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" A God like experiance."

God of War is one of Sony's best games ever. Filled with Greek mythology (Who doesn't like Greek mythology?), an amazing story, beautiful environments that will absorb you into the world of the ancient Greeks, a musical score that makes it a truly epic adventure, and game play that flows perfectly together, which adds to great joy when playing this game.

The story here is amazing. You are Kratos a man with a horrible past. You were a brutal warrior that carried and army in the thousands where ever you went. Thousands also fell before you in cowering fear. But one day in a battle Kratos was defeated, he called for help of a God, in return he would give his full time service to the wishes of that God. But the God was traitorous, soon Kratos realized his true enemy, he must kill the God which had once saved him, to finally be at peace.

I'll start with the graphics. They are simply beautiful. The environments are flush and smooth. The textures give everything a crisper look. Reflections are incredible. But what makes it stand out is the sheer size of most of the environments. They're huge, you'll probably just stop every once in a while to just look around. That's what I did. Also the Greek mythological aspects were captured perfectly. The mythological creatures are there, from the Raging Hydra, of course the one eyed Cyclops's, to the bigger than life (literally) Titan. The architectural style of the building is like that of ancient Greece. Truly these graphics push the PS2. The cut scenes are either done in game play graphics (mostly the less important ones), CG ( for the big story points, which involve a whole lot of blood and such), and another way when depicting huge battles, it's sort of like still colored drawings, and some parts move to show the violence. One thing that the young ones might not like is the nudity that appears in some parts. It's just women's breasts (and nicely done especially in the CG cut scenes) But it's only towards the beginning, and it fits in because after all it is ancient Greece, I'm surprised there were no male gentiles involved, and relieved because no one wants to see that. But breasts are ok.

Now for the game play. To start out you're thrown into a fight with a bunch of easy bad guys while on a ship in the Aegean Sea. The ship is also being tormented by the damn heads of the great Hydra. It starts out simple, and Kratos doesn't have many moves unlocked or magic. The basic breakdown of the combat is as follows: there's strong attacks (which are slower but stronger), weaker attacks (which are a lot faster than the strong attacks), you can launch enemies in the air, were some combos can be performed, and obviously there's blocking, and a lot of it will be done in this game. Also probably the funnest part of the fighting is the grabbing. Pressing the circle button makes Kratos grab on enemies (weaker ones, and some stronger ones when stunned) and then by pressing either triangle, square, or circle, Kratos will rip them in half, shove his blades into their abdomen and swing them around, or punch them a bit then brutally stab them to death. There's a lot of violence in this game. To get more combos available and stronger attacks, you collect red orbs that float off of defeated enemies (Onimusha style). To get the magic powers there will be parts were Kratos meats a God and get their power. Then level them up like the blades.

That was the fighting. For the puzzles and platforming it's pretty simple. Most of these puzzles are easy but exciting because usually when a puzzle comes along Kratos won't be alone, enemies or other hazardous materials will be there to piss you off since a lot of them are timed. The platforming is just jumping on and over things. There's also some pole walking when you have to balance while walking across them (sort of like Prince of Persia).

The sound. Probably the final touch that makes this a true adventure of epic proportions. The background music, is strong, powerful, and fast pace, it also resembles the times of ancient Greece. Sort of like Lord of the Rings style. Only for Greece. The destruction of things is also very good. The voice overs are also excellently performed. But the only problem I could think of is that Kratos sounds like an African-American, even though he should be Greek. But this just makes him sound a lot tougher, so it affects the character for the best.

Replay value is high if you're into getting everything, or experiencing everything in a game. This game has a list of extras rivaling the best new DVD releases out there. From commentary, behind the scenes, to deleted scenes, as well as hints for the future. Also un-lockable is a "Challenge of the Gods" mini game thing, were you just fight a lot, each battle with set rules and you can't save in between them. There's God mode of course which is the super hard mode of this game, and it also unlocks some more things in the extras. The extra costumes each give Kratos an upper hand in some department so beating the game with each one might be fun.

In the end this game is awesome, great epic story, environments, graphics, excellent music and smooth game play. Its loads of fun, definitely buy, or rent if you're one of those people that plays through games very fast and doesn't care for the extras. This game is very short, and if you're only interested in playing once through the story, rent it before you end up sore for the $50 that you paid. This is the only fault of the game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/02/05

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