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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Andrew Testa

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                         God of War FAQ/Walkthrough (PS2)
                               Written by ACTestaALT
                         Version 1.0 - Last Updated 2/9/10
    Table of Contents
    1. What's New?
    2. Walkthrough
    3. Credits
    4. Legal Disclaimer
    5. Contact Info
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                                   1. What's New?
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    V1.0 (2/9/10): Original version of guide.
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                                  2. Walkthrough
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    General Advice
       1. Kratos can perform weak attacks with Square, heavy attacks with 
    Triangle, and various abilities by stringing these attacks together. The most 
    quick and powerful level one attack is the Plume of Prometheus, performed by 
    pressing Square, Square, and Triangle. This is a nice alternative to button 
    mashing. In addition, Kratos can launch foes into the air by holding Triangle 
    and you can juggle the opponent for a few attacks with the Plume of 
       2. At level two of Blades of Chaos, you receive the next key 
    ability—Apollo's Ascension. This ability makes juggles much faster to 
    perform. Also, if you press R1 while in the air Kratos performs an air attack 
    on the enemy. Juggling and jumping is the most effective way to stay out of 
    reach and keep from being outnumbered by enemies.
       3. Once you reach the third level, the Valor of Hercules (Triangle, 
    Triangle and Square) and Spirit of Hercules (Triangle, Triangle and Triangle) 
    are the next big attack upgrades. Both of these attacks are slow but 
    powerful, so they are best utilized after juggling the enemy into the air.
       4. Poseidon's Rage (L2) is a magic attack that surrounds Kratos with 
    energy and inflicts damage upon all enemies around him. The first magic 
    ability you receive from the Gods, Poseidon's Rage is the perennial crowd 
    control ability of the game and should be used to clear rooms and platforms 
    of multiple enemies. The magic attack is also the last line of defense to 
    save yourself until you receive Rage of the Gods later in the game. Try to 
    level Poseidon's Rage whenever you can because it is an offensive ability 
    with the potential to devastate an entire room of enemies.
       5. Medusa's Gaze (L2 and Triangle) completely freezes enemies in their 
    tracks by turning them to stone. This ability can be cast from range, so use 
    it whenever you are battling a Minotaur or other large foes with high health. 
    After freezing the enemy by targeting with the magic ability, use a heavy 
    attack to break the statue and defeat the foe. This is very effective for 
    fights against large enemies.
       6. Zeus' Fury (L2 and Square) is a thunderbolt attack that deals a fair 
    amount of damage from range. This magic ability is most often used to defeat 
    archers that you can't reach and also to pepper down on an enemy's health 
    while they are at range. It's entirely useless at close range, though, and is 
    no alternative to physical attacks.
       7. Blade of Artemis is the only other weapon in the game besides the 
    default Blades of Chaos. With this weapon, you sacrifice Kratos' quick speed 
    for a little more power. Focus on allocating experience either into this 
    weapon or Blades of Chaos. You will not be powerful enough to sustain both by 
    the game's end.
       8. Army of Hades is one of the last magic abilities that you acquire in 
    the game. With this ability, Kratos summons Hades' souls to clear the area. 
    You'll be using this ability a lot once you get it, so always allocate red 
    orbs toward higher levels.
       9. Blocking (L1) is very useful in God of War as a successful block 
    completely mitigates damage. Whenever you are not attacking, keep that L1 
    button held down so you don't take any damage. Blocking is your best form of 
    defense, and you can also parry if you follow up a block with Square to 
    Aegean Sea
       1. After the opening cutscene, you will have control of Kratos on the deck 
    of a ship with a wave of quickly emerging enemies. Take out the enemies one 
    by one with a combination of attacks and grabs. After the visible enemies on 
    the deck are defeated, more will climb up to the deck from the side of the 
       2. TIP: Run over to the far side of the deck and grab the enemies as they 
    climb up one at a time.
       3. More enemies will pop up from inside the ship. Again, dispose of them 
    with a healthy combination of both punching and jabbing. Now run over to the 
    heavy trapdoor and quickly tap R2 to open it. Jump down and open the chest.
       4. Go down the hall to the left of the chest, destroying any objects along 
    the way, and make your way through the ship until a giant Hydra pops out of 
       5. For this miniboss, hack away at his face with a combination of attacks 
    until the Hydra's ears start to cave in. When this happens, the hydra will 
    strike at you, so block with L1. Immediately following the block, start 
    attacking his face again.
       6. You should be able to get in at least five or six attacks between each 
    strike. Blocking is essential to this game, so get used to reflexively 
    blocking when an enemy attacks.
       7. After about a third of the Hydra's life bar is depleted, the beast 
    falls to the floor and you can initiate a button minigame by pressing Circle. 
    When you do these minigames, you must press buttons when prompted.
       8. For this minigame, press Triangle four times in a row at the correct 
    time to completely slay the beast.
       9. Take the assorted orbs and run down the hall further until you meet a 
    drop-off with some wood planks. Carefully walk across the wood plank and jump 
    to the next when you reach the end.
      10. On the other side, run through the ship and take the red orb chest. 
    Follow the hallway until you reach some obstructing debris. Some heavy 
    attacks should clear your path.
      11. On deck again, you must destroy the flying harpy enemies who are 
    destroying the men. To kill one of these creatures, press Circle to grab them 
    and rip their wings.
      12. After killing several harpies, another Hydra head will pop up in the 
    center of the deck. This second Hydra is even easier than the first. Just 
    string a line of attacks at the base of its body until it snatches you up. 
    Here, tap Circle quickly until Kratos opens the Hydra's mouth, jumps out, and 
    slams it to the ground. Do not hesitate to string together some more attacks 
    while it is trying to get back up.
      13. This same process will repeat until you finally get rid of the Hydra. 
    Jump down the hole it made and swim across to some net that you can climb.
      14. Back up on deck, defeat all the visible enemies with grabs and 
    carefully tightrope across the wood plank to another deck.
      15. After the cutscene, jump down to the center "no man's land" area and 
    stop at the first row of boxes. Near the right box in this row you will find 
    a small crate that you will use to scale the enemy's side of the ship. Press 
    R2 to kick the small crate to the right rail of the ship. Position yourself 
    behind the crate and kick it again down the side of the enemies.
      16. After four big kicks, the crate should be up against the line of 
    archers on the other side. We kicked the crate over so we could get up to the 
    archers. Grab the crate by pressing R2 and pull it into crevice between the 
    archer towers.
      17. Jump up and wreak havoc on the firing squad. They're defensive at hand-
    to-hand, but they will shoot at you if you aren't right in their face.
      18. After the fight, head down the hall on this level back to the outside 
    and climb the rope ladder. Grab the net and start climbing higher. If any 
    enemies get close, just press Circle while pointing the left analog stick at 
    them to grab them.
      19. When you reach the top lookout of the ship, jump while under the rope 
    and grab for Kratos to slide down to another ship.
      20. Bash the rightmost part of the wooden wall to reveal a treasure chest 
    containing a Gorgon Eye. Bashing the leftmost wooden part of the wall will 
    reveal more red orbs in a chest. Now open up the center wall and run down the 
    hall to the blue light and another cutscene.
      21. Now you can use Poseidon's Rage, which is one the best abilities in the 
    game. Enemies appear that you can completely bypass by going through cutscene 
    door—or you can fight. Just use physical attacks and save your magic for the 
    upcoming fight.
      22. Save at the golden save point outside because the boss fight is coming 
    up. Run to the right to find two chests and some more net to climb. Unless 
    you need the orbs in the treasure chest, I'd advise not opening them until 
    you get hurt in the next fight.
      23. Climb the net to another reach cutscene with the head Hydra killing 
    people. Two more heads shoot up from the deck to aid the Hydra. 
    Hydra Boss Battle
       1. For this fight, run up to either of the smaller heads and get in a few 
    attacks. Right before the Hydra strikes you, use Poseidon's Rage to hurt the 
    Hydra and deflect the attack.
       2. After four uses of the spell and an empty magic bar, the smaller Hydra 
    should be down for the count. Now quickly climb up the crates to the side of 
    the hydra until you reach the top. Hop on the hanging platform to make it 
    fall on the Hydra's head to kill it.
       3. Collect the red orbs from the head Hydra and jump back down to the 
    lower desk. Replenish your magic via the blue chest so you can use magic 
    again. You can also replenish your health with the green chest.
       4. Climb back up and use the same strategy on the remaining small Hydra 
    that you used on the first. After four big jolts, jump up the crates and hop 
    onto the dangling platform to kill the Hydra.
       5. Collect the orbs and use the net in the center to climb up to the big 
       6. For this boss battle, either block or use Poseidon's Rage right before 
    the Hydra strikes to deflect the attack. Right after this, get a string of 
    attacks in right at the facethe Hydra will just stay there and take it.
       7. NOTE: Physically attack the Hydra to collect blue orbs that replenish 
    your health. Use Poseidon's Rage to block and then follow up with some hits 
    to hurt the hydra and get more magic.
       8. After about a fourth of the Hydra's health is gone, the beast will slam 
    its head against your platform. Run up to it and press Circle to start 
    another button minigame.
       9. For this minigame, just tap Circle as fast as you can for Kratos to 
    pull the Hydra into the pole.
      10. Collect the blue orbs. The Hydra gets really mad now. Wait for it to 
    lunge forward at you before you use Poseidon's Rage again to deflect the 
    attack. While the Hydra is just there, get some more attacks in.
      11. Once you've inflicted even more damage, the same button minigame will 
    again take place.
      12. Keep beating down on the Hydra with this method. This boss isn't so 
    difficult when you get the timing down on the blocking. You can even string 
    along attacks forever against this beast by alternating between Poseidon's 
    Rage and physical attacks in quick succession. You'll always have some magic 
    because you get it for attacking.
      13. When just a third of the beast's health is remaining, another button 
    minigame ensues to further damage the beast. Press Circle when prompted three 
    times and then tap Circle quickly for Kratos to kill the Hydra.
      14. After the battle, run inside the Hydra's mouth and press R2 to watch 
    the cutscene.
      15. Go back outside the Hydra now and jump up the crates to the right. Do a 
    jump grab to the net and climb it to reach two chests on a platform. Take one 
    chest for a Gorgon Eye and the other for some green orbs. Jump near the rope 
    to glide down.
      16. At the bottom, you'll be back at that perfect battlefield with the no 
    man's land area. Head inside and run over to the other side to the crate you 
    placed near the wall. Just jump on it and up to the next level to completely 
    bypass the enemy.
      17. Run through the doorway and head over to the cabin door. Open it with 
    the key and make your way through the hall to another door. Press R2 to open 
    the door and trigger another cutscene.
      18. Before leaving the ship you can "do" a little "minigame" of your own by 
    jumping up on the bed and pressing Circle near the two women. The screen will 
    pan away and you'll have to do another button combination. The buttons are 
    Square, Square, Triangle, Half Turn Clockwise, Half Turn Clockwise and Full 
    Turn Counterclockwise. You'll get a BUNCH of red orbs for successfully 
    completing this minigame.
      19. Run down the ship and save at the golden light. Walk to the northwest 
    part of this room to find two chests and a ladder leading outside.
    The Gates of Athens
       1. Outside, head down the ramp of the ship to land. Walk north now to the 
    white pillars until you reach a fiery enemy. After defeating the creature, 
    cross the bridge to reach a wave of three enemies.
       2. Blocking and focusing on each enemy one at a time is key to victory. 
    After the battle follow the path and jump through the hole in the wall.
       3. On the other side, run north and make your way into the doorway with a 
    lit torch on either side. Follow the rather narrow pathway until you reach 
    two enemies. Similar to previous battles, a few good blows should down them 
    rather easily.
       4. At the end of the corridor where you encountered the two enemies lies 
    another chest with a Phoenix Feather. You need five more to increase your 
    overall magic.
       5. From the chest go right and block when the enemy leaps out at you after 
    you run into the doorway. After defeating this enemy with a combo, walk into 
    the adjacent room to find a green orb chest. After opening it, jump up the 
    platforms on the left and hop down to another merry squad of foes.
       6. After dispatching of these enemies, take the bridge to the left and 
    walk back to the hole in the wall. Get on the wooden elevator and pull the 
    lever to ascend.
       7. At the top, exit the elevator and open the green orb chest to the right 
    if you need it. Continue to follow the path until you reach a cutscene where 
    you are introduced to more vicious foes.
       8. For this small fight, first focus on only one beast at a time. Pull off 
    a combo of attacks and press Circle when indicated to kill the creature and 
    collect red orbs. Try to juggle the enemies in the air so the other can't 
    attack you.
       9. Once both enemies are defeated, follow the wooden pathway until you 
    reach a blue orb chest. Take the elevator to the right of this chest.
      10. At the top of this elevator, another cutscene occurs where you see the 
    gate and the enemies you are about to face.
      11. In this fight the enemy's steel ball is powerful and can be launched 
    from range. This form of attacking is very slow, however. Merely stand in 
    front of the big guy and wait until he rears back his mighty ball before you 
    dodge out of the way. The ball will extend fully and you should have an 
    opportunity for a string of attacks.
      12. Aside from throwing the ball out, if you get close to the creature he 
    will try to stomp you with the big steel ball. He's slow, though, and you 
    should easily be able to dodge out of the way. While he tries to pick up his 
    weapon, pull off a few more combos.
      13. When you've damaged it enough, the Circle button icon will appear over 
    the creature's head, indicating that you can get another button minigame if 
    you run up and press Circle. The button combination is Circle, Triangle, X 
    and Triangle.
      14. Collect the red orbs. Another of the same enemy will jump out of 
    nowhere to fight. The first thing he does is rush at you, so dodge his feeble 
    attack and dispose of him in much the same way as his brother. Alternatively, 
    if you have a full magic bar, Poseidon's Rage is very effective on these 
    creatures. Just run up to them and pull the attack off successfully three 
    times to reach the button minigame.
      15. For the second creature, the button minigame is Triangle, Square, 
    Triangle and Triangle when prompted.
      16. Another of the same variety hops down. You can easily defeat this one 
    with three uses of Poseidon's Rage. If you find yourself out of magic, head 
    to the northwest part of this area to the blocked door. On the right side 
    should lie an orb-changing chest. Wait until it strobes blue before you open 
    it to refill your magic.
      17. After softening up the beast with three charges of Poseidon's Rage, 
    press Circle when indicated to start the button minigame again. The order is 
    Circle, X, Triangle and Square.
      18. Now that the last of the three is defeated, search the dark northern 
    part of this area to find a chest with red orbs. Head back to the blocked 
    doorway with the color-changing treasure chest to discover that your heroics 
    have cleared the path.
      19. Enter through the doorway and follow the narrow pathway until you reach 
    a room with a bunch of wooden crates and an overhead view. Destroy the bottom 
    crates of both the center stack and the upper left corner stack. This will 
    reveal the doorway.
      20. Jump on the smallest stack of crates in the lower left corner and hop 
    over to the center crate that you cut down a bit. On the center crate, jump 
    behind you to the south stack of crates to find a nice little hidden area 
    with two chests. Take the blue orbs and the Gorgon Eye.
      21. Open the chest on the platform to the right of the center crates and 
    jump on the little ledge for Kratos to sidle across. At the end, jump to the 
    platform opposite the wall and hop down from this high place to the doorway 
    in the upper left corner of the room.
      22. In this new room, jump down from the crate and head to the golden 
    center to see another cutscene. To get the next ability, you need to battle 
    Medusa Boss Battle
       1. Medusa actually isn't that difficult to defeat because her attacks are 
    fairly simple to dodge. Arguably her most powerful attack, stone laser, can 
    easily be dodged if you keep a steady pace in strafing around the room. She 
    can also do physical attacks if you are in close range, but those can be 
       2. For the fight, circle around Medusa while pulling off different combos 
    and possibly even Poseidon's Rage if you have the magic. When not attacking, 
    stay at range so she repeatedly uses her stone laser ability. This is very 
    ineffective against you because it can easily be dodged.
       3. When you've depleted Medusa's health enough, it's time for another 
    button minigame. Press Circle when the button icon appears above Medusa's 
    head and then rotate the left analog stick in the proper directions, which 
    are Half Turn Clockwise and Full Turn Counterclockwise. For the victory, you 
    will acquire another ability called Medusa's Gaze.
       4. After another short cutscene you're back in the fight with waves of 
    spawning Minotaurs. To defeat these enemies, aim by holding down L2 and press 
    Square to fire Medusa's Gaze which will freeze them. Once one Minotaur is 
    frozen, take a few hacks to finish the job. Stick to using Medusa's Gaze at a 
    far enough range so the Minotaurs do not attack you.
       5. Once enough Minotaurs have been defeated, the God disappears to open 
    another doorway. Inside, the pathway will immediately turn right and two 
    small enemies spawn. After defeating them, climb up the ladder to nearly the 
    top, until the camera pans backwards so you can see a corpse on a fallen 
    rafter. While still on the rafter, jump backwards to the narrow rafter with 
    the corpse and over to the second platform with a red orb chest.
       6. After reaping the rewards, jump through the opening to the left to find 
    another red orb chest. Now jump back down to the bottom and climb the ladder 
    all the way to the top. Press R2 to pull the first lever directly in front of 
    you. Venture beyond that lever to find a large spinning bow.
       7. Wait until the bow is lined up with the door behind it before you pull 
    back and push forward on the joystick to break the door.
       8. Head back to the lever and pull it again so the bow starts to spin a 
    second time. Now aim the bow directly at the center of the left wall in the 
    same direction as the green orb chest. The wall breaks to reveal a chest that 
    contains a Phoenix Feather.
       9. Now run inside the broken doorway and head down the corridor until you 
    reach a ladder on the right. Exit to the outside via the doorway at the top 
    of the ladder. Jump against the part of the wall to the left of the doorway 
    for Kratos to scale the wall.
      10. On the way up you'll encounter a few daring foes. These opponents can 
    be defeated with a simple grab and throw.
      11. Once you've reached the very top, press X while near the gap in the 
    wall for Kratos to jump over it and cling to the adjacent wall. After jumping 
    another gap, the next wall becomes infested by enemies. Either way, grab 
    these foes or bypass them by streamlining to the next gap.
      12. After falling between this gap, run down the narrow catwalk and over to 
    the large statue. Tap R2 for Kratos to push the statue to the ground.
      13. Jump down from this ledge to find that you're back where you started 
    outside. Run over to the statue on the left side of this area and scale the 
    wall by using the top of the statue as a nice lift.
      14. At the top of the wall little Medusa knockoffs will spawn out of 
    nowhere. They're weaker than the real thing, so just get in a few physical 
    attacks. Now climb the ladder located against the far wall on this level to 
    reach the top area with a few Minotaurs.
      15. See the pillars on the left? Attack one of them until you can jump on 
    top of it. From this elevated position, jump to the adjacent pillar to reach 
    another small level with an armada of spawning enemies. I suggest using 
    Poseidon's Rage on all the enemies close to you to make a big wave go down in 
      16. To the right on this platform lies another bow. The arrow will fire a 
    rope that you can cling to to get to the next area. While making your way 
    down the rope be sure to grab any enemies that you encounter.
      17. After climbing into the building again, just let go of the rope to drop 
    to a familiar area. Enter through the opening on the left side of the room 
    and head down the hall until you reach a door. Tap R2 for Kratos to heave the 
    door open. This effectively connects two areas that you've both already 
    explored. South down the long hall lies the bow and a save point.
      18. With the door now open, fire another shot with the bow to reveal two 
    Minotaurs and a new area. Make your way down the hall and defeat the 
    Minotaurs with a combination of physical attacks. At the end of the hall 
    climb the ladder and open both of the chests for more orbs.
      19. Climb back on the ladder. Instead of going down, double jump backwards 
    to find a small platform with a red orb chest.
      20. Hop back down to the hall and go south of the ladder until you reach an 
    intersection. Head right and walk over the circular symbol in the center for 
    a long cutscene. 
    The Road to Athens
       1. Follow the path north up the stairs and through the statues to begin a 
    small cutscene with Ares. After the cutscene, save at the golden save point.
       2. After saving, head through pillars on the opposite side of the platform 
    and make your way down the mountain. Soon the path will become the road and a 
    few easy enemies will spawn. Once they are defeated, walk to the archway for 
    another small cutscene.
       3. Inside this new area you will encounter another enemy. Use your 
    abilities to freeze the enemy in place and open all the chests in the room. 
    Head north through the archway. See the green chest near here? To the right 
    of the chests lies a small opening with a path. Follow the path until you 
    reach the road. South of the road should be some rubble. Jump on top of and 
    over the rubble.
       4. In this new area, run over to the Iron Gate and tap R2 for Kratos to 
    lift it open. You'll now be back to a previous area. Run the same way through 
    the small opening to the right of the chest and follow the path to the road 
    again. This time, however, opt to follow the road north.
       5. While the mayhem ensues, make your way down the road until you see a 
    house on the left with a door and a lit window. Break down the door and open 
    the chest inside for another Phoenix Feather.
       6. Back outside, follow the path further until you reach a small house on 
    the right with a chest on top of it. You can easily get to the chest by 
    double jumping from the elevated ground right before the house. Inside the 
    chest is another Gorgon Eye.
       7. Jump down from the house and continue down the road, dodging arrows and 
    enemy fire, until you reach a white cathedral-looking building with another 
    breakable door. You will know you are close when you meet more Minotaurs. 
    Inside this house are two chests, one of which contains a Gorgon Eye, while 
    the other contains a Phoenix Feather.
       8. Outside, defeat the enemy that is on the barrier and hit the wall to 
    break it down. Now press O to swing across the chasm over to the other side 
    of the road. You must let go of the rope when Kratos is highest up the air 
    and furthest away from the starting point.
       9. Do the same for the next rope and hop down back to the road. Follow the 
    road to a water fountain and a grand set of stairs. Scale the stairs to reach 
    Athens Town Square.
    Athens Town Square
       1. In this area, continue up the stairs to reach more enemies and some of 
    the town's inhabitants. Use Medusa's Gaze to freeze and kill the oversized 
    creatures. In addition, you can kill the townspeople for green orbs if you 
    start to run low on health. After killing three of them, the camera pans to 
    the now open doorway.
       2. Head through the store and walked down the corridor until you reach a 
    large room with different types of paintings on the wall. Going inside, the 
    rightmost painting on the wall in front of you can be broken to reveal a 
    chest with another Gorgon Eye. This should make six of them and your first 
    health upgrade.
       3. In this room with the paintings, make your way to the far side to 
    discover another set of stairs. After ascending, make a sharp right turn and 
    follow the wall to the corner. From the corner, jump across the broken ground 
    to reach the other side. On the side, walk up to the doorway for another 
       4. Run up the stairs and walk out to the balcony to reach a cutscene where 
    a woman falls to her death. You can save the game at the golden save point on 
    the left. Also on the left, below this balcony, is a treasure chest with a 
    Phoenix Feather inside of it.
       5. Now jump down from the balcony back to the big fountain area. Press R2 
    while over the dead woman's body to get the key.
       6. With the key, head through the same northern doorway in this area to 
    return to the room with the paintings. More regular old enemies will spawn so 
    be ready to fight. After returning to the balcony, double jump off of it to 
    the right to reach another platform.
       7. From here, run over to the plainly visible trapdoor and opt to use the 
    key to open it. Down the trapdoor is a save point and a linear pathway. After 
    saving, follow the path until you reach a fork in the road. Take a left and 
    open the door by pressing R2. 
    Rooftops of Athens
       1. From here, jump on the green wall to the right and climb all the way 
    up. You'll need to maneuver around the opening in the wall by climbing 
    vertically to the left. At the top, perform a backwards double jump and cling 
    onto the opposite wall.
       2. Now climb as far as you can up this wall until Kratos again runs out of 
    climbing material. Double jump back over to the first wall and continue 
    climbing until you see two treasure chests on the opposite building's 
       3. Take care to double jump over and collect both of the chests. Run 
    inside the balcony's doorway for another cutscene.
       4. The easiest way to defeat these armored foes is to petrify them with 
    Medusa's Gaze before attacking once to break the stone. Get to a far enough 
    range so other enemies do not hit you while you are trying to cast the spell.
       5. More enemies will spawn, of course, but after the initial three armored 
    foes you should focus more on the archers in the room. They can be a real 
    pain sometimes. Along with a green orb chest, on the left side of the room 
    resides a staircase with even more archers. Make your way up the stairs while 
    killing the enemies along the way. Simple grabs can instantly kill most 
    enemies, including these ones.
       6. Follow the stairs until it becomes a catwalk that circles around the 
    building. Follow this path until you reach some rubble in the way. Jump over 
    it to reach the next area with more spawning enemies. I usually use 
    Poseidon's Rage here, once the oversized armored enemy jumps over, so all of 
    the enemies die fairly quickly. For the big guy with the button minigame, 
    press Square, X, Triangle and O to defeat it.
       7. The second wave of enemies is exactly the same. I suggest, again, that 
    you lure the enemies around you and then unload with Poseidon's Rage to 
    quickly clear the area. For the second button minigame, press Triangle, X, 
    Circle and Triangle.
       8. Before leaving this area, head over to the northeastern corner of the 
    room (the same place where the enemy jumped over) and cut the corner around 
    the wall to find two chests. One of these chests contains a Phoenix Feather 
    that should complete the set and give you a bigger magic meter.
       9. The whole area clear, jump back over the rubble and head down the 
    catwalk. The archers will have spawned again, but they can easily be defeated 
    with a simple grab. When you reach the bottom, the armored foes will appear 
    again. Using Medusa's Gaze in conjunction with a simple attack, defeat all of 
    them for the doorways to open.
      10. Before selecting a door, though, run to the upper right corner of the 
    room and bash the wood planks to reveal a hidden nook with a chest. Open the 
    chest for a Gorgon Eye.
      11. Take the big doorway and head north, following the people in front of 
    you, until they are suddenly killed on a wooden bridge. From the beginning of 
    the bridge, jump to the center platform and then take a leap at the broken 
    pillar. Once Kratos clings onto it, sidle over to the opposite side of the 
    pillar and jump to the next pillar. From this last pillar you can 
    successfully double jump over to the other side. Remember, archers fire at 
    you from afar here, so take cover even while clinging onto the pillars if 
    it's needed.
      12. Run up the road until you reach another color-changing chest. Get 
    whatever you need, and then head over the half-burning bridge and through the 
    two big statues to find another bow. Push it north into the doorway and then 
    kick the bow down the steep gradient. At the bottom, push the bow into the 
    first doorway on the right.
      13. In this new room, slowly push the bow until it is up against the door 
    on the left. Now heave open this door, by tapping R2, to find a wave of five 
    enemies. Because of the small confines of the room, if you aim with Medusa's 
    Gaze at the wave of enemies, they should all become frozen. Attack at them 
    and repeat the procedure if necessary. In addition, Poseidon's Rage is also 
    highly effective again multiple enemies in close quarter combat.
      14. With the bow pushed over the circular symbol on the ground right before 
    the door, pull the lever inside the enemy-infested room to rotate the bow. 
    Now that the bow is aiming in the right direction (at the door), line it up 
    against the far door and fire away to open your next path.
      15. Head through this door and down the narrow hallway until a T-
    intersection. Go right and run over to the glowing blue for another cutscene 
    with a God. You'll get a new ability, Zeus' Fury, for your efforts thus far 
    in the challenge.
      16. Exit through the doorway. Outside, run halfway back over the burning 
    bridge—the game should give you a small tutorial on how to Zeus' Fury. Use 
    the ability while still on the bridge to kill the enemies on the rooftops.
      17. With all of these enemies cleared, run back over to the statue side of 
    the bridge. The door on the right will magically open. Take this doorway and 
    follow the hall until you reach a room. The northern wall in this room, 
    specifically the center part of it, is very deeply cracked. You know what 
    this means. After bashing it open, reap the rewards—three chests that contain 
    a Gorgon Eye, a Phoenix Feather, and some magic orbs to replenish your magic.
      18. Run back outside and cross the half-burning bridge to be back on the 
    road. Head through the building north of the road to find a giant room with a 
    save point. The north wall of this room has a giant crack. If you run inside 
    the crack you will notice a ladder. Climb.
      19. After climbing the ladder, kill the spawning enemies on the rooftop 
    with either plain physical attacks or magic. Once they are defeated, jump 
    from the northeastern corner of this rooftop and cling onto the wall. After 
    climbing up, open the chests for a Gorgon Eye and some blue magic orbs.
      20. After jumping back down to the initial rooftop, run to the left side 
    and double jump to the adjacent rooftop. Kill the one enemy on this rooftop 
    and take the orb chest if you need it. On the left side of this rooftop you 
    will find some wood planks that you must destroy. Only after you destroy them 
    can you double jump leftwards to the next rooftop.
      21. Kill the spawning Minotaurs with a simple flick of Medusa's Gaze in 
    conjunction with a normal attack. Once the area is relatively clear, hop down 
    from the roof on the left side and venture to the very center to reach a 
    hidden platform. Open the chest to obtain a Gorgon Eye.
      22. Jump back up to the rooftop and bash the wood object in the 
    northeastern corner to find your next rooftop. After double jumping over, run 
    north to the orb chest and then streamline east up the small slope in the 
    ground until you reach some pillars. There are archers on the far rooftop, so 
    use Zeus' Fury to defeat them.
      23. After raising the bridge, cross over and head inside the plainly 
    visible doorway. Inside this room there are two chests on opposite sides with 
    a Gorgon Eye and a Phoenix Feather. After taking both of these, take the far 
    doorway and follow the path, killing the enemies along the way, until you 
    find another elevator. After taking it, head north a little to the broken 
    bridge for another cutscene.
      24. You can traverse the chasm by tight roping over on the small wood 
    plank. Just be careful and go slowly so you don't fall all the way back to 
    the town square. There is a perfectly located save point on the other side of 
    the broken bridge.
      25. Follow the stairs and the mountain path, killing the enemies along the 
    way, until you reach the Temple of the Oracle. 
    Temple of the Oracle
       1. Open the chests on either side of the bridge for more orbs and then 
    cross over for another cutscene. Looks like the Harpies have decided to come 
    out and play again. They can be defeated rather easily with a grab or a few 
    melee attacks. Focus on just one Harpy at a time. If they start to overcrowd 
    you, use Poseidon's Rage as crowd control to quickly clear a wave.
       2. Once all the Harpies are defeated, we have another long cutscene. 
    Afterwards, ascend the stairs and open the chest behind the pillars and to 
    the left to obtain a Phoenix Feather. On the opposite side of this chest, 
    behind another set of pillars, resides another chest with a Gorgon Eye inside 
    of it.
       3. Now head through the center doorway and scale the stairs to reach a 
    very large room. The cutscene introduces even more Harpies into the fray. 
    Take the magic orb chest to the immediate left if you need it, and then 
    double jump south of this chest to find a little secret area with another 
    treasure chest. You will acquire a Gorgon Eye for finding this chest.
       4. Jump back down to the ground floor and head to the very northern part 
    of the room with the statues. Pull the center-left statue to reveal a color-
    changing treasure chest. Push the statue down to the lower level of this 
    room. Once there, push the statue to the left to block the Harpy entrance.
       5. Now get the center-right statue and plug up the Harpy hole on the right 
    wall of the room. With both entrances plugged, kill any remaining Harpies in 
    the room.
       6. Head to the southwestern corner of the room (the same side as the first 
    chest) and tap R2 to open the door. Ascend the stairway to reach the second 
    level of the area you just left. Kill any Harpies in the air and then jump on 
    the center rafter with the hanging torches over it. Halfway down the plank 
    will break, but the game will save you with a little tutorial on quickly 
       7. On this plank, head left to the end. Hop over the rail to a save point 
    and a green orb chest. Replenish your health, save, then go through the 
    doorway and follow the path, killing the weak enemies in your way, until you 
    reach the outside again.
       8. After the cutscene that sets the stage, run to the south railing of 
    this small area and pull out the statue to the left. When it's out past the 
    stone steps north of it, go around to the south side of the statue and kick 
    it north to the wall. Afterwards, kick the statue east until it falls off the 
       9. Now pull the other statue out of its resting place and kick it off the 
    platform, too. Both of the statues stack on top of each other. Jump down to 
    the large area with the stacked statues and continue to kick the object east.
      10. Inside the house on the northeastern corner of this area is another 
    chest with a Gorgon Eye. You must break down the door.
      11. Head over to the east side of this area and you should see a small 
    building with a red orb chest on top of it. Jump on this building and, after 
    opening the chest, jump to the platform above you to the west.
      12. From here, jump on the stacked statues and over to the ledge on the 
    wall. Cling onto the vines and shimmy over left for another cutscene.
      13. After the cutscene, you have sixty-five seconds to save here. Climb 
    leftwards until you reach the gap and press X to jump across. Wait until the 
    spinning wheels are not moving before you jump across the following gaps and 
    onto the small walkway. At this location, head north and grab the vines on 
    the wall.
      14. Climb the vines to the top and make a jump for the rope. After leaping 
    onto the rope, wait until the rope swings toward the platform before you jump 
    off. Run across the first catwalk to the circular platform. If you have time, 
    double jump from this platform to the right to find a secret platform with a 
    chest that contains a Phoenix Feather.
      15. Hop back onto the circular platform and take the catwalk across to the 
    far ledge. Grab the dangling rope north of this ledge and jump down onto the 
    little platform the statue is holding. From here, run south to the dangling 
    woman for a long cutscene in which you learn about Kratos' past.
      16. After the cutscene, head through the doorway directly north of you and 
    make your way down the halls to a golden save point.
      17. Outside here, venture across the bridge made by the statue's sword to 
    reach a doorway. Descend down the stairs to a flooded floor and another chest 
    with a Phoenix Feather. Hop the little barrier under the archway to reach the 
    Sewers of Athens. 
    The Sewers of Athens
       1. Make your way through the sewer, using the line of water to guide you, 
    until you reach a wall. Double jump as high as you can to grab the ledge. 
    Enemies are optional and may be bypassed if you run quickly through the 
       2. Follow the sewer's linear path back to the lower level. Open the few 
    chests here and jump back up to the upper level at the end. More Minotaurs 
    reside in this area as you run full blast through the sewers. Double jump to 
    the upper level at the end and run through the archway to find a ladder.
       3. After climbing the ladder to the top, run north to the staircase and 
    ascend up. At the top pull the lever to reveal even more stairs that lead 
    back to the road.
       4. On the road, head north up the stairs and through the blank flags back 
    to the golden road save point. From this area take the right pathway now and 
    continue all the way down the mountain. When the camera pans to show the two 
    statues built near the mountain, open the chest on the north part near the 
    steps for another Gorgon Eye.
       5. Head through the doorway and make an immediate right to find a hidden 
    chest with a Gorgon Eye. Now run down the desert path. 
    Desert of Lost Souls
       1. The cutscene explains the situation: follow the song of the sirens and 
    destroy them all. From the statue, head northeast until you reach an 
    abandoned catacomb with a Siren. Use Poseidon's Rage or a juggle of physical 
    attacks to defeat her.
       2. With two Sirens remaining, head directly south of this siren down the 
    desert until you meet the next one. This Siren is located in the southeast 
    corner of the desert. When you find her, two large minions also spawn to make 
    the battle even tougher. If you don't defeat the minions they will follow you 
    all the way across the desert, so get everybody in Kratos' radius and use 
    Poseidon's Rage.
       3. From this Siren, head directly north and you should find the last Siren 
    after traversing a little of the desert.
       4. With all three Sirens defeated, run to the east side of the desert 
    where the building with the first Siren was located, because it is now open.
       5. Inside here you'll find a save point and a few treasure chests. Take 
    the upper left doorway in this room and descend the stairs. Jump down to the 
    wood deck and kill the enemies on this platform with Poseidon's Rage.
       6. Run down the wooden platform to the right until you see a gold and 
    green door. Tap R2 repeatedly to open it. Pull the box from the doorway and 
    kill the enemy that pops out. Clear the left side of the wooden platform so 
    you can kick the box across.
       7. Jump from this object to a higher level with a door that can be opened 
    by tapping R2. Follow the hallway to a sandstorm and a big horn.
       8. After Kratos parts the red sea, run across the straight and open the 
    two chests on the other side to replenish your health and magic. Ascend the 
    stairs to reach a second horn and another cutscene.
       9. The three spawning Sirens are not very difficult to defeat. Just two 
    charges of Poseidon's Rage should kill them all. Once the area is clear, we 
    have another lengthy cutscene for our hero.
      10. Save after the cutscene and traverse the narrow wooden bridge all the 
    way to the exterior of the temple. Run left toward the wall, descend south 
    down the ramp and follow this path as it loops all the way to a seemingly 
    dead end. Kratos can pull out the big stone blocks in the wall, though, and 
    you can use them to climb up to the fire.
      11. After the cutscene, head over to the blocked door in the center to find 
    both of the big golems. Work them down with Poseidon's Rage and physical 
    attacks. Although the golems are powerful, they are also very slow and you 
    can easily dodge their attacks.
      12. Note: Treasure chests of all varieties are scattered about the 
    perimeter of this fight.
      13. Once you've defeated the oversized enemies, the center pathway opens 
    and you can ascend all the way up the stairs to Pandora's Temple. 
    Pandora's Temple
       1. Before turning that lever, open the chest in the left side of the area 
    for a Gorgon Eye and the chest on the right side of the area for a Phoenix 
       2. Now turn the lever clockwise and the big door will open. The door shuts 
    itself as you run inside. Two waves of small enemies spawn here; take them 
    out any way you like. After the initial two waves, two sets of tougher 
    armored foes spawn near the eye symbol on the north wall. Grabs can easily 
    take care of them.
       3. Examine the eye symbol on the wall for a new pathway to open. Enter 
    through the opening to reach the Rings of Pandora. 
    The Rings of Pandora
       1. Run south down the hall until the first doorway. Inside here there are 
    plainly visible traps that can make a pancake out of you if you are not 
    careful. Take care by running up and waiting until the trap opens up before 
    you run through it.
       2. At the end of this hall you'll be in a room with water and a save 
    point. Swim across to the other side and kill the archers that are shooting 
    at you. Now pull the lever in the center of the elaborate room here to open 
    something up.
       3. Run back out to the circular hallway to find that a lever has appeared 
    near the doorway. Turn the lever around until you see a red glow in the 
    doorway. This will take several turns so be patient.
       4. Enter through the doorway and head to the red glow. You'll acquire the 
    Blade of Artemis after the cutscene. Continue through from Artemis' location 
    to a save point.
    The Challenge of Atlas
       1. Follow the hall until you reach a big room that locks itself behind 
    you. There are waves and waves of enemies here, and although the first few 
    foes are easy, they get progressively harder as you get further in the fight. 
    This is a good time to practice with your new weapon if you want.
       2. After clearing the ground floor, head to the northwestern corner to 
    find half of a hanging staircase. Double jump up onto it and follow the 
    pathway until you reach a wooden bridge. Once you've killed all the enemies 
    on the bridge, use Zeus' Fury to take out the archers on the far side of the 
       3. Follow the bridge back to half-solid ledge and a very narrow catwalk to 
    the north that connects to the archer platform. Here, pull the lever to lower 
    the block with the rope to the ground. Now jump onto the rope and slide down 
    to the bottom.
       4. Down here, kill any enemies with ranged fire and jump on the hanging 
    rope to get to the next platform. There are a lot enemies also hanging on the 
    rope, but they can easily be defeated with a grab. They will come from behind 
    and above you.
       5. When you've reached the other side, grab the orb chests and stay along 
    the wall heading south to find the Shield of Hades. Once you take the shield 
    all hell really does break loose as waves of enemies start to spawn in 
    dozens. You pretty much have to use Poseidon's Rage here with a full magic 
    bar to survive effectively; luckily, you just replenished after the rope.
       6. Once you've cleared five or six waves of a dozen enemies each, the game 
    gives you a pick-me-up with two orb chests at the end of the path. Jump from 
    these chests to a center platform with a rope. Climb all the way up the rope 
    to surface from the ground.
       7. Take the door to the right. Inside here, kill the familiar Medusa 
    creature and pull the object at the end of the hall until it lines up with 
    the opening on the left. Kick it through and run inside for a fight with two 
    more Medusa knockoffs and a merry band of archers.
       8. Once the area is clear, pull the object up to the altar on the north 
    wall. See the gray line that leads to the stone button on the ground? Push 
    the object from the beginning of the line—while it sails over run up to the 
    circular altar to spin around to the next room.
       9. On the other side you're greeted with two waves of three armored 
    enemies, along with two treasure chests. After clearing the area and grabbing 
    the red chest, take the color-changing chest and double jump right from this 
    chest to grab a vine on the wall.
      10. Climb above and jump over the chasm to the Shield of Zeus. Follow the 
    wood plank catwalk to a red orb chest, and jump down to find yourself right 
    on top of an elaborate silver doorway. Place both shields on the carvings to 
    find a new area.
      11. Descend the stairs, turn right, and follow the narrow hall to a save 
    point. Climb up the ladder to find yourself in a room with a top of saws 
    moving around. Luckily these saws stick to their plainly marked path in the 
    ground, so you should easily be able to make your way to the right doorway.
      12. Inside here, break down the wall of rubble and run to a conveyor belt 
    with more sandwich squishing traps. Time the trap's motion and barrel roll 
    through them when you think you have an opening. At the end of the conveyor 
    belt, head left to reach a staircase.
      13. Run up the stairs to reach the outside with more Harpies. After 
    clearing them, jump on the center platform between the two middle pillars to 
    find two treasures on the left and right with a Phoenix Feather and a Gorgon 
    Eye. Once you've collected these, jump back down to the bridge and head left 
    to the next area.
      14. Kill the Harpy here and grab the north wall. Climb up it and climb 
    right when you can't go any higher. Jump the gap and grab-kill the enemy. 
    Continue heading right and up, killing all the enemies along the way, until 
    you are at the top of the wall. Now jump leftward through the gaps and fall 
    down near where the wall meets the platform to find a red orb chest. Climb 
    back up and hop onto the platform.
      15. Open the color-changing treasure chest and head through the doorway. 
    Yes, it's another mass spawn of enemies. Once you've cleared them all take 
    the handle on the altar in the north part of the room to open a door.
      16. Exit this room and jump back down to the ground to find a new save 
    point. Backtrack through the bridge to the conveyor belt room with the 
    crushing traps. Run up the conveyor belt, taking care not to die by the trap, 
    until you reach the other side.
      17. Back at the killer saw room, pull the lever in the center and the lever 
    on the upper left corner. Walk up to the north doorway but do not jump 
    inside; instead, jump on the ledge to the right and sidle across.
      18. In this new area, kill the archers and the two Minotaurs before you put 
    that handle to good use on the crank. After a few spins the camera pans to 
    signal that you're done. Run behind to statue to collect a Muse Key.
      19. Head to the south part of this room, walk through the right opening, 
    and make your way toward another hallway with armored foes. After you've made 
    it all the way through the hallway, take the Phoenix Feather on the left part 
    of this platform. Follow the platform to the right and kill both of the 
    archers before taking the red orb chest. Pull the lever in the middle of the 
    bridge for another cutscene.
      20. Note: On the south part of the room on this higher level you will find 
    two red orb chests.
      21. Jump down now and head south to the outside. On the left before the 
    bridge is a red orb chest. Cross the bridge and pull open the coffin. Jump 
    inside and press R2 until you have what you need.
      22. Push the coffin out of the way and jump down the secret hole. Follow 
    the hall all the way to the next cutscene.
      23. Afterward, run north again and open the doorway at the end. Back at the 
    Rings of Pandora and a familiar room, use the save point and proceed through 
    the right doorway down the hall. Kill the armored enemies at the very end and 
    the doorway will open. Once you go through the door will close.
      24. Right across from where the door was located, you should see an almost 
    full skull. Insert the skull key in the lock. Note that when you enter the 
    next room there will be an Indiana Jones-style stone ball coming your way, so 
    run south until you see a set of stairs on the left.
      25. The camera pans to the ladder here, which coincidentally is your next 
    target. Wait until the moving stone ball comes around before you jump onto 
    it. Keep yourself on top of the moving stone until you reach the ladder. 
    Climb the ladder for another cutscene.
      26. After the cutscene, the ladder falls and so you must climb it again. At 
    the top you'll find a ton of chests and a save point. Run down the hall to 
    reach the next challenge. 
    The Challenge of Poseidon
       1. Cross the bridge to the center area for a cutscene and a fight with the 
    three-headed Cerberus. This battle can be impossible if you allow all the 
    spawning small Cerberus to become big like the main target. With that in 
    mind, I suggest a few healthy rounds of Poseidon's Rage to cleanly clear the 
    area. If you run low on magic, there is a blue orb chest on the north part of 
    this platform.
       2. After defeating the creatures, head left and follow the pathway until 
    you reach two huge enemies and a ton of backing archers. Before messing with 
    the two big lugs, kill the big crew of archers. On the other side of the 
    archer platform you must kill a few more waves of enemies before the doorway 
       3. Inside, pull the lever to get the ground moving. Get up to the gate. 
    Right when it opens take the multiple red orb chests.
       4. After four red orb chests, you will reach the destination. In this new 
    area, kill the weak enemies on the ground and start climbing up the mountain. 
    When you get to the top, follow the ledge to the right until you find a chest 
    with a Muse Key. Now follow the ledge left to reach the next area.
       5. Here you meet multiple hammer-wielding enemies. After taking them out, 
    follow the path to the save point. Continue until you reach the cages. Jump 
    down to the lower floor and head north through the doorway into a small room. 
    Take the handle lying on the ground on the right side of this room and run 
    south all the way back to the upper level.
       6. To ascend back up, double jump on the wooden platform and then up to 
    the top. Back up, push the lever to lower a cage. After the cutscene, push 
    the cave down to the lower level and lug it across to the opposite end of the 
    long stretch of room. Kill the armored spawning enemies and kick the cage 
    into the room.
       7. Push the cage between the two flames and pull the lever. Enter through 
    the newly opened door and follow the narrow hall until you reach a wooden 
    bridge. At the end of the bridge, tap R2 repeatedly at Poseidon's Trident to 
    acquire the useful item.
       8. Jump into the water and swim leftward across to the bridge. The ladder 
    leads to a platform that contains a Phoenix Feather. Now jump in the water on 
    the right side and dive down the round opening. Swim through the tunnel, 
    pressing R1 to smash the statues along the way, until you reach a room at the 
       9. Kill all the enemies here with Poseidon's Rage and open the door on the 
    north part of this room to find a lever. After pulling the lever, take any 
    chests that you may need and then hop back down the same round water tunnel 
    that goes underground. Swim all the way back to the trident room and clear 
    all the enemies here.
      10. Save at the save point behind some stone blocks. Use the blocks to 
    reach a round tunnel. Follow the tunnel until it becomes water. Dive down, 
    and head north through the submerged rooms until you reach the end. Dive down 
    through the opening here and continue the north swim campaign.
      11. Break the wall statue at the dead end and kill the creature for a 
    Phoenix Feather. While still at the wall statue, swim to the right and follow 
    the linear path all the way back outside.
      12. Round up all of the enemies here and use Poseidon's Rage to clear them. 
    Open the blue chest on the north wall if you need the magic. Once the area is 
    clear, the force field around the lever breaks and you can pull it. Sink back 
    into the water and swim back through the linear path to the broken wall 
    statue area.
      13. Swim to the south part of this room. Go left here and swim to the save 
    point. At the save point, swim left and break the statue. Swim up the round 
    tunnel to reach a secret room with four red orb chests.
      14. Once you've collected the orbs, dive back in the water and swim to the 
    save point. Go right this time and break the weak-looking wall. Press R2 at 
    the creature to get another Phoenix Feather. Dive down in front of the statue 
    even deeper in the water.
      15. Immediately swim left as an object is coming at you from the right. 
    When you can, swim in the nook below to dodge it completely. Back to swimming 
    leftward again. At the end dive down through the opening and start to swim 
    north. Follow this room until you can surface from the water.
      16. Two enemies are waiting for you right after you get out of the water. 
    Once you've defeated them, save at the golden save point and pull the lever 
    for some objects in the water to move. Dive back into the water and swim left 
    towards the last stone object that you moved. There will be a square opening 
    at the base of this object under the water.
      17. Swim completely inside of it and it will descend downward. When it 
    stops, swim through the linear tunnel back to the Rings of Pandora and a save 
    point. Run through the right door in this room and clear all the enemies in 
    the hall to open up the doorway.
      18. Back in the circular hallway, run south until you find the lever again. 
    Proceed to spin the lever around and around until you can see a gold statue 
    in the doorway. Use the Muse Keys at the door to open it. It's pretty much 
    Christmas inside here. Open both of the red orb chests and press R2 at the 
    three statues to raise all your abilities.
      19. Run back out to the circular hall again, and push the lever until you 
    see an opening. In here you will be back at a familiar room. Climb the stairs 
    and dive into the water. Swim down the tunnel hole and follow the linear 
    swimming path until you again surface from the water.
      20. Head through the only opening here to a very large room. Head to the 
    opposite wall from where you are located after the cutscene and bash it down 
    with physical attacks to reveal a save point.
      21. From here, run north to find two treasure chests and a ladder. After 
    using the ladder, go through the two rooms and you will reach the Challenge 
    of Hades. 
    The Challenge of Hades
       1. In this gigantic room, go left and use the middle platform with the 
    urns to jump to the upper level. Jump on the small wood ledge over the door 
    and bash down the wall to find a chest that contains red orbs. Now press R2 
    to accept Hades' prerequisite challenge.
       2. After the cutscene that introduces the enemies, jump back down the 
    lower level and round up all the half horses at the two blue circles before 
    you use Poseidon's Rage. After a few waves, the door will open and the area 
    will become clear.
       3. Run north up the steps and jump on the right stone rail with the red 
    lining. From this place, cling onto the boiling pot and sidle around it to 
    find a treasure chest with a Phoenix Feather.
       4. Go through the open doorway now and back outside. Tap R2 to open the 
    door on the left side of this area. Follow the hall now, being wary of the 
    lava moving-floor, shooting spears and enemies, until you reach another 
    Medusa enemy.
       5. After clearing the enemies here, take a right at the intersection, kill 
    the enemies in this room and pull the lever to raise the elevator.
       6. Up here, push in the stone with the horn on it to reveal a pathway. At 
    the end of it you can find two red orb chests. Now follow the hall until you 
    reach a doorway. Wait until the wood deathtrap in the next room has sprung 
    and is starting to wind back up before you enter through here.
       7. Immediately run south and double jump over the wood death trap to a 
    small platform. Press R2 at the very end and you will reach the other side. 
    Walk over the button on the ground for a statue to rise. Jump from this 
    balcony to the water around the statue and dive down to the very bottom.
       8. At the base of the statue you will find a square opening. Press R2 to 
    pull the lever here. Swim back up. Climb the ladder on the side of the statue 
    and turn the statue's head so the light shines in the exact opposite 
       9. After the cutscene, jump down from the statue and save at the golden 
    save point. Ascend the grand stairs to reach a room with moving fire 
    boulders. Run all the way down the hall, dodging the boulders along the way, 
    until you reach a door on the left. Press R2 to open it and run inside. 
    Follow the hall to a room with several respawning Minotaurs and Archers.
      10. Once you've cleared all of them, the doorway force field opens up for 
    you. Head through here and up the stairs to another enemy-infested area. 
    Clear all the enemies here with a quick shock of Poseidon's Rage and head out 
    through the right. Back here, in the northern corner of this room, you will 
    find an opening.
      11. Follow the hall until you reach a drop-off with a rope. Climb across 
    the chasm with the rope, killing all the enemies along the way, until you 
    reach a circular platform with even more enemies. Poseidon's Rage is an 
    absolute lifesaver here.
      12. Note: There is a magic chest on the right side of this room.
      13. Once you've cleared the area, the force field subsides and you can go 
    through the doorway to a ladder. Up the ladder, follow the bridge and hall 
    until you reach a save point. Continue further and jump across the wood 
    platforms to a catwalk. Some rotating blades will make this tightrope more 
    than a little uncomfortable.
      14. At the end of the wood catwalk you will find another spinning blade 
    trap, only one side is just a wood plank with a ladder. Time it right and 
    jump on the wood plank. After climbing the ladder, walk north across the 
    catwalk and slide down the rope.
      15. Follow the wood path, ladder and hallway until you reach a wheel. Press 
    R2 to turn it. Now head further down the wood pathway until you reach the 
    ground floor with two treasure chests. Head south from this room to find a 
    save point. South of the save point you'll encounter the next big boss. 
    Boss Battle: Minotaur
       1. Despite stature and armor, most of this boss' attacks can be downright 
    blocked. The only attacks you have to worry about are: the fire ones that can 
    be double jumped over and his swipe. To avoid the swipe, double jump out of 
    the way. Every other attack can be blocked.
       2. The basic gist of the fight: physically attack the Minotaur until he 
    becomes stunned and retreats. After a handful of this back and forth, you'll 
    damage him enough so you can do the button minigame. The pattern here is Half 
    Turn Clockwise, Half Turn Counterclockwise, Half Turn Counterclockwise, Half 
    Turn Counterclockwise, Half Turn Counterclockwise, Half Turn Counterclockwise 
    and Full Turn Counterclockwise.
       3. Once you've pulled that off, run south immediately and ascend the ramp 
    to a platform with a lever. Pull the lever to fire a wooden arrow at the 
       4. Repeat this exact same pattern a second time. I recommend you now stay 
    on the platform in the back for the duration of the fight.
       5. After firing two wooden arrows at the Minotaur his armor should be 
    almost completely off. The physical attacks following the second arrow strike 
    will break down the Minotaur's remaining armor. Once it's gone, he has a 
    health bar and it's just a matter of fighting the creature until its death. 
    For the last hurray you'll need to do the button minigame again.
       6. After the fight, head through the doorway in the north part of the 
    room. Go up the ramp and over to the save point. Beyond that, you'll reach a 
    room with a few chests. After opening them, pull off the top of the coffin in 
    this room and tap R2 to get another head.
       7. Go back to the save point now and back down the circular ramp to the 
    area with the boss fight. Run up to the red glow on the south part of this 
    room to acquire Army of Hades.
       8. The room spawns a few waves of enemies that can easily be cleared with 
    either your newly acquired skill or the tried and true Poseidon's Rage. Once 
    they are defeated, run through the doorway that had the red glow and follow 
    the hall to water. Dive down and follow the water tunnel back to the Rings of 
    Pandora. While still underwater, look for the skull door and insert the 
    remaining piece to lower the water.
       9. Inside this room, pull the lever around until you see a doorway. Exit 
    and run to the right to find another lever that needs to be pulled. Pull this 
    one until you are lined up with two doors with statues on either side. Run 
    through the hall and back to the save point room. Clear the enemies and push 
    the two stones together for another cutscene.
      10. Go back down the tunnel now, following the light, and head through the 
    adjacent doorways to find an elevator. Pull the lever to ascend to the very 
    top of the statue. Walk out to the statue's hands and they will set you down 
    on the platform.
      11. A cutscene introduces the new enemy, but you should be able to defeat 
    the creature and the two respawns rather easily. Another long cutscene occurs 
    after this. Cross the bridge to the save point and walk in between the statue 
    and the wall to find a breakable wall. Bash it down to reveal a red orb 
    chest. Follow the road to reach the Cliffs of Madness. 
    The Cliffs of Madness
       1. Kill the enemies that immediately run up to you and take out the 
    archers with Zeus' Fury. Follow the linear path, jumping across platforms and 
    killing enemies, until you reach a rope. Use the rope to get across to the 
    archer platform. There is an elevator here that can be operated with the 
    lever. At the top you'll find a save point.
       2. From here, go right and follow the path until it becomes a tunnel and 
    finally a room with waves of enemies. Use Poseidon's Rage here to clear the 
    room and open the doorway. Head through and follow the tunnel to the outside 
    and an elevator. Use the lever to ascend to a save point and a doorway. 
    Inside, run to another lever and pull it. Now pull the stone crate out of the 
    right wall and kick it over in between the two walls. Jump on this crate and 
    double jump to a higher level.
       3. Jump onto the vines and climb them to reach the necklace. Jump down and 
    head through the doorway. On the right side, stand on the crate with the rope 
    to descend down. Make your way rightwards across the area and enter through 
    the doorway. Head down the tunnel, killing the two enemies, and jump onto the 
    wood platform. Kill the archers first and then use the lever to turn the 
    entire platform.
       4. When the platform is lined up with the next, cross over and repeat the 
    process a second time to reach the other side of the tunnel. Follow the path 
    to a room with two archers. Jump up to their elevated location and outside 
    through the doorway.
       5. Head right and jump up the platform to more Minotaurs. After defeating 
    them, jump down to a lower level and cross the bridge to a rope. Slide down 
    the rope and go back inside a tunnel.
       6. Follow this tunnel down to a big room with respawning enemies. Use 
    Poseidon's Rage to clear, and take the blue orb chest if you need it. 
    Afterwards, enter through the left opening and follow the tunnel to the room 
    with the second necklaceit quickly becomes blocked off.
       7. Take the leftmost "|" stone and push it over against the wall near the 
    right torch. Now grab the block in the upper right corner and put it on the 
    circle in the center. Discard the block stone, but place the remaining two 
    blocks you have not touched (the "T" and half "T") and then rotate the lever 
       8. Grab the "T" block and put it in the exact center. Take the half "S" 
    block and fit it on the right side of the "T". Grab the backwards "7" stone 
    and place it on the left side of the "T". If you haven't already noticed, 
    we're putting the pieces of the puzzle together. The last piece is located in 
    the bottom right corner of the room, and goes under the right side of the 
       9. With everything in place, the entire wall collapses and you can grab 
    the necklace. Head through the doorway on the right and follow the hall on 
    the south side of the adjacent room to reach the outside and a save point.
      10. Run right, climb the ladder and continue right until you reach a little 
    dead end. Now climb the actual wall and make your way to the very top. Soon 
    you'll need to go right and hop over gaps, but soon enough you will reach the 
    entire other side of the area.
      11. Hop down and follow the path to a ladder. Climb the ladder and run up 
    to the wheel to the right to place the necklace inside of it. Repeat this 
    procedure for the other wheel to draw a bridge. Alongside the side of the far 
    wheel is a treasure chest. Once you've collected the orbs, take the opening 
    that leads to more archers.
      12. Dive down and swim through the tunnel until you surface at a water 
    fountain. Behind each of the waterfalls is a breakable wall with a red orb 
    chest. Jump back in the water and swim back through the tunnel. Head back 
    outside and use the newly working bridge. Be careful, though, as the bridges 
    move. You need to jump from bridge level to bridge level until you reach the 
    top. Go left from here for a lengthy cutscene.
      13. Afterwards, kill the spawning enemies and head rightwards down the 
    path. Swing across on the ropes and climb the bare wall. At the top, pull the 
    lever to operate the elevator.
      14. When you reach the top, go through the linear tunnel until you reach a 
    save point. 
    The Architect's Tomb
       1. Jump on the moving platform and carefully skip across to the other 
    side. There are saws between each platform, so time out your jumps 
       2. On the other side, head straight to the statue on the left. Pull it out 
    and kick it over to the right side of this area for now. Open the door in the 
    upper right corner and follow the tunnel back outside.
       3. Stay to the right here until you see a dangling stone block. Jump on it 
    and double jump to a higher level. Bash down the door and open both of the 
    red orb chests.
       4. Jump back down and climb the ladder on the south platform. Pull the 
    lever forty-five degrees and run out on the wood bridge to the dangling stone 
    block. Pull the lever here so the block can drop down and break the ground 
       5. Pull the lever ninety more degrees and drop the stone block again. Jump 
    down to the lower area and push the statue (the one you moved in the 
    beginning) into the hole you made in the ground with the stone block.
       6. Head south and make your way across the moving platforms and saws to 
    the button on the other side. Stand on it for a cutscene.
       7. Run back over the platforms and into the newly opened doorway. Tap R2 
    at the person on the chair and then slam the head into the skull. Follow the 
    hall to an outside area with a save point. Ascend the stairs to the left and 
    enter the tomb. Follow the hallway and descend the spiral stairs. Run north 
    until you reach another cutscene.
       8. When you have control again, head onto the moving platforms, round up 
    the enemies and pull off a few rounds of Poseidon's Rage. Clear the distant 
    archers and the harpies in the sky with physical attacks until the doorway 
       9. Run through the far door, up the stairs and inside the room with the 
    statues. Pull the lever out to bring the chest down to your level.
      10. After the next cutscene, you'll spend a little time going down on the 
    elevator. When you've reached the bottom floor, push the fiery chest south 
    until a lengthy cutscene occurs. 
    The Path to Hades
       1. Jump north until you reach the third platform. From here, jump over to 
    the platform on the right and follow the platforms a few times until another 
    platform decision. Hop onto the left platform this time and follow the 
    platforms until you reach the big area with all of the enemies.
       2. Clearing these enemies actually isn't very difficult if you use magic. 
    Jump up the platforms as they get higher and cross the white bone bridge to a 
    rotating log bridge. In addition to accounting for the rotation, the logs 
    also have giant spikes in some places.
       3. Once you reach the end platform, double jump left to the log on this 
    side and follow it to a stable platform with an enemy. Follow the next log 
    halfway, then jump right over to a stable platform. Jump right again, this 
    time on a log, and go south to reach the next platform. From here, take the 
    north log to the save point.
       4. North of here are four moving platforms that you must jump across. Just 
    take your time and note the regular pattern in the movement of the platforms. 
    Archers will fire at you from the far side, so either quickly make your way 
    to the end and decimate the squad with Poseidon's Rage or use Zeus' Fury when 
    you are in range.
       5. Enemies rampantly spawn when you reach the other side. Use Medusa's 
    Gaze on the Minotaurs and grabs on the archers. Jump up the right wall by 
    using the middle level to meet even more Minotaur waves. Stick to the tried-
    and-true approach of turning them to stone and breaking them apart.
       6. Once you've exhausted the spawns on the right side, jump up the lift 
    wall to a small platform with more enemies. At the very top you'll find the 
    big doorway and even more spawns. When you've cleared the area, the doorway 
    will open and you can continue by grabbing onto the rotating log.
       7. Climbing up this log is a little tricky because the rotation changes 
    halfway up and the spikes in the log can kill you. Once you reach the very 
    top, grab the red orb chest and jump up the platform to the right. You'll see 
    another large vertical log that you need to climb.
       8. At the top here, grab the orb chests and jump on the small little 
    circular platforms to the north. At the first platform decision, go left and 
    follow the linear platform jumping until you reach the next large area. More 
    easy enemies come out and play here. Clear them all and a platform will rise. 
    Use magic and the orb chests on either side if you need them. After each wave 
    another platform will rise. When they reach all the way from the far platform 
    to your platform, make your way across and jump up the levels to reach a 
    small cutscene.
       9. Climb up the rope that fell in the center of the platform. At the top 
    you'll reach the Temple of the Oracle and another cutscene. 
    Temple of the Oracle (2)
       1. After saving, open the orb chests to replenish your magic and health. 
    Make your way rightward through the rubble and travel north up the narrow 
    staircase to the very top.
       2. In this big room, you need to clear a few waves of enemies before the 
    doorway in the southwestern corner of the room finally opens. Run up the 
    stairs, killing the enemies along the way, until you reach another big room. 
    Ranged fire will defeat the archers on the other side before you cross over.
       3. From the far side, take the left door and follow the linear path to a 
    band of Minotaurs that you can easily freeze and kill. When you venture down 
    the hallway even further, you will encounter six archers that you can cut 
       4. At the balcony here, jump down to a lower level, and then jump from 
    this level again to reach the bottom. Run rightward across the area until you 
    reach the gold save point on the other side of the debris. Enter through the 
    door next to the save point and run down the stairs for a long cutscene that 
    introduces the final boss.
    Ares (1) Boss Battle
       1. Preparations: Absolutely pivotal to this fight are your Army of Hades 
    and Poseidon's Rage abilities, so be sure they are almost completely leveled 
       2. All of Ares' attacks can be blocked, so stick to a defensive turtle 
    pattern until you see your opening to fire off your magic.
       3. Note: Ares' health bar appears in the upper right corner of the screen.
       4. If you block all the time and pick your openings to fire off Army of 
    Hades, this battle should be a cinch. Even better, when you get a good combo 
    going on the spell, magic orbs will come out of Ares and replenish your 
    magic. Just keep blocking and decisively attacking until Ares' health is 
       5. When indicated onscreen, press Circle near Ares and tap Circle fast to 
    start the button minigame. Press Square and X to complete the fight.
       6. After the lengthy cutscene, you will be in a large room with Kratos' 
    family at the end. Kill the enemies that spawn in the room while protecting 
    Kratos' family.
       7. Note: The family has a health bar in the upper right corner of the 
    screen. If the family is low on health, press Circle near them for Kratos to 
    transfer some of his health over to them. You die if your family dies, so 
    protect them carefully!
       8. If the family is low on health, or there are just too many enemies in 
    the area, run over to the family and clear the entire area with Poseidon's 
       9. Soon the enemies will start to wield even more powerful weapons. If it 
    looks like either party is going to die, switch on Rage of the Gods and get 
    to work. After several spawns, we have another long cutscene that segues to 
    the final fight. 
    Ares (2) Boss Battle
       1. For the second fight against Ares, you have no magic or real abilities 
    besides physical attacks. Try to stay on the offense in this fight, but if 
    Ares starts to block attacks, immediately barrel roll away because if he 
    blocks successfully a few times he will do damage to you that you cannot 
       2. Ares is similar to before, with the exception of an unblockable fire 
    attack. This is his bread and butter, but you can dodge out of the way and 
    easily see it coming because he raises his hands.
       3. Note: 'Share' a health bar with Ares for this fight. Your damage not 
    only hurts Ares, but also heals yourself, and vice versa.
       4. It's mostly a turtle fight because you'll spend the majority of the 
    time blocking Ares' attacks. Just pick your openings wisely, but when you 
    begin to attack away do not stop until he blocks.
       5. Once you've depleted Ares' side of the health bar, the final fight is 
       6. After the end cutscene, run through the doorway and up the stairs of 
    Mount Olympus. At the top, go inside the castle and save the game.
       7. Congratulations on completing God of War!
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