Review by PS2OfHorror522

Reviewed: 11/23/04

Why Insomiac, why?!

Introduction-Ratchet&Clank: UYA is the third installment in the Ratchet&Clank series. When I played the first game, I was hooked, so I definetly got Going Commando, which I think is the best in the series, albeit the story was a bit weird. So I obviously got Up Your Arsenal. I'm gonna say it here, I'm disapointed. Let's review...

Gameplay 9/10- This was one of the high points of this game. I found the way Ratchet moved simple and it was easy the physics behind it. However, the Clank segments seem fragmented and just not as fun as they were in R&C1. Though I thought the Banana Gun was ingenious, in the end, it was executed poorly.

Sound 4/10-Here's were I thought that the downfall of Ratchet&Clank: UYA started. The music simply sucks. Though the music in the places from R&C1 was ok, classic theme music in a Ratchet game just dosen't work as much as the Mario, or Zelda theme music is. The new music sucks, and I hope the composer will do better in the fourth game (which I am going to be sceptical about)

Visuals 7/10- You know the saying, "Oldies, but goodies!"? Well, the same dosen't hold for this game. Though I think it is ingenious how they got the voice acting just right, and how the lips of the characters sync perfectly with the dialouge, that's were the good stuff ends. These visuals are old, I know the PS2 can do better. I mean, look at Burnout3! Even at insane speeds, Burnout3 was still stylish and fast. I personally think that they should do to Ratchet what they did with Zelda, with the cell-shading treatment(though I have to say, Zelda Windwaker wasnt that great a game)

Story 3/10-WHAT THE HELL?! Geez, maybe this is becuase I'm used to Final Fantasy caliber stories, but the story simply is horrible! I mean, the most important characters from R&C:GC were non-existent! I mean, wouldn't Angela want to help Ratchet, since Veldin is her home planet too? And what about Clank's girlfriend? Obviously, they thought that these characters were to correct. By the way, I also want to point out the the Secret Agent Clank parts were just plain embaressing.

Secrets 6/10-Why, oh why?! I loved the Insomniac Museum in the second game, yet they butchered it to the horrible place that it is. And most of the skins are just plain weird, as were the cheats.. I'm not even inclined to get all the Skill Points this time. The only redeeming thing about the secrets, was the Old School Ratchet skin.

Multiplayer 10/10-The only perfectly executed part of the game was online multiplayer. The games are addictive, and I just love Siege! I also found a great idea, Deathmatch with only Morph-O-Ray! It's perfect, and it makes me laugh till my sides hurt to be a sheep, though I must admit, being a chicken would have been fun too.

Overall- Besides multiplayer online, the game sucks, a perfect waste a $50 bucks, which you could use to buy Sly:2, which rocks. The weapon selection is small, the single-player is fragmented, and the attempts at humor were actually pretty embarresing.

Rental Or Buy?- Rental, since the single player will be finished in 2 days. However, if you just want multiplayer, then but it, just think of the single player as a side game, like a mini game.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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