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"God of War, One bad tail game."

I think it's just great when a new game comes out and just blows you and competition away. A game that just hooks you within minutes of starting your system. Well God of War does just that. It has a simple control setup, that yields some really insane combos that not only look awesome but are also deadly. The story brings you back to the ages of the Greek gods. Zeus the leader that towers over men and gods. Athena is forced to watch as her beloved Athens is killed by her own brother, Ares. Ares (The God of War), Starts raging war opon the world. Kratos, which is plagued by his past memories, receives a request from Athena to go out and kill her brother for her, since she couldn't do it for herself, because Zeus had forbidden the gods from going to war amongst themselves, plus the Athens Oracle predicted that only a mortal trained by the gods could stop Ares. Kratos then agreed to her request when she promised Kratos that if he did this that his past memories would be relieved from him.

Gameplay: 9/10
I really enjoyed the gameplay of this game. God of War has like a mix of Devil May Cry's action with its very own style experience system, plus its combined with a greek setting, and that makes it such a wonderful game experience. Throughout the game you'll learn more and more skills and spells as well as improving on those you already know. You'll get a good dose of platforming and puzzle solving. They all seem to fit in nicely, with its Double jumping, hopping from wall to wall, and puzzle solving. Most of the puzzles are pretty basic, you can just about figure all of them out after running around the area for a few minutes.

Controls: 10/10
The controls worked out very well with this game, they are very tight and responsive, and even in their simplicity, allow for an insane multiple of combos nearly all fighting games miss out on, but this much is expected for the level of intensity this game provides. Some folks say that the combo system is way too simple, but I think thats great, I like it simple. Just about all the enemies and bosses can be finished off in a cool but violent way by means of a few simple button presses or analog-stick rotations that appear on the screen. It can be very pleasing sometimes especially if its someone you don't like to fight.

Story: 10/10
I think that the story for God of War is just great with all of its Greek mythology, but others might hold a different opinions about it. I find the Greek mythology to be really fascinating so I really enjoy this game. The war of the gods, the mythological creatures and the weapons all bring a nice change from the usual World War and Demon type fighting stories we are getting use to seeing.

Bosses: 8/10
These are truly a category all of their own. Each boss has its own epic feeling to it. These bosses are no pushovers, you will have to pay close attention in order to figure out what is the best approach would be for defeating each boss, and as I have said before each boss can be finished off with just a few button presses.

Graphics: 10/10
The graphics just look great, you want to talk about pushing the PS2 too its limits, I mean the visuals are great from Kratos's bad tail look to the detailed environments. The fighting animations are really smooth and look fantastic. The cutscenes look even better than that. The enemies look as detailed as they do vicious and the humans look proportional. I really think the graphics look just awesome.

Sound: 9/10
The game's sounds are great, the sound effects and background music are just awesome. The Voice acting is a step above most games out there, all the voices for the different characters fit them like a glove. They sound genuine which is a nice change from the usual forced, amateurish voice acting that most of the games that we have now days employs. The soundtrack for God of War is excellent, so excellent that sony is even offering it online for free.

Difficulty: 9/10
The difficulty of this game isn't really all that great. I myself thought that this game was pretty easy, except for some of the bosses and the God of War Challenges, and whenever you finally beat the game once you unlock God mode which is pretty difficult.

Playability/ Replay: 9/10
The replay value is generally the downfall of just about all action/ adventure games, but not God of War. It offers lots of extras through either massive item collecting or just completing the game on different difficulties or just both of them. God of War has a bunch of unlockables to keep you busy, all of which are obtained through finishing the game on Normal/ Hard. A couple more are only attained once you finish the game on god mode (Very Hard). You will be busy with the god mode and the god of war challenges. All of the cutscenes can be reviewed again after you have beaten the game for the first time as well as levels and characters that didn't make it into the final version of the game, right off from the start you can see the making of the game. Only a certain group of patient and dedicated gamers will feel the need to finish it on each difficulty.

Conclusion: 10/10
I think everyone should just decide for themselves because this game is great. The game probably wont keep you hooked for months but it will keep you hooked for a long while. So just go out and rent it and/ or buy it for yourselves and decide whether its the game for you. You wont regret it.

I rate this game a 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/26/05

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