how do i beat the last boss? (Dr. Nefarious)

  1. I need tips to beat this boss. What weapons do I use.Is there an easy way? Anything.

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    adriansombra97 - 7 years ago

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  1. The first phase just use the Bouncer (if it's upgraded all the way it will do ALOT more damage). Then when he's on the 2nd phase, use the Bouncer again until it runs out of ammo. Then just use whatever you can to defeat him. The last phase ***MODERATE SPOILER*** when he uses the Bi-Obliterator, Quark gives you the flying ship (I forgot the name). When you use this, keep flying in circles. When Nefarious shoots the tracking rockets, don't take your eye off of them.

    User Info: Dr_HAX

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  1. Is this in challenge or not in challenge? Anyway...
    Dr_Hax has a pretty good answer, but the plasma coil is really insane when fully leveled. also, get the shield charger, It costs alot of money but will be usefull. Also, when he tricks you and starts to run away, just ignore the enemies that respawn and try to kill you, just charge boot past them. If you did'nt get the charge, boots, then walk past them, which will be hard. Then follow Dr_hax's answer.
    Tips for challenge:
    If this is in challenge...
    There's one key weapon to this fight, the ry3no, whatever you do, don't get it to v5. keep it at v2 or higher, this is the most important weapon, I could kill scorpo (or whatever his name was) in one hit with it in annihalation nation. You should have sniper rifle by now, get it to full version.(helps if you have it with omega) don't bother getting bouncer with omega, it's so weak against dr. Nafarious, it does a little dent in his hp! use the ry3no v2 -v4 to do the first 2 parts, When you get to the final part, don't get into the ship (it is easier if you do it but for a pro's version) you get out your sniper rifle and shoot at the bio-bliterator when the tracking rockets come, hide behind a piece of garbage left out that you can find anywhere. Repeat,(you will need the pda that you can find in qwarks hideout behind your ship) buy your ammo back with the pda and repeat. This method also works with the multi-gun saw gun. (don't remember, but it shoots out a saw and breaks when fully leveled)
    Sorry this is long.

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  2. What i did was got most of my weapons to level 5

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