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" Finding Balance in the Darkness"

Jak 3, the ending of the Precursor Legacy. Two games past and two great questions still have not been answered... Who are the Precursors? And why did they disappear? Jak 3 will tell you the answer to these long awaited questions and so much more. If you recall, in the last game Jak was infused with Dark Eco by the evil Baron Praxis. And he used these deadly powers to defeat the leader of the Metal Heads and save the world. But strength can be bad when Dark Eco is involved... Where will Jak find his balance?

Story - 8/10
We join Jak some time after the end of Jak II just as he is being thrown into the Wasteland by Count Veger, a man of some great importance in Haven City these days. He is given an item by a familiar character that allows a group of Wastelanders to find him in the desert. He is taken to Spargus City which is where people exiled from Haven City usually end up. Now stuck somewhere in the desert with his loyal friends Daxter and Pecker, Jak must find his way back to Haven City and set things right.

Graphics - 9/10
We all know (or should know) that graphics are never important in a game, its the gameplay that matters. But some games deserve the credit for how great they look, and this game is one of them. Jak 3 gives great visuals in all 3 of the main areas of the game. Colors are bright on the characters but more dark in most of the environment. Everything from characters to weapons look great, but there are a few graphic glitches and pop ups at some places. However those little things don't matter because of how great all the rest looks.

Sound/Music - 7/10
The sound is nice, nearly the same as Jak II so I have no complaints about it. The voices in the game are great, but some really stand out. Jak himself has a great voice actor, the same as he always had. But the true vocal greatness in this game comes from Tara Strong in the form of Kiera and Seem who both sound like other popular characters voiced by Tara. Music is alright too, it doesn't stand out really but if you pay attention to it, it sounds pretty good. But the fact that you have to actually TRY and hear the music to hear it is why this got a lower score.

Gameplay - 10/10
This game shines here, it gives great missions and eliminates the extreme difficulty of Jak II in favor of a more balanced game. Many missions are very similar but you can still have fun with them. There are a large amount of Ring Challenges and "destroy (#) of (target)" missions but there are several nice missions to mix in. The 3 main areas of the game (Spargus City, Wasteland and Haven City) are all large and have plenty of places to explore for Precursor Orbs (to purchase secrets). Instead of the 4 simple guns of Jak II, you are granted with those simple 4 PLUS 2 upgrades for each gun that can be used at any time. Also Jak gains the power to balance the darkness inside him, the power of the Precursors, the power of Light Jak. This new form can heal you at any time, use a shield to protect you, slow down time or let you fly (at the expense of Light Eco). Overall this game gives great action/platform gameplay and keeps you wanting to play over and over (which is important since this is only a 13 or so hour game).

Secrets - 10/10
I always like to make a brief overview of unlockables in my reviews so here it is. You find Precursor Orbs (there are 600 in total) just like in Jak II. But this time around you can buy them in any order you want. Level Select doesn't take over 100 this time, it takes 9 (3 Acts at 3 orbs a piece). You can get Unlimited Light and Dark Jak and Unlimited Ammo (which make the game blindingly easy) too, but at high expense of 50 orbs a piece. You can unlock new cars and weapon upgrades, as well as standard stuff like Big Head and Small Head modes. Good secrets to be gained in this game and trust me, they are worth every little orb.

OK Now we Know the Good Stuff.... Whats Wrong...?
Very little is wrong with this game but there are a few little things to pick at. First of all, I never had a problem with Daxter yelling out commands in the other 2 games... However he never shuts up in this game. You will hear "Lets go back to the city!" more times than you can count... Also when you learn a new ability or gain a new item you will be instructed on it for the next 5 or so missions. One last thing, if you don't buy any secrets for a long time it will alert you that "there are still secrets available for purchase" every few orbs you get.

Overall - 9/10
Great game, completely worth your money. It is a very short game so if you are short on cash a rental will do just fine. It is great for multiple playthroughs and it never gets old. The little things I had to pick at gave the score a 1 point deduction but overall, great game. If you haven't played Jak and Daxter and Jak II, go pick those up as well.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/13/04

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