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Reviewed: 08/22/05

God of War is one of the best action games I've ever played.

Introduction: God of War released on March 22, 2005 it's one of the best action games that I've ever played. The producers and all of the people that worked on this did really hard work it took them three whole years to make it, Great Job. Now for the review I will explain this game into 8 different categories which include: Graphics, Sound/music, replayability, gameplay, story, control, and finally to rent it or to buy it. So on with the review!

The Graphics in God of War are superb. The FMV movies are just MIND BLOWING. The blood content and gore in it really adds to realisticness and the feel of the games personality. Now the games graphics is another thing the bosses look so realistic and the blood is in large amounts for example when you first start there is a undead soldier if you grab him and do a move you will literally rip him in half sending blood everywhere. Very nice graphics I give it a 10/10.

The music is great! It really adds to the whole Greek Mythology scenario. I don't know how to explain it but it gets louder when a battle is about to happen so it really adds to the excitement! I give it an 8/10

Wow, God of War is SO GOOD when it comes to these "categories". The replay value is very nice because there are extras in the game. When you start right off the bat there are already 2 unlocked: The making of God of War and 2 internet advertisement videos, but thats not all! When you beat the game on any of the first three difficulties you unlock lots more like the well known Challenge of the Gods and God Mode! Plus if you beat the game on Spartan (hard) you will unlock EVEN MORE, however if you beat God Mode you will unlock EVERYTHING. I know that people think that the replay value is crap but, I think it's REALLY GOOD for an action/adventure game. I've just about beaten it 3 times! I did once then the 2nd time I got to the last boss then quit cause it was so hard and now I'm playing God mode and I'm just about done, so virtually I've beaten it 3 times. Great replay value I give it a 9/10.

The gameplay is awesome. You fight your through beating up baddies and such you can use your Blades of Chaos right from the start then as you progress you will be given magic and a bar that will display how much magic you have. Whenever you beat an enemy it will usually yield red orbs for "expierence". You can use these orbs for upgrading your weapons. There are three different types of orbs there are Green orbs which fill up your health bar. Blue orbs which fill up your magic bar, and Red orbs which give you expierence. Throughout the game are chests which will contain any of the three orbs or, it will have a Gorgon Eye, Phoenix Feather, or in rare circumstances a Muse Key. If you get 6 Gorgon eyes it will increase your health bar and give you full health, and same for Phoenix Feather except they are for magic, and the Muse Keys are mysterious play the game to find out what their power's are! I give Gameplay a 10/10

Ahh, who is Kratos what is this I don't get? If you are asking yourself these questions then read on. Kratos is a spartan in the "Spartan Army" I will also try my best not to spoil it for you. He is the leader of them and his group went from the hundreds to the thousands. Kratos and his army were battling on the grounds. It was a huge massacre. Kratos was sure to die by the enemy when..... Well I don't want spoil it for you so you will have to play the game and find out yourself! Anyway you play as Kratos, play the game to find out how he was betrayed and forgotten. Nice Story 8/10.

The controls are quite basic and once you do some moves you easily remember some moves. This isn't one of those games where you have to constantly check the pause screen to figure out moves usually on your first try you will just remember it from heart which is a good thing cause it's more fun then and you get more gameplay into it. For example all you have to do is mash in the square button and it will recognize the {} {} {} combo and it will do the rest of the work for you. Quite nice if you ask me. Also the combo patterns are quite basic none of this {}, X, O, tri, X, X it's more like {},{}, triangle. Just 3 button combos not ten so, it's really easy to pull of and all that so, I give the control a 9/10.

If you choose easy than you expect it to be insanely easy but, if you choose God Mode than you are in for a surprise! This game has 4 different difficulty setting they are: Mortal (easy), Hero (normal), Spartan (hard), God (very hard). When you first start the game you can choose easy, normal, and hard, but you have to beat the game in order to play God Mode which is very hard and tricky which is NOT for starters. If you are new to the game I would recommend Normal but, it's all up to you really. If you usually get mad when you play a game and lose than you should go with easy, if you want an average game go with normal, and if you want a challenge go with hard. Then when you beat the game beat Challenge of the Gods and God Mode to take your ultimate skill to the level. I give difficulty a 9/10.

Rent or Buy
Now before you go out and do anything let me explain to you the aspects for God of War. This game is really intense shall we say. I would recommend a "mature gamer" for this because of its content. This game is rated M for mature and it's a really good thing that it is. This game has blood, gore, and nudity. On the back of the game itself it says: "blood and gore, intense violence,nudity, strong, language, and sexual themes. This game also has a "sex mini-game" where you have to jump onto a bed and press button sequences if you succeed you will knock s vase over. There is also a FMV sequence that shows two half naked women on a bed and there is a oracle that has a see-through top on. So that covers the nudity, the blood and gore and intense violence comes from the game itself. The language comes from the unlocked movies where they say "piss" and the "F" word 2 or 3 times, and the sexual themes comes from the bed where they make sounds. That covers just about all the "mature" content in the game so, in my recommendation I think that if you are old enough AND mature enough then you should more than likely add God of War to your collection. Buy it.

*Pros* `ccs
Awesome Graphics
Great Story
Good controll
great replay value

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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