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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Samurai Gamer

    Version: 1.50 | Updated: 06/28/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

            *******    ******  ********* *******  *    *  ******* *********
            *      *   *    *      *     *        *    *  *           *
            *      *   *    *      *     *        *    *  *           *
            *      *   *    *      *     *        ******  *******     *
            *******    ******      *     *        *    *  *           *
            *      *   *    *      *     *        *    *  *           *
            *       *  *    *      *     *        *    *  *           *
            *        * *    *      *     *******  *    *  *******     *
                           ******  *        *  *****
                           *    *  * *      *  *    *
                           *    *  *  *     *  *     *
                           *    *  *   *    *  *     * 
                           ******  *    *   *  *     *
                           *    *  *     *  *  *     *
                           *    *  *      * *  *    *
                           *    *  *        *  *****
                    *******  *       ****** *        *  *   *
                    *        *       *    * * *      *  *  *
                    *        *       *    * *  *     *  * *
                    *        *       *    * *   *    *  **
                    *        *       ****** *    *   *  **
                    *        *       *    * *     *  *  * *
                    *        *       *    * *      * *  *  *
                    *******  ******* *    * *        *  *   *
                               |    | |------
                               |    | |      |
                               |    | |------
                               |    | |
                               ------ |
                          \   / ----- |    | |----
                           \ /  |   | |    | |    |
                            |   |   | |    | |----
                            |   |   | |    | | \
                            |   ----- ------ |  \
                   |-----| |----  |----- |----- |\    | |-----| |
                   |     | |    | |      |      | \   | |     | |
                   |-----| |----  |----- |----- |  \  | |-----| |
                   |     | | \         | |      |   \ | |     | |
                   |     | |  \    ----| |----- |    \| |     | |-----
               FAQ/Walkthrough Created by Aaron "Samurai Gamer" Luther 
                                  Version 1.50
        Email corrections, suggestions, or questions to slipknotrulz5@hotmail.com
                      Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal
                           Creator:Insomniac Games
                           Platform:Playstation 2 
    Version .10
    status:this is my newest walkthrough of a series i really like.
    Version .20
    status:first update of the new year, finished weapons, crates, gadgets, and 
    armor section.
    Version .30
    status:started enemy section.
    version .40
    status:Finished enemies section and started walkthrough
    version .50
    Status:Did some minor Spell Check
    Version .60
    Status:After a month hiatus with other walkthroughs and just pure lazyness a
    finally got back into the groove of things.
    Version .70
    Status:Did some walkthrough, titanium bolts and trophies
    Version .80
    Status:Finished trophies and half of the skill points
    Version .90
    Status:Finished with skill points, and did some walkthough
    Version 1.00
    Status:Did a lot of the walkthrough today
    Version 1.10
    Status: Just got back from chicago 2 days ago, and currently on spring break, 
    so expect major updates this week.
    Version 1.20
    Status:School is finally out and i have been trying to get this damn thing 
    finished. I did some walkthrough.
    Version 1.30
    Status:Finished the VR Training section, did some of the annhilation nation 
    challenges and a few titanium bolts.
    version 1.40
    Status:Finished first half of annhilation nation and a few more titanium bolts
    Version 1.50
    Status: I did some more of the walkthrough and titanium bolts.
    Table of Contents
      a.Email Content
    II.Legal Permission
    V.Weapons, Gadgets, and Crates
    VIII.VR Simulation and Annhilation Nation 
    IX.Titanium Bolts
    XI.Skill Points 
    XII.Online Play
    Hey, This is my walkthrough to Ratchet and Clank: Up your Arsenal, the third 
    game in the Ratchet and Clank series. The walkthrough includes mini-game 
    walkthroughs, weapon and gadget info, main game walkthrough and whatever else 
    is needed in the guide
    a.Email Content
    If you so choose to email me please label it Ratchet and Clank Faq. The email 
    should be either a suggestions, corrections or questions. No spam, viruses, or
    anything that criticies my guide.
    II.Legal Permission
    The only website at this moment that has permission to use this guide is 
    Gamefaqs.com. If you would like to post this guide on your website please email
    me ahead of time and i will try to give you a confirmation within a few days.
    Ratchet and Clank
    The Lombax and robot return to be the hero for the third adventure. After 
    ending the protopet and Captian Qwark disaster in there last adventure, they 
    have become huge TV stars......well clank is anyway. Clank stars in his own 
    television show entitled "Secret Agent Clank" and Ratchet plays his bumbling 
    butler. Now a new problem has a risen on Ratchets home planet of Veldin, so our
    two heroes suit up for there newest adventure.
    Captain Qwark
    The self centered, egotistical, cowardly captain is back once again. After 
    Ratchet and Clank foiled his plans to regain his so called position of best 
    space captian ever, Qwark in every sense has his marbles. Now nobody knows his
    where abouts.
    Sasha is the commander of a group of fighting robots known as the Galatic 
    Rangers. It also seems she has a slight crush on Ratchet, but thats another
    story. Sasha has decided to help Ratchet with his new problem and will serve as
    a contact and the galactic starship known as the Phoenix.
    Captain Qwarks personal trainer and fitness expert. Even though she thinks 
    Ratchet and Clank are worthless she will help them out once and a while with 
    new gadgets. According to Captian Qwark she was choosen to help because of her
    powers of seduction (hahahaha)
    Big Al
    You may remember this guy from the first Ratchet and Clank. He is returned to 
    help the duo and give him a few tips when he is in trouble. Most of the time 
    you probably wont be able to understand what he says unless you speak nerd. 
    From time to time you will also hear him profess his love to Helga.
    Skidd McMarxx
    Another returning character from Ratchet and Clank one. Not 100% sure what his
    purpose in the game is but I guess you will just have to trust him. He prefers 
    to be called Shadow dude because of his so called stealthy abilites.With his
    lack of intelligence and courage, how could he be useful?
    Captain Qwarks monkey, thats right i said monkey. This guy is pretty useful for
    creating a distracting for clank to get by security bots. Of course like any 
    monkey he has a taste for bananas.
    Dr. Nefarious
    An evil robot that is bent on pure robotic domination. Not only that but he has
    to finish off his long time nemesis Captain Qwark. After a long history with
    Qwark, he has developed a hatred for any carbon based lifeforms, or Squishies 
    as he calls them. Is it possible he is behind the attack on veldin?
    Nefarious's robot butler. Lawrence definetly considers himself to be alot 
    smarter then Nefarious. He wont hide his contempt for his boss and believes his
    plan is completely ridiculous. Near the end of the game you will find out 
    Lawrences true dream.
    Courtney Gears
    The proclaimed hottest pop star in the galaxy and is admired by a particular
    Lombax, no need to mention names. One problem is since she is a robot she has
    an alligance with Dr. Nefarious, but that doesnt stop her from telling clank 
    about her crush on him
    The ones who carried out the attack on Veldin. Armed with sharp teeth, claws, 
    even some carry laser gun ands blasters, they come in all shapes and sizes. 
    Even though they are "Squishies", they are allied with the evil Nefarious.
    L Stick:Move
    R Stick:Control Camera
    Triangle:Weapon select(Hold and cycle with L stick)
    Square:Swing Wrench
    Circle:Fire weapon or gadget
    X:Jump, pull up on ledge
    L1:Center Camera (Tap), Look Mode (Hold)
    R1:Drop from ledge, zoom with flux rifle
    Select:not used
    V.Weapons, Gadgets, Crates, and armor
    This is what the R&C series is best known for, the multipule weapons make for a
    fun game. Some weapons return from R&c:Going Commando.
    Shock Blaster
    Becomes available:Veldin
    Version|Effect       |Range |Ammo|Exp to upgrade
      V1   |Standard     |Medium|30  |150 points
      V2   |Charge-Up    |Medium|35  |250 points
      V3   |Lock-On      |Medium|40  |300 points
      v4   |Electrocution|Medium|40  |300 points
    Full Upgrade:Shock Cannon
    Effect:Energy Beam(Hold down circle to charge then release to create beam)
    Nitro Launcher
    Becomes available:Veldin
    Version|Effect       |Range |Ammo|Exp to upgrade
      V1   |Standard     |Short |8   |200 points
      V2   |Range/Acid   |Medium|8   |300 points
      V3   |Lock-On      |Medium|10  |600 points
      V4   |Blast radius |Medium|10  |1500 points
    Full Upgrade:Nitro Eruptor
    Effect:Missles(When bomb explodes missles fire in every direction)
    Plasma Whip
    Cost:7500 bolts(6750 Bolts with discount)
    Becomes available:Florana
    Version|Effect       |Range |Ammo|Exp to upgrade
      V1   |Standard     |Short |25  |200 points
      V2   |Power        |short |30  |600 points
      V3   |Damage       |Short |35  |1000 points
      V4   |Shock wave   |Short |40  |1500 points
    Full Upgrade:Quantum Whip
    Effect:Flying wave(The wave flies out like a blade into enemies)
    N60 Storm
    Cost:15000 Bolts(13500 Bolts with discount)
    Becomes available:Florana
    Version|Effect       |Range |Ammo|Exp to Upgrade
      V1   |Standard     |Long  |150 |200 points
      V2   |Ricochet     |Long  |175 |300 points
      V3   |Lock-On      |Long  |200 |1000 points
      V4   |Electrocution|Long  |225 |1800 points
    Full Upgrade:N90 Hurricane
    Effect:Increased Power
    Cost:18000 Bolts(16200 Bolts with discount)
    Becomes available:Starship Pheonix
    Version|Effect       |Range |Ammo|Exp to Upgrade
      V1   |Standard     |Long  |15  |400 points
      V2   |Wide Range   |Long  |15  |400 points
      V3   |Damage       |Long  |18  |1200 points
      V4   |Range/Damage |Long  |20  |1800 points              
    Full Upgrade:Infecto-Bomb
    Effect:Exploding Charge
    Suck Cannon
    Cost:8000 Bolts(7200 Bolts with discount)
    Becomes available:Starship Pheonix
    Version|Effect       |Range |Ammo|Exp to Upgrade
      V1   |Standard     |Short |10  |200 points
      V2   |Ricochet     |Medium|12  |400 points
      V3   |Flaming ammo |Medium|15  |600 points
      V4   |Damage       |Medium|20  |800 points              
    Full Upgrade:Vortex Cannon
    Effect:Flaming Comets
    Spitting Hydra
    Cost:40000 Bolts(36000 Bolts with discount)
    Becomes available:Marcadia
    Version|Effect       |Range |Ammo|Exp to Upgrade
      V1   |Standard     |Long  |15  |300 points
      V2   |4way-Lock on |Long  |15  |600 points
      V3   |5way-Lock On |Long  |15  |900 points
      V4   |6way-Lock on |Long  |15  |1200 points              
    Full Upgrade:Tempest
    Effect:7way-Lock on
    Agents of Doom
    Cost:60000 Bolts(54000 with discounts)
    Becomes available:Annihilation Nation
    Version|Effect       |Range |Ammo|Exp to Upgrade
      V1   |Standard     |Medium|6   |400 points
      V2   |Laser guns   |Medium|6   |600 points
      V3   |Rapid fire   |Medium|8   |2000 points
      V4   |Flying Agents|Long  |8   |3000 points              
    Full Upgrade:Agents of Dread
    Effect:Heat seeking missles
    Flux Rifle
    Cost:75000 Bolts(67500 with discounts)
    Becomes available:Aqautos
    Version|Effect       |Range |Ammo|Exp to Upgrade
      V1   |Standard     |Long  |10  |200 points
      V2   |Damage       |Long  |12  |400 points
      V3   |Damage       |Long  |12  |900 points
      V4   |Explode shots|Long  |12  |1400 points              
    Full Upgrade:Splitter Rifle
    Effect:Higly Destructive
    Mini-Turret Glove
    Cost:25000 Bolts(Free with warranty)
    Becomes available:Aquatos
    Version|Effect       |Range |Ammo|Exp to Upgrade
      V1   |Standard     |Medium|10  |400 points
      V2   |Damage       |Medium|10  |600 points
      V3   |Explosions   |Medium|12  |1000 points
      V4   |targeting    |Medium|12  |1500 points              
    Full Upgrade:Mega-Turret Glove
    Effect:Range increase
    Lava Gun
    Cost:40000 Bolts(Free with warranty)
    Becomes available:Aquatos
    Version|Effect       |Range |Ammo|Exp to Upgrade
      V1   |Standard     |Medium|150 |600 points
      V2   |Acid         |Medium|150 |900 points
      V3   |Lock-on      |Medium|175 |1200 points
      V4   |Power        |Medium|175 |1500 points              
    Full Upgrade:Liquid Nitrogen Gun
    Effect:Freezes enemies
    Cost:150000 Bolts(135000 With discount)
    Becomes available:Tyhrranosis
    Version|Effect       |Range |Ammo|Exp to Upgrade
      V1   |Standard     |Long  |20  |800 points
      V2   |Explosion    |Long  |20  |1600 points
      V3   |Homing       |Long  |22  |4000 points
      V4   |Lock-on      |Long  |22  |6000 points              
    Full Upgrade:Decimator
    Effect:Swarm of Heat seeking missles
    Holo Shield Glove
    Cost:30000 Bolts(27000 with discount)
    Becomes available:Tyhrranosis
    Version|Effect       |Range |Ammo|Exp to Upgrade
      V1   |Standard     |Close |8   |150 points
      V2   |Hit point    |Close |8   |300 points
      V3   |Reflect      |Close |10  |900 points
      v4   |Power        |Close |10  |1350 points              
    Full Upgrade:Ultrashield Glove
    Effect:Destructive Energy
    Disc Blade Gun
    Cost:175000 Bolts(157500 with discount)
    Becomes available:Obani Gemini
    Version|Effect       |Range |Ammo|Exp to Upgrade
      V1   |Standard     |Long  |25  |700 points
      V2   |Ricochet     |Long  |25  |1400 points
      V3   |Reflect      |Long  |25  |4000 points
      V4   |Power        |Long  |25  |6000 points              
    Full Upgrade:Multi-Disc Gun
    Effect:Discs splits into multiple discs
    Rift Inducer
    Cost:180000 Bolts(162000 with discount)
    Becomes available:Holostar Studios
    Version|Effect       |Range |Ammo|Exp to Upgrade
      V1   |Standard     |Medium|8   |800 points
      V2   |Black holes  |Medium|8   |1600 points
      V3   |Lock-on      |Medium|10  |4000 points
      V4   |Power        |Medium|10  |6000 points              
    Full Upgrade:Rift Ripper
    Cost:200000 Bolts(180000 with discount)
    Becomes available:Aridia
    Version|Effect       |Range |Ammo|Exp to Upgrade
      V1   |Standard     |Medium|N/A |1000 points
      V2   |Explosive    |Medium|N/A |2000 points
      V3   |Explosive    |Medium|N/A |5000 points
      V4   |Homing       |Medium|N/A |8000 points              
    Full Upgrade:Qwack-o-Blitzer
    Effect:Flaming ammo
    Cost:150000 Bolts(free with warranty)
    Becomes available:Qwarks Hideout
    Version|Effect       |Range |Ammo|Exp to Upgrade
      V1   |Standard     |Medium|10  |2500 Points
      V2   |Acid         |Medium|10  |6000 points
      V3   |Lock-On      |Medium|12  |10000 points
      V4   |Power        |Medium|12  |12000 points              
    Full Upgrade:Heavy Bouncer
    Effect:Power/Large bomb
    Plasma Coil
    Cost:250000 Bolts(Free with warranty)
    Becomes available:Koros
    Version|Effect       |Range |Ammo|Exp to Upgrade
      V1   |Standard     |Long  |15    |8000 points
      V2   |Acid         |Long  |15    |8000 points
      V3   |Lock-On      |Long  |15    |12000 points
      V4   |Power        |Long  |15    |14000 points              
    Full Upgrade:Plasma Storm
    Shield Charger
    Cost:250000 Bolts(Free with warranty)
    Becomes available:Mylon
    Version|Effect       |Range |Ammo|Exp to Upgrade
      V1   |Standard     |Short |3   |2200 points
      V2   |Power        |Short |3   |2800 points
      V3   |Power        |Short |3   |4600 points
      V4   |Power        |Short |4   |7200 points              
    Full Upgrade:Telsa Barrier
    Cost:3000000 Bolts(2700000 with discount)
    Becomes available:Florana-challenge mode
    Version|Effect       |Range |Ammo|Exp to Upgrade
      V1   |Standard     |Long  |25  |20000 points
      V2   |12 Missiles  |Long  |30  |30000 points
      V3   |14 Missiles  |Long  |35  |30000 points
      V4   |16 Missiles  |Long  |40  |50000 points              
    Full Upgrade:RYNOCINATOR
    Effect:Obliterates enemies
    Another staple in the R&C series, some gadgets from the pervious games are 
    returning for this game.
    Found in:Marcadia
    This gadget can be used to either solve puzzles or as a weapon. When solving 
    puzzles a force field with surrond ratchet and allow him to refract laser beams
    into mirrors to open doors. Against an enemy it does the same thing if the 
    enemy fires lasers, the laser bounces off the sheild and destroys the enemy.
    Found in:Annihilation Nation
    This device allows ratchet to actually transform into a tyhrranoid and he will
    also be able to speak tyhrranoid language. You can do this by hitting the 
    buttons on the controller in the pattern that appears on the screen.
    Found in:Starship Pheonix
    This device is used to pick locks on doors that have certain locks on them.To 
    use this item, you will get a veiw inside the lock.You will red defense 
    programs and green snippets moving up the lines. Rotate on the circle press x 
    to destroy the red programs and press sqaure to suck up the green snippets. 
    Once you have reached the required amount of snippets you can procede.
    Found in:Starship Pheonix
    This is a combination of the Dynamo and swingshot from the previous R&C game.It
    will allow you to swing to targets by pressing and holding circle when in range
    of a target. You can also activate platforms with this by just pressing circle.
    Charge Boots
    Found in:Daxx
    Another returing gadget, Once this is equipped you can zip around the levels 
    for a short period time. You do this by just double tapping R1, the charge only
    lasts until for a short period of time or until you run in to wall.
    Bolt Grabber V2
    Found in:Joraal Nebula
    This is a new attachment for your wrench. This work when you use the hyper
    strike attack on your wrench by pressing x then square. Any breakable object 
    within a few feet break given you the bolts.
    Warp Pad
    Found in:Aridia
    This new gadget allows you to go to any warp pad that you attach this to. It 
    works by standing on the pad and pressing triangle. The device is attached and
    you can return to that when you want by pressing circle.
    Found in:Thran(Qwarks Hideout)
    Cost:250000 Bolts
    This device is basically a portable weapons vendor. It allows you to recieve 
    ammo when a vendor isnt around.Be aware that it costs more to use it then the
    regular vendor.
    The most basic of crate, thse wooden crates are everywhere so just smash them 
    with the wrench to get the bolts inside.
    Ammo crates
    These are in many places.These are blue and grey with big G's on the sides.
    Smash them with the wrench to gain the ammo inside.
    Inferno Crate
    These crates are kinda scarce in the game. Once these are hit with the wrench 
    ratchet becomes invincible and can take out enimies with one hit.
    Jackpot Crate
    These are green crates with bolts on the side.Once you hit these, the bolts you
    collect double. It only lasts for about 30 seconds though.
    These are your health, these are clear glass boxes with purple glowing balls 
    inside.Smash these and the health atomatically absorbs into your health.
    (All armor can be bought on the starship pheonix)
    Magnaplate Armor
    Cost:10000 Bolts
    Damage reduction:33%
    Available:After Florana
    Adamantine Armor
    Cost:60000 Bolts
    Damage reduction:50%
    Available:After Aquatos
    Aegis Mark V Armor
    Cost:250000 Bolts
    Damage Reduction:66%
    Available:After Joraal Nebula
    Infernox Armor
    Cost:1000000 Bolts
    Damage Reduction:80%
    Available:After Thran (Qwarks Hideout)
    There are plenty of enemies in the game and some can just drive you nuts, well
    here is description of all the enemies.
    One-Eyed Tyhrranoid
    These are the most basic of enemy.Their only attack is to jump at you then jump
    back to avoid a strike. One hit from the wrench should do the job against these
    It seems kind of odd to see a thyrranoid pilot this robot, but i guess you can
    thank Nefarious for that.Even though they seem dangerous, they are quite simple
    to eliminate.
    Tyhrranoid Attack Ship
    Another creation of Dr. Nefarious to aid the Tyhrranoid forces.Their main 
    attack is to strafe and fire their laser beams. Use a medium to long range 
    weapon to take them out.
    Ultra Mecha-Tyhrranoid
    The update to the Mecha-Tyhrranoid, these guys are faster and more accurate.
    They also have a longer range laser, but overall they can be taken out quite
    Two-Eyed Tyhrranoid
    The evolved version of the one-eye, they have much higher brain functions which
    allow them to carry laser pistols.Like their smaller forms they can be taken 
    out with the wrench but in larger groups use a weapon that can hit multiple 
    Alien Saucer
    This is more of a vehicle piloted by noid but its dangerous none the less. It 
    usually means that dropships are near, so be aware of that. There main attack
    is to fire lasers at you, but they alos have the ability to materilize one-eyed
    tyhrranoids. Usually a shock blaster or a few wrench hits should do the job.
    Floranian Blood Flies
    These things usually appear in groups but they dont do much damage and a couple
    can be eliminated with one swipe of the plasma whip.
    Nabla Native
    These guys dont like it when you tresspass so they will attack when you get 
    anywhere near them.Their two attacks are to swipe with their boomerang or throw
    it. Both attacks are easily avoidable and the enemy can be defeated with almost
    any weapon.
    Swamp Monster
    These giant creatures only appear on the planet of Florana. The main attack of
    this creature is to spew green blobs at you.A good tactic for this fight is to
    use the shock blaster and strafe while firing it.
    Gadgetron Test Dummy
    These guys only appear in the VR training sim. Some have flamethrowers, others
    throw bombs, and some just punch.If you manage to get them in a group the nitro 
    launcher is good solution to eliminate them all in one quick and easy shot.
    Three-Eyed Thyrranoid
    These guys are some of the smartest of the Thyrranoids. They all carry with 
    them something similar to the shock blaster.Probably the best weapon in this 
    situation is either your most destructive or a long range weapon.
    Blade Bot
    The only purpose to these guys is to sense organic life and eliminate it, but 
    for Ratchet these guys are push overs, so use the wrench in small groups but 
    use the shock blaster in larger groups.
    Laser/Bash Bots
    Two different versions of relativly the same robot. The bash bot has large 
    spiked balls on its arms that it flails at you. The laser bot uses a powerful
    laser beam to do the job. These guys are difficult to beat up close usually 
    because there is more then one of them.Try to use a long range weapon to beat
    these bots.
    Ninja Bot
    These robots use speed and a double sided sword to attack. They also have a 
    secondary attack by throwing ninja stars. The best method for attack is to 
    either use a projectile or long range weapon to finish them off.
    These are your general sewer dweller. Once you strike them depending on the 
    size, they could spilt.I find the best method is just to keep smashing away 
    with the wrench until they are gone.
    Hover Bot
    These bots dwell in sewer for some reason but they can be a big pain.They use a
    long range flamethrower-like weapon to attack you.When these bots come in close
    attack with any weapon to take them out.
    King Amoeboid
    These first appear as a giant clog in the sewer but they are revealed as a huge
    amoeboid.There only real attack is to spew toxic sludge at you.Use a long range
    weapon such as the spitting hydra to finish them off.
    Sentinal Bots
    These robots cant be defeated since you only encounter them as when you play as
    clank.They project a spotlight ont the floor and anything that crosses into the
    light is shot at.The only advice i have is to avoid the light.
    'Noid Missile Station
    These are motion sensing missile station so when you get to close they will 
    fire a homing missile at you. The best weapon for dealing with these is the 
    Flux Rifle.
    One-Eyed Thyrranoid v-2
    Somehow the orignal one-eye has evolved into something a little meaner and 
    slightly more dangerous but not by much. A multi-killer weapon should be the 
    weapon of choice.
    Guard Bot
    These huge hovering robots can be pain in the ass especially when there are 
    more then one. They use two gatling guns to attack,so use strafe and for the 
    weapon,I recommend the annhilator.
    Solider Bot
    Equipped with a blast rifle and high artifical intelligence, their main tactic
    is to hide behind cement barriers and pop up and shot at you. Use a fully 
    upgraded weapon to deal with them.
    Scout Bot
    These small robots arent hard to defeat but they can cause some damage. If you
    get too close and they are about to attack, their eye will turn red. There main
    way of attack is to fire a laser blast from their claws.
    Sharp Shooter
    These tyhrranoids are armed with high powered laser scoped sniper rifles. They
    can easily take out ratchet with out him realizing it. If you spot a green 
    laser, take evasive action to avoid his fire. The best way to take out these 
    guys is to use the flux rifle.
    Elite SharpShooter
    An enhanced version of the shrapshooter, armed with a gun that fires out an
    unblockable projectile. Since these are unblockable you have to jump over them,
    so try to take these guys out from a far with a long range weapon.
    Tank Bot
    One big problem that is encountered in this game is one big bot. Only a few 
    shots from his pulse cannons can take you out, so either find cover or get out
    of range. Try to take them out using the flux rifle before you encounter them.
    Mini Ninja
    These little guys only appear for a short ammount of time during the part when
    you control clank. They only take a few punch combos to take out.
    'Noid Commander
    These are some of the biggest tyhrranoids in the game. They are armed with big
    plasma cannons that can do a lot of damage. They also use evasive manuevers by
    using their jet pack to hover above you. Use a highly damaging or long range 
    weapon to defeat them.
    Commander Bot
    Stronger, Faster, and more accurate then the solider bot. Armed with a shock
    rifle, in large groups take cover and use strafe. Use a destructive weapon like
    the nitro launcher to do enough damage and then pick them off with a longer 
    range weapon.
    One-eyed robonoid
    I guess nefarious wanted even the tyhrranoids to become robots. More powerful 
    then there "squishy" counterparts. They can cause more damage and are harder to
    take out. But since they still are small use the suck cannon to pick them up
    and use them as ammo.
    Three-eyed robonoid
    Another one of nefarious transformed freaks. The transformation makes more 
    aggressive and more intelligent, so they will adjust to your attacks and use
    evasive moves themselves. Use a hig power weapon or pick them off form long 
    Robonoid Commander
    These guys are no laughing matter. You will know who these guys are when you 
    meet them.Use your highest upgraded weapon or your most powerful weapon to 
    finish them off or try to pick them off using the flux rifle.
    Lawn Ninja
    Because Qwark likes to be private, he has installed his lawn ninja defense 
    system. The annoying little guy pops out of the ground and attack with their 
    ninja swords.The wrench should be enough to take out the lawn ninja/gnome.
    Qwark Bot
    Another one of Qwarks security devices, a robot that looks like him with a 
    bunch of crappy catch phrases. They usually appear in groups so try to pick
    them off using the flux rifle then clean up using the annhilator.
    Mega Bots
    These are the biggest robots you will encounter (Non-boss). Extremly long range
    matched with surprising speed and strength makes these bots extremly difficult.
    Using strafe, lock-on, and fully upgraded weapons are the ways to take them
    Drone Bot
    These tiny guys appear late in the game and are simply to take out. They do 
    have a long range though with their flamethrower attachment. They usually 
    appear in large groups so use the annhilator or nitro launcher to take them 
    We open the third installment of the ratchet and clank series in Ratchets 
    apartment in Metropolis. We see the two heroes playing a game of somekind of
    intergalactic chess and then sitting down to see their new found fame come to
    fruition in the tv show Secret Agent Clank. This is the show were clank plays a
    secret agent(DUH!!!) and ratchet plays his butler. After the show a news report
    tells about an attack on ratchets home planet of veldin. According to the news
    the attackers was an alien race known as the tyhrranoids and the one leading 
    them is the evil robot Dr. Nefarious. Ratchet, filled with anger, decides to 
    head back to his home planet. The problem is the space ship ratchet uses isnt 
    fast enough so he decides to uses his home made gravimetric warp drive to get
    there. Once the ship touches down, get ready for the battle.
    Once Ratchet touches down on the Veldin He is Greeted by the Galactic Rangers
    Who are doing their best to defend the planet. The rangers though mistake 
    Ratchet for their new commander. Ratchet goes along with it and a ranger tosses
    him a Weapon, A shock Rifle. Get ready for your first taste of battle.
    *Mission 1* SAVE VELDIN
    The first wave of tyhrranoids attack, with one-eyed and Mecha Tyhrranoids. 
    Blast them away with your shock blaster and strafe to avoid the Mecha's laser
    attack.Continue to move uphill blasting 'noids left and right until you reach
    another scene. The Rangers are unable to make a move with a attack ship firing
    on them. They hand you a new weapon and tell you to take it out. You now have
    recieved The nitro launcher. Take the weapon and get back far enough to avoid 
    the laser or go running in full bore (which i dont reccomend) and fire off a 
    shot or two with the Nitro Launcher. Once the area is cleared drop down into 
    the hole in the floor and continue into a circular room. The rangers are 
    fighting off an Ultra Mecha 'Noid. Go into first person mode and pick off the 
    noid with the shock blaster.After eliminating the 'noid collect all the bolts 
    around the room and head up the stairway. Take cover behind the boxes and 
    strafe out with the nitro launcher to take out the attack ship and mecha 'noid.
    Keep moving on picking up bolts, ammo, and health until you have reached the 
    rangers by the dropship. The galactic rangers tell you its presidents orders to
    take out a tyrranoid cell. Then head on to the dropship
    *Mission 2* Eliminate the Enemy Forces
    Once the dropship door opens get ready for a freefall. Once you jump out use 
    the L-stick to steer Ratchet away from the oncoming missiles. Once you are on
    the ground, pull out your shock blaster and start eliminating enemies. Keep 
    moving and picking up bolts along the way until you are attacked by a ship.
    Duck behind the wall and strafe out with the nitro launcher and blow it up.Head
    across the bridge to receive a transmission with the president. The pres. 
    congratulates the commander and recognizes Clank as Secret agent Clank and 
    Ratchet as....well his trusty chauffeur.He tells them that Nefarious must be 
    stopped at all costs. Acorrding to the president only one man has faced 
    Nefarious and has been sighted in the Florana jungle. Once the transmission is
    over head in the ship and off to Florana.
    *Mission 1* Find the Mysterious Man
    Once you touch down on florana, go to the weapons vendor there and see if you 
    have enough bolts to purchase the Plasma Whip, it will cost you 7500 bolts. 
    Once you are ready head out. Jump across the floating platforms and take out
    the florana blood flies that you encounter. Once you make it to the fork in the
    path take a left into a small room loaded with crates and a jackpot crate which
    doubles the amount of bolts you recieve. Go back to the path and head right. 
    Some of the natives take exception to you being on their planet and attack. Use
    the shock blaster to take them out. Once that is done a swamp monster appears.
    Strafe using the nitro launcher or shock blaster, after a couple shots he 
    should fall. Enter the room and clear it out of enemies. Once its all clear,hop
    up onto the ledge to your left and then jump across. Some of the natives will
    crash through the window, but they are an easy kill. Climb up the ladder here,
    and take out the unsuspecting natives. Climb down the ladder and retrive the 
    titanium bolt on  the level below. Then either use the other ladder here to get 
    down lower or just use a glide jump to reach the platfrom. Once there, more
    natives and a swamp monster will attack. Use the same tactics as before to drop
    the moster. Enter the door way, and you will be attacked by six of the natives.
    Again just use the nitro launcher and it should be an easy kill. Once the other
    door opens, do a wall to wall jump until you reach the ledge. If you reach the 
    ledge opposite of the ladder, jump up to the second ledge to claim some bolts.
    This were you can also get your first trophy, see the trophy section for 
    details. Jump back to the other ledge and use the zip line. Once you reach the 
    bottom, florana blood flies and two swamp monsters will attack. The nitro 
    launcher is your best bet to take out the swamp monster and the plasma whip 
    works just fine against the flies. Once the bridge lowers climb up the ladder.
    Once you finish off the flies up here, use the zipline to watch a very funny 
    cutscene. Ratchet is starteled by a giant man standing before him. This must
    be who they were searching for. The man then demands they walk the path of
    *Mission 2* Walk the Path of Death
    Once there jump across the falling platforms and take out the natives once you
    cross to the other side. Run up the ramp ahead, but avoid the boulders that 
    come rolling down. Just watch were they drop and base your movements off of 
    that. Once you pass that, defeat more enemies and jump across to the platform.
    Here is another chance to get a titnaium bolt, just look right and you should 
    see it. Jump across the flame jets, there pretty easy to get the timing down
    so dont worry, then cross the next set of falling platforms. You will notice 
    the next trap right away. Once the pounders slam together flmae jet in the 
    middle will ingnite. Wait for a clear then go for it. Once the next set wait 
    for the first row to clear and then run across when the time is right. The 
    next set of flame jets are a bit trickier. Watch them for a pattern and you 
    should notice the middle on ahead of you doesnt ignite, jump to that one then
    jump to the other middle on when it isnt ignited, and keep doing this until you
    cross. The next part is looking out for falling boulders and flame jets. Watch
    the boulders and move accordingly. Move around the flame jets to avoid the 
    boulders. Once you reach the top, get some ammuntion and prepare for a battle 
    with an old friend.
    *Boss Battle* Captain Qwark
    Qwarks Attacks:
    1.Bomerrang Throw-This is the attack is for long range, easily dodgeable but
    still a pain.
    2.Bomerrang Swipe-A short for when you get close to him, he will take his 
    bomerrange and swipe at you repeatedly. This attack can do some damage if it 
    hits enough times
    3.Help fro the Natives-When Qwarks health gets low, he will jump up to a vine
    and hang there as some of the natives do the work for him. Use the nitro 
    launcher to stop this attack.
    Pretty try to stay at a distance from qwark, so he will have to throw his 
    bomerrang. Use the nitro launcher to do the most damage or if you are at close
    range the plasma whip works good to. Once the natives attack you, even though 
    qwark is away from the arena he can still take damage, so try to hit him as 
    well as the natives. Once the natives fall and Qwark returns, the rest is a 
    cake walk.
    After the battle is over, Qwark starts acting like a monkey. He thinks because
    ratchet is wearing the his mask he is his leader. Ratchet heads back to the 
    ship to be greeted by Sasha, captain of the star ship pheonix. She wants you to
    bring qwark to the pheonix in order to try to get him on their side.
    IV.Starship Pheonix
    *Mission 1* Get Qwark TO his cage
    Once on the starship, Sasha greets them and gives them the tour. I guess 
    ratchet isnt after a girl with looks or personality..just a VG-9000 game 
    system. After the conversation is over, take qwark to your quaters. Once you
    enter, qwark takes a seat in the cage to enjoy a banana. While he is doing this 
    head to the bridge to meet Sasha. Go up to the front of the ship and use the
    carrier to get you to the bridge. Once there watch the scene unfold as The 
    presidental compound in marcadia is under attack. Sasha is also reveild to be
    the presidents daughter. 
    *Mission 2* VR training
    Even though this is opitonal i just put it in any way. Go to your quaters and 
    enter the door to your left. Enter the VR training course to win bolts and a
    titanium bolt. Read the VR section for tips on this area.
    Once you are done go to your ship and head out to Marcadia
    *Mission 1* Get to the presidental Compound
    Once you touch down head out and blast the little noids that appear, also take
    out the bigger ones along the way. Head up the spiral staircase and fight of 
    the three-eyed noids up here. Head up either stair way, and enter the court
    yard.Two drop ship will appear to add more enemies to the scuffle, so use cover
    and strafe to take them down. Jump across the bridge , and hang a left. The 
    rangers tell you that another group of noids just landed and is attacking the 
    compound. Head with the rangers into the dropship and make your way to the 
    *Mission 2* Operation Iron Shield
    Part one:Secure the Area
    Once you get off the drop ship, blast away the enemies. Use a longer range or
    a highly destructive weapon to knock them out.
    Reward:3000 bolts
    Part Two:Air Assault
    In this one you will have to provide protection for the few rangers that are 
    left on the battlefield. Take out any enemies that are dropped out from the 
    ships and the flying saucers. Remember if you lose all four rangers, you lose 
    the challenge.
    Reward:4500 Bolts
    Part Three:Turret Command
    You know are in control of a laser turret. Your mission is to take out the drop
    ships that appear. The rangers will worry about the saucers, so only 
    concentrate on the ships. Follow the pattern of the ships and fire slightly 
    ahead of the them to cause damage. In cause you dont destroy them by the time
    they drop their enemies off, remember to destroy the enemies too.
    Reward:6000 Bolts
    Part Four:Under the Gun
    You have to protect the repairmen while they fix the turret. Hold your position
    for 2 minutes and pick off any thing that comes close to the repairmen. If they
    are destroyed you fail the challenge. 
    Reward:7500 Bolts
    Part Five:Hit n' Run
    Time to hold off the noids. You have to activate the laser defense network 
    around the area to hold the saucers and dropships at bay. If you look on your 
    map you should see a green dot. Got to each green dot that appears and use your
    wrench to turn the bolts in place. The noids of course will attack you while 
    you do this so try to get some space in between them and you. To turn the bolts
    press square to attach your wrench and then use the L-stick to turn them.
    Reward:9000 Bolts
    After you have completed all five challenges you will be greeted by the 
    president. You will comment ratchet and the fact that he has never seen a 
    butler preform like he has. After a rambling about his daughter, The president
    tells ratchet to go to the laser defense facility and activate the cities 
    defense mechinisim. Off we go to the laser defense facility.
    *Mission 3* Repair the Laser Defense Shields
    Once you enter the faciltiy you will be awarded with a refractor. This allows 
    you refract laser beams in order to open doors. Simply equip the refractor and
    step into a laser beam. Go into first person mode and fire it at the targets.
    This can also be used to kill enemies. After you clear the first room out. Use
    the refractor to open the door by firing the beam at the target next to the 
    door. In the next room, kill any enemies that show up and then using your 
    wrench turn the screw in order to move the target forward. Equip the refractor
    and bounce the laser beam into the target. The beam should then hit a target 
    next to the door, opening it. In the next room, keep the refractor equiped 
    and use the mecha-noids' own laser beam against it. Then go to the screw and
    turn it to bring the target between the two walls closer. Refract the laser on
    to the target then go to the laser hitting the wall and fire that into the 
    target next ot the door. In next room, elimnate the enemy and use the screw to 
    move the target backwards. Again refract the beam on to the target, this will 
    cause the laser to shoot up on an angle. Use this laser and fire it into the 
    target in front of you to active the bridge. After crossing the bridge, take 
    out the enemies and hop up onto the center platform. Equip the refractor and go
    into first person mode. Use the beam to guide the metal spider on the ground.
    Once it reaches the spider logo on the wall hit it with the beam in order to 
    open the door ahead of you. Once in the room take out the enemies and use the
    screw to move the hanging target back. Jump up to the center platfrom and fire
    the beam. The beam splits in two, hitting both tragets and opening the door. 
    Another room with some enemies and screw. Turn it until it contacts the beam,
    which in turn will split it in two. Use each of these beams seperatly to hit 
    the targets, but you will have to get close to the wall because the targets are
    put on an angle. Once in the room take out the enemies and meet up with Big Al.
    He will be playing a Qwark Vid comic claiming it is not a video game but a 
    Historically accurate graphic novel. Then clank decides to show him up by 
    telling him he has a feed back loop in the induction coil (whatever the hell
    that means). Once he fixes the problem the laser defense comes back online and
    ratchet decides to borrow the vid-comic hoping it will restore qwarks memory.
    Use the warp pad to get back to the dropship whichi in turn takes you to your
    ship, then head back to the pheonix.
    VI.Starship Pheonix
    *Mission 1* Play Qwark Vid-Comic 1
    In an effort to get qwarks memory back, Ratchet decides to give the VG-9000 a
    spin by playing the vid-comic.
    Qwark vid comic 1: "Pirate Booty"
    Qwark Controls:Walk-L Stick/d-pad
                   Fire blaster-Circle
    Start off by jumping over the gaps while avoiding the blue floatinf skulls. 
    Punch the rat on the other side and head up th elevator. Watch out for falling
    flaming skull and rats. Pick up the tokens along the way. Once you reach the 
    top punch out the pirate who was throwing the skulls.Battle your way across the
    level. Jump up the dissapearing latforms and continue until you reach a large
    room, grab the blaster and fire at the giant space eel that appears. You cant
    kill it just yet so take out the pirates and rats. Continue along the way,
    jumping to avoid the skulls and shooting at  the pirates. Make your up the
    levels of regular and dissapearing platforms, while shooting down your enemies.
    Continue along, jumping across the gaps. Jump across the large gap by using the
    dissapearing platfroms at your disposal. Once on the other side use the moving
    platform to get to another set of dissapearin platforms and enemies. Jump
    across all the gaps and up the platfroms. When you reach the door pick up the
    health upgrade and go in to battle the space eel. Use the platforms and 
    constantly shoot at the eel. Watch out for falling rocks though. Just keep 
    shooting form a distance and you should be fine. The eel does get progessivly 
    faster but this shouldnt be a problem. After the comic is over you will get a 
    nice reward of bolts depending on what your time and token count was.
    After Ratchet and clank are done playing, Qwark starts having flashback of some
    of his success but most of his failuers. An of course he becomes the arrogant
    captain he was in the past. By the way do you smell bananas? Anyway, Angela 
    tells you of a device that can be won that will allow the user to look like a
    tyhrranoid and even speak the language. All they have to do to win it is run
    the death course of Annhilation Nation. Heads back to your ship and go to 
    annhilation nation.
    VII.Annhilation Nation
    *Mission 1* Win the Tyhrra-guise
    Once ratchet touches down, he gets a fitting introduction, and is introduced to
    the death course he has to run.
    1.Heat Street
    This is the first of eight gauntlet challenges that ratchet can complete in the
    game. First jump across the two flame jet platfroms and take out all the blade 
    bots in the room when you reach it. Step on the trigger in the center of the 
    floor to find out which door will open. Equip the refractor here to avoid
    taking damage from the lasers and make your way along the path. Once at the end
    destroy the laser and continue on. Hop up the ledges and destroy both laser 
    bots, then go along the flame jet path, jumping over them as they approach. 
    take out the long range laser bot before continuing along more flame jets. Once
    you pass the jets, kill all the blade bots and hit another trigger. Destroy 
    any bot that comes across the path and hit the triggger in the other room. 
    Avoid the pushers that come out of the walls and the blade bots, then destroy
    the laser bot at the end.
    Reward:Qwark-Vid comic 2
    2.Grand Prize Bout
    This is the first arena challenge you will have to endure in the game. It 
    involves wave after wave of enemies and arena traps, and sometimes special 
    stipulations, such as sleeping gas rounds or rotating weapons round. This one
    is pretty basic. All you have to do is last 10 rounds and the tyhrra-guise is 
    all yours. The first wave of enemies is armoured gladiators, only a couple 
    shots from the shock blaster should the job.Wave 2 involes laser and bash bots.
    Use a highly upgarded weapon and avoid the lasers by sideflipping away from 
    them. The thrid wave is all blade bots. Conserve your ammo by just wacking them
    with your wrench. Wave 4 is some armoured gladiators and laser and bash bots. 
    Conserve ammo by letting them attack each other, then come in quickly to get in
    a few hits. Try jumping over two enemies, the enemy in fornt will see you and 
    swing but with hit the enemy behind him causing damage. Wave 5 is again all 
    blade bots, just use the wrench. The sixth wave is similar to wave 4 but this 
    time an inferno crate is out there. Use the inferno crate to go to town on your
    enemies. The 7th wave uses blade, bash, and laser bots. If you have inferno 
    power left over, use it but after you consume it all use a weapon like the 
    nitro launcher to take them out. The eight wave involves uses blade bots and
    gladiators, just use the same tactics from the last battle and you should be 
    fine. The ninth wave of enemies uses every enemy youve encountered so far, 
    except laser bots. Keep using a highly destructive weapon that hits multiple 
    enemies to advance to the final round. The tenth and final round is almost 
    indentical to the ninth round except the bash bots are replaced with laser
    bots. Again use the same tactics before and they should be no problem.
    Now that you have beaten the death course you have the thyrra-guise, presented
    by Courtney Gears. Sasha calls in and is shocked by the....convincing disguise
    as a thyrranoid. She also informs him that the president has put Qwark in 
    charge of leading the fight against Dr. Nefarious. After the scene is over you
    have the option of either returning to the pheonix or play the other 
    annhilation nation challenges. Go to the annhilation nation section for 
    VIII.Starhsip Pheonix
    *Mission 1* Play Qwark-Vid comic 2
    After the giant wind bag himself brings the Q-force together, and gives the
    plan, mostly involving ratchet and clank (obviusly drawn in crayon). Off course
    the plan was thought up by the strategerist him self qwark. Once the scene is 
    over, go to your quaters to play the 2nd qwark vid-comic.
    Qwark Vid comic 2:"Arriba Amoebia"
    Start off be punching out all the ameobia the appear out of the windows. Clear
    out the platfrom above you by taking out the solider and other amoebia. You 
    will notice that the bigger ameobias will split into smaller ameobias. Use your
    wall to wall jump to get to the next platform and clear ito out. Pick up the
    flamethrower in the next room and contiune upward. Use the flame thrower 
    against the large ameobia above you and contiue along the falling platforms. 
    Kill all the ameobia that you encounter and continue moving along the platforms
    until you reach the wall to wall jump slot. Wall to wall jump and then punch 
    the large amoebia that shows up into the electric area for an easy kill. Use 
    wall jump to reach the nest platform and then hang off of the ledge of the 
    large platfrom. This will start to move so pull yourself up and take out the 
    solider by knocing him off the ledge. Contiue along by using another moving 
    platform and knocking another solider off a ledge. Keep going, taking out 
    amoebiods and soliders using the flamethrower. Jump across the electric gap by 
    using the falling platforms and knock the big ameobiod in the electricity. Take
    out the other big ameobiod and go along the moving platforms. Along the path 
    take out all ameoboids and soliders that appear and do a series of wall to wall
    jumps to get to the next platform. Watch out for the falling and rolling balls
    of slime  and use the falling platfroms to get up. Catch a ride on the moving 
    platfrom,and at the right time release to fall in between the to electic traps.
    Use the moving platforms that appear to make yuor way across the large gaps.
    Take out more amebiods in the next level and and solider bots. In the next area
    two large ameboids bust through the wall. Use the flamethrower to get rid of 
    them. Use the series of moving platforms to reach the top and complete chapter
    *Mission 1* Infiltrate the underwater hideout
    On the way to aquatos, Ratchet and clank get a call from Clanks director. As 
    the director is wondering were clank is he bribes him with a bigger trailer and
    daily oil massages. He then refers to ratchet as weasel boy. Once the 
    conversation is over touch down on aqautos. Once there use the, underwater pod
    to get to the sewers, were you meet up with Ski....I mean Shadow dude. After 
    ratchet wants skidd to leave, skidd infroms him he has a hacker and could of 
    use. Once on the path, take out any and all ameoboids that come out of the 
    green sludge, before hitting the switch to open the door. In the next room some
    hover bots will try to take out the ameboids that appear but they quickly 
    attack you instead. Take them and and collect the jackpot crate before 
    continuing. Once the door opens take out the large ameboid that appears, so 
    that skidd can use the hack to extend a bridge. Once in the next room, take out
    the hoverbot that appears and hit the switch to open the door. In the next room
    a group of hover bots appear. Use any weapon to take them out and contiune up
    on the circular platfrom. Jump in the water and begin to swim. Use the 
    explosive crates underwater to pick up extra bolts. By the way swimming 
    controls are x to rise up to the surface and square to dive . Use the L-stick
    guide ratchet to the other opening. After you get out of the water, Sasha will
    call in to say a giant bio-mass is traveling down the drain pipe. Once you 
    enter the drain pipe, kill all amoeboids, and then the green stoppage ahead of
    you transforms into a king ameboid. Use a longer range weapon like the n60 
    storm or the spitting hydra to drop him. You will get a sewer crystal for your
    efforts. These will come into play later on. Once in the next room, hit the 
    switch to let skid in, then go out the other door and take out the amoeboids
    and hoverbots that appear. Let skid extend the bridge using the hacker and then
    cross over it. In the next area, take out all the amoebiods and hoverbots, 
    before activating the switch. In the other room clear out the three hoverbots
    that appear and dive into the water up ahead. In this one you have to avoid 
    water mines. Dont get to close or they follow you and blow up. On the other 
    side enter the drain pipe, and get rid of the hoverbots, amoeboids, and another
    king amoeboid. Once you get past them, use the switch to let skidd in and then
    go to the next area. Take out the hoverbots and let skidd extend the bridge.
    Once across us the same mechanisim you used before to get back. Once back on
    the surface, a strange noise spooks skidd into leaving. Then your good pal slim
    cognito shows up. He offers you some more weapons, but they are returning from
    Ratchet and clank: Going commando. If you have a save file, your in luck 
    because they are free. After that go back to the area that was blocked by the 
    blue glowing wall before, and take the pod to nefarious's base.
    *Mission 2* Find nefarious's office
    When you reach the hideout the two are forced to split up. Clank will go 
    through the ventilation shaft and ratchet will use the thyrra-guise in order to
    fool the thyrranoids. Once you control clank. Move past laser and the security
    bot. If the spot light touches you, your toast. Hit the switch when the bot 
    moves to either side then run past the othr laser beams to ge to the bridge. 
    Once on the other side, clank opens up a case to get a  gun, banana, and 
    skrunch ( i wonder how he fit in there). This device is known as the BGAMD or 
    Banana guided autonomus monkey device. Use this to distract security bots 
    and hit switches that only skrunch can get. Once you resume control, go into 
    first person veiw and fire a banana onto the trigger across the gap. Skrunch 
    will scurry across a bar and hit the switch. Once the bridge is extended, fire 
    another banana into the spotlight. Skrunch will run into the light, distracting
    the bot. This will give you time to get past it. Once past the bot, move to the
    othr side of the room were clank calls ratchet and asks to extend the bridge. 
    You shoudl regain control of ratchet in his thyrranoid disguise. When reach a
    noid, a little bubble will appear with a circle in it. Hit circle to talk to 
    the noid. You will use a series of key presses in order to say the right things
    screw up and you will insult him. Later there will be times when you have to 
    hold a button for a designated time. The first thyrranoid is pretty easy to 
    convince, at the correct times hit X, X, triangle, square, and he will hit the
    trigger for you. Jump across the platforms and talk to the next one. This one 
    takes a bit more convincing. The first set is X (hold), circle, triangle,
    triangle, square, square, triangle. The second set is circle, square, square 
    (hold), tirangle, x. triangle, x. triangle. After that he will open the door 
    for you. Talk to one standing by the lowered section of bridge. The set is up,
    down, triangle, square, left, circle, x. After this the bridge will be raised 
    and you will regian control of clank. Avoid the spinning laser, and then walk 
    up to the forced field. Turn around and fire a banana onto the switch. Skrunch
    will run over and open the forcefield for you. Once on the other side, hit the
    switch to let skrunch in, then go down the path to your right. Activate the 
    little gadget bots that pop out of the boxes. Go back to were the fan was and 
    hold down triangle and select attack mode for the gadget bots to destroy the 
    fan. Since this will destroy one of them, go back to get a new one. In the next
    room distact the security bots using the BGAMD. After destroying the fan up
    ahead, another gadgetbot will show up. After that go onto the platform, and 
    make sure all 4 of your bots are there, then fire a banana at the trigger to 
    have skrunch raise the elevator. Once at the top select enter function when you
    hold triangle. This will cause the bots to enter the little doorway, causing 
    the forecfield to dissapear. Once you enter the little walkway, you regain 
    control of ratchet. Jump over the lasers then hit the trigger in the middle of
    the rotating lasers. This will eliminate the forcefield. Run underneath the 
    lasers and past the forcefield before it returns. Go over to the next forcfield
    to talk to the thyrranoid. The set is up, square, down, up, circle, square
    (hold), right, x. Talk tp the thyrranoid right in front of you and ask him to 
    extend the bridge. The first set is up, down, square, left, triangle(hold), 
    down(hold), x. He needs some more convincing, the second set is down(hold),
    circle,triangle, circle, triangle(hold), left, circle. After some bribing he 
    will extend the bridge for you. Hit the switch to enter nefarious's office were
    clank is waiting for him. Appearently he is big fan of the show "Secret agent
    Clank". Clank then downloads a star map in hopes that al can decode it.
    *Mission 3* Gather Sewer Crystals (optional)
    This is completely optional, but it will to buckets of bolts if you do it. You
    explore the drain the pipes looking for sewer crystals as a favor for the 
    plumber. You will also face king amoeboids for the crystals as well. The first
    half of them can be found with some searching, but the second half can only
    be found with hypershot, gravity boots, and the hacker. I also recommend using
    the map-o-matic when the crystal numbers are getting smaller. Im not going to 
    go into huge detail about the loction of these crystals, but there are warp 
    pads, you have seen them overhead as you are floating, that let you go to 
    3 major sections of sewer. Good luck finding all 101 sewer crystals.
    Once you are finished go back to the pod, and head back to your ship. 
    X.Starship Pheonix
    Once in flight lawrence informs Dr. Nefraious that his impentatrable fortress
    has been pentatrated. He tells then a data disk was stolen and it was all 
    captain qwarks doing. Nefarious tells lawrence to annhilate the q-force. Back 
    on the Pheonix, what else would qwark do except talk all the congratualtions. 
    He then formualtes another "ingenious plan" to attack thyrranosis, the 
    thyrranoid base. He makes another crayon drawing about his brave skills by 
    letting ratchet attack thyrranosis, while they are on deck 5 enjoying meatloaf
    day in the cafeteria. After the scene is over head out to thyrranosis.
    *Mission 1* Take out the power generators
    Once you fly over the plaent ratchet and clank will eject. Its time to free 
    fall. Just like before avoid the missles by using the L-stick. Once you touch 
    down, take out the one eyes you first encounter then enter the large room. Cut 
    down any enemy that appear. Enter the door that is opened and eliminate 
    anything in there as well. Continue moving through door ways and taking out 
    noids, in the next big room a large group will attack. Use evasive manuvers to
    drop them all and destroy the generator in the middle of the room and the one 
    in the large dome. This will cause the laser cannons to be destroyed. Go 
    through the open door and watch as the dropship leaves you a little present.
    *Mission 2* Destroy the plasam cannons
    Hop in the dune buggy and jump across the bridge. Four green dots will be on 
    the map. Go to each on to destroy the turret. This is in no partciular order
    so, the first in located at the far end of the area. You should see a tunnel 
    with a vendor out in front. Exit the buggy and go into the tunnel. Take the 
    elevator down and take out the noids that are waiting for you. Get up to the 
    next level and take out any enemies that appear. Use the ledges here to get up
    to the next area and encounter a larger group of enemies. Use the spitting 
    hydra to take them out then climb up on the ledge and jump the gap. Take out 
    the flying saucers and the three-eyes that are on the other side. Use glide
    jump to jump back outside and take out another large group of enemies. On the 
    other side is a wall to wall jump slot. Use this to get to the top. Some small
    enemies will appear so take them out then hit the orange object in the middle 
    to stop the cannon. Jump back down and get back to your dune buggy by the 
    entrance by the cave. Go back to your you made your bridge jump and climb up 
    the rucks here. Once you reach the top and drop ship will appear and release 
    some enemies. Eliminate them and then jump the gap and take out some three-eyes
    that are over there. On the next level, more noids are gaurding the orange 
    power core. Take them out and bash the power core. 2 down, 2 to go. Get back
    to the buggy and get to next area. Race down the dirt path, and cross the 
    bridge covered in noids. Run them over while skurnch uses the blaster. Drive to
    the end and run the dune buggy right into the power core. One more to go. Head
    back out and go the the left of the bridge. There should be a small ledge, park
    the buggy in front of there and blast the mecha-noid here. Continue on 
    destroying one and three-eyed noids along the way. Jump the gap and take out 2
    ultra-mecha noids and some three-eyes that are perched on rocks. Use the wall 
    to wall jump slot here to reach the next level. A dorp ship will appear to 
    drop off enemies so take them out as soon as they drop. Cross the bridge, and a
    group of noids round the corner along with a drop ship. Use your spitting hydra
    to take them out. Use the series of ledges here to reach the top and destroy 
    the last turret. A scene takes place were a large door is blasted away by the
    dropship allowing you to enter. Once inside get ready for a big boss battle.
    *BOSS BATTLE* Momma Tyhrranoid
    Momma Tyhrranoid's Attacks:
    1.She will come walking at you and swipe at you with her tentacles. Back flip 
    and run like hell to avoid this attack.
    2.She will latch to the ceiling and lower the machine gun turret on her back 
    and fire back and fourth across the room. This can be avoided with jumping or
    side flipping to avoid the beams.
    3.About half way through the battle she will latch herself to ceiling and take
    out the bridge you entered on. She then fire missles to take out the columns.
    Then the perspective will change throught the eyes of the big 'noid. She will 
    then chase you around to another area. On the way 'noids will attack. Use the 
    plasma whip to take then out ahead of time also use jumping to avoid her laser 
    Once the match starts use either the N60 storm or the annhilator (if you can 
    afford it) and fire at the boss. Use lock-on and strafe to get the most 
    accuracy, and jump out of the way when she leans over and swipes at you. After 
    she takes some damage she will latch herself to the ceiling and fire at you 
    with the machine gun on her back. Use timed jumps to dodge this and continue 
    to fire. After half of her health has been depleted she will jump onto the 
    ceiling and a scene will ensue were she blasts away the bridge and columns. The
    veiw then changes to her eyes. So begin to run, use the plasma whip up ahead to
    drop the 'noids that attack and use front and side flips to avoid the laser 
    fire. Once the battle resumes in the second area, continue with the same 
    tactics as before until the boss falls.
    After the fight, Qwark shows up to take credit for the defeat of the thyrranoid
    leaving ratchet completely out of out. He did thank his massive guns though.
    Once this is over you have two options either go back to the starship or help
    the galactic rangers.
    *Mission 4* Destroy the encampment (optional)
    Part one: Assault on Kavu Island
    Reward:8000 bolts
    The first part is to free fall into battle, since you have done this before it
    shouldnt much different except you will deal with more heat seeking missles. 
    Once you land you will be greeted by quite a few 'noids. Use whatever tactics 
    you need to take them out. After you have cleared the area head over to the 
    screw on the side of the base and turn it to extend the bridge. As soon as this
    happens, 'noids will materialize at the other end. I would use the n60 storm as
    a long range weapon here so you dont have to get to close. If you do get to
    close use the nitro launcher to clear them out. After you do this you will hear
    the call to capture the hover ship on the other side. Once you cross the bridge
    more 'noids will appear along with several missle launchers. Stay as far back 
    as possible or else the missles will detect you. Use the N60 storm to take out
    the enemies and if you have the flux rifle, use that to snipe the missle 
    launchers. Once you clear out the first wave more will show up, use the same
    tactics again to clear out the area. Once you get near the hover ship more 
    enemies will show up along with a row of 4 missle launchers. Since you have a
    limited supply of ammo for your flux rifle, use it only to take out this 
    launchers, not enemies. Afew more enemies will show up near the bridge after 
    you have taken out the row of launchers. Once you have taken out all the 
    enemies, you will have succesfully completed your mission.
    Part two: Dogfight over Kavu Island
    Reward:12000 bolts
    For this misson you have gained control over the Hover ship. Use the L-analog 
    stick to move and strafe,use the right analog to turn,press circle to fire 
    missles, hit x to ascend and square to descend. Alright now, your mission is to 
    take out the drop ships, dont worry about the saucers. A good strategy is to 
    stay at a distance and strafe to cover a wide area. You have to take out a 
    total of 10 dropships. Just use the same strategy for all of them and it should
    be no problem.
    Part Three: Operation Thunderbolt
    Reward:16000 Bolts
    Your job for this mission is to provide a clear path for the troops to the noid
    fortress. You will pilot the hover ship once again for this mission. First 
    thing you might notice is the missle launcher in the corner by the bridge. Dont
    go anywhere, just stay back and take it out with your rockets. After this 
    proceed slowly ahead, and try to pick off enemies were possible. If you are 
    slow enough you will see some missle launchers, but they wont fire because 
    they cant detect you. Take them out from a distance and continue on. Eventually
    you will be greeted by some dropships, dont panic just use the same strategy as
    the previous mission for taking these guys out. Remember to stay at a distance
    so not to alert the missle launchers nearby. Two of the launchers are put on
    lower plateaus, so move very slowly and wait for them to open, then simply 
    blast them away. Two more missle launchers are postioned on the cliff and 
    behind the tall rock near the other bridge, take them out nad clean up the area
    by taken out any missed noids or other dropships, and you will have another 
    successful mission.
    Part Four: The Final Battle
    Reward:20000 Bolts
    alright time for the final mission, take the noids base by force. Load up your
    weapons and get ready to move. Once you step foot on the bridge however, noid
    saucers will appear. Use whatever nessecary tactics to take them out, and 
    continue along. once on the other side, dropships will appear to drop enemy 
    reinforcements. Use strafe skills and powerful weapons to drop these guys and 
    keep moving. Blast away at any thing to try to get to one of the higher 
    platforms. Keep shooting at anything below you and once you have cleared the 
    large area you can continue on. Use your most powerful weapon to take out 
    whatever is guarding the bridge and move in to cross it. Once across, your 
    objective is to take out the two turrets gaurding the base. They will keep 
    firing until you take them out. You will also have to deal with more noids. 
    Pull out the nitro launcer to take out the turrets and the N60 storm to deal 
    with the noids. Take out the turrets and all the noids and pat your self on the
    back cause you just completed the final mission.......of this set of missions.
    There are more to come.
    XII. Starship Phoenix
    *Mission 1*Report Back to the Phoenix
    Once you return to the Phoenix, Ratchet will tell the Q-Force of his battle 
    against the Thyrranoid Queen, when a holographic projection of Dr. Nefarious 
    and Lawrence appears. During Nefarious' rambling he says that he has special
    plans for clank. Once the transmission is over, Ratchet contacts Al about were
    the the hologram was transmitted from. Al says it ws from planet Daxx and he 
    found something while looking. We then see a segment from a show featuring Dr.
    Nefarious and Lawerence talking about there new weapon.....maybe something a
    little more challenging then a rainbow afrolizer. Anyway once the scene is over
    head out it.
    *Mission 2*Complete the Gadget Training course
    Before you can leave, Hlega stops you and demands you take her Gadget training
    course. During this you will be trianed with two new gadgets, The hypershot 
    and Hacker. Start off by hitting circle with the hyper shot to activate the 
    platform then jump across. Round the corner, hit circle again to attach to the
    floating target, hold dwon circle to attach and be pulled across the gap. For
    the next gap again hit circle to swing across and press circle to let go once
    on the other side. Once on the other side, its time to use the Hacker. Walk up
    to the platform and hit triangle. A new screen will pop up, for this mini game.
    Use square to suck up the green bits and x to blast the red bits. Sometimes a
    block will appear and nothing can get through. Complete one stage by getting 10
    pieces of green bits. Once you have gotten rid of the forcefield, use the wall
    to wall jump to get up to the top. There are some lasers moving back and forth
    so wait for them to seperate and hit the target to get across. The next section
    has another set of lasers and a set of four hyperhsot tragets. Swing across 
    unil you reach the next area. Jump up to the next platfrom and use your hacker
    to get rid of the forcefield. This time you have to go through two rounds, and
    get ten bits each round. Once youve done that use the wall to wall jump to get
    to the top and use the hypershot to activate all three platforms and jump 
    across. Once on the other side there is another set of four targets, so swing 
    across. On the other side use the hypershot to activate the four platforms and
    and swing to the other side useing the two hypershot tragets. ALmost to the
    end. Use th hacker on the other side to open the door. This one you have to go
    through three rounds and get 10 bits each. If you complete that then you have
    succeded in the challenge, a titanium botl should be waiting for you on the 
    other side of the door. Now that this is over lets head to Daxx.
    XIII. Daxx
    *Mission 1*Explore the Docks
    Once you land, there are several paths, but were first gonna take the one
    behind you. There should be smoe platforms you can jump up, you should come 
    across a group of florana blood flies. Once you hop up to there level a giant
    gaurd bot appears. Pull out your most powerful weapon to dispose of him and the
    flies. Continue along, you should see more flies, and another gaurd bot. He 
    will try to fire at you, but your at a far enough distance so pull out your 
    flux rifle and snipe him then take out the flies. Go into the small tunnel and
    another gaurd bot appears, try to snipe him before he can fire at you. Another
    small group of flies are also there, so drop them to. More files are above you
    so take them out and them before you can cross the bridge, three gaurd bots 
    appear. Be quick with the flux rifle and blast them out of the sky. There is 
    another group of flies at the other end so shoot them to. Once you cross the 
    bridge go left and jump across the gap between the two blocks. Inside the small
    building the chrage boots should be waiting for you. To use these just double
    tap R1 to get a quick boost of speed. Now that you have the charge boots, jump
    back down to the staring point and use the hyper shot to cross the water. At 
    the junction, go right and climb the platforms. Use the hyper shot to get to 
    the higher platform and cross the gaps. Then use the hypershot to get the the 
    hexagon shaped platforms. Once you land a warship appears and will fire rockets
    at you. A reticle will appear were the rocket will hit, so avoid this. Once you
    cross the warship will dissappear, so climb up and use the wall to wall jump to
    get to the next platform. once at the top use the hypershot to activate the 
    platforms and cross the gap using the hypershot. Once on the other side, the 
    warship reappears so try to avoid its rockets once again. Use the hypershot to
    cross the gap, and the warship will continue to shoot at you. The warship will
    dissappear again once you reach the the next platform. Use the hypershot to 
    cross the gap again. Once you land, the warship shows up again. Jump from 
    platform to platform to avoid its rockets and then use the hypershot to cross
    the gap to the big platform. keep going across the platforms until you reach
    the hypershot platforms. Quickly activate and cross them. Once across you will
    land on a small platform, so quickly attach to the hypershot target and swing
    across. Keep crossing the platoforms until you reach the hypershot targets. 
    Swing across and prepare for the final showdown with the warship. The warships
    first attack is to repeatedly fire missles, so flip and jump to avoid the 
    targets on the ground. During the battle the ship will dissappear and reappear
    around the area. Once about half of the health is drained , the ship will fire
    a solid laser beem and strafe over the area. To attack just continusly fire 
    with your most powerful weapon while jumping to avoid the fire. This battle 
    should be a piece of cake. Once its done just use the hypershot to cross the 
    platform and head inside to watch the cutscene. They find a bunch of Courtney
    Gears posters around and find out that the equipment was used to edit one of
    her music videos. Ratchet seems quite excited to search for clues in this one.
    During the video, it becomes appearent that she is in with Dr. Nefarious. 
    Ratchet says she always seemed innocent in her videos, excpet for a certain one
    (Ratchets dance will explain it all). Anyway they believe that if they go back
    to annhiliation nation were she was handing out prizes then they could talk to
    her. Before going there you still have business to take care of here. Hop into
    the cab to go back to the start. 
    *Mission 2*Infiltrate the Weapons Facility
    VIII.VR simulation and Annhilation Nation
    A.VR Training
    Part One: Warm Up
    Ok this is your first taste of the what to expect in the VR training and 
    Annhilation nation levels. This level you have to go through 5 rounds of test 
    dummies. Pretty simple stuff. One easy method of disposing of them is to run up
    to the tubes were they spawn and wait until it just barely opens and fire your
    nitro launcher into them, easy way to take out a bunch of them. Once you take
    out the large groups of them, clean up the surrounding areas using the N60 
    storm or plasma whip if you have them, if not then the shock blaster will do. 
    Just repeat this five times and you will recieve your reward.
    Reward:300 BOlts.
    Part Two: Don't Look Down
    This one is similar to the first challange except for the panels in the floor 
    will dissapear with each new wave of enemies. You can tell which on is going to
    dissapear because the edges will glow for a second. You have to fight off six
    waves of enemies so just use the same tactics as before and jump over the gaps
    when needed.
    Reward:500 Bolts
    Part Three: The Shocker
    This round, the only weapon you can use is the shock blaster. The big problem 
    with this is the fact that no new ammo will appear so conservation is key. Try
    to shot out packs of them when possible or try to have them take each other out
    by jumping over a couple of them, one is bound to hit another one of the 
    dummies. Also the dissapearing platforms are back. Be prepared to contend with 
    three rounds of the dummies.
    Reward:500 Bolts
    Part Four: Speed Round
    This one is self explainitory, you have one mintue to take out two waves of 
    dummies. Use the same strategies that you have been using before to drop all 
    the baddies.
    Reward:400 Bolts
    Part Five: Wrench Beatdown
    Another simple one, you can only use the wrench. Since these guys dont have 
    many ranged attacks, just carve a path right through them and knock them all 
    out. You have to go through three rounds to claim you bolts.
    Reward:600 Bolts
    Part Six: Hot Stepper
    This one is similar to dont look down, except you have to go through eight 
    rounds. Ammo conservation isnt really necessary since you still have the wrench
    at your disposal. Just survive the eight rounds and will you obtain some more
    Reward:700 Bolts
    Part Seven: 90 second Slayer
    Another timed round. You have 90 seconds this time to cut down three waves of 
    enemies. Just use the same strategy that you have been using and this one 
    should be a piece of cake.
    Reward:1000 Bolts
    Part Eight: Nerves of Titanium
    This is your first real "Challenge". You have to go through 12 waves of dummies
    to claim your reward. Just like during hot stepper, i dont consider ammo 
    conservation all that important since you have the wrench. Just use the weapon 
    that inflicts the most damage and blast them away. If you run out of ammo, just
    switch weapons or go to the wrench. If you succeed you will be rewarded.
    Reward:2000 BOlts & a titanium Bolt
    B. Annhilation Nation
    1. Crispy Critter
    Another deathcourse run. Start off by jumping across two sets of collapsing 
    platforms and flame jets. Once you get to the other side use the button to 
    determine which side you travel to. Keep moving along to the other side of the
    door. Once there, you will be attacked by some blade bots. Just whack them with
    your wrench and continute along the path of collapsing platforms. Once on the
    other side, hang from the ledge with the flame jets and wait for the flames to
    go down on one of the jets. Quickly pull yourself onto the ledge. Once on the
    top you will be greeted by a laser bot. Use either the nitro launcher or 
    spitting hydra (if you have it) to take him out. Once you go up the ramp, two 
    more laser bots will be perched on two platforms above you. Use the spitting 
    hydra or several shock blasts to take them out. Its not wise to use the nitro 
    launcher here because you might not hit them. One the other end of the platform
    a bash bot will materialize, so use the nitro launcher to take him out and 
    contiue along. Go up the ramp and hit the button in the middle of the room to 
    open one of the doors. GO through the door and onto the bridge. You will be 
    attacked by some blade bots, so just smack them around with the wrench. Keep
    going into the next room and activate the button to open another door. Go
    through and get ready to be attacked by a laser bot and several ninja bots. Use
    the plasma whip or n60 storm to take out the ninjas and the nitro launcher or 
    spitting hydra to take out the laser bot. Congrats you have just won one of 
    many challenges.
    Reward:2000 bolts
    2. Pyro Playground
    Guess what? you have another death course you gotta run. Start off by crossing
    the flame jets by waiting for the flames to go down and jumping when you see 
    black smoke start coming out of the jets. Once you cross this, go into the room
    and hit the button to open a door. Several blade bots will appear, so use 
    either the wrench or suck cannon to bash them or keep them as ammo. Go through
    the door and run along the path of collapsing platforms. Once on the second 
    set watch out for lasers. You can stop them temporarily by using the refractor 
    and blasting there laser back at them. Contiue up the steps and pull out the 
    suck cannon, and get ready because a lot blade bots will appear. Suck them up 
    and then wait till the bash bots show up and throw the blade bots back at them.
    Go up the steps and the challenge is now you have to cross the gap by using 
    the extending platforms as a bridge. Just hop onto the first one and jump to
    anyone that comes out, its all about timing. If you jump a little late and 
    the platform retracts before you land on it  and you ares still above it, use
    your hover feature and slowly desecned to the platform as it comes out. Once on
    the other side take out the laser bot that greets you at the door and use the 
    you should know what to do by now. Once the door opens, use the suck cannon or
    wrench to drop the blade bots and the spitting hyrda, nitro launcher or shock 
    blaster to take out the laser bots. Looks like you have just completed another
    Reward:3000 Bolts
    3.Suicide Run
    Do I even need to mention what kind of challenge this is?  This should be the
    last death course you have to deal with until you comeback to annhilation 
    nation later in the game. Start off by crossing the square of flame jets. You
    should have some expirence at crossing these things, so use  timing and proper 
    jumping to cross this. Yet again hit the button and go through the door. Cross
    the flame jet bridge. This one is a bit tricky because oyu cant see the flames
    coming so you have to watch the jets and watch for black smoke to come out of
    them. Once on the other side, climb up the two ledges and take out the group of
    blade bots that appear. Go up the ramp and shoot down the two laser bots on the
    platforms above you. Go to the other side and be prepared for a couple of ninja
    bots that come flipping down the ramp. Take them out and enter the room. Hit 
    the button and go through the door. Now you have to cross the bridge that has 
    several extending platforms that pop out. Simply jump over them and claim your
    reward on the other side.
    Reward:4000 Bolts
    4. Robot Ramapage
    Alright now we get into arena battles. Get ready for 12 rounds of fighting. The
    first wave consists of laser, bash, blade bots and gladiators. Also spinning 
    blades appear on the floor, so be careful of them. Use the suck cannon to suck 
    up the blade bots and launch them out at the others. Once you run out of blade
    bots, just use whatever weapon you think is the best at taking out these guys.
    The 2nd wave is the same thing as wave one. Use the same strategy as before and
    this should be no problem. In wave 3 the floor blades are replaced with 
    electric fields. The enemies are blade and bash bots along with gladiators. The
    same strategy should work for this one as well. Wave 4 has the same traps, but 
    the gladiators have been taken out and replaced by laser bots. As for strategy
    again i repeat, use the same strategy, you know what just keep using the same
    strategy until i give you different one. Wave 5 has all the baddies you have 
    faced so far and also the spinning blades are back but the electric fields are
    still around. In wave 6, the only enemy you have to deal with is the gladiators
    and the only trap is the floor is taken out in the middle of the arena. In Wave
    7 you have to take out the laser, bash, and blade bots. An inferno crate has 
    appear, but save it unless you are low on health. Also the spinning blades have
    returned. Wave 8 has gladiators, blade and bash bots, and the spinning blades
    have been replaced by the electirc fields. For wave 9 all the traps have been 
    employed along with laser and bash bots as well as gladiators. Same strategy,
    different wave. In the 10th wave, if you saved your inferno crate now is the 
    time to use it because a invincible gun turret will appear in the center and 
    blast at you. The inferno crate will make you invincible for the time being so 
    you dont have to worry about getting hit by the gun. The only enemies you have
    to deal with are laser and bash bots. Try to have the gun turret follow you, 
    and jump over enemies so that the turret takes them out. If that doesnt work,
    then just beat the hell out of them with the wrench. In wave 11, the spinning 
    floor blades have returned and the turret sticks around. Luckly you probably 
    still have inferno power left and the only enemy you have to face is blade bots
    so beat them up with the wrench until your inferno power runs out, then suck 
    them up with the suck cannon. In the final wave, you have to deal with all the
    traps and baddies. So use side and front flips to dodge the turret fire and use
    the nitro launcher to take out groups of them. Then use the n60 storm or 
    shock blaster to take out any straglers. You have just won the 2nd of many 
    arena challenges.
    Reward:6000 Bolts
    5. Whip it Good
    In this arena challenge, you will have to through six rounds with just your 
    Plasma whip. If you have it at level 3 then you should be in good shape, but if
    you have it at level 2 or lower, consevre your ammo by having enemies attack
    each other. The first wave is gladiators and laser/bash bots. Wait for them to
    group up and them smack the hell out of them with the whip. Round 2 has bash 
    bots as well as more gladiators. The spinning floor blades are also used so 
    beaware of them. The 3rd wave is gladiators and laser bots and the spinning 
    blades have been replaced by electirc fields. The 4th wave is bash bots and 
    gladiators. The only hazard of this round is that the center of the arena is 
    gone. The fifth wave is laser bots and gladiators. The electirc fields are back
    and so is the center pit. The 6th and final round, your enemies are the 
    gladiators and blade bots, along with the hazards of the blades, electric 
    fields, and the center pit.
    Reward:3000 Bolts
    6.Hydra 'N Seek
    For this challenge, you will need the spitting hydra. No matter what level you
    have it at you can only  have 15 ammo, so conservation is important. I 
    recommend getting this weapon up to at least level 3 before trying this because
    you can target up to 5 enemies now. You have to go through 4 rounds of enemies 
    so try your best to conserve you ammo by having enemies attack each other. Once
    only a few enemies are left target them and take them out. The first wave is 
    bash bots, blade bots, and gladiators. There are no hazards to deal with 
    though. The second wave is gladiators, laser bots and blade bots. The only 
    hazard for this one is the center pit. The laser and bash bots team up for this
    round. The spinning floor blades are the hazard you have to deal with. The 
    final wave, is the very numerous and annyoing bladebots. Since they cant attack
    each other, you will have to target them all with the hydra. You should have 
    enough ammo left to take them all out.
    Reward:3000 Bolts
    7. 90 seconds of Carnage
    In this challenge you will have 90 seconds to take outsix rounds of bad guys. 
    For this battle i recommend a weapon that can hit mulitple enemies such as the 
    spitting hydra, nitro launcher or plasma whip. Dont concern your self with 
    conserving ammo, just blast away. The first wave is laser and bash bots, blade
    bots ,and gladiators. Just fire a nitro launcher to cause damage then clean up
    with either the plasma whip or spitting hydra. The second wave is all laser, 
    bash and blade bots. Again just use the nitro launcher and the spitting hydra
    to do the work. The thrid wave is similar to the second wave except, you have 
    to deal with the spinning floor blades. The forth wave is all blade bots and
    one bash bot. Also the center pit has become a hazard, so be aware of that. 
    Once again just use the nitro launcher to take out the bash bot and a few blade
    bots then use the spitting hydra or plasma whip to take out anything else. The
    next wave is all gladiators and a couple of bash and laser bots. The spinning 
    floor blades have been replaced with electric fields. You should have enough 
    time and ammo left to get through this one and the next one quickly. In the 
    final wave, the only enemies are blade and laser bots, plus all the of hazards
    are being used. The simpliest method is to simply use the nitro launcher and 
    finish them off.
    Reward:3000 Bolts
    8. Onslaught
    Ok this one is another timed challenge, you have two minutes to take out nine
    waves of enemies. If you follow the same strategy as before you should be fine.
    The first wave is only gladiators, so wait for them to get close and blast them
    with the nitro launcher (or nitro eruptor if you have it fully upgraded). The
    second wave is laser/ bash bots and gladiators. Once again a nitro launcher
    blast or spitting hydra fire should be good enough to do the deed. The thrid 
    wave is all of the bots laser, bash, and blade. Use the suck cannon to suck up
    the blade bots and use them as ammo. No floor hazards are present so you dont 
    have to worry about that. The forth wave is the same as the last wave except 
    electric field hazards are in play, but that shouldnt be a problem. The fifth
    wave is all gladiators, but an inferno crate appears. Hold off on using this 
    though because you will need it for later. In round six all of the enemies
    show up but this shouldnt be much of an issue, again just clear them out with 
    the nitro launcher and spitting hydra and you will be just fine. Now in the 
    seventh round, the invincible turret shows up again, this is were you should 
    grab the inferno crate. As far as the enemires you will have to go up against
    bash bots and gladitors. Since you have the inferno crate just bash the hell 
    out of them, dont worry about the turret until your inferno power runs out. The
    8th wave is all of the bots, and the turret sticks around. You probably have 
    some inferno power left so use that until it runs out then use the same tactics
    as before, just keep in mind the turret is still around. The ninth and final 
    round is laser/bash bots and gladiators. Just watch out for the turret and use
    the nitro launcher and you should have cleared out the arena with plenty of 
    time left. 
    Reward:4000 Bolts
    9. The terrible Two
    Alright in this battle you have to go up against Gary and Helen, the stars of
    annhilation nation. Gary starts off the battle first with machine gun fire, so
    side flip over that and blast him with your strongest weapon. After he takes
    some damage helen takes over. She creates shock waves, so jump over them and 
    blast away at her. Once some of her health is gone gary comes back and starts
    firing missles at you, little targets appear on the ground were the missles
    will land so avoid those and periodicly shoot at gary. Again once his health is
    dropped some more helen reappears. She uses the same move as before so it 
    should be no problem avoidng it. After her health drops she drops in closer to 
    you and takes a swing with her whip. Again just blast her with the nitro 
    launcher and that should be enough to finish her off. Right after she kicks the
    bucket, form off screen gary launches more missles, so avoid those. For garys
    last appearence he fires more missles and fires his machine gun at the same 
    time so, just jump over the machiine gun fire and avoid the missle cross hairs.
    After you do this blast him with the nitro launcher once or twice and that 
    should do it for the big robot.
    Reward:4000 Bolts.
    10. Two Minute Warning
    This battle is the same as before except you have two minutes to defeat helen
    and gary. The strategy is simple get your most powerful weapon and blast the 
    crap out of them. I suggest the nitro eruptor or spitting hydra or if you have
    it the N90 hurricane( the upgrade to the n60 storm). If you do this the battle
    should be no problem.
    Reward:5000 Bolts
    11. Championship Bout
    Ok this is 24 rounds of pure madness. The stipulations for each round change 
    during the battle. Since you have competed in qutie a few arena battles already
    Im just gonna tell you what enemies you have to deal with per round, what the
    round stipulations are, and what hazards appear. You can make up your own 
    strategy along the way. Round one is simple just blade bots, no hazards, no
    stipulations. Easy right? Round 2 is also no sitpulations or hazards, just 
    blade bots, bash/laser bots, and gladiators. Round 3 is another simple round of
    just blade bots and gladiators. You know what to do. Round 4 you have a 
    challenge of taking out all of the laser/bash and blade bots in 20 seconds. 
    Straetgy Is .....well i said i wouldnt say anything cough *nitro launcher* 
    cough. Ok now the fifth round no stipulations just the center pit hazard and 
    gladiators and laser bots as enemies. round 6th is another no stipulation round
    only the enemies are laser/bash bots and gladiators. Round 7 is another timed
    round, you have 20 seconds to take out a bunch of blade bots, the center pit
    hazard is still in play. In round 8 all of the enemies except for bash bots
    appear along with an inferno crate. Again dont use this until later. In round 
    nine the turret appears along with electric fields and some gladitors and bash
    bots. I suggest using that inferno crate now. Now round 10 is another timed 
    round, another 20 seconds to take out all of the laser/bash and blade bots that
    appear. The turret sticks around for this one. In round 11 the turret is gone 
    but gladiators and bash bots appear. The only hazards are the electric fields 
    and the pit. Round 12 is pretty much straight forward, only laser bots and 
    gladiators. Hurray half way to the finish. For round 13, the spinning floor 
    blades have returned, along with a time limit. another 20 seconds to take out 
    a few laser bots. Round 14 is another pretty easy round with just gladiators,
    blade and bash bots. Spinning floor blades are still used along with the center
    pit. In round 15 the damned turret is back along with the three types of bots
    as enemies. The spinning floor blades are also being used again. Now in round
    16, welcome to another timed round, but the turret sticks around. Once again 20
    seconds to take out some gladiators and lser bots. In round 17 the turret goes
    away but some electrice fields are put in its place. The enemies are some 
    gladiators and some blade bots. Round 18 is another straight forward round with
    bash bots, blade bots and gladiators. Round 19 is another 20 second timed 
    round. The enemies this time are some gladitors and bash bots. Round 20 is a
    another staight forward round with blade bots and bash bots. Round 21 has the 
    turret reappea along with gladiators, bash bots and blade bots. If an inferno 
    crate is still around, i would use it. Round 22 is some laser and bash bots, 
    and a few gladiators. The turret is still in play if you havent noticed. In 
    round 23, the turret is gone. The enemies are bash bots, gladiators, and blade
    bots. Alright one more to go. In round 24 you have to take on gary and helen.
    You should know there attack patterns by now so use the same strategy as in 
    prior battles against them, and you should be alright. Congrats on beating this
    long battle.
    Reward: 15,000 BOlts
    IX.Titanium Bolts
    1.This bolt should be located On the a ledge when you are going down the yellow
    ladder. If you have your back to the land, you should be able to see a glowing
    object on the platform. Go to the other side of the ladder and pick it up.
    2.During the path of death, Before Ratchet after ratchet crosses the first 
    flame jet platform and is on a solid platform. Turn to the right and get the 
    camera behind you. You should see a bolt in the room. Long jump across to claim
    your prize.
    *Starship Phoenix*
    1.This one is simple, enter the VR Deck and beat every challenge. You should 
    get a bolt after beating the challenge "Nerves of Titanium".
    2, 3, 4, 5, 6: These five are spread through out the entire game. You get them
    By getting all 100 tokens in all 5 qwark vid comics. Follow  those walkthoughs
    to get them.
    7. This is an easy one, just complete helgas VR training course after you 
    return from Tyhrranosis
    1.After clearing out the courtyard in the first part of the level, you might 
    see a bolt on a balcony but you cant reach it just yet. Head to the wall jump
    area at the far end of the court yard and execute a small series of jumps until
    you get to a path. Run to the end and grab the bolt.
    2.After secruirng the Gravity Boots in Annhilation Nation, head back to 
    Marcadia and enter the Defense facility. Get to the third area past the bridge
    you should see a grey ramp. Run up the ramp and use you refractor to aim the 
    laser up here into the hole in the wall to the left. Head back out of the room 
    and climb up the ramp out here. Use the laser coming out of the hole to open 
    the door to abtain the bolt.
    3.Once again you need the Gravity boots for this one. Inside the last area of 
    the facility, before the warp pad, walk up the side wall and collect the bolt
    on the ceiling.
    *Annihilation Nation*
    1.During the first death course, in the area when the two laser bots are on two
    rock ledges. Once you eliminate them turn around and look left to see a bolt on
    a ledge. Double jump up to reach it.
    1.The first titanium bolt is under the bridge after you defeat the first king
    ameboid, were the two hover bots are. Drop down and run over to the other
    side of the tunnel and the bolt should be there
    2.This bolt is found in the second tank of water. Once you get in the water, 
    have ratchet do a 180 and swim up to the small alcove and claim the bolt.
    3.This titanium bolt can only be found if you have the hacker. Once you have
    the hacker go back to the area were you met skidd and make your way through 
    that. Once you cross the first bridge, look for the hacker terminal on the 
    left. Use the hacker to open the door and claim your prize.
    1.This one can be found behind the structure with the turret that is east of
    your starting postiton. Just jump around the right side and you should find it.
    2.This on can only be found once you have obtained the hypershot. Once on the
    planet head over to the tunnel system were you found on the generators. You
    probably saw the hypershot tragets here before you got the hypershot. Swing 
    acorss the gap and the titanium bolt should be at the end of the path.
    1.This one is found after the first mission. Before going on to the cab, turn
    right ot see some hypershot targets and platforms. use the hypershot to 
    activate the first platform and jump across to the solid platform. This next
    part is a bit tricky. Use the Hypershot to swing and then at the highest point
    let go and activate the platform below you. No so you dont go crashing down 
    really fast, hover above it to go down nice and smooth. Acitvate the next 
    platform, and jump to that then swing across to soild land, the bolt should be
    1.Ratchet Trophy
    Once on the first tower you should be able to see a trophy in the distance. 
    Once you reach the second tower, go to the room that is opposite of the area 
    were you just did the wall to wall jump. Head out on to the ledge and walk 
    along it. Once you hit the block just jump around it and the trophy should be 
    on the platform.
    2.Al Trophy
    Before reaching the wall slot in the Destroy the plasma turrets, look up on
    the highest cliff and notice the trophy. The way to get this is to hop up on
    the small extension of cliff and then high jump to reach the shiny award.
    3.The Plumber Trophy
    After getting the charge boots, and before dropping down to the ship jump to a
    balcony to the right of the doorway. Take the trophy that sits right around 
    the corner.
    4.Clank Trophy
    Location:Holostar Studios
    When controlling ratchet, after taking the elevator up to the casino take look
    to the left of the elevator. If you look closely you can see the trophy. Do a 
    double jump to reach this.
    5.Scrunch Trophy
    Location:Metropolis (Kerwan)
    Inside the circular room, just before the scene were nefarious turns the noids 
    into robots,hop up onto the ledge to the right of the entrance. You should find
    the statue.
    6.Dr.Nefarious Trophy
    Location:Crash Site (Zeldrin)
    Just past the debris were you got the inferno crate, there should be a ledge. 
    Use the boost jump to get to the trophy.
    7.Qwark Trophy
    Location:Qwarks Hideout (Thran)
    Before reahcing the the door were Qwark is (The first time you reach the door,
    But you cant enter the door just yet) their should be a small room and the 
    trophy inside.
    8.Courtney Gears Trophy
    Once in the room with the mettalic crates, jump on the crates then take a left 
    around the ledge. Once you reach a small room, the trophy should be there.
    9.Lawrence Trophy
    Before using the first hacker terminal in the level, after taking everyone out
    head back up the ramp and climb up the ladder that is connected to the tanker.
    The trphy should be waiting for you at the top.
    10.Titanum Bolt Trophy
    Recover all 40 bolts
    11.Skill Master Trophy
    Achieve all 30 skill points
    12.Annihilaiton Nation Trophy
    Complete all annhillation nation challenges
    13.Friend of the Rangers Trophy
    Complete all of the battlefield missions
    14.Omega arsenal trophy (only avalible on second play through)
    Raise all weapons to omega level
    15.Nano finder trophy (only avalible on second play through)
    Max out ratchets nanotech to 200
    Once you find all these trophies you can now access the insomniac museum. Enter
    the trophy room an go through the door that was previously locked. ENJOY!
    XI.Skill Points
    1.Stay Squeaky Clean
    Complete the Path of Death without taking any damage. This one is easy to get, 
    especially after trying a couple times. You should begin to see patterns 
    develop in the way things move.
    2.Strive for Arcade Perfection
    Location:Starship pheonix
    This one can be achieved by getting 100% in all of the qwark vid comics. You 
    will get the skill point once you get all tokens in all 5 vid comics.
    3.Beat Helga's Best Time
    Location:Starship Pheonix
    This one can be atained during the Helga's gadget training. Play through it 
    once to unlock the hacker doors, then play through a second time with the doors
    unlocked. just use split second jumping and reaction timing.
    4.Turn up the heat
    Location:Starship Pheonix
    All you have do in this one is purchase the Infernox armor. Just get 1 million
    bolts and pick it up after coming back from qwarks hideout.
    5.Monkeying Around
    Location:Starship Pheonix
    You have to hit scrunch the monkey with your wrench to get this point. You can 
    find the monkey in the control room of the ship. Everytime you get close he 
    runs the opposite direction. Try to cut him off and hit him.
    6.Reflect on how to score
    In this challenge you have to kill 25 enemies using only the refractor. This 
    can be done in the laser factory. Just equip the refractor and get into the 
    middle of a beam and direct it into the noids.
    7.Bash the Bug
    Location:Annhilation Nation
    Beat Scorpio with only the wrench. This is best achieved on the second play 
    through when you have more then 100 nanotech. Jus try to stay to the side of 
    him so not to be hit by the saw blades.
    8.Be an eight time champ
    Location:Annhilation Nation
    Win all eight gauntlet challenges. Just refer to the annhilation nation section
    of this guide for tips.
    9.Flee Flawlessly
    Location:Annhilation Nation
    Win one gauntlet challenge without taking any damage. Again refer to the 
    Annhilation nation section to make a call on which one is the easiest.
    10.Lights, Camera, Action
    Location:Annhilation Nation
    Shoot down 5 of the floating cameras around in the guntlet challenges. Zoom in
    during first person mode using the n60 storm. Simple Enough.
    11.Search for Sunken Treasure
    Blow up 40 underwater crates. In the two sections of this level were you are 
    underwater, just nudge the red crates until they blowup . Search the both areas
    to make sure you didnt miss any of them.
    12.Hit the Motherload
    Find all 101 sewer crystals. This is a tough one to complete because of how 
    long it takes. Get as many as you can find and then go back after you have 
    gotten the map-o-matic from the rangers to find the rest of them.
    13.Be a Sharpshooter
    Snipe off 10 tyhranoids from the towers. This one is easy to get, just get 
    somewhere were you arent spotted but you can see them and pick them off with 
    your splitter/flux rifle.
    14.Bugs to Birds
    Turn 15 florana blood flies into ducks using the qwack-o-ray. Just find them in
    the parts of the level when you go find the charge boots and change them in to
    15.Get to the Belt
    Location:Obani Moon
    Get onto the asteroid belt circuling the moon. This one is pretty hard to 
    accomplish. Get to the highest jump platform and look up. You should notice the
    asteroids going around the moon. Keep looking until you see a glowing one. As
    it comes by, jump up to it and steer ratchet to it. If done right then you 
    should land on it without many problems.
    16.Bash the Party
    Location:Blackwater city
    Kill 20 enemies using only the wrench. This one is another pretty simple one.
    Just use the hyper strike when enemies are near to finish them off.
    17.Feeling Lucky
    Location:Holostar Studios
    Get a jackpot on the slot machines. This one is based on pure luck. Just run 
    around when playing as either ratchet or clank or hit every slot machine until
    you get the skill point.
    18.2002 was a good year in the city
    Shoot down the blimp that is hovering around the city. Just stay by your 
    landing pad and wait for the blimp to pass by and pick it off with the splitter
    19.Suck it Up!
    Location:Crash Site
    Kill 40 enemies only using the suck cannon. This is pretty difficult to do
    because most enemies are too large to suck up and many large enemies appear in 
    packs. You are gonna have to use the crates around to pick off the robots 
    around the area.
    20.Aim High
    Location:Crash Site
    Kill 10 skreeducks. Skreeducks are the prehistoric dinosaur creatures flying 
    around. Just stay by the landing area, and zoom in with the splitter rifle.
    21.Zap Back at Ya'
    Kill 10 enemies using only the refractor. This one can be difficult, but if you
    do it properly it can be a breeze.The best shot to do this is during part 4 of
    the rangers missions.Use the refractor against the ultra-mecha noids' to 
    destroy them and other noids'.
    22.Go for Hang time
    Get two seconds of air time with the Turbo Slider. This one requires you to 
    launch the turbo slider dune buggy off of the ramp to the right of where you 
    started. Get lots of run up room and enough speed, once you drive up to the top
    of the ramp, get the turbo slider at an angle to get the 2 seconds.
    23.Break the Dan
    Location:Qwarks Hideout
    Break dan the snowman. This one is another tough one because of his location.
    Just before you get to the section with the two floating ice platforms and the 
    hypershot, after taking out the qwark bots look to the right of the entrance. 
    You should see a crevice between two walls. Double jump to this, but dont glide
    to it because you wont grip the wall. Once in contact with the wall, do a wall
    to wall jump until you reach the top. Your good buddy Dan should be waiting up
    there, so smash him up.
    24.You Break it, You win it
    Smash the robot base. This one has you smashing everything in site. Dont 
    attempt to get this, unless you have the bolt grabber v2. If you have it then 
    just use hyper strike, everywere you access. Constantly use this until, every
    object is broken, and the skill point is yours.
    25.Spread your Grems
    Infect 30 enemies using the Infector. You need to use the infector on
    30 enemies in this level, dont worry its not two hard. If you run out, use the 
    PDA to order more ammo.
    26.Set a new record for Qwark
    Location:Starship Pheonix
    Beat 2:40 in vid-comic 1. If you already got the titanium bolt, then keep 
    moving through, and fire your blaster in advance to take out the enemies.
    27.Set a new record for Qwark
    Location:Starship Pheonix
    Beat 2:10 in vid-comic 2. Like the one before, just keep moving and use the 
    blaster in adavnce to clear a path.
    28.Set a new record for Qwark
    Location:Starship Pheonix
    Beat 1:50 in vid-comic 3. Same old, same old, keep moving and fire ahead of
    29.Set a new record for Qwark
    Location:Starship Pheonix
    Beat 4:45 in vid comic 4. This one is quite a bit harder then the previous ones
    because of the boss fight at the end. During the game, try to use short cuts 
    and dont waste time, shooting down enemies that arent near you. When you reach
    nefarious at the end, use all your ammo then punch him if you have enough life
    30.Set a new record for Qwark
    Location:Starship Pheonix
    Beat 2:00 in vid comic 5. This one is easy since you will be moving constantly
    in this one. Just fire off screen to kill the enemies ahead of you.
    XII.Online Play

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