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"God of War is intense, but it still has some flaws."

Wow, we sure have a lot of reviews for this game…That's because it is a very cool and fun game to play. Most people will give it a 10/10 in a heartbeat and that's fine. I've given some games the same score that some people wouldn't even consider a 4/10 for. But I base my reviews on how the game was to me, and I like some unique games. Actually I like Horror games the most or anything with a lot of killing and gore in it. Then you have those who gave the game a 6/10 or less!! I've played games that are worthy of a six, but this isn't one of them. It's funny when you read some of these reviews since you can clearly see their fanboy showing. One gave this game a six, and then he gives Devil May Cry 3 a perfect score. Ha! Ultimate fanboy here. Others just make poor excuses for their low score and would never get a job as a professional game reviewer. But that's enough about those reviews; it's time to talk about mine.


The setting of ancient Greece is so perfect that it makes you wonder why a game like this wasn't made sooner. I guess it helps if you are a fan of that time during our past history to be able to play during it. For some reason game companies don't see ancient Greece as they do World War II with all the games that come from that period of history. Shame.

If you want to see how society in America is falling apart, then wonder about this. There is nudity in the game. Very little, but it's still there. People complained about this…But no one mentioned all of the blood, gore, and pure violence that was in the whole game. Makes you wonder why Manhunt was getting all of that bad press years ago? They didn't have any nudity in their game. -_-

America just loves to go against anyone for showing nudity. What is with the naked human body that politicians and lawyers hate? Not to mention that this game is set during ancient Greece! Anyone who knows anything about that time could tell you that women went around nude (or half nude). The female body was seen as a thing of beauty, and was admired. Now, if you have a woman going around with her chest exposed she'll either be arrested or worse…Raped. Sometimes I hate humanity.

God of War is mostly action based with your character killing many enemies that stand in his way. There are also some platforming aspects to the game to help break up the monotony of the killing. It also has some of the best puzzles in a game that I've ever seen. Even though there were only a few of them, the boss battles are intense and an absolute blast to play. You almost want to die towards the end of the fight just to replay it.

The beginning is a very unique way to start out a video game, and then when you think that it's over it isn't. The ending is set up for a sequel, but as for how the story will go for it is a mystery. I just hope that it manages to be just as good, or better than the original. 9/10.


I usually only complain if the graphics in a game look dated, which doesn't happen often. Other than that I like what I see and give a good score for it. God of War has graphics that will make you stop playing just so you can look at all the detail and the beauty of it and say WOW! I've never seen a more beautiful game on the PS2 period! Those gamers who get off on graphics must have had a field day when playing this game. It's pure eye candy throughout the whole game, but it still manages to have the gameplay behind it to make it an awesome title.

The FMV's (full motion video) are basically a short movie, but cut into scenes. I like that once you complete the game you can watch the FMV's all in a row. The story for the game was pure brilliance and really moved the action along. The detail in the killing was brutal. Blood is everywhere, which is sweet. The levels are done with so much detail it must have taken the programmers years (and it did) to make the game. The desert level is so awesome to witness, and the areas with water look breath taking.

I never experienced a single slowdown or glitch while playing the game. Sure, some people have complained about them or that the game couldn't run on older playstations but my system is one of the older ones (not the original run, but the one with the network adapter) and the game ran smoothly. This game is the best-looking playstation two title out there. If a God of War title is made for the playstation three, I can only imagine how it will look. Probably lifelike. 10/10


One word. Soundtrack. The soundtrack for this game is pure adrenaline. I've enjoyed other soundtracks for games (mostly Silent Hill titles), but this soundtrack blows the competition away. It's one of those soundtracks you could listen to on your PC while doing other things and have flashbacks to the game.

The voice acting is perfect. The last game that I played that had this type of excellent voice acting was a game called Run Like Hell. The actors/actresses who did the voices for this title should be proud of their work and hopefully will return with the sequel is made.

Sound effects for action matched well with whatever you were doing. The sounds for magic attacks also seemed to blend in with the action on screen. Even little things like wind, or water sounded as realistic as they could for a video game. I honestly cannot think of anything bad to say about the sound. 10/10


This is when I start to complain about the game for a bit. Can't be one of those fanboys who only praises the game. I have some issues with it that hopefully will be fixed in the sequel.

The main complaint first. The camera. Not being able to move the camera to where I wanted it to be really upset me. I'm so used to other games having this option that I was using the right analog stick during the beginning of the game to move the camera and instead of rolling around instead. It's my personal opinion that every single game made from 2000 and on should have a control camera angle that the gamer can adjust according to his or her own style. I died several times during the platforming sections just because the camera was in a weird angle. Plus, with the beautiful graphics that this game has I really would of enjoyed looking around the levels. For this reason, the final score loses one point.

Having a room with countless enemies isn't that fun to play in. Sure, having a handful of creatures to kill is perfect but some areas had a ton of creatures that you had to kill. The main two that I can think of was during the hunt for Pandora's Box and the other was during the final boss battle. I enjoy killing, but when you spend over ten minutes killing the same thing over and over, it gets a tad boring.

Next up, the platforming. Some areas were fun, but some were a major pain to get through. The turning cylinders in Hades were not fun, and the wooden beams with blades rotating around them that you had to walk across on one of the earlier levels made me want to kill trees. Just because the beams came from trees.

This wasn't a major complaint, but not having a new game+ option hurt. I enjoy being able to play a new game with my health, magic, and weapons where I had previously had them. This is always a cool feature to have, and I hope that the sequel adds this.

I now have zero respect for archers. If I was to ever meet a real life archer I'd rip his (or her) arms off. These archers are by far the most annoying enemy in the game. I honestly think that the main requisite for being an archer is that you're either a coward who cannot attack his enemy head on, or that you don't have a huge muscular body made for one on one brutal combat. Either way, archers are pathetic and I hate them.

The above three complaints I combined into one point going against the main score. Now since the bad stuff is out of the way, I can now talk about the good.

Kratos is one bad mother…Shut your mouth! But I'm just talking about Kratos. This guy is so bad that even Shaft himself would get the Hell out of his way in a hurry. Kratos is pure rage, anger, hatred, and killing all rolled into one perfect warrior. The man doesn't mess around, and will do whatever it takes to get the job done.

The game itself is quite easy to get used to. Attacks seem to just flow from your controller and when you unlock other attacks, they are not difficult to pull off. Finding red orbs to power up your weapons or spells are easy to find as long as you take the time to look for them. Some chests are easy to find, while others require you to do a little bit of searching. Not only do you need to find chests for your weapons or spells, but you need them to upgrade your max health and magic. You can only upgrade these three times each, but it comes in very handy. Having your weapons or spells maxed out will make the game a bit easier to get through.

Killing has never been so sweet! The killing in this game is so great that it makes my other favorite killing game (Manhunt) seem weak in comparison. If you had a hard time with a certain area, the pleasure that you get from ripping off the head of a Medusa or the wings from a harpy is just priceless. I love the mini-game type of actions for killing off your enemy. Shoving your blade into the head of a Minotaur, or using your enemy's own arm and blade to decapitate him is just so beautiful it almost brings a tear to my eye.

It's too bad that the game is so short. Most people can complete the game their first time in eight to twelve hours. It took me ten, and that was with searching here and there for chests. Another thing that the sequel needs to have is longer levels, so the game doesn't seem to be over so quickly. 8/10.

Lasting Appeal

If I was still a teenager then maybe I would spend the many hours required to master this game, but I'm too old to devote that much time into video games anymore. I played through the game on Normal and completed it in about ten hours. I will play the game again, but it will be a few weeks from now and it won't be on God mode. I've read about God mode and I don't need to give myself a heart attack from trying to complete it.

The difficulty settings could be seen as a replay option since some gamers enjoy beating a game on all difficulty levels. If they had a new game+ option then maybe I would of tried some of the harder difficulties. I know that this worked for Resident Evil 4 when I replayed that title.

When you do complete the game your first time through you are rewarded with several items. Most of them are videos showing you either the game, FMV's, or some parts of the game that were cut. I really liked the graveyard that showed you creatures that didn't make it into the game. You can also unlock different costumes for Kratos but you need to complete God mode for that.

All and all, the replay value for me is short. But most gamers will probably get several play throughs out of it and still want more. 8/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/14/06

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