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"The God of all Action Games"

It took three long, hard, and frustrating years to make this game. The creaters of this game should be pleased with all their hardwork. This is, in my opinion, the greatest Action/Adventure game on the PS2, which surpasses even Devil May Cry 3. Never have you felt the feeling this game provides in the first hour. Now onto my review.

STORY 9.5/10

The whole story is set in the background world of Greek mythology. You fight such minions as cyclops, medusa, hydras, minotaurs ect. The opening scene shows you, Kratos, a god-trained warrior, plunging to your death atop the highest mountain in Mount Olympus. Apparently, the gods and an unknown event have made him commit suicide. You assume the war-ravaged, despaired, angry, and brutal titan three weeks before the suicide. As you progress with the story, you will be sympathize with Kratos and eventually grow to hate the god of war, Ares and unfold the mystery behind Kratos.


This game is truly a sight to witness. The game has nearly no loading time, which is what all games should have. The framerate on the game is excellent. Even though this game is not nearly as beautiful as Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, it comes pretty damn close. The character design is amazing as the look on Kratos completely describes his personality. The cutscenes are a delight to watch, and they are not to short, nor are they too long. The environments is simply breathtaking, and the level of detail is also excellent. Be warned though, this game is rated Mature for a reason. It is by far the bloodiest game I have ever played, and lets not forget about the infamous sex minigame.

Music 9/10

God of War features an astonishingly great music which fits into the game perfectly. It provides the right effects at the heat of battle to keep you at an edge of your seat experience. The soundtrack is also a great thing to download, but the process for it is lengthy.

From the first scene with the Hydra, you know this battle system is a masterpiece. If you ever played the Devil May Cry series, you will feel right at home here. It is a hack n slash gameplay system. Although to change things up a bit, there are powers granted to you by gods such as Poseidon, Zeus, and Hades which add a nice variety for Kratos. You also gain orbs, which you can use to enchance your weapon and your powers. One of my favorite elements in this game were when you can hit the buttons on the screen to make Kratos ultimately kill larger enemies in a stylish way. For thoise of you who have played the demo, you know what I am talking about. The only problem that I have encountered with this game, is there is no free roaming camerea, which only bothered me twice in the whole game.

There are plenty of unlockables this game has to offer through its treasure menu, including the God Mode, which hurts, a lot. It's also a great epic game, and you will play through it again after you beat the game at least once. And its also a great game to pick up once in a while and just being playing.

It is truly an epic filled adventure game that surpasses all in this generation of games. Buy or rent? You can rent it and beat it most likely in 2 or even 1 rent, but I would definitly buy it if you have the cash. Never will you be so amazed and have so much fun the way this game fulfills. Game of the Year? I hope so.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/25/05

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