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    Boss FAQ by ChickenBot

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    Jak 3
    Boss FAQ by ChickenBot
    Started on: 8/9/2006.
    Jak 3 (English)
    Created by Naughty Dog
    Note: This FAQ is based on the various bosses of Jak 3. I'll rate their
    difficulty, give tips on how to handle them, and tricks to knock them off their
    feet and in some cases, tentacles.
    ~~~~~~~~ means category
    ======== means subcategory
    Basics                          BSCS
     -Controls                      CT01
     -Abilities                     AB02
    The Bosses                      THBS
     -Dark Sattelite                DS01
     -Veger's Precursor Robot       VP02
     -Cyber Errol                   CE03
     -Dragon Errol I                DE04
     -Dragon Errol II               DE05
    Weapons                         WEPO
     -Red Group                     RG01
     -Yellow Group                  YG02
     -Blue Group                    BG03
     -Dark Group                    DG04
    Legal Stuff and Extras          LSXT
     -Frequently asked Questions    FQ01
     -Version History               VH02
     -Credits                       CR03
    Don't worry, Jak 3 has an easy-to-master control system. If you can get the hang
    of it, the game's fun kicks in. You'll race through a gigant desert, jetboard
    through the streets of Haven City and ride reptiles through the streets of
    Spargus. The bosses will test if you've mastered your skills, so let's stock up
    on some info, shall we?
    Jak          |
    Move: Left analog stick
    Camera: Right analog stick
    Jump: X
    Double Jump: X + X
    Headbash: X + Square
    Headbash Combo: X + Square + X
    Aerial kick: X + Circle
    Uppercut: Square + X
              L1 + Square
    Punch: Square
    Kick: Circle
    Roll/ Crawl: L1
    FPM: R3
    Pause One: Select
    Pause Two: Start
    Switch weapon: D-Pad
    Jetboard: R2
    Transform to Dark Jak: L2
    Transform to Light Jak: L2 + X
    Light Jak Regeneration: L2 + Triangle
    Light Jak Shield: L2 + Circle
    Light Jak Flash Freeze: L2 + Square
    Shoot: R1
    Rapid Fire Combo: X + Circle + R1
    Up-and-Down Combo: Square + X + Square
    High Jump: L1 + X
    Roll Jump: L1 + Left Analog stick + X
    Daxter       |
    Move: Left analog stick
    Camera: Right analog stick
    Jump: X
    Double Jump: X + X
    Tail Whip: Square
    Kick: Circle
    Aerial kick: X + Circle
    Jetboard     |
    Move: Left analog stick
    Camera: Right analog stick
    Jump: X
    Boost Jump: L1 + X
    Quick Reverse: Triangle
    Shockwave: Circle
    Trick: X + L1
    Flip: X + R1
    In a Car     |
    Accelerate: X
    Move: Left analog stick
    Camera: Right Analog stick
    Boost: R2
    Jump: L1
    Shoot: R1
    Square: Brakes
    In a Zoomer  |
    Accelerate: X
    Move: Left analog stick
    Camera: Right Analog stick
    Shoot: R1
    Square: Brakes
    Switch Hover Zone: R2
    Switch weapon: D-Pad
    On a Leaper  |
    Move: Left analog stick
    Camera: Right analog stick
    Jump: X
    Double Jump: X + X
    Slam: X + Square
    Headbutt: Square
    In a Hellcat |
    Accelerate: X
    Move: Left analog stick
    Camera: Right analog stick
    Boost: Square
    Shoot machine gun: R1
    Shoot bomb: L1
    Dark Jak Abilities
    Name: Dark Bomb
    Description: A massive shockwave that damages enemies. Good when surrounded.
    Control: X + Square (While Dark Jak)
    Name: Dark Blast
    Description: Jak leaps into the air and spins, emitting Dark Eco. If a
    Metalhead or KG comes in contact with it, there'll be one less enemy in the
    Control: Square + X (While Dark Jak)
    Name: Dark Strike
    Description: Jak shoots a powerful raging ball of Dark Eco towards his
    Functions similar to a gun.
    Control: R1
    Name: Dark Jak Invisibility
    Description: Jak becomes invisible for a short amount of time. Normally you have
    to use a dark trophy to use this ability but you can buy a "Dark Jak Invisibilty
    at Will" secret from the Secrets menu. (For 25 Precursor Orbs).
    Control: Triangle
    Light Jak Abilities
    Name: Light Jak Regeneration
    Description: Jak restores his life. Takes quite some Light Eco away.
    Control: L2 + Triangle (While normal
             Triangle (While Light Jak)
    Name: Light Jak Shield
    Description: Light Jak forms a barrier around himself to shield him from lasers,
    gunfire, melee, and any attack an enemy can throw.
    Control: L2 + Circle (While normal
             Circle (While Light Jak)
    Name: Light Jak Flash Freeze
    Description: All time is instantly slowed down, all time except you. That's
    while those turtle Metalheads charge at worse speed than slow motion, you shoot
    them at the speed of Light Eco.
    Control: L2 + Square
    Name: Light Jak Wings
    Description: Press the X button in mid-air (and time it right!) and you're
    like a butterfly!
    Control: X + X + X + (Goes on till
             you land, or die)
    The bosses in Jak 3 are no joke. The Dark Satellite has some deadly installments
    while Cyber Errol has an army of deadly Metalheads. If you want to take down the
    arsenal of bosses in this game, you'll have to refrain from causing damage to
    your PS2, TV, Controller and Memory Card. This would happen in the case of
    Errol I, so make sure you're in a good mood before you fight him.
    |Dark Sattelite                |
    |Difficulty: 7/10 |
    |Health Bars: NA  |
    |Act: One         |
    For the first boss, Dark Sattelite can actually be frightfully difficult,
    because his health is completely analog, and due to his unique collection of
    When the battle starts, Dark Sattelite will float around in the air ejecting
    electricity. To avoid this, you have two choices. I have rated them on how much
    they would help:
    1. Run around the battlefield and keep a good distance away from the boss.
    2. Stay underneath the boss and run in the direction he goes, keeping on top of
    his shadow at all times. His lasers won't get you down there unless you run
    too fast and into his edges. (8/10)
    I would recommend number two, but it requires some skill. If you have the
    try to practice it. If you don't, use number one, but it could frustrate you
    If you've mastered two, well... good for you!
    Once Dark Sattelite has stopped his lasers, he'll soar downwards and land on the
    ground. Now's your chance. He'll swing a single tentacle around and if it should
    strike you, you'll take damage. The best (and more or less only) way is to jump
    over his swishing tentacles. To attack him, jump, and shoot. Your best friend
    would be the Beam Reflexor. You could also press the Rapid Fire combo
    (X + Circle + R1), but this doesn't have very good accuracy. Once he brings in a
    barrier to protect himself, I suggest you use the same technique as you did
    with the lasers, because he just might fire it.
    Once you've dealt enough damage, Dark Sattelite will go back to lasers (without
    barrier). Use the same technique to avoid the assault and once your opponent
    is back on the ground, he'll swing his tentacles again. However, this time he'll
    use two tentacles. Jump and fire with a steady grip on your controller. Be aware
    and don't make it a reflex to press X every moment, because Dark Sattelite may
    pause for a second, and then spin the other way. He can easily catch you off
    if you jump at his pause and land at his swing.
    The rest will be the same as before. Shoot and fire and keep your cool. You'll
    him out soon enough.
    Extra tips:
    -Use the Light Jak Regeneration if you're low on health.
    |Veger's Precursor Robot       |
    |Difficulty: 7/10 |
    |Health Bars: 3   |
    |Act: One         |
    Once Veger summons this big precursor robot, prepare for a bumpy ride, because
    that's what it'll be: A big, bumpy ride.
    First, the robot will whip out his light saber. When he slams it down on the
    ground, avoid the shockwaves by jumping. I believe he'll send two shockwaves
    before he proceeds.
    Well, that wasn't too hard was it? Prepare to jump over his light saber itself
    when he flies around with it in a horizontal position to serve Jak burgers.
    Once you've gotten rid of his three swings, the Precursor Robot will shoot
    Metalheads at you. Get rid of the two Metalheads with your Wave Concussor. If
    possible, you might even knock them off. Be careful: these guys multiply when
    After that, the robot will shoot lasers in a pattern towards you, heating the
    ground as it goes. Dodge these by moving away. If you can learn the patterns,
    this should be no trouble for you.
    Once his laser magma hardens, some parts of the ground will lump up into big
    rocks. Jump from rock to rock until you reach the top one, and do it fast!
    The robot will shoot at you whilst you're jumping, and there's a time limit
    for the rocks to stay. Just keep a level head and jump, and NEVER MISS.
    Once you're on the highest rock, whip out your Reflexor and shoot at those
    carts above the robot. With enough shots, the cart will come falling down
    on the robot's cranium.
    Watch the mini cutscene and then prepare for the second round, and if you were
    wondering, sorry, there is no checkpoint.
    This time, the robot will send off a third shockwave. Then, four swings with
    his light saber and three Metalheads instead of two. Kill them the same way
    as before, and then await his lasers. (don't expect the same pattern) As
    before, lumped up rocks will appear. Jump and dodge his missiles, get to the
    top and blast away!
    Round three. No checkpoint again. After his four faster shockwaves, his new
    swing will be much more deadly, as he'll have two light sabers, one above
    the other. This can be hard to dodge. I suggest you roll jump through the
    small gap in between. He'll swing four times, so be careful. He'll send
    three Metalheads again (use the same tactic). If your Wave Concussor is out
    of ammo, use the:
    i. Beam Reflexor (If you have enough ammo
                     for your next shot at the
    ii. Vulcan Fury (If your Beam Reflexor ammo
                    is low)
    Now he'll shoot his last laser pattern. Climb up to the top and shoot at the
    last cart. Watch the robot finally get destroyed and run through the tunnels.
    At the end, your prize: The Arc Wielder awaits, as well as your entrance
    into Act 2. Enjoy Haven City!
    Extra tips:
    -Use the Light Jak Regeneration if you're low on health.
    |Alternate strategy from buggerlugs1[at]optusnet[dot]com[dot]au    |
    |Use the Vulcan fury and keep spinning around to kill the enemies. |
    |Cyber Errol                   |
    |Difficulty: 8/10 |
    |Health Bars: 4   |
    |Act: Two         |
    When the battle starts, Cyber Errol will throw bombs towards you. You've
    gotten  some choices if you want to dodge them.
    Rated on a scale of 10:
    1. Get on the Jetboard and rush away. There is no spoo... I mean Leaper
    or Zoomer, so it's your fastest bet.
    2. Get on the Jetboard and Quick Reverse away. Seriously, get away from
    those bombs.
    3. Roll away/ Roll jump away. It's fast, it's furious, and it keeps away
    bombs. (8/10)
    4. My personal favorite. Punch. It'll drag you forward away from Errol's
    bomb. Follow up with a jump for practice. You'll be needing it soon.
    Very soon. (Use the first Uppercut method, i.e. Square + X.)
    Once those bombs are bye-bye'd, KG-Bots
    will come at you, obviously to destroy you.
    Whip out one of these guns and take them out:
    i. Wave Concussor (I seriously love knocking
                       enemies away with this
    ii. Arc Wielder (If you run around in circles
                     with this hand, I guarantee
                     two to four enemies less to
                     worry about.)
    iii. Peace Maker (It'll attack multiple enemies
                     at once, and cause massive damage
    Once the stadium is clear, some weird spinning saucers will drop down.
    Move the camera so that you have a clear view of Errol. Run up to the
    saucer and rapidly kick it towards the hole beneath Errol's platform.
    Knock it into the hole successfully and the saucer fly up and explode
    in Errol's face.
    Once again, Errol will toss his nasty bombs, but this time they're
    equipped with shockwaves. Some of these bombs will break a tile off
    the floor. Use that uppercut method to dodge the bomb, and also leap
    up in the air, avoiding the shockwave. If you're near a gap and are
    about to fall in with the jump, you have two choices:
    1. Kick (Circle) in mid-air and move away while you're still kicking.
    Voila! You'll land a tile away from the gap, good luck. (6/10)
    2. Get on the Jetboard and move away while in mid-air. Hopefully
    you'll land safely, but quickly withdraw your jetboard after that. It'll
    be hard to keep in control. (6/10)
    These gaps are probably your most deadly hazard, so keep your eye on them,
    and keep Jak away from them.
    When the KG-bots are back, blast them with your heavy weaponry.
    Same as before, use one of those three weapons. If no other, use the
    Reflexor Gun or Gyro Buster (this could cause ammo problems though).
    Return of the saucer. Go kick it, but be careful: there'll be more saucers
    this time. One should go and hit Errol, and the others should at least go up
    a hole. If they don't, you'll get some damage from them. Remember: they bite.
    The bombs will come flying again. Dodge them and uppercut to your heart's
    content. (Keeping away from gaps of course) The KG-bots will come back to
    haunt you. Don't get intimidated. Show them your guns, and their bullets.
    The saucers will soon come back. Hit them, knock one into Errol, bleugh.
    Round four is [almost] the same. Dodge the bombs first, and this time
    Dark Makers will spawn. They're much tougher than the KG, but don't
    mind that. Just use your favorite weapon to dispose of them (look out
    for their shields) and then kick the saucers.
    Congrats on earning yourself the Mass Inverter. It's EXTREMELY useful,
    but unfortunately doesn't help with Physics homework.
    Extra tips:
    -Use the Light Jak Regeneration if you're low on health.
    -Use the Light Jak Flash Freeze to slow down the saucers, and then punch
    them into the holes.
    -The Dark makers have the ability to create barriers around themselves.
    The barriers are breakable, but never touch them unless it's to punch/ kick.
    |Dragon Errol I                |
    |Difficulty: 9/10 |
    |Health Bars: NA  |
    |Act: Three       |
    Of all the cars... Jak, if your brain wasn't made with pixels, you could've
    walked into the garage and leapt into the Slam Dozer or Gila Stomper or the
    Dune Hopper. No. You're riding through the wasteland driving the SAND SHARK?!
    Anyways, head towards the icon on your map and start firing at the purple
    gems on the dragon's feet. There are 14 Gems in total; no checkpoints
    whatsoever. My advice would be to get ahead of the dragon, turn around, and
    charge backwards, firing away hard. If you can destroy his frontal gems, no
    more hard feelings, chase the dragon and shoot.
    Sometimes, Draon Errol will leave a few mines along the Wasteland path. If
    you can shoot one and blow it into smithereens, you get a boost.
    Use your boost in sticky situations. Soon you'll come across a big lake. To
    avoid wastage of time, when you come across the big river-like thing, use
    the western bridge instead of the one you first see. It loops around into a
    dead end.
    Shoot Errol's feet swiftly, and keep your hand on the controller. Many will
    disagree, but I think this guy was the hardest boss.
    |Dragon Errol II               |
    |Difficulty: 6/10 |
    |Health Bars: 4   |
    |Act: Three       |
    Alot of people seem to find this guy hard. Well, I used this technique and
    beat him on my first try! Take that, you oversized dragon!
    Climb your way up the pedestals without taking A SINGLE HIT. Hit the
    Metalheads you come across with physical attacks, and nothing more.
    Once you're at the top, the nasty dragon will shoot a horde of Dark Makers
    at you and three of its tentacles will pop out. Use the Peace Maker to
    destroy the tentacles. If you have the Peace Maker Increased Radius
    upgrade, the tentacles will blow up in one hit. All three.
    Now, my usual technique against enemies will come to your service.
    Rapidly pull the trigger on the Wave Concussor to push your foes back.
    The Needle Laser and Arc Wielder can also help you out. Your last choice?
    The Reflexor Gun or Gyro Buster. We can't risk ammo on your Dark weapons,
    When the Dark Makers are gone, Dragon Errol will swish a laser around,
    similar to what the Precursor robot did with his light saber. Jump
    the laser, and DON'T SHOOT Errol until you know you have full health.
    When he is swishing around with his laser, a Dark Eco and Light Eco
    refill will appear, each at one side. Grab the Dark Eco, then head to the
    Light Eco. Stand directly on top of it and use the Light Jak Regeneration.
    Voila! Fill up your health, no loss of Light Eco with you standing on a
    free refill! Jump Errol's laser if it's coming at you, then whip out your
    Peace Maker.  Charge it up until Errol turns his head around. See that gem?
    That's your target. Let go of the R1 button and watch the sparks fly as the
    gem takes a damaging blow.
    Next, the refills will disappear, but your Eco should be full considering
    you nabbed it before proceeding here. Errol will try to headbutt you. My
    advice is to rapidly move around and keep away at all costs. Punch in
    different directions to dash away.
    The Dark Makers and tentacles will return. Wheeee! Use your Peace Maker,
    demolish the tentacles and bulldoze the Metalheads. Okay, I got carried
    away. Same technique applies.
    When the laser starts coming at you, jump and grab the Eco, heal, then
    fire the Peace Maker. Back to the headbutt. Punch, roll, roll jump, but
    keep away from the giant cranium.
    Now rinse and repeat two more times. It'll be Deja vu, and if you're low
    on health use the Light Jak Regeneration. There's always a refill waiting after
    a few enemies.
    Once you've fired your Peace Maker in the last round, sit back, rest your
    controller on the table and watch the ending. (PSYCHE!)
    A bunch of new secrets are ready at the Secrets shop. Go ahead and start Hero
    Mode. You know the tactics, so use them well. It'll be a more bumpy ride though.
    Extra tips:
    -Use the Light Jak Regeneration if you're low on health.
    -Instead of shooting the Metalheads, you could unload Dark Jak on them. A few
    Dark Strikes or a single Dark bomb could go a long way.
    |Alternate strategy from Andrew Noslaup                 |
    |While standing on the Light Eco refill, use the Light  |
    |Jak Flash Freeze and shoot the gem with your Blaster.  |
    Your questions and suggestions all come here, each with my response. If you can
    correct my mistakes or add extra information, I'll put you in the credits.
    Q: Can I use your guide on my site?
    A: E-mail me for permission. Only these sites can use
    the guide without permission (so far):
    1. www.gamefaqs.com
    2. www.gamespot.com
    3. www.neoseeker.com
    4. www.1up.com
    5. www.supercheats.com
    6. www.honestgamers.com
    The following sites may NEVER host this guide:
    1. www.cheatcc.com
      Be warned. I will only update for GameFAQs.
    I will not notify you about having an update.
    You'll have to pick up the updated versions
    off GameFAQs.
    Version 1.0: Started FAQ, completed Dark
    Sattelite, Veger's Precursor Robot.
    Version 2.0: Added Basics section, completed
    Cyber Errol, Dragon Errol I.
    Version 3.0: Completed FAQ, updates are still
    to come. Submitted FAQ.
    Credits go to:
    ChickenBot: Writer of the guide
    CJayC: Owner of GameFAQS, the best gaming site ever!
    Naughty Dog: Game maker
    My Parents: For buying me my PS2 on my birthday
    Sony: Without them, where would the PS2 be?
    Andrew Noslaup: Helped a lot with fixing some
                    mistakes and gave an alternative
                    strategy for Dragon Errol.
    For the alternate strategy for Precursorbot.
    Wanna get into the credits? E-Mail me at
    Naughty_Lombax@hotmail.com with any extra info.
    "Ah, Samos, still as green as the stuff between my toes!"
    The world is better left to Jak.

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