Review by Jeremiah the kitsune

Reviewed: 03/11/05

A dissapointment that is still good.

I really don't want to say this but... This was a disappointment. After all the perfect 10 reviews flying around all over the place I was hyped beyond imagination about it. But I feel this game is not perfect, it's a great game still but, it seems they took the last game and cut it in half, then gave us only one half.


The same Ratchet & Clank gameplay we all know and love is still present... Just not as strong as the last. The featured EXP. system from Going comando has been retained but doesn't seem refined any more. My main gripe is that weapons and health level up too quickly, making the game of course much easier, and the mass amounts of times your weapons improve isn't as rewarding since it feels like you didn't have to do anything for it plus you health has this tendency to upgrade right in the nick of time when your about to be defeated which took alot of challenge of course and even made me a little mad, I even found myself jumping off the edge when I got saved by my new ammount of health so I could go through the level again without being too cheap for my own good. But this would be vain , for the same thing would happen: I would get in a tight spot towards the end, but then I leveled up and was simply too strong for anybody. Another gripe I have is the removal of the space fighter combat missions, hover bike races, and grinding segments. Those elements were a good part of what made the game feel so complete! Why was it necessary to remove them? But fortunately the arena has returned though the new "Annihilation nation" gameshow and new commando missions are now included, which are neat additions. But even with these I feel the space combat and grinding still should have been included, it's the same situation as MMBN4, just because you have something new does not mean you have to scrap the previous installment's features. Other new feature to the series are thehyper mode, which makes you invincible allowing you to tear through everything with two wrenches in hand but... DID I NEED ANYTHING TO MAKE THIS GAME EASIER?... And the 2-D side scrolling action segments called "Vid-comics" which are fun, but are way too easy, every single comic I beat on my first attempt... Now for the levels themselves... Are seemingly smaller than going commando's levels, but have more secrets to unearth, but are pretty EASY to find. And now the fun parts of the levels where you gather crystals in a vast environment are only half here, the only one close to such a thing is a large network of pipes to gather sewer crystals, which is cool but... Going through a bunch of small pipes isn't as fun as the wide open deserts and snow waste lands. As far as weapons, things have been saved in this overall downgrade. The weapons are still awesome, imaginative, and a blast to use, and even have six different levels of power now, but level very fast. Perhaps it's just me but this game seems just an slight improvement above the first which doesen't make it bad at all, but things just simply seem to pale in comparison the the second addition to the series save for a few of the extremely difficult bosses in this game (Which I did enjoy.).


As always Insomniac's nack for detail come to this game like the others. Levels are detailed and vibrant, and slowdown hardly exists in this game. Nothing wrong here.


Not bad, but seems a little underwelming in most cases, but it's nothing much to worry about since you'll be focusing on everything exploding on screen.


As much as I want to beleive Insominac nailed a perfect game this time around, I just can't. It's too easy, shorter, the EXP system is off, many great things about the last addition that were really great have been taken out. It's still a great game overall and fans should love it, plus the online play I hear is very fun, but I'm not willing to pay the money to hook my system online... If only it was free. Anyways, if you loved the series, or if it's your first try at the Ratchet&Clank universe you'll have fun, but don't expect a perfect game.

Overall score: 8.5

+Still fun and explosive gameplay
+Awesome weapons
+Tons of secrets and items to unlock
+Multiplayer is claimed to be very fun

-Too easy
-Many things from Going command were taken out
-Weapons and health level up far too quickly
-Levels are smaller

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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