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Reviewed: 09/19/06

Yeah, well up your *** too!!!

Well, as usually I'll tell you a really boring story on how I got the game, my dad told me I could get a any game, I then decided I'll go ask my sister what I should get, then my sister recommended Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal, I laughed, then she dared me to get it, and since I always do my dares, I bought the game miserably, that was 3 years ago, and since that I donated it to my Rugby club, I always play it there, but before you continue reading this review, my review contains a lot of detail, some to be in my opinion are spoilers but this spoilers aren't too detailed so in other words, the spoilers are trivial to the point here is all the reasons why I like this game...


The graphics aren't that important in this game, considering the game is a G-rated-cartoon-game, but yeah Ratchets armour is really cool, and the effects when you turn to Inferno Ratchet, the weapons, the blasts, the environment, everything is good, but for a G-rated-cartoon-game though...


Story line:

The story line is a pretty decent, you play Ratchet, a very under rated warrior, who saves not just a planet, but a universe once in a while, when his friend Clank turns on the TV to watch an episode of Secret Agent Clank, breaking news sets out that mastermind criminal named Dr Nefarious is attacking Ratchets home planet named Veldin, Ratchet and Clank goes off to save the day, when he saves Veldin, he receives a transmission from the President of the universe or whatever, to help him on a mission, and as Ratchet saves more planets the more missions he gets, until he gets rid off Dr Nefarious, overall it is once again a not too bad rating...


Game play:

This game has very good game play, you start off with a wrench, and two free weapons, you grow the strength of the weapons get some bolts, and buy more weapons, each weapons have different styles, different abilities, and different strengths, you travel to different worlds, with different environments, there are also different ways you can play in the game, e.g. Clank, Clank is stronger than any one gave him credit for, actually if it wasn't for the program Clank is on called Secret Agent Clank, he would not be overrated, but anyway he still is very powerful, also you could use Giant Clank, but unfortunately that was only once, also you can play Quark vid comics, little mini games that you play to go up against Quarks classic encounters including the nefarious Dr Nefarious saga and the hacker mini games, hacker mini games are important to do to open doors, gates or shut down security systems, and there is one last mini game called the tyrrha-guise mini game, and you could use a vehicle, like the turboslider and the hovership, and the best thing about this game is the multiplayer, you know how the reason why I donated this game to my Rugby club, yes because I do target practice on the little dudes, overall, the game play deserves a 9...



Yes, the music is decent(I always include music in sound considering that music is sound), voice acting has been done good, so yeah everything has been done good with the sound...



The replayability is very superb, there is challenge, for one, Titanium Bolts so you can get skins, multi player, you can grow your strength of your weapons, trophies, and my favourite, skill points, Titanium Bolts are used to get you all types of skins like Tuxedo Ratchet, multi player is pretty fun however there isn't a system when the computer enemies attack you, in other words for you to get your base under attack, you have to have friends over to your house to get under your house, however, you can either invite them over to your house or you can just play online, yes this game is online enabled, and when online you can play with much more players, when on multi player, you can use much more amounts of skins on multi player and you can play in many unique and sometimes bizzare terrain from the game, trophys are obtained by finding them in unique and secret places or by doing a task that is very difficult to do, when you have obtained all of the trophys, the Insomniac Museum opens up, however, I haven't unlocked it yet so I can't tell you what it is, Challenge mode shortens the games limitations, like you can buy weapon upgrades, and and you can buy the RY3NO, arguably the most toughest weapon that's in this game, there are even more different things in Challenge mode from normal mode, like the bolt multiplying system, and finally there is the skill points, the skill points are the best thing about the games replay ability, what you do is you do fun tasks to get skill points, with the more skill points you have, the more cheats you unlock, you can also unlock ship paint jobs, thats about it for the replay ability, it deserves a 9


Rent or Buy:

Even if you have completed the game, keep it don't sell it, you could play it with friends in multiplayer, if you do rent it try have a lot of fun while you have it, but I definitely recommend you to buy it...

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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