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Reviewed: 01/05/05

Up Your Arsenal: Best Game Title of the Year

It all started with an alien cat thing and a tiny little robot. The pair traveled across the galaxy defeating enemies with their freakishly strong and original weapons. Gamers were introduced to a new hero. The duo later returned in the second game, with many new features. You earned more health, allowing you to take on bigger baddies, and your weapons leveled up, giving them more power and more features. Veterans were able to rekindle their love of the series. Now, we have the third installment. Tougher enemies, more weapons, and new features are part of the new experience. Ladies and gentlemen, I present Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal.

The story is partly responsible for what makes or breaks a game. This time around, a robotic baddie named Dr. Nefarious is trying to rid the world of all organic life forms or "squishes" as he likes to call them. It is up too ratchet a Clank to stop him from succeeding. But this time, they will have help from an unlikely cast of characters. You will be laughing for a good part of the time.

There was a serious graphics overhaul in the system. Levels, weapons, and characters are much more detailed than before. The in game cinematics are so well designed, you will be thinking, "Is this really a game or am I watching a movie?" The graphics will stun everyone who plays. The only problem is that they are still just a tad weak. I only wished that there would be a bit more detail in the scenery.

If only you could burn the music in this game to a CD. That’s how good it is. Every location has its own background music, which gets you in the mood to play. Every weapon sounds like it should. The voice-overs are very well done. The words are in sync with the moths of the characters. Insomniac sure knows what they are doing.

Fans will not be disappointed this time through. Everything feels just the same as it did before. There are two to control schemes this time through, first-person and lock-strafe, while still having the classic third-person. The weapons are what it is all about in the R&C games. There are 20 weapons this time, and they upgrade even more. Every weapon upgrades five time the first time through and another three times on your second run through. There are you conventional weapons, shotgun, bomb launcher, rifle, machine gun, and rocket launcher, and there are your unconventional weapons, which I won't spoil for you.
What many have been waiting for is the new online multiplayer feature of the game. There are clans, ranks, and other cool things about the online mode of the game. Dish out carnage to your friends and people across the country, or get yourself pwn'd so bad. If you needed a reason to take your PS2 online, this game is what you've been waiting for. But, it is only for those with a broadband internet connection. Sorry dial-up users.

Replay Value
After you finish your first playthrough, you have the choice of entering Challenge Mode. Here the baddies are badder, the weapons get stronger, and you get to relive your favorite moment. Challenge Mode gives you so many more hours of playtime you won't want to stop.

Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal mixes the old with the new. Fans of the series will not be disappointed and newcomers will finally experience the joy that many have already come to know and love. Buy a copy as soon as you can and experience the greatest platformer, RPG, action, shooter game ever!!!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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