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"My buddy Kratos, says that you should buy this game, or else!!!!!"

Ever have a hard, miserable day at work? Ever feel that the boss is getting on your nerves, and you can not take it anymore? Well everyone, we have a game that lets you take out all your pent up aggression on helpless Greek mythological beasts and denizens. This game is called God of War for the Playstation 2. It is a marvelous example of good game design and extremely thought provoking puzzles, all meshed into one. Here are some reasons why I love this game so much!


The graphics are well done for a late era Playstation 2 game. While there have been more pretty games on the Playstation 2, this one makes up for it because of the on screen carnage that you can create. Now as a matter of habit I will discuss the character design. The characters in this game have fluid movements and they feel like they should be moving that way. The only part that feels unrealistic is in the Hydra fight where Kratos looks like an accordion going up and down like that. However, it does feel as if the Hydra is stronger and will swallow you up if you are not careful. The enemies are designed very well. The Hydra at the beginning of the game does provide a glimpse of the scope that the game is trying to deliver. The scope of the graphics tie into the story seamlessly, because the epic scope lends itself to the epic task of killing a god. For this game scope it terms of graphics blends into the story helping the player feel more immersed in the tale.

The next area of the graphics, in which I'll focus is the CG scenes. The CG scenes that provide some of the back story are gory and disturbing, but yet all the more satisfying. The gory back story and the sheer amount of graphical detail could make this game vomit inducing to younger players. The CG scenes themselves are gorgeous and well animated, and the focus is in the detail. It is so detailed you can see the looks of pure rage and hatred on Kratos' face.

The final area where I will focus in on the graphics is the environments and graphical effects. The environments all feel historically accurate, and look incredible. Each area you do battle in, there are hidden little trinkets and orbs that you get to collect in order to increase Kratos' health or magic, etc. this makes investigating all areas of prime concern to you. You will find yourself in the middle of making sure that you have every little nugget of orbs, etc. in an area. The other thing is that the graphical effects are superb. The orbs are all different colored and shine visibly and makes locating them easy in the middle of a rumble. The effects are nice to see and appreciate and the funnest effect in the game is the sandstorm you face while fighting sirens. You will not be able to see five feet in front of you, and that is a good thing in my opinion. It shows that the developers really are detail oriented, right down to every sand grain.


The voice acting for this game is wonderful. The narrator is perfect in how she delivers the story and tells his back story. The guy that does Kratos' voice really fits the character to a tee. The voice is rough, tough and in your face. His voice alone sets the tone to see that Kratos is really not all there. The way he delivers the lines makes you think that Kratos is one egg short of a dozen and ready to kill a god. This again fits the epic story that the developers were trying to weave. Each god that gives you a power, has it's own voice over and they do a good job as well.

The sound effects are all well done as well. Each enemy flipping through the air has a sound effect. Each orb that you collect has a sound effect as well. The sound effects however are even more well done for the enemies. At one point in the game, you must follow the sound effect to the siren while you traverse a desert sandstorm. The sound effect goes up and down in terms of pitch allowing you to locate the sirens. This is one of the cool effects that the developers threw into the game, and again proves their attention to detail.

The music also does a good job in the story telling aspect. The music is epic sounding and sets the tone for the game beautifully. The music goes up and down and at certain points in the game lets you know when you are in the middle of something important. I mean literally I have been saved numerous times just by listening to the music.


The controls are easy to learn at the beginning and difficult to master at the same time. You will progress and all your moves will be tested time and time again throughout the game. You can not get through this game using only one combo, you will have to master all facets of the game to truly beat the game. Beginners as well as veterans of action adventure games will all be put to the test to fight many different types of creatures using many different fighting styles.

The controls are responsive and do what you want them to do. All the combos are responsive as well, as well as the context sensitive presses. there will be no cheap deaths, and the only reason that you die is because of player error. The context sensitive sequences are even more responsive than the rest of the game, if that is possible. Overall the controls are well made and responsive as heck.


Really as to avoid as spoilers here is a quick glimpse at the story. At the beginning you are a member of a chosen few human soldiers, chosen to fight on Earth as warriors of the gods. As Kratos you are one of those soldiers. He has some personal baggage and his final task to rid himself of those memories that haunt him, or run away from them if you will, is to kill Ares the god of war that has run amok.

The story is epic in scope and has numerous plot twists especially at the end. However, it is a bloody and gory tale and not for the faint of heart. Kratos goes out to get revenge on Ares for personal reasons, because he is not only doing this to help the gods. Kratos is the anti-hero of the story and through the game you take part in his shady way of doing things, including killing innocent people.


The game is a one player action adventure game, and being such a game the first thing you should know is that you will be orb hunting. For those of you out there that hate to "orb hunt" then this game is not for you. However this orb hunting allows you to upgrade your abilities and learn new magic attacks and combos. These combos are essential for later on in the game, when they are necessary to defeat tough bosses and enemies. The "orb hunt" also allows you to increase Kratos' health and magic meters. This as well is essential to survival in the later portions of the game and part of your strategic thinking as well. You will need all of it if you want to kill a god.

The next thing about the game play aspect is the difficulty. The difficulty ramps up as you go through the game, and forces you to use some of the things that you learned right off the bat. As you progress through the game you will start to see different enemies attacking with one another making them sort of feel like a death squad or something. It is up to you to use all that you have learned through the game to attempt to defeat these enemies strategically. The difficulty is leveled so that you learn what you need to learn so that you have all the tools to defeat your enemies.

The A.I. is smart. The enemies attack in waves and that makes them hard to defeat. They all attack at once, and it does not feel as if they fight in pattern, even though they do in some situations. The A.I. will try to overwhelm you and attacks at all times. They even block your attacks and you'll have to find a way around their defenses. This is where changing your abilities on the fly is so welcome. It allows you to equip your learned magics on the directional buttons for quick and easy changing. This allows you to stay one step ahead of these smart buggers, and will allow you to overwhelm them, as they are trying to do to you.

The replay value of this game is very good as well, and the hardest mode is challenging even to the most hardcore action adventure game fans. Beating the game in this mode unlocks some things, but I will not ruin your surprise, but they are fun little things that can enhance your gaming pleasure. It is just as replayable, just because watching minotaur torsos flying can be just downright hilarious as well.


This game is action adventure genres answer to Halo. It is a blood soaked opera of a game and is, in my opinion, a must buy for anyone that like Greek mythology or just brutal mayhem. In either case you will not be disappointed.

THE RUNDOWN- So hardcore that it'll pull down Kratos' skirt and laugh at him!

GRAPHICS- 10/10 Is there anything like chopping enemies in half?
SOUND- 10/10 I like the music! It must be a sign of the apocalypse!
CONTROLS- 10/10 Easy to learn, difficult to master.
STORY- 10/10 Epic story for an epic game. I know I am lame.
GAME PLAY- 10/10 If you do not have fun, then you must be comatose.
RENT/BUY- (BUY) Uhhh...pretty obvious from the scores listed above huh?

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/13/07

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