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"I forbid any revenge against Sony... They have done well."

Ok, so I kind of altered a classic 'Clash of the Titans' quote to title this review, but that just proves how much they have in common. Er, well theme wise it does, but as of the Hack N' Slash aspect.... It gives an entire new look at Greek Mythology, and needless to say leaves a stunning impact. It took three years to create this fine game, and it was well worth the wait. It delivers on every level, and it makes you wish Kevin Sorbo was included in the game so you could watch Kratos own him and have his way with Xena... *Sigh* I guess some fantasies are better kept secret... Anyhow, on with the review...


You are Kratos. A brutal Spartan warrior and the tool of the Gods. For ten years you have done the will of the Gods.. Destroyed cities, ravaged viliiages, pilliaged Hand Maidens... (Hey, every good soldier needs some R&R) Yet, you are still haunted endlessly by the nightmares of bloodshed. In order to 'retire' so to speak, you are issued one final task from Athena herself: Venture to her city of Athens, where Ares, God of War is currently wreacking havoc upon.. There you will find the knowledge of how to murder a God.. You will use this knowledge to... Yup, you guessed it.. Kill Ares. Now how cool is that? The begining of the game takes us to Kratos, who hurls himself of a cliff ready to die.. Something has brought him to this point, yet we don't know what.. Now we flashback to three weeks prior to find out.

I love Greek Mythology and the entire theme of it. What makes it cool was that Gods were down right cruel.. They had no remorse for the petty punishment they bestowed upon pathetic humans, and the creatures they've created to unleash carnage upon a pitiful populous. What's cool about this game is that Sony did their research, and they portray the aspect of Greek Mythology well. Expect to face off against all your favorite classic creatures including Cerberus, Minotaur, Centaur, and even Medussa, queen of the Gorgons in your quest for vengeance.

This game, however, takes a spin on anything that has ever touched mythology before. This game is violent, and I don't mean The 7th Voyage of Sinbad violent, I mean VIOLENT. There's blood, violence, gore.. Oh, and did I mention nudity? Yeah, and not just "Cool" nudity either, there's also disturbing nudity... Such as Gorgon nudity.. Yuck.


Eat your heart out, Perseus. Kratos is bad... And I mean.. Bad... He can tear through hordes of the undead Bruce Campbell style, and not only that... But he can rip them in half! Combat is intense. If you've played Devil May Cry, you know what you're in for. Your swords are linked to chains so you can get some awesome ranged attacks and combos going. The move list you can do in this game is pretty intense as well. For instance, after juggling enemies into the air you can grab them with your chains and hurl them into the ground. One cool thing I especially like about this game is the fatalities. Once you weaken an enemy you will get the option of grabbing him. From there, you will procede into a mini game of sorts so to speak. By pressing certain button combinations that appear on screen, you can execute your enemy in a variety of creative ways... Every have the urge to rip Medussa's head off bare handed? Look no further..

Not only is Kratos a savage on the battlefield, but he's also a savage in the bedroom. Throughout this game you will find plenty of Maidens for Kratos to have his way with, and this acts as a certain mini game... Basically, the faster your button presses... Ok, do I really have to elaborate, pervert?

Control 8/10

The control for a hack and slash is pretty standard. You have several attack buttons, a jump, evade, and block. There isn't a free roaming camera but I haven't noticed the camera getting me into any jams. It flows nicely and always puts you in the middle of the action. You're always at a good vantage when facing off against enemies. Control is smooth and not sluggish, and was put together really well.

Graphics 10/10

In my opinion, the best on the PS2. Level design is beautiful, especially on the first level with the roaring sea and the rain. Cut scenes are done rather well. The blood looks crisp, as does the carnage! Purely amazing visuals, and ancient Greek creatures have never looked so bad ass.

That brings me to creature design. Well thought out and put together, they look beautiful.. Even if they're supposed to be, well.. Ugly.

Music Music 10/10

Wow. I haven't been this excited by music since Legacy of Kain. The music in this game is upbeat and fit with a chorus which adds a chilling effect. It really pumps your adrenaline in the heat of battle. You can even unlock and download the entire soundtrack! It fits well with the theme.

Replayabilitiy 7/10

There's plenty of special bonus features to unlock in this game, and you won't get them on your first time through. Not only that, but some of these levels are so fun you just have to play them over again to get the full effect. The first level is one of my favorites, and I've probably played through that numerous times. If you've played the demo, you know what I'm talking about.

So, are you ready to wreack your revenge on the Gods? Ready to send hordes of the Undead back to Hades? Ready to make it with multiple women at one time? Then God of War is for you, and if you like movies such as Classic of the Titans and Jason and the Argonauts, you'll find yourself right at home.. And maybe, just maybe... You'll like this a whole lot better.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/23/05

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