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Reviewed: 02/11/11

More weapons means more bolts

Ratchet and Clank games seem to be on of the corner stones of the Playstation 2 library and Up Your Arsenal is an interesting addition to that library.

Story 7/10

Well, it is time to save the galaxy, for the third time. In this case the game starts out with Ratchet firing up his ship to go back to his home world to assist in defending it from a alien race even stranger than Ratchet. The duo soon learns that a more nefarious plan is actually in the works and they have to stop it. Technically I think we heard versions of this story many times before, but it does execute it nicely.

Graphics/Sound 7/10

Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal shares its graphic design with its prequels, not to surprising. The good thing is that those games had good graphics so is true for this one. The music is classic to the series and still highly catching. The sound effects are used perfectly in conjunction with the weapons and explosions. As for voice acting, it works well annoying in places but usually it sounds right.

Gameplay 7/10

For starters I recommend that you change the control set up because the default settings feel a little awkward if you where planning to play this game as a third person shooter. I know that the first set up is the same one used in all of the other Ratchet and Clank games up to that point, but it can be bother some how the camera does not follow Ratchet the way it should. The levels, or worlds, are each designed uniquely giving it a wide assortment of locations. This game has some very cool weapons that can level up to get better. It also rewards you if you played the first and second games in the series. Other things to note are the Vid-Comics these things let you play a mini-game of sorts. The only problem with these little buggers is you have to complete each one at least once to advance the game any, and they tend to be tedious. This was the first Ratchet game to feature a multi-player which was by no means bad. It had some of the most fun aspects in the game like. Breaching an opposing teams’ blockade and capturing their base can take a while, but it is most rewarding. This game also had a bunch of unlock able content. Bottom line the gameplay is good just with a few flaws.

Play Time/ Replayablity 7/10

Yes, it is replayable highly replayable. After you complete the game once you can load back and begin Challenge Mode which makes it easier to get the best stuff in the game that you did not get on the first play through due to the lack of currency. Challenge Mode increases the general play time. Even without Challenge Mode added in it is way to easy to play this game for a while, but when it does get boring you probably would not pick it up for a few weeks, months, or whatever, that is even with Challenge Mode factored in.

Overall Score 7/10

Their you have it a average game that is rather interesting, and even though it is average it is worth adding to a Playstation 2 library if the price is right. If you miss it, however, remember there are lots of Ratchet games on the market including on the PS3 now. Still Up Your Arsenal is a good game.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal (US, 11/03/04)

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