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"One of the coolest, most exciting games for PS2."

I just want to let everyone know, I'm not a big Sony fan. But Ratchet and Clank made me revise my thought. This is going to be the highest rating I will give for PS2. This game has a little of everything. It looks like any company could have made this game. So I can't see why anyone wouldn't like this game, even if they don't like Sony (which almost everyone likes Sony). Sony really impressed me here (for once).

Story: 8/10

I don't really care about a story in a game with so much action, but even so, the story is still pretty good. This is basically just like Metal Arms (if you've ever played it), good guys fighting bad guys.

Game play:10/10

Once again, exactly like Metal Arms. All hack-an'-slash shooting. Blowing up your opponents. You get TONS of weapons. Including gadgets that help you through each level. The variety of levels is very wide. Very different objectives. The weapons are VERY original just like all the other Ratchet and Clank games. Lava gun, some gun that shoots like a shotgun of electricity. The game flow is almost perfect, it runs almost as smooth as a Tom Clancy game, which is hard to beat because of all the animation since it's a third person shooter. The AI is pretty dumb in a good way. They are supposed to be mindless drones which is done and shown very well. The smart enemies are smart like they should be, but usually have patterns that are easy to figure out.

Graphics: 8/10

These graphics are very impressive, except for the very noticeable fact that Ratchet's ears are pretty square. I believe that the most impressive part of the graphics is the environments. They have done an excellent job designing these levels. They are just as good as the previous environments in the earlier Ratchet and Clank games. You can easily tell that this game takes place in the future or an alternate universe all together. There are barely any glitches in this game. The enemy design is really neat, as in these are some of the coolest looking enemies I've ever seen.

Sound: 9/10

The weapons and explosions are especially impressive. For each weapon, they sound as if they were first used every time. The sound varies depending on your surroundings, whether your in an echoing tunnel or outside in the open. Each shot from a weapon feels like it's being fired for the first time. Even the minor little details sound great, like picking up washers or whatever the currency is. The voice acting is great, and the extra little comments during gameplay is great too.

Control: 9/10

These controls work great with a third person shooter. That's all I can say.

Multi player: 10/10

The multi player in this game is GOOD. It's perfect. It's HALO multiplayer good!!! In this game, the multi player plays out just like a real level in the story mode. Just as much action (or makes you feel that way). Almost all the same weapons that can be found in single player can be found in multiplayer. You can get vehicles and temporary power ups just like Halo. The levels are the perfect size, most games have some problems with that. Not this game.

Re-playability: 9/10

Every level is so much fun no matter how much you play it. The visuals make you want to see them again and again, which is another good reason to play these levels again. The mission objectives have a great variety. So each level seems like a completely new experience from the level before. Each level gets slightly harder as you progress, which is a very nice touch (for most people). The levels always seem impressive compared to the last level. This game's missions have everything you'd want in a third person action-adventure, whether you even like them or not.

Overall: 9/10

Anyone who plays this game will forget they aren't really in the game. It just has a... uh... it's a great game. So I recommend this game to everyone who likes some great action.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/27/05

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