"Insomniac delivers"

I've been loving Insomniacs platforms ever since Spyro 1, so it would be obvious that I check one out. Ratchet and Clank, and Jak and Daxter are ruling the platform genre and this latest installment is not one to miss. From the diverse weapons to the humor; everyone will be able to find something in this game.

GAMEPLAY - Ratchet and Clank is nothing short of amazing. R&C started as a wrench/weapon game, R&C2 went to strategized weapons, and now 3 is nearly all strictly fierce firefights. There are many weapons to choose from, some returning from previous games. They can all be upgraded many times and get new powers that make them even more diverse. Ratchet controls the same as past games - great. He's very mobile and not at all clunky. Clank is the same too. His game play isn't much improved, but it wasn't at all bad to begin with so that's a plus too. The giant clank battles have gotten much easier thankfully. I found the ones in 2 to be unfairly hard. The space battles have been gotten rid of, but it was hard to get into them anyway so I'm not missing it. I do have a complaint. With much for frantic fights, the camera should've been improved but instead I found myself shooting blindly because I couldn't get the camera around fast enough. Thankfully the game is easy and the weapons are powerful. 9/10

STORY - The story picks off from R&C2. One of the more funny jokes is that clank had recently gotten a role starring as a James Bond-esque character with Ratchet as his shopher (sp). It turns into a running joke that is quite good. That's one thing I like about this - it's MUCH funnier. With lines like Qwark, "Eh, it was mating season; how could I have known it was your sister?" to a monkey. Jokes definitely help move a game along, not that it needs it. Courtney Gears (now who on earth is that suppose to represent :-P) is helping Dr. Nefarious end the race of "squishies" (organic life). A very fun story indeed. Nothing that will change your life, but it's much better than most platforms. 8/10

GRAPHICS/SOUND - The graphics are about as detailed as R&C2. Which is very good. My complaint is that there were a few times that I would see half an enemy sticking out of a closed door, which I haven't encountered since ps 1. It can be ignored, but is still a bit of an issue. The sound fits perfectly. It's nothing to awe over, but it's very solid. 7/10

PLAYTIME/REPLAYABILITY - This game is longer than its predecessors. It'll take a handful of hours to beat and after that you can play again with added features. The weapons make it diverse enough that you can try playing through with only certain ones, or try ones you never used before. The Feature of playing again is the best though. You can further enhance your weapons among other things.

FINAL RECOMMENDATION - You may be wondering why I gave it an 8 with all the praise. If this was made by another company, I'd give it a 9 or 10, but I felt that is was too much like R&C2 and wasn't as much of a progression as R&C2 was to R&C1. It is a very good game. A must buy for any platform fan, and even if you aren't one, try it out. Its good enough to maybe make you change you mind about them.

FINAL SCORE (not an average) - 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/12/04

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