them off and break that wall in the back for a whole bunch of breakables and
    a chest. This would normally be a Muse Key, but we already have both. Okay,
    now head back into the water and come back down, take the right path this time.
    Awww, why the long face? Charge up a dash before going in the mouth. Keep on
    charging and dashing through this place unless you want to become Kratos sushi.
    If so, by all means, go slow. Once on the other side, go through the next hole
    and surface. There are four waterfalls here, you want the back ones. Jump up
    them, one on each side, for some chests behind breakable walls. Now get up on
    the ground here for a pretty fun fight with Harpies and Soldiers. Heh, lots of
    weaklings to play with your full Magic, full Health, and maxed stuff with.
    Have fun. Now. Before you get these chests or hit that switch.
    |    |                          Challenge #19
    |    |                           xxxch19xxx
    |____|                          Difficulty:3
                                 Kratos the Acrobat 2
    Find a way to get on the upper balcony of this room.
    No using this Poseidon's Rage High Jump trick I've been hearing about.
    There IS another way.
    If you were able to figure it out, then explore a little bit up here, there's
    not much, the ground recognition is a little messy. There is a wall on the
    right side that looks like it should be breakable but it's not. But I am
    wondering... This area is programmed pretty well for an unreachable area. Do
    you think maybe they thought about hiding stuff up here and then decided
    against it at the last second? I do. I want to know what was supposed to be
    behind that wall. The world may never know, DAVID JAFFE! You should have put
    it in and had maybe a tiny ledge somewhere to grab to get up here or something.
    Maybe put one of those chests a little higher up so they could grab the ledge.
    It is a great spot for a secret, after that fight, people wouldn't think to go
    up there right away but the torches would attract the attention of a keen eye.
    What, were there already too many hidden chests in this area or something?
    Anyways, jump on down and hit the switch. Yay no more wall carving blocking our
    path! Let's come on back the way we got here, be careful cause the Kratos
    Sushi room is still operational, and come back through this hall. Come towards
    the camera when you get to the hole in the wall where the Nyad was. Get through
    this hallway and out in the open and your path will be made clear! Head down
    that sloped hallway in front of the camera for a save point if you need it, and
    then head left and break Poseidon's face so you can kiss his third daughter in
    peace. Heh, the statues in here make the secret quite obvious. Swim upwards 
    through the hole in the ceiling for some chests. Head on back down and go back
    to where the save point was. Go right this time. Hi, Poseidon! You about to
    puke or something? He looks like he's prayin' to the porcelain god. Look to the
    right and break that wall down for some lovins from his fourth daughter. That's
    it for the Nyads. You messed around with all four of them and now it is time
    for you to be punished. You can check out the statue with R2 if you want, then
    swim down into the hole here. Oo look at that, you want to be careful here.
    Go down right when one of them passes and then charge a dash right away. Head
    left quickly and into the alcove in the floor to safety. Go to the far right
    side of the alcove and charge a dash. Wait for the wall to pass, and then let
    it rip. Head left and keep charging and dashing until you reach the next
    alcove. Do like you did last time once more and then quickly swim downwards
    into that hole in the floor. Head downwards and out the exit here and a door
    will come down to stop you with a carving of Poseidon on it. He's like STOP!
    So now we are trapped. Head up to the surface and jump out to save it if you
    want. Okay, I have bad memories with this room. My first time playing back in
    05, I couldn't figure it out for the longest friggin' time! I was playing on a
    bad TV and didn’t even notice what the statue looked like up close! It sucked,
    I was here for like a half an hour. I finally had to resort to the old
    "perimeter walk" method and realized the perimeter of the room might change
    when you pull up the platforms. I almost threw my playstation against the wall.
    Anyways, surface and save if you want. Kill off the Minotaurs and pull that
    switch. Now head up those platforms and kill off the Soldiers up here. You can
    read that book if you want, it's a clue to this puzzle. "Amphitrite, Poseidon's
    faithful wife, will forever watch over this cursed room. Only she knows the
    secret way out." And then take a look at her statue. It's pointing downwards!
    Gurrrrrrrrr....... I mean, she's pointing right at it! Damn! Good thing I'm 5
    years smarter now, huh? Anyways, head back down to where the switch is and fill
    up on Magic and Health if you need to, then pull the switch again. Jump into
    the water and swim down to the base of the fourth pillar, on the left side.
    There is an opening down here in the side of the pillar. Go inside it and wait
    to be moved to your next destination. Once you are at the bottom, swim on
    through this hallway and you are now back at the Temple of the Crystal Eye
    again! Fun. Save it if you need to and then head back out towards the rings
    again. You will be confronted by a group of Shield Soldiers in the hallway.
    Kill them off, these should be so easy by now, you should really know your
    moves by now. Head out into the rings and now it is finally time to redeem
    those Muse Keys! Yay! Stay in the outside ring and get back to the gear
    platform. Go and turn the handle 12 times to get to the Muse door. Let's go and
    see what all this trouble was for! Go and choose to use the Keys and the door
    will open. Heh, you can hang from the top of it as it falls. Ooooo! This is
    a very pretty room. Grab those two chests and then collect the lovely sand
    fountains for your final Health and Magic upgrades and a nice experience bonus.
    Yum. Now this is a Treasure Room, screw the one in Athens. 2 upgrades and 1500
    experience plus chests! Very nice indeed. Read the book if you want, save if
    you want, and head back to the gear platform. Even though we don't exactly have
    to yet, it's just good to get it out of the way now, so turn the crank 12 more
    times so that it's facing the Temple of the Crystal Eye. You need it to be here
    after you clear the next Challenge. Now head through the opening behind you and
    go up to the stairs, it's closer if you go up. Heh, if you did Challenge #14
    you will now see the video showing you where the ladder is. NAWWWWWW! There's
    a LADDER there? Alright, jump into the pool here and dive into that hole in the
    bottom. Head through this tunnel and surface on the other side. Go through this
    small hallway into THE room. This room is where the awesome starts happening.
    Later. You can check out the door right now, but I'm not seein' the Minotaur. I
    see the horns, and I know that the lock is supposed to look like it's his face,
    but I'm just not seein' it. Also in here, you can go and launch a flaming log
    at the door, but that's not going to do anything spectacular. Once you are done
    checking out this room, head to the wall on the right and break open that door.
    Go inside the door and down the hall. Save if you want. Now keep on heading
    down this hall and LEAVE THOSE CHESTS ALONE! Trust me, just do it. Even if you
    are in desperate need of Health or Magic. There will be more very soon, just
    leave them. You will understand why later. I say once again, leave them where
    they stand. Not one finger on them. Ope! I saw you jump on top of it there.
    Don't mess around, junior, this is serious. Head up that ladder and continue
    down the hall to reach...........
                            Area 10: The Challenge of Hades
                                   VERY IMPORTANT!
    This is the first of two Rage Alerts. From this point on, do NOT use your Rage
    of the Gods until the guide calls for it! Let it charge up and save it!
                                   VERY IMPORTANT!
    Okay, here we are! I love this level. Get the breakables here and then head out
    the door and go right for some more breakables and a nice camera angle if you
    go all the way to the edge. Well that's gonna be fun when we get there, eh?
    Continue right for some more breakables. Now stay on the right for yet some
    more breakables. Where are they all coming from all the sudden? Grab the Health
    if you need it. Now head over to the staircase and get on the rail on the right
    with the lava running through it. Jump up all the way to the top of the rail
    and jump off to the right to hang off that bowl thing that the statue is
    holding. Make your way around to the other side of this and there is a chest
    hiding in the wall there. There is another one in the same spot on the other
    side of the staircase, go and grab that now and then get the breakables by the
    Health chest on the other side of the staircase on the ground. Head along the
    left wall here and grab these breakables too. Now head up the ledges and above
    the door at the top here, there is a ledge, grab it and break the wall for one
    more chest. Now go back down and read the door. Hades has challenged you to
    make blood sacrifices upon his altars before you can pass, do you accept?
    Choose yes. Oh boy, these jerks. I don't like them. Read about them in the
    bestiary for strategies on how to fight Centaurs.
    |    |                          Challenge #20
    |    |                           xxxch20xxx
    |____|                          Difficulty:5
                                    Centaur Brawl
    Kill 35 Centaurs. No Magic allowed.
    I have challenged you to make blood sacrifices off of his altars without Magic.
    Do you accept? Anyways, the whole point of this fight is to kill off the
    Centaurs while they are inside the blue circles. Four per circle. The small
    circles that are on the rotating rings will light up with blue flame whenever
    you kill one off inside the ring. Kill 4 per ring and this fight is over.
    Poseidon's Rage works well for this, I have found. Get them to group inside of
    the ring and then let one loose. If you have it maxed, this fight will be done
    in no time flat. If your Rage Meter is empty or low, you may want to try and
    build it up a little off of these guys before finishing here. If you have both
    Health chests left, pick up one if you need it, but if there's only one left,
    you may want to leave it, there's some upstairs and you will be back through
    here later, possibly needing Health. Go back up and through the door that you
    just opened, and grab the multichest if you need it. Go out the door and hit
    the breakables out here. Oh, another multichest. Fill up if you need it. Now
    head left and hit the breakables by the door, then go and get on that ledge
    just to the right of the door. Use it to jump up here and grab the breakables
    and chests up here. Open the door and head in the hallway. Dude this level is
    so cool. Head in and jump the lava pit here. Round the corner and get up to the
    edge of this pit. You will want to watch the rhythm of the moving platform on
    the other side, and jump and time a Hermes Stomp so you land when it closes for
    a sec. Roll as soon as you land to get across. Round the corner carefully and
    watch the rhythm of the arrows coming out of the walls. You will want to
    shoulder rush past these. They will take off half of your Health in one hit if
    you are on God Mode! Hey, they said only combat would be affected by the
    difficulty level! Cheapskates! Liars! Okay, so get past the arrows here and
    you will be at the start of the MAZE!
    |    |                          Challenge #21
    |    |                           xxxch21xxx
    |____|                          Difficulty:4
                                   Hallway Brawl
    Clear the Maze without picking up any Health chests. No Magic allowed.
    It is okay to grab the first one and fill up Health, but you cannot damage any
    enemies until after you grab it.
    Okay, hopefully you didn't get hit by the traps and you still have full Health.
    Let us begin. The gate will slam shut behind you. Round the corner and take
    care of this Gorgon. You might want to take the left path here so you can
    chuck the Archer at her. Grab the breakables here and you can check out the
    face if you want. That's an architect? Scary. I wouldn't want to work for him.
    Something cool I like to do here, if you are curious about the animations for
    Kratos's moves, Magic, or anything, you can freezeframe them here by checking
    the face with R2 at any time during the move. Even aerial ones. Super cool.
    Check out the L1+Triangle attacks, the last hit of Triangle*3, obviously L1+O,
    the lightning in Poseidon's Rage, and the charge attack with Zeus's Fury. Also,
    pretty much everything with the Blades in Rage of the Gods is pretty sick.
    Remember you can just restart from the last checkpoint and you will only have
    to fight 2 enemies to get back here, so go ahead and play! His moves look so
    cool freezeframed. When you're done messing around, head back the way you came
    and take the right path. Ignore those Archers and turn left. This room is just
    asking for 360 degree attacks. Stand in the middle and mess these guys up with
    L1+O or Poseidon's Rage for some cool visuals. Kill them all then head into
    the hallway to the right. Kill the Soldiers in here and go into the back
    hallway for a couple of Archers guarding your bathtub. Take a bath and head
    back out the left side. Grab the chest and breakables here and come back out
    into the main circle room. Take the left exit and take out these Archers here.
    Go right and some Soldiers will come out to play. Make sure you watch out for
    the Gorgon here too, she is around that corner and likes to pop out of nowhere.
    Round the corner and grab the health if you need it, then head back to the left
    of where the Archers were for a cranking elevator. Head up it and go in this
    hall for some Archers. Go to that stone block you just passed on the left and
    push it in and it will fall down revealing a dangerous path to 2 chests, so go
    and get them. Just wait til all the platforms open up and run down as they are
    closing. You may have to jump at the end. Come back out and keep turning right
    for another block to push in. Do so for some Soldiers and breakables. Head
    around the corner in this room for some Archers. Now pull open that door and
    head outside. Go straight left for some Archers and a breakable. Now watch that
    battering ram in the hall there. It has 3 lengths that it will detract before
    slamming the wall. Watch it and when it goes back, run out and quickly jump up
    on it. There are some Soldiers by the exit up there, kill them and you can read
    the door if you want to. It says to kill all the enemies in the maze. There
    are a couple more, and they are right at your feet. Get on the very end of the
    battering ram and wait for it to be about to do its third, long pullback. When
    it is about halfway done pulling back, drop off and follow it into a door
    hidden down here on the right wall. Quickly run in and pray the Soldiers in
    there don't block your path inside before the ram catches you. Kill these and
    you're done. Wait for the ram to come back and jump out onto it again and then
    Hey, we're back! And what do you know, you just might have needed that Health.
    Step on the button here to raise the statue. Now go right to see a flap fall
    that I don't understand the point of. The Pointless Flap! Heh. Jump down to the
    water below, grab Health on the way if you need to. Hey, now there's a save
    point here! Use it if you want and then jump down into the water. Go all the
    way to the bottom and pull the lever down there. Swim back up and a gate will
    close over the water. Climb up the side of the statue and use the handle to
    turn the head backwards. It will light up the hallway at the top of the stairs,
    this is where you need to go next. Jump down and head upstairs into the
    |    |                          Challenge #22
    |    |                           xxxch22xxx
    |____|                          Difficulty:4
                                 A 2-Part Challenge
                                Kratos the Acrobat 3
    You are not allowed to refill your Health during this entire Challenge.
    It is okay to grab a chest to refill before you begin.
    Save the game before attempting this in case you accidentally hit the exit
    and create a checkpoint. No checkpoints allowed.
    Part 1: Run in a straight line down the center of this hallway, from the pit at
    the start to the room at the end, and jump every fireball rolling down the
    center with the High Jump trick mentioned in Hidden Movements.
    Part 2: Once inside this room, kill all the enemies. Then exit and open every
    door in this hallway. Jump back across the pit at the beginning of the hallway
    to complete this challenge.
    Wooo, that was a toughie, huh? Not really if you know the patterns of the
    fireballs. It's just fun, then. I'm wondering if you hate me yet. For those of
    you who didn't try that, let's get the stuffs here and move on. There are
    fireballs rolling at you from the back of the hallway here, so go around them.
    Make your way to the back of the hallway and head into the room in the center.
    Kill the enemies and grab the breakables and chests in here. Fill up Health if
    you need to. You can read the book if you want. Now come back slowly towards
    the exit and watch for an opportunity to get back out. Take it when you see it.
    A nice thing to know about this area is if you get right next to the exit of a
    door, then the camera angle will switch so you can see outside more easily. The
    third to last door on the right has a Health chest. This is the second door on
    the right from the start. The middle door on the left is the exit. This is the
    third door from the start and from the end. Take the exit, and head down this
    hallway. New enemy! The Pandora Axe Minotaur! Read the Bestiary for a strategy
    on how to kill them. After you start disposing of the Minotaurs here, some
    Archers will pop out. Go and take care of them, you don't want to be bothered
    while fighting the Minotaurs. Take them all out, and then head into the smaller
    doorway on the right. You will want to take out all the enemies over here cause
    if you leave the Archers alive they will pick you off the rope you will be
    crossing soon with ease. Kill all these easy enemies over here and grab the
    multichest if you need to. Head back downstairs and then take the exit on the
    left. Head out this hallway and jump onto the rope here. Kill the Soldiers and
    drop off on the other side. Jump down for a pretty mean brawl with some
    Soldiers, Minotaurs, Centaurs, and Archers. Hmm, this fight can be tough so I
    might as well put a strategy here. First take out the Soldiers, they're easy.
    Do S*2T, ST*3, and ST*2S a lot for an easy time with them. You will want to
    save your Magic for now. When one of them has a Circle, grab him and press
    Square. Once they are all dead, go over to where the Minotaurs and Centaurs are
    coming out and use Poseidon's Rage twice. This should take care of both of the
    Centaurs that you will have to deal with in this fight. If you don't have any
    Magic left, just get real far away and do ST*3 towards them a lot, or you can
    go and grab the Magic chest on the right, but it might be a little tough with
    all those enemies bothering you. Lead them to the other side and then roll back
    over here and quickly grab it. Once both Centaurs are dead, the Archers will
    come out. Lead the Minotaurs over to them and throw the Archers at the
    Minotaurs. When the Archers are all dead, use the rest of your Magic to freeze
    the Minotaurs with Medusa's gaze. This fight is now over. Fill up Magic if you
    didn't grab the chest during the fight, and then head up the ladder in the
    back. Head down this hallway and turn right for some breakables. Come back and
    then go straight. Follow the hall for a sec and then turn right for some more
    breakables and a chest. Come back and then go left. Turn left up here for some
    more breakables. Come back and then go right and save it if you want. Now it is
    time for some precarious balancing!
    Okay, head out and go right on the balance beam. You don't even have to do that
    part on the left there, just jump straight up before the beam turns left and
    you will land on the next platform. Take the beam to the right for a chest and
    then come back. Go up here and get off onto that small rock outcropping. Jump
    left to land on the beam over here. It's kind of a hard jump, but it cuts out
    some more beam walking. Now head left and grab that chest. Now go right and
    you will need to jump to avoid the blade when it comes around. When you see it
    coming, stay perfectly still and time your jump so you can get over it. If you
    are confident, you can just keep on jumping down this beam until you get to the
    platform at the right. Head all the way right to reach the platform and grab
    that chest. Now come back and go up. Wait here until the safe beam comes around
    and jump onto it. Climb up the ladder and get on top of this platform. Go out
    onto the beam and when you get to the end, don't take the rope, instead go
    right onto the balance beam. Follow this path to get to a chest. This would
    normally be a Muse Key. (Thanks, keltin_2002 for verifying that this was a Muse
    Key! If you don't know who he is, he made a wonderful chest guide that can be
    viewed on GameFAQs.com.) Now head back and take the rope. Head to the ladder
    and go down. Go through the hallway here and turn the crank. Uh-Oh! What's that
    downstairs and the path will fall out from under you. You can climb back up
    the part that is hanging down, this is just in case you didn't turn the wheel
    that was sitting right in front of you. Hey, I've seen it happen. Grab both
    those chests that I told you to leave behind earlier (now you see why) and come
    on back towards the save point. I highly recommend saving the game. Head out
    the door and I really hope you paid attention to the Rage Alert earlier. Walk
    up to the door and it's time to tango with......
                                  The Boss Minotaur!
    Yes! There ARE boss fights in this game! Okay. He is one mean mother. He is the
    only enemy in the game that can knock you out of Poseidon's Rage! WOW. If you
    don't know how to use the Blade of Artemis by now, it's a really good time to
    learn!! He has 4 forms, Full Armor, Breaking Armor, Broken Armor, and Bare
    Flesh. He will gain new attacks every time if fought on the ground. He has
    different sets of attacks for whether you are on the ground or up there on the
    platform. I have here a strategy for each one. If you want an easy fight, do
    the one on the platform. If you want a real fight, do it from the ground.
    The Golden Rule for fighting the Boss Minotaur:
    Use the Blade of Artemis!
    It is very possible with the Blades of Chaos, don't get me wrong. But if you
    have been following this guide, you had more than enough experience to max
    that sword a long time ago. And it is really really strong when it's maxed.
    It deals out tons of damage, and it is the best way to waste him. Both of the
    strategies I will provide are going to be with the Blade of Artemis. You could
    do them with the Blades of Chaos if you REALLY want to. Use the ST*3 combo
    and counterattacks instead.
    If you want to look cool while fighting him, just read about his attacks and
    use your own style. There's lots of fun, tricky stuff you can do once you
    learn how all his moves work.
    Before attempting these strategies, go and read about the Fury Cancel in the
    Hidden Attacks section. These strategies will make use of it.
    Press Ctrl+F and put in the code xotflx for the On-The-Floor Strategy.
    Okay, here's the juice.
                               On-The-Platform Strategy
    At the start of the fight, go straight up to the platform at the back of the
    room. The stairs are on the right. Get up here and wait for him to come up.
    His attacks while you are up here are as follows:
    He will clap his hands. Blockable.
    He will raise his right hand and pound with his fist. Blockable.
    He will raise his left hand and grab you. Unblockable.
    After you damage him enough he will run back to the door and then rush back
    and pound the grate to send sparks flying up. Unblockable.
    He also has an attack where he pounds the grate while he is still over here to
    send up sparks from up close. Unblockable.
    He also has an attack where he will rake you down the stairs on the right if
    you try to run down them. It's blockable, but just don't try to run down the
    Okay. Learn these and you can kill him. Judge how much time you have to attack
    him and do either the Circle, Circle, Circle attack, Circle, Square, Circle
    attack, R1 then Circle attack, or R1 then Square attack with the Blade. Guard
    or Fury Cancel if he is going to do the pound. The clap is hard to avoid with
    the Fury Cancel so you are better off just guarding. If he is going to do the
    grab, run to the back left corner and it can't get you. Or you can do the Fury
    Cancel instead. The Fury Cancel will give you lots more time to attack him
    before his moves fire off, so use that knowledge to your advantage. Whenever
    you damage him enough in his first or second form, he will do the sparks attack
    where he runs back to the door. So when he is about to hit the grate, just
    double jump and you will clear it. As far as his pound the grate attack from
    up close, he doesn't do it unless you run over to the back corner. Just in case
    he does do it anyways, the windup is him taking his right hand off the platform
    and he looks like he's going to punch the floor. If he does happen to do this,
    just jump. If he lands his grab on you, he will throw you down onto the floor
    and spit fire on you. If you are not very good at this game, which is nothing
    to be ashamed of, you do not want to be down here!! Get back to the platform
    and stay there and you will stay alive!
    Okay now that you know how to fight him, let us begin! Open up with some
    Circle attacks. Watch him and defend yourself as needed. Wait until he backs up
    and looks at the steam rushing out of his armor, at this point, jump onto the
    floor. Trust me. Run up to him and activate Rage of the Gods and start doing
    the infinite Circle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle attack with
    the Blade until Rage is out. When he backs up, which he will, roll up to him
    and continue the combo. He should curl up on the ground and a Circle will
    appear above his head. If not, you didn't hurt him enough, so hurry up and get
    back up to the platform and continue to hit him until he is in the Circle
    state. Whenever he gets into his first Circle state, hurry down to him and
    hit him with a Circle attack with the Blade. Follow the prompts with the left
    analog stick and when you pull it off you will get half your Rage Meter back
    plus some Health and Magic! If you miss it you will have to damage him a little
    bit more again to get him back into it. So do that, and then hurry down again
    and hit him with a Circle attack. When you get him, he will stand up all dazed
    and sway back and forth. Now just stand there and watch him sway. That's right
    you heard me, just watch him. If you take too long to get to the lever, then
    you will have to damage him a little more to get him back into his Circle game.
    BUTBUTBUT!!! You can refill your Rage Meter the rest of the way! SO. Damage him
    a little more when he comes back and do the Circle game one more time. Boom!
    Full Rage again! Okay, now while he is standing there swaying back and forth,
    hurry as fast as you can upstairs to hit the lever to nail him with a giant
    flaming log. HUAH! Now jump down and run right up to him and repeat the Rage
    combo again. He should go back into Circle state again. If not, you did not
    damage him enough, so head back upstairs and hurt him. Do the minigame, wait,
    and head back up to the platform to damage him a little more. When he gets
    down into his circle state, head on back down and grab him for the minigame.
    Head up the stairs with your full Rage Meter and pull the lever again. Blaow!
    Okay, this is where it can get a little rough. Save this Rage Meter. Now you
    are going to be fighting him for a while up here in order to finally knock his
    armor off. Once you have it all off, unleash your third and final Rage combo,
    only up here this time. He will just sit there and take the whole thing, so
    this time the full damage will hit him easily. Remember the Fury Cancel
    because he can still grab you while you are in Rage! Wasted Rage is NEVER a
    good thing. So anyways, now he has an actual Health bar. Now we actually know
    how long it's going to be before he dies. Once the Rage combo is over, go ahead
    and use all your Magic. NO YOU CAN'T FREEZE HIM, COME ON! Do you really think
    they would let you do that to HIM? Unleash successive Poseidon's Rages until
    the Magic Meter is out. Then, you are finally going to be actually fighting him
    but if you have done everything I said, this fight is almost overwith before
    you actually have to start trying. Watch his body movements, learn his attacks,
    and I have showed you ways to get around every attack. So damage him down a
    little more and once his Health is almost gone, he will back up and start
    swaying. You know what to do. Dead Boss Minotaur! Congratulations! Go and claim
    your prize of Health, Magic, and 2,000 experience. Now press Ctrl+F on your
    keyboard and put in the code xdonex to scroll past the next section.
    xotflx                       On-The-Floor Strategy
    I am so proud of you. You are going to fight this boss the way he is meant to
    be fought. He is much harder and much more fun to fight on the ground.
    Full Armor Attacks:
    He will slam his horns into the ground and then pull them out. 2 hits.
    He can aim left or right with this attack, depending on where you are at.
    He will rear back and come at you pounding the ground with his fists, creating
    shockwaves, and then slam his horns into the ground and pull them out. 6 hits.
    The punches are blockable, and the shockwaves are unblockable. They barely
    ever hit you though.
    He will do a quick punch with his right hand. Blockable.
    He will do a quick punch with his left hand. Blockable.
    He will raise his left hand high and slam it down and create a shockwave.
    The slam IS blockable but the shockwave is unblockable.
    If you go too far to the left he will rake you back. Blockable.
    If you go too far to the right he will spray you with fire. Blockable.
    If you try to go behind him he will jump to the side and then back and slam
    into the floor. Unblockable.
    Breaking Armor New Attacks:
    He will put both hands on the ground and spray fire all over the place.
    Both hands can also hit you as they are being placed. Blockable. 
    He will slam his right hand into the ground and tear a flaming arc into the
    floor. Unblockable.
    Broken Armor New Attack:
    He will slam either hand into the ground and create 4 little mini-volcanoes
    that will follow you around. Unblockable.
    Bare Flesh New Attack:
    He will act like he is going to charge and then run at you and skid to a halt.
    There will be a line of fire stretching between his hands and when he stops
    he will spray fire all over the place. Ummmm, UNBLOCKABLE.
    Wow! What a savage boss. This fight is so awesome. Of course, it's simple once
    you learn how he works, any boss is. Alright, here's how to do it. The first
    thing you will want to do here is go into the fight and don't try to attack
    him, just watch his moves and learn a little. Then read about those moves up
    above. There is a way to get out of everything he does, and your goal is to
    understand all of it so you can put him away easy. Remember, a good defense is
    the best offense.
    If he does his horn pounding attack, guard or Fury Cancel. While his head is
    in the ground, do a quick R1 attack and then guard or Fury Cancel again. If
    he does the ground pound, just roll backwards a few times and wait til he
    pops his head out and then roll back and start attacking again. If he does the
    quick punches, guard or Fury Cancel. If he raises his left hand real high to
    do the shockwave pound, try and roll away. This move has really fast execution
    so it's going to be the one you will want to learn the best. Try as hard as you
    can to learn to see when this move is coming, it will really get you. Still
    gets me once in a while. Don't try and go to the left, right, or back, because
    that will just make him do an attack that he doesn't need to be doing. You want
    less to deal with. Yeah, you could be cheap and stay to the right or left and
    just slaughter him, blocking when he does his thing, and that way you would
    only have to know one attack. But, if you want to be cheap, go and fight him up
    on the platform. Fighting him on the ground is for people who want a challenge.
    When he gets into his second form, you will want to watch out for the flame
    attack. Especially watch out for his hands, that's quick and it doesn't seem
    like it's going to hurt. If you stay right in the middle the whole time, you
    will never have to worry about his hands hurting you, and the rest of this
    attack is easy to see coming. As far as the flaming arc attack, that is even
    easier to see coming, because he raises his right hand real high and charges
    up with fire for a second. Just roll backwards and hit him with a couple
    Zeus's Fury quick charges.
    When he gets into his third form, the volcano attack is not that bad, it can be
    a pain if not dealt with properly. When you see his hand catch on fire, start
    rolling around like a penguin without feet, pressing R1 to keep rolling. If you
    are not familiar with this technique, read the Hidden Movements section. Also,
    if you do Poseidon's Rage while he is doing this attack in an attempt to get
    around it, he will keep doing it! Ouch!! So don't try that. He does not like
    Poseidon's Rage. Somehow, he is actually able to knock you out of it, and it
    drives me mad but, I can't seem to figure out what exactly he does to do it!
    And when he gets into his final form, wow, what can be said about the flame
    rush? This attack is so painful if it hits you. He will start it by clawing the
    ground and spraying a little bit of fire from his nose, then rush. When you see
    him do this, get over to the side as fast as you can and block, you never know
    whether or not the fire he sprays after will nick you.
    SO. That's how to deal with his attacks. Now for the strategy.
    Open with a few Circle attacks with the Blade. It will show you a video of him
    looking at himself. When you are able to damage him again, do a Poseidon's Rage
    and at the end of it, activate Rage of the Gods and start going nuts on him
    with the sword. The infinite TOTOTOTO attack will work well here. He will
    go into his Circle state, so hit him with a Circle attack. Do the minigame, and
    when it's over, you are supposed to go and hit him with the log gun, but don't.
    The Circle game with him will refill your Rage of the Gods halfway every time
    you do it, so you are going to want to do it once more before you go and hit
    him to change his forms. Wait until you can damage him again, then do another
    Poseidon's Rage. Now do the Circle game and this time, since Rage is full, head
    upstairs and fire the log gun. Come on back down and open up with another
    Poseidon's Rage followed with activating your Rage and going bonkers with the
    sword. Watch out for his new attacks, the fire spray and the flaming arc. Keep
    at him with the powerful Circle and R1 hits from the sword. When he gets into
    the Circle state, do the minigame twice again to fill up Rage once more. Now it
    gets hairy. Save your Rage. Do NOT do Poseidon's Rage at this time. In fact,
    save all your Magic. What you are going to do now is break off his armor so you
    can kill him. Keep at him, and watch out for the new volcano attack. Whittle
    him down until all the armor falls off, and you can fully see the Health bar
    in the upper right. He will do an animation where he looks like he is in pain,
    and will drop Health and Magic Orbs. GET THESE! Those are the last ones you can
    beat out of him in this fight until he dies. Now, what you want to do here is
    run right up to him and unleash as many successive Poseidon's Rages as your
    Magic bar's got in it. When you are through with the last one, activate your
    Rage and if you have Athena's Blessing, keep on doing Poseidon's Rage until
    your Rage meter runs out. If you don't have Athena's Blessing, then just start
    nailing him with the Circle combos with the sword, guard canceling the last
    hit when it connects so you have more time to attack. Keep it up til Rage runs
    out, and hopefully he is almost dead. Now you only have a small amount of time
    where you have to worry about being decimated by that flaming rush attack. Use
    it well. At this point, you will want to just fight as careful as you can. Only
    move in to attack when you are absolutely positive that it is safe. And watch
    him! Watch him close! Take his Health the rest of the way down and when he
    starts swaying as usual, you know what to do. BOOM! Dead Boss Minotaur!
    Congratulations! Pssssh-Ba-ba-da-baaa-baa-baa-ba-badaaaaa! (Yeah you know what
    that was don't you?) You have slain the Temple's Minotaur. Now go claim your
    reward of Health, Magic, and 2000 experience. No, he's not going to throw all
    the pews back off of him and beat you up with his TOTALLY UNFAIR FRICKIN WRIST
    ROCKET. No, there's not a superior Minotaur who controls time and space and can
    cause the sun to expand far enough to get you to 1 HP with hella statuses to
    beat after this one. You's done.
    Well! Wasn't that something! Fun, fun. Now it's gonna get even more fun. ARE
    YOU READY TO RECIEVE ARMY OF HADES? Head in the door at the back. You can
    check out the dead Minotaur if you want to. I like to jump up and do one last
    Poseidon's Rage to his groin area, heh. Head inside the hole in the door that
    he made with his hoof and it's up, up, up the stairs we go. Head to the top and
    save it if you want, and then go in the room. Grab the chest in here, and there
    is also some Health and Magic if you want. You can read the book if you want.
    Hmmmm. He stopped signing his name Loyal Servant of the Gods. Huh. I don't know
    about you, but the idea of going through a temple filled with traps designed
    by someone who is slowly giving up on life does not sound like it would be too
    much fun. Go up and pull the lid off the coffin and take the skull. Head back
    downstairs and out the door. Go to the left side and step into the glowing
    light to receive ARMY OF HADES!! ROAR! If you have been following this guide,
    then you will have enough experience to max it right now. An interesting side
    note: once you have everything maxed, almost all experience chests from now on
    will become Magic chests. So feel free to go ballistic with Magic, because
    there will almost always be another Magic chest right around the corner. I will
    still direct the player to all chests, so don't worry if you don't have a whole
    lot of experience right now. Anyways, take out the enemies here, give Army of
    Hades a spin. Now that's Magic! 
    When they are all dead, go through the door that Hades was in. Grab the Health
    if you want, and then continue down this way to jump in the water. Go back
    through the tunnel, and you will emerge back in the Rings of Pandora. Swim up
    to the skull door underwater here and put the head you just got into it. Now
    the water will drain and you are now free to walk in this area. Go inside this
    room and you can read the statue in the back if you want. Turn the crank in
    here to face the second door. Go outside and turn this crank 6 times. Now you
    should have a straight line of sight to the Temple of the Crystal Eye. 
    Anything you might have missed down here, get it now, especially the Muse Door!
    The Muse Door is on the outer ring, grab the crank and keep turning it until
    you see a golden door in the background. Grab any Health and Magic chests if
    you want, cause we are going upstairs and there is no coming back.
    Ensure that there is a straight line of sight between the statue in the center
    and the Temple of the Crystal Eye, then head on back there. Heh, it's like a
    giant combination lock. Genius. Head through the hallway and you will be
    attacked by a group of Soldiers. THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHO THEY ARE MESSING WITH.
    Do they KNOW what you just KILLED? Obviously not. Take out these weaklings and
    continue in to the back. Grab that handle (finally) and pull the two halves of
    this together. It should shine a light through the doors to hit the other
    crystal by the elevator. Now, there is something about this video that never
    made sense to me. See what way the statue is facing? Towards the desert? Well
    when you get up to the top of the elevator, now it's facing the other way,
    towards the cliffs. Yeah, I know, of all the crazy junk in this game, THAT is
    what does not make sense to me. Whatever. Let's go and hit that elevator. Head
    to the center and pull the lever after a warning from Athena. Once you are at
    the top, if you read the statue again it says something different. Now head out
    onto the hands and they will lift you over to the ground here to meet my
    favorite enemy! The Satyr! Man these guys are good. They fight very smart. No
    more comboing the enemy senseless with these guys, they know all your moves and
    have counters for all of it. Read the Bestiary to learn about these guys. Once
    you get used to them, they aren't that tough. Once you are finished with them,
    head towards that harpy on the bridge for a Hi-Def scene with some history
    about Kratos. Once it's over, head across the bridge to reach.........
                            Area 11: The Cliffs of Madness
    Alright, the Architect is goin frickin crazy. Read the book if you want
    proof. This area is tough, I have seen people give up here. But we will not
    relent! Head right for some chests behind a breakable wall, then come back and
    fill up at the multichest and save if you want. Now head up that path in the
    center for some Soldiers. Kill them and head left for a chest. Now come back to
    the right and at this point it is a good idea to let loose an Army of Hades
    and it will take care of all the Archers in this area. Jump over the pits to
    the left and head around the corner for some Soldiers. Kill them and take the
    crank elevator up. Hit the breakables here and save if you want. You can go two
    ways here, we are going right. Jump the rocks, hit the breakables, and grab the
    multichest if you need it. Head right and take out these Archers and hit those
    breakables, then continue down into the room here for a fight with some Satyrs
    and Soldiers. There is a Health chest if you want upstairs. You don't have to
    kill the Soldiers upstairs to continue. Once the fight is over, grab all the
    breakables in this room, downstairs and up. Grab the Health chest upstairs if
    you want. Now head down and out the door that opened up. Get outside and take
    the crank elevator. Once on top, save it if you want and head inside that door.
    Walk over to the right and pull the lever to begin this puzzle. Speed is very
    important here. Pull the box out as soon as you can, and have it sitting in
    between those two Soldiers. Jump on the right side of it and charge a kick up
    ALL THE WAY. This means until Kratos stops making a sound. Then let it go. Run
    up to it and come onto the close side of it and charge another kick all the way
    then let it fly. Roll towards it and grab it and you are going to move it just
    barely around the corner manually, no kicking. Once it is just barely around
    the corner, jump on top of the box and double jump up to the platform here on
    the left. It might take you a few tries but it's more than doable. Once up on
    the platform, grab the chest. I am not sure what's up with the writing on the
    wall here, did someone get stuck up here and starve? There's tally marks but
    no body. Anyways, then double jump across the pit to receive the Necklace of
    Aphrodite. Jump on down and head back out. Once outside, walk onto that hanging
    box to the right. Kill off the Archers and Soldiers at the bottom, and hit the
    breakables. Grab the chest if you want. Now head around the corner and take out
    the Archers over here. Continue to the right and drop down for that Health if
    you want. Get back up and head in the door. (The ladder path is the same one
    we passed earlier.) Head inside for another Satyr, then up the ramp on the left
    for another one. Now head out, grab the chest if you want, and jump onto the
    rotating platform.
    |    |                          Challenge #23
    |    |                           xxxch23xxx
    |____|                          Difficulty:2
    Kill all the Archers using only the Blade of Artemis.
    (You have to get over there to do it..)
    Hmm, that was sort of fun. Now if you didn't kill them, just let loose an Army
    of Hades or if you want to conserve use Zeus's Fury. Then turn the crank here
    to line up the platforms and jump across. Now head in the hall on the left for
    a Satyr and 2 Archers. Jump up and go out the door. Now head left for a
    multichest if you want it. Head right and jump up the ledge for some Minotaurs.
    Kill them off and head down the ladder on the right. Go right here for some
    Satyrs. Head further down the path for some Archers and a chest. Now take the
    rope and head down and into that hallway. Now for a fight with Minotaurs,
    Archers, and Soldiers. Now head into the hallway on the left for the block
    puzzle. Before you touch anything, jump your way up onto the one against the
    wall in the far left. It's shaped like an upside down L. Use the little block
    next to it and jump up on to the big one, then head up to the platform up here
    for some chests. Now jump back down and put the little block somewhere out of
    the way. I like to cover up the book with it. Doesn't matter what you do, just
    get it out of the way. Now get the T-shaped piece. Put it on the circle on the
    ground in the middle of the room. Go to the crank and turn it counterclockwise
    once so that the T is facing the wall. Go and put it on the wall. Come back and
    next grab the upside-down L. Put it on the side of the circle closest to the
    crank. Now turn the crank 180 degrees so the L is pointing to the right. Put
    this one in the wall on the far left. Once it's locked in, grab the tall skinny
    one, and put that one in the far right of the wall. Now grab the little one
    that's 2 blocks high. Get that and put it to the left side of the T. Lock it
    in place, and go grab the one that looks like a question mark. Put it on the
    LEFT side of the gear, and turn the crank counter-clockwise once so the block
    matches the shape of the hole that's in the wall. Put this in and the wall will
    fall down. Grab the Necklace of Hera. Now we have both. It's time to go home.
    Head out the door and save it if you want and it's time for another wall fight.
    Head to the right and take the ladder. Follow the path to the right and get up
    onto the wall. Climb straight up for some Soldiers. Follow the path upwards and
    there is nothing to the left here but a platform, handy for freezing them off.
    Head right across the gap for a couple more Soldiers. There is nothing below
    here on the next 2 sections except for some more enemies, head down there if
    you want a little experience. If not, get to the far right of this area and
    go up. You will see a gap to the right, you can go there right now if you don't
    want chests and enemies. If you do, head left. Go all the way left and get down
    onto the platform for a multichest if you want it. If they won't let you back
    on the wall, just freeze them out of the way. Now get back on the wall and go
    straight up all the way to the top for a chest. Jump over to the next platform
    for another one. Jump over to the last platform and jump back down to the wall.
    Head right for one more chest. If you never dropped that one stone block that
    was hanging from the rope, there will be a switch here instead that drops the
    block so you can get the necklace from the spike floor room. But we did. So
    there will be a chest here. If you reeeeally want this chest and the switch is
    here instead, don't pull the switch, instead backtrack all the way to before
    that room that had the Satyrs in it, go down the ladders, head down to the
    crank elevator, and take it up. Go inside and read above to see how to do the
    spike floor puzzle, and then grab the necklace and head out the door and walk
    on top of the block to drop it. Then come back here for your hard-earned chest.
    Anyways, once you have this chest, backtrack to where the gap in the right was
    that I told you to skip. Jump on across for a couple more Soldiers, then head
    down to the platform on the left there for a chest. Get back on the wall and go
    the rest of the way down to finish this fight. Sometimes people fall off here,
    it's not too reliable of a drop, so I guess just be careful. If you want to be
    really safe, you can jump off that last platform with the chest on it, but it's
    kinda goofy cause you have to jump towards the wall first, there's an invisible
    barrier here. Head back down and come towards the camera, follow this path, and
    head on back up the ladder. Once you are up here, you can put the necklaces on
    the statues right now, but there's some chests and enemies we can get first. Go
    all the way to the right and jump over the rocks here for a chest. Now head in
    the hallway and kill these Archers. Jump in the pool here and dive. Head
    through the unnecessarily long tunnel to the other side. Surface here for 3
    chests behind some breakable walls. If you come to the close side of the screen
    there is a pretty nice view. Now head back and put the necklaces on the
    statues. You will want to be careful on this part. Start walking out onto the
    moving platforms when they start coming out of the wall. You will want to jump
    to the next one before they are all the way out. Repeat and on the third
    platform there are a couple chests. Jump up to the fourth platform and head
    out to the right here for a Hi-Def scene. Now there are some enemies here that
    you can take you anger out on. Once you have finished venting, head over to the
    ledge here past these rocks. Jump out to grab the rope, get your momentum up
    and jump to the second rope. You can jump from this one to grab the wall over
    there, so do that. If you happen to fall down and get back to where you were
    before, just jump in the pit and you will restart back upstairs again. Once you
    are on the other side of this pit, climb up the wall and pull the switch up
    here. Head into this hallway and these coffins are breakable. Get all the
    breakables in this area and head through the hallway here to reach............
                             Area 12: The Architect's Tomb 
    Break the coffin here and save if you want to. Don't worry about that floor
    switch right now, we'll be back for it in a sec. As you are going through this
    area, you will want to be very careful not to use all the Health and Magic
    chests. Try to save at least one of each, because when you leave you will
    really want to be full on both. Okay, now that that's clear, go ahead and jump
    the platforms. Be careful of the sawblades. Once you are on the other side,
    grab all the breakables in this area. Don't worry about the statue or the
    floor switch yet. Once you are finished, you can check out the broken ground
    on the right here. If you do the L1+O attack on it, you will get a different
    message. Head to the gate on the right side of this area and open it. Head
    inside and grab the multichest if you want. Head around the corner for a fight
    with a few Elites. Now head outside for a pretty rough fight with a bone
    cyclops and some Cerberuses. Try to take out the puppies as fast as you can
    first. Once they are all dead, head up the ladder on the left and break down
    the gate for some chests. Now jump back down and take the ladder to the high
    tower. You will be using this crane a little but before you move it, walk out
    onto it to the other ledge and hit the breakables and the gate here for some
    chests. Now head back out and it's possible to jump back to the crane but if
    you fall you have to come all the way back up here, so just jump down and take
    the ladder again to get back to the crane. Now turn the crane so that the block
    is above the breaking floor, then head out to the end and pull the lever. Head
    back (you don't have to pull it back up, it will come up automatically when you
    start turning it) and center it above that floor switch and drop it again. Now
    jump back down. Now you are done up here, so jump back down and you will be
    attacked by some more cyclops. Take them out and then grab the statue on the
    left. Bring the statue up to the hole and kick it in. Get down there and place
    the statue on top of the floor switch down here and grab the breakables.
    Now head back upstairs and back across the platforms with the sawblades between
    them. Press R2 on the save point and cancel to make a checkpoint. Stand on the
    floor switch and it will open the final door there. Stay on the switch until it
    is the right time to go, because it is timed. When you see your chance, rush
    across the platforms and into the door. This might take you a few tries. When
    you finally do get inside the door, wait for the timer to stop ticking down and
    when the door closes, run in a few circles and it will open back up. Now this
    door will stay open, so run back around this area and fill up on Health and
    Magic. When you are ready, head back into this room and there's all kinds of
    stuff to check out in this room. Firstly, what you see before you is the
    Architect and his Wife's final resting place. You can read the note on why he
    did this. There are also some sketches of various traps from different parts of
    the temple on either side of the room that you can and should look at, they are
    pretty cool. Some of these are traps that he never even got around to building.
    Now there are some breakables in this room, grab those, and when you are ready
    to leave, grab his wife's head from behind and Kratos will automatically put it
    in the door at the back of this room. Now head outside and you will be at
    Zeus Mountain. Run around this area for some breakables and chests, and then I
    would highly recommend saving the game before heading inside. Once inside, head
    down the staircase and out the door for.........
                          The Final Battle for Pandora's Box
    This fight can be very difficult if you don't know how to handle it right. So
    I made a whole extra section with a strategy for it. Here are the rules:
    Rule #1: Keep moving at all times!!!!!
    Rule #2: Take out the Archers first!
    Rule #3: Avoid staying on the platforms!
    Here is the strategy. First thing you want to do is right when you get in here,
    let loose an Army of Hades, then save the rest of your Magic in order to finish
    up with later. Head all the way to the back first, you want to get the hard
    parts out of the way first so you aren't building up to the hardest part and
    then dying, that wastes a lot of time. Get all the way to the back and grab the
    Archers here and press Square. After you grab and throw an Archer, get the heck
    off the platform! If you stay on these, you will be blasted with fire from the
    nozzles on the side and die instantly. As soon as you step foot off the
    platform, the timer resets, so get right back on and keep killing the Archers
    here until they stop spawning. Then come back to the next set of platforms and
    repeat. Jump up, grab, press square, get down. Keep doing this, starting at the
    smallest place and working your way back to the entrance, until all the Archers
    are dead. Now come all the way back to the longest belt, and from here it's
    real easy. All you have to do is take out some Harpies from a moving platform.
    Use your other Army of Hades and then switch to Poseidon's Rage and use it when
    you feel the time is right, chances are, you probably won't even have to, cause
    Harpies go down real quick. If you are having trouble with the whole moving
    floor thing, just go over to where the first platform is, and it will block you
    so you don't have to even pay attention to the rollers. Before you know it,
    this fight will be over. 
    Now that that's overwith, head into the back. Hmmmm, check out the floor here.
    God of War 2, anyone? Grab the breakables in here and if anyone has a graphic
    of that picture above the door, please tell me! From what I can tell, it's a
    bunch of people trying to get to Pandora's Box. I would really like to see it
    without having to do high jumps and having it be moving all over the place.
    Head up the stairs and into the room at the top. Congratulations, you have
    reached Pandora's Box. You can check out the statues in this room, they are
    Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, the 3 brothers. Pull the handle out on the thing
    in the middle of the room to reveal.. Pandora's Box! Before you press R2 on
    the box, there is something.....
    |    |                          Challenge #24
    |    |                           xxxch24xxx
    |____|                          Difficulty:2
                                   Scoot the Box!
    There is a way to move Pandora's Box around before bringing it downstairs.
    Find it. Do NOT press R2 next to it, that is not how to move it and it will
    trigger the next scene and bring you downstairs. Scoot the Box! :-)
    Hmm, I love doing that. Here you go, Poseidon, you can have it! Heh. Press R2
    by it to trigger the scene. Congratulations, you have conquered Pandora's
    Temple! Yay! Now the elevator will bring you downstairs. Hey!!!! That's not
    where I left that! WHO'S BEEN MESSIN' WITH MY BOX!? Heh, you should try to
    leave without the Box. You can also check the entrance to the Rings for a new
    message over there too. Read the book to revel in your triumph. There is also
    a wall carving of Athena inside the elevator you can look at. Alright, fine,
    let's get the stupid Box. Man, this thing is heavy! Try kicking it. WOW. You
    want me to bring this friggin thing all the way back through the desert?!?! I'm
    not even gong to be able to get it down the MOUNTAIN! No WAY am I bringing it
    all the way back there. I like to play peek-a-boo with the Box once the camera
    faces towards it. It's really funny with the cow, heh, peek-a-moo. Get behind
    it and hold R2, then let go for peek-a-boo. Okay enough messing around. Push
    the Box out the door for a scene. OUCH!!!!! If you can't believe his aim, then
    you should read the Iliad of Homer. You will now fall into the Underworld.
    Heh, look at that, it's the Captain again. Kill #2. Head up the spine here to
                              Area 13: The Path of Hades
    |    |                          Challenge #25
    |    |                           xxxch25xxx
    |____|                          Difficulty:*
                                   Underworld Brawl
    Make it through the entire Underworld without ever picking up a Health chest.
    It is okay to refill your Magic. Checkpoints and Save Points are just fine.
    For an extra challenge, do it without Magic or Checkpoints. (save at the start)
    Hint: The wording. "without picking up a HEALTH CHEST." I never said you were
    not allowed to get Health. Just not from the chests.
                                   VERY IMPORTANT!
    This is the second of two Rage Alerts. From this point on, do NOT use your Rage
    of the Gods until the guide calls for it! Let it charge up and save it!
                                   VERY IMPORTANT!
    Welcome to the Underworld! Tartarus! The Inferno! Hades! The Dark Depths! The
    Abyss! Hell! Whatever you want to call it, this is it. And the fights and
    the getting around here prove it. Oh yes they do. This is the final level
    before the end of this game, and it is going to make damn sure you know it. But
    don't be scared, it is very possible, and that's why I'm here, right? So just
    pay attention and you will be just fine. Let us begin.
    Prepare to get massive amounts of experience from this place, if you need it.
    There's a whole lot to be had down here. First jump out onto the path of
    platforms. Go straight for a chest. Come back and jump to the one on the right.
    Follow these until it forks again. Head straight for another chest. Come back
    and jump to the left one. Follow these to the platform to be introduced to the
    first new enemy here, the Hades Elite! They are the same as before but with
    cool colors and more Health. Read the Bestiary for a description of them. Kill
    them however you want, the Blade of Artemis is a good choice, but DO NOT FREEZE
    THEM IF YOU WANT EXPERIENCE!! They will give you ZERO if you do!! Once they
    have all been taken care of, head up to the last platform to reach the Blades
    of Hades. The best way to traverse this disastrous place is to keep jumping,
    and indeed, on the ones that move fast, you pretty much have to. For an easy
    time with it, wait until they stop spinning and then go and quickly make it
    over to a platform. Okay, head out onto the first one. Okay, make it past the
    first 2 platforms and jump off to the one on the right here for a chest. Okay,
    now get back onto this one and don't go to the left one yet, head straight
    towards that chest. Jump onto this one for another new enemy, the Hades Archer.
    Read about him in the bestiary, he knows a new trick. Take him out and grab the
    chest, and then head off to the right. Make it to the next platform for another
    Archer. Follow this path the rest of the way for a chest. Now head back the
    way you came and jump over to the left pole and continue upwards. Go up for a
    bit and jump over to the first platform you see on the right for a chest. 
    Now, don't jump back where you came from, instead go right. Reach the next
    platform for another Archer and then continue down this path. Watch out, this
    one spins faster than the others. If you need to, wait until it stops spinning
    to go. Head to the platform at the end here for a chest. Now go back the way
    you came and jump back to the left. Head to the platform up here now for an
    Archer. Head left and get to the platform at the end of this path. Wait for the
    one on the right to stop spinning and jump to it and get to the platform on the
    top end for 2 chests and yet another new enemy, the Hades Harpy. Take them all
    out and grab the chests, and then head back and then jump to the platform on
    the right. This spinner is another one that moves faster, so be careful. Make
    it to the other end here and kill all the Harpies. Once they are all dead, jump
    out onto the last spinner. This one will never stop spinning, so you will just
    have to wing it. Just keep on jumping and watch the blades. That platform on
    the right is so you can jump the first blades and then jump over to it, then
    wait for the right time to jump through the blades at the end. So if you have
    trouble with this part, then do that. Now head up the spine and save and grab
    the multichest if you want. Head across the platforms here. If you want an easy
    time, then use Army of Hades to get rid of the Archers on the other side. It
    looks pretty cool cause there's one soul for each Archer.
    |    |                          Challenge #26
    |    |                           xxxch26xxx
    |____|                          Difficulty:4
                                   Leaps of Faith
    Make it BACKWARDS across these platforms, from where the Archers are back to
    the save point. It is okay to kill off the Archers.
    Once you get over here and kill the Archers, you will have a brawl with some
    more Archers and another new enemy, the Hades Minotaur. Read about them in the
    Bestiary. Kill the Archer and Minotaur down here, and another Archer and some
    Minotaurs will spawn on the right. Jump up and take care of the Archer, then
    jump up and kill the Minotaurs. I should note that it is possible to knock them
    off the edge. Once they are dead, jump back down and head to the left and there
    will be some more Archers and a Minotaur. Jump up here and if you are having a
    hard time, throw the Archers at the Minotaur. Another one will spawn after, so
    take care of him the same way. Now some more enemies will spawn up above. Can
    you guess what kind? Get up here and start chucking the Archers at them, and
    then finis them off for a multichest and the first column.
    Oh boy, these are fun! They can be pretty hard if you try to jump a lot, or if
    you don't watch where you are going. Just be careful and keep an eye on the top
    of the screen before you jump up. For an easier time, don't worry about staying
    in the middle, just let it drag you off to one side and then you will only have
    to worry about one side and what's above you. Get up the first one and take out
    these Archers. There's two chests if you want, then jump up and take out these
    Archers, too. Then it's time for another climbing session. This one is a bit
    more difficult than the first one. Just watch where you are going, and with
    this one you will need to look far ahead to see if the path you want to take
    through the blades is going to be safe. Once you get to the top here, there are
    some chests to fill up with and a save point. Use them all. There is a very
    difficult fight coming up. I like to bust out the Blade of Artemis and go stand
    on the ledge in the lower right of this area so Kratos puts his foot up. He's
    like, "I am a badass and there's nothing this place can do to stop me."
    Head up the platforms here, and when the path forks, go right for a chest. Come
    back to the fork and take the left fork and follow this path to the top. Now
    you will be at the hardest fight in the Underworld, where you will be
    introduced with force to the last new enemy in Hades- the Hades Satyr! You have
    to kill 11 of them to continue. They seem to have trouble dealing with the
    Square, Hold Square attack with the Blades. Also, do the Super Launch trick
    with the Blade of Artemis mentioned in the Hidden Attacks section for a really
    easy time. If you do this, though, be careful not to land one of them on one
    of those platforms up there. You can do this on purpose if you want, because
    then you will only have to fight one at a time over here, but make sure you
    save some Magic to kill him at the end or you will get stuck here. This is a
    very difficult fight, no matter how you slice it. There are 2 chests up here to
    refill if you want, just go all out and use all the strategies you have learned
    so far to come out triumphant. This will probably take you a while to beat if
    you have never done it before, so read about Satyrs in the Bestiary to learn
    how they work. Each one you kill will raise a platform, and when you have them
    all dead, your path will be open to leave the Underworld. Give it your best
    shot, because the game is almost over.
    Once they are all dead, head up to the second platform and jump off to the left
    and right to grab those chests if you want, then jump back and continue up.
    Head up to the top and you will be ambushed by a couple of Archers, no problem.
    Keep heading up and a brick will fall from the sky which is really the ground.
    Climb this and you will be back at the Temple of the Oracle for a chat with
    none other than the Gravedigger, who now reveals to you that he is actually a
    God. Wow. Who knew? I think that he is Zeus, and so do a lot of other people,
    I hear. He looks like him and keeps on calling you his son. Anyways, it's cake
    from here on out, you should have no problem with these enemies because you are
    so used to killing much stronger things with much more Health. You can't go
    back into Athens, the bridge is destroyed. Save if you want, and fill up Health
    and Magic if you need to, and then head on inside for a fight with assorted
    weaklings, Trolls and Minotaurs and such. If you still need to charge up your
    Rage of the Gods more, beat up all these enemies with your weapons. If not,
    just use Army of Hades. Nighty-Night. Kill off the Minotaurs if they are still
    alive and head up the stairs on the left for some Archers and a Medusa. Oh no.
    Do another Army of Hades. Head across this bridge here and fill up Magic. Go
    into the hallway to the left for a couple more Minotaurs. Do one more Army of
    Hades and it will take care of them and the Archers around the corner. Now head
    outside and that's it! Nothing left to do now but the Final Battle! I would
    recommend starting it once and then dying so you can save it and be able to
    enter this fight without having to watch the movie every time. Save it before
    you do that too, if you are scared that the game will glitch. There are some
    final chests in this hallway if you want them. Take one last bath in the
    waterfall outside. Heh, somebody, I think I might know exactly who, knocked the
    head off of the Athena statue here. The Oracle is laying in the hallway here,
    dying. She says something different if you talk to her a second time. But
    enough of that! Let us begin!
                                   The Final Battle!
    Good luck! No strategy here.
    I'm just yankin' your chains, would I really do that?
                                  Ares's Introduction
    Okay, firstly, the initial Ares fight. Let's see what kind of attacks he has.
    He has 3 stages and will act differently depending on what stage he is in.
    First stage attacks and behavior:
    The first thing he will do, almost every time, is a Hammerfall attack followed
    by a swipe with the Hammer. The Hammerfall will make a shockwave, which is
    unblockable. You can parry the Hammerfall and if you hold Evade after, the
    shockwave will not hit you. If you want, avoid this attack by running away and
    then jumping when the shockwave comes out, then hold guard to block the Axe.
    The last way to avoid this is to use the Fury Cancel. Read about it in the
    Hidden Attacks section of this guide. Fury Cancel to avoid the Hammerfall
    and then hold guard to guard the axe attack.
    If at any time he starts running at you, he is going to do the Hammerfall
    attack. React accordingly.
    If at any time you see some fire above his head, he is going to do the
    Hammerfall attack. React accordingly.
    He has 2 double swipe attacks with the Axe, one where he does a sideways slash
    and follows with a vertical, the other he does a vertical slash followed by a
    horizontal. If he hits you with the one that has the vertical first, there is a
    chance that he will go into the other one.
    You can tell he is going to do the horizontal to vertical slash with the Axe
    because he turns to the side and opens his hands.
    You can tell he is going to do the vertical to horizontal slash with the Axe
    because he bends down and you can see the Axe in his hands.
    He also has a quick shoulder rush, he usually talks some smack before he does
    If you start hitting him and it stuns him, he will break out of it and do a
    forward thrusting attack with his Claws.
    He does not block attacks in the first stage.
    There are many different attacks that you can do to him which will make him
    drop Magic orbs, the easiest of which is the R1 attack with the Blade of
    Artemis, which you can then guard cancel and do it again over and over to
    easily get him past his first form!
    When you get him to his second stage he will drop some Health and Magic.
    Second stage attacks and behavior:
    Same things as the first stage apply but he gains a new attack where he will
    take out the Hammer, spin it a few times, and them spray fire at you. This is
    blockable. You can tell he is going to do it because he will lean to his left.
    He can guard now. If you continuously attack into his guard, he will do a quick
    counterattack with his Claws where he will hit you with one side and then the
    He can also choose to do this attack at will. You can tell he is going to do it
    because he will turn to the left and his claws will start to move.
    When you get him to his third stage he will drop some Health and Magic.
    Third stage new attack and behavior:
    Same things as the first and second stages apply but now he gains a new attack
    where he will sink into the ground and pop up in the corner and start throwing
    fireballs at you. Your answer to this is very simple: Just charge up a Zeus's
    Fury and let it fly once he is in the air. It will knock him right out of it!
    If for some crazy reason you don't have any Magic left, then just keep on
    rolling and shoulder dashing away from the fireballs until he is finished. You
    can also knock him out of it with an uncharged Zeus's Fury so do that if you
    are too late on the uptake and he is already throwing the fireballs.
    When you get him down to his Circle game, you will first have to smash Circle
    and then follow a couple of button prompts. No sweat.
    After you finish his Circle game, he drops some Health and 10,000 experience.
    Okay, that's how he works. Learn it well. Or, if you have everything maxed
    and full Rage of the Gods, then here is a really damaging combo that will get
    him almost down to dead right from the start of the fight, even on God Mode!
    Strategy One: The Super-Combo
    Right at the start, let loose an Army of Hades. Run up to him and do Poseidon's
    Rage, and when it is about to end, activate Rage of the Gods. By this time the
    Army of Hades should be gone, so let loose another one and then do another
    Poseidon's Rage. Just keep switching between these two spells and by the time
    your Rage is gone, you will have full Magic, almost full Health, and he will
    be in his Circle state! Just make sure your Magic and Health are full before
    doing the Circle game. And don't worry, the Circle game will refill your Rage
    all the way once you finish. If you don't have everything maxed, pause after he
    drops his experience and level up some stuff, I would recommend maxing Medusa's
    Gaze if you don't have it, or Army of Hades if you don't have it.
    Strategy Two: The Technical Whomping
    For those of you who would like to fight him for real, or if you don't have
    maxed Blades or any Rage left, here is a strategy for how to fight him blow
    for blow. His first stage is a joke, just let loose an Army of Hades at the
    start of the fight and then hit him with the R1 attack with the Blade of
    Artemis. Guard cancel it when it's almost over and do another one. Keep doing
    this until he is in his second stage. You will know because he will drop some
    Health along with the Magic you have been beating out of him. Now he will
    probably do his Hammerfire attack, just block it. Now you will want to start
    doing the ST*3 attack with the Blades or the O*3 attack with the Blade of
    Artemis. If he starts to guard, immediately stop attacking and wait. If you
    see some fire appear above his head, get ready for the Hammerfall attack.
    The stabby attack with his Claws can fire off kinda quick sometimes, so be sure
    and really watch for that. Keep hitting him with those two attacks, and let
    loose an Army of Hades or Poseidon's Rage once in a while, and pretty soon he
    will be in his third stage. Now he will drop some Magic and Health. You will
    want to try and conserve Magic here because he doesn't drop it as easy now and
    you will really want it for the next fight. Just fight him with your weapons
    only and when he sinks into the ground, start charging a Zeus's Fury. Then when
    he is up in the air and about to throw the first fireball, let it loose and he
    will fall back down to the ground. His third stage isn't that hard if you were
    able to get him past his second. Just keep watching him close and hitting him
    with those combos I said and pretty soon, he will get a Circle above his head.
    At this point, you should look and make sure your Health and Magic are full.
    When you finish his Circle game, he WILL drop some Health, but he will NOT drop
    any Magic! It's just better to stay on the safe side and fill them both up
    beforehand. You REALLY REALLY do not want to go into the next fight with
    anything less than max power, trust me. So if your Magic and Health are not
    full, then refrain from doing the Circle game just yet and just keep on hitting
    him with that ST*3 attack. He likes to do the Hammerfall when he shakes off the
    Circle, so be waiting for that. Once everything is full, go ahead and do the
    Circle game. And don't worry, the Circle game will fill your Rage up to max
    when you beat it. If you don't have everything maxed, then wait until he drops
    his experience and pause it to level up the rest of your stuff. I would
    recommend maxing Medusa's Gaze if you don't have it, or maxing Army of Hades if
    you don't have it.
    Strategy Three-Just Wing It!
    I know some of you don't want to go by the book. I don't like to either. I
    don't ever do anything close to either one of these strategies. Just have fun!
    When he is going to do his Hammerfall, do Ascension! Rise above. Try using your
    specials whenever you can! Use the Fury Cancel to make jokes out of his
    attacks! Go into Rage and just sit there and hit him with a whole bunch of
    quick charge lightning bolts! Keep switching between the Blades and the Blade
    and just whomp him silly! He is no match for Kratos and his Magic and weapons.
    Make him pay for what he did to your family! He is nothing but a big slow brute
    with lazy attacks and boring abilities, and you have a plethora of attacks and
    combos. Use every last ounce of it and make a damn fool out of this weakling
    that likes to kill people that are one thousandth of his size!
    Once he is dead, you will see a video where he does a kind of medieval
    Kamehameha and sucks you into a portal. Prepare for the REAL last fight, the
    Kratos Clone Battle!!
                               The Kratos Clone Battle
    Wow. Just wow. My goodness. What a fight. This fight is a landmark for the
    Playstation 2. When people think of this system, they think about 6 things.
    1-Final Fantasy 10 and 12.
    2-Soul Calibur and Tekken.
    3-The Kratos Clone Battle, everything else about this game, and God of War 2.
    4-Maybe Star Ocean and Xenosaga. Definitely KOS-MOS though.
    5-The Jak and Daxter games and maybe the Ratchet and Clank games.
    6-Maybe the Prince of Persia games and Gran Turismo.
    All of which are monumental achievements that took the gaming industry to new
    heights. I am never going to stop playing this system.
    Now, let us begin to understand this fight.
    During this fight, you will be attempting to protect your family from the
    advancing hordes of Kratos Clones while doing your best to stay alive yourself.
    If at any time you hug your family with Circle, you will transfer Health into
    them and you will gain some Rage of the Gods back in return.
    You MUST HOLD CIRCLE in order to continue to hug them! Otherwise he will just
    give them a small shot of life and then turn around again.
    You cannot do this if their Health is full or if yours is almost gone.
    The best way to transfer Health into them is under the protective cover of an
    Army of Hades spell, but it is possible to do it without it.
    Now about the Clones.
    First of all, you should be keeping them under control the entire time, and if
    you are not, it doesn't matter what attack they are doing, that is not what
    they should be doing. They should be DYING. So I am not going to map out their
    attacks. This knowledge will be of little to no use. There's simply too many
    for it to even matter.
    There ARE a few important things you need to know about their attacks, though.
    1-The ones with the Blades can grab you. If you see one come up to you and jump
    like he wants a hug, then roll away. This can also be parried if you are facing
    2-If you see one of the ones with the Blade of Artemis winding up to do that
    great big vertical slash, do something fast! This is the strongest move that
    the Kratoses can do and if you are on God Mode, chances are that if it lands,
    then it's all over.
    3-Don't try to counterattack if one of the Clones with the Blades does his
    leaping double slash at you, because the second slash will hit you out of your
    Okay, now for the fight mechanics.
    There are 2 main types of Kratos Clones.
    1-The ones with the Blades of Chaos.
    2-The ones with the Blade of Artemis.
    There are actually 2 different types of Clones with the Blades of Chaos. One
    type is much faster and those are the ones that you will fight at the start.
    -Grabbing any Clone will kill it instantly, but don't try this unless you are
    absolutely sure the family is safe from all the other ones because the kill
    animation leaves a big window of time in which very bad things can happen.
    -The ones at the start can be launched with S*2T while they are still spawning.
    -The ones that come later that are slower and the ones with the Blade of
    Artemis cannot be launched when they are still coming out of the ground.
    -All the Clones can be grabbed as they are spawning.
    -All the Clones are vulnerable to all Magic.
    -Later there will also be one that hangs out on a floating platform and fires
    lightning bolts at the family and at you. These do NOT count towards the total
    number killed, so if you managed to kill nothing but them, you would be in this
    fight forever. Don't worry about him, just keep an eye on everything else. His
    bolts don't hurt too bad and you recover pretty quick. Once in a while he will
    hit you with a well-timed one and that will end the fight in a heartbeat. Oh
    well. Start over and hope it doesn't happen again.
    Here are some tips on how to deal with these guys.
    -The best way to keep them under control is to use S*2T.
    -The best way to dispose of big groups of them at once that is not Magic is
    to use ST*2S or R1*2S. Also, the STS*2(HS) works very well.
    -If you have them all on the ground at once, use (HL1+O) or (AirL1+O*2), but
    after you do this, be prepared for a whole bunch of them to spawn at once.
    -As far as Magic goes in this fight, it's what will really get you through
    unless you are real good. It is almost completely necessary to have Medusa's
    Gaze maxed out, to use the L2+O attack in order to take out groups of them all
    at once when in Rage. Having Army of Hades and Poseidon's Rage maxed is also a
    good thing. Zeus's Fury, not so much.
    -Don't even try to use the Blade of Artemis on this fight, you will get
    spanked unless you are very very good.
    -The fastest way to stop them from whatever they are doing is to use Poseidon's
    Rage. This will knock them out of any attack that they are doing and push them
    away from wherever the real Kratos is standing.
    Okay, now let's give this a go, shall we?
    Strategy One: Max Power. Use this strategy if you have Medusa's Gaze maxed.
    Must have the Blades of Chaos maxed.
    Maxed Poseidon's Rage and maxed Army of Hades are also nice.
    At the start of the fight, you will be in the temple and they will start coming
    out of the walls. Go up by your family and start doing S*2T to them. If you
    get them all down on the ground at once, then do (HL1+O). Save your Magic for
    now. Soon the roof of the temple will tear off and the ground will start to
    fall away, leaving you on a small island with them. Keep doing S*2T and
    following with (HL1+O) when they are down. They will probably make it through
    your defense and hurt your family, what you will want to do is wait until they
    are almost dead, and then let loose an Army of Hades. Start doing ST*3 and
    hitting them along with your spell. When it begins to wear off, it is time to
    start the Magic combo. Highlight Medusa's Gaze and do the L1+O attack. Right
    before the attack would have taken all your Magic away (this is right before
    the face hits the ground) you will activate Rage of the Gods. If it takes all
    your Magic, you have activated Rage too late and it's probably not going to
    happen anymore, so restart. Once they all get frozen, do a Poseidon's Rage.
    Once it is over, immediately switch back to Medusa's Gaze and do the L2+O
    attack again and then do another Poseidon's Rage. Now once it is over switch
    back to the Gaze and do one more L2+O attack and then do an Army of Hades and
    immediately switch to Poseidon's rage and do it. If you time it just right, you
    will have barely enough time for all those spells. So let's review.
    1-Fight without Magic until the family is almost dead.
    2-Do an Army of Hades and start using ST*3 a lot.
    3-Right before it runs out, highlight Medusa's Gaze, hold L2, and HOLD Circle.
    4-Right before he slams it into the ground, activate Rage of the Gods.
    5-Immediately do Poseidon's Rage.
    6-During the spell, switch Magic back to Medusa's Gaze.
    7-When Poseidon's Rage is ending, start holding L2 and when you see Kratos
    hold up the head, TAP Circle again.
    8-Straight to Poseidon's Rage again.
    9-Once more, put it on Medusa's Gaze and start holding L2, when Poseidon's Rage
    is over, TAP Circle.
    10-This time, switch to Army of Hades and use it before doing a Poseidon's Rage
    one last time.
    So. That's 3 Medusa slams, 3 Poseidon's Rages, and 1 Army of Hades. If you are
    having trouble getting this whole Magic combo to fit in the time of one Rage
    of the Gods, just restart the fight, ignore the Clones, and start practicing
    this combo. There is just barely enough time to do all of it, but you have to
    activate Rage RIGHT before he slams the head down the first time, and also you
    MUST only TAP circle when doing the head slam the second and third times, not
    hold it. I know it reaches farther if you hold, but this island is too small
    for that to matter, and we need to be doing the fast version for this strategy.
    Anyways, once the combo is over, you should be sitting there on full Health and
    Magic again from all the Clones that you just churned through. And since your
    family is still sitting there, almost dead, you will want to let off one more
    Army of Hades so you can hug them. So let one more go and hug the family until
    their Health is full again. You are now about halfway through this fight. Fight
    them for a little bit, and as soon as the family gets hurt a little more, just
    hug them and your Rage will fill up the rest of the way. Now it's overwith. Do
    the Magic combo one more time, and if you don't have enough right now, that's
    fine, just wait until after you are in Rage to do the Medusa's Gaze slam.
    Repeat the Magic combo again and when it is about to end, release one more Army
    of Hades. At this point, you should still have a bunch of Magic, and the sword
    guys should have already been out for a little bit. Just spend the rest of the
    fight doing your last 1 or 2 Army of Hades spells and spamming the ST*3 attack
    and it's all over. Just start grabbing the last few as they come out of the
    ground and you're done.
    Strategy Two: Low Power. Use this strategy if you are coming into this fight
    with low level Magic or, gods forbid, low level Blades.
    Okay, the fight is going to start with a bunch of Clones coming out of the
    walls here. The first thing you want to do is to go and get kind of near your
    family. You do not want to be right on top of them because it will make it so
    you cannot stop attacks coming from the side. You will be using the S*2T combo
    a whole lot to try to keep these guys under control. Be sure to keep watch for
    them coming in from all sides. Keep doing the S*2T combo. Other combos that
    work very well are the ST*3, the R1*2T, the R1*2S, and the STS*2(HS) attacks,
    depending on what level you have gotten the Blades up to during the game.
    You will want to watch the Clones that you are hitting and make sure your
    attacks are stunning them. If one of them counters, parry it and deliver a
    counter of your own. In this fight, it is a good idea to always do nothing but
    the square counter. When your family starts getting down to around two-fifths
    dead, activate your Rage of the Gods. Use it to let out as many Army of Hades
    and Poseidon's Rage spells as you can, just like you did with the first Ares
    battle. When the Rage is almost gone, let out one more Army of Hades and heal
    the family. At this point you should have decently high Magic, almost full from
    the Clones dying from that last onslaught. Keep fighting and waiting until the
    family are in need of more healing. When it is back down to half, let loose an
    Army of Hades. Heal them up and save the rest of the Magic. After the family
    are healed again, keep fighting, taking care to try and get them all launched
    and bouncing as much as you can. Stick with the combos provided above here,
    they are key. Once they take the family down to half again, let loose your last
    Army of Hades and hug away. After this, your Rage will be full again, and you
    can activate it again. Do so and start switching between Army of Hades and
    Poseidon's Rage over and over. If you can make it to when you get your second
    Rage, then you can do the rest of the fight. Just pay attention to what they
    are all doing and keep them under control. When it gets towards the end of the
    fight and there is only a couple of them coming out, just start grabbing them.
    I have seen people beat this fight using nothing but the S*2T attack before.
    Like that's all they did the whole entire time, didn't even use Magic, just
    smart superspamming. Anyways, that's it for this section. Good luck, it's very
    difficult without strong Magic.
    Now that THAT'S out of the way... How about the easy part? Yea that sounds
    nice. Damn, that was somethin' else. Now, after a very, very wrong and angering
    movie, it's time for the REAL final battle of the game. But don't worry, it's
    really a joke compared to what you  just did. Prepare to punish this punk for
    what he just did.
                                Colossal Tug-of-War!!!
    Once you have passed the Clones, you will be thrown into one final battle with
    Ares. You do not have Magic or your weapons anymore, and in their place, you
    get a brand-new weapons that you are already familiar with. It's the sword that
    you walked across on the way to the Sewers of Athens! This baby comes maxed and
    has all the same buttons as the Blade of Artemis. I hope you learned how to use
    it. Anyways, once you enter this battle, your Health meter will be replaced
    with a new meter that has equal Health on your side and Ares's side. Whenever
    one of you takes damage, the other one will gain health. It's just too bad that
    he takes a lot more than you to kill. Your object here is to steal all of his
    lifeforce and take it into yourself using the Blade of the Gods so that you can
    finally use it to end his life.
    Okay, here are his attacks and behavior. He only has one stage: full throttle.
    The first thing you want to watch for is his unblockable. He will thrust at you
    with his hand and make a fireball, which you cannot block against, and then
    follow that with a forward thrusting attack with his Claws. This you CAN block,
    but if the fireball hits you, you will not have time to block against it.
    To avoid this, keep rolling away from him until the fireball is gone, then
    block. You can tell he will do this attack because he will pull one arm back
    like he is going to punch you.
    He will do the above attack if you attack into his guard for too long.
    So just don't do that to avoid this counter.
    His other unblockable is even worse for your Health, but much much easier to
    see coming and get out of, and this is when he sinks into the ground and pops
    up at the top of the screen. Then he will raise his Sword and stab it into the
    ground, creating 4 pillars of rock and then slamming them all together. This
    attack he will aim directly at you every single time. Also the Sword is able to
    hit you when he raises it and also when he slams it into the ground.
    I think I should put in a side note about a very funny glitch that can happen
    to you here. If you get hit by this attack and press jump at the right time,
    which is right after it hits you and you are bouncing, all the sudden Kratos's
    floor recognition will disappear and you will be knocked through the ground.
    At this point you will be swimming around in the sky! Wheeeeeeeeeee!
    He has an attack where he uses a weak version of the Army of Hades against you
    but don't worry, you can block these. He likes to follow this up with one of
    his running attacks. You can tell this one is coming real easy cause he raises
    his arm above his head and charges it up for a minute.
    His running attacks are as follows. When he starts running up to you, he will
    either do a quick horizontal slash with his sword and then yell at you, which
    is blockable, or he will do the unblockable mentioned above with the fireball
    and the Claws. When he starts running at you, run away like a little girl.
    He also has some regular old slashing attacks with the sword, a 2-hit combo
    with the sword, a 4-hit combo with the sword, sometimes he will follow up the
    2-hit combo with his Claws, and sometimes he will follow up one of his combos
    by yelling at you. All of this is blockable and real easy to see coming if you
    know anything about swordplay. He's mighty slow.
    Okay, here's how to beat him.
    The very first thing you need to understand about this fight is this: DO NOT
    killing him, as you will soon find out, is to try and get the Circle minigame
    to execute. If you want that to happen, then you need to understand how to make
    it happen. If you keep attacking into his guard without stunning him, he will
    stop you and launch a brutal counter. But if you are able to stun him first,
    then while you are attacking him he will start to guard. Keep attacking into
    his guard at this point, the L1+X special works great here, and you will soon
    go into the Circle minigame. Smash the Circle button and Kratos will do
    something very similar to what he did to the Hydra at the start of the game
    when it tried to eat you. This is very damaging to him, and then he will be
    kneeling on the ground, at which point you are free to beat on him as you
    please for a second. This is the key to easily defeating him.
    Also. Watch out for a glitch that can happen sometimes during the Circle game
    where the screen will just stop and you will hear the sound of the swords
    rubbing against each other. There is nothing you can do at this point but
    reset your Playstation and start again. Yeah I know, it sucks. There is no way
    to avoid this. So if you do my Final Challenge, don't ever, by any means, go
    into the Circle game. Kill him without it. If you happen to go into it by
    accident, press Select and hit restart from last checkpoint. You do NOT want
    this glitch to happen after doing THAT.
    Okay, when the fight starts, he will either do his sink into the ground attack
    or one of his rushing attacks. If he does the rush, start running away until he
    decides what he is going to do. If it's the horizontal slash, just guard. If
    it's the fireball, roll away once and then guard. Now he will start alternating
    between all his attacks at random, depending on where you are standing. Don't
    just get up in his face and start hitting him, you will lose in a second.
    Instead, stay a fair distance away from him and play with him. He will usually
    lose his temper and start trying to hit you anyways. When he does his sword
    slashes, block them and immediately afterwards start hitting him. If it stuns
    him, keep attacking. You will go into the Circle game. Win it and when it's
    over you might want to try doing the L1+S or L1+T specials here. When he sinks
    into the ground and goes to the top of the screen, just get to one side of the
    sea and wait for the pillars to come up, then quickly roll to the other side
    once they are out. If he hasn't hit you yet, then he should be almost dead at
    this point. Get him into the Circle game one more time and it'll all be over.
    I like to finish him off with the L1+O attack and hold it til it's all the way
    charged. You have time to go charge it up when he sinks into the ground, then
    when he pops up over by Suicide Bluffs, if you time it right, Kratos will be
    right there waiting for him with a fully charged most powerful attack possible
    with the Blade of the Gods, Hades's Gift. Here you go, this is for you!
    When you have him dead, you will be shown quite an awesome Hi-Def movie.
    Congratulations, you have completed God of War! ......Almost. Well, there's no
    more fighting anyways. You will be given Athena’s Blades! Yay! Can I keep them?
    You can look off the cliff if you want and you will be told you are not going
    to die this way. Head off to the left for another R2 prompt, down there is the
    sword, Kratos just stuck it back in the sea. Build a new bridge, fools. I just
    saved your whole city. You can talk to the Athena statue again if you want to.
    She will say something different if you talk to her a second time. When you are
    done messing around out here, head on inside the door and go up the stairs.
    You have now reached Mount Olympus! Head up the golden steps and go inside. The
    door will open for you. You can check out the statues if you want to. Save if
    you want to. Now head upstairs and sit on the throne. You are now the....
                                      God of War!
    You will be shown your results and the ending movie and credits. NOW you really
    HAVE completed God of War! Continue play by doing the Challenge of the Gods or
    playing through on a harder difficulty. Or, if you want, go and mess around
    with the hidden costumes. Check out the Treasures from the Main Menu once the
    credits are over. If you did it on God Mode, you can skip the credits.
                                 Challenge of the Gods
    Access the Challenge of the Gods from the Treasures Menu once you have beaten
    the game.
    Also: You will start the Challenge of the Gods with maxed Blades of Chaos, and
    everything else will be at it's initial level. You WILL build up experience
    while you go through it. It is your choice what you want to put it into. I
    would suggest Zeus's Fury, because it's real cheap to get it to Level 2.
                            Challenge One: The Shoving Match
    Challenge One: Ring Out 8 Enemies without killing them.
    Just go up to them and try to grab them and Kratos will shove them. Push them
    all off to continue to the next challenge.
                       Challenge Two: The Weakling Speed Brawl
    Challenge Two: Kill all the Archers and Undead Soldiers before time is up. You
    do NOT have to kill the Harpies.
    Start by breaking the shield off the one to the left. Grab him and throw him at
    the other two Soldiers on this platform. If you can time it right, the throw
    will knock them both off the edge. If you can get them over to the edge,
    use (AirL1+O*2) to knock them off the edge. Then head upwards and grab that
    Archer and press Triangle to tear him in half. Do the second one the same way.
    Now jump to the next platform and break the shield off this guy and do the same
    thing as before, throwing him into the other ones. Kill them off as fast as you
    can, hopefully knocking them off. Then head left, tearing the Archers, and jump
    to the next platform. Same strategy here, break the shield and throw him into
    the others and try to knock them off. Head downwards and tear the Archers. Then
    get over to this last platform and let loose your Army of Hades. It will take
    care of the other two Archers on the right, so spend the rest of your time
    here killing these guys the same as you did before. A few tries and this one
    will be over.
                       Challenge Three: The Speedy Pot Smash 
    Challenge Three: Break all of the pots before the time runs out.
    Ooh, this one is a little tough. Just keep using R1*2T. Direct the shoulder
    rushes at single pots, and aim the Plume at groups of them. Go in a circle
    around this area with that move and when you are almost done, do an
    (AirL1+O*2). This one is hard no matter what you do. Just keep practicing and
    using those moves.
                          Challenge Four: Precision Killing
    Challenge Four: Kill 4 Minotaurs but none of the Undead Soldiers.
    This one can be frustrating if you don't know how to handle it. Just use the
    Infinite Air Grab. Roll in and do an Achilles Flip to target a Minotaur and
    grab him when you are in the air with him. Keep on grabbing him until he is
    dead. Rinse and repeat.
                        Challenge Five: Ballista Pinpointing
    Challenge Five: Shoot all the Undead Soldiers without hitting the Humans!
    Hey! Kratos never had a problem slaughtering humans before... Okay this one is
    really easy if you know how to aim the ballista properly. It's all about
    timing. If you look over there, there is a place on the ground at the back of
    the circle and a little bit to the right where the ground is a different color.
    When the Undead Soldiers pass this spot, start pulling the lever on the
    ballista. Time it right and you will have no problem with this.
                          Challenge Six: Speedy Platforming
    Challenge Six: Reach the center of the end platform before time runs out.
    This one is super easy. The only thing that might stop you is the arrows, if
    that happens, just try again. Jump over and grab the first Archer and throw him
    into the next one, then jump over and grab the third Archer and throw him off.
    Be careful because the last platforms move kind of fast. Once at the end, get
    to the center and it's over.
                       Challenge Seven: Perfection is Divine!
    Challenge Seven: Defeat all of your enemies without being hit.
    Pardon me, I took the title from a certain other game. This is a fun one. There
    is no strategy for this, other than just use the (AirL1+O*2) attack a lot.
    Keep trying and you will get it.
                          Challenge 8: Horde Extermination
    Challenge 8: Kill them all!
    Heh. This one is rough. Read about the Armored Soldiers and the Gorgons in the
    Bestiary if you don't know how to deal with these enemies by now. The key is to
    keep them all away from you and under control with launcher attacks like ST*3.
    Also, do your best to stay on the move the whole time, rolling and rushing.
    Keep at it and you will eventually make it. They don't hurt you too bad when
    they do hit you. Try to use the Gorgons to freeze the Soldiers. Whenever you
    see a Circle, mad dash for it but don't do it if you are going to get hit.
    If a Soldier gets a Circle, grab him and do the Square attack without delay.
    After a while, you will probably kill off all the Soldiers first. Now it's
    ouch time. The Gorgons will not drop Health Orbs like the Soldiers did.
    At this point, just stay away from them and keep doing the ST*3 attack and
    eventually they will all die.
                             Challenge Nine: The Big Brawl
    Challenge Nine: Kill 4 Cyclops before time runs out.
    Oooh, this one's a toughie if you can't deal with the Satyrs. The Cyclops are
    old news. They will go down really easy if you use nothing but the ST*3 attack.
    Just do your best to stay out of the way of the Satyrs and damage the Cyclops
    from far away just like you did with the Gorgons last challenge and you will
    be done before you know it. Make sure to keep rolling away to get out of range
    and stay out of range. If you really want to, use some Magic but it's not going
    to help much. You can freeze one of the Cyclops if you want, if you do use the
    Circle attacks from the Blade of Artemis to break him.
                                Challenge Ten: Buoyancy
    Challenge Ten: Kill enemies to make the platform rise. Reach the top platform
    to finish the challenge.
    Here we are, the last challenge! Are you ready to unlock those costumes? Okay,
    you are going to be fighting some Satyrs and Cerberus Puppies on that little
    tiny platform over there. The best way to take them out is with one of three
    attacks. One, the Square counterattack. Two, R1*2S. Three, STS*2(HS). Also,
    you can grab the Puppies and throw them at the Satyrs. Just keep doing this til
    the top platform is about halfway visible. When it is, activate Rage and then
    start using the square attacks in Rage with the Blades. This will take them all
    out really fast. Once the platform is at the top, go ahead and jump onto it.
    That's it for the Challenge of the Gods. Make sure you save when you are done.
    If you want to continue playing, go and mess around with the Hidden Costumes.
    Pick New Game, choose a costume, and go! You can't use them on God Mode. Gur!
                                The Additional Costumes
    Oh well, I guess I probably should, huh? Alright, here's the lowdown on the
    different Additional Costumes and what they do.
    The Dairy Bastard!!!
    This is the one you will probably use, because it grants you INFINITE MAGIC!!
    HUAH!! Waste everything without trying! Rack up HUGE COMBOS with Poseidon's
    Rage! Kill all the Kratos Clones with nothing but a bunch of Army of Hades!
    the Blades of Chaos seem to be weaker, and I don't know if it's just me, but
    you seem to get more experience too. With this costume, Kratos is dressed up
    like a cow and has milk cartons instead of the Blades of Chaos. Milk does a
    body good. :-)
    This is the other one that you might pick because you now get a lot more Red
    Orbs. You can level everything up much faster than normal. He now has suitcases
    instead of the Blades of Chaos. The downside of this costume is that you take
    a lot more damage while wearing it.
    Ares Armor!
    This is my favorite extra costume. Kratos is now wearing the armor that Ares
    had on. You take a whole lot less damage in this armor and you look like a
    badass. And also, your attacks with the Blades are a hell of a lot stronger.
    There does not seem to be any difference with the Blade of Artemis. If you
    don't want anything special to happen, like it being easy to fill up Magic,
    Health, or Experience, but still want to play a New Game Extra, pick this
    The Chef of War!
    Kratos looks like a cook. He now has frying pans instead of the Blades. It says
    that the preferred skill is Magic because now Blue Orbs have much more of an
    Kratos now is wearing a scuba diver's outfit. He has flippers instead of the
    Blades. It says that the preferred skill is Health because Green Orbs now have
    more of an effect. Kratos's attacks are weaker in this costume.
    ^I have to add something here, and I need to thank the user DraconicFlare for
    it. I never use this costume, and just started out new games real quick in
    order to test the ones I never used. So I had absolutely NO idea, but the
    flippers turn into FISH once you get them to Level 2! ROFLMAO the Minotaur
    thing is super funny! You will EAT now!!!
    The original Kratos.
    Pick this costume if you just want to play again and not have anything be
    special or different about the way the game works.
                                       Item List
    Here is a list of all the different items in the game.
    Red Orb-Gives you Experience Points.
    Blue Orb-Refills your Magic Meter.
    Green Orb-Refills your Health Meter.
    Gorgon Eye-Collect 6 to refill and extend your Health Meter.
    Phoenix Feather-Collect 6 to refill and extend your Magic Meter.
    Crank Handles-Use them to assemble cranks to perform various tasks.
    The Captain's Key-Unlocks the door leading to the Captain's Quarters.
    Dead Lady's Key-Unlocks the trapdoor leading to the Rooftops of Athens.
    Muse Keys-Use them to unlock the Muse Door in the Rings of Pandora.
    Shield of Zeus-Unlocks the door to the second part of the Challenge of Atlas.
    Shield of Hades-Unlocks the door to the second part of the Challenge of Atlas.
    Poseidon's Trident-Acquiring this item will allow you to swim underwater.
    Necklace of Hera-Used to activate platforms in the Cliffs of Madness.
    Necklace of Aphrodite-Used to activate platforms in the Cliffs of Madness.
    Pandora's Box-Used to open up a can of whoopass on Ares.
    Athena's Blades-Used for practicing moves at the end of the game.
    The unlockables can be found in the Treasures Menu from the Main Menu.
    God Mode: Beat the game on any difficulty to unlock.
    Challenge of the Gods: Beat the game on any difficulty to unlock.
    Additional Costumes: Conquer the Challenge of the Gods to unlock these outfits.
    Credits: Beat the game on any difficulty to unlock.
    Deleted Levels: Beat the game on any difficulty to unlock.
    Heroic Possibilities: Beat the game on any difficulty to unlock.
    Visions of Ancient Greece: Beat the game on any difficulty to unlock.
    Monsters of Myth: Beat the game on any difficulty to unlock.
    The Birth of the Beast: Beat the game on any difficulty to unlock.
    Character Graveyard: Beat the game on any difficulty to unlock.
    In-Game Movies: Beat the game on any difficulty to unlock.
    A Secret Revealed: Conquer God Mode to unlock this video.
    The Fate of the Titan: Conquer God Mode to unlock this video.
    Secret Message One: Conquer God Mode to unlock this message.
                               Secret Message Number Two
    Secret Message Two: I'm not tellin'. If you really want to just spoil it, then
    go and look it up on another guide. The secret is all over the internet by now.
    But if you can figure out how to get this without someone else spoiling it for
    you, you will be grateful you did. Somebody up there wants you to find it by
    yourself. And if you do find out how to get this Easter Egg by looking it up on
    the internet then I can tell you right now, you will be sorry you did and you
    will feel like you are one inch tall when you finally find out what it is. If I
    was able to find this without looking it up, anybody can. I'm a dummy.
    Consider that fair warning.
                       Enemies listed in order of appearance.
    A basic enemy, very weak. They have a few sword attacks and a grab. Just grab
    them and chuck them into each other. You can guard their grab.
    Properties: Vulnerable to grabs. Vulnerable to all Magic. Vulnerable to the
    Infinite Air Grab. Vulnerable to infinite Orion's Harpoon. Very low Health.
                                      Weak Harpy
    A weakling. They are super easy to kill. They have a diving attack and can
    grab you. Also, true with any Harpy, if you do Hades Reverse on them, they will
    be knocked down to the ground as long as Kratos is facing them when you do it.
    Properties: Vulnerable to Magic. Vulnerable to grabs. Vulnerable to the
    Infinite Air Grab. They are especially vulnerable to Medusa's Gaze, and that is
    the choice way to take them out. Vulnerable to infinite Orion's Harpoon. Grab
    is unblockable. Very low Health.
                                      Weak Archer
    These guys have so little Health they're a joke. Watch out for their arrows,
    oh no, spare me, yawn. A little annoying when there's other baddies about.
    Run up and grab 'em and chuck 'em into the others.
    Properties: Vulnerable to grabs. Vulnerable to all Magic, especially
    Medusa's Gaze. Vulnerable to the Infinite Air Grab. Vulnerable to infinite
    Orion's Harpoon. Very low Health.
                                    Armored Soldier
    A beefed up version of the Soldier. Easy to launch and stun, these guys don't
    present too much of a challenge. S*2T works well. Watch out for their
    counterattack when they stand up after being knocked down. They can also grab
    you, and they have a new attack where they jump into the air and do like a
    glowing blue half moon slash. They really like to do this attack a lot. They
    also have one where they will come in for a low strike on your feet and then
    follow with a horizontal slash. This one's kind of hard to see coming, so
    watch them closely and don't think that the half moon is all they are going
    to do. Also, you can guard their grab.
    Properties: Vulnerable to all Magic. Vulnerable to the Infinite Air Grab. Not
    grabable until you damage them into their Circle state. Vulnerable to infinite
    Orion's Harpoon. Low Health.
                                  Athens Axe Minotaur
    A little bit tougher than the Soldiers, but not too bad. Keep an eye on their
    axe and you should be fine. Killing any breed of Minotaur with the circle
    minigame will make them drop Health Orbs instead of experience. Be sure not to
    attack into their guard for too long because they will do a quick counter. If
    you are good, then a nice way to take them is to purposely attack into their
    guard, and when they counter, parry it and then quickly do S*2(HT) to launch.
    They are also very vulnerable to the ST attack. They will counter if you try
    and grab them.
    Properties: Vulnerable to all Magic. Not vulnerable to grabs. Vulnerable to the
    Infinite Air Grab. Not vulnerable to infinite Orion's Harpoon. Medium Health.
                                  Wrecking Ball Troll
    Finally, a real enemy! Huuah! Vulnerable to all Magic. Not vulnerable to grabs.
    Not able to be launched or bounced. S*2T will make them stumble, and so will
    the Square combo finisher. If you want to be cheap, just do S*2T over and over
    again. If you want to fight them for real, then think about this: they hold the
    ball in their right arm, so stay to their left. Whenever you see them about to
    attack, roll to their left. And also, remember, all of their attacks are
    unblockable. Make sure you have over a 6-hit combo before you go into the
    circle minigame, which does 4 hits to them to make a total of 10, which will
    give you a nice 20-point experience bonus when they die. If you really want to
    make quick work of them, Poseidon's Rage will push them back, so if you do that
    when they have their back to a cliff, it's bye-bye Troll! Of course, you won't
    gain any experience from them this way.
    Properties: Vulnerable to Magic, but don't waste your Medusa's Gaze on them,
    it takes too much Magic. Not vulnerable to grabs. Not launchable. All
    unblockable. High Health.
    They act just like Queen Medusa. They have 3 attacks, a tail whip, a lunging
    slash with their hands, and the Gaze. You can tell they are going to attack
    because they will hiss first. Just guard. The gaze you can get out of by
    doing a S*2T or rolling. You can also knock them out of their Gaze with any
    strong magic. Poseidon's Rage, a charged bolt, Army of Hades. If you kill a
    Gorgon with the Circle minigame, they will give you Magic Orbs instead of
    experience. Use their Gaze against any freezable enemies who also happen to
    be around for some free smash kills, it has the same effect on them as yours
    does. They will always point the Gaze at you, so use that to point it at other
    Properties: Vulnerable to all Magic except for Medusa's Gaze, which has no
    effect at all. Not vulnerable to grabs. Vulnerable to the Infinite Air Grab.
    Vulnerable to infinite Orion's Harpoon. Gaze is unblockable. Medium Health.
                                    Hammer Minotaur
    A tough nut. These guys have an axe and a hammer, and they will use them both.
    They have some new attacks with the Hammer. They have a simple vertical smash
    attack with it, and sometimes they follow it with a double swipe with the axe.
    Just block or parry this. But the thing that really sets them aside from other
    enemies is their shockwave attack. It is easy to see this attack coming,
    because they look like they are about to play that hammer game at the fair for
    their life, plus they let out a big roar.  This attack is a real pain, and
    sometimes they will do it when they are off the side of the screen. To deal
    with the shockwave attack, jump or roll. Also, if you are right in their face,
    and I mean RIGHT on top of them, you can parry the hammer attack and the
    shockwave will not hit you. If they are coupled with other enemies, concentrate
    on them (the Hammer Minotaurs) before dealing with the others. Trust me, you do
    not want this guy sneaking up behind you, especially if there's two or more
    because they like to combo you to death. Lastly, they will counter if you try
    to grab them.
    Properties: Vulnerable to all Magic. Not vulnerable to grabs. Vulnerable to the
    Infinite Air Grab. Not vulnerable to infinite Orion's Harpoon. Shockwave is
    unblockable. Medium Health.
    Wow. A mean mofo. They are quick and deal a lot of damage. Good thing you're
    Kratos or you wouldn't stand a chance. They have a stomp attack that they
    follow with a club smash, sometimes they will just do the club smash by itself,
    a sweeping club attack where they just swing it back and forth on the ground,
    hoping to hit you, and a grab. They also have a harmless roar. Any attack with
    a shockwave, like S*2T, and also the Square combo finisher, will make them
    stumble. When fighting these guys, you will want to keep your distance and hit
    them with finishers and Magic. And roll a lot. Just try and stay away. If you
    are good, you can fight them up close, but you will be rolling and shoulder
    rushing a lot. Once you have them damaged a little bit, they will have a Circle
    above their head. Don't try to go right up to them and press Circle, it won't
    work. With these guys, Circle means you have to hit them in the face with an
    Orion's Harpoon attack. So distance yourself appropriately. Every time you hit
    them with Orion's Harpoon, you will gain some extra experience. 2 or 3 of these
    and they will be dead.
    Properties: Vulnerable to all Magic, but don't waste your time trying to freeze
    them, it takes too much Magic. Not vulnerable to grabs. Not launchable. All
    unblockable. High Health.
                                    Shield Soldier
    These guys aren't too bad. You can break their shields with any attack that
    has a shockwave, those being S*2T, L1+T, L1+O, and (AirL1+O). Once the shield
    is down, they are the same exact thing as an Armored Soldier, except for one
    thing-they can be grabbed!
    Properties: Not vulnerable to Magic until the shield is down. Not vunlerable to
    grabs until the shield is down. Vulnerable to infinite Orion's Harpoon. Low
    These enemies seem hard to deal with at first, but their weaknesses are the
    fact that you can grab them, and the fact that it takes less to freeze them
    with Medusa's Gaze than it takes to freeze an Armored Soldier! If you're out of
    Magic, just grab them and start a juggle combo and they will be dead in no
    time. They have a few attacks, one is a taunt-type thing where they just sit
    there and laugh, they have one where they will go into the floor and come at
    you spinning, they have one where they lunge at you with both blades in a
    stabbing position, they have a 3 hit combo, and they have one where they spin
    in circles above ground. These can all be guarded. But seriously. Just freeze
    or grab the suckers and have your way with them. They aren't as big and bad
    as they seem. The air grab is worth looking at a few times, and it looks pretty
    awesome if someone else is watching you play. I really like the grab kill they
    made for this enemy too. He trips them, tears their arm off, and cuts them in
    half with it. KRATOS KILL!
    Properties: Vulnerable to all Magic, especially Medusa's Gaze. Vulnerable to
    grabs. Not vulnerable to the Infinite Air Grab. Vulnerable to infinite Orion's
    Harpoon. Low Health.
                                    Dive Bomb Harpy
    The same exact thing as a normal Harpy, but with more Health and they now know
    a dive bomb attack. Just watch the target they will make on the ground. When
    they center you in it, they will dive, so just roll out of the way. Also, these
    guys are harder to kill with Medusa's Gaze. Yep, no more easy Harpy killins.
    Properties: Vulnerable to all Magic. Vulnerable to grabs. Vulnerable to the
    Infinite Air Grab. Vulnerable to infinite Orion's Harpoon. Dive bomb is
    unblockable. Grab is unblockable. Low Health.
                                Exploding Arrow Archer
    Okay, here's an actual threat of an Archer. They shoot arrows that explode! You
    can block the arrows, but then they will just stick into the ground around you
    and will blow up after a while. You can hear them ticking down, and then BOOM.
    The blast from them is unblockable. It doesn't do all too much damage, but the
    thing is it can open you up for attacks from the enemies that they almost
    always support. Which spells real damage. So, whenever you see these guys,
    abandon all else and get rid of them immediately. Also, they are harder to
    freeze with Medusa's Gaze than the Weak Archer. One more thing, they also have
    an attack where they whack you with the bow, then shoot you if you get too
    close to them and don't attack. A formidable enemy if you try and ignore them.
    Properties: Vulnerable to all Magic. Vulnerable to grabs. Vulnerable to the
    Infinite Air Grab. Vulnerable to infinite Orion's Harpoon. Arrow blast is
    unblockable. Low Health.
    Slippery. That's all I have to say. Slippery and annoying. First thing to know,
    they have 2 Circle states. Grabbing them on the first one will not kill them.
    They have a few attacks. The Sirens out in the desert only have that single
    projectile, but the ones you fight at the top of the stairs there have the real
    attacks. There's the single projectile, and also they have one where they
    charge up and throw out multiple projectiles that home in on you. Also they
    have a sucking attack where they make a big sideways tornado-looking thing that
    pulls you towards them. The tornado attack messes with your momentum while you
    are in the air, so for some fun, try jumping into it and doing the L1+Triangle
    attack over and over. Wheeeeeeeeee! All of their attacks can be guarded except
    for the tornado. They are pretty slippery, but just be careful and watch the
    projectiles and you should be fine. They are hard to launch, but once you do,
    combo away. Plus, sometimes they will launch each other! Hahaha so once they do
    that, get 'em. Oh yeah, also, don't try freezing them with Medusa's Gaze, it's
    possible, but they break out of it so fast it's not even funny. An easy way to
    launch them is with a fully charged Zeus's Fury.
    Properties: Vulnerable to Poseidon's Rage and Zeus's Fury. Not vulnerable to
    grabs. Vulnerable to the Infinite Air Grab. Vulnerable to infinite Orion's
    Harpoon. Tornado-type attack is unblockable. Medium Health.
                                     Bone Cyclops
    WOW. These guys are savage. They are SUPER damaging, they take forever to
    freeze with the Gaze, and they can rush. But all hope is not lost. They have a
    shoulder rush attack, an attack where they do a low swipe with the club and
    then follow it with a heavy vertical smash, and an attack where they do that
    same slash but follow it with two more quick slashes to the same spot. The best
    thing to do with these guys is to stay away. Poseidon's Rage will push them
    back, a charged Zeus's Fury will make them stumble, any attack with a shockwave
    will make them stumble, these being S*2T, L1+T, L1+O, and (AirL1+O), and also
    the Square combo finisher will make them stumble. Use R1*2S a lot. Ha! Punk! I
    can shoulder rush too! This attack will move you around a lot and make you hard
    to hit. ST*3 works very well, good damage plus a stumble. All their attacks
    are unblockable. Rolling will help you get around these.
    Properties: Vulnerable to all Magic, but don't try to freeze them, it takes too
    much Magic. Not vulnerable to grabs. Not launchable. All unblockable. High
                                     Strong Gorgon
    Same thing, only different colors and more Health and the Circle game has one
    more prompt. They have 3 attacks, a tail whip, a lunging slash with their
    hands, and the Gaze. You can tell they are going to attack because they will
    hiss first. Just guard. The gaze you can get out of by doing a S*2T or rolling.
    If you kill a Gorgon with the Circle minigame, they will give you Magic Orbs
    instead of experience. Use their Gaze against any freezable enemies who also
    happen to be around for some free smash kills. Speaking of which, I think their
    Gaze is stronger now, too. Might be wrong, though. Just roll when they do it
    and you won't have to worry.
    Properties: Vulnerable to all Magic except for Medusa's Gaze, which has no
    effect at all. Not vulnerable to grabs. Vulnerable to the Infinite Air Grab.
    Vulnerable to infinite Orion's Harpoon. Gaze is unblockable. Medium to High
                                Pandora Armored Soldier
    The same thing as the other Armored Soldier, but they have more Health and some
    cool new armor. Also about these guys, some of them know a new trick, which is
    when they do the jumping arc slash that is normally blue, the blue won't show
    up anymore! So now it is harder to see. Anyways, just fight them like you would
    a normal Armored Soldier but watch out for their jumping slash.
    Properties: Vulnerable to all Magic. Vulnerable to the Infinite Air Grab. Not
    grabable until you damage them into their Circle state. Vulnerable to infinite
    Orion's Harpoon. Medium Health.
    These guys are so fun to fight. They can start as babies or come out as a big
    one right away. To kill the babies, use Medusa's Gaze or you can also grab
    them. The babies in the water room in Challenge of Poseidon will never grow.
    The babies have the good attacks, it is very hard to see them coming a lot of
    the time. You can tell they will do their flip attack when they light on fire.
    They also have a jumping bite and a lunging bite, those are hard to see coming.
    Just try and keep as close of an eye on them as you can. As far as the adults
    are concerned, in my opinion, they are easier to deal with because you can see
    what they are doing easier. They have a claw attack, a grab, and an attack
    where they will shoot fireballs at you from their mouth. If you can manage to
    launch them, do it and jump up quickly to air grab them. The air grab for them
    is pretty cool looking. You can continuously juggle them by doing the ST*3
    combo. The easiest way to launch them is with a fully charged Zeus's Fury.
    The fireballs and the claw attack can be guarded. The grab is not guardable.
    So remember to evade whenever they come at you. Also, the adults have one more
    annoying ability- the ability to make more Cerberuses! They will act like they
    are going to cough up a hairball and then spit out a brand new baby! So take
    out the new one as fast as you can. Once there are 5 adult Cerberuses on the
    screen, the babies will wait to grow until right when you kill an adult. So if
    you happen to find yourself in this undesirable position, take out the babies,
    even though it's hard to get around the adult's attacks, or you will find
    yourself in an infinite loop of death. Heh Poseidon's Rage will burn all the
    babies to a crisp in one shot if it's maxed. 
    Baby Properties: Vulnerable to all Magics, especially Medusa's Gaze. Vulnerable
    to grabs. Vulnerable to the Infinite Air Grab. Vulnerable to infinite Orion's
    Harpoon. Low Health.
    Adult Properties: Vulnerable to all Magic. Not vulnerable to grabs. Vulnerable
    to the Infinite Air Grab. Not vulnerable to infinite Orion's Harpoon. BUT!!!
    If you do Orion's Harpoon to them and then immediately do ST, you can do
    another Harpoon after. Grab is unblockable. High Health.
                                    Soldier Elite
    Here they are! I love these guys. They are actually smart! Ish. First thing to
    know, they have 2 Circle states. The first time you grab them, they will not
    die. Another interesting fact about these guys is that if you hold Triangle
    after either one of the grabs, you will do a super-fast Ascension attack. So
    use that knowledge to your advantage while fighting them. Okay, they have a
    sword and a scythe. They have a multi-hit combo that uses both of them, a
    double spin attack with the scythe, a grab, and a counterattack that they will
    use when you try to grab them and in a few other situations. The easiest way to
    fight them is to grab at them, and then parry their counter and hit them with a
    counter of your own. Sometimes they will block this and counter again, just
    parry and counter again. It can turn into a really fun and cool looking counter
    war. Soul Calibur, anyone?
    Properties: Vulnerable to all Magic, very easy to break once they have been
    frozen with Medusa's Gaze. Not vulnerable to grabs. Vulnerable to the Infinite
    Air Grab. Vulnerable to infinite Orion's Harpoon. Grab is blockable. Medium
    I do not like this enemy one bit. Don't worry, that does not mean they are hard
    to deal with. I don't like them because they are almost impossible to fight up
    close. I like to be all in the enemy's face and that is a horribly stupid idea
    when fighting these guys. Their physical attack with the bow fires off
    lightning quick and they have an unblockable thing where they stomp on the
    ground and send out a shockwave-like Magic blast with their hooves. Also they
    can shoot the bow from far off. A formidable enemy, but remarkably easy to take
    advantage of. Keep on rolling around and shoulder dashing so you can move
    around fast too, this will put you on the same playing field as them cause they
    are super quick. Keep on the move and they will almost never be able to hit
    you. When you roll, if you are clear of them, just do the EvadeT*3 combo and
    nail them with the last hit. They die so fast from this attack if your Blades
    are at Level 5, even on God Mode. Not only that, but they are real easy to
    launch. They are kind of easy to freeze with Medusa's Gaze, but they take
    quite a bit of attacking to break them. If you choose this method, use the
    Blade of Artemis's Circle attacks to shatter them. Lastly, they have 2 Circle
    states. Hitting them on the first one will not kill them, it is a Launch.
    Lastly, they have a counter for when you try to grab them.
    Properties: Vulnerable to all Magic. Not vulnerable to grabs. Vulnerable to the
    Infinite Air Grab. Not vulnerable to infinite Orion's Harpoon. Shockwave is
    unblockable. Medium Health.
                                 Pandora Axe Minotaur
    The new Axe Minotaur. Hmm, a lot like the old ones but with a few new tricks.
    They have a shoulder rush now. Also they have an upwards swipe with the axe,
    a double sideways swipe with the axe, and a charging attack where they will
    get down low and scratch the ground and then run at you. All of it can be
    blocked. Stay right in their face and they will never do that one. They seem
    to be easier to launch than the other Minotaurs, so use that. They also have a
    counterattack if you attack into their guard, as usual, and they have a
    harmless roar. All in all, not too difficult to deal with, just fight smart and
    don't try to go crazy on them with out watching what they are doing and you
    should be fine.
    Properties: Vulnerable to all Magic. Not vulnerable to grabs. Vulnerable to the
    Infinite Air Grab. Not vulnerable to infinite Orion's Harpoon. Medium to High
    My favorite enemy, the Satyr! These guys are brutal! They are very smart and
    are very good at countering. They have a whole bunch of different spinning
    attacks with the bow and they can flow freely between them, they have a few
    where they take the bow apart and rush you with both halves, a grab with the
    bow, a stand up counter with their feet, and a counterattack stance where if
    you hit them they will launch into a counterattack! If you try and do S*2T they
    will just guard it and counterattack, and if you keep hitting them without
    launching them then they will just break out of it and counter. They even like
    to guard against Zeus's Fury a lot more than other enemies! They are super
    mean. The key to killing them is to launch them and hit them with the Triangle
    attacks with the Blades. The Blade of Artemis works very well against them
    indeed, but only if you are good with it should you risk that. When they are in
    their counterattack stance, knock them out of it with Ascension with the Blades
    or Ascension of Artemis with the Blade of Artemis. Also, for some reason, they
    seem to have trouble dealing with the Square, Hold Square combo. They are also
    grabable, but you will go into a kind of war with them where you have to smash
    Circle. I really like the kill grab with them, he knocks them down and stomps
    on their bow, and it flips into the air, then he catches it and impales them in
    the stomach with it. The air grab for these guys is super sick too. Just
    remember to fight smart and you will come out on top. Or, for an easy kill,
    just freeze them.
    Properties: Vulnerable to all Magic but like to block Zeus's Fury. Not
    vulnerable to the Infinite Air Grab. Not vulnerable to infinite Orion's
    Harpoon. Medium to High Health.
                                  Hades Elite Soldier
    Same exact thing as before but with more Health and cool colors.
    Properties: Vulnerable to all Magic but DO NOT FREEZE THEM!! You will receive
    ZERO EXPERIENCE!! Not vulnerable to grabs. Vulnerable to the Infinite Air Grab.
    Vulnerable to infinite Orion's Harpoon. Grab is blockable. High Health.
                                      Hades Archer
    They are the same exact thing as an Exploding Arrow Archer but now they know
    how to shoot a bunch of arrows at once and they have more Health. Feel free to
    freeze these guys, they will not give you zero experience.
    Properties: Vulnerable to all Magic. Vulnerable to grabs. Vulnerable to the
    Infinite Air Grab. Vulnerable to infinite Orion's Harpoon. Arrow blast is
    unblockable. Medium Health.
                                      Hades Harpy
    Same exact thing as a Dive Bomb Harpy, but they have more Health. Feel free to
    freeze these guys, they will not give you zero experience.
    Properties: Vulnerable to all Magic. Vulnerable to grabs. Vulnerable to the
    Infinite Air Grab. Vulnerable to infinite Orion's Harpoon. Dive bomb is
    unblockable. Grab is unblockable. Medium Health.
                                   Hades Axe Minotaur
    Same exact thing as the Pandora Axe Minotaur, except now they have more Health.
    Properties: Vulnerable to all Magic, but DO NOT FREEZE THEM!! You will receive
    ZERO EXPERIENCE!! Not vulnerable to grabs. Vulnerable to the Infinite Air Grab.
    Not vulnerable to infinite Orion's Harpoon. High Health.
                                      Hades Satyr
    The same exact thing as a normal Satyr but now they have more Health. Feel free
    to freeze them, you will still get experience.
    Properties: Vulnerable to all Magic but like to block Zeus's Fury. Not
    vulnerable to the Infinite Air Grab. Not vulnerable to infinite Orion's
    Harpoon. High Health.
    |    |                        The Final Challenge
    |    |                            xxx!!!!xxx
    |____|                          Difficulty:*
                                  Divine Retribution
                                  WWWW@        WWWW@
                                 WWWW           :WWWW
                                WWWW             +WWWW
                               WWWW+              WWWW@
                              .WWWW                WWWW
                              WWWW*                WWWWW
                              WWWW                 #WWWW
                              WWWW                  WWWW
                              WWWW                  WWWW
                              WWWW                 WWWW.
                               WWWW                WWWW
                               :WWW               +WWW
                                @WWW              WWW.
                                 :WWW           ,WWW,
                                   WWW@        WWWW,
                             W       +W       +W.       W
                             W        W       WW        W
                             WWWWWWWWWW       WWWWWWWWWWW
                             WWWWWWWWWW       WWWWWWWWWWW
                             WWWWWWWWWW       WWWWWWWWWWW
    It was once said that a gamer's true skill is measured by their ability to do
    the hardest thing with the least tools. If you have completed all of the other
    challenges, then you are ready for the ultimate God of War challenge.
    Beat God Mode with no upgrades. (This includes Health and Magic upgrades.)
    I tell you now, this is possible. Every fight in this game can be accomplished
    without strong attacks. I said at the start that I have accomplished every
    challenge that has been laid out for you, and I meant it. If you don't believe
    that this can be done, go on YouTube and watch someone who did it. There are
    videos of people beating the Kratos Clone fight at the end on God Mode with no
    upgrades. If you are going to attempt to take on this challenge, then there is
    no shame in watching how the last fight is done at Level 1. My biggest tip to
    anyone attempting this is to have patience, and lots of it. Do not get angry at
    the game because that will cloud your judgment. Calm down and think what
    Kratos has at his disposal. Think what you haven't done yet. Understand fully
    what your enemy is capable of. Oh yeah, another tip. SQUARE SQUARE TRIANGLE.
    And HAVE PATIENCE. No matter how good you are, if you attempt to do this, you
    WILL die. A lot. The Kratos Clone battle took me about 400 tries before I
    finally got it, and I know Kratos like the back of my hand. So just chill. And
    don't be like my buddy Vic who put his katana through the controller, straight
    through that to the bed, and then straight through that to stick into the wood
    under the carpet (second floor). You will just have to buy another controller,
    and then where will you be? Right back where you started, only 20 bucks poorer.
    For an additional challenge, try doing this without ever opening a single
    chest, including Health and Magic. (The Challenge, not violently impaling your
    controller and sleeping area.) And if you do pull it off, rejoice! You are a
    God. Now go turn on Kingdom Hearts and kill Sephiroth at Level 34 with the
    Kingdom Key, no abilities, no items, and the controller upside down. It oughta
    be easy as pie after this. No, I have never done that with the controller
    upside down.
                                     Happy Gaming!
                                          / \
                                         /| |\
                                        (  |  )
                                         \   /
                                         /\ /\
                                        /| | |\
                                        \ \|/ /
                                         \   /
                                          \ /
    Thank you for reading the credits and using this guide. I worked long and hard.
    Thank you, Akheon, for compiling that wonderful Glitch FAQ and enlightening me
    to the fact that I was not the first to figure out the Medusa's Gaze and
    Blades of Artemis tricks.
    Thank you, keltin_2002, for making that chest guide and inadvertently helping
    me verify that I didn't miss any chests in that stupid Desert, and also for
    showing me that there was a fourth chance to get a Muse Key in the Challenge
    of Hades. I never knew that! Great guide, dude, well done.
    Thank you, DraconicFlare, for making your guide and showing me that the Fins of
    Chaos turn into friggin FISH at Level 2! I had no idea.
    Credit goes to my friends Kenny, Vic, and Matt for coming up with some of the
    Thank you, www.ascii-art.org, for that one, I suck at that.
    Thank you, SCEA, for an awesome game.
    Thank you, GameFAQs, for hosting this guide.
    Thank you, Kratos, for taking a bath.
    A VERY VERY special shout out goes to the one and only ANT! Ant was a great big
    scary black guy who introduced me to this game. He once told me that he was a
    big name on the message boards at GameFAQs. I do not remember what his screen
    name was, and for that, I am sorry. For those of you who do not know, Ant is
    no longer with us. He was struck by a car while crossing the street on his
    way home from work in Citrus Heights, California three years ago. He died
    instantly and did not suffer. I think he would be proud that I made this FAQ
    and I hope he is able to read it and play from wherever he is right now. Keep
    your head up, Ant! We all miss you! Especially me and Tek! I hope you aren't as
    lazy as you used to be, ya big goober! Because you better have some friggin
    stir-fry and a beer waiting for me when I get there!
    Three huzzahs for ANT!!! The Stir-Fry Chef of War!!! Master of the Stabby!!!
    May he always beat everybody at Soul Calibur by being cheap with Sophitia!!!
    That's all, folks!

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