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"Sadly, the hype ruined it as much as the game did."

While many seem thoroughly convinced that God of War is pure genius (and I'm still not sure why), I am thoroughly convinced that there is the possibility that they may be wrong. I happen to play the majority of the games that it is compared to and those that are considered to share its genre, and, frankly, the comparisons simply don't add up.

Most people seem to love the graphics, both in-game and movie, but in my opinion, they are, at best, mediocre. Yes, they are adequate, but nothing exceptional. The environments never caught my eye, the Minotaurs looked ridiculous in terms of proportion, and most enemies simply looked either bland or stupid, in the case of the Cyclops. (Oh yes, quick point. For those of you who keep referring to the enemies as being Titans or as having been called Titans, they weren't. They were mortal creatures. Other than Ares.) Most enemies looked both too different to be real homages to their mythological counterparts and too similar to be creative works. Then there's the whole static camera. Normally I can handle a static camera, but this game was actually hurt by the camera. Oh yes. The blood in the movies looked like jelly. Bright red jelly.

Now as for sound... well... outside of the dull or over-acted dialogue, I don't remember much. It wasn't good enough or bad enough to catch my attention. In fact, I don't even recall the music... Oh, well.

Then there's the gameplay. As with any "game," this is the bulk of my opinion. There isn't really anything special about about. It was like a bizarre combination of Rygar (without the destruction) and Devil May Cry (without the finesse). It all combines to become a depressingly easy experience. Depressing, because there was no challenge. At all. That's right, easy puzzles and a combo system that seems determined to convince everyone they don't suck. In Devil May Cry (any of them), a combo that met the games high standards felt like an accomplishment. In this game, I didn't even care about the numbers, just as long as I got a fair amount of experience. In fact the game is so exploit heavy that I would use one of the many useless moves just to add challenge. It's odd that a game compared to Devil May Cry could be so disgustingly easy. In fact, I only died once, and that's just because I had assumed a rope I am supposed to climb up would be solid enough to react to my jumping into it. Instead I passed through it... over a cliff. One last point, the rope and wall combat. As much as I dislike Prince of Persia, its comparable gameplay far outclassed this game's. In God of War, it looks stupid and clumsy.

Finally, we have the story. My God, I hate this game's story. First, it's not very compelling. Secondly, it seems to have very little knowledge of Greek mythology. A man killing a God? No. In fact, I'm just happy Hades wasn't the enemy. However, they depicted him as a monstrous entity, while he was supposed to be a very attractive creature... But, hey, not everyone can manage simple fact checking within a development cycle. The main character, Kratos, had little dialogue, which may have been a good thing, but at the same time it made his dialogue sound out of place. Most other dialogue was either poorly voiced or ridiculous in terms of the words the characters were spewing forth.

Overall, this game was a disappointment. For months I'd been hearing about how it would be compelling, deep, even awe-inspiring. However, it was a mediocre game that was spoiled by massive glorification. There isn't any real replay value, and it came out way too close to the far superior Devil May Cry 3.
There aren't really any redeeming qualities. In actuality, the whole thing feels generic, with it's health/magic/experience system lifted right out of far better games.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 06/12/05

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