Review by Darkcloud223

Reviewed: 12/03/07

The greatest action game of all time

Introduction: Hi this is my first review on well probably one of the greatest action games of all time. That's about what sums up my opinion about it now on to the review.

Story 10/10: First of all, I would just like to say how great the storyline is from beginning to end from fighting the hydra from ship to ship to defeating the god of war himself this game will kieep you hooked and it will be hard to let it go after the first play. To go into more detail of the game you start off as a spartan named kratos and as you progress you begin to realize his brutality and the mistakes that he has made in the past and therefore when he Athena tells Kratos to kill Ares the god of war he happily accepts and thus starting his revenge on the god of war.

graphics 10/10: For those of you nitpicky people who drag down this review for immoral reasons... the graphics of this game at it's time are beautifully done from the jaw dropping landscapes of athens to Pandoras temple every texture and model in the game is beautifully well done. From the epic cut scenes of massacring your enemy to following cinematic cut scenes this game is a beauty to look at and it's to die for in the cinematics.

Gameplay 10/10: The coup de grat of the game itself while it may not have as many boss fights and the length would take about a day or two this game offers a lot of BRUTAL and I mean very gorey moves from Kratos and powerups to boot and the difficulty should keep you on this game for at least a week. There is also a creative feature of cinematic button pushing when you want to do an action and if you don't press it you'll either die or get a chunk taken out of your health. This is done very well especially the analog combinations that makes the playability factor not as frustrating. My only gripe with this is the fact that you can't control the camera angle will the cinematics are most of the time on focus and I can see the area pretty smoothly I have run into some situations where I've fallen down the mountain or killed trying to escape the spikes. Overall, this game offers a ton of moves for kratos and cinematics that will take your breath away and pretty good camera angles.

Conclusion: This game is a must get for action adventure fans and offers a good insight on greek mythology god of war will always be my personal favorite with well done storyline and voice acting, with jaw dropping graphics, and outstanding gameplay this game will keep you hooked for a long ass time so without further adieu buy this game you will not be disappointed.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: God of War (Greatest Hits) (US, 03/01/06)

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